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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Copyright 2004-2007 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    Most Recent Update: March 3, 2007
    Originally Created: August 23, 2004
    Version: 1.2
    -------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    Section 1*
    Section 2*
    Ocarina of Time Walkthrough*
    Inside the Deku Tree*
    Dodongo's Cavern*
    Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly*
    Temple of Time*
    Forest Temple*
    Fire Temple*
    Ice Cavern*
    Water Temple*
    Bottom of the Well*
    Shadow Temple*
    Spirit Temple*
    Gerudo's Training Grounds*
    Ganon's Castle*
    Section 3*
    Gold Skulltula Locations*
    Gold Skulltula Glitch*
    Heart Piece Locations*
    Equipment Upgrades*
    Scarecrow's Song*
    Bottle Glitch*
    Rupee Glitch*
    Fishing Mini-Game*
    Great Fairy Fountains*
    Enemy Index*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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    The Legend of Zelda is perhaps the greatest game series ever made.  I am a
    veteran of the series, having even written a walkthrough before (The Legend of
    Zelda: Four Swords Adventures).  I've written other walkthroughs (Harvest Moon:
    A Wonderful Life, Sonic Heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, and Mario Kart:
    Double Dash!!), but I have not enjoyed playing the games as much as I have for
    this one.  Many argue this is the best Zelda game ever made, and so to appease
    that group of people I write a walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
    Time/Master Quest.
    Of course, I think The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the best of the
    series, but you got to go with the flow.  This game was released on the N64 back
    in the late 90's, but when you pre-ordered The Wind Waker, you got a remake of
    the game with better graphics and a harder version of the game only released in
    Japan.  Although it's hardly a challenge if you've played the N64 version, I can
    imagine how tough it could be to a novice.  But, this guide is for the N64
    version, the original.  So, get ready to use my walkthrough, lucky # 7!
    This is a titanic walkthrough, and you don't want to have to scroll through it.
    Notice I have an asterisk (*) at the end of the name of each section.  This is
    not just for decoration (Although it does add a sort of flare to my titles).
    Press CTRL + F and type in the name of the section with a star at the end and
    it'll bring you to the sections.  I use the asterisk to distinguish section
    names from times I may use the names in text.
    Link suddenly awoke from a nightmare.  It was the same nightmare he had every
    night.  The sky was black as pitch and forked lightning struck the ground around
    him.  As if from nowhere, a white horse galloped past him, on it a young girl.
    Cantering after her was a black horse, ridden by a satanic man, a wicked smile
    strung across his face.  The girl on the white horse cast some strange object
    into the river, and then he woke up.
    Link awoke at the call of a strange voice.  It was Navi.  In Kokiri Forest,
    where the Great Deku Tree presided, all of the children had guardian fairies.
    All of them beside Link, that is.  So, as one could imagine, Link was very
    excited to hear the fairy.  He didn't show it, though.  Link was still tired,
    rolling in his bed in a vain attempt to avoid the pest.  Eventually, Navi told
    Link that she had been sent to summon him to the Deku Tree...
    How exciting!  Let's take a look at the important characters, shall we?
                                  |    Characters    |
    Link: The Hero of Time, but he has not yet earned this epithet.  Link is a young
    boy living in Kokiri Forest on the outskirts of the Lost Woods.  Oddly, he is
    the only child in the forest without a fairy to watch over him.  But, this all
    changed one day when a fairy named Navi woke him from his sleep.  The Deku Tree
    has summoned Link.  For what purpose has Link been summoned?
    Navi: One of the many fairies of Kokiri Forest, Navi was assigned to Link one
    fateful day at the request of the Deku Tree.  Navi will accompany Link
    throughout his quest, giving him reminders and tips for just about everything.
    While some find her annoying, Navi clearly left an impact on Link.
    Zelda: The young princess of Hyrule, Zelda has had dark premonitions as of late.
    Her intuition is remarkable (this seems to be a trait of females in the Royal
    Line), and she had a dream that a boy of the forest would rise to bring light to
    the darkness.  She also holds one of the keys to the Door of Time, the Ocarina
    of Time.  Only by playing it before the door with the three spiritual stones in
    place can one open the door, and then there is one final trial before the
    ultimate power is unlocked.
    Ganondorf Dragmire: The man of the desert clad in black armor, Ganondorf is the
    king of the Gerudo, a tribe of desert-dwelling thieves.  A male is born in the
    Gerudo every 100 years, and that man is destined to rule over the desert and
    gain insurmountable power.  Ganondorf has sworn allegiance to the king of Hyrule,
    but Zelda suspects that he has darker intentions.  What evil dwells within him?
    Zelda thinks that he is using the king to gain access to the Door of Time, the
    barrier before the Sacred Realm.  Within that forbidden land is the golden
    power... Triforce.
    Saria: The best friend of Link, Saria is a Kokiri girl quite skilled in playing
    the ocarina.  Her songs are known to bring even the most grief-stricken of
    creatures happiness.  She spends much of her time deep within the Lost Woods.
    Darunia: The troubled leader of the Goron race.  Gorons are a sturdy, mountain-
    dwelling race that can survive by eating certain types of rocks for the minerals
    that they yield.  However, because he would not cooperate with a mysterious
    stranger who came before him, his people are being made examples of.  A giant
    boulder now blocks the way to Dodongo's Cavern, the source of edible rocks for
    the Gorons, and the cavern is now infested with monsters anyways.  The Gorons
    are starving, and it will not take long for the entire Goron population to be
    wiped out.
    Ruto: Ruto is a tomboyish princess, the daughter of King Zora.  The Zora are a
    fish-like race of amphibious hominids, but all is not well in the home of the
    Zora.  The local deity, a colossal whale called Lord Jabu-Jabu, has been ill
    since King Zora had council with a man of the desert, and Ruto has gone missing
    at the same time.  Are these two events connected somehow?
    Impa: Impa is the nursemaid of Zelda, and the two are inseparable.  Since she
    was but an infant, Impa has watched over Zelda, and she comforts her with a song
    passed down in the Royal Line, Zelda's Lullaby (all females born to the Royal
    Line are named Zelda in memory of the original Zelda).  Impa is also one of the
    last remaining Sheikah, mysterious tribe now nearly extinct.  She founded
    Kakariko Village, one of the towns outside of Hyrule Castle, and is remembered
    for driving out the immense evil dwelling within the area, locking it deep
    beneath the ground in a well in the village.
    Nabooru: The second-in-command of the Gerudo, Nabooru secretly despises
    Ganondorf, their leader.  Nabooru recognizes that the Gerudo are thieves, but
    the King of Theives (as he is sometimes called) has broken sacred law in his
    eternal quest for power.  Only she, and Ganondorf's surrogate mother Twinrova,
    are completely aware of Ganondorf's plot, and she plans to overthrow the fell
    man by finding the Silver Gauntlets, a treasure rumored to be held within the
    Desert Colossus.  However, she must search in secrecy, lest Twinrova discover
    her, but she cannot fit through the entrance to the path that leads to the
    Silver Gauntlets.  If only there was someone smaller than her that she could
    Kaepora Gaebora: A wise old owl, Kaepora is said to be the reincarnation of a
    famous sage no longer with the living.  The owl seems to be aware of Link's
    quests and pursuits, and often lends him a helping hand in such tasks as flying
    off a mountain or giving useful advice.  And of course, it goes without saying
    that he's annoying.  A character similar to Kaepora - "Owl" - first appeared in
    Link's Awakening, the game before Ocarina of Time.  Since Link's Awakening was
    just a dream, it is likely that Owl was a reflection of Kaepora Gaebora.  But,
    if the owl is the reincarnation of a sage, then who would this be?
    We have quite a cast of characters.  Without giving too much away, this is
    everything you would want to know about the characters.  Ocarina of Time has a
    rich, epic storyline, and it is explained in the game very nicely.
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    ||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
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    ==========================Ocarina of Time Walkthrough*==========================
    It is the good old N64 version!  Let the nostalgia flow.  Really, I never played
    this version [on the GCN installment of Ocarina of Time] until I decided to
    write a walkthrough for the game, namely because I'd already beaten it on the
    previous console.  Of course, it didn't take a lot for me to remember the parts
    of this game.  It's amazing how much you remember about video games even if you
    haven't played it for over six years.  Get ready for the classic 1998 Game of
    the Year.
    Tip: Some people want to have a great file - never losing a life once in the
    whole game.  This is almost impossible (I've done it and no, there is not an
    alternate ending), because there are many times when you are about to die.  If
    you feel you have to get a 000 life rating, then save right before you die and
    quit.  For instance, if you are getting pummeled and you have half a heart left
    and you know you're going to die, save and quit.  Restart to be back at the
    dungeon.  Once again, there is no alternate ending.
    =============================Inside the Deku Tree*==============================
    You start out in your house, in Kokiri Forest.  You need to see the Deku Tree,
    but the village bully, Mido, won't let you pass unless you have a shield and
    sword.  Of course, this isn't that hard to get, and provides a chance to hone
    your skills before the first dungeon.
                       |    The Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield    |
    First we will get the sword, your primary weapon.  Exit your house and climb
    down the ladder.  Notice the drawings on the tree trunk.  Link's quite the
    artist.  Now head right and hop across the water to a boy guarding a tunnel.
    This is Mido, the resident bully of the forest.  Talk to him and return to your
    Talk to Saria and head to the left.  Eventually you'll reach a slanted path.
    Climb it and you'll see a fence with rocks around it.  Pick them up to practice
    the skill and then go up to the tunnel and press L.  Then press A when the Enter
    command appears and crawl through.  Roll to the sign ahead and avoid the
    boulders.  After the first boulder passes head up, through the grass, and then
    take the upper path to a treasure chest.  Open it for the fabled Kokiri Sword.
    Now you need the Deku Shield.  Return to the main forest via the tunnel and
    you'll need forty rupees, the currency of Hyrule.
    From the tunnel you should have at least ten rupees already, but in case you
    don't I'll describe how to get forty.  First, from the tunnel, jump to the tree
    building ahead that is surrounded by a circle of rocks.  Enter the house and
    open the treasure chests for eleven rupees.  Head back out and enter a building
    (Not the red roofed one) and destroy the two pots for more rupees.  There is a
    blue rupee behind Mido's house.  There are more rupees to be gotten under rocks,
    pots, and in grass.  Once you have forty go to the red roofed house and buy the
    Deku Shield.  Equip them and talk to Mido.  Now walk through the tunnel.
    About halfway through you'll encounter your first enemy, the Deku Baba.  Attack
    it for your first item, the Deku Stick.  At the end you'll converse with the
    Deku Tree, who will tell you the evil thief Ganondorf made him sick, and he is
    dying from within.  Accept his invitation inside of him and walk into his mouth.
                             |    Inside the Deku Tree    |
    Your first dungeon.  Are you stoked?  You should be.  Head forward and kill the
    Deku Baba plants.  You'll probably be awarded with the Deku Nuts, a pretty much
    useless item.  Once you've got your fill climb the ladder you saw during the
    opening cinema of the dungeon and follow the path to a gap.  As you probably
    know, jumps are made automatically, so don't press A on the edge of the platform.
    Jump again and cross the bridge to a treasure chest.  It contains the Dungeon
    Map.  The actual map shown on the Dungeon Map is of Dodongo's Cavern.
    As you will know from the enemy music, there is a spider enemy called a
    Skullwalltula on the vine.  Ignore them and open the door at the end of the
    bridge.  Now you see a Deku Scrub.  These are enemies in just about every game
    (Except for certain ones in Majora's Mask), but they are cowards.  Use your
    shield to deflect the Deku Nut it launches at you back at it.  Corner him and
    he'll give you good advice.  Then the door opens.  Go through it.  In this room
    jump to the platform and then to the ledge for the Fairy Slingshot in the
    treasure chest.
    Oh, no!  You're stuck in this room.  You can either save and restart, or do the
    easier thing, which is to use the Slingshot to knock the ladder on the wall down.
    Climb up the ladder and go through the next two doors to the main room.  Go back
    to the ivy wall with the Skullwalltulas and shoot them down.  Now climb up the
    vines and get onto the left platform.  You'll encounter a Big Skulltula.  Wait
    for it to turn around and slash it.
    Repeat this again as you advance across the path to a door.  When you enter the
    door locks.  Jump into the pit, defeat the enemies, and climb back up to the
    locked door.  Press the switch and jump across the platforms for the Compass.
    Return to the locked door and use a Deku Stick to light the torch with the
    other's fire.  Press the switch again and hop to the second platform then into
    the alcove for another treasure and a Golden Skulltula.  Kill it and get the
    Skull Token.  Exit the room.
    Where the Big Skulltula was that you killed earlier jump down onto the spider
    web without moving.  The web should break.  You'll fall into water.  Use the
    vines to get up and kill the fiend plant you see.  There is a Golden Skulltula
    on the gate.  Defeat it and jump to get the token.  Press the switch and a torch
    will appear.  Get the chest and light a Deku Stick.  Now jump to the other
    platform, going through the shallow part of the water to do so and ignite the
    web.  Go through the door.  By the way, to prevent losing a Deku Stick every
    time you use it, while it is burning press B and it'll go back to your inventory.
    In the new room is a Deku Scrub.  Do what you did last time and he'll tell you
    the order in which you must defeat the Deku Brothers.  Mine was 2, 3, 1, but it
    may change.  Now use the Slingshot to hit the eye switch above and the door
    opens.  Go through to a very interesting room.  Get into the water, dive with
    the A Button, and press a switch that is underwater by the spike cylinder.  When
    you press it get onto the moving platform and take it to the other side.  At the
    end are a Big Skulltula and a block.
    Kill the former and push the latter where the spider was.  Now climb atop it and
    open the door.  In this room defeat the enemy and use a Deku Stick to light the
    torches.  Now go through the door and avoid the Big Skulltula you see.  You may
    get Deku Seeds (Fairy Slingshot bullets) from this.  In this room are a few
    Gohma Larva.  Avoid them and use the torch to burn the web and go through.
    Behind the web is a door that can be bombed, which means you took the wrong web.
    Behind the correct web is a crawl space.  Take it to a familiar room.  Push down
    the big block to save you the trouble of going around the rooms if you must
    return (With the bombs) and use the Deku Stick to light up (Using the torches on
    the lower level and the block you pushed down).  Roll by the spider web and fall
    through.  Welcome to the room of the Super Deku Brothers!  That was a take on
    Mario.  Anyway, get back up and defeat the Deku Scrubs by deflecting their nuts
    with your shield like usual and be sure to defeat them in the order described by
    the Deku Scrub in the room with the eye switch.  After that the door will open
    to the boss.
                      |    Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Gohma    |
    At first nothing happens.  Walk into the center of the room for a cool cinema.
    Look up and you glimpse your first boss.  Let the boss battle ensue!  Now Gohma
    has changed a lot during different games (Most of all in The Wind Waker), but
    this is how I remember her.  To beat her (There are two methods, but I like the
    first one better) throw Deku Nuts at her eye and she's stunned.  An alternate
    way to stun her is to use the Slingshot.  When she's stunned slash a few times
    at the eye and she'll retreat to the ceiling.  She'll lay some eggs (although
    you can shoot her eye when it turns red just before she lays an egg, which
    really shortens the battle up), which hatch into Gohma Larva.  Defeat them and
    she'll fall down to finish you off.  If you hit her enough on your first try you
    won't have to deal with her offspring.  By the way, there can be Gohmas in
    future games because this one had eggs.  Once you win take the heart container
    and enter the blue portal.  Job well done.
    At the end you'll have one more heart, making it four, and you'll acquire the
    Spiritual Stone, called the Kokiri Emerald.  On the downside, the Deku Tree is
    dead.  Don't worry, though, he has seeds.  He explains about the three goddesses
    who created Hyrule and left in their place the Triforce, which has divine powers.
    Note, Farore is Courage and she's green, as is Link.  Ganondorf has red hair and
    Din is red.  Zelda has blue eyes and Nayru (Wisdom) is blue (Weak, I know).
    You'll understand later in the game, although you'd have to be pretty observant.
    ===============================Dodongo's Cavern*================================
                      |    The Fairy Ocarina and two Upgrades    |
    Talk to Mido and he'll blame you for killing the Deku Tree.  Hop across the
    water and go to the opposite end of the forest.  Go through the tunnel and Saria
    will give you the Fairy Ocarina.  At this painful good-bye, Link runs away.
    Welcome to Hyrule Field.  You'll be greeted by a wise owl named Kaepora Gaebora
    if you advance, but unfortunately, we're not going to!  Go back into Kokiri
    Forest and climb the vines on one of the high walls to go to a tunnel that leads
    to the Lost Woods.
    In the Lost Woods, take the following directions in the order I say.  After
    going left, left, and straight you'll meet a Deku Scrub.  Talk to him to be able
    to hold more Deku Sticks.  Head right from the start and play a mini-game for
    more seeds.  Exit back to Hyrule Field when you're ready.
                                 |    Hyrule Field    |
    Advance and encounter Kaepora Gaebora, the reincarnation of an ancient sage
    (According to a gossip stone).  Next stop is Hyrule Castle.  Now, note that at
    night enemies called Stalchildren come out and attack you.  Slash them if you
    like, but you can't kill a Stalchild, because others will come take his place.
    There are also enemies called Peahats, which are very strange.  Run from them.
    Your goal is to reach a drawbridge (Which will be closed at night).  Remember
    this river from your dream at the start?  Good.  Now cross the drawbridge to
    enter the castle.
                                    |    Market    |
    By the way, a trick to avoid the Stalchild assailants (If you really stink) is
    to jump into the water.  Night starts when you hear a wolf howl, and chicken
    cluck indicates day.  In the market (Notice the guard by the house.  He becomes
    a decrepit old man who collects ghost spirits in a few years) head forward and
    you'll reach the center of the city.  You'll notice lots of stuff including some
    mini-games for upgrades.  More on that later; I have a section for upgrades and
    games.  Also, a thief named Sakon is here.  He's important in Majora's Mask.
    Also you can meet Malon.  Now head to the castle.
                                |    Hyrule Castle    |
    Roll into the tree for a Golden Skulltula.  Surprise!  Kaepora Gaebora is here
    to meet you.  Now climb up the vine on the wall to a gossip stone.  Head forward
    on the ledge and hop over the gate.  The mission today is to infiltrate Hyrule
    Castle, which is very fun.  Now jump down and ahead on the path are two guards.
    You can't be seen, so walk up the slope to the left and bypass them.  Head
    forward until you reach a stairway.
    Obviously, it is heavily guarded, so we need to find an alternate route.  To the
    left of the guard is a wall with bricks on it.  Use it to climb up and you'll
    see another gossip stone.  Jump over the ledge and into the moat.  Take it to a
    grate and get back onto land.  Head forward and you'll see Talon.  He's asleep
    (For days, no matter how long you wait), so talk to him and then get caught by a
    guard.  Return to the part of the wall by the vine and talk to Malon.
    Now for a side quest!  Don't worry; you need to do it to beat the game.  For
    looking for Malon's poor drowsy dad you get a Weird Egg.  Now return to Talon
    and after an entire day the egg will hatch into a Cucco (Chicken).  Use it to
    wake up Talon and then talk to him.  Push the crates into the moat where Talon
    was and use the crates as stairs to an entryway into the castle.  Use the usual
    crawling technique to get in.  From here on out, if you get caught you'll be
    thrown out to where Talon was, not to the gate.
                               |    Castle Courtyard    |
    This place is the fun spot.  There are even pictures of Mario and Yoshi!  Anyway,
    get out of the water and head left.  There's a hedge maze.  Avoid the guard and
    continue to a fountain.  Repeat this to reach a garden.  Risk it for rupees if
    you want or use the stairs to cross and head left.  Next you'll see a statue of
    something, pretty odd.  To the left of it is another maze.  To the left of it is
    Princess Zelda.
    The girl from your dreams!  Talk to her and notice the pictures of Mario, Yoshi,
    Luigi, Bowser, and Peach (From the Mario series).  Shoot them for rupees.  Zelda
    tells you about the Sacred Realm and the Temple of Time.  She tells you about
    the Ocarina of Time.  You look through the window and see Ganondorf, the other
    man from your dreams, bowing to the king.  Also, this conversation gives you
    lots of opportunities to say stupid things.  Finally, she gives you a letter to
    allow you travel onto Death Mountain, the location of the second Spiritual Stone
    (And Ganon's lair in The Legend of Zelda).
    Now go back and talk to Impa, Zelda's bodyguard, or nursemaid.  I don't like her
    (She looks too masculine to be female).  She teaches you Zelda's Lullaby by
    whistling.  Play it and you'll have learned you're first song.  To play, use the
    C Stick and the A Button.  Now Impa will show you Death Mountain.  When she's
    done babbling it's time to get two more songs.
                         |    Epona's Song and Sun's Song    |
    Behind you is Lon Lon Ranch, the home of Malon, Talon, and the crooked Ingo.  In
    the field is Malon with the horses.  Talk to her three times, show her the
    Ocarina, and she'll teach you Epona's Song, very useful in the future.  Remember,
    time stops at the market and in Lon Lon Ranch.  The horse with the white mane is
    Epona, an invaluable horse who appears in many Zelda games.  Also, a useful
    application of Epona's Song is to play it for the cows on the ranch when you
    have bottles.  They give you health-replenishing milk.  Tasty.
    Now go to Kakariko Village using the stairs Impa showed you.  Talk to the guard
    and then head forward.  Climb the stairs and you'll see the well...  Now head to
    the right and go through the narrow hall to the graveyard.  To the right is
    Dampe's house.  He is the grave keeper, and he is very creepy.  Now, all the
    graves with flowers in front of them are not graves.  Push them aside and you
    can fall into pits.  As of now, none of them really matter.  Only the grave at
    the very end of the graveyard matters.  Play Zelda's Lullaby at the Triforce
    sign and enter the pit that opens.
    Welcome to the Royal Family's Tomb.  All the dead kings and people are buried
    here, including two famous composers.  They left their life's work in their
    grave, and we must find it.  Head down and you'll see some Keese.  These are
    bats, and are very annoying.  Use the Slingshot on them and the door will open.
    Go through and a room with Redeads in it.  Quite simply, run away.  Read the
    inscription in the last tomb and Navi will tell you that is the secret melody of
    the Composer Brothers.  Learn it and you've got Sun's Song.  It makes night to
    day and day to night.  Score!  By the way, Sun's Song also freezes Redeads and
                   |    A Short Side Quest and the Hylian Shield    |
    Go back to Kakariko Village and mingle.  You'll see a girl named Anju (That's
    her name in Majora's Mask, at least) who's lost her Cuccos in very odd places.
    No matter, you can find them.  This is an unnecessary side quest that will be
    covered later, but you can do it now if you'd like.
    Once you're done around town exit the town to the northwest where you'll see a
    guard and a gate.  Show him Zelda's Letter and he opens it.  Before entering,
    you need a proper shield (The Deku Shield can be burnt), so go back to the
    Bazaar in Hyrule Castle Town Market.  He also asks you to go to the Happy Mask
    Shop.  Since both are in the vicinity, go to the Market in Hyrule Castle.  For
    80 rupees the shield can be yours.  Take it and then go to the Happy Mask Shop.
    Take the Keaton Mask (This is a good way to make the money to buy the Hylian
    Shield and prepare for a side quest).  Now go to the guard and give it to him.
    As a happiness salesman your rating will go up, giving you access to more masks.
    The next is the Skull Mask.  Go to the Lost Woods and head left.  Give it to the
    Skull Kid here (You must play Saria's Song before he talks to you).  Go back for
    the Spooky Mask.  Give it to the little kid who wanders around the Graveyard by
    day.  Go back for the Bunny Hood.  Give it to the running man who dashes about
    Hyrule Field (in a circle around Lon Lon Ranch, stopping to rest at times) and
    you'll unlock the remaining masks.  Take the Mask of Truth, as it allows you to
    talk to Gossip Stones.  When you've done all this return to the guard you gave
    the Keaton Mask to and walk onto Death Mountain.
    Note # 1: I've gotten tons of questions about where specifically the running man
    stops.  Well, after a bit of experimenting, I've realized that there is no one
    place he always stops.  It's variable, depending on what time of day it was when
    you enter Hyrule Field (he plops down wherever he happens to be when he tires
    out).  But, there is one relatively easy-to-find location that he ALWAYS passes
    in each of his rounds.  Go to the entrance of Lon Lon Ranch, and go directly
    northeast of it to the end of a pathway.  There are two other ends-of-paths
    nearby, but you're wanting the southernmost one of the three (use your map to
    interpret directions).  You can see Death Mountain and the stairs of Kakariko
    Village to the northeast, and Hyrule Castle almost exactly north of there.  If
    you look to the northwest, you can see a lone tree with autumn-colored leaves.
    The running man passes this stop every time he runs around the ranch, so just
    stand there and wait until you see him.  Then follow him, wait for him to sit
    down, and give him the mask (wow, he really runs faster with the Bunny Hood on,
    huh?).  And please, stop asking me that question!
    Note # 2: There is a very cheap way (Free!) to get the Hylian Shield without
    paying money.  Go to the Kakariko Graveyard, where you got the Sun's Song, and
    either change day to night or keep it as it is.  Now, look for a gravestone with
    three flowers in front of it.  Pull it out and fall in for a Hylian Shield.
    Thanks, xcaliberadh!
                                  |    The Gorons    |
    On this trail you'll encounter the ancient Zelda enemy of NES, the Tektite.
    Avoid it and follow the path to a flag.  Near this is a Goron.  Cool, huh?
    Gorons weren't in previous games, but they've become so popular that they've
    been in almost every game since.  Keep following the path to Goron City.
    The city that never sleeps...  Well, as it turns out the leader of the Gorons,
    Darunia hates your guts and won't fork over the Spiritual Stone.  We need to
    soften him up a bit, and who's friendlier than Saria?
    But don't leave the city; there's a way to get to the Lost Woods without ever
    having to step foot in Kokiri Forest.  But first, you must meet the Gorons' head
    honcho.  Play Zelda's Lullaby on the mat on the lowest level and the door opens.
    Head forward and talk to Darunia.
    Apparently, Darunia and the King of Hyrule have made an alliance, but Darunia is
    insulted that he sent a little kid.  He also has the courtesy to tell you that
    the Gorons' food source (They eat rocks) has been cut off because Dodongos have
    infested their harvesting cavern.  Looks like a job for Link.  Now, like I said,
    we need to visit Saria.
    Use the torches in Darunia's room to light all the torches on the lower level.
    Use the fire to light the bomb flower and make the door explode by the spinning
    Goron top.  This is a store, which is useless to you now.  Exit it and use the
    torches on this level to light the ones above.  Now use the torches on this
    level to light the bomb flower by all the rocks.  Exit the tunnel to the Lost
                                 |    Saria's Song    |
    Welcome to the great outdoors.  From where you are, take the following tunnels.
    You'll talk to Kaepora Gaebora again.  Basically, the direction that has the
    loudest music is the direction that leads to Saria.  For hearing-impaired people,
    however, take these tunnels.  Go to the left, left, up, left, and right.  You'll
    reach the Sacred Forest Meadow, a really annoying place when you're an adult.
    Head forward and fight a Wolfos.  Defeat it and the gate lowers.  Go through and
    avoid Deku Scrubs.  At the end you'll reach some stairs.  Defeat the Deku Scrubs
    and head up the stairs to see Saria.  Hold out your Ocarina and she'll teach you
    a new song.
    Now the annoying getting back to Goron City part.  Leave the Sacred Forest
    Meadow through the labyrinth of Deku Scrubs and you'll be back in the Lost Woods.
    The ladder helps you get through the meadow.  You'll talk to Kaepora Gaebora
    again.  Now head left, right, up, right, and right to go back to the Goron City.
                               |    Goron's Bracelet    |
    Fall back down to the bottom level and play Saria's Song for the disturbed
    Darunia.  Now, Gorons love to dance, and do in two games, this being one of them.
    Play the song and rock your body.  When Darunia is done on the dance floor,
    he'll thank you for refreshing his morbid state of mind and gives you the
    Goron's Bracelet.  Still, Darunia doesn't like you that much.  To get the
    Goron's Ruby you must clear the Dodongos out of Dodongo's Cavern.  Anyway, the
    bracelet lets you pick up bomb flowers.
                                |    The Final Step    |
    This has been a very long list of things to do before actually reaching the
    dungeon.  You've got a lot of new stuff since your excursion in Kokiri Forest.
    But fear not, a dungeon is on its way.  Exit Goron City so you're on Death
    Mountain and head right.  Hear is a Goron and a few bomb flowers.  Pick one up
    and throw it onto the boulder below.  When it blows up take the trail down and
    enter the newly opened cave.
                               |    Dodongo's Cavern    |
    Pick up the bomb flower and throw it at the door.  Enter and you'll be
    introduced to the formal dungeon cinema.  Head forward and you'll see a Beamos
    (Evil laser enemy).  Run around it and jump to the rising and lowering platform
    to head left.  Take the bomb flower here and use it on the door.  Get the
    treasure chest here, containing the Dungeon Map.  Now go to the right side of
    the room using the same method and you'll find another bomb flower.  Use it to
    blow up both doors on this wall and the Beamos.  One contains a gossip stone,
    but the other is an entryway to a room with a few Baby Dodongos in it.  Defeat
    Beware their exploding corpses and head forward.  At the end is a statue.  Push
    it onto the blue switch and enter the door.  Go through the hallway and you'll
    fight a sort of mini-boss, but not quite.  It is the Lizalfos.  There are two.
    Use your shield to block their attacks and strike them when they're vulnerable,
    just like a Wolfos.  Fortunately they attack you one at a time.  Keep your back
    to the wall and they'll keep making the transition between the one and the other
    until both are dead.  Use L-Targeting wisely.  When you're prepared enter the
    next room.
    This room creeps me out.  Use the Deku Stick to light all the torches and avoid
    the Dodongos, they aren't worth your time.  In the next room press the switch
    and you're back in the main room.  Get to the left side and enter the door you
    opened.  This room is lined with bomb flowers.  Use a bomb flower on the door to
    open it.  Go through the door and you'll be in a room with three Armos Statues.
    The middle comes to life when you touch it.  Naturally, we've got to touch it.
    However, he's not hard to beat.  Stun it with Deku Nuts and slash it.  Get the
    Compass in the chest that forms.  Now that we've got that out of our systems
    return to the previous room and throw a bomb flower between the rows of bomb
    flowers.  Like dynamite on Mount Rushmore, you'll sculpt a stairway out of the
    stone.  Climb up.
    There's a Gold Skulltula here.  Take the token and go through the door.  If you
    still have the Deku Shield because you were too poor or lazy to buy the Hylian
    Shield, I can only say I warned you.  Defeat the enemies here (Including Fire
    Keese, who can burn wooden shields).  At the end push aside the inanimate statue
    aside and step on the switch you reach with the ladder.  Exit this room.  In the
    new room cross the bridge (Avoiding Fire Keese) and enter a new room.  In this
    room there are some Razor Traps.  Obviously, avoid them.
    Use the platform beneath the ladder ahead to climb the ladder and at the top
    jump backwards.  In the small chest is a red rupee (Green is worth one, Blue is
    worth five, Red is worth twenty).  Time it correctly (About six seconds) and
    throw the bomb at the wall.  Blow it up (Or try a few times) and jump to the
    door.  In this room use the Slingshot to shoot the eye switch and jump across
    the gaps to yet another new room.  Avoid the Baby Dodongos in this room and
    enter the new mini-boss like arena for a rematch with the Lizalfos.
    Defeat them as you did last time (If you lost your Deku Shield then I laugh at
    you) and try using Deku Nuts if you lost your shield.  Now enter the next room
    and shoot the eye switch again.  Jump onto the formerly fiery platform and aim
    left to hit another switch.  Now continue and you'll be welcomed to the best
    part of the dungeon, the room with the treasure.  Jump over the gap and head
    right to open a treasure chest containing the Bomb Bag.  No more annoying bomb
    flowers for you.
    Head into the next room and step on the switch.  Then read the inscription for a
    hint at what to do.  Now's your time to guess.  Okay, stop reading for a moment
    and guess what to do.  And, now.  Time's up!  Get out your bombs and throw them
    into the eyes of the Dodongo skull.  Throw them from the bridge.  Now don't
    worry, the mouth opens to the main room, so if you die you don't have to repeat
    all those steps.  Also, bomb the wall on the other side of the bridge and the
    chest contains a Deku Shield, if you lost it.
    Jump down and enter the new room.  Kill off the Fire Keese immediately and head
    into the left room.  Use the blocks in this room to reach two pots.  One has a
    fairy beneath it (These heal you) and the other Deku Seeds.  Go through the
    hallway and you'll reach a block.  Push it into the main room area (Kill the
    Keese) and push it into the gap.  Now enter the opened door and fall down the
    hole you have to bomb open.
                       |    Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo    |
    Can't beat a classic.  Well, we can, anyway.  If you've played some past games,
    or some more current ones, you know the deal.  King Dodongo has invulnerable
    skin, and you've have to be pretty dumb to attack its skin anyway.  So, to beat
    it wait for it to open its mouth and throw a bomb in.  His innards explode and
    he collapses momentarily.  Slash the head and you've got a hit on him.  He likes
    to roll around, trying to hit you.  Either get in the corner, in the lava
    (You'll take less damage there than getting pummeled by the King), or raise the
    Hylian Shield.  After four hits he explodes.  In his misery he rolls into the
    lava and burns to death.  Poor King Dodongo, he was so cool.  Somehow the lava
    cools.  Get the Heart Container and enter the blue portal.
    Darunia and a few other Gorons drop in to give you a hug.  You are now a Sworn
    Brother, a Goron tradition of honor.  He gives you the second Spiritual Stone,
    though, the Goron's Ruby.
    ===========================Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly*============================
                              |    The Great Fairies    |
    There are two fairies to see, and a section of the dungeon called Inside the
    Deku Tree that is now accessible.  You end up on the Death Mountain Trail.  Jump
    off the side and bomb the wall for a Gold Skulltula, which you can climb to
    after destroying it.  More importantly, there are two upgrades to get from the
    Great Fairy of Death Mountain and the Great Fairy of Hyrule Castle.  Go to the
    top of trail by the flag where I pointed out a Goron earlier and take it up to a
    trail with rocks on it.  Bomb the rocks and work your way up the trail to a part
    of the trail where rocks fall.
    If you have it the Hylian Shield pays off.  Defeat the Skullwalltulas and climb
    up the wall.  At the top you'll see the owl, but don't talk to him.  Bomb the
    wall and enter to see a Great Fairy.  This one gives you a sword technique and
    magic.  Enter and play Zelda's Lullaby.  She'll give you a Magic Meter.  This is
    very useful.  So, when you're done with the Great Fairy of Power talk to Kaepora
    and ride him to Kakariko.
    Now exit the village and go to Hyrule Castle.  For all who didn't get the Hylian
    Shield, this is your chance!  Now go to Hyrule Castle and climb up the vine and
    hop over the gate.  No, we're not checking up on Zelda.  Head right and you'll
    see a rock.  Blow it up and crawl into another Fairy Fountain.  Play Zelda's
    Lullaby and this time you get a magic spell from the Great Fairy of Magic.
    Particularly, you get the awesome Din's Fire.  It costs magic, but it provided
    instant fire.
    By the way, if you go back to Inside the Deku Tree and blow use Din's Fire to
    ignite a web and then blow up the wall you find a door that leads to a Big
    Skulltula and a Gold Skulltula.  Of course, you'll need the Boomerang to get it.
    I noticed when I was leaving the dungeon there's another Gold Skulltula on the
    vine that leads up to the main room from B1.
                       |    The Bottles and the Silver Scale    |
    You need one, so I figure why not get all three (You can't get the fourth right
    now).  First, go to Lon Lon Ranch.  Enter the door to the left and you'll find
    Talon with a bunch of Cuccos (Never attack Cuccos; they summon their friends to
    thrash you).  Talk to him and he'll offer to have you play a mini-game.  You
    have to locate three Super Cuccos within a time limit.  This is simple enough;
    just memorize where Talon throws them.  If they're super, Talon will tell you.
    It cost 10 rupees to play.
    For the second one return to the girl named Anju in Kakariko Village and take up
    her side quest.  She's lost her Cuccos.  There are seven to get.  The first is
    by the entrance of the village.  Throw it in the pen.  The next is right by the
    pen, but don't throw it in yet.  First, climb up the stairs to the door of the
    windmill and jump across the fence.  Throw the Cucco away at the last second and
    climb up the fence.  Now climb the stairs and throw the Cucco over the fence.
    Take the two back to the fence for three.  For the fourth you must take one
    Cucco out of the pen and use it to get back over the fence.  Climb the ladder
    and you'll find another Cucco.  Take the two back for four.  Keep one Cucco with
    you as you'll need it.  Across from the pen is a red brick house under
    construction.  Stand by it and fly over to the lower platform with the Cucco on
    it.  Return these two Cuccos for five.  In front of a while wooden house is a
    crate.  Roll into it for the sixth Cucco.  Near the entrance to the Death
    Mountain Trail is the last Cucco.  Mission complete!
    The third requires you go to Zora's Domain, which is very convenient as that's
    where you'll find the next dungeon.  From Hyrule Field get into the river by
    Kakariko Village and take it to Zora's River.  Assuming you got on the land
    before entering, you'll talk to the wise Kaepora Gaebora before doing anything
    else.  When he's done bomb the rocks and grab a Cucco.  Also, notice the
    butterfly.  Get out a Deku Stick and touch it and a red fairy will appear to
    restore your hearts (Mr. Miyamoto must love butterflies or something).
    Use the Cucco to cross to the other side of the river and avoid the Octorok.  It
    is basically an aquatic version of the Deku Scrub in this game.  Anyway, jump
    from platform to platform until you reach the end, which is right after a bridge
    and marked by a waterfall.  Play Zelda's Lullaby at the Seal of the Royal Family
    and the Sleepless Waterfalls will sleep.  Hop into Zora's Domain.
    Now that we're here we can get the third bottle.  Although Zoras have been
    enemies in the past, apparently they've made an alliance with the Hylians.  Plus,
    they look way cooler in this game.  A violent Zora is called a Zola, by the way.
    If you want the bottle fall the path upward and you'll reach King Zora's Throne
    Room.  Head left and talk to the slim Zora to play the diving mini-game.  It
    costs 20 rupees to play.  Get all the rupees by diving and you win the Silver
    Scale, allowing you to dive further down and for longer.
    The third bottle isn't far.  From where you dive off the waterfall go ahead and
    dive through the tunnel.  You'll emerge in Lake Hylia.  Dive ahead and get a
    message in a bottle.  There you go.  You have all three that you can get so far.
    That last bottle, by the way, has to be gotten to complete the game, although
    the other two do not.
                           |    Search for the Princess    |
    Dive down back through the tunnel to Zora's Domain.  Go to King Zora's Throne
    Room and show him the Bottle with the message in it.  His daughter, Princess
    Ruto is missing, and it is from her.  After talking to him you'll find out that
    the local deity of the area, Lord Jabu-Jabu, has swallowed her.  Like a true
    sucker, you agree to rescue someone or save something again!  Man, somebody
    needs to teach Link to assert himself.
    Anyways, King Zora moves aside in a rather funny manner, revealing the entryway
    to the pool containing Lord Jabu-Jabu.  Before entering go down to the lower
    level of Zora's Domain and use a bottle to get a Fish.  Also, lighting all the
    torches in Zora's Domain opens a chest with a piece of heart inside.  Now go
    through the newly formed doorway to Lord Jabu-Jabu.  Welcome to Zora's Fountain.
    Before entering the next dungeon we should consult a Great Fairy.  Go to the
    right of Lord Jabu-Jabu and swim to a platform with a rock on it.  Blow up the
    rock and roll into the tree for a Skull Token.  The Great Fairy of Magic gives
    you Farore's Wind when you talk to her.  Now we're ready for the third dungeon.
    Get out the fish and put it in front of Jabu-Jabu.  He'll swallow the fish, and
    you with it.
                           |    Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly    |
    First off, Jabu-Jabu's belly isn't really this big.  The extreme size is, I
    believe, a result of Ganondorf's curse.  This is by far the hardest dungeon of
    the three, particularly because you must beat it and rescue Princess Ruto.  In
    the first room you are assaulted by Octoroks, which are, as I said, aquatic
    versions of the Deku Scrub.  By now you should have the Hylian Shield, which you
    will need (Not need, but it comes in handy after this dungeon) in the future.
    Deflect their blasts at them and they die.  Now use the Fairy Slingshot to hit
    the light switch above, which is Jabu-Jabu's uvula, I guess.  Now, I tell you
    that the Hylian Shield doesn't deflect the blast, but standing near the Octoroks
    makes them go away.  Open the door as I have described and go into the next room
    (Already his stomach is to big).
    Notice the bubbles.  These are called Shaboms.  A Shabom is a poisonous bubble
    that will burst and hurt you when you destroy it, unless you use a Deku Nut on
    it.  Generally, you should ignore it until you get this dungeon's prize.  Also
    you'll see some jellyfish, called Biris.  They are electric and you can't touch
    them unless you use projectiles, which is pointless.  Slashing them hurts you
    (unless you throw a Deku Nut at them in advance), so run.  Cross the path to a
    door you must open.  Lo and behold, it's the strange-looking Princess Ruto!
    Apparently (If we use our brilliant deduction skills), Ganondorf set up the
    whole message in the bottle thing to lure you here.  But why?  In the meantime,
    Ruto falls down a pit.  Now you have to fall in too, right?  Now talk to the
    damsel in distress twice and she'll let you pick her up.  Note that throwing her
    at enemies almost always results in one-hit kills.  Take her over to the door
    right near where you landed and avoid the Shaboms in this room.
    Take her across the hall to a gap with water.  Throw Ruto across and step on the
    switch below.  The water will rise; swim to where you threw Ruto and (Avoid the
    Stinger in the water) and pick her up.  Head down the hall to a doorway.
    It is locked, so you must hit the switch on the wall with the Slingshot.  Pick
    the princess back up and continue.  Watch out for the Octorok!  If you get hit
    you may drop Ruto into the water and you'll have to start all over (Not much of
    a Zora).  Throw Ruto against the wall so she's just sitting there and kill the
    Octorok.  Now pick her back up and use the floating platform to travel up to a
    familiar room.  Enter the door to be in the room where you met Ruto, but this
    time take the door on the other side.
    Now we're making progress.  Head into the right tunnel and while holding Ruto
    step on the switch.  Then enter the door.  Drop Ruto by the door and kill the
    Stringers with the Slingshot.  The prize of the dungeon is revealed, the
    Boomerang (I've mentioned it so many times you probably figured it out).  A
    bunch of Gold Skulltulas are now available.  I'll cover that in my Gold
    Skulltula section.
    Pick her up and exit the room.  This time take the left tunnel (Left relative
    from where you first entered this room, before you got the Boomerang) and leave
    Ruto on the blue switch.  Go through the door that opens and you'll confront the
    Parasitic Tentacle.  L Target it and use your Boomerang.  After the first hit it
    will be cautious.  Lure it out by walking near it and then use the L-Target
    Boomerang combo.  Four hits does the trick.  When it is dead get the treasure,
    the Dungeon Map.
    Exit the room and you'll find the tube like thing is gone.  Unfortunately, Ms.
    Ruto is still here.  Take her with you into the formally barred off room and
    you'll find some Shaboms.  You have forty seconds to kill them all.  I suggest
    using the Boomerang and targeting.  As a result you get the Compass.
    Pick up Ruto and exit this room.  This time go up to where you got the Boomerang,
    the door to the left of it on the map.  In here is another Parasitic Tentacle.
    Kill it and exit with Ruto.  Now enter the middle door.  This time there is a
    green Parasitic Tentacle to kill and Biris.  Lucky for us, you have the
    Kill them in the usual fashion and (Are you ready?  Because you're going to love
    this) leave the forked room with Ruto, back to the room with the pits.  Fall
    into the rightmost pit .  Also, while I was up there I noticed a Bari, a big
    version of the Biri.  Kill the Gold Skulltula and enter the door.  There is the
    final Spiritual Stone.
    Throw Ruto up and the dungeon's over.  But not before the boss!  Seriously,
    though, this is the Mini-Boss.
                                  Mini-Boss: Big Octo
    This can be a somewhat challenging mini-boss if you stink (American slang, the
    equivalent of suck, meaning to be bad at).  Big Octo has a very sensitive rear
    end, which glows green.  Hug the wall to avoid the spiked platform, and roll
    around behind him and Boomerang his backside.  He will then change directions
    and, more than likely, hit you.  My strategy for this boss (Remember, when we
    got the three bottles Talon gave us Lon Lon Milk) is to get hit intentionally
    when he turns around and then he'll be in your face, ready for attack.  When you
    Boomerang him he freezes, giving you ample time for attack.  Use L-Targeting for
    more effective damage and he's a piece of cake.  Use Lon Lon Milk to replenish
    your health.  He takes four hits.  Or, if you're lazy, stun him and jump attack
    with a Deku Stick for one hit.  Muy bien.
    Ruto is gone.  Take the elevator up and you're about done with this dungeon.  In
    the middle pot in this room is a fairy.  Catch it in a bottle, so when you die
    you are brought back to life.  Head into the next room and you'll see a big red
    thing that wobbles around.  Hit it with the Boomerang to freeze it.  Use it as a
    platform, freeze the next one, and take it to the door.  Use the next platform
    to get to the lower level and pick up a crate.  Place it on the switch and the
    door should open.  Go into the next room and climb the vines (Getting a Gold
    Skulltula) and Boomerang the switch behind the spider web.  Fall down and go
    into the door that you opened.
                        |    Bio-electric Anemone: Barinade    |
    This is the hardest of the three bosses, although it isn't very challenging, in
    my opinion.  Barinade covers itself with Biris like a human shield and tries to
    electrocute you.  For the first phase of the battle Barinade will use its
    tentacles to try to electrocute you.  L Target the head of the boss and
    Boomerang.  The goal here is to destroy the Parasitic Tentacles that attach it
    to Jabu-Jabu.  Boomerang them and when all are down Barinade swirls the Biris
    around in an attempt to electrocute you.  Boomerang Barinade and it'll be
    stunned.  Now attack.  Repeat this until you have hit it nine times.  When this
    happens, get the heart container and step into the blue portal.
    Alternate Strategy for Barinade: A lot of the time you don't stun Barinade when
    you use the Boomerang.  To make the battle easier, when you stun it kill the
    Biris off.  Barinade will then start whirling around the room, sending waves of
    electricity at you.  Avoid the blast and L Target the body, then Boomerang.
    This can be much easier, although not as fast, as the original strategy.
    After Barinade gets terrible acne and bursts, you'll be outside with Ruto by
    Jabu-Jabu, who's over his tummy ache.  Ruto is now (Who isn't) in love with you.
    You can reciprocate, or you can get the Spiritual Stone.  You now have Zora's
    Sapphire, all three of them.  Time to kick Ganondorf's sorry butt.
    ================================Temple of Time*=================================
        |    The Ocarina of Time, the Master Sword, and the Light Medallion    |
    You reappear in Zora's Fountain.  Let's review, now.  You should have three
    bottles, four songs, all three Spiritual Stones, a few pieces of heart (See my
    Pieces of Heart section), the Mask of Truth, four songs, the Goron's Bracelet,
    the Silver Scale, and the Hylian Shield, as well as all the other various items.
    I think we're ready to go, but if you don't have the above items (Especially
    Epona's Song), go back, read, and get them.
    Now that we're all on the same page, go to Hyrule Castle, along the way you're
    dream will come true.  Zelda will throw something into the river and Ganondorf
    will chase after her.  When the scene is over (After Link gets whooped by
    Ganondorf) dive into the river around the drawbridge for the Ocarina of Time.
    Sorry, Saria, but you're Fairy Ocarina just didn't make the cut.  With the
    Ocarina comes a new song, the Song of Time.  Now enter the Market.
    Now we should get a better sword.  Go to the Temple of Time (To the right of
    Hyrule Castle when you're in the Market) and once there you'll see a stand that
    will hold the three Spiritual Stones.  Walk up to it and play the Song of Time
    to open the Door of Time.  Now the door opens and you lose the Spiritual Stones.
    Enter the room that opened and pull the Master Sword from its altar.
    When you pulled the Master Sword out you shattered the barrier between the Light
    World and the Sacred Realm (Called the Golden Land and Dark World in other
    games).  As a result, Ganondorf was able to pass through and acquire the
    Triforce.  He tricked you into opening the Door of Time!  Not only that, after
    pulling out the Master Swords your body laid dormant for seven years straight,
    giving Ganondorf ample time to conquer Hyrule.  On the positive side, now you
    have an adult body.  You're taller and much stronger.  So look alive.
    But wait, there's more!  You awaken in the Chamber of Sages, where Rauru (He has
    no hands, I know) is talking to you.  Ganondorf has conquered Hyrule and has
    made Hyrule Castle his fortress.  The only way to get into the castle and defeat
    Ganondorf is to rescue the six sages (Rauru is one of them) and gather them at
    the castle.  You know what this means?  That's right.  More dungeons!
    But first, we should get a lot of stuff.  For one, you meet Sheik, who won't let
    you put the Master Sword back in the Pedestal of Time (Doing this makes you
    return to your kid form) until you rescue the first sage.  What a jerk.
    Everything's different as an adult.  In the Market all the happy people are now
    dead, ill spirits forever wandering the living world in the form of Redeads.
    Play Sun's Song to freeze them and hack them up, but it is not necessary.
    Before you exit the Market notice the guard who stands by the drawbridge is gone.
    He is now a blind old freak who collects Poes.  Well, for the first set of
    needed items we're going to Kakariko Village!
                     |    The Song of Storms and the Hookshot    |
    Did you notice that the all the villages in The Adventure of Link are named
    after the sages, except for Mido and Kasuto Town.  No, well that's okay.  In
    Kakariko, the first order of business is to go to the windmill.  Show the man
    playing the accordion your Ocarina and he'll teach you the Song of Storms, which
    can summon rain.  Personally, this is my favorite song.
    Next go to the Graveyard.  Sadly, Dampe is dead.  But don't worry, we can still
    meet his ghost.  Like I said when we got the Sun's Song, graves with flowers in
    front of them conceal hidden places.  The diary in the Gravekeeper's Hut
    describes a keepsake.  Judging by the name of this section, you probably know
    that it's the Hookshot.  By the way, Dampe's name has an accent over the E, but
    some computers cannot recognize this letter, so I must write is as Dampe.
    Anyway, there are several graves that can be pushed.  One conceals a Fairy
    Fountain, another conceals the Royal Family Tomb, which we already explored.
    The important one contains an area called ? where Dampe was buried.  Talk to him
    and he'll challenge you to a race.
    Follow behind him, avoiding the fire from his lantern, and beating the time
    limit.  In the end Dampe will let you take his treasure, the Hookshot.  Race him
    again and beat your first time for a piece of heart.  To exit this strange
    racecourse go through the door and play the Song of Time by the Time Blocks to
    make them disappear.  Continue out the door and you'll be in the Windmill.  Jump
    for the piece of heart and exit Kakariko Village.
                                |    Rescuing Epona    |
    For providing Ganondorf with his black Gerudo stallions, Ingo was appointed the
    ruler of Lon Lon Ranch (It just gets worse and worse!).  Ingo is pretty evil,
    but he will let you ride horses for a small fee.  When you do this play Epona's
    Song and Epona will come to you (Epona, you've grown!).  You can ride her (I'm
    not quite sure on the gender) now.  You have a time limit in which you must
    emancipate Epona from Ingo.
    Play Epona's Song and Epona will come to you.  Practice a bit, then pay ten
    rupees again to repeat the process.  Talk to Ingo while on Epona.  He'll
    challenge you to a race for fifty rupees.  Epona is an expensive horse.  Use
    carrots to speed up and jump over the fence.  Stay inward and don't exhaust all
    your carrots.  When you win Ingo will be mad.  He wants a rematch, this time
    with Epona on the line.  Beat him again and he'll give you Epona, but you can't
    leave the ranch.
    To free Epona once and for all jump over the fence of the pasture and ride away.
    From now on play Epona's Song to summon Epona to you.  She's much faster and it
    will reduce the time it takes traveling across Hyrule Field.  Note that at night
    (as an adult in Hyrule Field) there are no longer any Stalchildren to contend
                               |    Biggoron's Sword    |
    How has the Master Sword served you so far?  Well, it is time for an upgrade.
    This is tough because of all the time limits, so it may take a few tries.
    Here's what to do to get this 2-handed sword that is twice as powerful as the
    Master Sword.
    First see Anju (The lady who lost her Cuccos, the one with the allergies) and
    she'll give you a Pocket Egg.  Play Sun's Song until it hatches into Pocket
    Cucco.  In one house there rests Talon.  Use the Pocket Cucco to wake him up,
    then go back to Anju to exchange the Pocket Cucco for Cojiro, the blue Cucco.
    Take it to the Lost Woods and take one left, where you found Skull Kid and gave
    him the Skull Mask.  There's a weird man here.  Give him Cojiro and he'll give
    you an Odd Mushroom.  Using Epona take the Odd Mushroom to Kakariko in three
    minutes.  Talk to the old hag in the Potion Shop (Know your way around Kakariko
    before doing this and read the note below) and she'll give you an Odd Potion.
    Go back to the guy you gave Cojiro to and he'll be gone, replaced by a little
    girl.  Give her the Odd Potion for the Poacher's Saw.
    Now you need to go to a new section of the map.  Go to Gerudo Valley and you'll
    see the carpenters.  In the tent is the big boss.  Give him the Poacher's Saw
    for the Broken Goron's Sword.  Take the Broken Goron's Sword to Biggoron.
    Biggoron is on Death Mountain.  To get there go to where you got the Sword
    Spin/Magic Power Upgrade from the Great Fairy and begin to walk into the cave to
    the right of the Great Fairy area.  Give the Broken Goron's Sword to him and
    he'll ask for eye drops.  To get them give the Prescription to King Zora.  To
    talk to him you must bottle Blue Fire and pour it on him.  You can get this by
    venturing into the Ice Cavern (See that section for how to get the Blue Fire).
    In return for the Prescription you'll receive the ingredients, but you have to
    deliver the Eyeball frog within three minutes, which is tough.  Use Epona to get
    there and give the Eyeball Frog to the man in the Lakeside Laboratory.  If done
    correctly, he'll give you the World's Finest Eye Drops.  Take them to Biggoron
    within the time limit of four minutes and he'll start building.  Play Sun's Song
    six times and it's ready.
    Note: It can be hard delivering the Odd Mushroom to the hag within the time
    limit if you don't know a handy tip sent in by pyro_dude15.  If you take the
    front door of the potion shop (regular entrance), there's a door in the back
    connecting the main shop to the old hag's room.  Use it well, padawan.
    Other Note: Because I thought it was interesting, I want to point out the man
    you give Cojiro to is the son of the man you give the Poacher's Saw to.  The
    Pocket Egg lady is the blue Cucco guy's sister.  What a terrible family.
    Other Note: To deliver the Poacher's Saw you'll need Epona to jump over the gap
    where the bridge is.  Once again we avoid having to get a certain item we get in
    the Water Temple.
    Other Note: By rescuing King Zora in order to give him the prescription, you
    will get the Zora Tunic.  This is ahead of time, but it saves you the trouble
    when you do it later.  You should free King Zora from the red ice before trying
    to deliver the Prescription.
    Other Note: There are too many notes here.  Finally, this is not necessary and
    can be very hard to do (Particularly the last part).  If you are comfortable
    with a weaker sword, do not get the Biggoron's Sword.  It is not needed to beat
    the game.
                                |    The Gold Scale    |
    I won't go into detail, because there is little advanced strategy in fishing.
    Simply go to the fishing area in Lake Hylia and catch a fish that is fifteen
    pounds or more.  This item lets you dive very far down underwater.
    =================================Forest Temple*=================================
                           |    The Sacred Forest Meadow    |
    The side quests never ended before!  Good thing we're doing this, and this only,
    in this section.  I recommend doing all the things above, but the last two are
    not needed to beat the game.  Now that you've seen just about all of Hyrule, go
    to Kokiri Forest and into the Lost Woods.  Take the following directions: right,
    left, right, left, forward, left, and then right.
    Along the way you'll meet Mido (The bully from Kokiri Forest).  He looks like a
    kid still; Kokiri children never grow up, proving that Link isn't a real Kokiri.
    You have to play Saria's Song for Mido.  He'll let you pass and if you talk to
    him he repents for treating you so bad as a kid, even though he doesn't
    recognize you.  At the end you'll be in the Sacred Forest Meadow.
    At the beginning Navi flies up and turns green, and if you have it, play the
    Scarecrow's Song.  Hookshot to the scarecrow and you can bypass most of the
    enemies here.  If not, there are a few one-time-only monsters who are really
    tough, although a Hookshot attack in the back can kill them.  They are the
    classic enemies, Moblins, although they never looked like this.  They are
    spearmen who will charge you if they see you.  You must sneak through the maze
    and reach a stairway.  Blocking your path is another Moblin, slightly different
    from the other ones.  He bats a giant club against the ground and the shockwaves
    send you flying backwards.  To kill him effectively, you must be up close.
    There are three "lanes" that he can send shockwaves through.  Move around them,
    avoiding the shockwaves, and bomb him.  You can also just run by him.  Also,
    there is one more very helpful secret.
    Opposite the stairs that lead to the Big Moblin is a ladder.  Climb it and drop
    into the first pit and into the hole for a Fairy Fountain.  Whenever you need
    fairies, just drop in.  This works even better for exiting the Forest Temple and
    doing it when you learn Minuet of Forest.  When you reach the top, where Saria
    taught you her song, you'll see Sheik.  She teaches you Minuet of Forest, which
    warps you right in front of the Forest Temple.  When you've learned it use the
    Hookshot on the tree limb to fall before the Forest Temple.  Enter for your
    first real challenge.
                                |    Forest Temple    |
    Tip: In case you were too lazy to read the above section or you're just tuning
    in, I'm going to repeat my Forest Fairy Fountain trick.  At any time while in
    the Forest Temple use Minuet of Forest to leave to the area right before the
    entrance to the Forest Temple.  Descend down the stairs (Bypass the Moblin) and
    climb the ladder.  There is a hole in the ground in the first pit.  In it is a
    Fairy Fountain, for hearts and for storing in your bottle for later usage.  This
    is very useful, so when you've run out of Fairies just go back.  Using this
    trick I never died once in the Forest Temple because I always had backup.
    Tip: I didn't think of it while I was writing but since you have Farore's Wind
    from when you were a child it would be to your advantage to make a warp point in
    the room with the eye switch that twists or straightens the first twisted
    corridor.  This makes the dungeon much faster, for the speedsters out there, or
    for people who just don't like wasting time.
    Blast!  I hate this dungeon.  This is the first of the hard dungeons, and it is
    probably the hardest dungeon until the Shadow Temple.  In the first room kill
    the Wolfos (A very good combo is stunning it with the Hookshot and then
    attacking.  When both are dead climb the vine on the wall and take it to the
    tree, on which is treasure chest.  In it is a small key.  This is a new element
    in the dungeons.  Small keys are used to open locked doors.  The Boss Key is
    used to open the door to the boss.  This makes the dungeons a lot harder.  No
    Deku Tree dungeons from now on.
    When you have it climb down and open the door.  Avoid the Skulltula in this room.
    At the end of the hallway open the door and you're in the main room of the
    dungeon.  Four Poes (Ghosts) emerge from the torches and run away in all four
    directions.  You must kill all of these Poes, but for now we'll focus on getting
    the prize of the dungeon.  Go to the north door and go through the hall,
    ignoring the accursed Blue Bubble.  In the next room you'll fight Stalfos.
    Kill them (They're a lot like Wolfos) when they're shields are down and you'll
    get a small key.  There is a fairy under one of the pots in this room.  Exit
    with your key back to the main room and to the right (It's in a tunnel) you'll
    see a Time Block.  Play the Song of Time to make it vamoose and enter the next
    room.  This room is actually outside.  Defeat the Deku Baba and to the right
    kill the two Skullwalltulas.  You can't hit the third one with the Hookshot so
    climb past it quickly into a little hall with a door in it.  Enter.
    Kill the Blue Bubble in this room with the Hookshot and sword and then get the
    Dungeon Map.  Exit via the other door.  You're now on a balcony.  Kill the Deku
    Baba and Hookshot to the black target to the left and you'll fall to a switch.
    Press it and the well drains.  Jump from the balcony down to the well and
    descend.  Luckily there are a few Recovery Hearts down here.  At the end is a
    small key, bringing the count up to three.  Climb the vines by the chest and
    you'll arrive on a stone platform.  Jump down and go back to the main room.
    To the right is a locked door.  Enter it and kill the Skulltula.  Then go to the
    next room.  Kill the Blue Bubble and climb the ladder.  Pull and push the large
    block around until it is positioned in such a way that you can get up to floor
    two.  On this floor push and pull the block again to get to the top of 2F.  To
    do this you'll have to go back to 1F and push the block all the way out (Reach
    it with a ladder) and go back to 2F and push it into the indentation.  Use it to
    get to the very top of floor two.
    Climb the ladder around the bend and defeat the Blue Bubbles, then open the door
    using a key.  You should have one key now.  Now you're in a twisted corridor,
    the thing I remember most about this dungeon, aside from the Poe bit.  At the
    end you'll be in a room with a new and much-hated enemy, the Wall Master.  It is
    a huge dark hand that falls from the ceiling to take you to the beginning of the
    dungeon.  No matter how many times you kill it, it will come back.
    You know when it's coming for you when you see a shadow and hear a weird windy
    noise.  Also note that, although you can't get it right now, the Boss Key is in
    this room.  Use your last small key on the door to the right (Don't fall off the
    platform because while climbing the ladder you're a sitting duck for the Wall
    Now its time to kill the first Poe!  No, its not.  You don't have the proper
    equipment - yet.  Go down to the bottom of the stairway and exit this room.  Now
    you'll fight what could be a mini-boss, but isn't.  It's three Stalfos, easy
    enough, but there's a twist.  After defeating the first, two more fall down, and
    if you don't beat both quickly enough the dead one will come back to life.
    After you win you get the Fairy Bow.  Excuse me.  YES!!!  OH YEAH!  THANK YOU SO
    MUCH GAME DESIGNERS!  Okay, now that that's out of my system, I will tell you
    here and now that this is the best item you will get in the entire game and it
    is the only thing that can kill the Poes.  Go back to the previous room.
    By the way, a good way to kill Stalfos is to use the jump attack.  Anyway, back
    to the Poes.  Get out the bow and shoot at the painting (From a distance) with
    the Poe in it.  When you shoot it with all three paintings it will come out to
    fight.  Go to the bottom area of the room and combat.  Don't L-Target the Poe or
    it will turn invisible.  If you get up close it will start spinning around.
    Shoot it from a distance when it's just hovering and after five shots you will
    have killed it.  The red fire is now lit.  Three more to go.  Plus, you get a
    small key to open a new door.  Before you do that, we need the Boss Key.
    Go into the previous room and run into the twisted corridor.  Get into the room
    before the twisted corridor and shoot the gray eye switch above the door.  The
    twisted corridor is now straight.  Go into the Wall Master room and get the Boss
    Key.  (Before doing this you're going to have to shoot the eye switch again) Now
    go back into the room where you got the Bow and go into the next room, where
    there is another Poe.  Repeat what you did to the first and get the Compass.
    Now, it is a little hobby of mine to get the map, compass, and boss key in every
    dungeon, and so far I have succeeded.  Two Poes down, two Poes left.
    Next up is the yellow flame.  This is the hardest of the Poes to get.  Go back
    to where you got the Boss Key and (Make sure you have hit the eye switch so the
    corridor is straight) fall into the hole.  Kill the two Blue Bubbles here and
    walk out to the outside courtyard again.  Kill the Deku Baba and take the door
    in the little hollow cache.  There is a Floor Master in this room.  It is not as
    bad as the Wall Master, because it doesn't take you to the start of a dungeon,
    but it is a relative and thus must be killed.  Slash it and its little pieces
    before they unite.  Open the chest for a small key.  You now have two.  Exit
    this room and enter the one to the right.
    I remember this room, you exclaim. Yes, we all do.  Shoot the eye switch above
    and a chest appears containing a Bundle of Arrows.  Get them and go back to the
    room before the twisted hallway.  Shoot the eye switch to make it twisted and go
    into the room where you killed the second Poe.  Use a small key on the door at
    the top.  Alert, this is a Wall Master room.  Jump to the right (Or use the
    ladder, but it's risky) and go through the hall to another corridor with Green
    Bubbles in it.  Attack them with your sword when their bubbles go down.  At the
    end of the hallway is a locked door.  Open it.
    You now have zero keys.  In this room (If you read my walkthrough for The Legend
    of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures you'll get this joke) and just like in the Cave
    of No Return, we must shoot arrows through torches to make makeshift fire arrows.
    Jump onto the platform and aim an arrow through the torch at the iced eye switch.
    This may take a few tries.  If you want to make it easier use Din's Fire to melt
    the ice and shoot at the eye switch.  The hallway with the Green Bubbles is now
    twisted.  Go back into the Wall Master room (Shiver) and drop down to the first
    floor.  The ceiling falls down and crushed you if you're not careful.  The chest
    contains an unimportant Bundle of Arrows.  Cautiously work your way to the door,
    pressing the switch along the way.  Now it's time to kill the toughest of the
    Poes, because it is a puzzle.  I don't know about you, but I hate timed puzzles,
    especially in video games when you have only one minute.
    First shoot the portrait of the Poe (Not while standing on a shadow) and blocks
    will fall.  You must push and pull to piece them together into the mirror image
    of the Poe painting.  Fail and you merely have to start all over on the picture.
    When you've successfully replicated the painting, kill the Poe who will take up
    a more physical means of harming you.  After you beat him all but one torch is
    lit.  Go through the door that opened and then the hallway and you'll be back in
    the main room.  Also, I found out that each Poe has a name.  The first two are
    Beth and Jo, the third is named Amy, and the fourth is Meg.
                                     Mini-Boss: Meg
    The last Poe isn't going down without a fight.  Meg is an illusionist, as well
    as the Purple Poe.  To see which one is the real one see which one spins once
    after the division.  This is the real one.  If you missed, just shoot at them
    until you find the real one.  This is arrow consuming, though.  Use pots to
    replenish arrows and shoot the real one (Duh) until it dies, which takes five
    arrows.  When Meg dies all four torches are lit.
    Take the elevator down and you'll be in the final stretch of the dungeon.  This
    is a very peculiar room.  By that I mean the walls can be pushed around.  Push
    any of the blocks in such a direction that you'll see a switch in a gap without
    a gate in front of it.  If there is a gate, you pushed the wrong way.  There is
    a chest and a Skulltula in this room (It only has a Bundle of Arrows).  In the
    room with the bundle is a Gold Skulltula.  When you press the switch in said gap
    and another switch becomes accessible.  Rotate the wall again and press the
    switch that was behind a gate.  Press the third switch that was behind a gate
    (Opened when you pressed the second) and the gate to the boss room opens.  With
    full fairies use the Boss Key.  In the new room climb up the stairs and enter
    the arena.  Try to leave and spikes come up.
                    |    Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon    |
    This guy could really pass for Ganondorf if he didn't rip his face off,
    revealing the flames all over his skull.  Phantom Ganon appears in many games,
    this being the first, in two forms.  This is, I believe, the better one.
    Phantom Ganon uses his horse to fly into and out of paintings.  When you least
    suspect it he rides by and energy electrocutes you with his scepter.  Keep your
    bow ready and aim it at the paintings.  When one displays a black horse with a
    glowing yellow rod galloping toward you, you know which to shoot.  Now there are
    duplicates in some paintings.  Look for the one with the intense yellow scepter
    and shoot when he comes out.  Note that if you stand by the gate that locks you
    into the arena, he'll always miss with his energy attacks.
    After three shots Phantom Ganon loses the horse and tries pure scepter technique.
    He will cast an energy ball at you.  Deflect it with your sword back at him.
    He'll volley it back, and you must repeat.  Keep repeating until Phantom Ganon
    slips up and he is stunned by his own energy blast.  He falls down to the ground.
    Slash the heck out of him and keep doing this until you've won.  Because of his
    failure, Ganondorf himself disposes of Phantom Ganon.  Get the Heart Container
    and step into the blue portal.
    You will appear in the Chamber of the Sages and the sage of the Forest Temple
    will be revealed.  Saria!  As a little memento to keep with you, you get the
    Forest Medallion.  You then see the dead Deku Tree, but in his place is a little
    seedling.  It's the Deku Tree Sprout!  Ah, it's so cute.  Seriously though, the
    Deku Tree Sprout tells you how your parents died.  Link is a Hylian, as it turns
    out.  In a war to unify Hyrule (Probably a land war between the races, like the
    Gerudos, Gorons, Zoras, and Hylians), your mother was seriously injured and
    brought you into the forest to be safe from the fires of the battle.  Now it's
    time to save Hyrule.  I hope you like playing with fire (Bad joke).
    ==================================Fire Temple*==================================
                              |    The Fourth Bottle    |
    Don't worry, this is the only side quest I'm having you do.  After all, you've
    done just about everything.  Go to Hyrule Castle (The area right after the
    drawbridge but before you officially enter the Market) and enter the lowest
    house.  Inside is a former Hylian guard, who has become interested in Poes.  Now
    that you have Epona and the Fairy Bow, it is possible to bring them to him.
    However, he only likes certain Big Poes, which can only be found and killed
    while riding Epona.  Yes, you can use arrows on Epona.  Here are the locations
    of the Big Poes in Hyrule Field.  There are ten.  When you kill one a spirit is
    left behind.  Free up your bottles because you'll be bottling the spirits.
    1) The tree outside Lon Lon Ranch.
    2) The tree east of the entrance to Gerudo Valley, below the edge.
    3) The boulder near where the path splits between Lon Lon Ranch and Kokiri
    4) Near some grass below # 3.
    5) In a small grove near # 4.
    6) The fork in the road by Gerudo Valley.
    7) In a group of bushes to the left of Hyrule Castle by the river.
    8) Sometimes below, sometimes above the ledge south of Kakariko Village.
    9) By the sign that points to Lon Lon Ranch by Hyrule Castle.
    10) The turning point of the wall east of Lon Lon Ranch.
    There you go.  I hate this side quest because I hate Poes, but some (Psychotic)
    people like defeating Poes on horseback with arrows.  Well, I guess a hobby's a
    hobby, but really, I did this right away just to get it over with.
                                  |    Goron City    |
    By now you've probably noticed the great ring of fire around Death Mountain.  By
    the way, Sheik is gone now (From the Temple of Time) and you can become a kid
    again.  Right now, you don't need to, unless you forgot to do a side quest.  The
    Fire Temple is ahead, and it is the easiest of the Temples, in my opinion.  The
    hardest is, of course, the Shadow Temple, because it is dark, eerie, scary, and
    it has terrible music.  In fact, I'm not going to talk about it.  It's human
    instinct to be afraid of the dark, and the Shadow Temple is all darkness.  So
    turn up the brightness on your television when you get there.  Now back on topic.
    Go to the Temple of Time and learn the Prelude of Light from Sheik.  This lets
    you warp to the Temple of Time.  Now go to Death Mountain.  You can go in
    Dodongo's Cavern if you want, but it is pointless.  In fact, you can go in all
    the old dungeons from your younger years, except for Jabu-Jabu's Belly.  Today
    you're just going to Goron City through the usual entrance at the top of Death
    Mountain Trail.  On the trail is a part of the wall you can bomb for fifty
    rupees.  When inside Goron City go to the bottom of the city and you'll find
    everything is sealed off!  In fact, it's a ghost town.
    There is only Goron here, and he's rolling around like an idiot.  Lay a bomb in
    his path so when it blows up it stops him.  This Goron is named after you, so
    whatever name you chose is his name too.  Talk to him and (He's rolling around
    on the upper level).  He'll tell you about how Volvagia, the evil fire dragon,
    has kidnapped all the Gorons with Ganondorf's help and is preparing to eat them!
    Darunia (Leader of the Gorons, if you don't remember) has gone to find the
    legendary weapon in the depths of the Fire Temple used by an ancient Goron hero
    to imprison Volvagia the first time.
    By the way, you can see Biggoron in here by bombing the wall on the upper level
    a few times, but he only sells the Giant's Knife, which breaks, and is
    overpriced.  In short, don't buy it.  To comfort the Goron named after you talk
    about the dragon, then the Gorons.  At the end you get the Goron Tunic, which is
    heat-resistant.  Put it on and drop to Darunia's room.  The doors are now open.
    Go in and pull out the statue to reveal a passageway into Death Mountain.
                            |    Death Mountain Crater    |
    There is a Great Fairy in here, but she cannot be accessed until you have the
    special weapon of the Fire Temple.  Also, while in the Fire Temple you must
    rescue the Gorons, which adds a tiny bit of challenge to an otherwise
    ridiculously easy dungeon.  Cross the bridge by using the Hookshot ahead and
    Sheik will teach you the Bolero of Fire, allowing you to warp here whenever you
    want.  This is the longest song yet.  Notice Sheik is wearing the same old
    clothes but he isn't burning up.  Now cross the narrow passage to the left and
    through a hallway there is a pit with a ladder.  Take it down to the Fire Temple.
                                 |    Fire Temple    |
    Mission: Find the Gorons and maybe kill Volvagia while you're at it.  Up, too
    late.  You're sworn brother Darunia is already taking care of Volvagia, so all
    you have to do is rescue the Gorons.  In the first room use the door to the left
    and you'll meet Darunia.  Somehow he doesn't need the Boss Key.  He goes to
    fight Volvagia, but something tells me that he doesn't win.  Anyway, use the
    platforms to get to the switch to the left.  Press it and a gate is opened.
    Congratulations, you rescued your first Goron.  In exchange helping a brother
    out, you get a small key in the chest behind him.  Take it and go back to the
    first room.  Use the small key on the door to the right.
    Go to the rightmost platform by jumping across platforms (Avoid the Red Bubbles)
    and bomb the conspicuous brick wall.  Enter the door and what do you know?
    Another Goron is here waiting to be saved.  Press the switch, talk to your
    brother, and take the small key.  Return to the fiery room before and go to the
    opposite side of the room, once more using platforms in the lava.  Also, notice
    you can walk on lava for a short period of time without taking damage.  Enter
    through the door, free the Goron as usual, and get the chest, bringing your
    small key count up to two.  Return to the big lava room and play the Song of
    Time at the end of the platform.
    The Time Block will appear for you to use as a step to the upper room.  Enter
    and you'll encounter a Like Like, which can eat your tunic and shield.  Always
    attack with projectiles to avoid losing these very valuable items.  Also, avoid
    the flying tiles in this room that are directed at you.  Defend with your shield.
    There is also a Gold Skulltula in the room.  Now that we've got that, leave this
    room to go back to the big lava room.  Use the small key on the door across the
    I remember this room.  Kill the Keese for security measures and climb the chain
    wall.  Fall down to the platform with the block (Weird face) on it and push it
    onto the fire.  Stand on the block and when the fire is released it'll take you
    to the next story.  Use your last small key on the door.
    There is a new enemy in this room.  It is called a Torch Slug.  A real looker,
    eh?  Slash it and flee.  Slash it again until it's dead.  If you've killed two
    it's safe to assume that you reached the upper platform on the left wall (There
    is a wide torch on it).  Jump to the crystal switch and push the block off.  Lay
    a bomb by the crystal switch and run onto the block, then jump to the platform
    ahead and use the chain wall to climb up.  When the bomb explodes the switch
    will activate.  This lowers the fire.  To make it a lot easier throw the bomb at
    the crystal switch from above.  This is much easier, trust me.
    Now climb up the chain wall.  At the top go through the door.  This is a maze,
    and therefore (Like in the Sacred Forest Meadow) I cannot give explicit detail
    on how to navigate through.  Do, however, avoid the boulders, for obvious
    reasons.  Head left to find a switch used to free another Goron brother.  Talk
    to him and take the small key.  Go back into the melee and find another room.
    Within is a switch, Goron, and small key.  You know the drill so I won't even
    waste my breath, err, fingers typing.  This Goron actually gives a useful tip.
    When on fire pull out your sword or roll to extinguish it.  You now have two
    small keys.
    Return to the maze and look for a locked door.  Open it and you'll be in a new
    room.  Use the next small key on the door in this room.  In this room step on
    the chain platform and a wall of fire will chase after you.  Obviously, run.  At
    the end of the chain wall sequence you'll be on a yellow brick platform that has
    stairs that lead up to a door.  Don't take it.  Instead drop into the barred off
    area and get the Dungeon Map from the treasure chest.  Take the only door
    available to you and reenter the room with the fire wall.  Repeat the process,
    only don't the Dungeon Map this time.
    Enter the door you passed the first time.  You're back in the maze room only
    this time you're on top.  A word of advice, don't fall or you'll have to repeat
    the steps to get back up.  Jump to the next platform and kill the Torch Slug.
    Then bomb the floor on this platform and fall down to a Goron cell (The one we
    couldn't get to before).  Release the Goron and get the small key.
    Then return to the upper level of the maze.  The Torch Slug is back when you
    climb up the chain wall, so be warned.  When it's dead jump to the platform with
    the switch.  Press it and another Goron is freed (You're such a good person).
    Jump across the platforms to it and talk to him.  He'll then leave, leaving you
    another small key (I think there may be a pattern...).
    Go back to the fire wall room and go to the brick ledge on the opposite side of
    the room.  Open the door and prepare for the labyrinth of flames.  Well, first,
    there's a hallway.  Now prepare for the labyrinth of flames.  Now, the Fire
    Temple is notorious for arson traps, and this room is one of them.  Don't
    blindly run through the space or you'll be toasted.  There is also a fake door.
    Get through the maze to the right and open the door.  There is a passage with
    the Compass in it.  Now that we've gotten the items of the dungeon, it is time
    to get serious.  Go to the left and open a locked door at the end of the maze.
    You'll see a Goron ensnared in a trap, but there's nothing you can do about it.
    And if you believe that...  Go through the hallway and open the door.  You're in
    part two of the labyrinth of flames (What a lovely term I've coined).  Navigate
    through it (Ignore the fake door) and press the switch.  Then quickly run to the
    door and go through.  Ha-ha!  That was a fake door.  It really pays to read
    ahead.  Now (I promise I won't hurt you again) then, it would seem that you are
    stuck.  Not really.  Throw a bomb at the fake door to destroy it, and go through
    the real door.  Now here's a mini-boss like battle, but it's not the mini-boss.
    The enemy is called a Flare Dancer.  It is weak to bombs, so set them in its
    path and a little black thing will come out.  Attack it (The vulnerable part of
    the Flare Dancer) and repeat until it is dead.  Using the Hookshot to draw it in
    and slashing it makes an effective strategy.  You know it's weak when the flames
    turn blue.  A green coat is even weaker.  Alternately, wait for it to start
    twirling in place and Hookshot it then.  The strategy is the same from there.
    When it is dead the body will explode and the flames will vanish.  Get on the
    platform where the fire was and you'll be transported to the next floor.  Exit
    the room you find yourself in.
    In this room climb up the chain wall and drop a bomb over the edge onto a
    crystal switch.  Then make a mad dash up the chain wall.  Exit this room with
    the door.  Do not fall in the pit, unless you want to repeat a whole bunch of
    junk to get back to this room.  Press the switch and the flames around a
    treasure chest disappear.  Use the small steps if you want, but it is very risky.
    Unfortunately, you have to.  Get there in time for the Megaton Hammer!  You knew
    when Darunia talked about it had to be the dungeon prize.  Now the dungeons
    Fall down to the door (Not in the huge pit) and smash the weird faced block in.
    This creates a pit.  Fall down and smash the sections of the statue to reveal a
    door.  Open it and play a quick game of kill the Keese.  Now hit the weird faced
    block in here and a stairway forms.  Pick up a crate and take it down with you.
    Set it on the blue switch and go through the door.  Hit the block and another
    tunnel forms.  Use it to fall down to another block, but don't hit it.  Climb up
    and hit the rusty switch.  Go through the now open door.  Play the Song of Time
    in here and jump to the rusted switch.  Hit it and free the Goron.
    Take a small key and climb back onto the platform above the cell using the Time
    Block.  Exit and then jump to the block atop the pillar.  Pound it in for a
    really cool chain reaction.  You'll fall down with the pillar to the room we met
    Darunia in.  Now we've solved two problems.  One, we made a bridge to the Boss
    Room, and two, we don't have to backtrack through the entire dungeon.  Head into
    the door behind you and you'll be in the starting room.  Now that we've saved
    almost the entire Goron population, we need to check up on Darunia.  Break the
    statue with the Megaton Hammer in the lower right-corner and enter a new room.
    In this room (You had to use a small key) there are a lot of fire-oriented
    enemies.  Try flipping over the Torch Slugs with the Hammer for fun.  When all
    are deceased exit the room to find a Like Like and a Gold Skulltula.  Kill them
    both with your arrows (Do not go by the Like Like, never) and avoid the flying
    tiles.  Get your token and enter the next room to fight the mini-boss.
                                Mini-Boss: Flare Dancer
    So the Nintendo staff got to thinking: What could make this boss harder from the
    previous one.  I guess they're still thinking because this is the same thing we
    fought before.  Only difference is this one weakens much faster.
    Open the treasure chest for Bombs.  Now go into the next room.  Here's a Goron
    to save.  Pound the rusted switch in, talk to the Goron, and get the Boss Key.
    Everything is in place, now.  Now you've rescued all the Gorons, except
    Darunia's been taking a long time.  Exit the hall with all the dungeon items and
    in the first room take a left.  Use the pillar to hop to the Boss Door, open and
    prepare to see Darunia kick butt.
                      |    Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia    |
    Sorry, but Darunia died fighting Volvagia.  That means it's up to you to exact
    revenge on this murderous fiend!  Hop onto the platform with full fairies and
    prepare to slay the fell dragon.  Easier said than done.  Don't get me wrong,
    though.  This isn't a hard boss, but it isn't like King Dodongo either.  First
    off, Volvagia looks awesome, extremely cool.  Get out your Megaton Hammer and
    play Whack-a-Dragon.  That is, attack the hole where Volvagia's head pops up and
    whop it.  It's head then falls down.  Pound it while it's stunned and continue.
    Volvagia also launches rocks at you and breathes fire.  You can avoid the rocks
    by hanging off the side off the arena (take care not to fall into the lava,
    though).  The difficulty involved with this boss is more in the touching (Every
    hit you take is one heart), so tread cautiously.  After a few hits take the
    heart container and step into the portal to go to the Chamber of the Sages.
    Guess who's the sage.  Why it's Darunia, of course!  Although you're sworn
    brother is dead, he can still lend you his power.  You got the Fire Medallion.
    Only three more left.
    ==================================Ice Cavern*===================================
                                |    Magic Upgrade    |
    When you end your chat with Darunia Death Mountain is good again.  When you
    appear in Death Mountain Crater take the bridge to another bridge and cross it
    to a rock in front of a cave.  Break the rock with the Megaton Hammer to enter a
    Great Fairy Fountain.  Play Zelda's Lullaby here and you receive a double magic
    meter from the Great Fairy of Wisdom.  Enjoy.
                                |    Zora's Domain    |
    If you go to Zora's Domain you'll see that everything is frozen!  Even the Zoras,
    including King Zora have been frozen in Red Ice.  There are such problems in
    Hyrule these days.  If you got the Biggoron's Sword then already have the Zora
    Tunic and you've freed King Zora, but for old time's sake let's assume you
    didn't.  By the way, notice that King Zora hasn't moved for seven years.  What a
    bum.  This means that you can go to Zora Fountain, though, and so laziness
    finally paid off.
    Go there and notice that Lord Jabu-Jabu is gone (Now Ganondorf's really starting
    to tick me off).  He didn't die, though; he just submerged under the water in
    Labrynna (As we find out in Oracle of Ages).  However, Jabu-Jabu left an ice
    platform in his place.  Use it and all adjacent ice platforms to reach a piece
    of heart.  Then jump to a cave.
                                  |    Ice Cavern    |
    This is the first mini-dungeon, but not the last.  The cool thing about mini-
    dungeons is that they're twice as easy and you get a dungeon item in them anyway.
    Now, a few things to look out for are Ice Keese, slippery floor, and general
    hazards (Such as icicles falling from the ceiling).  You start in a hallway.  At
    the end of it you'll be in a room with a razor trap.  Avoid it and in the new
    room kill the Freezzards (Much-hated enemy), whose breath is ice.  When you kill
    them all the door opens.  Go through the tunnel and you'll be in a room with a
    large ice-spinning blade thing.  Get the five silver rupees (Three are by the
    ice blade.  One is in the air above the exit and one is behind icicles) to
    continue.  Go through the tunnel and you'll be in a main room with Blue Fire.
    Bottle up as much as you can (To reach it jump across the icy platforms).  If
    you got the Biggoron's Sword this is as far as you've gotten.  Assuming you used
    all four of your bottles, you should have four flames.  Hookshot to the
    Freezzard and use the Blue Fire on the large chest.  Open it for the Dungeon Map.
    Refill your bottle and go back to the ice blade room.  If you have four bottles
    each with flames inside, you will have one left over.  Use the Blue Fire on the
    Red Ice wall to the (On the map) right.  In the room you find there will be a
    treasure chest, a piece of heart, a Gold Skulltula, and Blue Fire.  The chest
    has the Compass.
    Refill your bottles and go back to the previous room.  This time use your Blue
    Fire on the ice wall to the left, relative the map.  The new room is a silver
    rupee room.  You must push the ice block around to access them.  First, kill the
    Ice Keese, as being encased in ice can really slow your progress.  Then get the
    Gold Skulltula.  You can get two of the silver rupees without using the block.
    When you have them push the block up and get that silver rupee.  Then push it to
    the right for another.  You'll have to use Blue Fire on this, your fourth silver
    rupee.  Now push it into a pit and a new block will form.  Push it left and then
    up.  Get the fifth and final silver rupee and fall down.
    Push the block right, up, left, and then up to reach the Blue Fire.  Fill up
    your bottles and drop down from the alcove.  Push the block to the left and
    it'll fall down a pit, bringing out a new block.  Push it left, up, right, down,
    and left.  Now head into the next room via the tunnel.  Use your Blue Fire to
    bypass the Red Ice (Only use one bottle) and open the door that is directly
                                Mini-Boss: White Wolfos
    No, there is no Boss, only a mini-boss (He is only the mini-boss because this is
    only a mini-dungeon).  White Wolfos is just like his gray brethren - very easy.
    If you have the Biggoron's Sword switch to the Master Sword so you can easily
    use your shield.  One hit kills him with the Master Sword.
    After you win a treasure chest appears.  Open it for the dungeon item, the Iron
    Boots.  They make you sink in water.  Then Sheik will come over and teach you
    the Serenade of Water.  It lets you warp to Lake Hylia.
    =================================Water Temple*==================================
                                |    The Zora Tunic    |
    Now you must exit the Ice Cavern.  Go back into it and fill up all your bottles
    with Blue Fire first, and then return to the mini-boss room.  Put on the Iron
    Boots and fall in the water.  Open the door and emerge from the water.  You'll
    fall into the first big room.  Exit the dungeon and go to King Zora.  Once again,
    if you already have Biggoron's Sword then King Zora is freed and you have the
    Zora Tunic.  If not, pour some Blue Fire on him and talk to him.  He'll give you
    the Zora Tunic, which allows you to breathe underwater.  Now play Serenade of
    Water to warp to Lake Hylia.  Put on the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots and fall into
    the water.  Hookshot the crystal switch to open the gate.  Enter the Water
                                 |    Water Temple    |
    Take off the Iron Boots and float to the top.  Then get in the water ahead and
    sink.  Head right through a hallway and what do you know?  It's Ruto (Annoying
    Zora princess from Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly), and she knows how to change water
    levels.  Follow her up (Use the Kokiri Boots to float up) and you'll see a
    Triforce sign.  Go through the door and kill the Spikes when the spikes retract.
    Get the Dungeon Map in the chest that forms and return to the room Ruto led you
    to.  Play Zelda's Lullaby at the sign and the water drains.
    Drop down to 1F and use Din's Fire to light the torches.  Increased magic power
    does help, huh?  Open the door and you'll meet some new opponents.  It is a
    Shell Blade.  Attack the internal muscle when it opens its mouth and you've got
    it beat.  L-Targeting with the Hookshot works nicely.  Open the chest for a
    small key.  Go back out and into the main room, out of the hallway.  Head left
    and use the small key on the door.  Exit the room (I just wanted to use the key)
    and in the main room push a block in to a tunnel.  Push it in and equip the Iron
    Boots in the pool of water.  Go through the hall and rise up.
    In the new room are a Tektite and a switch.  Hit it and a stream of water jets
    up.  Hop onto it (It's solid) and cross the gap.  Open the door and you'll be in
    a creepy room, as it reminds me of sea monsters with the serpent statue.  The
    whole time you think one's going to come up and attack you, but there is no such
    monster (On the contrary to what a friend told me when I got the game).  Swim
    over to the serpent's head and equip the Iron Boots so that you are in range of
    the switch in the serpent's mouth.
    Hookshot it and exit this room.  Float up to a new room with a small key in it
    and a switch.  Get the former and hit the latter.  Drop into the pool of water
    with the Iron Boots on and exit the evil serpent room.  In this room defeat the
    Tektite and Hookshot to the hall. Exit back into the main room and head right.
    Go through the hall and bomb the floor at the end.  Fall into the pool with the
    Iron Boots.
    I'm surprised Link didn't catch pneumonia after being in water for so long.
    Anyway, at the bottom is a Shell Blade.  Defeat it and go to the other side,
    where you must rise.  Climb out of the water and press the switch.  Hookshot to
    the target and defeat your Tektite pursuers.  Then use a Spin Attack (The
    technique you got from the Great Fairy on Death Mountain as a kid) on the switch.
    Kill the Gold Skulltula and go back to the main room.  Remember the door we
    unlocked for no reason?  It is the central area where you'll find a door.  Open
    it and Hookshot your way up to a second Triforce sign.
    Play Zelda's Lullaby and raise the water.  Sink down to where the platform was
    and you'll enter B1.  If you've read any of my other walkthroughs you'll know
    that I hate water levels.  Well this is totally water down here.  Go through the
    hall and you'll be in a simple room with a switch in it.  Hit the switch from a
    distance and Shell Blades and Spikes come and get you.  I suggest running back
    into the hall with your back to the wall so you fight them one at a time
    (Fighting them all together results in heavy damage when you're blindsided).
    Once you've disposed of them all float up through the gate and you'll be in a
    room with a small key.  Get it and return to the waterlogged main room, drat.
    With the Iron Boots fall down to the hall where you met Princess Ruto (It has
    torches around the entryway) and go through.  Rise up and you'll see a wall that
    can be blown to bits.  Deploy a bomb on it and open the chest for another small
    key.  You now have three.  Go back to the main chamber and you'll see a corridor
    with a target on top of it.  Hookshot over and go in.  Hookshot over the spikes
    at the end of the passageway and you'll be by a treasure chest immersed in water.
    Stand right next to it and shoot the crystal switch with an arrow.  Open it
    immediately as you get only two seconds or so.  Inside is the Compass.
    Now that we've got the items I also look for you can go back to the main room.
    Unlock the locked door here and you'll see a crystal switch.  Lure the Tektite
    out first and while standing on the water geyser shoot the crystal switch.  Ride
    the water up and exit the room.  You'll see a Triforce sign.  Play Zelda's
    Lullaby to raise the water to its highest point.  We're about halfway done with
    the dungeon, now.  Swim over to the locked door.  Use your key and you'll have
    one remaining.  Welcome to one of the more memorable rooms in the Water Temple.
    First kill the Keese.  Notice the Gold Skulltula in this room.  When you have
    the prize of this dungeon come back and get it.  Anyway, Hookshot through this
    room and use your last small key on the door.  Shoot the Tektites first and then
    Hookshot the crystal switch, then the target on the statue, then the crystal
    switch, then the next statue, then the crystal switch, then the next statue, and
    then the crystal switch.  Climb onto the statue's head and hit the crystal
    switch again.  Take it to the next alcove.  Now it looks like you're stuck.
    Although I hate Like Likes, here it is useful to Hookshot it to cross the spikes.
    Immediately afterwards slice and dice it with no mercy.  You can't afford to
    lose your shield or tunic.  Alternately, use the target on the ceiling and kill
    the Like Like with ranged weapons before Hookshotting.  Hit the pots and enter
    the next room.
                                  Mini-Boss: Dark Link
    This is easily the coolest boss in the game.  It is harder than most bosses,
    really, and much harder than all mini-bosses.  First, know that, if you got the
    Biggoron's Sword earlier, you can just repeatedly stab him for victory.  If not,
    here are your alternatives.  Now there are many strategies people use to beat
    Dark Link.  He is one heck of a fighter, but he doesn't have all the weapons you
    do.  The Megaton Hammer is great against Dark Link.
    Din's Fire is a really cheap shot, but it is effective.  Dark Link likes to jump
    on your sword when you try to strike him and use lots of back-flips and
    counterattacks.  Bombs are not effective, and arrows aren't either.  The
    Hookshot is also useless.  You have to be an extremely skilled swordsman to only
    use your Master Sword.  Din's Fire is the easiest way to beat him (aside from
    the Biggoron's Sword/Megaton Hammer, of course).  Unfortunately, Din's Fire
    alone, even with all your magic, won't work.  If you have a potion to refill
    your magic meter then it will work, but after you've exhausted your magic meter
    try to lure him into bombs.
    Keep him on L Targeting always and have your shield up, always.  There is one
    very simple way to beat him.  L Target him and slowly approach him.  Dark Link
    always backs up to keep an equal distance between you.  Keep your shield up
    because he will attack you.  Keep forcing him to move back until he's in a
    corner.  Because of the way he was designed, when the distance between you and
    him is to small, he has to back flip.  This makes him to constant back flips,
    leaving him a sitting duck.  Another more expensive strategy is to use the
    Giant's Knife.  Buy it for 200 rupees and break it.  When Dark Link tries to
    stand on it he falls.  Here's your chance to attack.
    By the way, in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (The other Zelda game
    I've written a walkthrough for) we find out Dark Link (Called Shadow Link in
    that game) was born from the Dark Mirror.  He was also the final guardian in
    Zelda II (NES).  Anyway, once you've dealt death to Dark Link the room becomes
    more dungeon-like.  Exit the room and you'll get the dungeon prize, the Longshot!
    This is so much better than the Hookshot.  Play the Song of Time to make the
    Time Block disappear.  Fall down into a river.  Swim around without being caught
    in a vortex (Whirlpool).  At first hug the left wall, then the right.  Then a
    swarm of vortexes appear.  Hug the left wall again and get on a platform.  Get
    the Gold Skulltula (You must be on the right platform to get it) and shoot the
    eye switch.  Then Longshot to the treasure chest.
    Open it for a small key.  Head through the hall and you'll be back in the
    serpent statue room.  Exit and you'll be in a few old rooms.  Return to the main
    room and at the top you'll find a blue bricked hallway.  Push the block inside
    into an indentation and then get the water at mid-level (First go to where Ruto
    showed you the Triforce sign and then the second one inside the tower).  Shoot
    the eye switch and Longshot to the target.  Push the block aside and get the
    small key.  Now raise the water to the top.
    Go to the northern hall (North on your map) on 1F with the Iron Boots and you'll
    fall to a room with a Longshot target.  Go up and target another target and open
    the door.  In this room are a few Tektites, vortexes, and boulders.  Put on the
    Iron Boots and walk into the water.  At the end use the Kokiri Boots to float up
    and exit this crazy room.  In this room kill the old enemy from Jabu-Jabu's
    Belly, the Stinger.  When they've all died bomb the southern walls.  Push and
    pull the block so it lands in the water on the switch underwater.
    Swim over to the alcove and exit this room.  Press the switch (Kill the Tektites
    first) and cross the gap with the geysers.  In this room you'll find the source
    of the boulders for a previous room.  Get the Gold Skulltula with the Longshot
    and with the Iron Boots cross the water to the treasure chest containing the
    Boss Key!!!  You'll have no keys anymore, but that doesn't matter.  Play the
    Serenade of Water; reenter the temple, and Longshot to the statue.  You're in
    the room before the boss.  Run up the slope without stopping and open the door.
                         |    Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha    |
    Finally!  I hated this level so much.  I can end it!  You think it's hard to
    play through it?  Try writing a walkthrough for it.  Anyway, Morpha is a real
    pushover for such a long, confusing dungeon.  To avoid any damage at all stand
    in a corner.  The nucleus is the weak point.  Pull it out with your Longshot and
    stab it.  Keep doing this until you win.  Never leave the corner, because when
    in the corner none of Morpha's attacks reach you.  Take the heart, step in the
    blue portal, and we're done with this awful temple.
    Who could the sage be?  Well, it is obvious enough.  It's Princess Ruto.  Your
    love was never meant to be.  You come from two different worlds.  Okay, now I'm
    ready to play in the Shadow Temple twice.  Glad that's over.  You got the Water
    Medallion.  Unfortunately, Zora's Domain will forever be frozen, as long as
    you're an adult.
    ==============================Bottom of the Well*===============================
                               |    The Fire Arrows    |
    Don't worry; this is a very short side quest.  It will be morning when you end
    the Water Temple.  Shoot one arrow into the morning sun and down drop the Fire
    Arrows.  These arrows are on fire.  They cost magic, however.  By the way, I
    said "morning sun".  That means shoot the sun in the morning.  To assure that it
    is morning play Sun's Song at night.  The sun will be on the horizon.  Also,
    shoot from the stone thing on the island above the Water Temple.
                              |    Draining the Well    |
    Go to the Temple of Time and put the Master Sword back.  That is to say, become
    a kid again.  Go to Kakariko Village and go inside the windmill.  Play the Song
    of Storms here.  The Windmill will become much faster.  This uses up water in
    the well.  Go down the well and you'll find an opening.  This is the mini-
                              |    Bottom of the Well    |
    Freaky just doesn't say it.  This place kind of appeals to one's irrational
    fears of the dark and the dead.  But, since you know Sun's Song (If not then I
    don't know where you've been but obviously you haven't been reading this
    walkthrough) many enemies are easily defeated.  By the way, the well is
    officially called the Well of Three Features (Dark, narrow, scary).  Start out
    crawling through the hole.  Go down the ladder and kill the Big Skulltula (Did
    you notice that as a kid they're called Big Skulltulas but as an adult they're
    just Skulltulas?).
    Behind it is a skeleton leaning against the wall.  Navi can hear its voice.
    Walk through the north wall (It is an illusion).  You're now in a large room.
    Walk in the water in this room because there are invisible holes in the ground.
    There is a Green Bubble in this room.  Kill it and follow the path to a dragon
    statue spewing out water.  In front of it is a Triforce painting.  Play Zelda's
    Lullaby and the floor below the statue will lower.
    Follow the water path back to the beginning of the mini-dungeon right after the
    first wall illusion and you'll see a pit that was filled with water.  Drop in
    and get the treasure chest.  It contains Bombs.  Now enter the crawl space.
    There is another Big Skulltula in this room and you can hear a Green Bubble.
    Climb up after defeating the Big Skulltula and open the door.
                                  Mini-Boss: Dead Hand
    Look around and you'll see a few weird arms pointing up from the ground.  To
    trigger the boss battle you must either be captured by one of these hands
    (otherwise do not go near them), or cause an explosion in a particular part of
    the room (you can't tell where yet without this mini-dungeon's item).  Rapidly
    mash buttons to free yourself from the hand and you'll notice that the mini-boss
    appeared.  Dead Hand is connected to all the arms in the room.  You cannot hurt
    the arms.  Dead Hand will try to bite you (Just like a Redead or Gibdo) to
    injure you.  When he does this, slash his head.  That's all you have to do.  For
    him to bite you have to get close to him.  If not he'll burrow again and you
    have to get caught by the dead arms, or bomb the place.  Repeat until you
    For winning you get the Lens of Truth, which lets you see through illusions.  In
    fact, behind the chest with the Lens of Truth is another chest.  It's very
    useful when you reach the Shadow Temple.  Now you can exit back to the land of
    the living, or get the Map and Compass.  If you want the Map follow these
    instructions to find a pit (It is right in front of a treasure chest).
    For a small key, go into the mid left hall to a room with a Gibdo in it.  Defeat
    it and use Din's Fire to light all the torches.  Then defeat the enemies and in
    one coffin is a small key.  This is used for a Gold Skulltula.  For the compass
    travel along the east hall in the main room of B1 with the Lens of Truth on.  To
    the right (From the map's perspective) is an opening to a hall with the Compass
    in it.
    ------------------------------If You Fall in a Pit------------------------------
    If you fall down bomb the rocks with the bomb flower and pass through the hall.
    There are a few Redeads to kill and silver rupees to get.  Three are in plain
    site.  For the fourth climb the ladder.  Do the same for the fifth.  This is how
    you exit the pit.  Run through one of the walls back into the main room.  For
    the Dungeon Map defeat all the Redeads in the room in B3.  To do this easily
    play Sun's Song and get behind them.  Then slash.
                   |    The Treasure Chest Game and the Bombchus    |
    This is only for a piece of heart but it helps you practice with the Lens of
    Truth.  In the Market (At night) go to the place that looks like it's in the
    southwest corner.  The lights will be on.  Enter and talk to the man.  It takes
    ten rupees to play in the Treasure Box Shop.  One chest contains a key, the
    other a rupee.  Take the key and advance.  Of course, you don't know which to
    take, right?  Wrong.  Use the Lens of Truth to pinpoint which chest you should
    take.  You get a piece of heart the first time, but subsequent trips result in
    rupees.  While you're here (In the Market) buy Bombchus, a special type of bomb.
    You need them to beat the game, but not for a while.
    =================================Shadow Temple*=================================
                               |    Shadow or Spirit    |
    There is a choice you must now make.  You can go to the Shadow Temple or Spirit
    Temple first - you decide.  The Spirit Medallion actually comes first on your
    sub screen, but the vast majority of people choose to go to the Shadow Temple
    first.  Its item helps tremendously (But is not needed) in beating the Spirit
    Temple.  The Spirit Temple is easier, more fun, and has a very long pre-dungeon
    side quest list that you must do.  You can enter the Shadow Temple now.  Make
    your decision carefully, but I will assume you chose the Shadow Temple, because
    that is what I am writing about first.
                                |    The Graveyard    |
    Where else would the House of the Dead be located?  Actually, now that I think
    about it there is a lot of Greek mythological stuff incorporated into the Shadow
    Temple.  The river in it is like the River Styx, and the boat is the ferry.  Not
    only that, Sheik refers to it as the House of the Dead (Epithet for Hades or the
    Underworld).  Wait, we need to stop thinking.  It's not as fun.  Also, in the
    Spirit Temple, there is a Colossus.
    Anyway, become an adult and go to Kakariko Village.  With extremely convenient
    timing the city will be burning, in ruins because something escaped from the
    well, imprisoned there for ages by the Sheikah (Race that Impa and Sheik are
    from).  Sheik will be at the well.  Something (It is the boss of the Shadow
    Temple.  It is invisible) beat up Sheik and yourself and is now escaping to
    taint the home of the living.
    After some rain, the fires will be quelled.  Of course Impa (These idiots always
    go to a temple, die in it, and becomes sages!  Guess who the Shadow Sage is) has
    gone to seal away this invisible fiend.  Sheik then teaches you the Nocturne of
    Shadow.  It really does sound kind of depressing.  Then Sheik backs off with her
    trademark Deku-Nut-escape.
    Play the Nocturne of Shadow and you'll be warped to the Graveyard, but a part of
    it that cannot be accessed normally.  Step on the platform and use Din's Fire to
    light all the torches.  The door to the Shadow Temple will open.
    Note: You can enter this temple, the Spirit Temple, and the Fire Temple as a kid.
    Unfortunately, you cannot advance into the majority of the dungeon.  I just
    thought that was interesting.  Now read the guide, you'll need it.
                                |    Shadow Temple    |
    I hate the Water Temple, and I hate the Shadow Temple.  End of story.  Don't
    worry about it though; by the end of this guide you'll hate the Shadow Tempe
    just as much as I do (Maybe more!?).  Well, for starters cross the hall and
    Longshot across the gap.  Up, looks like a dead end.  Put on your Lens of Truth,
    though, and you'll see the wall is fake.
    Walk through and you'll be in an annoying room.  The sign says that only the one
    with the sacred feet may cross the valley of the dead.  That means we need the
    next dungeon prize (Yes, you get it already).  In this room you'll see more
    paintings of the skulls.  Aside from the one you used to enter this room, the
    one to the very left (At the bottom from where you enter) is fake.
    Open the door and get out your Lens of Truth.  Use them to see that there is a
    door to the right.  Enter and kill the Redead and Keese for the Dungeon Map.
    Return to the previous room (I just love what the ghosts say about blood, greed,
    and war) and using your map you'll be able to tell that there is a room above.
    Go through this and you'll be in another section that is very similar to the
    preceding one.  Use the Shadow Temple to find the correct false wall and go
    through to a door (Open it).
                                  Mini-Boss: Dead Hand
    Been there, done that.  Seriously, though, there are new, adult strategies to
    killing this mini-boss.  Like last time, though, you can trigger the fight in
    two ways: walk up to an arm and get trapped, or use the Lens of Truth to see a
    dark circle in the ground; bomb that circle.  Dead Hand will then pop up to
    attack.  Break free of the hand by rapidly pressing buttons as last time if you
    chose the first option (note that the arms are closer together this time around),
    and then employ the new adult strategy.
    What is that, you ask?  Simple!  Stay in the corner where the arms can't reach
    you and use your sword in combination with a jump attack.  Dead Hand is much
    easier now, though, because of your Master or Biggoron's Sword.  Of course, Dead
    Hand retreats after every three hits.  I switched to the Master Sword during
    this fight for better coverage.  With the Master Sword Dead Hand takes seven
    hits (Four if you have the Biggoron's Sword).
    When he's died get the Hover Boots from the chest.  These are the best boots, as
    they allow you to hover momentarily on air before jumping.  Return to the main
    room with all the skull torches.  See the statue?  Turn it so that is faces the
    skull in the opposite direction (The only one that appears when you use the Lens
    of Truth) and the door across the pit opens.  Equip the Hover Boots and run
    across the gap to the door.  In this room descend to B2.  There are a few things
    to do before we can go to B3, where the real fun begins.
    Thankfully, this is a progressive dungeon that requires little backtracking.  In
    the main room of B2 is a Beamos.  Bomb the solid gravel wall in this room to
    break it and go in the right room (Illusion).  Within are Gibdos. Use Sun's Song
    and slash them from behind.  The chest that appears contains the Compass.  All
    we need now is the Boss Key.  Return to the room with the Beamos and this time
    take the left illusion room.
    Welcome to a dreaded silver rupee room.  Four of them are in plain site around
    the scythes.  To get the fourth use the Longshot.  Now a gate has opened.  Get
    the small key in the chest and return to the room with the Beamos.  Use the
    small key on the door that is locked and go down the ramp.  Kill Skulltulas as
    you come to them and you'll see a guillotine.
    At the end of these you'll find Wall Masters.  Kill it before you advance and go
    to the guillotines in the green fog.  At the end avoid the Red Bubble and on the
    platform defeat the Stalfos.  Now play the Song of Storms for a fairy.  Use the
    Lens of Truth and the Hover Boots to get across the pit to the right of entering
    this chamber.  In here is an invisible scythe machine, a Like Like, and Keese.
    Longshot to the Like Like to bypass the scythes and decimate the enemies.  The
    gate will open.  Here's a Gold Skulltula and some chests (Invisible) with rupees
    Go back to the guillotine room and this time head left to a large gray platform
    with chains lowering it by the Stalfos platform.  By the way, you can get the
    fairy again with the Song of Storms in the same manner.  With the chained
    platform fall to the silver rupee ledge and collect them.  The last is under the
    Beamos.  Enter the door that opens and you'll see another trap.  This has spikes
    that fall down to crush you.
    With the Lens of Truth you'll see a block.  Pull it out and push so the spikes
    don't crush you to the second spikes.  Go around and pull it out the rest of the
    way.  Climb up the block to the stone platform and jump onto a spike platform.
    Use it to get to a switch on the other side.
    Get the treasure chest and a small key will be awarded to you.  Now for a
    slightly confusing action.  Notice on the map there is a room to the north.  Go
    back to the section of the room with the Stalfos and the Song of Storms (Big
    chamber) and by the Beamos where you collected the silver rupees is a narrow
    path that leads to a guillotine.  Cross it and use the Lens of Truth to see a
    floating platform.  Use it to reach a locked door in an alcove.
    There are invisible traps (Namely spikes) in this room and Redeads.  Kill them
    with Sun's Song and a few stabs in the back.  A chest will appear.  Get it for a
    blue rupee.  Now use the Longshot to gather all the silver rupees in the room.
    One target is invisible.  Enter the door that opened and throw a bomb flower
    into the blue flame.  Note that there is a Gold Skulltula behind the skull torch.
    Grab the small key, kill the Keese, and exit into the room with the spikes.
    Use the key on the door.  To do this, use the invisible target.  In the next
    room is a fan.  Put on the Iron Boots to be unaffected by it and kill the
    Skulltula.  At the end is a fan and a pit.  Put on the Hover Boots when the fan
    stops, cross the pit, and put the Iron Boots on again.  Or you can Longshot the
    Drop down to the lower level and you'll be in quite an evil room.  If you wear
    Iron Boots the eye switch will flame you.  In other words, time yourself
    correctly with the Hover Boots (Or Kokiri because they have better friction) and
    make it to the third fan.  Stop there and let yourself be blown into an alcove.
    Enter the room and kill the Gibdos.  A chest appears, but you want the invisible
    chest also in this room, which contains a small key.  To get it bomb the rubble
    in one of the corners.
    Open the locked door and welcome to the River Styx.  Seriously though, you
    could've accessed this room in B2 but you couldn't do anything.  Now we can do
    stuff.  First pull the block out into the indentation to reach the ladder.
    Climb the ladder and jump onto the ferry.  What, no Charon?  Never mind, chances
    are you didn't get that lame joke.
    Play Zelda's Lullaby (You will never forget it after the Water Temple) on the
    Triforce symbol and you start moving.  But alas, some Stalfos come to ruin an
    otherwise pleasant ride.  Defeat them (Knocking them into the acidic water is
    fun) and at the end you'll have to abandon ship.  Now it seems that you are
    I never (Usually) tell you to do a side quest if you don't have to.  Bring out
    the Fire Arrows and shoot the statue.  If you didn't get the Fire Arrows you can
    use the Scarecrow's Song (See that section of my walkthrough).  When shooting
    aim at the bomb flower base.  When it falls over it forms a bridge.  Before
    crossing go in the room that is available to you regularly (Without the statue
    bridge) and open it.
    Navigate through the invisible maze to the northern door.  Two wooden spike
    walls are closing in on you.  Use Din's Fire to destroy them and then play good
    old Sun's Song.  Get the Boss Key in here and the other insignificant chest.
    Back in the maze room take the western room.  There is a Gold Skulltula in here.
    Exit to the southern room and kill the invisible enemy (Floor Master from the
    Forest Temple) in here for a small key.
    Now return to where you used the Fire Arrow on the statue to form a bridge.
    Cross the bridge to a locked door.  Enter and use the Lens of Truth to see the
    invisible floor and cross it to the Boss Door.
                      |    Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo    |
    Fall down the hole and you'll engage in the boss of the dungeon.  Some people
    like to use the Iron Boots to prevent bouncing when Bongo Bongo starts drumming.
    I am indifferent, but hey, it might help you.  First, shoot his hands.  They
    will turn blue.  Now get your Lens of Truth on and his invisible head will
    charge you.  Charge up a Spin Attack and release it to hit his eye.  He will be
    stunned.  Slash his eye and repeat.  He is a pretty easy boss, but I'd use
    fairies in bottles (That's a good idea for any boss, no matter how easy).
    Once you win you find out Impa is the sage.  Wow!  I would've never guessed it.
    And guess what.  She died facing Bongo Bongo!  How do these people get past the
    keys and Boss Keys without leaving a single trace?  Oh well.  After a little
    conversation Impa of the Sheikah will give you the Shadow Medallion.  The game
    is nearing its end.  You know, now that I've replayed it, the Shadow Temple is
    not nearly as hard as I remembered it.  In fact, I'd say the Water Temple is the
    hardest.  Maybe that has something to do with the fact that before entering this
    dungeon I turned up the brightness on my television...
    =================================Spirit Temple*=================================
                               |    Gerudo Fortress    |
    My favorite part of the Spirit Temple is getting to it.  This is really a pretty
    fun side quest (Which you must do) that reminds me of Hyrule Castle with the
    guards.  First you must get to Gerudo Valley.  When you do you'll see that the
    carpenters are missing (They ran off to the Gerudos to find girlfriends.  The
    Gerudos are completely female and only one man, who is to be king, is born every
    one hundred years.  This man was Ganondorf) and were captured.  Now you have to
    take it upon yourself to rescue them.  How inconsiderate.  But, there's a twist.
    If you get caught by a Gerudo Guard, then it's jail time for you.  But first,
    you need to reach Gerudo Fortress.  To do this, use Epona or the Longshot to get
    over the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley and cross to the other side.  That was
    easy, wasn't it?
    After the little cinema showing Gerudo Fortress I'd suggest dismounting if
    you're on Epona.  Now, very stealthily, climb the stairs immediately to the
    right and get caught.  Go to jail and do not pass go.  The prison cell is pretty
    easy to escape (If you have the Longshot).  Aim at the wooden board in the
    window and jump (Hover, really) to the ledge to the left.  Enter into the
    Thieves' Hideout.  Around the bend is a guard.  Shoot her with you arrow and
    she'll pass out for a while.  Now head into the room and take a left up a ramp.
    Longshot up to the wooden beam and exit the room.  Now you'll be outside, right
    by the prison cell.  Longshot over to the big chest across the gap to the left
    and open it.  In it is a piece of heart.  Get caught again to repeat the process
    but this time when exiting the cell fall to the very bottom (Ground level) and
    take the first door.  Now you'll see a cell.  Within is a carpenter and as he's
    done talking a Gerudo Thief will come down to attack you.
    This is a lot like a Stalfos battle.  However, if you take significant damage
    you will be sent to jail, not when you lose all health.  Use your shield well
    and (I'd equip the Master Sword if you're using the Biggoron's Sword) and attack
    with the Longshot.  They cannot defend against this and it will stun them.  Then
    slash.  Repeat until you win.
    Using the Master Sword she'll take ten hits.  When she falls take the Small Key
    she drops and rescue the carpenter named Ichiro.  Exit this room and enter the
    next room.  There are several Gerudos to shoot here.  Go to the left and up the
    ramp by the wall closest to where you entered.  You'll be on a higher level when
    you return outside.  Drop down a level (Behind you so you're right above where
    you exited when you rescued Ichiro) and enter the room.
    Now you're in the second cell.  Like last time talk to the carpenter and a
    Gerudo Thief will fall down.  Also, I should make a revision.  You can take
    damage; just don't get hit by the spinning attack.  That sends you to the cell.
    Once you win save the second carpenter, Jiro.  The third one is nearby.  Exit
    the room and you'll be on ground level.  Chances are they see you, but if they
    don't do not attempt to go after any of them.  Head right, up the ramp, and into
    a new door.  If you get caught, then from the prison cell shoot the Gerudo
    guards and then make a run for it.  The room contains a carpenter.  Defeat the
    Gerudo Thief again and rescue the third carpenter, Sabooro.
    Exit and then go into the door to the left.  You'll be in a small room with
    three guards.  Shoot all the guards here and use the Hover Boots to cross the
    gap to a new exit.  Drop down to the room that is to Link's right.  Shoot the
    guard who passes by and go into the hallway.  Here's your fourth carpenter and a
    final battle with the Gerudo Thief.
    Do the same as you've done to rescue this carpenter, Shiro.  He hints that you
    get a reward, but really they just repair the bridge.  The Gerudo Thief you've
    been fighting comes up and talks to you.  Nabooru, the leader of the Gerudos
    while Ganondorf is away, put her in charge there.  She then gives you the
    Gerudo's Membership Card (You're a thief now).
                              |    Haunted Wasteland    |
    Exit Thieves' Hideout and go to the gate.  Here you'll see a ladder.  Climb up
    and talk to the girl.  She'll tell you about the two trials.  First is the River
    of Sand, and then the Phantom Guide.  Big deal, right?  She also tells you that
    you need the Lens of Truth (Which you should have.  If not you may have skipped
    the Shadow Temple and come here first.  See the Bottom of the Well guide if this
    is the case).  Now enter the desert.
    Here's how the Haunted Wasteland works.  There are flags everywhere that you
    must follow.  That's it.  First you'll see the River of Sand.  This would pose a
    serious problem if you didn't have the Longshot.  Grapple over to the next flag
    and follow it.  There is a Carpet Merchant here (Follow the sign).  He sells
    Bombchus, which you already should have.  Don't waste your time with him; he
    rips you off.  Keep following the flags until you see a stone hut in the middle
    of the sand.
    Fall in and kill the Gold Skulltula for his token.  Then use Din's Fire to light
    the torches for a chest with fifty rupees inside.  Surface and get out the Lens
    of Truth.  Get on top of the house and use them to see the Phantom Guide.  This
    is a Poe gone good, basically, leading you through the desert.  Follow him and
    you'll reach some enemies, called Leevers.  I hate these...  Anyway, keep
    following the guide and he'll take you to Desert Colossus.
                                 |    Great Fairy    |
    In Desert Colossus you'll see the Spirit Temple.  Don't enter just yet.  To the
    right is a pair of palm trees.  By it is a crack.  Bomb here and enter.  This,
    the Great Fairy of Magic gives you Nayru's Love.  This makes you invincible as
    long as you use it, but be warned that it exhausts your magic quickly.  Now
    enter the Spirit Temple and exit.  Sheik will be there to give you Requiem of
    Spirit (Song).  Now you have all the songs!
                             |    Spirit Temple (Kid)    |
    Now that you have Requiem of Spirit warp to the Temple of Time with the Prelude
    of Light and become a kid.  As you've noticed, you can do nothing in the Temple
    of Time as an adult, but you can do a lot as a kid.  Use Requiem of Spirit to
    warp to the Spirit Temple and enter.  Bypass the flying pots and notice the
    Armos Statues.  Stun them with Deku Nuts, slash, and they'll blow up.  Now
    you'll see Nabooru to the left.  She'll ask you what you want to do.  Say
    "Nothing, really" and she'll send you on a mission.  Before that she asks you if
    you're one of Ganondorf's followers (She wants to kill Ganondorf to get out of
    his shadow).  Say, "What if I am?" and she'll laugh.  Then say that you'll do it.
    She'll move, letting you crawl through the hole.  Avoid the razor trap and kill
    the enemies here.  Now the doors are open.  Take the left and you'll meet a
    Stalfos.  This is the first time you fight such an enemy as a kid, but it is
    really the same thing as an adult.  Kill the Green Bubble too and then use the
    Boomerang to hit the crystal switch.  Cross the bridge you made and enter the
    door.  In here is an Anubis.  Ironically enough, the fire-breathing Anubis is
    vulnerable to fire.  Hit the switch to the right and lure it into the fire.  Or
    you can just use Din's Fire.  Either way, enter the door that you unlocked.
    There are Wall Masters in this room.  Kill it and the Fire Keese, and then climb
    the gate to get the silver rupees.  When this task is completed a bridge will
    form.  Get the Gold Skulltula with the Boomerang and kill the Keese.  Use Din's
    Fire to light the torches (Or use a Deku Stick) and a chest will appear.  Open
    it for a Small Key.  Exit the door and you'll be back in the room succeeding the
    Nabooru chat.  Crawl through the hole and open the locked door.  Inside is a
    Skullwalltula.  Don't waste Deku Seeds on it; Boomerang it and its friends to
    climb up the wall.  Make sure to get the Gold Skulltula, too.
    In the room you're in there are Skullwalltulas and (Get this) a Lizalfos.  I
    thought we left you in Dodongo's Cavern!  Oh well.  He's just as easy as he was
    then.  Now shoot the crystal switch and get the switch.  Inside is a Bombchu.
    If you didn't get them before then you got lucky.  Use it to blow up (L Target
    first) the rock on the wall.  Light will shine into the room and burn the sun
    symbol.  Also, while doing this I noticed there are two Lizalfos in the room.
    Still, it doesn't make a difference.  When the sun sees the light the door opens.
    Push the Armos Statue over the edge so it presses a switch.  Now climb the
    stairs and open the door.  Climb the stairs and I guess the designer's love
    shiny objects because it's another silver rupee room (Yay...).  First you must
    kill the Beamos to gain access to the upper platform.  When the deed is done
    climb up and get two silver rupees.  A third one can be accessed without killing
    a Beamos, but the fourth requires murder.  The fifth one is by the third (At the
    opposite end of the rail).  Now the torch is lit.  Now run around the room with
    a Deku Stick and light all the torches.  Open the chest for a small key.  Now
    pull the sun block into the light.  Now exit the room.  In this room is a Gold
    Skulltula.  Get it and open the locked door.
                                Mini-Boss: Iron Knuckle
    Tough boss.  Seriously, this boss isn't all that tough, but as a kid you do just
    about no damage.  The Iron Knuckle activates when you slash it.  It is very slow
    and heavily armored.  To harm it you must destroy its armor.  Now suckers like
    hitting it with their sword, but if you throw bombs at it then you give yourself
    the advantage (The coward's way out is my way out).  After ten bombs some of its
    armor will fall off.  Here's where the going gets tough.  He's now angry and
    fast.  To get a good bomb in try throwing it at him when he's destroying pillars.
    When you run out of bombs you'll have to beat him the other way, with the Fairy
    Slingshot, which is VERY effective.  L-Target him and get out the Slingshot and
    he'll fall like a fly.
    When he dies collect the rupee residue and go into the now-open room.  You're
    outside.  Before you get the treasure Kaepora Gaebora has a word with you.  He
    tips you off on how to defeat the boss of the Spirit Temple.  Now get the Silver
    Gauntlets.  Good-bye Goron's Bracelet.  You just got clipped.  Unfortunately,
    you must give them to Nabooru (Yeah right).  Suddenly you heard a scream.  Yes,
    Nabooru was just abducted by the boss.  You get a good look at the boss, the
    twin witches Kotake and Koume (They can fuse together to form Twinrova.  They
    are, combined, the mother of Ganondorf).  Well, this mini-dungeon is done with.
    Go to the Temple of Time and become an adult.  Now return to the Spirit Temple
    and get ready for the real dungeon.
                            |    Spirit Temple (Adult)    |
    Let's start by heading right and pushing in the huge block (Which you can now
    that you have the Silver Gauntlets) and it will fall into a proportionally large
    indentation.  First kill the Beamos and use an arrow on the crystal switch above.
    This causes the doors on either side of the locked one to open.  Just like when
    we were kids, take the left door.  There's a Wolfos in this room (Stalfos as
    children and Wolfos as Adults?  What were they thinking?) that needs butchering.
    When he has kicked the bucket, play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol.  Now
    Longshot to the chest, which contains the Compass.  Now return to the previous
    room and go right.  Silver rupee room, again...
    This is where the Hover Boots come in handy (All you losers who skipped the
    Shadow Temple, I laugh at you).  The first two are in plain site.  Hover to the
    alcove and get that, then hover to the one above the boulders.  When in the
    alcove you'll have noticed a third one that we couldn't see before.  Get it and
    walk over to the Time Block.  Play the Song of Time to reveal a Gold Skulltula.
    Go over to the other alcoves for the fourth and fifth.  For the fifth play the
    Song of Time.
    Exit the room and get a small key, but beware the Like Like.  Logically, I'd run
    once I had the small key, but since I hate Like Likes so much I'll permit you to
    pummel it like there's no tomorrow.  When done return to the room with the
    Beamos and locked door.  Guess what we're going to do.  Go on, guess.  Fine,
    I'll tell you.  Open the locked door and you'll be in a hallway.  Beware the
    Like Like.  I think they want our shields missing.  When it is dead climb the
    wall.  Now watch out for the Floor Master.  When you've killed it and its
    components we must rotate the light to hit the correct sun.
    The others ones cause bad effects (Such as treasure chest traps and invisible
    enemies), so you must rotate it to the sun two suns to the left of the one it is
    pointing at (In other words, the one that is on the north wall between the other
    two).  This will cause the door to open.  Remember this place?  We were here as
    kids.  First, though, drop down onto the ground level and use Din's Fire to
    light the two torches at the base of the statue.  The chest that forms contains
    the Dungeon Map.
    Using the Longshot, get back up and kill the Armos statue.  At the top of the
    stairs fall down to the hand of the large statue and play Zelda's Lullaby.  A
    chest will appear.  Now go to the kid side of the room (Opposite the way you
    entered) and Longshot to the chest that fell down.  Also, as an adult you can
    get the Gold Skulltula you couldn't get as a kid (Across the gap).  Within the
    chest is a small key.  Use it on the door at the top of the stairs.
    Avoid the Beamos and traverse the hall to another room.  Within are several
    enemies, including an Anubis.  Use Din's Fire to get past them (Kill the Beamos
    with bombs) and enter the door that opens.  Lure one of the statues onto the
    switch and the door opens.  Go through.  Climb the stairs to find a room with an
    Iron Knuckle (Doesn't that beat all).
    Defeat it with the usual cowardice (Throw bombs, use Din's Fire) or do it the
    easy, adult way.  Go up to him with L Targeting and back flip as he swings his
    axe.  When he does this it will get stuck in the ground.  Here's your chance to
    attack.  When he loses his armor uses five arrows and he's through.  Now open
    the door that opens and open the treasure chest for the Mirror Shield!
    It can reflect light, magic, and it can't be stolen.  Best shield in the game is
    yours.  Go back to the Armos room.  Use the Mirror Shield to reflect the light
    into the sun, and the door opens.  Inside is a small key.  Now you have one.  Go
    back to the room with the Anubis and Beamos and open the locked door.  Use the
    Longshot to reach the top and exit the room.  You're now on 4F.
    Go up the stairs and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol.  The door will
    open.  Go through and kill all the Torch Slugs.  Now use bombs or the Megaton
    Hammer to break the fake doors and behind one is an eye switch.  Shoot it and an
    ice block will appear.  Longshot to the target hanging above it and hit the
    switch.  The flames will lower; get the Boss Key (Almost done).
    Exit this room to the preceding one and take the other door.  Dodge the flying
    pot and use the spin attack (So far we've used it twice) to hit the crystal
    switch behind the bars.  Go through the door before the timer stops.  Now kill
    the Lizalfos and reflect the light at the sun for a small chest with Bombs
    inside (You must need them later).  In the next room is a White Bubble.  When it
    becomes stationary attack it.
    Then bomb the suspiciously built part of the wall and move the mirror so that
    its light shines through the hole you made.  It's another mirror.  In that room
    is another Lizalfos.  Defeat it and push this mirror so that its light shines
    through the cage.  Now return to the previous room and step on the lit platform.
    Shine the light at the sun with the Mirror Shield and the platform will lower.
    Now we have a path to the boss.  But first, we must open a door.  To break the
    very sensitive rock face of the statue shine light on it.  Now Longshot over to
    it and open the Boss Door.
                                Mini-Boss: Iron Knuckle
    This is a very special Iron Knuckle.  Also, the scene you see at the start of
    this fight was for some reason put in the opening cinema of the game, although
    it has little to nothing to do with the storyline.  Now, let's get this straight.
    Kotake is the witch of ice and Koume is the witch of fire (I love their theme
    song).  Anyway, this is a more difficult version of the Iron Knuckle, but the
    fight is the same.  At first use bombs and Din's Fire (Each time you use Din's
    Fire it counts as two hits).  Then when it loses its armor, shoot it with arrows.
    I know there are other ways (Like using your sword) to beat this opponent, but
    this way is best because it provides distance.
    When it dies you'll see it was the brainwashed Nabooru.  Oh!  They just made a
    big mistake.  They made Link kill someone (The others don't count).  Actually,
    the witches kill her.  Nabooru was still alive after the battle.  Now exit this
    room and the next.
                         |    Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova    |
    To trigger the fight climb the wall up to a platform.  I like their sayings
    (With my flame I will burn him to the bone, and with my frost I'll freeze him to
    the soul), too.  Anyway, there are two phases of this battle.  This is the first.
    Kotake and Koume will fly around trying to burn or freeze you.  To beat them
    absorb one element with your Mirror Shield, aim it at the witch of the opposite
    elements and shoot.  Whoever said fight fire with fire was wrong.  You fight
    fire with ice and ice with fire.  Now, when you hit them with the opposite
    element four times they'll merge into their true form.  To beat this form absorb
    three magic attacks with you shield of the same type and you're shield will
    start spewing out fire or ice.  Aim the blast at Twinrova and she'll fall.
    Slash them and they die.  The second form is much easier than the first (I
    finished the second with one half a heart without taking any damage).  When you
    win collect the heart and step into the portal.
    The scene where Kotake and Koume die is great.  As is turns out Nabooru is the
    sage of spirit.  After her talk Rauru comes out to give you some advice.   You
    must take on the big guy, now that you have all the medallions.  That's right,
    Ganondorf.  First, it's time for an optional dungeon.
    ===========================Gerudo's Training Grounds*===========================
    Skip this section if you don't want every item in the game, but if you do there
    is a mini-dungeon left to conquer.  Go back to Gerudo Fortress and talk to the
    girl in white by a metal door.  She'll open the Gerudo Training Grounds for you.
    This is an elaborate (And very confusing) mini-dungeon with no boss and a
    dungeon item.  The item is not needed, but why don't you get it for old time's
    sake.  After all, you won't be reading my guide for much longer...  Anyway,
    there are nine locked doors and exactly nine keys.
    Go to the right and defeat all the enemies within the time limit.  Defeat the
    Dinolfos (Lizalfos duplicates) and then bomb the Beamos.  This gives you the
    first small key.  Enter the next room and collect the silver rupees.  The only
    hidden one requires you to press a switch.  When you've collected them all enter
    the next room that opens.  Play the Song of Time to rid yourself of the blocks
    and fall into the water with the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic.  Kill all the Shell
    Blades and collect the silver rupees by using the Longshot.  When you collect
    all five surface and get the small key.
    You now have two.  Go back to the sea of fire and Longshot to the torch.  Go in
    the room and you'll see Torch Slugs.  Defeat them and the Fire Keese for arrows.
    Now get out the Megaton Hammer and crush the statues.  After pounding them all
    you'll find two secrets.  First press the switch and open the chest for a small
    key.  Then shoot the eye with the Fairy Bow and exit this room.  You now have
    three small keys.  In this room you must shoot the eyes of the statue while
    rotating.  Winning gives you your fourth small key.
    Return to the main room and shoot the eye switch above the entrance.  The chest
    that falls contains a blue rupee.  Now enter the door to the left of it (The
    overall left door in the room if you have just entered) and you'll engage two
    Stalfos.  You have one minute to defeat them.  Make good use of the Spin Attack
    and this is a piece of cake.  When both die get the small key (You now have five)
    and exit this room.  You'll be in a timed silver rupee room.
    Your worst nightmare revealed - a timed silver rupee room.  They give you one
    minute and thirty seconds; don't waste time.  There are also boulders to add to
    the challenge.  And to make it even better they put a Wall Master in.  Now
    that's an award winning combination.  Once you do it enough you'll get better at
    it.  Now there are five.  Two can be reached via Longshot, two are in the left
    lane of boulders, and one is on the ground level behind fire.  When you have
    them all go to the next room.  Now you need to defeat the Wolfos.
    If you don't have the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple then you cannot
    get through this room.  Also, the door here is fake.  When they've all died get
    arrows.  Now push the big block in (Which will only budge if you have the Silver
    Gauntlets) in and go back to the chest with the arrows.  This is possible to do
    without, but will be monotonous.  Get the Lens of Truth out and shoot the target.
    Press the switch and the door will open.  First go in this room in the little
    alcove and get the small key inside.  You have six.
    Now go back to the big block room (Where you opened the door) and go through
    that door.  There are many Like Likes in this room.  You know my policy; get out
    the bow and make them wish they were never born (Pop culture has just done so
    much for my vocabulary).  Anyway, don't open the chest you see in here (It's a
    fake, which releases ice to freeze you).  But, however, when the Like Likes are
    dead get the small chest for a whopping Huge Rupee, worth two hundred rupees.
    Now there are two chests you didn't need.  The third is also useless (It
    contains five rupees).  Use the Lens of Truth to the see a fourth one and open
    it for the seventh small key.  Two more keys to go...
    Return to the main room (Where the entrance of the dungeon is) and take the
    straight hall that is opposite the entrance/exit of the dungeon. Using two keys
    you can reach a chest with Bombchus inside, and another one near it containing a
    bundle of arrows.  Use a third key here and.
    Take the opposite direction and the first chest you approach contains a purple
    rupee (50).  Eventually you'll reach a red rupee.  You should have one key left
    at this point.  Use the last one to gain access to a chest with a bundle of
    arrows in it.  The last two keys are harder to get.  Look at the ceiling above
    the door you entered this room by with the Lens of Truth and find a hole in the
    ceiling.  Climb up and you'll reach a room with a small key.
    Use it and you'll have none again.  You need one more.  For that one take a left
    into a dark room that leads to a key.  Go back into the key room and open the
    last one for the Ice Arrows!  These have no real use, but they are powerful
    arrows that allow you to freeze that which is hit.  Enjoy them.  This wasn't a
    hard mini-dungeon (Only finding the hole in the ceiling).  Exit and get ready
    for Ganondorf.
    ================================Ganon's Castle*=================================
                                 |    Light Arrows    |
    Whether you got the Ice Arrows or not, wherever you are, play Prelude of Time to
    go to the Temple of Time (If you're in the Gerudo's Training Ground you cannot
    warp there), as Rauru described.  When here you'll see Sheik for one of the
    finer points of the storyline.  So, for anyone who doesn't want to spoil the
    game, I write this message.  Usually I refrain from use all capital letters, but
    here it is needed.
    Alright, it is time to unveil the story's greatest plot twist.
    Sheik is Princess Zelda.
    I smile now, for you see, I can only imagine the look on your face.  Yes, it was
    rather clever.  Even I, knowing in advance, referred to Sheik as "him?".
    Besides, if you made the connection between Sheik-Sheikah-Impa-Zelda, then you
    could've figured it out.  Of course, I really thought it wasn't Zelda.  I never
    even considered it.  Anyway, after Zelda gives you the Light Arrows (Most
    powerful weapon in the game.  They take up lots of magic, though), Ganondorf
    breaks in and steals Zelda!
    You know what to do.  Rescue the princess!  By the way, in case you didn't
    listen to the conversation, Princess Zelda is the seventh sage.  Also, you find
    out that you hold the Triforce piece of Courage.  Zelda hold the Triforce of
    Wisdom, and Ganondorf Power.  Now go to Ganon's Castle.
                              |    The Gold Gauntlets    |
    Go to Ganon's Castle entrance and the sages will form a rainbow bridge over
    there.  When you enter you'll be Inside Ganon's Castle.  At the end of the first
    hallway is a pair of Beamos.  Destroy them and enter the next room, the hub.
    This room has six routes, each corresponding to a medallion.  The routes are the
    Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit, and Light.  First take the Shadow Route, as
    it contains the prize of the dungeon.
    Longshot to the chest to the left and open it for a blue rupee.  Now get out a
    Fire Arrow and shoot the torch opposite it.  Hurry across the ice that forms to
    a Like Like.  Defeat it and cross the pit.  Now hover over to the platform to
    the left and use the Megaton Hammer to pound the switch in.  The door will open.
    Get out the Lens of Truth and use them on the preceding platform to see a path
    leading to the door.  Use it to fall to the switch.  When you press it a chest
    will appear.  Open it for the Gold Gauntlets, the final upgrade as far as gloves
    Now that we have the dungeon prize we should dispel the Shadow Barrier.  Go into
    the door you opened, get out a Light Arrow, and shoot the orb.  One down.  Now
    exit Ganon's Castle.
                                 |    Great Fairy    |
    Impa will talk to you a bit before you can exit.  When outside, go down to the
    left (From Ganon's Castle) to a little area with a large stone.  Lift it up and
    you'll see the final Great Fairy Fountain.  This, the Great Fairy of Courage
    gives you double defense, which will come in handy.  Now go back to Inside
    Ganon's Castle.
                            |    Inside Ganon's Castle    |
    ----------------------------------Light Route-----------------------------------
    Now for the real dungeon walkthrough...  Note that Gerudo Training Grounds nor
    Inside Ganon's Castle have a map or compass.  So don't look for it.  This time
    (To stress the Gold Gauntlets), go on the ground of the main hub room and pick
    up a large stone that was barring the Light Route.
    Kill all the invisible enemies (Unless you're really dumb, use the Lens of Truth)
    and a chest will appear.  In it is a small key.  Use it on the door here and
    you'll be in another room with a lock.  Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce
    symbol and there you go, the next small key.  Use it to advance to the next room.
    This is a timed silver rupee room.
    For the first three Longshot to the target above and collect the lower ones.
    Now get the remaining two in the alcoves (It's a good thing we didn't have to
    play the Light Temple because it would have been so easy).  Go through the door
    and watch out for the Wall Master.  Go through the door and shoot the Light
    Barrier.  After a quick chat with Rauru, you'll be back in the main hub.
    ----------------------------------Forest Route----------------------------------
    Now it is to time to emphasize order.  This one really doesn't have anything to
    do with the Forest Temple (It does relate to the Shadow Temple, though), but I
    didn't design the game.  In the first room fight a Wolfos The chest contains
    five rupees.  Use Din's Fire to light the torches around you and a Fire Arrow to
    light the torch above the door.  Now the door is open.  Welcome to a silver
    rupee room.  Aren't you just thrilled?  No?  I didn't think so.
    Now use the Hover Boots and the fans to maneuver around to collect the jewels of
    silver.  When you've collected five of them gems the door will unlock.  To get
    one of them you'll have to press the switch to the left of the door to make a
    target appear.  In the room you opened shoot the Forest Barrier and after a chat
    with your BFF (Best friend forever) Saria you'll be warped back to the hub room.
    -----------------------------------Fire Route-----------------------------------
    In the first room guess what you have to do.  That's right!  You must collect
    the silver rupees.  By the way, you'll have to wear the Goron Tunic to keep from
    overheating.  Anyways, one is to the right and the other to the left.  Once you
    have the first two go to the upper right platform with a Torch Slug on it.
    There's the third rupee.  By the way, the Red Bubble's a real nuisance (If it
    moves shoot), if that's any help at all.  For the fourth head in the same
    direction, only left, and get a Recovery Heart.  Now lift up the huge block, and
    against all odds, it's the fourth.  For the final rupee go back to where you got
    the third and use the block as a stepping stone to the fifth.  Go in the next
    room, shoot the Barrier, talk to Darunia, and exit.
    ----------------------------------Water Route-----------------------------------
    Do I have to?  All right, this sort of borrows from Ice Cavern and Shadow Temple.
    First free up a bottle and get some Blue Fire.  Look out for the dead arm in
    this room (Remember Dead Hand from Bottom of the Well?) and use the Blue Fire on
    the Red Ice by the door.  Unfortunately, it is locked up.  So we need to undo
    that.  First kill the Freezzards because I hate them, and a door opens.
    Keep a bottle of Blue Fire handy, by the way.  Go through and you'll be in a
    timed room.  Push the furthest block right and down.  Then push the other one
    right, up, and left.  Use the Blue Fire to melt the Red Ice and hit the switch
    with the Megaton Hammer.  The door opens.  Go through, shoot the Water Barrier,
    talk to Ruto, and enter the hub room.
    ----------------------------------Spirit Route----------------------------------
    One more is left.  In the first room you must find silver rupees.  This is
    Ganondorf's favorite pastime.  Pretty much they are by razor traps and the
    Beamos.  One you have to Longshot to.  When this is accomplished the door will
    open (Go through it).  Now you'll meet two Torch Slugs.  Defeat them and charge
    up your sword to hit the first switch behind the bars.  This gives you a chest
    with Bombchus inside.
    I think we may need Bombchus for this.  Aim the Bombchu so that it crawls up the
    metal grating through a hole and hits the second switch.  When you do the door
    will open.  Go through and you'll be in a sun statue room.  Get out a Fire Arrow
    and shoot up at the spider web (Totally from Inside the Deku Tree).  Now there
    is light.  Use the reflective Mirror Shield to hit the sun to the lower right.
    This causes the door to open.  Go in and shoot the Spirit Barrier.  Mission
    Now that we've met up with Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru it is
    time to fight Ganondorf.  As you'll have noticed, the big barrier has lowered.
    Take the bridge into the hub and you'll be in the final area.
                                |    Ganon's Tower    |
    Note: If you save during this final battle up ahead and come back, you'll have
    to start over.
    This is (I think) the name the sages referred to this place as.  It has no name
    of its own.  Take the stairs up to a room with Dinolfos.  Defeat them and take
    the door up to a stairway leading to another room.  In here you must fight two
    Stalfos for the Boss Key.  Defeat them for the key and go to the next room.
    Climb the stairs and enter an Iron Knuckle room.  There are two.  After this
    guaranteed to be interesting battle the door opens.  Go through, climb the
    stairs, and use the Boss Key.  After a few empty room you'll be at a door at the
    end of a stairway.  Inside is Ganondorf, playing the organ.
                        |    Great King of Evil: Ganondorf    |
    After just about the coolest scene in the game you'll get to fight Ganondorf,
    King of Evil/Thieves/Gerudo Thieves.  When you enter all your health is restored.
    Now Ganondorf is very similar to his phantom counterpart you found in the Forest
    Temple.  His main offense is volleying energy orbs at you.  You have to hit them
    back with your sword.  Eventually when Ganondorf can't catch it he'll get hit
    and be stunned.  Shoot him with a Light Arrow and he'll fall down.  Slash him
    and repeat.  Ganondorf has one other attacks, mainly dark energy orbs that
    cannot be ricocheted back at him.  Also, don't try to get on his platform or
    he'll stun the ground with an energy orb and the shockwaves will knock you down.
    Anyway, about the massive energy orbs, there attacks take a Spin Attack and he
    can't volley them back.  You can tell you're almost through by looking at his
    When Ganondorf is defeated in his last breath he will bring down the castle.
    This is just like in the Palace of Winds (Last level of The Legend of Zelda:
    Four Swords Adventures), except that in this one Zelda is even slower!  There
    are a few hassles to deal with but they don't need a walkthrough.  When you
    reach a Redead just skip it and yes, you must fight the Stalfos.  Defeat them
    quick though, because you only have three minutes.  At the bottom Zelda will
    sense some evil energy approaching.  What, you didn't think Ganondorf would be
    that easy, did you?  No, Ganondorf is transforming (Coolest cinema ever!) into
    his dark side, the epitome of evil, his true colors, into Ganon...
                                    |    GANON    |
    This is the form you usually face Ganon in.  You don't have your Master Sword,
    however.  Many, many, strategies have been developed, but this is the one I use.
    Get out your Megaton Hammer or Biggoron's Sword (Hammer if you don't have the
    sword) and roll between his legs.  The tail is the weak point.  Hit it and after
    a while he'll collapse.  You need the Master Sword, mind you, to actually finish
    Ganon off.  Yes, that's all there is to him.  You can use the Light Arrows,
    which may be safer, but it's magic-consuming.  Anyway, after you make the final
    strike some blood will fly out and he will be "dead".  The Sages awaken, and,
    with Princess Zelda, they seal Ganondorf away into the Sacred Realm.  And in
    that scene they show Ganondorf smiling ("I still have the Triforce of Power").
    Hyrule returns to peace, and all those who Link has helped gather to celebrate.
    Even the sages can now look over a good Hyrule once more.  But meanwhile, Zelda
    gives Link his seven years as a kid back with the magic of the Ocarina of Time.
    Unfortunately, you cannot save, and so it will always be like you're about to
    face the boss.  But wasn't that worth it?  Congratulations, you beat Ocarina of
    Time!  Now try the harder Master Quest if you can, or try your luck at getting
    everything in the game!
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ===========================Gold Skulltula Locations*============================
    In my walkthrough you probably noticed I mention Gold Skulltulas and Tokens.
    Yes, well these offer a few upgrades that can't be gotten any other way.  In
    Kakariko Village there is a house, called the House of Skulltula, where everyone
    is half-Hylian, half-Skulltula.  This is, as a wise man in the village said, a
    curse for their insatiable greed.  But, if you destroy one hundred Gold
    Skulltulas scattered about Hyrule you can cure them.  A Gold Skulltula is a
    spider that looks just like a Skullwalltula, but it's gold and leaves behind a
    token you must collect as proof of killing it.  In fact, these items are
    available after you hit certain milestones (to collect them, just talk to the
    newly human people in the house):
    10: Adult's Wallet
    20: Stone of Agony
    30: Giant's Wallet
    40: 10 Bombchus
    50: Piece of Heart
    100: Rupee worth 200
    Some of these help a lot (Didn't you wonder why you couldn't dish out two
    hundred rupees for some items?), while the last 50 tokens aren't really worth it.
    Nonetheless, here's my list of Gold Skulltula locations.
    Note: When I mention a dirt patch, this means it is a magic bean patch.  Put a
    bug in it and a Gold Skulltula will come out.  You can get bugs in the Lost
    Woods (Generally in corners by shrubs).
                  |    Gold Skulltula Locations (Ocarina of Time)    |
    -----------------------------------Young Link-----------------------------------
                                     Kokiri Forest
    1) Behind the Know-It-All Brothers House.
    2) Magic bean patch in front of the shop.
                                       Lost Woods
    3) Go left twice when you enter normally and you'll find a bean patch.
    4) In the Deku crowd is another dirt patch.
                                  Inside the Deku Tree
    5) In the room where you get the compass press the switch to raise the platforms.
    In an alcove is a Gold Skulltula.
    6) In the first room of B1 there is a Gold Skulltula on the bars.
    7) On the vines that lead from B1 to the 1F there is a Gold Skulltula.
    8) In the room with the Gohma Larva (B1) there is a wall that can be bombed
    behind a spider web.  In the room you open is a Gold Skulltula you'll need the
    Boomerang for.
    9) In the house that is immediately above the entrance (Inside is a guard who
    wants more chaos in the world).
                                     Hyrule Castle
    10) Don't get this one until you read the Gold Skulltula Glitch section.  In the
    field  by the tree preceding the moat play the Song of Storms to make a pit
    appear.  Inside is a Gold Skulltula.
    11) Roll into the tree that Kaepora Gaebora is perched on (First one from the
    start) to make a Gold Skulltula fall down.
                                     Lon Lon Ranch
    12) At nighttime go to the silo at the back of the ranch by the horse pasture.
    On it is a Gold Skulltula.
    13) Literally on the horse corral gates at nighttime near the back.
    14) At nighttime look at one of the lit windows.  There's your Skulltula.
    15) Roll into the tree to make a Gold Skulltula fall down.
                                    Kakariko Village
    16) At the very start is a tree you can roll into to reveal a Gold Skulltula.
    17) On back of the Skulltula House at nighttime.
    18) On the building that the carpenters are building (When finished it is an
    archery game) at nighttime.
    19) On the very large ladder that leads to a wooden platform at nighttime.
    20) Left of the gate to Death Mountain Trail.
    21) There is a dirt patch left of the starting point.  Bottled bug and you're
    22) At nighttime on the wall to the right.
                                  Death Mountain Trail
    23) After you've opened Dodongo's Cavern a dirt patch will be accessible.  You
    know the drill.
    24) Bomb the wall at the start of the trail.  There you have the Gold Skulltula.
                                 Death Mountain Crater
    25) In a crate near the entrance (When you go the way that leads to the Great
    Fairy who gives you the Spin Attack upgrade).
    26) Using the Bolero of Fire warp into the crater and get out your bug on that
    bean patch.
                                       Goron City
    27) On the top floor is a weak wall.  Bomb it and at the end of the room you've
    reached is a crate with a Gold Skulltula within.
                                    Dodongo's Cavern
    28) In the southeastern room (From the main room) is a part of the wall you can
    bomb.  On the other side is a Gold Skulltula.
    29) In the northwestern room (From the main room) climb the stairs and on the
    vines you'll notice the Gold Skulltula.
    30) In the same room as # 29 to the left of the stairs.  You may want to be an
    adult for this one.
    31) North of the main room (So you must pass through the Dodongo skull) at the
    end of the room with the strange walls.  You can bomb a part of the wall for a
    Gold Skulltula.
                                      Zora's River
    32) Roll into the first tree from the start to make it rain Gold Skulltula.
    33) At nighttime go to the waterfall and jump down.  On a nearby ladder is the
    Gold Skulltula you seek.
                                    Zora's Fountain
    34) By the log in the water.
    35) Roll into the tree by the Great Fairy entrance (She gives you Farore's Wind).
                                       Lake Hylia
    36) Next to the laboratory is a dirt patch.  Release the bug in the bottle and
    you've got a Gold Skulltula.
    37) Also by the laboratory (At night), specifically on the back.
    38) On the platform that you get the Fire Arrows on as an adult at nighttime.
    It is just a single platform in the lake.
                                Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    39) In the room succeeding the one you find Ruto in with the pool of water and
    Stingers.  Climb the vines in this room and presto!  A Gold Skulltula.
    40) Once you've defeated the Parasitic Tentacle connected to the green pulsating
    tube formally found in the room with Ruto fall into the pit and there you are.
    41) Right near # 40.
    42) In the room before Barinade (The one with the crystal switch you had to hit
    with the Boomerang) there is a Gold Skulltula on the vine.
                                     Gerudo Valley
    43) On the plank by the start, while crossing turn around and you'll see the
    Gold Skulltula, at nighttime.
    44) With a Cucco to slow your descent fall down into the river onto a little
    platform connected to the wall.  Here's a soil spot.
                                    Desert Colossus
    45) Using Requiem of Spirit go here.  There is a magic bean patch near the
    entrance to the Spirit Temple.
                                  Spirit Temple (Kid)
    46) In the room with the Anubis and the fence that forms a bridge for you to
    cross a gap on 1F is a Gold Skulltula (On the wall of the fence).
    47) While going to 2F you'll see a Gold Skulltula on the wall.
    48) In the room before the Iron Knuckle battle look up and you'll see the Gold
                                      Hyrule Field
    49) Near the entrance to Gerudo Valley is a circle of rocks.  Bomb the center
    and a pit forms.  Fall in, burning webs with Din's Fire as you go, to see a cow.
    Behind it is a Gold Skulltula.
    50) Bomb the tree near the stairs leading to Kakariko Village to form a pit.
    Inside is a Gold Skulltula
                                   Bottom of the Well
    51) Go through the northeast door in the large room in the center.  By the Like
    Like is a Gold Skulltula.
    52) In the locked room also in the middle.  Here's a Gold Skulltula.
    53) Along the trail, further up from # 52, is the Gold Skulltula (Use the Lens
    of Truth).
    -----------------------------------Adult Link-----------------------------------
                                     Kokiri Forest
    54) At nighttime on the house of the twins.
                                       Lost Woods
    55) As a kid plant a magic bean where you found Gold Skulltula #  4.  As an
    adult ride the levitating leaf up to the Gold Skulltula.
                                  Sacred Forest Meadow
    56) At night climb the ladder at the end and to your left is a Gold Skulltula.
                                     Forest Temple
    57) In the first room on the vines to the right is a Gold Skulltula.
    58) From the main room (The one where you must light the four torches of the Poe
    Sisters) go north.  There's a Gold Skulltula on the wall.
    59) On 2F go onto the balcony (It looks like it is outside) and you'll see a
    platform with a Gold Skulltula.  You can get here by falling through the hole in
    the "twisted part of the dungeon".  That's the second one, by the way.
    60) Right by # 59.
    61) In the room right before the boss on B2 in one of the various alcoves is a
    Gold Skulltula.
                                     Ganon's Castle
    62) On the dilapidated gate.
                                    Kakariko Village
    63) Use the Longshot to reach the roof of where Impa lived.  On the rock wall is
    a Gold Skulltula.
                                  Death Mountain Trail
    64) After the raining rock region (Yes that was intentional alliteration) climb
    up the wall to a platform with a boulder on it.  Pound it with the Megaton
    Hammer and get the Gold Skulltula.
    65) Go over to the bomb flower that you used as a kid to open Dodongo's Cavern.
    Using the Megaton Hammer break the boulder.
                                       Goron City
    66) By the pedestal where the Goron's Ruby was as a kid (Top floor in the middle
    of the gap) you'll find a Gold Skulltula.  To be more precise, it's behind the
                                    Dodongo's Cavern
    67) Enter the southeastern room from the main room and Navi will turn green.
    Play Scarecrow's Song to make Pierre appear.  Longshot over to him and you'll
    encounter a Gold Skulltula.
                                      Fire Temple
    68) In the room to the right of the first one play the Song of Time to gain
    access to a room with a Gold Skulltula (If you want the exact location read the
    walkthrough for the Fire Temple.  I wrote about it at the start of the second
    69) After you've gotten the Boss Key go to the room that is near it (On the path)
    with the flying tiles.  There's a Gold Skulltula in there.
    70) On 3F, where the boulders are rolling, bomb the weak part of the wall for a
    Gold Skulltula.
    71) On 3F Navi will turn green.  Play Scarecrow's Song, Longshot to Pierre, and
    Longshot to another target.  You'll be on 5F.  Here's the Gold Skulltula.
    72) In the room where you got the Megaton Hammer, by the entrance of the room,
    is a Gold Skulltula.
                                      Zora's River
    73) At nighttime use the Longshot to hit the Gold Skulltula above the bridge.
    74) Reach the highest platform, climb the ladder, and to the left of the ladder
    is a Gold Skulltula (Nighttime).
                                     Zora's Domain
    75) From where you got the Silver Scale in the diving mini-game look left and
    there you have another Gold Skulltula.
                                    Zora's Fountain
    76) You need the Silver Gauntlets for this one.  From where you rolled into the
    tree for a Gold Skulltula (# 35) pick up the huge stone and bomb the ground for
    a hole.  Use the Lens of Truth to defeat the invisible Skulltulas.  The one is
    gold is at the end.
                                       Lake Hylia
    77) On top of the dead tree.  Try the Longshot.
    78) Inside the lab use the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic to sink down into the water.
    Roll into the crate.
                                       Ice Cavern
    79) If you have the volume up at all you'll hear this one loud and clear.  It is
    in the room with the Compass and a piece of heart.
    80) Behind the icicles in the room with the silver rupees and giant ice blades
    of doom.
    81) In the room that you must push the ice block around.
                                      Water Temple
    82) When all the water is drained take the south path.  Use a Spin Attack to hit
    the crystal switch and the Gold Skulltula becomes killable.
    83) On 2F, in the main "tower" area where you can raise the water to level two
    is a Gold Skulltula you need the Longshot for.
    84) On 3F where the rolling boulders are pouring in go against the water to a
    hole.  Within is the Gold Skulltula.
    85) On 3F in the west room (Moving platforms) with the waterfall is another Gold
    86) In the room with the river and the vortexes use the Iron Boots and Longshot
    to reach a Gold Skulltula on the surface.
                                     Shadow Temple
    87) On B3 in the room with the spikes that fall down from the ceiling use the
    block to cover you and in the cell is a Gold Skulltula.
    88) In B3, the room with the invisible reapers and scythes, there is a Gold
    Skulltula on the wall.
    89) In the room where you throw a bomb into the blue flaming skull to get a
    small key there is a Gold Skulltula behind the skull.
    90) On the ferry look left.  Play Scarecrow's Song or Longshot to reach a Gold
    Skulltula in a cell.
    91) In the maze with the invisible walls (Where you get the Boss Key) go into
    the room with the three flaming blue torches.  Behind them is a Gold Skulltula.
                                     Gerudo Valley
    92) Beyond the bridge is a pillar.  Behind it is a Gold Skulltula.
    93) Right near # 92 only behind the tent of the carpenters.
                                    Gerudo Fortress
    94) At nighttime by the archery range (How ironic) is a Gold Skulltula on the
                                    Thieves' Hideout
    95) On 3F you must jump diagonally to a Gold Skulltula.
                                   Haunted Wasteland
    96) Where you meet the Phantom Guide is a stone hut.  Inside is a Gold Skulltula.
                                    Desert Colossus
    97) By the oasis is a tree.  Don't roll though, because this one doesn't fall.
    Use the good old Longshot.
    98) As a kid plant a magic bean at the dirt patch by the entrance of the Spirit
    Temple.  As an adult ride the levitating leaf up to a stone platform with a Gold
                                     Spirit Temple
    99) In the room with the rolling boulders in a lower elevation pit sort of thing
    play the Song of Time.  When the Time Block disappears a Gold Skulltula will be
    100) In the main room (Very large statue) go up the left staircase.  Play
    Scarecrow's Song and Longshot to Pierre.  On this platform kill the Gold
    Skulltula and collect the residue.
    There you have it, a complete list of Ocarina of Time Gold Skulltulas.  Like I
    said, you get good items for your tokens.  Before you get # 10 read the Gold
    Skulltula Glitch section.
    =============================Gold Skulltula Glitch*=============================
    The infamous Gold Skulltula Glitch!  This can make getting 100 Gold Skulltulas
    (And more) much easier.  Here's how to do it.  Go to Hyrule Castle and play Song
    of Storms by the lone tree near the moat and a pit appears.  Fall in and you'll
    see a Gold Skulltula.  Do not get it yet.  Stand next to the portal to leave the
    place and L Target the Gold Skulltula.  Destroy it and use the Boomerang to
    retrieve the token.  But as it is coming to you exit via the portal.  You'll
    have a new token, but the Gold Skulltula will still be alive.  Use this as many
    times as you want to make the Gold Skulltula mini-quest much easier.
    =============================Heart Piece Locations*=============================
    Since there are eight bosses (Ganondorf doesn't give you a heart container) and
    you start out with three you can have twelve of those without doing this section.
    Extra hearts come in quarters (For every four heart pieces you get you gain one
    heart).  So by that logic, and a little mathematics, there are thirty-six pieces
    of heart total to collect.
    As a kid you can buy Magic Beans from a guy at Zora's River.  Each time you buy
    they are a bit more expensive.  Here is a list of heart pieces you can get.  If
    I refer to a "dirt patch" or "magic beans" you need to purchase the Magic Beans
    from the above mentioned guy at Zora's River.
                                    |    Market    |
    1) As a kid play the Bombchu game.  Beat it and you'll win the prize.  On
    occasion this prize is a piece of heart.
    2) The prize for winning the Treasure Chest game (Only open at night) the first
    time.  Do this as Young Link
    3) A lady has lost her precious puppy Richard.  She lives in the alley by the
    Bombchu Shop (her door opens after dark).  At night you can find him (among many
    other dogs) in the corner of the Market's main square, just beneath the man
    looking out his window above, and right by the entrance to the Bazaar (the dog
    is white); get close to the dog and he'll start following you.  Lead him to the
    lady and ask her if he's the right dog.  If so, congrats - she'll reward you
    with a piece of heart.  If not, go out and try to find the right Richard as I
    described above.  Obviously, since this is in the inhabited Market, it's a
    childhood Piece of Heart.
                                 |    Hyrule Field    |
    4) Use the Stone of Agony (Prize from the Gold Skulltula quest) to locate a hole
    near the entrance to Lake Hylia.  You must buy this one for ten rupees.
    5) Right of the market is a lone tree.  Bomb it and a hole appears.  Fall in and
    notice the water.  Get in with the Iron Boots and get the heart piece.  You must
    be an adult.
                               |    Kakariko Village    |
    6) Reward for collecting fifty Gold Skulltula Tokens.
    7) Have Kaepora Gaebora drop you off (He does this from Death Mountain Trail
    near the Great Fairy Fountain) and fall to the right into a pit.  Inside is a
    cow and a heart piece.  You can also access this pit with the Longshot as an
    8) Longshot to the roof with the man sitting on it.  For greeting him he'll give
    you a piece of heart.
    9) After beating Dampe and exiting the race course you'll be in the windmill
    (Called ? when you enter).  Jump to the heart piece.
                                  |    Graveyard    |
    10) Once you've beaten Dampe for the Hookshot, race him again.  Beat the time of
    1:00 and you'll get a piece of heart.
    11) Use a magic bean (Or Longshot to a crate from a gravestone) to reach a heart
    12) Play Dampe's grave-digging game as a kid and have him dig on a soft spot.
    If done correctly he'll unearth a piece of heart.  It must be night.
    13) To the right is a grave.  Fall in, defeat the Redead, and you get a piece of
                                 |    Zora's River    |
    14) Play the Song of Storms to the frogs on the log and get a piece.
    15) Play all the non-warp songs for the frogs and play their mini-game.  The way
    to win is: A, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, A, Down, A, Down, Right,
    Left, and A.  The reward is a piece of heart.
    16) There is a way to get this as a child with a Cucco, but that is not as easy
    as using the Hover Boots to reach a platform with a heart piece on it near the
    entrance to Zora's Domain.
    17) There is another heart piece in the middle of the river.  Take a Cucco with
    you to it and hover over to it.
                                |    Zora's Domain    |
    18) Light all the torches in Zora's Domain, including two behind the waterfall
    and a chest will appear behind the waterfall.  Inside is a piece of heart.
                               |    Zora's Fountain    |
    19) As an adult follow the ice platforms to a platform with a piece of heart on
    20) As an adult use Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots.  At the bottom of the
    fountain is a piece of heart.
                                  |    Lake Hylia    |
    21) Once you have the Gold Scale (As an adult) dive to the bottom of the tank in
    the laboratory for a piece of heart.
    22) As a child catch a ten pound or more fish in the fishing mini-game.
    23) There is a magic bean patch by the laboratory.  Ride the levitating leaf up
    to the heart piece.
                                  |    Ice Cavern    |
    24) In the room with the Compass.  Read the walkthrough.
                                  |    Lost Woods    |
    25) Play Saria's Song for the Skull Kid left once.
    26) To the right is a mini-game.  Win it three times and you get a heart piece.
                                |    Lon Lon Ranch    |
    27) Enter the Storage Shed and move the crates for a piece of heart.
                                  |    Goron City    |
    28) As a kid light all the torches on ground level using the torch in Darunia's
    room as a lighter and the vase will start spinning.  From a higher level throw a
    bomb into it to make it stop.  If it stops on a happy look on it you get a piece
    of heart.
                             |    Death Mountain Trail    |
    29) By Dodongo's Cavern is a magic bean patch.  Take it up to a piece of heart.
    Alternately, aw_johansson sends in this useful tip: "When you get up to where
    the Goron and the Bomb Flower are, notice that the fence is shorter behind the
    bomb flower.  Get behind the bomb flower, pick it up, and toss it away right
    away, then use L-targeting to focus, and press back and A to back-flip, and
    you'll flip over the fence and take a nice long dive and land right above
    Dodongo's Cavern.  With a leisurely walk to the back of that cliff over the
    cavern, you have the Heart Piece."
                            |    Death Mountain Crater    |
    30) In an alcove in the wall.  You'll need the Megaton Hammer, the Goron Tunic,
    and to be an adult.
    31) There is a dirt patch right next to the entrance to the Fire Temple.  Take
    it up the heart piece.
                                |    Gerudo Valley    |
    32) Using a Cucco descend onto a platform below the bridge in a river.  Break
    the crate for a piece of heart.
    33) Dive into the river near the waterfall.  Climb up the ladder for a piece of
                               |    Gerudo Fortress    |
    34) From the prison Longshot to get out but stand in the window.  Then Longshot
    to the chest again.  Open it for a piece of heart.
    35) Score 1000 points or more in the archery mini-game.
                               |    Desert Colossus    |
    36) Plant a magic bean at the patch by the Spirit Temple.
    ==============================Equipment Upgrades*===============================
    There's so much more in this game than in the previous Zelda games that I
    compiled it all into this one section.  If you get an item in a dungeon or in
    normal storyline progression (i.e. the Hookshot or Light Arrows) I don't list it.
    I do, however, include a list of all the songs and how they're gotten.
                                     C-Button Items
                                 |    Fire Arrows    |
    After you've restored the water to Lake Hylia in adulthood, get on the little
    island above the Water Temple.  Shoot one arrow into the morning sun and down
    drop the Fire Arrows.  Pay extra attention to "morning sun," as that means shoot
    the sun in the morning.  To assure that it is morning play Sun's Song at night.
    The sun will be on the horizon.  Also, shoot from the stone thing on the island
    above the Water Temple to make sure it works.
                                  |    Ice Arrows    |
    These special arrows are gotten through beating the Gerudo Training Grounds.
    There's a whole section of the walkthrough devoted it, so read it, please.  The
    Ice Arrows freeze whatever they hit, but they cost magic.
                              |    Great Fairy Items    |
    There are three magic-consuming items that you get from Great Fairies in the
    game (all during childhood), and each is named after one of the goddesses that
    made Hyrule in Hylian myth.  They are:
    Din's Fire: A wall of fire is launched from the item, lighting torches, igniting
    enemies, and so on.  It's the only one of these three items that you actually
    need to beat the game.  To get it, enter Hyrule Castle and climb the vines to
    bypass the gate like normal.  Head over to a fork in the road, take the right,
    bomb the boulder, and enter the Great Fairy Fountain.  Presto!
    Farore's Wind: You can create warp points from where you entered a room in a
    dungeon, making handy shortcuts for yourself.  The fountain is in Zora's
    Fountain (where Jabu-Jabu is); swim to a piece of land in the right corner, bomb
    the boulder, and enter the cave.  Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol
    and this portal-maker is yours.
    Nayru's Love: While you're using this, you can take no damage; fear no evil.
    It's like the Cane of Byrna from A Link to the Past.  This particular item is
    gotten from a fountain to the left of the Spirit Temple (When you're not facing
    it); you'll see two palm trees with a section of the wall you can bomb between
    them.  Inside is the Great Fairy that gives you this prize.
    There are three other Great Fairy fountains; check out the section of the same
    name to learn how to get the Spin Attack, Magic Meter, Doubled Magic Meter, and
    the Double Defense in addition to these rewards.
                                    |    Masks    |
    There are several masks in the game available through a "trade sequence" of
    sorts using the Happy Mask Shop in the Market outside Hyrule Castle (as a kid).
    Here's a guide to the quest.
    Go to the Happy Mask Shop.  Take the Keaton Mask, thus making you a happiness
    salesman for this creepy mask guy.  Give the Keaton Mask to the man who stands
    on guard before Death Mountain Trail's entrance in Kakariko Village.
    As a happiness salesman your rating will go up, giving you access to more masks.
    The next is the Skull Mask.  Go to the Lost Woods and head left.  Give it to the
    Skull Kid here (You must play Saria's Song before he talks to you).
    Now if you go back the Happy Mask Shop you'll have access to the Spooky Mask.
    Give it to the little kid who wanders around the Graveyard by day.
    Go back for the Bunny Hood.  Give it to the running man who dashes about Hyrule
    Field (in a circle around Lon Lon Ranch, stopping to rest at night) and you'll
    unlock the remaining masks.  They are the: Mask of Truth, Goron Mask, Zora Mask,
    and Gerudo Mask.  But, you can still check out the Keaton, Skull, and Spooky
    Masks plus the Bunny Hood.  Here's what their effects are:
    Keaton Mask: This is the only mask that seems to be good only for the trade.
    Sorry, but this one's a dud.
    Skull Mask: This one is needed to get a Deku Stick capacity upgrade (apparently,
    Deku Scrubs have a historical figure/religious figure that they revere whose
    face looks like this mask).
    Spooky Mask: When you wear this, Keese don't attack you.  This is especially
    nice for use against Fire Keese if you only have the Deku Shield.
    Bunny Hood: Actually, Stalchildren won't attack you if you wear this in Hyrule
    Mask of Truth: This (the main goal of the mask sequence) is used to communicate
    with Gossip Stones, those gray objects that bounce when you slash them (they
    have the symbol of the Sheikah on them, like the Lens of Truth).  They reveal
    juicy secrets about Hyrule!
    Goron Mask: This is just for fun; people will react to you like you're a Goron
    when you wear this and talk to them.
    Zora Mask: People who talk to you will think you're a Zora when you wear this,
    and so expect Zora-related reactions.
    Gerudo Mask: If you talk to people, they'll think you're a Gerudo.  For best
    results, use on men.
                                 |    Magic Beans    |
    This isn't an upgrade per se, but I want to cover all optional things here.
    Near the beginning of Zora's River, childhood or adulthood, there's a man
    sitting and eating beans.  If you talk to him, he'll sell you some Magic Beans
    for a price that rises each time you buy.  You can plant them in dirt patches as
    a kid to grow magical leaves (that appear when you're an adult) that lead to
    heart pieces, Gold Skulltulas, or both.
                                   |    Bombchus    |
    These bombs roll forward and climb up walls to hit distant objects.  They can be
    gotten in several ways.  First, you can buy them (there's a store in the back
    alley of the Market (childhood), and a man sells them in the Haunted Wasteland
    on a magic carpet.  Secondly, you can wait until you really need them; you'll
    get them in a treasure chest in a dungeon.  There are other ways to get them
    (like in the Gold Skulltula quest), but don't rely on them.
                                 |    The Bottles    |
    There are four Empty Bottles in The Legend of Zelda, and they're capable of
    holding various items (Fairies, potions, Lon Lon Milk, bugs, fish, blue fire,
    ethereal spirits - you name it).  One of them - the one you find Ruto's message
    in floating near the shores of Lake Hylia as a child - is a mandatory item you
    have to get to advance the plot.  The other three are optional and are gotten as
    follows (the first two are gotten as a child, the third as an adult):
    1) Head over to Lon Lon Ranch.  Enter the door to the left and you'll find Talon
    with a bunch of Cuccos.  Talk to him and he'll offer to have you play a mini-
    game.  You have to locate three Super Cuccos within a time limit.  This is
    simple enough; just memorize where Talon throws them.  If they're super, Talon
    will tell you.  It cost 10 rupees to play.
    2) Go see the girl named Anju in Kakariko Village and take up her side quest.
    She's lost her Cuccos.  There are seven to get.  The first is by the entrance of
    the village.  Throw it in the pen.  The next is right by the pen, but don't
    throw it in yet.  First, climb up the stairs to the door of the windmill and
    jump across the fence.  Throw the Cucco away at the last second and climb up the
    fence.  Now climb the stairs and throw the Cucco over the fence.  Take the two
    back to the fence for three.  For the fourth you must take one Cucco out of the
    pen and use it to get back over the fence.  Climb the ladder and you'll find
    another Cucco.  Take the two back for four.  Keep one Cucco with you as you'll
    need it.  Across from the pen is a red brick house under construction.  Stand by
    it and fly over to the lower platform with the Cucco on it.  Return these two
    Cuccos for five.  In front of a while wooden house is a crate.  Roll into it for
    the sixth Cucco.  Near the entrance to the Death Mountain Trail is the last
    Cucco.  Mission complete!
    3) This has to be gotten as an adult.  Go to Hyrule Castle (The area right after
    the drawbridge but before you officially enter the Market with the ReDeads) and
    enter the lowest house.  Inside is a former Hylian guard, who has become blind,
    creepy, and interested in Poes.  With Epona and the Fairy Bow, it is possible to
    bring them to him for a reward.  However, he only likes Big Poes, which can only
    be found and killed while riding Epona.  Yes, you can use arrows on Epona.  Here
    are the locations of the Big Poes in Hyrule Field.  There are ten.  When you
    kill one a spirit is left behind.  Free up your bottles because you'll need to
    bottle the spirits.
    1) The tree outside Lon Lon Ranch.
    2) The tree east of the entrance to Gerudo Valley, below the edge.
    3) The boulder near where the path splits between Lon Lon Ranch and Kokiri
    4) Near some grass below # 3.
    5) In a small grove near # 4.
    6) The fork in the road by Gerudo Valley.
    7) In a group of bushes to the left of Hyrule Castle by the river.
    8) Sometimes below, sometimes above the ledge south of Kakariko Village.
    9) By the sign that points to Lon Lon Ranch by Hyrule Castle.
    10) The turning point of the wall east of Lon Lon Ranch.
    Take them back to the creepy old person (man?) and exchange the spirits for the
    final bottle!
                                   Capacity Upgrades
                               |    Wallet Upgrades    |
    Yes, you can exceed 99 rupees, and wallet upgrades are how.  Both are gotten
    through Gold Skulltula tokens (10 for the Adult's Wallet, 30 for the Giant's
    Wallet).  The Adult's Wallet can hold 200 rupees, the Giant's Wallet 500.  With
    them, you can buy more expensive items.
                              |    Bomb Bag Upgrades    |
    One of the prizes you can win from the Bombchu Mini-Game in the Market is a bomb
    Bomb the huge Goron rolling around Goron City to make him stop.  If you stopped
    him in the tunnel he'll give you the upgrade.
                              |    Deku Nut Upgrades    |
    For the first go to the Deku Scrub crowds.  To reach it take the following
    directions: right, left, right, left, left, and fall in a hole.  This is in the
    Lost Woods.  Wear the Mask of Truth and they will gather around you.  Walk to
    the exit light and they scurry off to the big Deku.  Go to the big Deku and
    he'll give you the upgrade.
    For the second blow up a big boulder in the Lost Woods.  There is a Business
    Scrub in the hole who will sell you the upgrade.
                              |    Deku Stick Upgrade    |
    In the Lost Woods, go left and left again.  Climb down the ladder and follow the
    path to a Business Scrub.  He sells the Deku Stick upgrade.
    Thanks to joshua_hagins for sending in this upgrade.  "The second one is
    obtained by wearing the Skull Mask in front of the council of Deku Scrubs in the
    Lost Woods (same place where you get the Deku Nut upgrade)."
                              |    Fairy Bow Upgrades    |
    As an adult go to Kakariko and play the archery mini-game in the red bricked
    house.  If you win you get an upgrade to your quiver.
    Go to Gerudo Fortress with Epona and play the archery game.  If you get 1500
    points or more you get the upgrade.
                              |    Slingshot Upgrades    |
    Go right once in the Lost Woods and shoot the target on the tree three times.
    When you do a Deku will come out and give you the upgrade.
    In the Market play the archery mini-game (Store with a target on the sign) and
    win the game after shelling out twenty rupees.  Your reward is being able to
    carry more Deku Seeds (Bullets).
                               |    Biggoron's Sword    |
    Long trading sequence involved with this one...  This is the best sword (the
    only drawback is that it's two-handed; you can't use your shield with it), and
    it cannot break (like the Giant's Knife).  Here's how to get it:
    Note: This can be done shortly after you become an adult (you'll want Epona for
    this), but it may be done more easily using the prize of the Water Temple for
    the long climb upward in the last section.  It is advised, however, you use this
    for the mini-boss of the Water Temple, though.
    First see Anju (The lady who lost her Cuccos, the one with the allergies) and
    she'll give you a Pocket Egg.  Play Sun's Song until it hatches into Pocket
    Cucco.  In one house there rests Talon.  Use the Pocket Cucco to wake him up,
    then go back to Anju to exchange the Pocket Cucco for Cojiro, the blue Cucco.
    Take it to the Lost Woods and take one left, where you found Skull Kid and gave
    him the Skull Mask.  There's a weird man here.  Give him Cojiro and he'll give
    you an Odd Mushroom.  Using Epona take the Odd Mushroom to Kakariko in three
    minutes.  Talk to the old hag in the Potion Shop (Enter it from the normal
    entrance and use the side door) and she'll give you an Odd Potion.  Go back to
    the guy you gave Cojiro to and he'll be gone, replaced by a little girl.  Give
    her the Odd Potion for the Poacher's Saw.
    Now you need to go to a new section of the map.  Go to Gerudo Valley and you'll
    see the carpenters.  In the tent is the big boss.  Give him the Poacher's Saw
    for the Broken Goron's Sword.  Take the Broken Goron's Sword to Biggoron.
    Biggoron is on Death Mountain.  To get there go to where you got the Sword
    Spin/Magic Power Upgrade from the Great Fairy and begin to walk into the cave to
    the right of the Great Fairy area.  Give the Broken Goron's Sword to him and
    he'll ask for eye drops.  To get them give the Prescription to King Zora.  To
    talk to him you must bottle Blue Fire and pour it on him.  You can get this by
    venturing into the Ice Cavern (See that section for how to get the Blue Fire).
    In return for the Prescription you'll receive the ingredients, but you have to
    deliver the Eyeball frog within three minutes, which is tough.  Use Epona to get
    there and give the Eyeball Frog to the man in the Lakeside Laboratory.  If done
    correctly, he'll give you the World's Finest Eye Drops.  Take them to Biggoron
    within the time limit of four minutes and he'll start building.  Play Sun's Song
    six times and it's ready.  And THAT is that.
                                |    Giant's Knife    |
    The Giant's Knife can be bought from Biggoron in Goron City for 200 rupees (you
    need to blow up the rocks in one hallway to reach him).  It is a rip-off, though,
    as it will break eventually, though it's otherwise the same as the Biggoron's
    Sword.  Don't waste your rupees on it.
                                |    Hylian Shield    |
    The upgrade for the Deku Shield and the best childhood shield (plus the one
    you'll be using most of the time as an adult), this is the traditional shield of
    Hyrulean/Hylian knights.  The only downside is that like the Deku Shield, this
    is liable to be eaten by Like Likes (*shudders*).  You can buy it at the bazaar
    in the Market (as a child, of course) with or without a discount, but you can
    also get one for free in the Graveyard like so (thanks to xcaliberadh for this
    piece of information):
    Go to Kakariko Graveyard, where you got the Sun's Song, and either change day to
    night or keep it as it is.  Now, look for a gravestone with three flowers in
    front of it.  Pull it out and fall in for a Hylian Shield.
                                    |    Scales    |
    The two scales in the game let you dive deeper than before, which is useful in
    getting some items.  To get the Silver Scale (medium dive range), beat the
    Diving Mini-Game at Zora's Domain as a kid.  It's a simple game; you play it by
    paying a Zora in a hallway near King Zora's throne room in Zora's Domain.  Then
    jump off the waterfall and dive for all the rupees within the time limit.
    Afterwards, you'll have the Silver Scale in the bag.
    The Gold Scale lets you dive far down enough to get a piece of heart, but it's
    much harder to get.  You need catch a fifteen-pound fish at the fishing mini-
    game as an adult to reel in (pun!) this upgrade, which is easier said than done.
    See the "Fishing Mini-Game" section for details and tips on fishing.
                                |    Stone of Agony    |
    This is not on the equipment screen, but it had might as well be.  When you have
    20 Gold Skulltulas, redeem them at the House of Skulltula (Kakariko Village) to
    get this.  It signals when a hidden hole is nearby (if you have a rumble pak,
    the controller rumbles).
                                     Ocarina Songs
    Here's a list of all the songs for the Fairy Ocarina/Ocarina of Time, even the
    non-optional ones, just for reference.
    Zelda's Lullaby: You get this after meeting with Zelda in Hyrule Castle for the
    first time from Impa.  Playing it in front of Triforce crests may trigger
    special effects.
    Epona's Song: As a child, head over to Lon Lon Ranch.  In the field is Malon
    with the horses; talk to her three times, show her the Ocarina, and she'll teach
    you Epona's Song.  When you play it near Epona, she'll come to you.  Also, try
    playing it in front of cows...
    Saria's Song: Learn this from Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow before you get
    the Goron's Bracelet.  It has special effects at times, but it's mostly used
    just to communicate with Saria, Link's childhood friend, telepathically.
    Sun's Song: This song, which can change night to day and day to night, was
    written by the now deceased Composer Bros.  To get it, go to Kakariko Graveyard,
    to the grave at the very end of the graveyard.  Play Zelda's Lullaby at the
    Triforce sign and enter the pit that opens.  Welcome to the Royal Family's Tomb.
    All the dead kings and people are buried here, including two famous composers.
    They left their life's work in their grave, and we must find it.  Head down and
    you'll see some Keese.  These are bats, and are very annoying.  Use the
    Slingshot on them and the door will open.  Go through and a room with Redeads in
    it.  Quite simply, run away.  Read the inscription in the last tomb and Navi
    will tell you that it is the secret melody of the Composer Brothers.  Learn it
    and you've got Sun's Song.  It also goes great with Redeads or Gibdos.
    Song of Time: Link learns this mysterious song telepathically after finding the
    Ocarina of Time.  It opens the Door of Time and can create or remove time blocks.
    Song of Storms: Talk to the man in the windmill in Kakariko Village (Guru-Guru)
    as an adult to learn this song.  It summons storms, which can be used to, oh, I
    don't know, fill wells, summon fairies...
    Minuet of Forest: Once you reach the end of the Sacred Forest Meadow, Sheik will
    appear to teach this song to you.  It transports you in front of the Forest
    Bolero of Fire: Sheik teaches this to you in Death Mountain Crater... and it
    transports you to Death Mountain Crater.
    Serenade of Water: This transports you atop the central island in Lake Hylia -
    right above the Water Temple.  You learn it after clearing Ice Cavern.
    Requiem of Spirit: Sheik teaches this song to you at the threshold of the Spirit
    Temple after you've entered it once (as an adult) in vain.  It's used to
    transport to that point in Desert Colossus.
    Nocturne of Shadow: Sheik teaches this to you after you run into her in Kakariko
    Village (post-Water Temple).  It warps you to the upper tier of the Graveyard,
    from which the Shadow Temple is accessible.
    Prelude of Light: After you've conquered the Forest Temple, go to the Temple of
    Time to learn this song from Sheik.  It transports you to the Temple of Time.
    Scarecrow's Song: This song makes a scarecrow appear if played in the proper
    areas, and you learn it from a scarecrow in Lake Hylia.  See the section of the
    same name in this guide for further details.
                                     Other Upgrades
                                    |    Epona    |
    The best non-item upgrade has got to be Link's trusty steed, Epona.  Here's how
    to rescue and ride her, as an adult, of course.
    For providing Ganondorf with his black Gerudo stallions, Ingo was appointed the
    ruler of Lon Lon Ranch (don't believe me?  Why not go over there and take a
    look?).  Ingo is pretty mean, but he will let you ride horses for a small fee.
    When you do this play Epona's Song and Epona will come to you (Epona, you've
    grown!).  You can ride her now.  You have a time limit in which you must
    emancipate Epona from Ingo.
    Play Epona's Song and the horse will come to you.  Practice a bit, then pay ten
    rupees again to repeat the process.  Talk to Ingo while on Epona; he'll
    challenge you to a race for fifty rupees (Epona is an expensive horse, eh?).
    Use carrots to speed up and jump over the fence.  Stay inward and don't exhaust
    all your carrots.  When you win Ingo will be mad.  He wants a rematch, this time
    with Epona on the line.  Beat him again and he'll give you Epona, but you can't
    leave the ranch.
    To free Epona once and for all jump over the fence of the pasture and ride away.
    From now on play Epona's Song to summon Epona to you.  She's much faster and it
    will reduce the time it takes traveling across Hyrule Field.  Also, Epona can be
    used for archery purposes and to jump the gap in Gerudo Valley.
                                 |    Lon Lon Cow    |
    After you rescue Epona from Ingo in Lon Lon Ranch, play the racing mini-game
    with Malon.  It's just like the race against Ingo, but it's timed.  If you beat
    her record of 2:00:00 she'll have a cow sent to you in your Kokiri Forest house
    for your own private use.  It's a convenient source of Lon Lon Milk (if you play
    Epona's Song to it), but you could just get that from cows at Lon Lon Ranch
    normally; it's more of a joke upgrade than a real, cool one.
    And there you have it!  All the upgrades in Ocarina of Time are listed here, so
    get crackin'!
    ===============================Scarecrow's Song*================================
    As a kid, go to Lake Hylia and talk to the lower-elevated scarecrow, Bonooru,
    set up on the shore.  He's a music-loving scarecrow, don't you know?  Show him
    your Ocarina and he'll get real excited; he wants you to play a song for him.
    Make one up (something simple you can remember easily) and he'll tell you it's
    awesome and all that jazz.  Before you leave, also talk to the higher-elevated
    scarecrow, Pierre.  Pay attention and you'll discover that he's a wandering
    scarecrow who also loves music.
    But forget him; go become an adult now, and then return to Lake Hylia.  Pierre
    is gone, but Bonooru hasn't moved at all these past seven years.  Talk to him
    and he'll recognize you as his little fairy buddy.  He claims he remembers the
    song, but now he wants you make sure YOU remember it.  Play the song you made up
    for him and he'll recall it.  To reward you for that awesome tune, he promises
    that he'll ask his friend, Pierre, to come to you whenever he hears that song.
    In certain areas, Pierre will appear as a Hook/Longshot target; he's needed for
    getting certain pieces of heart and Gold Skulltulas.  Such is the Scarecrow's
    =================================Bottle Glitch*=================================
    Another glitch...  This was really messes up your game if you use it incorrectly.
    Here's what you do: go to Zora's Domain or somewhere with a fish and use a free
    bottle to catch it, but while you're swiping for the fish - just before you
    catch it - switch that bottle with another item.  The item you switched it with
    has become a bottle.  If you used an important item reset the game.  Also,
    keeping fairies in your new bottles does not restore you when you die.  You'll
    have to release them yourself.
    =================================Rupee Glitch*==================================
    This is not really a glitch, but it is very good for getting rupees fast.  Go to
    the Lost Woods as an adult.  Go right once and you'll see a Skull Kid.  Defeat
    it for a big rupee.  You can do this over and over and it still happens.  Those
    are easy rupees, there.
    As a kid, you may also want to check out the house full of pots in the first
    screen of the Market.  Those pots are an easy source of income, if you want to
    take the time to break them all and repeat the process a few times.
    ===============================Fishing Mini-Game*===============================
    For this November 23, 2005, update, I finally gave in and included a fishing
    guide.  That's right; here I teach you all the basics of the fishing pond
    connected to Lake Hylia (child or adult), as there are three basic prizes to be
    found there: a Piece of Heart, the Gold Scale, and the Hyrule Loach.  But before
    we rush into that, let's cover the basics.
                           |    The Fine Art of Fishing    |
    Fishing is a complex sport, and Ocarina of Time did not tone it down for our
    convenience.  Indeed, I think you'll find the sheer elaborateness of the fishing
    simulator included mind-boggling in its own right, let alone all the fancy rules
    people have developed to challenge themselves over the years.  But how can you
    do that if you don't even know where to begin?  Well, as any pro fisherman would
    tell you, the first step in fishing is finding a body of water that has fish in
    it.  Now, this is a very important step, and I hope you're paying attention,
    because I'm only saying this once.  I mean it this time.  No, really.
    Now, I know what you're thinking: "Where in tarnation can I find a body of water
    in which fish reside?"  Well, look no further than Lake Hylia.  If you use your
    map, you'll find that the Fishing Pond can be accessed, young or old, to the
    east.  Swim to the island there and swim against the side to pull yourself up.
    Before you is a door.  This is a crucial step in the fishing process: you must
    now open the door.  Try walking up to it and pressing A.  If that doesn't work,
    try stepping closer to make sure you're right in front of the door before
    pressing A.  And if all else fails, you can always just take a deep breath and
    count to ten.  However you get in, you'll find many mysteries await in the
    Fishing Pond ahead.  Will you unlock its secrets?
    Probably not if you're going about it like that!  Just as a potter needs clay to
    mold a jar, so the fisherman needs a rod to catch fish.  It's the fundamental
    law of fishing, the underlying message of this entire guide.  If you get
    anything out of this section, let it be this: you need a fishing rod to fish.
    Perhaps someday Link will transform into creatures other than wolves in that
    new-fangled Twilight Princess game, like a bear, that will eliminate the need
    for a fishing rod.  Perhaps he'll even turn into a fish that can enter into
    bodies of water and eat other fish.  But that's beside the point; what matters
    is that you need a fishing rod, and don't you forget it!
    But that's the thing - getting a fishing rod is the hardest step in this process.
    To accomplish this, you'll have to deal with the misguided youth scratching his
    armpit so frequently but to no avail.  Take a good luck at him before moving;
    size up your opponent.  Most people fall flat here, but believe in yourself and
    I know you can do it.  Approach the young man behind the counter and talk to him,
    which is accomplished by pressing the A Button.  Remember, it's A, not B.  His
    slang comes out pretty thick, but he wants to know if you'd like to partake in a
    round of fishing at the low low price of 20 rupees.  If you say, "No," you will
    not fish; you will refuse him.  If you say, "Yes," you will fish, but you will
    also lose 20 rupees as warned earlier.  Is fishing really worth it?  You'll have
    to decide this yourself.  I'm not going to live your life for you; you've got to
    take a stand!  Think it over carefully before choosing one or the other; hasty
    decisions have been known to land good men in the slammer.
    The armpit-itching young person will then give you tips on fishing, as if you
    needed any!  First, walk up to the edge of the water and press L (or Z for my
    oldschool readers) to "L-Target" a fish.  You can only target one fish at a time.
    When you have one targeted, carefully press B to cast your line.  Make sure it's
    B, the small red button.  A lot of people press A, but that actually brakes the
    line, or calls it back, and you know how troublesome that can be!  A good memory
    trick for this step is this: Take it from me, the button's B.  Then the line
    will land in the water.  Wiggle it around to attract the attention of fish using
    the control stick.  The control pad does NOT work.  No matter what your best
    friend tells you, it just doesn't.  A common rooky mistake is to use B to wiggle
    the line, but trust me, that's the Dark Side of fishing, just as mustard is the
    Dark Side of cooking.  I can't say this enough: Don't take the easy way out.
    You'll regret it twenty years from now when you're in a dead-end job with two
    kids to care for and she's left you to pursue a life of sin in Vegas.
    Once a fish has taken notice of your lure, it may or may not come out to bite it.
    If it doesn't, mind your manners and don't say anything too vulgar.  Remember,
    you're a fisherman, not a sailor.  If it does, though, then happy day!  From
    there, reeling it in is a piece of cake (note that the previous metaphor was
    figurative and not meant to be taken literally).  First, you've got to press A
    and down on the control stick (again, not the control pad) to set the hook.
    From there, press A to reel the fish in super-quick-like.  If you have motion
    sickness problems and feel that a slower reel-in would be safer, then by all
    means only tap A so that you're not constantly tugging.  Oh, and one last thing:
    after you cast, change your view with L.
    After explaining this very patiently, the young man (who, as it turns out, is
    quite well-governed despite his unsavory haircut) gives you the rod.  Finally,
    mission accomplished!  If you talk to him again, he will give you three options.
    If you catch a fish, "Weigh my fish" may be used to weigh your fish.  If you
    choose the second option, "Let's talk about something," he will scold you.  If
    you choose "I want to quit," your fishing session will end.  I suggest only
    choosing the third option when you want to stop fishing.
    Yes, the secrets of the old Fishing Pond are deep indeed, but one day perhaps
    you too will master the fine art of fishing.  Until then, there's always this
                              |    Tips of the Trade    |
    Take it from an experienced fisherperson: fishing isn't easy.  Nosiree, it's
    hard work, but it's also very rewarding.  And to help you reach their rewards
    faster than usual, here are a few tips from our sponsors:
    - Fish like it wet.  So, when it rains, you'll see the fish just raring to go!
    But no little ocarina song can save the day in the Fishing Pond; here, we only
    deal in reality, and the Song of Storms doesn't work any more than that young
    gentleman scratching his itchy armpits does.  So hope you get lucky, or try to
    enter just before it turns dark, 'cause that's when it works!
    - Biting's especially good just before or after the sleep of a fish.  So, a bit
    before sunset and just after sunrise, those fish are pretty wild.  No one knows
    why this happens, but it sure as heck does!
    - Let's face it: some places are better for fishing than others.  The logs and
    the three reeds sticking out of the water are usually the best places, so make
    use of them.  They're havens for scared fish, so now you know where to look
    after sploshing carelessly all over the place.  And remember, there's always a
    bigger fish in the pond each time you enter, so check out these places of
    interest.  The biggest fish generally starts by the log if you creep out from
    the young gentleman to the lily pads and then onto the log, and so, if you're
    very careful, you can always catch the new lunker.
    - Sometimes, the direction you pull in is everything.  Sometimes, it's not.  But
    for when it is - for when the fish is up close to you - know that pulling it
    left or right may be just what you need to cinch it.
    - Some people just love to cheat their way through life.  That's a fact, and the
    sooner you accept it the less painful it'll be later on.  Yep, I'm talking about
    the sinking lure.  This special cheating device is prohibited, but that doesn't
    make it impossible to use.  As a child or an adult, you may find the sinking
    lure in the pond hidden behind the grass along the border, among the logs or
    rocks, or where the creek meets the wall.  Note that it is invisible, but you'll
    get it when you touch it.  It is illegal to use it, and the pond owner won't let
    you keep any fish you catch with it under normal circumstances, but if you talk
    to him with it and say "Let's talk about something" beforehand, he'll legalize
    its use.  The lure sinks, which makes it useful for catching the ultimate game
    fish, the Hyrule Loach.  Remember, the sinking lure attracts the heavyweights
    when thrown into a school of fish, but you can't hear or see fish bite it.
    Nothing's without its drawbacks.
    - Sometimes, it's best to be upfront and personal, but without scaring the fish
    away too much.  So, if you can, put the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots on and walk
    into the pond to get a good view of the action.  It's especially good for
    catching the infamous Hyrule Loach.  Or, you may want to get a good view, L-
    target them, and back out of the pond so that you still have your eye on a hefty
    fish, but at the same time you're far away from the hunk o' fish to cast for it.
    - Now, everyone knows that Kirby021591 doesn't condone horseplay in his guides,
    but a pinch of tomfoolery could really liven this section up.  So, for the
    patient prankster, it is possible to cast your line and catch the fisherman's
    hat.  You can take it from him, revealing that time hasn't been kind to the
    "young" man, but he'll charge you 50 rupees for his embarrassment.  Is it worth
    it?  Definitely.  Also, I feel I should point out that you can also get the line
    in the tank that holds the heaviest fish, but you can never reclaim it.
                          |    The Professional Fisherman    |
    "Enough of this beginner hooplah!" you exclaim.  "Get to the good stuff - the
    mo-ney!"  Well, wait no longer, for the professional fisherman is not extinct.
    In fact, he thrives, even in video games.  For you see, good catches make for
    good rewards, and though it may be costly to pay for fishing sessions or pull
    hat-related shenanigans, the pay-off is well-worth it.
    If you're just a youngster, catching a 10-pound or more fish will net you a
    Piece of Heart.  A 15-pound fish is a real catch; it reels in a Gold Scale!  Be
    patient, and throw out any fish that don't exceed the weight of the current
    lunker.  Yet there is one other source of revenue for the professional fisherman.
                                 |    Hyrule Loach    |
    A master of the trade, a professional fisherman, a solicitor, a trick-or-treater,
    and a missionary all have one thing in common: they live for the hunt.  Indeed,
    no fish offers as great a challenge as the Hyrule Loach.  "The ultimate game
    fish... 5 stars!" critics rave.  Well, no more will your neighbor be the
    superior one!  For now you too can become a Mason (or you can catch a Hyrule
    Loach).  Assuming you just want to bag a Hyrule Loach, though, the path is still
    most treacherous.  "But what is the Hyrule Loach," you ask yourself aloud.
    Well, the Hyrule Loach is not exactly a fish.  Rather, it's an eel-like creature
    that lurks at the very bottom of the pond, occasionally coming up for air.  It
    doesn't always appear in the pond; often, it isn't there.  But, if you enter
    just before the howl of the wolf or the cry of the Cucco, your chances seem to
    be increased.  And just like any little whippersnapper, the Hyrule Loach grows
    over time.  At first (childhood), it weighs around 15 pounds.  Then (adulthood),
    it grows to about 35.  You usually need the sinking lure to catch it, but it's
    not impossible without one.
    After putting up a pretty half-hearted fight, the Hyrule Loach will be yours.
    But, since it's been fished up lately (it's very rare nowadays, like Hyrulean
    rabbits), the young hoodlum who runs the pond throws it back in.  "So how can
    the professional fisherman survive catching the Hyrule Loach, the ultimate game
    fish, if he cannot keep it or eat it?" you ask aloud again.  You've a terrible
    habit in that respect.  Well, the juvenile who operates the Fishing Pond will
    give you a purple rupee, worth 50 green, because he is so impressed.  Be proud
    of yourself, my pupil.  When I found you, you couldn't even open the door to the
    Fishing Pond, let alone catch the infamous Hyrule Loach.  But with the proper
    guidance, that door is nothing to you.  Sure, you still can't catch the Hyrule
    Loach, but you can swing that door open with the best of them!  And if I can
    help just one person to open that door, then writing this guide to the fine art
    of fishing was well-worth it.
    So keep at it, sport.  Maybe someday you too will catch the Hyrule Loach and
    live off of your fishing earnings.  But until that day comes, practice, practice,
    practice!  That way, maybe you too will be the professional fisherman.
    =============================Great Fairy Fountains*=============================
    There are six Great Fairy Fountains around Hyrule where you can get items and
    upgrades and heal your weariness.  Here I listed where they are and what you
    need for them.  Keep in mind that each requires you to play Zelda's Lullaby on a
    Triforce symbol to awaken the Great Fairy, though.
    1) Location: Hyrule Castle
    Need: Bombs
    How to Reach: When you enter Hyrule Castle climb the vines to bypass the gate
    like normal.  Now head over to a fork in the road.  Take the right.  Bomb the
    boulder and enter the Great Fairy Fountain.
    Receive: Din's Fire
    2) Location: Death Mountain Trail
    Need: Bombs
    How to Reach: Follow the path on Death Mountain Trail until you see a flag.
    Take this up to a path with boulders on it.  Blow the boulders up and continue
    the path.  Rock will fall down on you, but using your shield blocks it.  Climb
    the wall up to the summit.  Bomb the wall and enter.
    Receive: Spin Attack and Magic Meter
    3) Location: Zora's Fountain
    Need: Bombs
    How to Reach: Swim to a piece of land in the right corner.  Bomb the boulder to
    reach a path to the fountain.  Enter and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce
    Receive: Farore's Wind
    4) Location: Death Mountain Crater
    Need: Megaton Hammer, Goron Tunic
    How to Reach: If you enter using Darunia's room in Goron City head to the right
    over a bridge and use the Megaton Hammer to crack the rock barring off the
    Receive: Double Magic Meter
    5) Location: Desert Colossus
    Need: Bombs
    How to Reach: Left of the Spirit Temple (When you're not facing it) are two palm
    trees.  Between them is a section of the wall you can bomb.  Inside is the Great
    Fairy Fountain.
    Receive: Nayru's Love
    6) Location: Ganon's Castle
    Need: Gold Gauntlets
    How to Reach: When you exit Inside Ganon's Castle go left at the fork in a road.
    Lift up the huge block and enter.
    Receive: Double Defense Power
    Yes sir, that's how all six of the Great Fairy Fountains are reached.  Pretty
    deep stuff, eh?  Well, moving right along...
    ==================================Enemy Index*==================================
    What guide would be complete without a list of enemies?  And what enemy list
    would be complete if it wasn't alphabetized for your convenience (it is, after
    all, a hobby of mine)?  Anyways, a few of these monsters might fall under the
    Ganon's Castle for location (Because of the Forest Route, Fire Route, etc.), but
    I do not list it unless they are outside of the main hub room.
    Location: Spirit Temple
    Tip: Anubis slowly floats toward you and then emits a trail of fire.  But,
    ironically, Navi says that Anubis is vulnerable to fire.  Use Din's Fire or Fire
    Arrows, whatever you prefer.  By the way, Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead
    and burial.
    Location: Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple
    Tip: Some Armos statues are just that, statues.  Other come to life and chase
    you.  There is a really easy way to defeat them though.  Get out a Deku Nut and
    stun it.  Slash it and it will hop around (Following you) and explode.  You can
    also use bombs, but the Deku Nuts work just as well.
    Baby Dodongo
    Location: Dodongo's Cavern
    Tip: You cannot pinpoint their location until they stop burrowing.  When they do
    they'll wriggle on the land for a while.  Attack them and they'll explode.
    Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Tip: These are big, electric jellyfish.  Hit them with your Boomerang and it
    will burst into three Biris, tinier versions of itself.  Deku Nuts and then
    slashing also works.
    Location: Dodongo's Cavern, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple
    Tip: If you get near them and their eye is fixated on you they'll use a laser on
    you (It's continuous).  To defeat it use a bomb or bomb flower by throwing it at
    the head.  Its head will explode afterwards.
    Big Octo
    Location: Mini-Boss of Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Tip: In your arena you'll be battling a huge Octorok.  The only way to win is to
    Boomerang its backside to make it reveal its sensitive orb (Anus is my guess).
    There are two ways to win from here.  The easier is to get out a Deku Stick and
    jump attack it (It will die in one hit), or you can slash it with your sword
    four times.
    Big Skulltula
    Location: Inside the Deku Tree, Bottom of the Well
    Tip: They are only called "Big Poes" when you are a kid.  They hang on the
    ceiling and fall down.  Wait for them to turn around and slash its sensitive
    Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Tip: These are small electric jellyfish.  Use your Boomerang to hit them from a
    distance.  Also, if you lack the Boomerang, consider throwing a Deku Nut at them
    and then slashing them.
    Blue Bubble
    Location: Forest Temple
    Tip: Touch it with your shield out while L Targeting to make the fire around it
    disable.  It is vulnerable to sword attacks.
    Business Scrub
    Location: Lost Woods, Various Grottos
    Tip: If you are a kid use a Deku Shield to reflect the Deku Nut it launches at
    you back at it.  When you've done this it will stand up and offer you something,
    for a price.  I recommend buying upgrades.
    Dark Link
    Location: Mini-Boss of Water Temple
    Tip: This is a comparatively hard mini-boss.  I have, however, developed three
    strategies for winning easily.  The first is to continually use bombs and Din's
    Fire.  The second is to use a broken Giant's Knife.  This way when he tries to
    jump on your sword he'll fall and be vulnerable.  The third way is to use
    Biggoron's Sword, which he cannot defend against.  I have a very detailed
    strategy for this mini-boss in the walkthrough for the Water Temple.
    Dead Hand
    Location: Mini-Boss of Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well
    Tip: To activate the battle you must be caught by the dead arms in the arena or
    bomb the area Dead Hand is under (to see where he is, use the Lens of Truth to
    see a dark circle).  When you do either of these things, Dead Hand will appear.
    You can break free of the arms by rapidly pressing buttons; next, let Dead Hand
    slither over to you.  When he lowers his head to bite you attack the head.
    Repeat until you win.
    Deku Baba
    Location: Kokiri Forest, Inside the Deku Tree, Forest Temple
    Tip: Attack the head with your sword and it will be stunned.  If you attack the
    stem you will get a Deku Stick.  Attack the head again for Deku Nuts.
    Deku Scrub
    Location: Various Grottos, Lost Woods
    Tip: If you are a kid you should use the Deku Shield.  When they fire Deku Nuts
    at you put your shield up and it will be deflected from you to them.  When they
    get hit chase them down and they'll talk to you before departing.
    Location: Gerudo Training Ground, Ganon's Castle
    Tip: Use your shield to block attacks and attack it when it's not attacking you.
    I suggest using your sword.
    Location: Dodongo's Cavern
    Tip: When you are seen by one of these it will swell up and then breathe fire.
    It is weak in the tail, although bombs work nicely.
    Flare Dancer
    Location: Fire Temple
    Tip: The weak part is the only physical one - the black ball.  Throw a bomb at
    it and the coat of fire will be shed.  Alternately, Hookshot the head off while
    it's twirling in place.  Then attack the ball that runs around.
    Floor Master
    Location: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple
    Tip: Sometimes these are invisible (Use the Lens of Truth).  Slash them with
    your sword and it will divide into little versions of itself.  Beat these quick
    because each have the potential to grow into an adult Floor Master.  Also, the
    game spells it Floormaster, but I prefer the two words Floor Master.
    Location: Ice Cavern
    Tip: These are made of ice and are transparent, so I recommend L Targeting it.
    Their breath will freeze you (Very annoying) so just slash these stupid things
    three times with the Master Sword and they'll die.  Alternately, you can skip
    right to them by using the Hookshot, and then slash them to bits.
    Gerudo Thief
    Location: Thieves' Hideout
    Tip: There is one Gerudo Thief who you fight every time (Fight her four times).
    She is pretty easy because you can use your shield to block all her attacks, but
    she has one attack you should look out for.  When she does a Spin Attack with
    her twin blades put your shield up (If you don't you'll pass out and be thrown
    in the prison cell).  Use your Longshot to stun her and attack.  Because of your
    skill after you beat her the fourth time she gives you the Gerudo Membership
    Card.  It is interesting to note that the color her clothes change to match the
    color of the tunic Link is wearing.  Wear blue and she wears blue, for example.
    Location: Graveyard, Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple
    Tip: It is a mummy.  If you look at it you'll hear a woman scream and you'll
    freeze as it slowly draws near you.  If you let it get close enough it will jump
    on you and suck your life away.  To beat it play Sun's Song.  It will be frozen.
    Now attack it from behind.
    Gohma Larva
    Location: Inside the Deku Tree
    Tip: These are simple little arachnids.  Attack the eggs to kill it before it
    hatches or you can fight it after birth.  Use your shield when it lunges at you
    and boom.
    Gold Skulltula
    Location: Everywhere
    Tip: See my Gold Skulltula section.
    Green Bubble
    Location: Forest Temple
    Tip: Like its bubble brethren you must lower its shield of flames by using a
    shield and then attack.  The flames on the Green Bubble actually go down by
    themselves if you wait long enough.
    Location: Lake Hylia, Desert Colossus, Lon Lon Ranch
    Tip: Just like Keese, only it is a crow.  Attack it when it dives for you.
    Iron Knuckle
    Location: Mini-Boss of the Spirit Temple
    Tip: I suggest using bombs, Din's Fire, and bombchus until it drops its armor.
    Then get out your Fairy Bow or Slingshot (Depending on your age) and attack it
    over and over.  Keep your distance!
    Location: Everywhere
    Tip: These come in three forms.  The first is regular, the bat.  Attack it when
    it dives.  The second can burn your Deku Shield; it is a Fire Keese.  Defeat it
    in the same manner.  The third is the worse, the Ice Keese.  It freezes you when
    you are touched by it.  I hate these, you probably do too, so just kill them.
    Location: Haunted Wasteland, Desert Colossus
    Tip: Annoying pests.  They come out of the desert sand and try to run into you.
    Just avoid these; it's not worth fighting.
    Like Like
    Location: Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple
    Tip: These are often called shield eaters because they steal your shield, and
    tunic if you're wearing the Goron or Zora Tunic.  The Mirror Shield cannot be
    stolen.  To defeat them use projectiles, but if necessary use your sword.
    Sometimes you even need to use the Hookshot or Longshot, them as a target.  If
    they do manage to steal your tunic or shield (or both), kill them quickly to
    regain them.  Even if they only leave behind one of your stolen items, you may
    get both back.
    Location: Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple
    Tip: Just like the Dinolfos only considerably weaker.  Just attack it and use
    your shield well.
    Mad Scrub
    Location: Sacred Forest Meadow
    Tip: This scrub attacks with a sequence of three Deku Nuts.  Use your shield to
    deflect the Deku Nuts (Use the Deku Shield if you are a kid) at them and slash
    it.  They will then collapse.
    Location: Sacred Forest Meadow
    Tip: These guard the path to the Forest Temple.  A Longshot or Hookshot to the
    back defeats it.  These are minor Moblins.  One has a club and is most difficult
    to defeat.  Use bombs, your sword, or just pass it.  These aren't very hard to
    beat (Although these are classic enemies).
    Location: Kokiri Forest, Zora's River, Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Forest Temple
    Tip: Sort of aquatic Deku Scrubs, these are.  They shoot Deku Nuts that you
    deflect in the same way, or you can use the Fairy Slingshot (or arrows) against
    Parasitic Tentacle
    Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Tip: Attack them with your Boomerang in the thin part of the tentacle (It is
    called, by Navi, Parasitic Tentacle?, actually).  Defeating it destroys the tube
    connected to it that blocks off certain paths.
    Location: Hyrule Field
    Tip: I just avoid these, but if you must kill one get under the petals and
    attack the "nucleus".  They release Peahat Larvae, which are really, really
    annoying.  You can use your slingshot to defeat them, though, and they
    eventually die on their own.
    Location: Graveyard, Hyrule Field, Forest Temple
    Tip: Sometimes using L Target makes them disappear.  There are also big versions
    of these.  Shoot them or use your sword.
    Poe Sisters
    Location: Mini-Boss of Forest Temple
    Tip: Really, one of the Poe Sisters is the mini-boss, Meg.  She creates
    illusions of herself, but one is real.  Shoot the real one (It is the one that
    spins once).  The other three Poe Sisters are found in paintings.  Shoot them
    and fight them as if they were regular Poes.  The regular ones are named Beth,
    Jo, and Amy.
    Red Bubble
    Location: Fire Temple
    Tip: Just like the other bubbles.  I'd just avoid this one.
    Location: Graveyard, Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple, Market (Adult)
    Tip: Play Sun's Song and attack them from behind.  They're just like Gibdos.
    Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Tip: Use the Boomerang or a Deku Nut to destroy these.  If you attack with your
    sword the bubble will burst, on you.
    Shell Blade
    Location: Water Temple
    Tip: When it opens its mouth Longshot or Hookshot the internal muscle (Little
    red tube).  I would recommend attacking from a distance.
    Skull Kid
    Location: Lost Woods
    Tip: These forest creatures play a small part in Ocarina of Time, but one that
    Link meets in his childhood plays a huge role in this game's sequel, Majora's
    Mask.  They just shoot seeds at you, and can be beaten with a simple sword slash
    when you're an adult.  They aid in the mask trade and are quite partial to
    Saria's Song.
    Location: Everywhere
    Tip: These are just like the Big Skulltula.
    Location: Everywhere
    Tip: Use the Slingshot or bow.  They are found crawling on vines.
    Location: Water Temple
    Tip: Use the Longshot to stun it and use it again for it to die.  Notice a bit
    of blood rises when you defeat it in water, as it does for the Shell Blade.
    Location: Hyrule Field (Child)
    Tip: If you wear the Bunny Hood these do not come up at night.  When you see
    them they'll try to attack you.  Slash them if you like, but it is easier to
    just flee.
    Location: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
    Tip: Use your shield well and attack it when it does not have its shield up.
    Generally when it attacks it is vulnerable.  Sometimes when you fight two
    defeating one makes it into a pile of bones.  Defeating the other defeats them
    both, but if you don't do it in time the other will reform.
    Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Water Temple
    Tip: Use projectiles to defeat them before going in water.
    Location: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Tip: Use the Boomerang.  I really don't remember these very much.
    Location: Death Mountain Trail, Water Temple
    Tip: Slash your sword when they jump to you.  Yes, they can stand on water.
    Torch Slug
    Location: Fire Temple
    Tip: Use your sword to attack it once and the flames will be extinguished.  As
    it runs away attack it again.
    Wall Master
    Location: Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Ganon's Castle
    Tip: These are probably the most hated enemy in the game.  They fall down from
    the ceiling, grab you, and take you to the beginning of the dungeon.  You can
    tell that it is coming by looking at the shadow.  When it falls attack and it
    will leave a few rupees (Red and blue).
    White Bubble
    Location: Spirit Temple
    Tip: Attack them when they stop moving. To do this easily use the Longshot.
    White Wolfos
    Location: Mini-Boss of Ice Cavern, Gerudo Training Grounds
    Tip: Attack it when it is attacking you.  Spin Attacks work well, too.
    Location: Sacred Forest Meadow, Forest Temple, Gerudo Training Grounds
    Tip: Just like the White Wolfos.  Attack it when it doesn't have its paws
    covering its face.
    If you know of any I missed send the names in to me via e-mail.  I'll put you in
    the credits section for help if it turns out I forgot something.
    FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.  In other words, question and
    answer.  Send in questions and there will be answers if I deem them good
    questions.  Anyways, because this FAQ is so extensive, I've categorized the
    questions and placed them in sub-sections for your convenience (even so, read
    them all before contacting me!).  The order is:
    I) Master Quest Questions
    II) Main Game Questions
    III) Side Quest Questions
    IV) Rumor Control
    V) Storyline/Character Questions
    VI) Guide-Related Questions
    Master Quest Questions are questions specifically for the Master Quest version.
    Main Game Questions are about specific mandatory events or items, or tips on
    collecting rupees and things like that.  Side Quest Questions are about side
    quests, Rumor Control ones about rumors, and you guessed it -
    Storyline/Character Questions are about characters and the plot.  Guide-Related
    Questions are about this guide in general and include contact information.
    And if you want to use CTRL (Apple for Mac users) and F, the Find/Search
    function, to jump to one section, type in the above section title, minus the
    number, and type four spaces after it.  Then click "Find/Search" to go directly
    to it.
                            |    Master Quest Questions    |
    Question: What is Master Quest?
    Answer: Master Quest is a version of Ocarina of Time released in Japan but never
    in North America.  Master Quest is just a harder version of Ocarina of Time.
    The only differences between the games are in the dungeons and mini-dungeons,
    not the over-world gameplay.  You could get it in North America when they
    released Wind Waker in 2003.  If you pre-ordered Wind Waker you got a copy of
    Master Quest for the Game Cube to hold you over.  I have a guide written for it,
    too, and you should read it for details on that version of this game.
                             |    Main Game Questions    |
    Question: I can't get past [insert area].  How do I?
    Answer: Unless my guide says I have no idea, you probably misread.  I may have
    made a mistake, and if I did I'll investigate.  But people, try reading the
    Question: Did you know you can change the pitch of your Ocarina?
    Answer: Yes, actually.  There are four different pitches.  There is normal,
    there is one holding the R button, one holding the L button, and one holding
    both.  They don't affect anything, but they do allow for more tune options.
    Question: I try to get Epona's Song but Malon never gives it to me.  What do I
    Answer: You must talk to her three times and then show the Ocarina to her.
    Question: What happens if I attack Cuccos (Chickens) a lot?
    Answer: Why don't you find out for yourself.  It is pretty interesting.  But a
    word of advice, be by a door or an exit.  Just remember, those Cuccos have
    friends in high places.
    Question: What does "sacred feet" mean?
    Answer: It means Hover Boots.  You probably need them for that section.
    Question: What does gold/silver hands mean?
    Answer: It means that you need the Gold/Silver Gauntlets.
    Question: What does eye of truth mean?
    Answer: It means that you need the Lens of Truth to get past that section.
    Question: Can the Lens of Truth see inside regular treasure chests (Outside the
    treasure chest mini-game)?
    Answer: Nope.  I checked and it cannot.  Too bad, though.
    Question: Is it possible to beat the game without the Lens of Truth?
    Answer: Yes, although I doubt you could.  Besides, the Bottom of the Well is so
    short it should be no problem.  Maybe you could just make that one of your rules
    in the three heart challenge (You cannot get the Lens of Truth).  Good luck.
    Question: How come you can't L target Moblins in the Sacred Forest Meadow but
    you can lots of other useless stuff.
    Answer: Who knows?  Like I say below, maybe they had other plans in store for
    the game that never got added in.
    Question: Why do you always say "L Target"?
    Answer: You see, I originally planned to release a guide for Ocarina of
    Time/Master Quest for the Game Cube.  Halfway through, when I finished the
    Ocarina of Time guide, I submitted to the N64 version of the game and it was
    accepted.  Anyways, you use Z Targeting in Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64,
    but L Targeting on the Game Cube.  Hope that didn't cause confusion.
    Question: Where can I find arrows, bombs, and so on without having to buy them?
    Answer: That's a good question.  I prefer going to Lake Hylia.  It is easy,
    especially with the Serenade of Water.  There are tons of shrubs that have the
    items you mentioned.  Try going there.  Of course, using the Nocturne of Shadow
    to reach Kakariko and buying stuff isn't that bad.  You get lots of rupees in
    Question: I accidentally destroyed a sign I needed to read.  What do I do?
    Answer: If you leave an area and come back the sign will be mended, but to do
    the work yourself play Zelda's Lullaby.  By doing this the sign reassembles
    itself.  You can actually do many interesting things to signs with your weapons.
    Question: Where is the potion shop?
    Answer: In Kakariko Village (Child or Adult), near the entrance to Death
    Mountain Trail.  To reach the old hag 'round back, take a door to the side of
    the merchant.
    Question: What would you say the best health-replenishing item is?
    Answer: That is a good question (for once).  If you ten hearts or less the very
    best item is Lon Lon Milk.  One reason is that is free (Go to Lon Lon Ranch and
    play Epona's Song for the cows), and the other is that is can be used twice.  If
    you have more than ten hearts than bottle a fairy.  It will revive you when you
    die.  The potions are not good to use because they are overpriced.  Plus,
    although they restore all your health, you could just drink Lon Lon Milk twice
    for the same effect.  Lon Lon Milk is free, potions aren't.
    Question: How can I get bottled fairies fast?
    Answer: Warp to Sacred Forest Meadow with the Minuet of Forest and go backward
    (Away from the Forest Temple).  Kill or avoid the Moblin and climb the ladder.
    In the first pit is a fairy fountain.
    Question: I keep trying to get this one Silver Rupee but every time I touch it,
    I can't get it.  What's up with that?
    Answer: There are two possibilities in such a scenario.  One is that you're
    playing Master Quest in the Fire Route (part of Ganon's Castle); that one is
    tricky on purpose (refer to the guide for the actions you must take to get it).
    The other possibility is that you're trying to Hook/Longshot through a silver
    rupee while wearing the Zora Tunic.  squirrel_master_me, a reader, has told me
    that it's impossible to do that for some strange, glitchy reason, so just try
    changing your garb.
    Question: In my friend's game Ganon's blood is red, but in mine it is green.  Am
    I colorblind?
    Answer: You may be, but there is a more probable solution.  You see, in the
    original version of the game Ganon had red blood.  But after a few angry phone
    calls Nintendo, changed it to green.  You can also see blood when you kill
    something underwater.
                             |    Side Quest Questions    |
    Question: In your piece of heart section you said that you need to find the
    correct dog that belongs to the lady for one of them.  How am I supposed to know
    which is the right dog?  They're all moving!
    Answer: The right dog is in the main square of Hyrule Market Town; he's in the
    corner by the Bazaar (above is a window a man is looking out of in his wait for
    the beautiful sunrise over Hyrule Castle).  It's the grayish-white dog over here,
    not the brown one.  (As an aside, Majora's Mask's version of the Mask of Truth
    allowed you to speak to dogs, which would prove quite useful in this side quest.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't work in this game.)
    Question: Where is the Deku crowd you keep talking about?
    Answer: In the Lost Woods, when you enter through Kokiri Forest, go right, left,
    right, left, left, and fall in a hole.  Here you are.
    Question: How do I get the Biggoron's Sword anyway?
    Answer: It involves a long trading sequence in adulthood.  Look at the section
    entitled "Equipment Upgrades" for further details.
    Question: I keep trying to give the Broken Giant's Knife to the Biggoron but he
    won't accept it.  What do I do?
    Answer: Do not give it to the Biggoron in Goron City.  Give it to the Biggoron
    by the Great Fairy Fountain where you got the Spin Attack.
    Question: How do I get the Mask of Truth?
    Answer: Look under "Equipment Upgrades."  The same goes for all mask-related
    side quests.
    Question: How do I get the Ice Arrows?
    Answer: Read the guide under "Gerudo Training Grounds."
    Question: How do I get the bottles?
    Answer: To learn that and more, see the oh-so appropriately named "Equipment
    Upgrades" section.
    Question: I used the bottle glitch and my game is messed up.  What do I do?
    Answer: Don't save!  But if you have, it is too late.  You have a messed up file
    and there's nothing you can do about it.  But, if you accidentally traded your
    Ocarina of Time in for a bottle, when Sheik teaches you a tune you still pull it
    out.  Neat, huh?
    Question: How do I get a cow in my house?
    Answer: After you've saved Epona as an adult talk to Malon and she'll ask you to
    play a game.  Beat her record and she'll have a cow delivered to your home.
    This is also covered under "Equipment Upgrades."
    Question: Why would I want a cow?
    Answer: Play Epona's Song for a cow and it will produce Lon Lon Milk, which
    restores your health when you use it and can be drank twice.
    Question: Why do I need Gold Skulltula tokens?
    Answer: You don't.  They do, however, come in handy as every so many you get
    transforms the cursed family in the Skulltula House (Kakariko Village) into
    humans.  They reward you with cool items like the Stone of Agony or the Giant's
    Question: I already planted a magic bean in a dirt patch.  Can I still get the
    Gold Skulltula?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question: How can I buy a 200 rupee item if the maximum I can carry is 99?
    Answer: I have an "Equipment Upgrade" section for a reason; that is a good
    question, just not well researched.  You see, there are three wallets total.
    There is the regular one that can hold 99 rupees (you start with it), the
    Adult's Wallet that can hold 200, and the Giant's Wallet, which holds 500.  You
    can get those last two wallets in one way only - collecting Gold Skulltula
    tokens.  For more information see the Gold Skulltula sections.
    Question: What does the Stone of Agony do, anyway?
    Answer: In case you're not aware the Stone of Agony is a reward in the Gold
    Skulltula mini-quest.  The Stone of Agony is not very useful.  It doesn't
    actually do anything in terms of offense or defense, but it makes your
    controller rumble when you near a secret grotto.  The Stone of Agony is useless
    to you on two conditions.  The first is that you chose to turn the rumble
    feature off.  The second is that you are using a Wave Bird Wireless controller,
    which cannot shake.
    Question: Where is the fishing mini-game?
    Answer: In Lake Hylia.  Go as a kid for a heart piece, adult for the Gold Scale.
    For more information, read "Fishing Mini-Game."
    Question: How do I catch a Hyrule Loach and what does it do?
    Answer: It does nothing, but it provides bragging rights and 50 rupees.  See the
    "Fishing Mini-Game" section for details on it and other fishing-related
    Question: How do I get Scarecrow's Song?
    Answer: It is people like you who ask the same question who drove me to make a
    Scarecrow's Song section.  Read it.
    Question: I keep showing the stupid scarecrow my ocarina and he does nothing.
    How do I get the Scarecrow's Song?
    Answer: There are two distinct possibilities.  One is that you're an adult, in
    which case you cannot get the song.  You can only get it as a kid.  Second,
    you're talking to Pierre, not Bonooru.  Bonooru is the self-proclaimed music
    genius scarecrow who teaches the song to Pierre; Pierre is the self-proclaimed
    wandering scarecrow who's absent during adulthood.  It could even be a
    combination of one and two.  You must be a kid and talk to Bonooru, the one that
    is higher elevated.  For more information, see "Scarecrow's Song."
                                |    Rumor Control    |
    Question: Can I get the Triforce?
    Answer: Even though it is on the subscreen, you cannot get it.  It is a nice
    decoration, though.
    Question: I beat the game with the three heart challenge.  Is there a special
    Answer: There is only one ending.  The "Three Heart Challenge" is playing
    through the game without ever picking up a heart container or piece.  There is
    no secret ending to the game.  Period.
    Question: I didn't die once throughout the entire game.  Is there a secret
    Answer: Congratulations, but no.  See above question.
    Question: I found the secret dungeon in Kakariko inside the windmill.
    Answer: Sure you did.  There is no such dungeon, but you can go inside a secret
    alcove of the windmill by using the Longshot to go onto one of the blades of the
    Question: Can you replay the bosses?
    Answer: Sadly, no.  There is only one (Two, really) boss that you can fight
    whenever you want and that is Ganondorf.  That is because you cannot save after
    you beat him.
    Question: I read your FAQ.  Who is the Marathon Man?
    Answer: Well, if you've ever played Majora's Mask you'll know him as the postman.
    But in Hyrule the Marathon Man is the guy you give the Bunny Hood to in the Mask
    of Truth trade.
    Question: Great.  So where is the Marathon Man?
    Answer: Go to Gerudo Valley and enter the carpenter's tent.  Inside is the
    Marathon Man.  Talk to him and he'll challenge you to a race to Kokiri Forest.
    He hints that you get something good if you beat him.  When you're a kid, he
    runs around Hyrule Field, stopping to take breaks from time to time.  Here's a
    specific way to find him:
    There is no one place the Marathon Man always stops.  It's variable, depending
    on what time of day it was when you enter Hyrule Field (he plops down wherever
    he happens to be when he tires out).  But, there is one relatively easy-to-find
    location that he ALWAYS passes in each of his rounds.  Go to the entrance of Lon
    Lon Ranch, and go directly northeast of it to the end of a pathway.  There are
    two other ends-of-paths nearby, but you're wanting the southernmost one of the
    three (use your map to interpret directions).  You can see Death Mountain and
    the stairs of Kakariko Village to the northeast, and Hyrule Castle almost
    exactly north of there.  If you look to the northwest, you can see a lone tree
    with autumn-colored leaves.  The running man passes this stop every time he runs
    around the ranch, so just stand there and wait until you see him.  Then follow
    him, wait for him to sit down, and give him the mask (wow, he really runs faster
    with the Bunny Hood on, huh?).  And please, stop asking me that question!
    Question: Is it possible to beat the Marathon Man?
    Answer: No.  It is impossible.  Every time you race him he just barely beats you.
    Don't try using the Minuet of Forest either, because that won't work.  Even if
    you use Epona you'll still lose.  They probably had some use for him in the
    early stages of the game but their deadline forbid them from finishing him up.
    So instead of deleting the Marathon Man side quest they just made him impossible.
    I don't want e-mail telling me that you beat him.  You cannot.  It is physically
    impossible unless you opened up the cartridge and changed the game.  Period.
    Question: Why would they do such a thing?
    Answer: Hello!  Anybody home?  Seriously, read the above question.  I will
    repeat it for all of you who cannot read.  The Marathon Man race was probably
    originally intended to be an actual event that led to something.  But due to
    either budget or deadline, they were unable to finish the game.  That is also
    (Probably) the reason they didn't let you save after you beat Ganondorf.  It
    would take a month to input all those new phrases for people to say.  And
    besides, who would want to play it then, anyway? [This is all speculation, but
    during development of this game, Miyamoto, the creator of it, revealed that he
    changed the location of one particular Piece of Heart.  Perhaps that Piece of
    Heart was originally gotten by beating the Marathon Man... *rubs chin in deep
                        |    Storyline/Character Questions    |
    Question: Who is Sheik?
    Answer: I'm not saying.  It is one of the better parts of the storyline.
    Question: Why do Ingo and Talon seem so familiar...?
    Answer: An excellent question.  Talon is based on Mario, and Ingo is based on
    Luigi (the star characters of the Super Mario series).  Talon is the lazy one
    who gets all the glory, while Ingo works hard to get no credit.  Ocarina of Time
    shows us a sort of "Luigi's Revenge" in terms of the adult ranch.
    Question: I hate Kaepora Gaebora.  Can you kill him?
    Answer: No, although one of my friends once told me there is a glitch that can
    be performed at Lake Hylia so that the branch is going through his head.
    Question: What is the name of that weird guy who thinks everyone is disgusting?
    Answer: Grog.  I don't know why you want to know, but I'm not here to judge.
    Question: I was playing Majora's Mask and I noticed a lot of people from Ocarina
    of Time.  Let me tell you about it.
    Answer: No.  I know more than I will ever need to know about characters from
    Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.  One person asked me the name of the one punk
    is (You give Cojiro to in the Biggoron's Sword trade) and I said Grog.  Well,
    Grog is the character in Majora's Mask, who is his double, who gives you the
    Bunny Hood.  Yes, I know all about them.  So please, I know you mean well, but
    I'm afraid there is just not enough time in the day to recall all the characters
    from that game.
    Question: What language do the people of Hyrule speak?
    Answer: Seriously, this was a question (wasn't quite sure where to put it,
    either).  Well, I would assume that they speak Hylian.  Note that in the Wind
    Waker a few of the spirits of old speak in a foreign language that no one
    understands.  This is probably old Hylian, since the Wind Waker is set in the
    future.  After all, English has changed a lot over time.  Just listen to the
    Deku Tree.
    Question: What is on the back of every medallion?
    Answer: If you look when you get it after a boss fight it is the Triforce.  Also
    it is interesting to point out that a few of the medallions are the same (Aside
    from color) and that two are out of order.
                           |    Guide-Related Questions    |
    Question: What does copyright mean?
    Answer: Reading the legal section, are we?  I know that it is everyone's
    favorite part of the guide.  Have you ever noticed an encircled "C" symbol at
    the bottom of websites (it is: (c)).  Copyright protects my guide from plagiarism
    and allows me to take legal actions against plagiarists.
    Question: Can I use your walkthrough on my site?
    Answer: No.  Read my legal section for specific details.
    Question: What other guides have you written?
    Answer: This one's my eighth, but I've written many.  Please use this link to
    see my other guides:
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: First, I'd like to set out a few guidelines.  All contact occurs through
    e-mails (not IMs or anything else), which must relate to the guide (no chain
    letters, socializing, etc.).  Please put "Ocarina of Time" or the name of the
    guide in the subject.  Make sure to examine the entire guide before e-mailing me.
    In my prime, I answered e-mails pretty regularly, but now it's on a very
    irregular basis with lots of gaps, so it's in your best interest to read the
    guide instead of waiting for me to answer your questions.  I don't open
    attachments.  Finally, be specific in your question.  Thanks in advance.  You
    can e-mail me at:
    And that's all folks!  Now, let us proceed; to the legal section, make haste!
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     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    =========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================
    Here are my credits.  I bet everyone just used CTRL + F to get here because this
    is their favorite section.  Well, here is my list of credits.
                                   |    Credits    |
    - One, myself, for writing the walkthrough.
    - Two, Nintendo for making an awesome game.
    - Three, Gamefaqs for posting my walkthrough.  They are the only site that may.
    Now here is my list of other people who helped me.
    - xcaliberadh for telling me how to get a free Hylian Shield.
    - 30bball, who sent in a tip for Hookshotting Freezzards.
    - joshua_hagins, for sending in one of the Deku Stick capacity upgrades.
    - Alienantfarm1279, who made an interesting observation about the color of
    clothes of the Gerudo Thief (see the enemies section).
    - Colin Corcoran, who sent in the Biggoron's Sword tip for beating Dark Link.
    - loomisae, who supplied a tip that makes the Gohma fight even faster: slingshot
    her eye when she's about to lay an egg and she'll fall down stunned.
    - roberto447, who told me that the Hylian Shield can defend against King Dodogno.
    - pyrodude15, who gave a handy tip for getting the Biggoron's Sword.
    - asonj87, who told me what the Spooky Mask's special effect is for.
    - Daniel Griswell, who sent in a tip about saving during the final boss battle.
    - Dlyman46578, for correcting a statement I made about needing the Boomerang to
    get Gold Skulltula # 24 (you can just climb the wall).
    - frasermoo, for sending great tips for painlessly defeating the early Jabu-
    Jabu's Belly enemies - Deku Nuts and the Slingshot (for Octoroks).
    - Jibberish, for telling me how throwing Princess Ruto at enemies is so
    - shidenkaitos, for telling me that you don't need to target a Like Like during
    the Water Temple, but there's also a target on the ceiling (before I said you
    had to target the Like Like).  Someone else sent in this tip, but I lost the e-
    mail, so props to whoever that was...
    - UnderworldKing, for reminding me to include Skull Kid in the enemy list.
    - aw_johansson, for sending in a good alternate way to get the Piece of Heart on
    Death Mountain Trail.
    - scary_louis, for telling me about using the Hookshot on Flare Dancers.
    - lazypunk120289, who sent in the tip about the small dark circle you can bomb
    to bring Dead Hand out, visible only with the Lens of Truth.  It's a much better
    way to draw him out than falling victim to the dead arms.
    - squirrel_master_me, who told me that you can't get a Silver Rupee by passing
    through it with the Hook/Longshot while wearing the Zora Tunic.  A very strange
    - krisspike131, who offered the tip on bypassing the adult version of the Sacred
    Forest Meadow by using the Scarecrow's Song.
    - harmlesspaperbag, who told me that killing Like Likes quickly after they steal
    your gear can get it back to you.  I was aware of this, but I never said it in
    my guide, probably because I was so scared of Like Likes I never got close
    enough to actually fall victim to one.  Thanks for the reminder!
    - kylejeff, who told me that if you stand against the gate that locks you into
    the boss arena with Phantom Ganon, his energy attacks (during the horseback
    phase of the battle) can't hit you.
    - linker, who corrected me when I said you could buy Magic Beans as an adult
    (which would be pretty pointless anyways...) in the heart piece section.
    - I'm only mentioning it here, but kingofhearts21291 has this neat-o observation:
    "If you cast Farore's wind away from the door, it will end up at the top."
    That's it for now, but I'm sure it will grow.  Now legal stuff.
                              |    Legal Information    |
    First off, this guide is Copyright 2004-2007 Brian McPhee.
    Second, I take no part in the production, programming, directing, distribution,
    or otherwise making of the game.  That honor goes to Nintendo, not me.
    Finally, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Also, all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Only Gamefaqs may use this on their site.  No one else may, so don't ask.
    Well, this walkthrough is over with (Lucky # 7).  I hope you found it useful.
    Keep reading and I'll keep writing.  See ya later.

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