How do i get past jabu-jabus belly?

  1. I cant figure out how to beat it.

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    thank you i will try that out in a little bit

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  1. 1. you need to get the princess she will drop into hole in the floor talk to her for about 3 times till she agree to come pick her up and drop down to the floor go to your left into the door

    2. after you went throw the door you on the floor will see a gap drop down and throw the princes to the other side dont go near the button on the floor when doing so after doing that press the button and go to her pick her up and go to the door

    3. watch out for the monster in the water just doge the ball he throws and wait for the elevator up turn around you will see boxes jumo to that platform go to your right to the door will see that this is were you had started DO NOT FALL IN ANY HOLE go to the other side of the room to the door watch out for the jelly fish

    5. when you get in this room there is going to be a fork watch out for the electric things on the floor you could just run from the them there slow keep going straight there is a door go through it drop the princes on the floor you should have the boomerang there is a tong coming from the ceiling lure it out and throw your boomerang at it keep doing it till it dies a treasure chest will come out open it and pick up the princes and get out if you had look around the room you would have notice that one of the slime things are gone the one that had the slime things that were blocking the hallway go to it and threw the door and you will see the same thing in the last room kill it and a box will come out go to the room next to it not the one with the button in the floor to the right of it this room kill the tongue and get whats in the box does get out and go to the room to the right go on the button the room will open drop the princess on it leave her on it and go threw the door this room does not have the tounge in it there are bubbles in it use your boomerang to pop all of them in a time limit you will get the bos key now get out off the room and go back to the room with the holes in the floor the slim in this room is going to be gone go into the hole you will see a tunnel go threw it

    6. as soon as you go in it you will see a platform there going to show a short clip with the princess throw her on it the semi-bos is going to come out its a squid use your boomerang to kill it hit it with the boomerang it will be palatalized stand back because it could come at you again when its palatalized and its back is to you hit its but the green part do this for about 3 times till it dies jump on the plat form it will take you up go threw the door you will see a pink thing hit it with the boomerang jump on lol hit the other thing jump on it jump to the other door go straight to a platform that will take you down you will a door turn around you will see a boxes pick one up and go were you were the same place you will see a button go on it and drop the box the door will stay open go though it you will see the BOSS just wanted to put caps i was bored you need to use your boomerang to hit the big jelly fish press z to target hit all three tings on the jellyfish it will then start to move stay away from it stag 2 will begin the jellyfish will have jellyfishes around it hit the bj (big jelly) it will be stunned don't keep hitting it hit lj (little jellyfish) will stop hit them takes one shot to kill them hit all of them before bj wakes up hit lj again till there all gone then hit bj and keep hiting it till it dies do this fast so that there wont be anymore kill it get the heart and go on the blue platform

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  1. You should check a FAQ:

    Or you can use official walkthrough:

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