Biggoron's Sword after already having the giants knife?

  1. Ok so i already bought the giants knife and now im trying to get the biggoron's sword, but everytime i try and present the broken sword that the carpenter gave me to the giant goron all he talks about is the giants knife. so how can i get the biggoron's sword or can i even?

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    Jromane1036 - 8 years ago

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  1. To be honest, you don't even need to buy the giant's knife to even get the biggoron's sword. When you get the biggoron's sword, you automatically toss out that piece of garbage. Here's how

    1) Talk to Anju in Kakariko village. Hatch the cucoo and wake up Talon in some house next door. Just like seven years ago
    2) She'll give you some random blue chicken. Go to lost woods and turn left where the skull kid heart piece is and give it to the mohawk dude sitting there.
    3) He gives you a blue mushroom, hightail it back to kakariko village. NO WARPING. go through the right potion shop on the way up to death mountain. go behind the counter and up the stairs into the witch's potion shop.
    4) Take the medicine back. Get the saw
    5) Go to Gerudo valley and talk to the head carpenter.
    6) He'll give you a broken sword or something. THIS is the Biggoron Sword in making
    7) Show it to Biggoron and get prescription for eyedrops
    8) Go to King Zora, unfreeze him if you have not done so already and get the eyeball frog.
    9) Hightail it with epona to the laboratory in lake hylia and show it to the dude.
    10) Get the Eyedrops and prepare for the hardest run. 4 minutes to get back to biggoron on a mountain from.. a dinky lab
    11) Get claim check, play sun song like 6 times or something and finally get biggoron sword

    GLITCH: im not sure how it works, but if you started the cucoo thing and unfroze King Zora, one time i got eyeball frog out of the blue. Got biggoron sword quickly but missed out on the zora tunic which held me up for a good 20 minutes searching out gold skulltelas for giants wallet :D

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  1. I'm shur you can... did you break the knife (sword) first before talking to Biggoron? And you are talking to the goron on top of Death Mountain right? Not the dude in Goron City? Try breaking the Giants Knife first befor talking to Biggoron. Also when you do show Biggoron the broken Sword he should give you an Eye Drops side quest. Try doing that stuff first. If it doesn't work... I'm sorry <=-(

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  2. You have to break the Giant's Knife and then talk to the giant goron at the top of death mountain. He says he will make unbreakable by turning it into the Biggoron's Sword if you get him some eye drops. It is the longest side quest that is timed that you have to do in the game but it isn't too hard if you know where to go.

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  3. Can't say I remember that one happening. Cool beans, something I didn't know.

    To solve the problem, break the Giant's Knife. After a hundred hits or so (I recommend just bashing any random wall) it'll break. Present the Broken Sword to Biggoron afterward and he should give you the Prescription.

    I'd just like to add that it's entirely possible to get the Biggoron's Sword as the second thing you do as an adult. As long as you get Epona first, allowing you to jump the gap in Gerudo's Valley, you can complete the trading quest. I'd also recommend getting the Hookshot, which allows you to complete the Ice Cavern in full (all skulltulas and the such), but you can just as well run in there and catch a bottle of Blue Fire and leave, or just buy one from the Potion Shop in Kakariko.

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