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    Biggorons Sword Guide by PAllen

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    The Ten Steps to get the Biggoron Sword
    Version 1.2
    Written by Patrick Allen
    Legal Stuff:  copyright 1999 Patrick Allen.  You can copy it to read it offline, 
    just dont sell it for money and if you use it in a faq, give me credit for my 
    work.  Thanks
    My email is KwiGonn@Hotmail.com
    The Biggorons sword is the most powerful weapon in the game.  It is twice as 
    good as the master sword therefore you can defeat bosses twice as fast.  Cool! 
    The downside, you cant use your shield when the biggoron sword is out.  Anyway, 
    on to business.
    Step 1:  As an adult, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the chicken lady.  She 
    will give you the egg.  Play the song of the sun twice and the egg should hatch.  
    Take the cucoo into the house where Talon is sleeping.  Go up to him and wake 
    him up with it.  Talk to him after you wake him up.  Go back outside and present 
    the cucoo to the chicken lady.  Now she will give you Cojiro, the rare blue 
    Step 2:  Take Cojiro to the lost woods.  When you first enter the lost woods, 
    take the first left and there will be a guy sleeping by a tree stump.  Use 
    Cojiro to wake him up.  He gives you an Odd Mushroom for the cucoo.
    Step 3:  This is the first timed trade.  Dont worry, you should get it with 
    about a minute left if you use Epona.  Take the mushroom to Kakariko Village.  
    Go into the potion shop near the tall watch tower.  Go out the back of the shop 
    and jump down.  The entrance to the old lady's potion shop is up the stairs and 
    in the door.  Go in and talk to the old lady.  She will smell the mushroom and 
    give you a potion made with it.
    Step 4:  Take the Potion back to where you got the mushroom.  The guy is gone 
    but there is a Kokiri girl in his place.  Present her with the potion and she 
    will take it and give you the Poachers Saw.  Exit the lost woods.
    Step 5:  Get over to Gerudo Valley and use Epona to jump across the ravine or 
    use the longshot.  Present the Poachers Saw to the boss carpenter by the tent.  
    He will give you the Broken Goron Sword.
    Step 6:  Time to meet the biggest goron you have ever seen.  Go up death 
    mountain trail and get to the top.  Kill the spiders on the climbing wall before 
    you climb up.  There are three of them.  Careful! there is a tekitite that will 
    jump down from the first ledge and knock you off.  Lure him off by going up to 
    the climbing wall.  Kill him and climb to the top.  Talk to the big goron and 
    present the broken sword to him.  He will give you the prescription card.
    Step 7:  Go to Zoras Domain and if you have not thawed King Zora, do so now.  
    You need a blue flame to do this, duh.  Show him the prescription and he will 
    give you an Eyeball Frog.  The quickest way to get out of Zoras Domain is to 
    just jump into the river and run down until you get to Hyrule Field.
    Step 8:  Get on Epona and get to Lake Hylia as fast as possible.  Go into the 
    Lakeside Laboratory and show the scientist the Eyeball Frog.  He says he is 
    going to eat it but dont worry, he gets the point.  He makes the Eyedrops from 
    Step 9:  This one can be hard if you get caught up on something.  Dont try to 
    jump any fences because
    you know how Epona can be.  Just get to the entrance to Kakariko Village and 
    dismount from Epona.  Get into Kakariko and make your way to Death Mountain.  
    Get up there as fast as you can avoiding the rolling boulders and Tektites.  
    Once you get to the part with spiders on the climbing wall, kill them fast and 
    lure the Tektite off the ledge.  You should get up to Biggoron with about 20 
    seconds to spare.  Give the Big Goron those Eyedrops and he will give you the 
    Claim Check.
    Step 10:  The final step.  Play the Song of the Sun a few times so that it makes 
    about 4 days go by.  Go talk to Big Goron and he will give you the mighty 
    Biggorons Sword!  Use it with pride, you earned it!!!
    Notes:  using Ocarina songs to transport yourself from place to place to get 
    there quicker will NOT work.  Once you warp there you have one second left on 
    your timer.  You do get as many tries as you want but
    it is a waste of time to try and warp.
    Copyright 1999 Patrick "QuiGonn" Allen
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeā„¢ Nintendo

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