How do I beat ganondorf?

  1. I have been hitting him with light arrows and everything else but he won't die! What do I do?

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  1. Also note that as the battle goes on he will knock more and more of the floor away until all that remains are the central platform and the little platforms in the corners. After you return his shots and stun him with the light arrow you can Z-target him amd use the longshot to pull yourslef right to him, get in your sword slashes and then longshot the stained glass back to the corner. When he charges up the big blast of several shots, it's not neccessary to refelect them back. You can actually hit him with a light arrow while he's charging the attack. I would reccomend at least one green potion for this battle as the light arrows can sap your magic pretty quick and the pots at the bottom of the room don't usually give you nearly enough of a refill. If you find that you are having a hard time deflecting his bolts with your sword you can use an empty bottle to reflect them. Some people swear its easier this way as link swipes the bottle faster than he swings the sword.

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  1. He'll charge up energy balls and throw them at you. Hit them with the sword until it hits him, hit him with a light arrow, then run in and slash him.

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  2. This is a fast way and probably is one of the hardest to get right. Put on the hoverboots before/at the start. You will start out on the middle platform as he breaks away the first blocks. walk out a bit ancome back, ending uphanging off the edge. Pull your self up and shoot a light arrow at him. When he lands start repeatedly fast spin swinging (rotate the stick once and press B to skip the charge on a spin-swing) this will keep him imobile as you hit him again and again. After a while he will be defeated.

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  3. When he shhots the ball of energy at you, keep hitting it back at hm. you have to be a reasonable distance away from him, so try to aoid staying on the falling blocks because if Ganon does his attack where he pounds the ground, it may make you fall. Once he gets stunned, have your hover boots equipped and shoot a light arrow at him. he will fall to the ground, and then you can slash him. he does have another attack where he creates a huge ball of dark nergy. quickly shoot him with a light arrow and he will be down. repeat til success

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  4. in the first battle u have to reflect the energy ball bac at him (like "Phantom Ganon") after u do that shoots a "Light Arrow wen hes paralized after done that several times then u have to ecape from the top of the tower to the bottom then once u get down there "Ganon" will knock the "Master Sword" out of your hands use your "Light Arrow" at him at the right time once u do that the fire barrier wil get dispelled for a while grb your "Master Sword" again shoot him with a "Light Arrow at the right time then wen he gets down swing your sword at him then ther will be a cut scene and u beat the game!

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  5. Just stand in the corner of the room and Z-Target him. You don't need to move around a lot or wear any hover boots. Just wait for him to fire a ball of energy at you, and just bounce them back at him like you did Phantom Ganondorf. Eventually, he'll get hit and crumple to the ground so you can move in. You CAN jump across normally, but you'll have to aim for the corner of the floor as you jump across, otherwise the distance will be JUST too much. Slash at him as quickly as possible until it no longer hurts him. Go back to your corner, Z-Target, rinse and repeat. When he charges up for a multi-blast, shoot a light arrow at him as he's charging. This will interrupt his attack and he'll fall to the ground again.

    In phase two, if you got the Biggoron Sword, your life will be a LOT easier. In any case, equip your light arrows, and let him walk towards you. Z-Target his head, and when he starts to lean his head down to look at you, hit him between the eyes with a light arrow. This will stun him, and you can then roll between his legs and strike his tail with the Biggoron Sword or the Megaton Hammer. Once again, just keep repeating this method, and the fight will be yours.

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  6. You might of slayed the ugly pig but you have to stand on a platform thats isnt one that falls.Next you must block the attack in which he makes a fist and hits the ground causing the brown plat forms the fall.When he makes a ball of light hit in make with your sword when its in a hitting range.TIP:this tip is risky but will help,if you stay where he is it will only take a hit or two three tops to make him no longer move, which brings me back to the fight when he can no longer attack shot a light arrow make sure its at him i missed a lot causeing this battle alone to be a 40 min. battle.Like maiorano84 said no hoverboots or crap follow is guide and you kick ganondorfs butt.

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  7. To Clarify, when you fight Ganondorf, you have to use the master sword. I used to play for hours attacking him with the biggorons sword, because you can perpetuate the first form this way. (I know stellar social life). I personally prefer deflecting the energy with a bottle.

    Fighting your way down the tower should be pretty straight-foward. Nothing you haven't done yet in this game.

    Ganon. This form, I find the easiest way is to charge him. Run straight at him and roll under his legs, he'll attack in front, and you can hit the tail. If you run at him and roll, he'll miss too. This makes this fight a lot easier, and you won't waste time or magic on Light Arrows. Hookshot is perfect for this part, if you didn't bother with the biggoron's sidequest. As with his first from, you can perpetuate the battle with the Biggoron's sword, or hookshot.

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  8. Ganon Battle 1

    When you start the battle, he will destroy the inner squares of the battlefield. Get on the corners/edges of the area, not the square areas, and wait for Ganondorf to fire a lightning ball at you. Then you'll play a game of baseball of when ganon throws the ball and you hit it back with your sword, after he will hit the ball back and then it will turn into a tennis match. Keep hitting the balls back and watch out when they are fast. If you want to have some fun with him, take out a empty bottle and when the ball comes at you use your bottle to hit it back, it really works and is quite funny. Next when ganon gets tired of palying tennis, he quits and gets shocked (haha!). Then quickly take out the light arrows and shoot him. He will fall and now either take out your biggoron sword or master sword and equip the hover boots and run on to the middle platform and start stabbing him. When he has enough of that stabbing, he gets his energy back and now repeat the same thing again. Also during the battle ganon will summon a giant gas cloud, when he is doing this, he will be distracted so shoot him with a light arrow for an easy way. If you look carefully at his cape if there is lots of holes it'll show that he's nearly dead.

    Ganon Battle 2
    Okay now he's bigger and badder and now way stronger. Remember to not equip the hover boots during this fight as when ganon hits you, you'll fly into the fire border and get hurt. Equip the goron tunic just in case you touch the fire and either equip the biggoron sword or use the hammer for this fight as you don't have the master sword. I know other strategy guides tell you need light arrows but i know a trick that can easily kill ganon. Okay so we are ready, when you start you'll lose the master sword, doesn't matter just continue. Go under ganon, avoid his swords, and roll under him and target or straight away slash his glowing tail, or smash with the hammer in some matters, he'll turn around and you'll have to repeat it until you have access to the master sword again, then equip it and continue with attacking him. When you hit him enough with the master sword on his glowing tail, remember this that you must use the master sword otherwise the battle will last forever. When he has had enough he'll fall and zelda paralyzes him. Here attack with your master sword on his head once more and watch the cool attack link does. Congratulations, watch the ending and good luck with fighting him.

    Check out some faqs if you don't understand some of the stuff i said.

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  9. Make sure u have the biggorans sword (not required, but helpful), and longshot equipped. Get to one of the cornors of the arena, and volly his yellow energy back and forth a few times. When hes stunned, hit him with a light arrow. If he charges black mass, shoot it with a light arrow. When hes down, quickly z-target him and longshot to him. Hit him with the biggorans sword twice. Use the longshot on the cornor of the arena. Repeat, and you will beat him.

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