Forest temple .. ?

  1. Okayy ... can anyone tell me where any of the keys are ? and i have the red and blue poes how do i get the others ?
    thanks :D

    User Info: beatlyperson69

    beatlyperson69 - 6 years ago

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  1. The beginning room with the Wolfos' has a key. climb the vines on the right of the room (Where you'll also find a Gold Skulltula) and land on the trees. The chest is on the opposite side of the trees at the far left side of the room.

    User Info: ZanielZede77

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  1. From the Bow&Arrow go back into the twisted hall and exit into the room with floating skulls and shoot the switch above the door, if I remember correctly it should open a new path for you... Imma wwait for you to repost to continue.

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  2. Ok, dude... seriously? You dont ask these kinds of things in a question and wait 2 months for someone to answer when you could just look at a walkthrough on this page!

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  3. I agree with megatron1313.but still his reply is so funny but so true! LOL

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  5. And don't forget that after getting the Boss Key you drop down in a hole, fight two Blue Bubbles, go out that door and head to your right. There will be a door to your right that leads to a room where you have to defeat a Floormaster, and that will give you a Small Key.

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  6. Whath a video !!!

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