Where can I find bombchus?

  1. Can you get them another way becides doing the bomchu bowling thing?

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    Yoshi6852 - 8 years ago

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  1. 1. Bombchu bowling (10 chus a piece)
    2. Bombchu shop in the back alley (10 or 20 a piece)
    3. Spirit temple, child side room before the main room. There is a crystal switch high on a ledge, shoot it and a bombchu chest falls (10 chus)
    4. Gerudo Training Grounds, in the room with all the locked doors its in a chest 2 keys to the right, or coming from the sea of lava room (5 chus)
    5. Bottom of the well, under a bombable floor in the main room near the enterance to the center of the room (10 chus)
    6. Bombchu salesman in the Hainted Wasteland (10 chus a piece)
    7. Ganons Castle spirit trial, second room. Hit a crystal switch on the other side with a spin attack and the chest will drop (20 chus)
    8. Reward for 40 skulltulas at the house of skulltula (10 chus)

    User Info: Zelda_Glitcha

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  1. As young Link, when you finished Dodongo's Cavern, go to the Market (Hyrule Castle, must be at night). Find the "Bombchu Bowling Alley". The first time you win you will get a purple rupee, the second time you will get 10 bombchus. You could stop playing when you get them and then start playing again, an so on. When you get 40 golden skulltullas, you will get more bombchus as a reward. You also get Bombchus at the Gerudo Training Center, once or twice. I don't know any other way to get them. I don't know if they can be bought either. Hope this be useful for you.

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  2. In the alley there is a Bombachu store. The Bowling Alley. In many dungeons that need them such as the spirit temple. And down holes stuff

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  3. Hey, found another way. You can go to haunted wasteland, and there's a guy flying in a carpet that sells you weird stuff. pay him 200 rupees (!!!!) and he will give you 10 bombchus. Ouch.
    That's the best way I know, and I've already got 50 bombchus (max). Better get the giant's wallet and save up to 500 rupees, cause they're not cheap.
    To enter that store in the haunted wasteland you need the hover boots.

    User Info: tincho_X4

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  4. Go to kakariako vilage and shoot a cocoo 3 times (w/ slingshot) and throw it on the edge of the well jump attack it and it will go c0(kadoodledoo and swim tward the hole in the wall and go past the big skulltulaand walk thru the wall (ment to be able to do that) and look in treasure chests to find them

    User Info: zeldafreik420

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