Bigger magic gauge?

  1. How do I get a bigger magic gauge?

    User Info: gfreak11

    gfreak11 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. From the Great Fairy in Death Mountain.

    The following is a quote from MrShotgun's guide:

    Death Mountain Crater

    There's still one last thing in Death Mountain Crater to be found before we
    leave here forever. From the Triforce pedestal where you land after freeing
    Darunia, head to the left towards the shattered plank bridge. Use the Hookshot
    to pull yourself over to the other side of the bridge (target the planks
    hanging off the cliff and climb up them like a ladder). Run to the left on the
    other side of the bridge, past the door that leads from Goron's City. Head
    across the drawbridge here.

    On the other side of the drawbridge, there are two rocks which can be seen
    covering the entrance to a doorway, which is only partially visible. Use the
    Megaton Hammer to smash the rocks and enter the doorway (you may have to smash
    the rocks multiple times), which turns out to be a Great Fairy Fountain.

    Great Fairy's Fountain
    New Upgrade: Magic Meter x2

    Run into the fountain and stand on the Triforce symbol. Play Zelda's Lullaby
    while standing on the symbol, and the Great Fairy of Bondage will appear and
    double the size of your magic meter. Return to Death Mountain Crater."

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Other Answers

  1. When you enter Goron City as an adault, bomb the little goron rolling around then pull the goron leader's statue back to enter Death Mountain Crater and turn to your right across the little bridge and the Fairy's Fountain (to get you're Magic Meater lengthend) is behind the two rocks. Obviously you can't blow them up with a simple bomb. You need the Megaton Hammer which is located within the Fire Temple.

    User Info: kim_120908

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