How do the two sister withes?

  1. How do i beat the two sister withes in the spirit temple?

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    raul9rangel - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    There are no two sister "withes" as far as I know, there are however two witch sisters.

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  1. When the battle begins stand somewhat in the center of the main platform. Koume and Kotake will float over to one of the four side platforms. One of the sisters will charge their magic. When they do that you need to use the mirror shield as a pivot to shoot it at the opposite sister. So, if Koume (fire) shoots her magic at you then you should aim it at Kotake (ice). After you have hit the sisters a combined total of 3 times they will merge together. When this happens the merged form will float over to one of the four side platforms. She will raise both her arms and shoot one type of magic at you. Whichever one it is, you use your shield as a container for the magic. After you "catch" the magic 3 times it becomes a beam of magic. Shoot it at Twinrova and she will fall to the ground. At this point you should jump over to the platform she fell on and attack her. Repeat this method until she is dead.

    Note that if you accidentally "catch" fire magic after "catching" ice magic it will cancel out the charge. The same goes for accidentally "catching" ice magic after fire.

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  1. with your mirror sheild u have to predict wat power a witch will shoot at u. if u think the fire twin will shoot u aim it at the ice twin. do tht multible times then they will transform into a Double Witch. wen they transform block ther attacks with your mirror sheild if it blinks very fast aim it at the witch and longshot her wen shes down and slash her with your sword do it multible times again. hope it helped!

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  2. Do what MAST3RLINXX said, but remember that when one of the witches is about to attack, she stops and point at you, when that happens, get away from her and search for her sister, when you see the sister, press R to rise the shield while aiming to her to deflect the attack, then, when they combine, block three attacks of the same element (fire or ice) and then aim at Twinrova to return the attack, just be careful of not blocking the opposite element of the one you already block.

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  3. Lol my bad wen i said multible i ment to say multiple lol srry

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  4. Also, be very careful when they merge. If you don't get the shield in front of the spells, hitting the ground next to you is painful. The first time they guide you into it after she merges. Every time you fight her, the first 3 spells they cast after they merge are always the same. Always. Take advantage and hit her there. If you have biggorons sword, you can usually kill her now by using the longshot to get to her fast, and using the powerstab (holding R to crouch, and stabbing with b). If you don't kill her, just pick an arm and wait until she attacks with that arm, dodging all attacks from the other one.

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  5. Use the mirror shield to reflect the ice spells back at the fire witch, and vice versa. after about four hits like this to either one, they will fuse. Now you will have to absorb three spells of the same type(fire or ice) and it should blast them with all that magical energy. Equip the hover boots and run across the gap and hit them a few times with your sword until they get back up, and repeat until they are dead. (Make sure not to get hit by the opposite type of spell or you'll take damage and have to start over absorbing spells.)

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  6. When you start they will fly around and try to hit you with fire and ice blasts. To beat them in this stage you have to reflec the ice blast at the fire sister and the fire blast at the ice sister. After 3 hits (you can hit one sister 2 times and the other one once. It doesn't realy matter as long as the total hits from both sisters add up to 3) they will fuse together to form Twinrova. In this stage it will fire ice and fire blast at you. Use your sheild to ashorb 3 blasts of one kind at a time. (if you try to get a ice blast while you are charching a fire blast it will hurt you and the same thing will work the other way around) Whem you get 3 of one type you will fire a ice or fire blast at them then when you hit Twinrova it will fall on one the small square platforms then you have to hit it. After so many hits you will beat them and win.HURRAY FOR YOU!!! (=

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  7. (also because i didn't have enough room on the last anser i will put the rest in here) Also if you fall off the platform it won't be as hard for Twinrova to hit you and it will be harder to get back on the main platform.

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  8. Ok, for the first part keep your mirror sheild up at all times, keep aim at the witch that trys to shoot you first, when her magic hits your sheild will begin to blink, make sure you get hit with the same magic power three times in a row. when your shilds hit three the third time quickly aim at the other witch. when you do this a few times both witches will maedge together to make twinova. Keep your sheild up and makesure you get hit with the same magic THREE TIMES IN A ROW. when twinova is hit jump to the platform shes on and hit her with your sword, keep doing that to win

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  9. When the witches shoot at you, each one makes a different sound (when spell is charging). Depending on which one you hear, face that witch and get your shield up (BTW, you should be using the Mirror Shield, the Hylian Shield is useless here).Remember, Z-Target is your worst enemy in this half. Try and hit the other witch with the resulting beam. After a few hits, they will combine to form Twinrova. Here, Z-target is more friendly. Let her hit your shield with 3 of the same element in a row. If you get a different element, you will take the hit and lose your charge. Once you get three, blast her with what comes out of the shield. Once she falls, get your sword and start whacking. Repeat until dead. After you win, you get a funny cutscene. Enjoy!

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  10. What u have to do is wait till they are close to eachother and when one of them shoots ice/fire reflect it with you mirror shield and hit the other witch. Eventually they will merge together then u have to wait till they fire at you and absorb their powers. After three shots of the same type you will be able fire it back at them then go up and hit them with your sword. I would prefer to have the biggorons sword cuz it takes less time.

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