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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jr Pikachu

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/20/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Legend of Zelda
    Ocarina of Time
    Version 1.2 (01/20/99)
    Jr Pikachu
    Version 1.2: Scrapped the old FAQ design, completely rewrote the whole
    Version 1.1: Added on to walkthrough
    Version 1.0: First version, most things up
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Table of Contents
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    1. Introduction
    2. Story
    3. Controlling Link
    4. Heart Container Pieces
    5. 100 Gold Skulltulas
    6. Walkthrough
    Kokiri Emerald
    Goron's Ruby
    Zora's Saphire
    Light Medallion
    Forest Medallion
    Fire Medallion
    Water Medallion
    Shadow Medallion
    Spirit Medallion
    Toppling Gannondorf
    7. 4 Bottles, 10 Big Poes, 7 Cuccos, Soft Soil Locations
    8. Young Link's Trading Sequence
    9. Adult Link's Trading Sequence
    10. Mini-Games and Side Tasks
    11. Women of Hyrule
    12. Characters
    13. Items, Weapons and Armor
    14. Enemies
    15. Bosses
    16. Ocarina Songs
    17. Fairy Stuff
    18. Credits
    19. Legal Stuff
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    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Zelda 64 (short for The Legend of Zelda:
    Ocarina of Time). If you are playing Zelda for the first time, pleeze do
    not use this FAQ, as it will simply ruin the greatest game (IMHO) ever for
    you. If you have been stuck on one area for a while, it's alright to take a
    peek. If you have already beaten the game, feel free to look around, so you
    can find things you may have missed. Wait a minute, if I'm saying that, why
    am I writing this? This is supposed to help people along in their games, so
    I guess it's all right for you first-timers to use this. : P
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Long ago, before anything existed, three beautiful Godesses existed. Din,
    Nayru and Farore existed to create a great world. Din used her talents to
    create the red earth, Nayru used her talents to create law and peace for
    this land and Farore used her talents to create the beings who would uphold
    this law. Five races were created. The fish-like Zora's, that lived
    underwater. The rock-eating Gorons who lived in the fiery mountains. The
    young Kokiri that resided in the forest, watched over by the great Deku
    Tree. The dangerous Gerudo, who took up home in the desert, and finally,
    the peaceful Hylians, who lived in the plains around the world, which was
    named Hyrule. Before the three Godesses left their created world, they
    created one more artifact. The Golden Triangle that came to be known as the
    mystical Triforce. The Triforce represented the three qualities of Hyrule.
    Power, Wisdom and Courage. Fearing that someone greedy would destroy the
    Triforce, Din, Nayru and Farore locked it up another dimension. This new
    dimension became very beautiful, so it was named the Golden Land. Fearing
    that one of the five races would attempt to steal the Sacred Triangle, a
    Sage known as Rauru erected the Temple of Light, which blocked the entrance
    to the Golden Land. The only way one get could go through was if he or she
    had all three aspects of the Triforce: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Decades
    passed. The Triforce was soon forgotten by most, but some still knew of the
    awesome Triangle, and the power one would have if he held the Triforce in
    his hand. The five races all became greedy, and they accused the other
    races of holding the key to the Golden Land. A great war soon broke out.
    The war lasted for over fifty years. But then, a new King rised. He was
    able to stop the war and uphold peace once more. A few years later, in one
    of the few centuries it happens, a King was named for the Gerudos.
    Gannondorf. He was immensly evil, and the greediest Gerudo in the history
    of them all. As he was going through some old scrolls, he came across one
    that interested him greatly. One that contained information of the
    Triforce. He learned that in order to break the seal of the Temple of
    Light, he would need only four items. The three Spiritual Stones, guarded
    by three of the races in Hyrule. The fourth was the Treasure of the Royal
    Family, the Ocarina of Time. Around this time, a young Kokiri boy lived in
    the Forest, without a fairy. He had been having nightmares for some time
    now. Also, the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, was also having nightmares, only
    she thought of hers as prophecies. The Deku Tree sent a fairy, Navi, to the
    fairy-less boy, as the wise Tree knew that the boy, Link, was the one who
    would become the legendary Hero of Time. So, as Gannondorf set out to
    capture the four items that would allow him to break the seal of the Golden
    Land, Link also set out to get them before the evil Gannondorf did, as he
    knew that if Gannondorf got his hands on the Triforce, Hyrule would be
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Controlling Link
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    The controls are complicated at first, but with a lot of practise, you
    should get the hang of them. 
    Control Stick: Moves Link around. Hold it a little bit forward and Link
    walks. Hold it to the max and he will run.
    Z Button: Locks on to enemies, people and objects. Centers camera as well.
    This is also known as "Battle Mode".
    A Button: The Action Icon. This allows you to do dozens of things, ranging
    from Climbing to Opening to Diving. This also allows you to talk to people.
    B Button: Press this once to unsheathe your sword. If your sword is already
    out, you will swing the blade. More sword moves below.
    C-Up: Listen to Navi or switch to first-person view.
    C-Down, C-Left, C-Right: Assing weapons and items to these three buttons.
    R Button: Use this to hold your Shield in front of you. If you simply hold
    R, you can't move, but can use your sword while shielding yourself. If you
    are in Battle Mode and you hold your Shield out, you can move around but
    you can't attack. 
    L Button: Toggles Map on/off
    Start Button: Pauses game.
    Offensive and Defensive Moves
    Offensive Sword Tactics
    Slash: Press B
    Overhead Slash: In Battle Mode, press B
    Stab: In Battle Mode, press Up on the Control Stick and B
    Sword Spin: Move the Control Stick in a 360 and press B, or hold B, then
    Jump Attack: In Battle Mode, press A while moving forward or standing
    Defensive Moves
    Forward Roll: Run forward and press A
    Backflip: In Battle Mode, press Back on the Control Stick and A
    Sidejump: Press Control Stick Left or Right and A
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Heart Container Pieces
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    YL: Young Link
    AL: Adult Link
    BL: Both Links (either you can get it with either one or you must get it
    using both)
    1. Lon Lon Ranch-YL-At the back end of the Ranch is a tower, inside it are
    a bunch of crates. Move them around until you can get to the back wall, and
    then crawl through the hole to get the HCP.
    2. Death Mountain-BL-As a child, plant some beans near the entrance to
    Death mountain, and come back as an adult. The sprout will fly you up to a
    3. Hyrule Field-BL-Near the entrance to Lake Hylia, in the fenced in are,
    toss a Bomb into the middle of the area, when it explodes a hole will be
    there, drop down and deflect the Deku Scrubs nut back at it. He will sell
    you a HCP.
    4. Hyrule Field-BL-Near the North side of Lon Lon Ranch, bomb the trees
    until one exposes a hole containing a HCP.
    5. Kakariko Village-BL-As a kid, get the owl to fly you from Death Mountain
    down to the Kakariko Village rooftop, then drop down onto the ledge, and
    enter the house to get the caged HCP. As an adult, use the Longshot to get
    up to the ledge.
    6. Kakariko Village-AL-Use your Longshot to get on the roof with the man
    sitting on it and he will give you a HCP.
    7. Graveyard-YL-Get Dampe to dig up the graves until he finds the randomly
    placed HCP. 
    8. Graveyard-AL-Race Dampes Ghost, and when you get to the end, play the
    Song of Time to make the blue block disappear, then enter the windmill and
    jump to the platform with the HCP on it.
    9. Graveyard-AL-Beat Dampes race in under a minute and you will recieve a
    10. Kakariko Village-BL-Kill 50 Gold Skulltulas and recieve a HCP from the
    Cursed Family.
    11. Graveyard-BL-As a child, plant beans in the Graveyard and come back as
    an adult to get a ride up to a HCP.
    12. Graveyard-BL-Pull one of the graves in the Graveyard (don't remember
    what one) to drop into a secret hole. Play the Suns Song to get a HCP in
    13. Zora's River-YL-Play the Song of Storms for the Frogs here and they
    will give you a HCP.
    14. Zora's River-YL-Play every song you have for the Frogs to get another
    15. Zora's River-BL-Use a Cucco to reach the HCP on the high platform in
    the middle of the river.
    16. Zora's River-BL-Use a Cucco to reach the HCP by the waterfall leading
    to Zora's Domain.
    17. Market-YL-Win the Treasure Chest game to get a HCP at the end.
    18. Market-YL-Win the Bombchu Bowling game when the prize is a HCP.
    19. Market-YL-At night, return the white dog by the Bazaar to the back
    alley woman to get a HCP.
    20. Lost Woods-YL-Play Saria's Song for the lone Skull Kid on the stump and
    he will be your friend and give you a HCP.
    21. Lost Woods-YL-Play songs on your Ocarina with the Skull Kids until they
    give you a HCP.
    22. Zora's Domain-YL-Light the torches behind the waterfall to make a chest
    appear containing a HCP.
    23. Zora's Fountain-AL-Leap across the glaciers until you reach the HCP.
    24. Ice Cavern-AL-Use Blue Fire to dethaw the HCP frozen in the Red Ice.
    25. Zora's Fountain-AL-Use the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic to sink to the
    bottom of the lake, then look around for the HCP.
    26. Death Mountain Crater-AL-Explore the are until you find an alcove with
    a HCP in it.
    27. Death Mountain Crater-BL-Plant beans as a child, then return as an
    adult to ride to a HCP.
    28. Goron City-YL-Light all the torches on the lower level of Goron City to
    make the urn spin. Then throw a Bomb in to get a HCP.
    29. Lake Hylia-YL-Catch a nine or ten pound fish at the Fishing Pond to get
    a HCP.
    30. Lake Hylia-BL-When you get the Golden Scale, dive to the bottom of the
    well in the crazy guys house at Lake Hylia to nab a HCP.
    31. Lake Hylia-BL-Plant the beans as a child, come back as an adult,
    yadayadayada, you know the drill by now.
    32. Gerudo Valley-BL-Take a Cucco and jump into the waterfall. You will
    land on a hidden platform with a HCP on it.
    33. Gerudo Valley-BL-Opposite the waterfall is a narrow canyon. Take a
    Cucco, and jump to the canyon. You should see a ledge with a HCP on it.
    34. Gerudo Fortress-AL-Use your Longshot to get to a chest on top of the
    fortress with the HCP in it.
    35. Gerudo Fortess-AL-Score 1000 Points in the Horseback Archery Game to
    win a HCP.
    36. Desert Colossus-BL-Plant the beans as a child, come back as an adult,
    fly up to the HCP.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    100 Gold Skulltulas
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    (NOTE: I currently do not have a list of the Gold Skulltulas that are in
    the dungeons. I only have a listing of the ones out around Hyrule. If you
    have a dungeon list of Gold Skulltulas, please e-mail them to me:
    atlantic1@sprint.ca )
    YL-Young Link
    AL-Adult Link
    BL-Both Links
    YL-At night, there is one behind the Know-It-All Brothers house.
    YL-Put a bottle of bugs on the bean hole to make one pop out.
    AL-At night there is one behind the House of Twins.
    BL-Near the gate to Hyrule Castle, in a tree.
    BL-Near the Gerudo Valley entrance, in the circle of stones.
    YL-Inside the house with all the pots, one is hiding in a crate.
    YL-Play the Song of Storms by the Castle entrance to reval a secret grotto.
    YL-Hiding in a tree at the entrance of the Castle.
    AL-Behind a brick arch leading to Ganon's Castle.
    YL-At the ranch gate, one is hiding in a tree.
    YL-One is behind the corral shed at night.
    YL-Near the shed at the back of the ranch at night.
    YL-On the window of Talons house at night.
    YL-In a tree near the village entrance, at night.
    YL-At night one is behind the House of Skulltula.
    YL-Behind a pile of bricks at the building under construction at night.
    YL-At night there is one in the Graveyard.
    YL-At the top of the lookout tower is one, once again, at night.
    AL-On the roof of Impa's house at night.
    YL-A bean hole near the Skull Kid holds one.
    YL-Another bean hole near the shortcut to Zora's River.
    AL-The bean sprout flies you to one at nighttime.
    BL-Bomb the cave to the right near the beginning to get one.
    YL-In a bean hole near the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern
    AL-A small nook above the entrance to Dodongo's cavern had one at
    AL-After all the falling rocks, there is one at night.
    YL-In a crate on the top floor.
    AL-The central platform had one beneath it at night.
    YL-At night one was by the ladder.
    YL-In a tree near the mouth of the river.
    AL-Near the middle of the are, at night, one is on the wall.
    AL-At night there is one before the entrance to Zora's Domain.
    AL-Above the waterfall at night.
    YL-In a tree on an island behind Jabu-Jabu.
    YL-To the right of the fallen log, at night.
    AL-A secret area near the entrance to the Fairy Fountain had one.
    YL-On the island where the Fire Arrow falls is one at night.
    YL-Behind the Lab at night.
    YL-In the bean hole when you put bugs in it.
    AL-In a crate at the bottom of the pool in the Lab.
    AL-In the tree above the Water Temple at night.
    YL-On the outer wall of the Graveyard.
    YL-One comes out of the bean hole.
    AL-To the east of the stairs was one, at night.
    YL-A bean hole held one.
    YL-Inside a crate at the entrance.
    YL-On the dirt wall by the log bridge.
    YL-In the bean hole.
    AL-Near the Carpenters Tent at night.
    AL-Under the stone arch at night.
    AL-On the Eastern wall of the Fortress.
    AL-Behind the Northern target pole at the Horseback Archery game.
    AL-Inside the structure where you met the Phantom Guide.
    YL-In the bean hole.
    AL-In a palm tree at night.
    AL-The bean platform gives you a ride to one.
    Again, if anyone has a list of the dungeon Skulltulas, please send it to
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Collecting the Kokiri Emerald
    Kokiri Forest
    After the opening story sequence, you will be inside your house. Go
    outside, and your best friend, Saria, will run up to your house. Go down
    and talk to her. After exploring the Forest you will learn that you can't
    get anywhere without the proper equipment and that some of the children
    are...strange (the rock-humping kid). So now it's off to get the Sword!
    Head up the hill to the left of your house, and go through the Training
    Center by hopping over the fences. Crawl through the hole at the end. Make
    your way to the upper-left corner here, while dodging the boulder. Open the
    chest to get the Kokiri Sword!!!
    Head back outside. Now run around through the grass, throw rocks and pots
    etc. until you get 40 rupees. Now head over to the shop (the house with the
    red roof) and buy the Deku Shield. Now exit the shop, and go left towards
    the Deku Tree's meadow. Talk to Mido (make sure you have your Sword and
    Shield equipped) to get him to move. Now make your way to the Deku Tree,
    killing the three Deku Babas along the way for Deku Sticks. 
    Dungeon #1:
    Deku Tree
    After the Deku Tree opens his mouth, head inside, and climb the ladder to
    your left. Continue along this path until you reach a chest containing the
    Map. Keep going until you reach a door. Go inside, and deflect the Deku
    Scrubs nut back at it. The door in front of will now unlock. Go inside this
    room. There are two ways to do this room. Jump across the platform and jump
    to the Slingshot in the chest, then turn around and use your Slingshot to
    shoot down the ladder. OR you could just drop down to the floor, climb up
    the vines, get the Slingshot, and jump across the platform. Go back to
    where the Map was. Shoot down the Skullwalltulas with your Slingshot, and
    climb the vines to the right. Drop down onto the ledge, and run until you
    find a door. Go in and step on the switch to raise the platforms. Hop
    across to get the Compass. Jump back down, and climb up the vines. Use a
    Deku Stick to light the unlit torch to open up the door. Go back onto the
    ledge, and head over to one of the drop-offs. A Big Skulltula will drop
    down. Kill him, then jump off the ledge. You must land in the middle of the
    spider web to break through. If you hit the sides, you'll bounce off and
    have to try again. When you do get through, you'll be in a room with water.
    Walk around until you find out where the shallow water is. Now climb up
    onto the platform with the switch and step on it. A torch bursts out in
    flames. Light a Deku Stick, then hop into the shallow water. Run over to
    the next platform, and burn the spiderweb covering the door.
    Kill the Deku Scrub in here. You will notice the door is blocked by iron
    bars. Whip out your Slingshot and shoot the eye above the door. The bars
    rise. Go through the door. Dive into the water. When you see the switch
    underwater, dive to hit it. The water will drain a little bit. Hurry,
    though, it doesn't last forever. Get out of the water, and jump onto the
    platform. Now it will safely carry you under the turning log. Jump onto the
    other side, and kill the big Skulltula up ahead. Push/Pull the block all
    the way, then climb on top of it. Jump up into the little alcove here. Go
    through the door.
    Kill the Skulltula ahead, then light a Deku Stick on the torch. Light the
    two unlit torches to open the next door. In the next room, light a Stick,
    and burn the web on the right side to reach a small hole you can crawl
    Push and pull the block here into the water. Hop across, light a Deku
    Stick, run back to the spiderweb on the floor, and swing the Deku Stick. It
    will burn the web. You must now do battle with three Deku Scrubs. Take them
    out in this order: the one in the middle, the one on the right, and then
    finally the one on the left. Now go onto Queen Gohmas chamber. 
    Look up at her to start the fight. See the Bosses section for details on
    taking her out. When she dies grab the Heart and step into the Blue Light.
    You will now get the Kokiri Emerald.
    Collecting the Goron's Ruby
    Kokiri Forest
    You must now leave the Forest. On the way out, Saria will give you a Fairy
    Ocarina. She then looks like she wants a kiss, but Link runs off (he's
    brave enough to fight big monsters but he can't even kiss an F'ing girl?).
    Hyrule Field
    You will meet the most annoying character in the game, the owl. He will
    give you a Map. Now run as fast as you can towards Hyrule Castle. If you
    make it before night, good, if not, prepare to fight off a lot of
    Stalchilds. Fight them until morning when the drawbridge will lower. 
    Market and Hyrule Castle
    After exploring the town, you will see a girl named Malon standing around.
    Talk to her to find out her dad is missing. Now move on to Hyrule Castle.
    Climb the vines, and hop off the ledge to get inside the Castle compound.
    Go get thrown out once. Yes, you heard me, just go do it. When you land
    outside, Malon will be standing by the vines. Talk to her to get a Strange
    Now head back into the Castle compound. Run over to the dead end, and wait
    there until night. Practise your Sword moves or something. When it's
    nighttime, run up the hill, being carful to avoid the two guards at the
    top. Now just run as far as you can go, and turn right. You will see a wall
    with some stones you can climb. Now run down and jump into the moat. Swim
    until the end, then look around for a spot you can get out. There will be a
    man there, sleeping. Wait until morning. The Strange Egg will hatch into a
    Cucco. Use it to wake the man up. You find out he's Talon, Malons father
    (do you see the resemblance?). He runs off fearing she is mad at him. Now
    push/pull both of the blocks into the water. Jump across into the alcove
    spilling water into the moat. Make sure it is day time still.
    When you get out, you have to make your way through the Courtyard. This
    isn't too hard. Just watch the guards for a minute or two to figure out
    their patterns, then run by when they're not looking. At the end lies
    Princess Zelda. 
    Talk to her to learn a bunch of crap and recieve Zelda's Letter. She will
    tell you to go talk to her attendent, Impa, the man-woman. Impa will teach
    you Zelda's Lullabye, then take you outside the Castle to Hyrule Field.
    Lon Lon Ranch
    When you get here, go look at the horses. Do you see them? Do you see them?
    Good. Because you can't have one for a while yet. Instead go play Talons
    mini-game (See the section way down below) to win a Bottle. Then go onto
    the field to see Malon with a horse named Epona (that's the horse you get).
    Talk to her to learn Epona's Song. It's off to the Lost Woods.
    Lost Woods
    This place is really confusing if you don't know where to go. The correct
    path to reach Saria is: Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Right.
    This will lead you to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Once you're there, you must
    fight a Wolfos. Just block his attacks, then strike. Then make your way
    through the maze, it's not very hard, there's just a lot of Deku Scrubs. At
    the end of the maze, head up the stairs and kill the two Deku Scrubs. Now
    go up and talk to Saria to learn Saria's Song. If you look up here, you
    will see the Forest Temple, but that's not until later in your quest. Time
    to head to Kakariko Village.
    Kakariko Village
    The first thing you should do here is get the Chicken Womans seven Cuccos
    back into her pen to get a Bottle (see the section down a bit). Then head
    into the Graveyard. Make sure that stupid little kid isn't around, then
    pull the grave in the front row surrounded by flowers. Drop into the hole
    to find the Hylian Shield. Then head to the back of the graveyard, to the
    big tombstone. Play Zelda's Lullabye to make it disappear, then drop down.
    In the first room, kill all the Keese to open the door. Then in the next
    room it's a good idea to kill all of the ReDeads before moving on. At the
    end is the Sun's Song for you to learn. Head back out into the village.
    Head up the path to Death Mountain. You must show the guard there Zelda's
    Letter to get through.
    Death Mountain
    Move along the path until you find Dodongo's Cavern. You will see it is
    blocked off by a giant boulder. Keep moving up the mountain until you find
    Goron City.
    Goron City
    Get down to the bottom floor of the city, either by jumping down (you don't
    take damage) or by running down the stairs. Then stand on the mat in front
    of the blocked door and play Zelda's Lullaby to open the door. Inside you
    meet Darunia, who is a bit cranky. Play Saria's Song to cheer him up, and
    he will give you the Goron's Bracelet. Now leave the city.
    Death Mountain
    Take the path up to the Goron and the Bomb Flower near the entrance to
    Goron City. Pick the Bomb, and throw it over the cliff. If you do it right,
    it will blow up the boulder, letting you into Dodongo's Cavern. Haul your
    rear end down there.
    Dungeon #2
    Dodongo's Cavern
    Pick the Bomb Flower and throw it at the wall in front of you to blast
    through. Now you're in the main room of the area. Drop down to your right,
    and run around the ledge, until you find the ladder. Climb it, and use a
    Bomb Flower to kill the Beamos up ahead. Pick another Bomb, and bomb the
    part to the right. Run down the hall, killing all the Dodongo Larva. WATCH
    OUT, when they die, they explode, so be careful. At the end is a switch
    that won't stay down. Pull one of the statues on top of it to keep it
    weighed down. Go through the door.
    Now you have to fight a pair of Lizalfos. Use Sword-fighting techniques, or
    be a little pussy and stun them with a Deku Nut before attacking. Once
    they're both gone, a door will un-lock, allowing you to continue. First
    kill all the Dodongo's in here, then light a Deku Stick on fire, and light
    all the torches to open up the next door. You're back in the main room.
    Step on the switch. A door across the way opens.
    Get over there. Pick the Bomb, and hurl it at the strange area on the wall.
    Inside is the Compass, surrounded by Armos'! You only have to kill one of
    them to get at the Compass. Head back out. Now you must pick a Bomb, and
    place it in the middle of all the Bomb Flowers (where the little splits are
    on the left and right side). When that Bomb goes off, it triggers the rest
    of them to go off. This lowers some stairs. Go up and through the door.
    You don't have to fight any Armos' in here, if you just pull the one that
    is a staue away from the ladder. Climb the ladder, and hit the switch. Go
    across the bridge, then drop into the little maze with switchblades moving
    around. At the end is a block for you to climb, so do it. Leap off onto the
    platform with the Bomb Flower on it. Hurl the Bomb at the wall by where you
    climbed the block. If you timed it right, it will blow up as it is close to
    the wall. Go into this new door. There is a platform with a fire on it in
    front of you. See the eyeball? Shoot it with your Slingshot. The fire will
    be extinguished. Continue on. Now fight the Lizalfos in this room. In the
    next room, there are two platforms on fire. Shoot the eye above the door to
    get onto the first pillar. Turn to your left, and shoot the other eye to
    put out the second fire. In the next room, open the...(oh damn...i just
    realized i forgot to tell you where the map is..oh well, you're using a
    walkthrough, what do you need it for?). Anyways, open the chest to get the
    Bomb Bag. Move on to the next room, and hit the switch. Head back to the
    main room now.
    Jump on the pillar that rises and falls, then jump to the ledge. Go onto
    the bridge with two holes in it. Drop a Bomb into each of the holes. They
    will land in the eye holes of the Dodongo skeleton. When both eyes have
    been blown, the mouth will open. Drop down and enter.
    There is another switch that won't stay down, so head into the tunnel to
    your right. You then get to a room where you have to climb up blocks to get
    to the top ledge. Do that. Then run into the next tunnel, and you will find
    a block. Push it out into that room with the switch, and push/pull it into
    the hole. Go through the door. Open the chest if you are low on Bombs, then
    bomb the shadow in the middle of the room.
    Drop into the hole to face King Dodongo. See Bosses for details on how to
    whoop his tail. After he's gone, grab the Heart and enter the Blue Light.
    Collecting the Zora's Saphire
    Death Mountain
    Head up to the summit of the mountain. Bomb the left part of the wall and
    enter the Great Fairy Fountain to learn the magic Sword Spin and get your
    Magic Meter.
    Hyrule Castle
    Return to Hyrule Castle, and bomb the dead end boulder. Head inside there
    to find another Great Fairy Fountain. The fairy will give you Din's Fire.
    Zora's River
    Make your way here from Hyrule Field. Blow up the boulders in your way, and
    then go grab the Cucco. Now you can use it to make it to the other side of
    the river and to get the two HCP's here. Just follow the trail here until
    you reach the waterfall. Stand on the little Triforce symbol, and play
    Zelda's Lullabye. The waterfall will die down, and you can enter.
    Zora's Domain
    Is it just me, or is the only Zora male King Zora? The rest of them
    have...well, you know....chests. Go up the path, not bothering to take the
    first right turn, and go up the stairs. You will see King Zora. Stand up on
    the platform and talk to him. You will learn his daughter (ewww...look at
    him, he has a daughter?), Princess Ruto is missing. Go left and talk to the
    Zora atop the waterfall. Pay her to play the Diving Game. See the
    appropriate section for details. If you win, look around in the water you
    are in, and you will spot a ladder. Climb it, but don't go right. If you
    do, you will have to do the game over. Instead, go left and follow the
    trail back up to the Zora. She (he?) will give you the Silver Scale. Now
    you can dive deeper. Dive back down the waterfall, and you should spot an
    underwater passageway. Dive down there to warp to Lake Hylia.
    Lake Hylia
    When you come out, you should spot a bottle in the water. Dive down to get
    it, inside is a note. It is a plea for help from Princess Ruto. She is
    stuck inside Lord Jab-Jabu. Now, if you want, you can head over to the
    Fishing Pond to have some fun, or you can just dive back down to Zora's
    Zora's Domain
    Take the note from Ruto up to King Zora. After seeing the note, he will
    move aside, in a rather funny way. Take the empty bottle back to the
    shallow water. Catch a fish here in the bottle. Return to King Zora. Take
    the path behind him to find Jabu-Jabu. Release the fish in front of him. He
    will open his mouth and suck you in.
    Dungeon #3
    Inside Jabu-Jabu
    First, kill the pair of Octoroks in front of you. Then, take out all the
    Bubbles. You will then come to a dead end. Turn around, and look up. Shoot
    the uvula, and the stuff moves out of the way. Open the...throat tissue.
    Run across the ledge in this room, and open the door. You will see Ruto.
    After talking to her, she will walk away and fall down a hole. Drop in
    after her. Talk to her twice so she let's you carry her. Turn around and go
    through the door (the tissue). Drop into the water, and throw her onto the
    opposite ledge. Step on the switch, and the water will rise. Swim up to the
    ledge with Ruto. Carry her on, until you come to another dead end. Shoot
    the uvula with your Slingshot. The door opens.
    Kill the Octorok, and wait for the elevator. Ride it up. Head back into the
    room where you found Ruto, and avoid the holes and head into the door at
    the end. Go right, and step on the switch. Place Ruto on the switch to hold
    it down, then run into the next room. Kill all the enemies here and a chest
    will appear. In it is the Boomerang. Exit, and grab Ruto again. Go all the
    way to the left side, and put Ruto on the switch. Go in the room, and use
    your Boomerang to kill the Tentacle. A chest with the Map inside will
    appear. The tentacle blocking that hall is now gone, so head into the room
    down there. You must beat the bubbles in under 40 seconds. The strategy I
    use is lock on to them and hurl the Boomerang, and while the Boomerange
    goes, run into one (they don't do very much damage) then catch the
    boomerange and repeat. If you beat them in the time limit, a chest with the
    Compass appears.
    Head back out, and enter the new door. Kill the Tentacle with your
    Boomerang. This makes the tentacle in the next hall disappear. Head into
    the room there. Kill the Tentacle in here. Once this tentacle is dead, the
    tentacles in the room with all the holes will disappear. Drop through the
    hole where the green one used to be.
    Go through the door, and throw Ruto up onto the platform. It will rise,
    then come down with the mini-boss, Big Octo. The Bosses section covers
    mini-bosses. Climb onto the platform when he is dead and it will rise. Head
    down the hall, and go in the door. Toss your Boomberang at the shaking red
    thing to freeze them, then hop across to get to the rooms exit.
    Jump to the platform, and it will lower. Go grab one of the crates, and
    drop it on the switch that won't stay down. Go through the door. Take out
    all the Biri's with your Boomerange, and climb the vines. There is a uvula,
    but it is blocked by a glass wall (this fish eats the weirdest things).
    Stand back a few feet, lock onto the uvula, and hurl your Boomerang. It
    should arc around the glass wall and open the door below by hitting the
    uvula. Drop down and head through the door. Time to face the Boss. See the
    Bosses section. When he dies, you will have all three Spiritual Stones!!! 
    Collecting The Light Medallion
    Before doing anything else, I suggest going around doing stuff you missed.
    Head into Jabu-Jabu's room and explore behind him to find a Great Fairy
    Fountain where you will learn Farores Wind, get all the HCP's you can find,
    exterminate any Gold Skulltulas, fill your bottles etc. so you are
    Temple of Time
    Head back to the market and enter the Temple of Time. Before you enter the
    Market, Impa and Zelda will ride out of the Castle, and Gannondorf will be
    chasing them. On the way out, Zelda throws the Ocarina of Time into the
    moat. Dive into the moat to retrieve it. Then head into the Temple of Time.
    Zelda will teach you the Song of Time, telepathatically. Use it to open the
    Alter of Time. Head in, and draw the Master Sword. After a cinema scene, my
    personal fave in the game, you will be an adult!!! The easy stuff is over
    now, time to get serious. When you emerge as an adult, Rauru the Sage will
    give you the Light Medallion. 
    Collection The Forest Medallion
    Lon Lon Ranch
    You soon find out that hyrule isn't the place it was when you were a child.
    Gannondorf is the King! Head over to Lon Lon Ranch, and you see Ingo has
    taken over. Pay him to go horse-back riding. Instead of getting on the
    horse that comes up to you, play Epona's Song. Epona will run up to you.
    Ride her around, getting used to the horse controls. When you're time is
    up, pay him to ride again. Get on Epona, and talk to Ingo with Z-Targeting.
    He will challenge you to a race. See mini-games. If you beat him twice, he
    will give you Epona!!! But you must escape the ranch, as he locks you in.
    Run, full speed, towards a fence (make sure you're not at an angle) and you
    should automatically jump the fence. Now Epona is yours. You can call her
    anytime while on Hyrule Field with Epona's Song. 
    Kakariko Village
    Enter the Graveyard. Look up on the hill to the left. The one with flowers
    around it is Dampes grave. Pull the tombstone and drop down. Now you have
    to race Dampé. See the mini-games section. If you win, you'll revieve the
    Hookshot. Look around. See that blue block? Play the Song of Time to make
    it disappear. Drop down, and talk to the guy. Show him your Ocarina and he
    will teach you the Song of Storms. 
    Lost Woods
    Head back in here, and make your way to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Lucky for
    you, all the Deku Scrubs are gone! In their place are the huge Moblins!!!
    When they have their back to you, sink your Hookshot into their back. At
    the end, there is a huge one with a club, dodge left and right to avoid the
    shock waves and get behind him. Then use your Sword on his back. Head up to
    where Saria was. She's gone now (bet link wishes he had kissed her now...).
    Sheik will appear, and teach you the Minuet of Forest. Now use your
    Hookshot on the branch above you to pull yourself up to the Forest Temple. 
    Dungeon #4:
    Forest Temple
    Kill the Wolfos, and climb the vines to the right, and run across the
    branch to the other side. Jump across and open the chest to get a Key. Drop
    down and enter the door. Run through the hall, watch out for the Big
    Skulltula, and enter the main room. After the cinema, run forward and
    through the doors. Kill the flying skull, then go fight the two Stalfos.
    When they're both dead you get another Key. 
    Head back to the main room. Go over to the blue block...blocking...the
    hall. Play the Song of Time to make it disappear. Head up the right wall,
    and go in the room with the flaming skull. Kill it, and a chest with the
    Map appears. Go through the next door. Look left, and launch your Hookshot
    at the target, and step on the switch over there. The nearby well will
    drain. Drop down and enter the well. Follow the path to another Key. Return
    to the main room.
    Go through the locked door ahead of you, inside you run into a Big
    Skulltula, that's how you know you got the right door. Go into the next
    room, and up the ladder. When you find the block, pull it out, then push
    it, following the arrows on the floor, when you can't go anymore, loop back
    around, and push it into the corner. Climb the block, then climb up to the
    next area. Pull the red block as far as you can, then run back down to
    where the blue block was. Look around, and you should find a ladder, climb
    up, and follow the path. You will come upon the red block. Push it the rest
    of the way out. Run back down, up the blue block, and the red block is
    totally out. Push it into the corner. 
    Follow the path to the locked door. Run through the twisted hallway, and
    un-lock the door here. Fight the Stalfo, making sure you don't fall in the
    hole, and then the hole will fill in, and two more Stalfos will drop down.
    When they are gone, you will get the Fairy Bow! Exit the room. 
    Look at the paintings. You will notice there is a Poe in them. If you get
    to close, the Poe disappears. Stand as far back as you can, and shoot an
    arrow into the picture. The Poe disappears. Do this to all three pictures
    to make the Poe appear. Kill her. You will get the Compass as an award
    (besides, you gotta kill them anyway). Backtrack to teh room where you
    fought the three Stalfos, and repeat this process at the next staircase to
    make the second Poe appear. Kill her to recieve a Key. 
    Head back to the room before the twisted hall. Look above the door, and
    shoot the eye with an arrow. The hall is now straight. Go through and in
    the next room, drop down and open the chest to get the Boss Key. Drop into
    the hole in the ground. Kill the skulls, and go through the door. Kill the
    giant Deku Baba by standing afar, and shooting arrows at it. Enter the door
    on the right. Kill the Floormaster. You get another Key. 
    Go back to the room, and once again shoot the eye above the door. The hall
    is twisted again. Go through the Stalfos room, and into the next room, atop
    the stairs if I remember correctly. Fall down, and climb the ladder. Watch
    out for the Wall Master! Un-lock the door. 
    The next room has a pillar of fire in the middle, four revolving platforms,
    and an eye covered in ice. Oh, what to do? Get on one of the revolving
    platforms, get your Bow ready, and fire an arrow through the fire so it
    hits the ice eye. The ice will melt, twisting the hall you came from. 
    Drop into the hole in the ground when you get back. In this checkered room,
    the ceiling will fall, crushing you. First, what you should do is run
    full-speed to the switch. Step on it, and the exit open. Now run to the
    chest. Open it to get some Arrows. Now bolt to the exit. 
    Look at the picture of the Poe for a few minutes. Memorize it, take
    pictures of it, draw it, I don't care, just remember it. Now, shoot an
    arrow into the picture. Five puzzle blocks drop down. One of them is a
    decoy! Put the puzzle together (i think this is the hardest part of the
    whole temple). When you assemble it, the third Poe will appear. Kill her.
    The door will un-lock. Head through (duh!). 
    You're in the main room. Head to the center of the room. The last Poe will
    appear, only there are four of her. The real one spins around. When all
    four appear, peg the one that spins with an arrow. When she is dead (see
    the Bosses section for details on how to beat the Poe Sisters mini-boss),
    an elevator will rise. Enter it.
    When you get down, push the wall. No, I do not have psycological problems,
    the wall moves. Keep doing this, and you will soon get to the Boss Door. 
    For info on Phantom Gannon, see the Bosses section.
    The Sage of the Forest will give you the Forest Medallion!
    Collecting The Fire Medallion
    Temple of Time
    Return to the Temple of Time, and Sheik will teach you the Prelude of
    Light, as well as how to warp back and forth through time. 
    Goron City
    All the Gorons have disappeared, except for one, young rolling Goron. There
    are two ways to stop him. I found both of these ways on message boards, but
    the first one I figured out on my own, since it is pretty obvious. Way 1:
    Drop a Bomb in his path, and if he rolls over it as it explodes he will
    stop, OR stand away from the two Bomb Flowers where you can buy the Giants
    Knife, and have your Bow ready. As he rolls by the Bomb Flower, shoot the
    arrow at the fuse to blow the bomb instantly, and stop him. Either
    way...Talk to him and he will give you the Goron Tunic. Now head down to
    Darunia's room. Pull the statue in the back to get into Death Mountain
    Death Mountain Crater
    Make sure you are wearing the Goron Tunic, or the heat will KILL YOU. Use
    the Hookshot to get across the broken bridge, and the rest of the path is
    easy. You will soon meet Sheik, who will teach you the Bolero of Fire. Now
    head into the Fire Temple.
    Dungeon #5:
    Fire Temple
    Head up the stairs, and watch out for the two Flaming Keese. Go in the door
    to the left. After talking to Darunia, hop across the platforms to the
    left. Trip the switch to release the captive Goron. In his cell, and in all
    the cells, are chests containing a Key. Backtrack to the entrance and go in
    the right door.
    Go across the bridge, and over the wooden board going right. Look at the
    wall over here. See the strange area? Bomb it. Free the Goron and grab the
    Key. Head over to the other side, where the blue block is. Play the Song of
    Time. Go in the door, and free the Goron. Grab the Key, and un-lock the
    door at the end of the bridge.
    Slide down the board, and up the right side of the fence. Kill the two
    Keese up here with your Hookshot while they sleep. Drop onto the ledge, and
    push the block off on top of that rising pillar of lava. Drop onto the
    block. When the lava pushes the block up, the block will act as a elevator
    for you. Open the locked door. Climb onto the ledge, kill the two Torch
    Slugs, and leap over to the other platform. Push the block off the edge.
    Drop down onto it. Turn around, and you will see a climbable part. Jump to
    it, and climb. Now look down over the edge. See the crystal. You can either
    shoot it with your Hookshot or drop a Bomb down there. Either way, it will
    deactivate the flames above you, so climb up the ledge, run to the fence,
    and climb. 
    You're in a huge maze with boulders rolling everywhere. If you look around,
    you will find two Gorons. Free them, and grab the Keys. Find the locked
    door and go through. Shoot the eye with an arrow, and the barred door will
    open. Go in and get the Map. Go back out on the ledge, and go through the
    locked door.
    A curtain of fire will follow you, so hurry. Ignore the locked door to your
    left for now, and work your way to the ledge in the right-hand corner. Go
    through the door, and you're on the top level of the maze. Jump across to
    the first platform, and bomb the crack. Drop down, and free the Goron. Grab
    the Key. Climb the fenc to return to the top of the maze. Jump across the
    other platforms until you get to one with a switch. Step on it. It opens up
    a cage a couple platforms away. Jump over there and rescue the Goron.
    Head back to the room where the curtain of fire followed you, and now leap
    to the locked door. It will lokk like an impossible jump, but you CAN make
    it. Go through the hall, and out the door.
    You're now in a large, very dangerous room. Drop down to your right, and go
    to the door. Open it, and follow the hall to the Compass. Head to the left
    side (you should have realized what happens in this room by now, with the
    fire walls coming up around you). Carefully make your way to the locked
    door, and un-lock it. 
    Run to the switch, no..nevermind, walk slowly around until you find the
    path to the switch. It deactivates that wall of fire ahead of you. Figure
    out the path that takes you there. This may take a few tries. The door here
    is FAKE. Lay a Bomb down to blow the door up. Now go through the real door.
    You must now face the mini-boss, the Flare Dancer. See the Bosses section. 
    After he is gone, the flame in the center of the room will die down, so get
    onto the platform. It will rise, and take you to the upper are. Climb the
    fence on the wall, and throw a Bomb over the ledge to deactivate the fire
    wall. Climb up the fence, and exit the room. 
    Go up the stairs, and hit the switch. The fire around the chest at the top
    vanishes, but hurry, it doesn't last long. Run up the stairs to get to the
    chest in time. Inside is the Megaton Hammer! Go right, and smash the switch
    ith the face on it with the Hammer to reveal a tunnel. 
    Smash the side of the staue with your Hammer to get to a door. Kill the
    Keese, and pound the block with the face. The floor turns into a stairway.
    Take a crate down, and lay it on the switch to keep it down. 
    Smash the stone with a face to fall into the fire wall maze. Use the block
    to get to the barred door, and pound the step on the switch. What? It
    didn't work. Well, Navi tells you it's all rusted (funny, that's what my
    grandma says about my grandpa). Smash the switch with your Hammer to keep
    it down. Jump over the gap. Play the Song of Time to make the blue block go
    bye-bye, and hit the rusted switch with your Hammer. It frees the Goron
    below. Take the Key in his cell. 
    Climb the blue block, and exit through the door in which you entered. Hop
    onto the platform smash the block with the face with your Hammer. Go to the
    right side of the stairs at the beginning of the Temple, and smash the
    staue out of the way. Kill the baddies in here (including the Gold
    Skulltula). Go through the door. You have to fight the Flare Dancer again,
    only this time he's easier since you have the Hammer. Go through the door,
    and save the last Goron. Open the chest to get the Boss Key. Now head back
    to where you saw Darunia, and go in the Boss Door.
    For details on beating Volvagia, see the Bosses section.
    The Sage of Fire will give the Fire Medallion to you.
    Collecting The Water Medallion
    Death Mountain Crater
    Before leaving here, smash all the red boulders with your Hammer until you
    uncover a Great Fairy Fountain. Inside you will get an extended magic
    Zora's Domain
    Get down here however way you wish. Once you're here, run into where
    Jabu-Jabu was (key word: was). He is gone now, and by now you will have
    noticed (and if you haven't, well, i'm sorry but you are severely messed up
    upstairs) that the whole place has been turned into an ice world. Hop
    across the glaciers, nab the HCP and head into that big cave. 
    Mini-Dungeon #1:
    Ice Cavern
    Run straight into the first room, and watch out for the switch blade doing
    360s around the room. Kill all the Freezerds, and go into the next room.
    Collect the silver rupees, whic doesn't seem to hard, but add that to the
    fact there is a giant blade rotating in the room. Run down the hall into
    the next room after you do that, and kill all the baddies. Then fill every
    one of your bottles with Blue Fire. Use one of the bottles on the red ice
    surrounding the chest in here. Inside is the Map.
    Refill the bottle you used, and head back to the big blade room. Two
    sections of the wall are covered in red ice. Melt them both, and head into
    the passageway that lead to the dead end with more Blue Fire. Re-fill your
    bottles, and melt the red ice to get the HCP and the Compass. Re-fill your
    Return to the blade room, go in the other passage. Push the blocks around,
    then climb on them, to get all of the silver rupees. One is frozen in red
    ice, so use a bottle of Blue Fire on it. Push the block into one of the
    holes, then start over, but this time, push the block over to the exit that
    un-locked. Have two bottles with Blue Fire with you. 
    Melt the ice in your way, and now you must fight the Ice Cavern boss, the
    White Wolfos. He is the exact same as all the other Wolfos, only he is
    white (duh) and more powerful). See the Bosses section. You will now get
    the Iron Boots. Sheik will show up and teach you the Serenade of Water. You
    can warp to Lake Hylia with it. But, don't use it yet. Return to Zora's
    Zora's Domain
    Thaw King Zora out using Blue Fire, and he will give you the Zora's Tunic.
    Now you can breathe underwater. Use the Serenade of Water to warp to Lake
    Lake Hylia
    Put on your Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic, and sink down to the bottom of the
    lake. Run around the island until you find the entrance to the Water
    Temple. Use the Hookshot on the crystal to open the gate.
    Dungeon #6:
    Water Temple
    This is the hardest, most confusing dungeon in the entire game. First, take
    off your Iron Boots to float up, then walk into the main room, put the Iron
    Boots back on, and drop to the bottom of the water. Head into the path with
    two torches on the side, and you will meet Princess Ruto, and immedietly
    pop a...nevermind. Let's just say now she is extremely hot. Follow her up
    the passage by taking your Boots off. Play Zelda's Lullabye at the Triforce
    Symbol when you get to the top. The water level goes down to the lowest
    level. Go in the door in here. Kill all of the Spiked Balls, and a chest
    containing the Map will appear. 
    Head back out, and drop down the hole. You will see two unlit torches
    beside a door, and a lit torch in the middle of the room. Problem. Since
    you're too big for Deku Sticks now, you have to shoot an arrow through the
    torch so it hits the un-lit torch, then go over to the other side, and hit
    the other un-lit torch before the first burns out. Go through the door.
    Kill all of the mean, nasty Clams to get a Key. Return to the main room.
    Head over to the other side of the room, climb the block, and push the
    stone as far as you can. It will drop down a hole. Drop down on top of it,
    and equip your Iron Boots. Follow the passageway, and take them off to
    float up. Pick off the Tektite with an arrow, and hit the crystal switch. A
    pillar of water will rise. Use it to jump across the gap. In the next room,
    jump into the water, and put on your Iron Boots. When you land, you will
    see a pipe. Take your Boots off, and swim towards it as you rise. When you
    are above it, put your Boots on again and drop down on top of it (it's
    easier than it sounds). Turn around, and shoot the crystal switch in the
    dragon's mouth with your Hookshot. The gate in the passage opens. Use your
    Hookshot on the target to get in there. If you want to stay away from the
    Clams, take off your Boots to just float up. Open the chest to get a Key.
    Return to the main room (i'm gonna be saying that a lot for this dungeon).
    There is a locked door at the bottom of the tower in here. Go through, and
    run to the end of the ledge. Turn around, and use your Hookshot on the
    target to get up onto the platform. Play Zelda's Lullabye to raise the
    water to the medium level. Put on the 'ol Iron Boots and drop into the
    water. See that hole? Good. Drop down there. 
    Hit the crystal switch at the end with the Hookshot, and a bunch of enemies
    will drop down. Kill them all, and the gate opens. Go up the passage and
    get the Key. Return to the main room. Put the Iron Boots on, and head into
    where you met Princess Ruto. Float up to the crack in the wall. Bomb the
    crack, and grab the Key. Return to the main room.
    Swim to the top, and climb into the alcove with pots. Use your Hookshot to
    get to a room with a water pillar around a chest. Stand next to the pillar,
    and shoot the crystal switch with an arrow. The pillar disappears. Open the
    chest and get your Compass. Head back to the main room (told you i'd say it
    a lot, and i'm not done yet).
    Open the locked door on the other side of the room. Stand on the water
    pillar, and move, FAST. A Tektite will drop down. Take care of him, and
    stand on the water pillar. Hit the crystal switch with an arrow, and the
    pillar will take you up to the next room. Play Zelda's Lullabye at the
    Triforce Symbol to get the water level at its highest, then go through the
    locked door. In here, you must get the block into the little hole. Go
    through the next door.
    Fall down onto the platform below you. Then fall onto the one below that.
    It moves up and down. Leap to the platform by the waterfall, NOT the one
    with the Hookshot target. Jump onto the one with the Hookshot target when
    it's low enough, then look up and launch your Hookshot up to the next
    platform, and keep going up. At the top is a locked door. Gee, wonder what
    comes next? In the next room, hit the switch in the water with your
    Hookshot, then pull yourself over to the dragon statue ahead of you. Shoot
    it at the switch again, and pull yourself to the next platform via the
    target on the wall. Climb over the dragon head, and hit the switch again.
    Use your Hookshot to get to the next dragon. Hit the switch again to lower
    that dragon, and climb on it's head. Now shoot the switch one last time, to
    raise the dragon up to the next room. 
    Take out the Tektites, then get over the spikes either by using the target
    on the ceiling or the Like Like on the other side as a target. Go in the
    door here, and you are in a room with an island in the middle. Run across
    the lake, it's a fake, so you can walk on it. Head over to the barred
    doors. Turn back, and head over to the island. As you get over close to it,
    Dark Link will appear. See the Bosses section for details on this
    Head into the door, and get the Longshot. This extends twice as far as the
    old Hookshot! Play the Song of Time to make the blue block behind the chest
    disappear. Drop down the hole. There is a river down here, with several
    vortexes. Swim past them, until you get to a ledge on the left. Stand on
    it, and shoot the eye ahead with an arrow. Then use your Longshot to get to
    the chest behind the gates that opened. In it is a Key. Drop into the hole
    behind it, and return to the main room.
    Go back and get the water to the mid-way level, and stand on the tower in
    the main room. See the eye? Shoot it with an arrow, then use your Longshot
    to get over there. Push the block here until it stops, then keep going to
    get another Key. Return to the main room.
    Put the Iron Boots on, and sink to the bottom. Go in the tunnel with all
    the spikes, and use the Longshot to get out. Open the door, and go through
    it, obviously. Kill the Tektites in this room, and go across the water,
    carefully. In the next room, defeat all of the Stingers, then Bomb the two
    weird parts on the wall. Loop back and forth to get the block out, then
    push it into the water, on top of the switch. The water will rise, exit the
    Hit the crystal switch, and three or four water pillars rise (i don't
    remember). Jump across them to get to the exit. Also, it's a good idea to
    take out the Tektites BEFORE doing this...just so you know : P. 
    The next room is pretty simple, just put your Iron Boots on to get through
    the boulders. Open the last locked door. Go in, and get the Boss Key. Smash
    the pots behind it, they both hold fairies.
    Raise the water to the top level, then get on the ledge on the tower. Use
    your Longshot to get to the statue. Break the pots to get more fairies, and
    go through the door. Run up the ramp, avoiding the switch blades. It's not
    so easy though. You can't stop once you get going, so you have to hold
    forward the whole time. The best strategy is to get on the right side, and
    when the first one is halfway to the left, start running. You should make
    Open the Boss Door to find Morpha. See the Bosses section.
    The Sage of Water will give you the Water Medallion!
    Collecting The Shadow Medallion
    (NOTE: You can do the Bottom of the Well at anytime, it justs fits in more
    with the story now)
    Lake Hylia
    On the island you are on, there is a plaque saying something about firing
    an arrow into the morning sun. Play the Sun's Song a couple of time until
    you know where the sun will rise. Make sure you're on the plaque, then
    shoot an arrow at the sun. If you do it right, a Fire Arrow will fall down
    on that little platform in the water ahead of you. Swim out and get it, it
    is a powerful weapon.
    Kakariko Village
    After entering the village, you will see a really cool cinema scene. Sheik
    then teaches you the Nocturne of Shadow. Exit the village.
    Temple of Time
    Put the Master Sword back into the pedestal to warp back seven years. Head
    over to Kakariko Village. 
    Kakariko Village
    Enter the windmill, and play the Song of Storms. It will screw up the
    windmill, and drain the well. Head back out and into the well.
    Mini-Dungeon #2:
    Bottom of the Well
    I just have on thing to say about this level: I hate it! It is full of
    nasty traps! Oh well, the walkthrough must go on. Crawl through the small
    passage, and kill the Skulltula. Run straight ahead through the wall
    (again, i am not a psychopath, this area has invisible walls), and you are
    in a room with a stream running through. Follow the stream right until you
    find an invisible wall. Go through, and you are in a room with cages in the
    corner, and a hidden hole in the middle of the floor. Make your way
    carefully around the room, and go through the wall. Stand on the Triforce
    Symbol, and play Zelda's Lullabye. The stream drains. Return to the room
    where you first saw the stream, and drop into the huge hole in the fllor.
    Crawl through the space, and climb the vines. Go through the door to face
    the Boss, Dead Hand. See the Bosses section. When you beat him, a chest
    appears with the Lens of Truth (i'll just call it the Lens from now on,
    it's a lot easier). Play the Prelude of Light to get to the Temple of Time
    if you want. There are still three Gold Skulltulas in here and a Gold
    Rupee, but I'll put how to get those in another revision. I don't want
    anything else to do with this nasty level. Pull the Master Sword to warp
    back to the future.
    Kakariko Village
    In the Temple of Time, play the Nocturne of Shadow (my favorite tune in the
    game) to warp to the Graveyard. Turn around, and run down to the unlit
    torches. Use Din's Fire to light them all, and force the entrance to the
    Shadow Temple open.
    Dungeon #7:
    Shadow Temple
    This is almost as nasty as the Well. ALMOST. You have the Lens to help you
    along here, though. Go forward, and at the right, use the Longshot to get
    across the gap. Use the Lens, and go through the hole in the wall. Use the
    Lens in the next room to find a hole in the wall leading to a hallway. Use
    the Lens to find the room with a ReDead and Keese in it. Kill them and get
    the Map. Go back to the face room, and use the Lens to find the other path.
    You'll soon come to the Dead Hand mini-boss. Beat him and get...the Hover
    Boots. The gayest weapon in the game!!!
    Head back to the room with the big bird (hehehe) and all the faces. It
    says: Make my beak face the skull of truth. So, use the Lens to find the
    skull. Most of the skulls are gone, but one still has a skull. Point the
    birds beak at that skull. The gate across the gap opens. Use the Hover
    Boots to get over there. 
    Head into the left passage first. There are two Grim Reaper whirling their
    blades around while you must collect Silver Rupees. Once you get them all,
    you'll get a Key. Go in the right path now, and kill the Mummies to get the
    Return to the room with the Beamos and bomb the path forward. Open the
    locked door. Go down the passage, but be wary of the Skulltulas that will
    drop down. At the end is a bunch of small ledges with guillotines on them.
    Use the Hover Boots to get from one ledge to the next, but watch out, at
    the last ledge, a Skull Bubble will come up. On the platform, a Stalfos
    will drop down. Take off the Hover Boots and kill him. Then put them back
    on and get onto that platform going up and down. When it's at it's highest
    point, run off to land on the other ledge. Collect the Silver Rupees to
    open the door. 
    Go down the hall to the room with falling spiked platforms. Use the Lens to
    find the block in the wall, and pull it out. Push it through the spikes to
    keep from getting hurt. At the second spike trap, go around the block and
    pull. Climb on top of the block when it's clear, and use the spiked
    platforms as stepping stones (don't worry, there are no spikes on the top
    of the platforms) and get over to the switch. Step on it to activate a
    chest. Use the Hover Boots to get over there and get a Key. 
    Go back to the area with the guillotines, and take the rocky ledge to the
    left. Run under the guillotine, and have your Hover Boots and Lens on. Run
    onto the invisible platform, then run onto the moving one. Run to the
    lcoked door and go through. Collect the Silver Rupees ahead and the door
    will unlock. Use your Lens and Longshot to get them all. Go through the
    unlocked door.
    Head up the stairs, and pick a Bomb Flower. Throw it into the flaming
    skull. The skull explodes and you can grab a Key. Go back to the previous
    room. See that locked door up there? No way up, eh? Well, pull out the Lens
    to spot a Longshot target above the door. Pull yourself up there, and go
    through the door. 
    Put on your Iron Boots, and run past the fans and switchblades. At the last
    one is a gap, put your Hover Boots on and wait for the fan to stop blowing.
    Then run across the gap and drop down onto the ledge. Shoot an arrow at
    that eye at the other end of the room, and run over to where it was. Equip
    the Hover Boots, then wait for the last fan to stop blowing. Pull out the
    Lens, see that hole in the wall? Get on the middle of the platform, and
    wait for the fan to come on again, then run fullspeed at the wall to make
    Take out the Mummies, then bomb a pile of dirt near the door to get a Key.
    Use the Lens to spot a block in the wall, and pull it out towards the high
    ladder. Climb the block and go up the ladder. Jump on the boat and play
    Zelda's Lullabye at the Triforce Symbol to get it moving. On the way, two
    Stalfos will drop in. Whether they have been destroyed at the end or not,
    the ship will sink. Have your Hover Boots on and run off to the ledge to
    the left. Head through that door.
    This next room is a maze with invisible walls. There are three doors in
    here. One has a blood stained floor, use the Lens to find a Floormaster,
    kill him to get a Key. One has some rotating skulls where you can pick up
    some goodies. The third has two ReDeads and spikes made of wood closing in
    on you. Use Din's Fire when the spikes get too close to burn them away,
    then open the chest to get the Boss Key. Head back to the ledge where you
    fell off the ship. 
    See that statue surrounded by Bomb Flowers across the way? Shoot a Bomb
    Flower with an arrow, and they will all blow, and the statue collapses,
    making a bridge for you. Go through the door. Use the Lens and the Hover
    Boots to get across all of the platforms in here, and to reach the Boss
    Door. Go in.
    To take out Bongo Bongo, see the Bosses section.
    The Sage of Shadows will give you the Shadow Medallion!
    Collecting The Spirit Medallion
    Gerudo Valley
    Bring Epona here, and cross the first bridge. Whip her to get her going a
    bit to sail over the next bridge. Keep going in to Gerudo Fortress.
    Gerudo Fortress
    Let a guard see you, and she will toss you into a jail cell. Look up, and
    use the Longshot on the little alcove in the ceiling. Drop all the way
    down, and go in the door to the left. Go up and right, you will see a
    Carpenter in a cell. Talk to him, and a Gerudo will drop down. Wait for her
    to attack, block her, and then do a Jump Attack. Be sure to block when she
    jumps through the air, twirling her blades as if she hits you with that,
    you will be sent back to your cell. Beat her to get a Key that opens the
    cell. Go outside, and left, through the door. Turn right, and wait a few
    moments until you see the guard poke her head out behind the boxes. Shoot
    her with an arrow. Then go forward until you see a ramp going right. Go up,
    and turn left. Hop up onto the little ledge, then quickly run into the door
    before the guard sees you. Keep going forward to find another cell. Beat
    the warrior, then free the Carpenter. Go left, and drop down one level.
    Keep going straight and you will soon come to a door. Beat the Gerudo and
    free the Carpenter. Go back out, and climb the vines. Go through the door
    beside the door where you first came out. Keep following this path until
    you find the final Carpenter. Beat the Gerudo here, and you will get a
    Membership Card. Now you can wander around freely. Go into the Training
    Gerudo Training Grounds
    (NOTE: You do not need these to complete your quest, but it's nice to have
    them, just in case)
    Go left, and enter the lions mouth. You must beat the Stalfos in under a
    minute to get a key. Stay out of the sand, it slows you down.  Go through
    the door. You must get five Silver Rupees in 1:30. It isn't too hard. Use
    your Longshot to get to the exit when it opens. 
    Beat the Wolfos and White Wolfos, then use your Lens to look up. Use the
    Longshot to get up to that alcove. Step on the switch, and go through the
    door. Drop down onto the rotating platform, and shoot an arrow into each of
    the statue eyes. You get a Key, and the exit opens. 
    Use your Hammer on the statues to find a switch. Step on it and the fire
    guarding the chest go's out. Open the chest to get a Key. Keep smashing the
    statues with your Hammer until you find the eye. Shoot an arrow at it to
    Use your Hover Boots to get all of the Silver Rupees here, then play the
    Song of Time to get a block to appear, taking you up to that high ledge to
    grab a Key. Go in that door across from you, and play the Song of Time to
    make the blue blocks disappear, then dive in the water. Equip your Iron
    Boots. Use the Longshot to get all of the Rupees. Go back up and get the
    Key. Go through the last door. Destroy the Beamos with Bombs, then take out
    the two Dinalfos before 1:30 expires. Now you will get a Key!
    Go through the door, and you're back at the start of the area. Go through
    the only door you haven't gone in yet, and open the door to your left. Use
    the Lens to find a hole in the ceiling, and climb the fence up there. Grab
    the Key, and drop back down. Just keep opening the doors you come to, you
    should have all the Keys you need. At the end is a chest containing the Ice
    Gerudo Fortress
    Go over to that large gate, and climb the ladder. Talk to the Gerudo and
    she will raise the gate for you. 
    Haunted Wasteland
    Put on your Hover Boots, and cross the River of Sand. Now, follow the line
    of flags. After following them, you will come to a stone structure. Use the
    Lens to find a Poe at the top, and then jsut follow the Poe for a few
    minutes. He/She will lead you to the Desert Colossus.
    Desert Colossus
    Run forward to the Spirit Temple, then walk a bit back. Sheik will appear,
    and teach you the Requiem of Spirit. Play the Prelude of Light to warp to
    the Temple of Time (i know, i know, the spirit temple is the last dungeon,
    but you can't beat it as an adult...YET!!!)
    Temple of Time
    Put the Master Sword back to travel back in time. Now play the Requiem of
    Spirit to warp to the Spirit Temple.
    Dungeon #8:
    Spirit Temple (Young Link)
    Go up the stairs and talk to Nabooru, the nice theif (heehee). She will ask
    you to get the Silver Gauntlets for her. HER? Screw her. When you find
    them, you get too keep them. Anyways, crawl through the hole. Kill all the
    Keese and Armos to open the unlock all the doors. Go left, first.
    Kill the Skull Bubble, then toss your Boomerang at the crystal switch,
    which causes a bridge to lower for you. Go, and exit through the door. Now
    you are in a room with a small ledge, and a switch blade at the middle. To
    mkae things worse, an Anubis is in here, launching fire balls at you. Run
    over to the side where Anubis is, and he will exchange sides with you.
    Notice how when you move, he'll move? Well, move around until he is by the
    barred door, then use your Boomerang on the crystal switch to cause a wall
    of fire to rise, killing the Anubis, and opening the door.
    Now, you have to collect five Silver Rupees. A bridge will drop. Light a
    Deku Stick, then go and light the unlit torches. A chest with a Key will
    appear. Exit the room, and you're back in that room where you had to kill
    the Keese and Armos. Go through the small hole in the wall, and open the
    locked door. 
    Take out the Skullwalltulas with your Slingshot, then climb the wall. Kill
    all the enemies, and you will see a Sun Switch on the floor. Look around
    until you see a crack in the ceiling, so fire off a Bombchu at it to blow
    it open. The sun pours onto the Sun Switch, which opens the door. 
    Push the Armos off the ledge so it lands on a switch, then go up the
    stairs. Light a Deku Stick, then drop back down. Light the torches, and a
    chest with the Map in it appears. Go back up the stairs, and through the
    In the next room, the first thing to do is pull the block with the Sun
    Switch on top of it into the sunshine, which opens up the exit. Then, you
    have to collect the Silver Rupees, which lights a torch. Light a Deku
    Stick, then light all of the unlit torches, which gets you a chest with a
    Key appears. Exit the room.
    Go up the stairs, and then you have to face an Iron Knuckle. Beat it to
    recieve the Silver Gauntlets. You'll see Nabooru be abducted by two
    witches, Koume and Kotake. Play the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple
    of Time.
    Temple of Time
    Take out the Master Sword to be an adult again. Play the Requiem of Spirit.
    Dungeon #8:
    Spirit Temple (Adult Link)
    Go up the stairs, but this time go right. Push the gray block until it
    falls into the gap. Go up the stairs, and bomb the Beamos. Look above where
    the Beamos was, and shoot the crystal switch with your Longshot. Go in the
    door to your left. Play Zelda's Lullabye at the Triforce Symbol, and a
    chest drops down on the other ledge. Use your Longshot to reach it. Inside
    is the Compass. Head back to the Beamos room.
    This time, go right. You must dodge the boulders while collecting Silver
    Rupees. This is insanely easy. You have to play the Song of Time to get at
    one. Go through the door. Defeat the Like Like that drops down, and open
    the chest to get a Key. Return to the Beamos room.
    Open the locked door, and run past the Like Like. Climb up the wall, and
    use the Lens to spot a Floor Master running around. Kill it, then push the
    cobra statue around so the ray of light hits the Sun Switches on the wall.
    One switch holds a Floormaster, so watch out. One of the switches also
    holds the exit to this room. 
    Run up the stairs to the top, and use the Hover Boots to get onto that hand
    with the Triforce Symbol on it. Play Zelda's Lullabye on it, and a chest
    drops down on the other hand. This is really hard to get to. You have to
    stand on the very edge of the hand, and use your Longshot on the chest. You
    can JUST make it. Use the Longshot to get back up onto the stair path.
    Run up the stairs, and go through the door. Kill all the enemies in here to
    unlock the door. Go through, then go stand beside the barred door. Shoot an
    Armos with your Longshot, and it will hop on the switch, keeping it down
    long enough for you to go through the door. You have to fight an Iron
    Knuckle, and then you get the Mirror Shield!! You can bounce back magical
    spells and rays of light now! Head back out to the previous room. Use the
    Mirror Shield to bounce light onto the Sun Switch. The door opens, so head
    in and get a Key.
    Go back to the room where you had to kill the Anubis'. Go through the
    locked door. You're now in a room where you have to climb the wall, but
    sections of the wall move left and right into spikes!!! This could be
    extremely hard, but, remember your Longshot. Point it at the top part of
    the wall, which isn't moving, and pull yourself up to it, now just climb
    up. Go through the door.
    Stand on the Symbol and play Zelda's Lullabye. Go through the door. Kill
    the Torch Slugs. Now smash the doors with your Hammer (they're fake) until
    you find the eye. Shoot it with an arrow. Now use your Longshot to get on
    top of those ice blocks and step on the switch. Drop down and open the
    chest to get the Boss Key. Exit the room.
    Go through the other door. Do a Jump Attack at the crystal switch in the
    cage, and the door opens. Defeat the Lizalfos, and push the cobra statue to
    that rock by the wall. Make sure the light shines on it. Now, bomb the
    rock. The light shines through to the second cobra statue. Return to that
    Reflect the light onto the Sun Switch, and the floor lowers down to face
    the face of that big huge statue from a while back. Use your Mirror Shield
    to reflect the light at the face of the statue. After a few minutes, it
    will melt away. Use your Longshot to get over there. Go through the Boss
    Once in there, you will fight a very strong Iron Knuckle. It turns out to
    be a brain-washed Nabooru. After the cinemas, go fight the two witches. For
    details, see the Bosses Section.
    The Sage of Spirit will give you the Spirit Medallion!!!
    Toppling Gannondorf!!!
    Temple of Time
    Use the Prelude of Light to get here. Once there, Sheik appears, and you
    find out who he really is. You then get the Light Arrows, a vital weapon if
    you are going to beat Gannondorf. 
    (NOTE: Before going on, go get all the HCP's, kill the Gold Skulltulas, get
    all the Magic Spells, play all the mini-games and do all the secrets. Get
    everything you can out of this awesome game!!!)
    Final Dungeon
    Ganon's Castle
    Run down the stairs, and go through the door. Go right to get to...
    The Forest Barrier
    A Wolfos will attack you, so take him out. Then use Din's Fire to light all
    the torches on the ground level. Look up, and shoot a Fire Arrow at the
    torch high up to open the door. In the next room, use your Longshot and
    Hover Boots to get all the Silver Rupees. Then go on to the Forest Barrier.
    Shoot a Light Arrow into it to destroy it.
    Water Barrier
    Kill all the Freezards, and hack away the icicles surrounding the Blue Fire
    at the center of the room. Put some in a bottle and melt the red ice
    blocking the exit. Re-fill your Blue Fire. Push the blocks around until you
    reach the red ice in the next room. Melt it to get to the Water Barrier.
    Shoot a Light Arrow into it.
    Shadow Barrier
    Look to the right, and shoot a Fire Arrow at the torch. It will cause a
    bridge to form. Cross it to get to the next platform. Use the Longshot on
    the Like Like to get to the next platform, and take it out. Turn around,
    and shoot another Fire Arrow at the torch. Hop on the low stairs, and step
    on the switch. A chest drops down. Use your Longshot to get to it. Inside
    are the Golden Gauntlets. Now use the Lens to find a secret path to the
    Shadow Barrier. Shoot a Light Arrow at it.
    Fire Barrier
    This is only one room, but it's hard. You have to get all the Silver
    Rupees. One of them needs to be reached by lifting that HUGE block. But,
    the Golden Gauntlets allow you to lift it, so...When that is done, go
    through to the Fire Barrier. You know, you know, the Light Arrows.
    Light Barrier
    Use the Lens to kill all the Keese and the Skulltula. A chest with a Key
    will drop down. Play Zelda's Lullabye at the Triforce Symbol to make a
    chest with a Key drop down. Go to the next room. Use the Lens here to find
    the hidden path. Destroy the Light Barrier.
    Spirit Barrier
    Collect the Silver Rupees in here. Pull the Armos statues out a bit if the
    switch blades are going too fast. In the next room, hit the first switch
    with a Spin Attack, and a chest with Bombchus drops down. Use the Bombchu
    to get at the second switch, by launching one at that little hole in the
    ceiling. Shoot the cobwebs in the next room with a Fire Arrow to burn them
    away, and reflect the light to the Sun Switch. Go through and destroy the
    last Barrier, the Spirit Barrier.
    Now you can move on to...
    Ganon's Tower
    Take out the Keese, and run up the stairs to the first room. In here you
    must face two Dinalfos. Keep going after they are dead to the next room.
    Now you have to fight two Stalfos. Kill them and grab the Boss Key. Keep
    going. At the next room, you have to fight two Iron Knuckles. Keep going
    now, and the organ music will get louder and louder. At the ned, go through
    the Boss Door.
    See the Bosses Section.
    Escape From the Castle:
    You have to escape with Zelda from the castle in 3:00. It isn't too hard,
    until she gets trapped in a wall of fire and you have to face two Stalfos!!
    Do it quick!! Keep going, and at the end, just stun the ReDead with your
    Longshot. Exit the castle. After the castle goes boom, and you talk to
    Zelda, you will hear a noise from the rubble. Walk over to it, and:
    After the best cinema ever in any video-game or PC game, you must fight the
    final boss, GANON. I have never been more impressed by a video game then at
    this moment. The moment he knocked the Master Sword out of my hands, I was
    completely amazed. After he is finally laid to rest (see Bosses section)
    you will get the ending. Most people say the ending sucked, but I like it.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    4 Bottles, 10 Special Poes, 7 Cuccos, Soft Soil Locations
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    4 Bottles:
    1. Chicken Lady gives it to you after you find all of her Cuccos
    2. Go to Zora's Domain, and dive through to the shortcut leading to Lake
    Hylia. Dive down again to grab the bottle ahead of you.
    3. Play Talons mini-game (see mini-games)
    4. Find all 10 Special Poes in Hyrule Field
    10 Special Poes:
    These Poes appear in Hyrule Field as Adult Link. They are easier to catch
    on Epona, so make sure you are riding her.
    1. Near a tree by Lon Lon Ranch
    2. Near the middle-right, by a gray boulder going down from Kokiri Forest
    3. By the Kokiri Forest entrance
    4. Along the brick wall near Lon Lon Ranch
    5. On the path to Gerudo Valley
    6. Near Lon Lon Ranch
    7. Go left from Gerudo Valley
    8. Near the bushes by the stream
    9. Bottom right of the field by a tree
    10. Near a rock in a group of trees
    7 Cuccos
    1. Near the entrance to the village
    2. Near the entrance to Death Mountain
    3. In a crate, go around, rolling into crates until you find it
    4. Near the Chicken Womans pen
    5. On the other side of the fence beside the Skulltula family house, use
    another Cucco to get there
    6. Over the fence up the ramp by the chicken womans pen, use a Cucco to get
    7. Do the same as # 6, only climb up the ladder to get in behind the
    windmill to get the last Cucco
    Soft Soil Locations:
    1. Lost Woods
    2. Lost Woods again
    3. Next to the Kakariko Village shop
    4. In the Graveyard
    5. By the Dodongo's Cavern entrance
    6. Beside the guy you buy the beans from
    7. Behind the Lake Hylia Lab
    8. Gerudo Valley
    9. By the Spirit Temple
    10. Death Mountain Crater
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Young Link's Trading Sequence
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Keaton Mask-Go to the Happy Mask Shop and talk to the faggot to get this.
    Go up to the guard by Death Mountain and he will buy it from you.
    Skull Mask-Return to the Mask Shop to get this, then go to the Lost Woods.
    Go left when you first enter, and stand on the tree stump. Play Saria's
    Song for the Skull Kid, and he will give you a HCP, then buy the mask.
    Spooky Mask-Get this, then go into the Graveyard. The dumb kid wandering
    around in here will buy it from you.
    Bunny Hood-This my friend, is HARD. You have to find the running man in
    Hyrule Field, and follow him until night time. He will stop and rest, then
    buy the mask from you.
    Now you can use any of these masks:
    The Mask of Truth
    Goron Mask
    Zora Mask
    Gerudo Mask
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Adult Links Trading Sequence
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Pocket Egg-Talk to the Chicken Lady, and she will give you this. Wait until
    morning when it hatches, then use it to wake up Talon, who is sleeping in a
    nearby house. 
    Cojiro-Take the Cucco back to the Chicken Lady, and she will give you
    Cojiro, a blue Cucco. Take it to the deformed freak in the Lost Woods. He
    will give you an..
    Odd Mushroom-Get back to Hyrule Field, call Epona, and ride like mad to
    Kakariko Village before the Mushroom spoils. Go into the Potion Shop, and
    take the xit behind the counter. Run into the other Potion Shop and give
    the old lady the Mushroom.
    Odd Potion-Use Epona to get back to the Lost Woods and that guy before the
    Potion goes bad, and you will find a little Kokiri hirl in his place. She
    will demand you give it back, so do so.
    Poacher's Saw-Head to Gerudo Valley, and give the Carpenter his saw. Not
    too hard.
    Goron's Sword-He will give you the broken Goron's Sword in return. Go to
    Death Mountain summit to visit Biggoron. Biggoron aks you to get some
    eyedrops for him.
    Prescripton-He gives you a prescription. Take it to King Zora andshow it to
    him. He will give you ...
    Eyeball Frog-Take this to the scientist at the Lake Hylia lab before it
    spoils. He will first think it is for dinner, but then he makes the
    eyedrops for you.
    Eyedrops-Hurry up, and get to Death Mountain Summit! You have 4:00 to do
    so. Use the magic bean sprout you planted by Dodongo's Cavern to shave off
    some time.
    Claim Check-The Biggoron gives you a Claim Check, and tells you to come
    back in three days. Play Sun's Song a couple times, and go back and see him
    to get the Biggorons Sword, the most powerful weapon in the game!!!
    (NOTE: It is important that you do not warp at anytime doing this, as the
    item you are carrying will spoil instantly)
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Mini-Games and Side Tasks
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Throughout the land of Hyrule, there are all kinds of cool mini-games to
    keep you busy in between your quest. Here are them all:
    1. Fishing-The most well-known game in Zelda. Cast your line, show patience
    and a bit of skill, and catch a real lunker! This is the funnest mini-game
    I have ever played!!!
    Price: 20 Rupees
    2. Shooting Gallery-There are two shotting galleries. One for Young Link
    and the other for Adult Link. As Young Link, you must peg the rupees with
    your Slingshot to win a prize, as Adult, you have to do the same, only with
    your Bow.
    Price: 10 Rupees
    3. Avoiding Guards-This is incredibly fun!!! Watch the guards patterns and
    run by when they're not looking! It's a lot funner then it
    Price: Free
    4. Bombchu Bowling-This is extremely hard, and I have never once won (ok,
    you can stop laughing right about now). You have to hit the center of the
    target, by using 10 Bombchus. The first time a switch blade is moving back
    and forth, the second time a Cucco is walking around and the third a GIANT
    Cucco is wandering around.
    Price: 30 Rupees (seems an awful lot of money for a game you never win...)
    5. Horse Archery: This on the other hand, is something I can win! You ride
    Epona through an obstacle course while shooting arrows at hanging targets.
    If you nail a bulls-eye, you get 100 Points. Get 1000 Points to get a HCP.
    Price: 20 Rupees
    6. Diving Game: In Zora's Domain, when the Zora throws the rupees off the
    waterfall, dive in after them. You must dive and collect all the rupees.
    The first time you get them all, you get the Silver Scale. The next few
    times, go back with only a bit of rupees. She throws off some major rupees
    Price: 20 Rupees
    7. Horseback Racing: Race Ingo around Lon Lon Ranch. Finally something you
    can beat that retarded reject at! Here's a few tips: NEVER use your last
    carrot! At the start, use all your carrots but one to get ahead of him, and
    then whenever a new one rejenerates, use that one. Remember to never, ever
    use your last carrot.
    Price: 70 Rupees
    8. Chicken Picking: Heehee, I love this game. When Talon throws out the
    three super Cuccos, you have to find them in the mix of regular Cuccos.
    Here's a quick way to find the first Cucco, although it is kind of obvious.
    Watch the shadow of one of them as they land, then run over and grab it.
    Price: 10 Rupees
    9. Obstacle Course: Malon let's you hop over fences with Epona..how fun.
    Actually, this is kinda cool. Don't use any carrots on the first couple of
    fences, they're so low Epona jumps them automatically.
    Price: Malon is so nice, she let's you play for free
    10. Treasure Chest Game: This is impossible without the Lens of Truth. It
    seriously is. You will NEVER beat this game without it. It does however
    become so easy with the Lens you will consider yourself a loser for not
    being able to win before. One chest holds a key, while the other holds
    rupees. You have to keep picking the right chest, without pulling any
    Price: 10 Rupees
    11. Jam Session: In the Lost Woods are two Skull Kids, play your Ocarina
    with them. Keep playing tunes until you get their HCP. It's quite simple,
    just write down the notes.
    Price: Free
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Women of Hyrule
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    I got this sick and twisted idea from Marshmallow, thanks for letting me
    use it man. Big time credit goes to you for this hilarious idea. Anyways,
    each of the women in your quest will be given a rating of * stars or *****
    stars (* being downright ugly and ***** being...well you know...she makes
    1. Saria
    Young: **
    Adult: **
    (i know, i know, she's the exact same in both)
    2. Malon
    Young: **
    Adult: ****
    3. Zelda
    Young: *
    Adult: ****
    (big improvement, eh?)
    4. Ruto
    Young: **
    Adult: *****
    5. Impa
    Young: *
    Adult: -*****
    (you'll notice that that's minues five, because Impa is a man)
    6. Nabooru
    Young: ****
    Adult: ****
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Link-That would be you, poindexter. The main character, the big hero, the
    guy with all the chicks after him. Lucky guy.
    Saria-Your weird, green-haired best friend. She wants to be more, but
    because she's a...nevermind, I don't want to give away the story.
    Mido-The mean, little bugger that lives in the forest. If Link is sucha big
    hero, then how come he never popped the bully in the nose a couple of times
    to smarten him up.
    Malon-The cute girl that works at the ranch. She also loves Link.
    Talon-Malons father
    Zelda-The princess, big character that always gets her name in the title of
    the game. She also loves Link (i think...)
    Impa-The man-woman who is Zelda's nanny. She loves other its.
    Darunia-The king of the Gorons. He is a big guy who is Link's Sworn
    King Zora-The king of the Zora. He is fat and ugly.
    Princess Ruto-King Zora's daughter, she on the other hand is one hot little
    fishlike humanoid. 
    Gannondorf-The a-hole that makes you leave home to be a hero. You beat him
    at the end of the game (DUH!)
    Nabooru-A good-looking Gerudo thief.
    Epona-Your horse.
    Sheik-A strange young guy (or is he...) that appeared in Hyrule when Link
    returned as an adult.
    Ingo-The retarded ranch helper-outer (what? that's a word...i think)
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Items, Weapons and Equipment
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Link is no pansy. He uses a lot of cool weapons and equipment. Here are the
    tools you will be using:
    Kokiri Sword: Found in the cave behind the Kokiri Training Center
    Master Sword: A powerful blade. Found in the Temple of Time. Let's you go
    back and forth between time. 
    Giant's Knife: A huge sword that breaks easily.
    Biggoron Sword: A version of the Giant's Knife that won't break.
    Deku Shield: A small, wooden shield. Buy it for 40 Rupees at the Kokiri
    Hylian Shield: The shield of Hyrule. Bought for 80 Rupees or found for free
    in the graveyard.
    Mirror Shield: Reflects light and magical spells. Found in Spirit Temple.
    Kokiri Tunic: You start out with this.
    Goron Tunic: Protects you from immense heat. Given to you by the rolling
    Goron or bought in the Goron shop.
    Zora Tunic: Let's you breathe underwater. Given to you by King Zora or bot
    at the Zora shop. 
    Kokiri Boots: You start out with these.
    Iron Boots: Let's you walk on the bottom of lakes. Very heavy.
    Hover Boots: Let's you hover for a short distance.
    Upgrades 'N' Stuff
    Silver Scale: Let's you dive deeper. Get by winning the Diving Game.
    Golden Scale: Let's you dive even deeper. Get by catching a fish above 15
    pounds at the Fishing Pond.
    Goron's Bracelet: Let's you pick Bomb Flowers, given to you by Darunia.
    Silver Gauntlets: Let's you lift heavy objects. Found in Spirit Temple.
    Golden Gauntlets: Let's you lift even HEAVIER stuff. Found in Ganon's
    C-Button Items:
    Both Link Items:
    Deku Nut: Throw this down and it explodes in a flash of light, stunning
    Bottle: Catch things or hold Potions.
    Lens of Truth: Let's you see the Truth.
    Bombs: What do you think?
    Bombchu: A small device that shuttles bombs up walls.
    Ocarinas: Play songs on these.
    Young Link Items:
    Deku Stick: Beat enemies or light it on fire to solve puzzles.
    Fairy Slingshot: Shoot Deku Seeds.
    Boomerang: Throw this and it automatically returns to your hand. Stuns
    Magic Beans: Plant these at Soft Soil locations.
    Adult Link Itmes:
    Hookshot: Latch onto far-away targets with this to reel yourself to them.
    Fairy Bow: Shoots four kinds of arrows:
    Regular Arrows: No explanation necessary.
    Fire Arrows: Use Magic. Explodes on contact.
    Ice Arrows: Freezes enemies. Uses magic.
    Light Arrows: Kills evil, I think. Uses magic.
    Megaton Hammer: Big, heavy hammer to smash things with.
    Longshot: An even longer Hookshot.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Here I will name the enemy, give a description, tell you their attacks and
    then give you strategies.
    1. Deku Baba
    Description: Ever see Little Pet Shop of Horrors (or something, i haven't,
    but i've seen the cover). These look like the plants in the movie, then
    even have a lashing tongue.
    Attacks: It tries biting you!
    Use your Shield to block their lunge, then slash them.
    2. Deku Scrub
    Description: Little creatures with grass on their head. 
    Attacks: They spits Deku Nuts when you get too far from them, otherwise
    they hunker down in defense.
    Tips: Deflect their Nuts back at them with your shield, then jump attack
    the one that run around.
    3. Gohma Larva
    Description: Small, one-eyed spiders with two legs, and no arms.
    Attacks: When their eye turns red, then lunge at you.
    Block their lunge, and slash them.
    4. Stalchild
    Description: Skeletons with glowing red eyes.
    Attacks: They walk up to you, and swing at you. Large groups of them try to
    surround you.
    Just Jump-Attack the nearest one to you. They aren't too hard, unless
    you're fighting on a hill and you can's see the angle they're at since they
    always walk around.
    5. Tektites
    Description: Spiders with red-eyes that are either blue or red.
    Attacks: They leap at you.
    Slash them while they are in the air jumping at you.
    6. Beamos
    Description: A strange one-eyed statue that shoots a blue, laser-beam at
    you when you get close.
    Attacks: Blue, laser-beam
    Use Bombs or Bombchus to destroy them.
    7. Skulltula
    Description: Spiders with skull plates on their backs/
    Attacks: They spin around, trying to bump into you.
    Wait for them to expose their soft belly, then hack away!!!
    8. Dodongo Larva
    Description: Small, lizards.
    Attacks: They jump up at you, so watch out!
    Hit them before they can jump at you, then get away, as they will explode
    when they die.
    9. Dodongo
    Description: Bigger, uglier lizards
    Attacks: Breathing fire, tail swipe.
    Get behind them, slash at their tail, then move back to avoid the tail
    swipe. Repeat until they are dead.
    10. Keese
    Description: Annoying bats that are either normal, on fire, or frozen
    Attacks: Flying into you.
    Slash them if they get near you, or take them out from afar with your
    Slingshot or Hookshot.
    11. Octorok
    Description: An small octopus
    Attacks: Spitting rocks
    Deflect the rocks back at them with your shield
    12. Shabom
    Description: A bubble
    Attacks: Floating into you.
    Use your Boomerang or Jump-Attack these annoying baddies
    13. Biri
    Description: A small jellyfish
    Attacks: Stinging you
    Use the Boomerang on them to avoid taking damage.
    14. Bari
    Description: A large jellyfish
    Attacks: Stinging you
    Throw your Boomerang at it a few times to make it break up into three
    15. Armos
    Description: A statue
    Attacks: Bumping into you.
    Tips: The easiest way to get rid of them is to use Bombchus, or to plant a
    bomb beside one without touching it. If you wake one up, it's too hard to
    aim a bomb at one, so just hold a bomb and let him run at you.
    16. Centipede
    Description: A flying centipede
    Attacks: Flying into you and electrocuting you.
    Use your Boomerang when it tunnels into the ground.
    17. Tentacles
    Description: Big, hanging tentacles
    Attacks: Swinging around
    Use your Boomerang on the part that attaches it to the ceiling.
    18. Stinger
    Description: Floating, electrical manta rays
    Attacks: Flying around
    Use your Boomerang on these pests.
    19. Lizalfos
    Description: A walking lizard with a sword
    Attacks: Sword fighting
    Either use sword fighting and shielding techniques to beat them, or be a
    wimp and throw Deku Nuts at them to stun them.
    20. Peahat
    Description: A floating plant with twirling blades
    Attacks: Slicing and dicing you, launching Peahat larva
    Use your Slingshot on it's roots when they are exposed.
    21. Guay
    Description: A tropical bird
    Attacks: Same as Keese
    See Keese
    22. Poe
    Description: A strange ghost with a lantern
    Attacks: Touching you
    Use your Bow on them. No arrows? Block them when they spin with your shield
    and slash them.
    23. ReDead
    Description: A zombie
    Attacks: Crawling on your back and eating your brain
    If one gets on you, tap A repeatidly to get it off. Otherwise, run around
    behind them so they can't freeze you with their glare, and slash at the
    back of their legs.
    24. Stalfos
    Description: A sword-fighting skeleton!
    Attacks: Sword-fighting
    Be patient with these monsters. Wait for them to strike, and block. After
    that, they will be frozen for a split-second, so lunge to get a good hit
    in. If they do their Jump Attack, hold your shield up high otherwise you
    will still take damage.
    25. Skull Bubbles
    Description: Flaming skulls
    Attacks: Floating into you.
    Block them with your shield to put out their fire, then slash them.
    26. Moblin
    Description: A big, bull-thing with a spear
    Attacks: Charging you.
    Wait for them to turn around, then sink your Hookshot into his back.
    27. Moblin w/ Club
    Description: A huge Moblin with a Club
    Attacks: Slamming the ground, causing shockwaves.
    Roll from left to right to avoid the shockwaves and get behind him, then
    just slash his back since he can't turn around. 
    28. Torch Slugs
    Description: Slugs...that are on fire
    Attacks: Slowly crawling into you.
    Use your Hammer to smash the ground and flip them over, then just slash
    29. Anubis
    Description: Things that fly through the air
    Attacks: Launching fireballs at you
    Use Din's Fire or a Fire Arrow to put these guys out of existance.
    30. Wall Master
    Description: A hand that lives on the ceiling
    Attacks: It swoops down, and if it grabs you, it takes you back to the
    start of the dungeon.
    Run around when you see their shadow above you, then when they land, slash
    them twice.
    31. Fake Doors
    Description: A door...wow...
    Attacks: When you try to open them, they slam you.
    Bomb them or smash them with your Hammer.
    32. Flying Pots
    Description: Pots...wow...
    Attacks: Flying into you
    Roll out of the way or shield yourself.
    33. Freezerd
    Description: An ice man
    Attacks: Using his ice breath on you to freeze you
    Run in quick and hack him to bits.
    34. Gibdo
    Description: A mummy (no, not that kind!)
    Attacks: Same as ReDead
    See ReDead
    35. Leever
    Description: Green blob with spikes for teeth
    Attacks: Crawling into you
    Just avoid them, they move in a straight line.
    37. Like Like
    Descriptin: An ugly blob
    Attacks: Sucking you up, stealing your shield and tunic
    Stun them somehow, and slash so they don't suck you up. If you lose your
    shield or tunic, don't worry, once they are dead they give them back. 
    38. Shell Blade
    Description: A clam
    Attacks: Biting you
    When it opens it's mouth, use your Hookshot on it.
    39. Spike Ball
    Description: A ball that sticks spikes out of it
    Attacks: Rolling into you
    Hit them when they pull their spikes in.
    40. Tiles
    Description: Tiles that rise from the ground
    Attacks: Crashing into you
    Shield them or roll out of the way
    41. Floor Master
    Description: Same as Wall Master, only lives on the floor
    Attacks: Ramming into you
    When they're green, they're invincible, so stay away. Peg these guys with
    arrows, and they split into three smaller hands. Don't worry about these
    guys, they can't pick you up and take you to the start of the dungeon.
    42. Iron Knuckle
    Description: A huge knight in shining armor
    Attacks: Axe
    This guy is dangerous. His axe takes off 5 hearts! The quickest way to
    dispose of him is get close, then backflip as he attacks to avoid the axe,
    then quickly lunge. 
    43. Dinalfos
    Description: Lizard people with a sword
    Attacks: Sword fighting
    These are the same as Lizalfos, only more powerful.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Boss 1:
    Parasitic Armored Arachnid-
    Boss of: Deku Tree
    Description: A huge, one-eyed spider with hard armored skin.
    Attacks: Laying Ghoma Larva, charging you and slashing at you with her
    When you enter her lair, look up at the ceiling. You will spot Gohma
    crawling around. When she sees you, she will drop down to start the fight.
    Immedietly lock on to her and back away. When her eye turns red, shoot it
    with the Slingshot. She will fall down for a moment. Run in and slash her!
    After you get about three or so hits in, she will get back up, and crawl up
    the wall. Now you can do two things. The first is to wait for her to lay
    the eggs, then run and slash them before they hatch, or you can stay locked
    on to her and when she is on the ceiling, her eye will flash red again.
    Shoot her on the ceiling to make her drop down again, and slash once more.
    Keep repeating either strategy until she dies.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Boss 2:
    Infernal Dinosaur-
    King Dodongo
    Boss of: Dodongo's Cavern
    Description: A huge, fire-breathing lizard.
    Attacks: Breathing fire, rolling over you
    When you drop down, lock onto his mouth. After a few seconds, he will open
    it to breathe fire. Pull out a Bomb and toss it in it's mouth. It will
    explode, and knock him down. Run up to him and slash. He will then get up,
    and start rolling. Have your Hylian Shield out and hold it above you. He
    will roll over the shield, and you won't take damage. If you don't have the
    Hylian Shield, run up by the edge leading into the lava. He should roll
    right past you. Then he turns around again, and will open his mouth. Keep
    throwing Bombs and slashing until he dies.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Boss 3:
    Big Octo
    Boss of: Jabu-Jabu's Belly mini-boss
    Description: A big octopus that waddles around a platform with spikes on
    the side.
    Attacks: Running into you
    This guy seems impossible if you don't know what to do. Throw your
    Boomerang at him as he comes at you to stun him. When he revives he will
    start to spin around. Throw the Boomerang at him again to stun him. Keep
    doing this until his back is exposed. When it is, you will see a green orb.
    Run up to it and slash it. He will start to run around the platform. Wait
    for him to come to you again, and toss the Boomerang again. Keep doing this
    until you kill him.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 4:
    Bio-Electric Anemone-
    Boss of: Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Description: A big, electrical thing with Bari surrounding it, and four
    tentacles attaching it to Jabu-Jabu
    Attacks: Spinning Bari, electric beams, spinning around the room
    First, you have to sever the tentacles attaching it to the ceiling. Oh
    yeah, by the way, there is one important rule for this battle: KEEP MOVING!
    Use your Boomerang on the tentacles to sever them, then Barinade sends out
    the Bari around his body. Keep tossing your Boomerang to get rid off all
    the Bari, then the core of it's body is exposed. Quickly stun it with the
    Boomerang, then run in and do a Jump Attack. After a bit of this, it sends
    out more Bari and moves really fast. Just keep tossing your Boomerang until
    you oce again get an opening at the core. Stun it and attack. Once the
    second wave of Bari are all gone, it will start spinning around, madly.
    Keep moving and keep chucking the Boomerang. If you hit it, it sinks into
    the floor. Stay away as it will still fire electric beams at you. After you
    do this a few more times, Barinade will finally die.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 5:
    Evil Spirit From Beyond-
    Phantom Ganon
    Boss of: Forest Temple
    Description: A ghost of Gannondorf riding around on his black horse.
    Attacks: Firing energy blasts
    When you first climb onto the platform, go to the middle of it, then go
    back. Bars will rise, blocking the exit, then Phanton Ganon appears to
    start the fight. He will ride into a painting. Run to one of the Triforce
    Symbols, and wait. The painting he comes out of will develop a purple glow.
    Get your Bow ready, and fire an arrow at him when he comes out. After you
    hit him three times he will get off the horse and start floating around. He
    will now fire energy blasts at you. Smack them back at him with your sword.
    If you hit him, he will drop to the ground. Run up to him and wham on him
    with your sword. Get a lot of hits in because this battle is tough. Be
    warned as he sometimes knocks them back at you, so you have to keep hitting
    the blasts back and forth until one of you gets hurt.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 6:
    Dead Hand
    Boss of: Bottom of the Well, Shadow Temple mini-boss
    Description: A creepy looking thingey, looks like a morbid zombie with skin
    but no muscles.
    Attacks: Biting you
    Get grabbed by one of the hands to start the fight. He then appears. Tap A
    to get away from the hand, and stand still. Dead Hand will coem over to
    you, and lower his face towards yours. When he is about half-an inch away
    smack him with your sword, then try to get one or two more hits in. He then
    retreats, and dives underground. Shield yourself as a dirt bomb rises. Get
    grabbed by a hand to make him reappear.
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Boss 7: 
    Flare Dancer
    Boss of: Fire Temple mini-boss
    Description: Either a black, running ball or a guy on fire
    Attacks: Runing into you, dropping fireballs
    This boss is a strange black ball that jumps into the pillar of fire in the
    middle of the room, then emerges as a guy on fire. Lock on to him, then
    fire your Hookshot at him to pull the black ball out, and slash him. He
    will start to run around. Keep circling around the platform, and slashing
    at him. If he sees you, he'll turn around and run, but he's slow at
    turning, so you should be able to get another hit in. He soon jumps back
    into the fire, and you have to start over again. You know you're hurting
    him, because he changes colors every so often.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Boss 8:
    Subterranean Lava Dragon-
    Boss of: Fire Temple
    Description: A long snake-like dragon, with a helmet (don't ask)
    Attacks: Flying around, breathing fire, dropping rocks
    There are several holes on the island, and volvagia will pop his head out
    through one of them, and do one of three things. He'll swing his head
    around to try to hit you, giving you a chance to hurt him when he's done;
    he'll fly around the room, breathing fire. The easiest way to avoid him
    here is to hold your Shield out, and he'll just smack your shield if he
    touches you. Other times he flies around, knocking rocks down. Just RUN
    around the platform. When he does give you a chance to hit him, smach him
    with the Hammer, then he swings his head around, so retreat, then he drops
    his head. Run over and slice at him with your sword. Do this until he dies.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 9:
    Dark Link
    Boss of: Water Temple mini-boss
    Description: Looks like a shadow of Link
    Attacks: Using a sword and shield
    This guy is HARD. He continuisly attacks, and blocks whenever you attack.
    The easiest way I have found to beat him is to stand on the center island
    and whack him with the Hammer when he gets close. For some reason he
    doesn't attack as well when you're on the island, so hit him with the
    Hammer. Keep doing this until he dies. If he blocks the attack, swing your
    sword once (don't lock on, you have to swing horizontally or he'll jump on
    your blade and wham you) to make him block that then he will leave himself
    open to get nailed with the Hammer.
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Boss 10:
    Giant Aquatic Amoeba-
    Boss of: Water Temple
    Description: A little ball-shaped demon that can bend water to his mind
    Attacks: Forming water tentacles and smacking you or throwing you.
    This guy is tough for a little guy. There are quite a few effective ways to
    kill him. Here they are: 1. Stay away from the tentacle until he travels up
    to the top of it, then use your Longshot to pull him out and slash him. 2.
    He doesn't from the water tentacles until he jumps in the water, so pin him
    in a corner and keep swinging your sword or 3. Use Din's Fire to dissolve
    the tentacles, then Longshot him to pull him out. When he is nearly dead,
    he will start to form two tentacles. This is where using Din's Fire comes
    in handy, then keeping him in the corner.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 11:
    Phantom Shadow Beast-
    Bongo Bongo
    Boss of: Shadow Temple
    Description: A one-eyed corpse, with its hands not even attached to his
    Attacks: Sending his hands into you
    This is one strange boss. Have your Hover Boots equipped for this fight,
    they really help. Use your Lens to see this boss first of all, then you
    must stun the hands. Shoot them with an arrow when they are both far to
    stun them both. Then the head lowers down. Shoot the eye with an arrow to
    make it collapse, then run up and nail it with your most powerful weapon.
    Keep this up until he dies.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 13: 
    Sorceress Sisters-
    Boss of: Spirit Temple
    Description: Phase 1: Two witches flying around on brooms Phase 2: A hot
    witch firing spells at you.
    Attacks: Sending fire and ice spells at you.
    This is pretty tough. You have to deflect one witch's spell at the other
    witch to hurt them. So you have to hit the ice witch with fire spells and
    vice versa. Use the Mirror Shield to reflect the spells back. After four
    hits, they join into one witch, Twinrova. Just block the spells she throws
    at you, and the Mirror Shield charges up. After taking three spells, the
    shield discharges energy at Twinrova, so put your Hover Boots on, then run
    over and slash her. Repeat until she dies.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Boss 14:
    Great King of Evil-
    Boss of: Ganon's Castle
    Description: Gannondorf! 
    Attacks: Energy blasts
    Take at least ONE Blue Potion into this battle, and fill the rest of your
    bottles with fairies. Make sure you have all the spells, especially the one
    where the damage you take is reduced by half. Equip your Hover Boots at the
    start of this fight, and run to one of the corner platforms. He starts by
    sending a plasma charge at you. Remember Phanton Ganon? Smack the bolts
    back at him. If at any point you think you can't hit the incoming plasma
    shot, hold your MIRROR Shield in front of you to make it absorb the bolt.
    After a plasma bolt hits him, he will be stunned for a few seconds. Quickly
    whip out your Bow and shoot a Light Arrow at him. Now run over to his
    platform and slash at him madly. After a bit of this, he get's a new
    attack. He forms a big, dark ball atop his head, and sends out five or six
    energy waves. Knock these back at him using the Sword Spin attack, then
    quickly pull out the Bow and peg him with the Light Arrow. You have to be
    quicker for this one since he's only stunned for a few seconds.
    Difficulty: 5/5 (hey, he's the last boss...or is he...)
    Boss 15:
    Boss of: Found after escaping Ganon's Castle
    Description: A big, pig/bull demon creature
    Attacks: Spear and sword
    I've always wanted to play a game with a big, final IMPRESSIVE boss like
    this. At the start of the fight, he knocks the Master Sword away from your
    hands. Your shield isn't much help either, since both the sword and the
    spear he has is about the same size as you. He isn't too hard though. Just
    keep your distance, and have your Bow ready. When he doesn't hold his
    weapons in front of his face, send a Light Arrow into him. He will be
    stunned. Run over to him, and get behind him. Pull out your best weapon
    (Biggorons Sword or Megaton Hammer) and smash his tail. After eight or nine
    hits, he will drop to his knees, giving you enough time to run over to
    Zelda and grab the Master Sword. Now Ganon is faster. Shoot him in the head
    with a Light Arrow, and slash his tail with your sword. After you do this
    enough times, Zelda shoots out a beam of light, holding him down. Use your
    Master Sword (which she charges up) and deliver the final blow!!!
    Difficulty: 3/5
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Ocarina Songs
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    1. Zelda's Lullabye:
    C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right
    2. Epona's Song:
    C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right
    3. Saria's Song:
    C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right
    4. Sun's Song
    C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up
    5. Song of Time
    C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down
    6. Minuet of Forest
    A, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right
    7. Bolero of Fire
    C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, C-Right, C-Down
    8. Serenade of Water
    A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left
    9. Nocturne of Shadow (best song in game)
    C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down
    10. Requiem of Spirit
    A, C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A
    11. Song of Storms
    A, C-Down, C-Up, A, C-Down, C-Up
    12. Prelude of Light
    C-Up, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up
    13. Scarecrows Song
    You decide
    This song is crucial if you want to get all 100 Gold Skulltulas. Play this
    song you made up and a scarecrow warps down somewhere near you. You can use
    him as a Hookshot target.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Fairy Stuff
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    I will only give you the locations of Great Fairy Fountains, as normal ones
    can be found all over the place.
    Here are the spells:
    Sword Upgrade-At the summit of Death Mountain, there are two Bomb-able
    walls. Bomb the one to the left to find a Great Fairy Fountain where you
    will find this spell.
    Din's Fire-At the dead end in Hyrule Castle, bomb the boulder to uncover
    another Fairy Fountain to learn Din's Fire.
    Farore's Wind-Explore behind Jabu-Jabu to find an island. On that island is
    a bombable rock. Blow it up to blow a huge hole in the wall. Enter to find
    this spell.
    Extended Magic Meter-In Death Mountain Crater, smash all the red rocks with
    your Hammer until you uncover the path leading to this trick.
    Nayru's Love-Look around the Desert Colossus for two palm trees. Bomb the
    crack in the center of them to find this spell.
    Half-Damage-You need the Golden Gauntlets for this one. Outside Ganon's
    Castel is a huge block that you need to lift to find the last Fairy
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    NOA and Shigeru Miyamato: For making this awesome game!
    marshmallow: For letting me use his Women of Hyrule idea
    Me: For putting over a week into writing this thing, and I'm still not done
    Other FAQ's: Some stuff I missed
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Legal Stuff
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    This FAQ is the work of Jr Pikachu (Kyle Chaisson) and may not be used for
    any reason in your book, magazine, CD etc. unless I give you written
    permission. In other words, you take something without permission, I'll
    find you and kick your @$$! You can still print it though.
    Copyright, 1999 Jr Pikachu

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