Who do i give the bunny hood to?

  1. Who do i give the bunny hood to? Thanks.

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    Cityfolkler132 - 8 years ago

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  1. After beating Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, a man will appear running around Lon Lon Ranch on Hyrule Field, follow him and wait until night so he stops to rest (you can also use the Sun's Song), talk to him wearing the Bunny Hood so he pays you 500 rupees for the mask.

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  1. You give it to the man running around Hyrule. Once you have the mask, you should see him running around. Chase after him until he stops. When you give him the mask, he gives you the max amount of rupees you can hold. So spend all your money before giving him the mask.

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  2. You must acquire all the spiritual stones and a man will appear running around Hylian Fields. The easiest way to talk to him is to wear the mask, turn it to night as soon as you see him, and then talk to him. Make sure that you emptied your wallet, because he gives you full price for it. There you go, you've sold the bunny mask, and now you can rent the Mask of Truth. Now you can talk to the gossip stones. good luck!

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