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    Boss FAQ by KTorgersen

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/31/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    v. 1.0
    By Keith Torgersen
    cat653 @ thegrid.net
    The Zelda 64 guide to beating bosses
    Young Link Bosses
    Adult Link Bosses
    Note: Most of the big treasures that you find in dungeons are key in
    beating the bosses.
    Young Link Bosses:
    1. Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Queen Gohma
         You enter the boss room. Use C-up to switch to first person and
    you'll see something moving around in the darkness. The animated scene
    will show it as Queen Gohma. First she'll crawl up the wall, and then do
    one of 2 things: She'll either open her eye up or she'll lay eggs.
    If she lays eggs, you have to immediately destroy them; otherwise you'll
    have to take longer to beat them. If she opens her eye up, then Z-target
    it and shoot it with the slingshot. She'll fall to the ground, and then
    you have to hack the hell out of her! Repeat this process once or twice
    more to beat her. Note: The slingshot is the key item to beat Queen
    2.Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
         You enter the boss room. Use the bomb to blow up a mound in the
    center of the room. It'll reveal a hole in the in the floor. Drop down
    it. The cinema scene will show something giant walking behind Link. It's
    King Dodongo! And not only that, there's also a big lava pit in the
    center of the room! When he's about to use his fire breath you have
    throw a bomb into his mouth. He'll turn red for a second and then fall
    to the ground. That's when you have to keep slashing him with your
    sword. He will then turn into a ball and roll around. Stand on the inner
    edge of the lava pit, but be careful not to get burned. He will try to
    use his fire breath again, so throw a bomb into his mouth again.
    He will roll into a ball. Stand on the lava edge. Repeat bombing him and
    getting to the ledge until he is defeated. Note: The bomb is the key
    item to defeating King Dodongo.
    3. Bio-Electrical Anemone: Barinade
         This boss is sort of tough, so it might be handy to have a fairy
    around. You must first destroy its antennae, while avoiding its
    electricity rays. Z-target, and then use the boomerang. Then it will
    become an electrical carrousel. Don't touch it! It will stop, and then
    the individual Bari will become vulnerable. Destroy all of them next,
    while avoiding the electricity rays. They will re-grow, but don't worry.
    Then Barinade will become an electrical carrousel again, but it spins a
    lot faster this time. While avoiding the spinning Bari, try to get a hit
    in with the Boomerang. Barinade will sink into the ground. Don't try to
    destroy the head or you will get shocked! _Now_ try to destroy the Bari.
    They won't reappear again. After they are gone, Barinade will go
    spinning into the air. Use the Boomerang to him. He won't sink into the
    ground this time! Now is your chance to stick it to him with your sword!
    Repeat this until he is defeated. Note: The Boomerang is the key item to
    defeating Barinade.
    Adult Link Bosses:
    4. Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
         You enter the boss room. Go up the steps, enter the ringed platform
    and then try to leave. Iron bars will come up from the ground,
    preventing your escape. Phantom Ganon will appear. This boss has two
    basic attacks. He first appears on a horse, and then by himself. Also,
    watch out! When he enters a painting, there are 2 Ganons: 1 real and 1
    fake. If he comes out of a purple vortex, it's the real one. Right when
    he is halfway out of the vortex is when you must shoot him with an
    arrow. He will be sucked back into the painting, and ride into the
    horizon. He will come back through one of the paintings. Repeat shooting
    him with your bow and arrows. He will fall off the horse and then start
    attacking you from the air. He will shoot energy balls, and use B to
    deflect them. Of course, he may deflect them in return, so just be
    patient and keep deflecting them in return until he gets hit. Then you
    must run in with your sword and keep hitting him. When he gets back up,
    repeat the deflecting, and then repeat the sword hitting. Repeat both
    until he is defeated. BTW, watch out for the occasional spin attack. It
    doesn't do any good to block it. Note: The Bow is the key item to defeat
    Phantom Ganon.
    5. Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
         You enter the boss room. Jump onto the first platform, then jump
    onto the second platform. The first one will fall into the lava, and
    Volvagia will appear! This boss isn't particularly hard. It will first
    go down a hole, and then it will either: Pop up and try to hit you, Fly
    around and breathe fire at you, or fly around and cause rocks to fall.
    Most of the time it pops up and tries to hit you. When it does this, run
    up to it, and hit it with the Megaton Hammer. When it weakens, you must
    hit it with your sword. If it does the other two attacks, just run
    around dodging the flame or rocks. When it flies into a hole and then
    tries to attack you, you must repeating hitting it with the hammer, then
    the sword. Do this until he dies. BTW, watch out for fake rustlings in
    the lava. Note: The Megaton hammer is the key item in defeating him.
    6. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha
         You know, some people think this is a hard boss. It really isn't.
    All you have to is Z-target the red sphere, and hit it with your
    longshot, bring it back, and slash it with sword a couple of times, and
    repeat. Make sure you have plenty of distance, though, and watch out for
    the second tentacle _and_ the spikes in the wall. Note: The longshot is
    the key item in defeating Morpha.
    7. Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo
         You enter the boss room. You fall down a hole onto a giant drum,
    beaten by a giant monster, Bongo Bongo! You must first Z-target the
    giant hands. Shoot one with an arrow and shoot the other before it gets
    you. After that, immediately get out the Lens of truth, and look at the
    eye. Z-target it and shoot an arrow at it. When it weakens, use your
    sword to slash it! Repeat until he's defeated. Note: The key item in
    defeating Bongo Bongo is the lens of truth.
    8. Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova
         This is one of the very few hard bosses. You can't Z-target them;
    you must use your Mirror shield, and reflect one sister's attack at the
    other. BTW, as I found out, your shield MUST be directly inline with
    their beam. If it is even slightly off balance, you'll get hit. After
    the two get hit a few times, they'll morph into Twinrova! She'll shoot
    either 3 fire beams, or 3 ice beams. If your shield absorbs 3 fire
    beams, it will reflect the fire back at her; same goes for the ice. If
    she shoots 2 ice beams, and then a fire beam, you must avoid that fire
    beam, or you'll get hurt! But if you do reflect 3 beams of the same kind
    at her, she will fall and then you have to run up to her and hit her
    with your sword. Repeat this until she dies.
    9. Great King of Evil: Ganondorf
         The first thing you must do is run to a corner. This makes it safe
    so if he slams into the ground and creates a shockwave, you won't fall
    all the way to the lower level. If he doesn't slam into the ground, then
    he'll shoot energy balls at you, just like the Phantom Ganon.
    Again, you must reflect them using B. Note: some people say the Biggoron
    sword is not as reliable as the Master sword, but I have to disagree.
    The Biggoron sword worked just as well as the Master Sword.
    Anyway, you have to do the same thing. Keep reflecting them, and
    eventually he'll get hit. Right when he gets hit, take out your light
    arrows and shoot him with them. Your shots must be completely straight
    otherwise they won't work. At this point, you should probably put on
    your hover boots. (It's easier than jumping across to him.) If he gets
    shot, then he'll fall, and you must run to him, and slash him with your
    sword as many times as possible before he recovers. When he does
    recover, run to a corner quick, before he slams into the ground! After a
    couple of times of repeating this, Ganondorf will create a black ball to
    shoot at you. While he is creating it, quickly shoot him with a light
    arrow, and he'll weaken. Proceed to slash him again, and run to a corner
    when he recovers. Repeat this once more and he's gone. A cinema scene
    shows Princess Zelda commenting on what a pitiful man he is, and the
    castle starts to collapse. After you get out of the castle alive, in the
    ruins, a thud is heard...
    10. GANON
         You go to check out the sound. It's Ganondorf, and he's mad as a
    hornet! He then transforms into GANON! Let me you, folks, this beast
    looks nothing like the old Ganon. I mean, he's huge! Anyway, I
    discovered there is actually 2 ways of beating GANON. 1 way is to wait
    until he's got his arms down, and then shoot his eyes with light arrows.
    When he's stunned, go in front of him, and use the Megaton hammer and
    that way you get his tail. When the fire clears, go get your master
         The second way, the way that I used, is somewhat easier. You run
    and get behind him, and hit his tail, with the biggoron sword, or the
    Megaton hammer. When he turns around, keep in between his legs. You
    actually can go underneath him, and slash his tail. Repeat this until
    you get the Master Sword, then do it with the Master Sword. After a few
    hits, Zelda holds him with a spell and you automatically stab him in the
    Well, for one thing, I probably wouldn't have beat the game if it wasn't
    for these people:
    GAMEPRO Magazine - getting me through the first 3 levels
    Pika085 @ aol.com - getting me through the rest of the levels.
    EluMinate @ hotmail.com - for that helpful Ganon's castle walkthrough
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Keith Torgersen, 12/31/1998

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