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    Fire Temple Walkthrough by Ernest 64

    Version: 1/1 | Updated: 04/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            FIRE TEMPLE WALKTHROUGH
                      The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
                               Author: Ernest 64
                         E-Mail: laredos@latino.net.co
                                 ICQ#: 13296608
                          Date: 4/3/99|||Version 1.1
    Revision History
    4/3/99: First Update: Version 1.1
    I had SLIDERno23 "clean up" this FAQ.  If you have an FAQ and would 
    like it to be fixed up E-mail SLIDERno23 at stjeb@mississippi.net.  
    Here's what was done:
    -This FAQ was reformatted so there will be NO sidescrolling and the 
    text was rearranged so it wouldn't go only halfway across the 
    -The FAQ was Reorganized
    -This Revision History section was added
    1/13/99: Original: Version 1.0
    I wrote this FAQ.
    1) Introduction
    2) Getting Into the Fire Temple
    3) Fire Temple Walktrough (Includes Gold Skulltulas)
    4) Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
    5) Farewell...
    Hi there again!!! One more time I'm here to help you!!!, Yeah!! I'm the 
    This time this guide is about one of the best and toughest levels of 
    "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", the all red level: Fire Temple 
    (duh, you read it on the title...). Nothing much to say, really.....
    So let's start!! Ah, as always, see last section for 
    details for contacting me...
    Well, it's easy... Make sure you have the Goron's Tunic before entering 
    the crater or you'll die after a few minutes... This tunic can be found 
    or bought in Goron's City. Just stop the rolling Goron using a bomb (it 
    can be difficult, but keep on trying), talk to him and he'll give 
    it to you... Yeah!!! You saved 200 rupees!!!
    Ok, once you enter the crater (from Goron's City, behind Darunia's 
    throne), use your hookshot on the broken bridge, then you'll meet 
    Sheik, who will teach you the "Bolero of Fire". Now go down the stairs 
    and enter the temple.
    Note: I'll recommend you already have the Scarecrow's Song, cause 
    you'll need it for this level. (not really, it just help you to reach a 
    secret area...) 
    - But what's the Scarecrow's Song and where can I get it??
    Oh no!!! Ok, ok, ok... I'll tell you how to get the Scarecrow's Song... 
    But promise me you won't bother anymore!!!
    --------------------HOW TO GET THE SCARECROW'S SONG--------------------
    The player defined Scarecrow's Song is a very useful song, it helps you 
    to reach platforms using a scarecrow and your hookshot or longshot.
    First, as young Link, go to Lake Hylia. And go to the small plantation 
    where there are 2 scarecrows. Show your Ocarina to the one near the 
    Lake and invent a song, no longer than 8 notes. I recommend you to make 
    it easy to memorize, don't make notes too long and be quick, i.e don't 
    leave any pauses (I'll explain you why, later... in the next 
    Now, as adult Link return to the same place (Lake Hylia) and play the 
    scarecrow the same song you played as young Link. Now I'll explain the 
    above in 15 words: You have to play him the song exactly the way you 
    did it as young Link!!! (sorry, I did 16)... Understand!!???
    Go up the stairs and enter the door to your left (don't pay attention 
    to bats). You'll see Darunia, he'll talk to you and then he'll enter 
    the Boss Room!!. Now proceed to your left in this room, Don't be 
    alarmed if you fall to the lava, your tunic will help you (for a few 
    seconds) and free the imprisoned Goron by pressing the switch. Grab the 
    key in the chest behind him. 
    Now return to the room where you started and open the locked door. Now 
    in this room (I call it the "Broken Bridge Room") go to the door on 
    your left, enter it and release the Goron and get his key (you can also 
    play the "Song of Time" to get rid of the blue block above the doorway, 
    climb it and enter the door with a shiel eater and a gold skulltulla). 
    Return to the "Broken Bridge Room" and go straight ahead to another 
    door (the one to your right if you entered this room for the first 
    time), blow the wall, free the Goron, take the key.
    Return to the bridge room, and take a right (straight ahead from the 
    first time) to enter the locked door. Now use your hookshot on the 
    fence, and climb it to get to the platform on your right, kill the 2 
    sleeping bats in there, and drop down to the platform right below you 
    and push the big block until it falls down. Now land on this block and 
    you'll be raised to the next room.
    Enter the locked door. Now, in this room (you'll see a Goron, don't 
    worry, you can't release him until later) take a left and climb up the 
    ledges killing the torch slugs (I recommend to stun them with your 
    hookshot and the slashing then a couple of times with your sword). Now 
    jump over the platform with that diamond switch. Proceed to push the 
    block until it falls, then drop down and pull it all the way. Climb it 
    and jump to the fence. Now from here, throw a bomb to the diamond 
    switch (just try to time it right, it can be difficult but keep on 
    practicing) and it'll activate and it will stop the fire from the 
    fence, so climb it (before the time runs out) and enter the door...
    Now go all the way right to free a Goron (get his key), and proceed all 
    the way of the maze to your right until you find a locked door, better 
    continue your way to the right to free another Goron... (maybe you'll 
    hear a gold skulltulla on the outside walls, so when yu do, bomb the 
    wall to reveal it, it is in the northeastern side of the room).
    Now proceed to the locked door, enter it (duh, really??), and shoot the 
    gray eye to open the door to your right where the Dungeon map is (make 
    sure you don't fall, or you'll fall in the Broken bridge Room, and I 
    tell you, it's really messy and boring to return again...). Now return 
    to the gray eye room and enter the locked door.
    In this room, jump to the platform and over the fence and you'll see 
    fire behind you!!!! Just make it quick to the other side, climb the 
    ledges and enter the locked door (not the one to your left). Now you're 
    over the maze!!!
    Look up, you'll see a very high platform to your right (left when 
    facing the door). So play your scarecrow's song to make Pierre (the 
    scarecrow) appear, now hookshot to him and then to the hookshot circle 
    on the other platform to reach a secret area... In this secret area 
    there are 200 rupees in a chest and a gold skulltulla..
    Go back down and jump to the platform in front of you and bomb the 
    crack in the floor, if the torch slug bothers, kill it!!!, go down the 
    stairs or fall down (I recommend to fall down, you'll only lose a 
    heart, the stairs are boring), and release the Goron in there to get 
    another key. Climb up the stairs and then continue jumping over 
    platforms (be careful not to fall), until you get to a switch, press it 
    to release a Goron at the other side... continue jumping until you get 
    to him and take his key...
    Now go down again and to the fenced room, and jump to the locked door 
    on your right. (the one to the left the first time you where here and I 
    told you don't to jump...). Now here's how to jump, just keep on 
    holding forward and you'll reach the platform.
    Pass the corridor, enter the room (I call it the Fire room) and go to 
    the door on your right, be careful of boulders and "proximity fire", 
    enter it and you'll get the compass. Now return to the Fire room and go 
    to the door on the opposite side to get to a corridor with a Goron (you 
    can't save him, later) and continue to the door straight ahead.
    Now go right and press the switch, to make the big flame dissapear, for 
    5 seconds, so hurry... Break the pots to refill your bombs and 2 hearts 
    and enter the room.
    This is the  1st Mini- Boss room: This mini boss is as easy as it 
    gets... Just throw a bomb to him and he will change into a running 
    ball, so Z-target it and chase him with your sword, dont go behind him, 
    you can't reach it, just go in the opposite direction...
    Now climb to the platform and it will raise you... Enter te door and 
    climb the fence, proceed to drop a bomb on the diamond thing and then 
    climb the fence to reach the Megaton Hammer room. Step on the yellow 
    switch and run up the stairs (be quick and make sure you don't fall) 
    and open the chest to get the cool Megaton Hammer!!! (in this room is 
    another skulltulla, left from the entrance).
    Now return to where the yellow switch was and then you'll see a block, 
    it's really a switch, just stomp it with your new hammer... and fall 
    down. Get rid of the statue with your hammer and enter the next room. 
    Kill the bats and hit the block with your hammer, now grab a crate and 
    put it on the blue switch... to open the door.
    Hit the other block with your hammer, then drop down, hit the rusted 
    switch and enter the door. Play the song of time to use the blue block 
    as a platform, then hit the switch with your hammer to release another 
    Goron. Drop down and get the key. Now return to the door you came and 
    hit the big block with your hammer to fall down, it's a really big 
    fall!!! There's a fairy you can get from a pot to your right (use 
    hookshot)... Exit and you're at the entrance, now smash the statue to 
    the right of the stairs and enter the door. Kill everything in this 
    room to make the door open, enter it (duh, again?). In this room avoid 
    the squares that try to chase you. You can get rid of them using your 
    hookshot. Now kill the Shield eater and kill the gold skulltulla almost 
    behind him...
    Proceed to the next door and kill the 2nd Mini- Boss, the same way as 
    the first one... Continue to the next door, hit the rusted switch with 
    your hammer to release the last Goron and get the Boss Key!!! 
    Now go to the next door and you're back at the entrance. Go up the 
    stairs, take a left, enter the door, jump to the platform where the 
    Boss Door is and enter it (really??)...
    This boss is easy...
    When he pokes his head out of a hole, hit him with your hammer, then 
    step back to avoid being hit and then hit him again with your hammer or 
    your sword, bombs are cool too!!!
    Repeat the process until dead. Make sure that when he flies around 
    trying to bite you and spiting fire, Z-Target his mouth and hold your 
    shield... Also, you can hit him with your sword when he's flying, but 
    it's difficult...
    Also remember that when he flies and make rocks fall, don't move 
    (unless you see the shadow of a big rock next to you), and you won't 
    get hurt.....................................
    5) FAREWELL...
    Time to rest, now...
    I wish to thank RCarlos, for some Gold Skulltullas.....
    And SLIDERno23 for his "clean up".
    Well, that's the end, I hope you found it useful, thanks for reading me 
    and please e-mail me if you wanna know anything, not only in the Fire 
    Temple but in "The Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time", the greatest 
    game in history....
    Ah, here's how you can contact me:
    E-mail: laredos@latino.net.co
    Or you can find me in the ICQ, my # is: 13296608
    C- Ya on my next FAQ!!!!!!!!!!
    Now that I've "cleaned up" this FAQ, It seems pretty long, so it's 
    probably good.  I hope YOU liked it, whoever YOU might be.  You should 
    read some other FAQs written by Ernest 64.  They're not bad. See ya!
                                         -SLIDERno23, stjeb@mississippi.net

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