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    Ganon Castle Walkthrough by Elusive

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/05/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 23:55:28 EST
    Ganon Castle " Walk Thru " For The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.
    System : N64
    By Elusive(Elu)
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    Ver. 0.00 - Very quick version on this Walkthrough.
    Ver. 1.0 - A little bit more polished. Some grammatical errors fixed.
    Ver. 2.0 - Added a tip from reader on how to reflect back Ganondorf's black 
    vortex attack. Also I added something I forgot about the Desert Barrier.
    Ver. 2.1 - Minor update. I forgot to update it today because I was lazy. 
    Ganondorf can be attacked while he is creating the black vortex with a Light 
    Special Note to AoL Readers : Do not send me mail asking questions about the 
    game IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO RECEIVE Replies from me. Some of you that have 
    written to me cannot accept email from me. Please be aware of this before 
    emailing me. Thank you.
    Contents :
    Introduction : Warning.
    I. Forest Barrier.
    II. Water(Ice Barrier).
    III. Desert Barrier.
    IV. Shadow Barrier.
    V. Fire Barrier.
    VI. Sun Barrier.
    VII. Final Boss Section.
    VIII. Credits and Shout outs.
    Warning : I have tried to keep myself from ruining the game for all of you. I 
    didn't explain the animation sequences that happen at the Temple of Light. Also 
    do not read the Boss Section unless you really suck and need help. You will just 
    ruin it for yourself. Shame Shame. I will however reveal the story against the 
    boss because it will explain it to you in the game. The reason I wrote this 
    cause I was seriously bored.. plus people were asking me to.
    Here's a some useless(ful to some people)information. Link's voice is done by 
    Nobuyuki Hiyama. He has done the voices of Demitri from the Darkstalkers and 
    Vampire Savior series(Capcom fighting game), Siegried from the Soul Edge game, 
    and Joe Higashi from the Fatal Fury Genre(SNK).
    Make sure you beat every single temple. The story sequence follows, you must 
    make your way to Ganon's Castle after what happens in the Temple of Time. You 
    will also receive the Light Arrow. Go near the steps at Gannon's Castle the 
    Sages will create a rainbow bridge for you. Keep in mind later that east of you 
    is a big rock column that has a moon crescent symbol.
    As you enter and walk down the blue carpeted stairs. You will spot two 
    Beamos(One eyed,laser firing thingie). You can just run then roll past them and 
    quickly open the door. Upon entering that door you will see a huge entrance with 
    some kind of barrier covering it. You must destroy the Fire, Water, Forest, Sun, 
    Shadow, and Desert Barrier to advance. Oh btw somewhere downstairs is a place 
    you can catch Fairies. Comes in handy when you are in trouble be wary of the 
    Business Scrubs in there. Just reflect the Deku Nuts they shoot at you with your 
    Hylian Shield. The Mirror Shield is too strong and will crack them to pieces. Oh 
    almost forgot, it doesn't really matter which barrier you conquer first. BUT!! 
    But, you have to beat the Shadow Barrier first before the Fire Barrier. You 
    can't beat the Fire Barrier w/o the Golden Gauntlets that are found in the 
    Shadow Barrier.
    Forest Barrier
    Objective : Light all torches.
    This one is pretty simple. Destroy all the Keeses. Just light all the torches 
    and a treasure chest with a key inside it will drop down. You can use either 
    Din's Fire or Fire Arrows. Remember there are 5 unlit torches : Four on the blue 
    carpeted octagon and one on top of the locked door. 
    Objective : Get all the white rupees to open barred door.
    In the next room is the real challenge. In the distance you see a hookshot 
    target and two fans beside it. If you turn around you see two other fans. Turn 
    back to your original position and you spot a Beamos. Go to your Equipment 
    Screen and choose the Hover Boots. Wait until the left fan(the one behind you 
    turns on and then run across to the left platform). The air from it carries you 
    across. Now take out the Beamos with a Bomb. Just Z-target it and throw. Wait 
    until the fan in front of you dies off then run. Step on the switch this 
    activates a hookshot column. Use it to get back to the entrance. Now that you 
    are back at the entrance run across to the right platform. Using the same way 
    you got to the left platform. Dash towards the center column and then dash to 
    the steps. Climb the steps and open the door. In this room you will find the 
    Forest Barrier, its covered in green electricity. Don't touch it! It shocks you. 
    Aim and fire one of your Light Arrows. You will release Saria. You will then get 
    zoomed back to the outside of the Forest Barrier Room Entrance.
    Water(Ice) Barrier
    Link animation : Let Link just stand there and he will begin to sneeze.
    Objective : Get Blue Fire or Flame.
    In front of you is the blue flame surrounded by lots of ice stalagmites.(Rock 
    formations formed from the ground or ice spiky thing) Run to it and destroy them 
    to get to the blue flame and store it in one of your bottles. Avoid the falling 
    ice stalactites(Rock formations formed and hang from the ceiling or hanging ice 
    spiky thing). After collecting the blue flame. Open the left treasure chest. It 
    has the key. Do not open the right one or you will get a ' freezing ' surprise. 
    Open the door. 
    Objective : Solve Puzzle within 2 minutes and melt Red Ice.
    You have 2 minutes to complete this puzzle. First, go to the ice block farthest 
    from you. Push that block from the left side to the ice rock. Go behind it and 
    push it forwards. This will make the ice block fall into hole and stay in its 
    place. Go back to the where you started. Move the second ice block from the left 
    side and push it to the right unto the ice rock. Go to the right side of the ice 
    block and push it forward. This ice block will work as a step for Link. Climb 
    the ice block and then the platform. Take out the blue flame to melt the red 
    ice. Just hit the switch and the iron bars will be removed. Go through the door 
    that you just unblocked and find the Water(Ice)Barrier. Shoot it with your Light 
    Arrow and Princess Ruto will be freed. Commence Zooming!
    Note : If you mess up on this puzzle just exit the room and reenter it. The 
    clock resets.
    Desert Barrier 
    Objective : Grab all the white rupees.
    As soon as you enter, be very cautious of the moving spikes. Destroy the Beamos 
    right in front of you with a Bombchu or a Bomb so he will not get in your way. 
    To get one of the white rupees from the spike's path just pull one of the 
    statues back so you have enough time to collect it and avoid being hit. By 
    collecting the last white rupee the iron bars will be removed from the door. 
    Objective : Reflect the sunlight beam to the correct sun icon.
    In the next room are two Torch Slugs. Just Z-target them and hit them with your 
    hookshot to paralyze them. Commencing hacking away. Or just use the Biggoron 
    Sword. ;) Hit the switch with a Bombchu. A treasure chest will drop down. Open 
    it and get the key. Open the door. Hit the other switch. A treasure chest will 
    drop down. I forget if you get frozen or get a rupee from it. Advance towards 
    the next room. Now look up and look for a breakable hole. Take out your arrow 
    and shoot it. sunlight should come down. Stand in the sunlight and use your 
    Mirror Shield(Hold R and move the analog stick down )to reflect the sunlight 
    beam into one of the sun icons. The correct sun icon to hit with the sunlight 
    beam is the one that is left of you as soon as you enter the room. Reflecting 
    the other beams makes Wallmasters fall(Evil Hand that homes in on your shadow 
    and grabs. It places you at the huge entrance of a pathway blocked by a 
    barrier). Reflecting the right sun icon opens the door. Go through it. The 
    Desert Barrier should be in front of you. Shoot a Light Arrow towards it to free 
    Shadow Barrier
    Objective : Collect Golden Gauntlets.
    Use your Long Shot to get to the Treasure Chest on your left. I don't sure if 
    this Treasure Chest had a rupee or a freezing surprise in it. Use your Long Shot 
    on the target above the entrance to get back. To the right of you is an unlit 
    torch. Aim at it with your Long Shot. Target the torch with the red dot and take 
    out your Fire Arrow and shoot. This will light up the torch and make blocks so 
    you can get over to the platform in the distance. Defeat the Like Like on the 
    platform before he eats up your tunic and shield. Now turn around and use the 
    Fire Arrow to light the torch again. This creates another set of steps in front 
    of you to make it to the next platform. Use this time to immediately go unto the 
    other set of steps that lead down to a switch. Stepping on this switch will drop 
    down a Big Treasure Chest containing the Golden Gauntlets. The Golden Gauntlets 
    will make you able to lift up huge stone pillars with moon crescents on them. :) 
    Now, use your Lens of Truth to see a path made of glass towards a switch on the 
    left. Step on that one and the iron bars will be removed. Go back unto the 
    platform you got your Golden Gauntlets from. Use Lens of Truth and follow the 
    path. There is gap between the path. I'd suggest just hovering over it with your 
    Hover Boots. Open the door and you will now see the Shadow Barrier. Shoot it 
    with your Light Arrow. Impa will now be freed. Cue the zooming.
    Fire Barrier 
    Link Animation : He wipes his forehead because of the intense heat.
    Objective : Collect White Rupees to open barred door.
    Upon entering you should already have the Goron Tunic. Otherwise Navi will you 
    that its too hot to be in this room and will have 2:20 to complete it. Collect 
    the white rupees in any order you want. But remember the White Rupee that is 
    place way out of reach cannot be collected until you have used your Golden 
    Gauntlets on the stone column with a moon crescent in the room. When he lifts it 
    he uncovers a hidden white rupee and throws the column to the direction of that 
    out of reach white rupee, making a platform. Use your Long Shot to get across 
    the Lava Lake and enter the door. You will find the Fire Barrier. Just shoot it 
    with your Light Arrow. King Darun will now be freed. The Zooms... The Zooms... 
    The Zooms. heh
    Sun Barrier
    Objective : Defeat Enemies and find key.
    First of all, you need to remove the stone pillar in front of it with your 
    Golden Gauntlets. If I remember correctly, the key is in one of the outter 
    chests. The middle freezes you. I think. Just kill all enemies and open all 
    chests. :) You can always get more Fairies in that room I mentioned at the 
    beginning of this walkthru. Open the locked door and enter. 
    Objective : Grab key.
    Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol and a treasure chest will drop. Grab 
    the key and open the door. 
    Objective : Collect all the white rupees to open barred door. 
    You have approximately 1 minute to grab all the white rupees in the room. Hurry. 
    Look up and use the Hook or Long Shot target to see some alcoves containing 
    white rupees. Avoid the boulders at all costs. They will just slow you down. 
    Make yourself into the next room. You will spot the Sun Barrier. Shoot your 
    Light Arrow at it to free Rauru. Zoom, baby baby baby Zoom Zoom! You have to 
    give me luvin'.. sorry.. K7 bootleg song. :_
    Great! You've made it out alive. Now go to the huge entrance that was once 
    covered by the barriers. Reminder! Do not continue further until you have opened 
    the Stone Pillar outside of Ganon's Castle! This is very vital for you to 
    In this next room you can do either one of the following. Kill the Keeses(Bats 
    that light on fire.. very very bad) or just avoid them and run for the door. 
    Pretty simple room. Defeat the Stalfos and Dynalfos to opened the barred door. 
    Continue up the stairs. Open the door and kill off the Stalfos and Dynaflos to 
    make a huge, blue treasure chest appear. It contains the boss key. Open the door 
    and continue up the staircase. In this room you will have to have face two Iron 
    Knuckles. One is in black armor, the other in silver. Hit them to make them 
    move. After you defeat them open the door. Continue up another staircase. You 
    will enter in a room full of pots. Do not hit any of them. You will find out why 
    soon. The column is also climbable but its blocked. Just make your way towards 
    the other door on your right. Continue up the staircase, while hearing the music 
    played by an organ. Trust me this is the last staircase. :) Open the door with 
    the Boss Key. 
    Boss Section
    WARNING! Do not read what is below this if you don't want to stoay ruined. Just 
    shield your eyes or something.
    Upon entering, Link will be surprised. Zelda is shown stuck in a pink diamond-
    shaped confinment. Link looks at his hand and the Triforce of 
    Courage shines. Zelda looks at her hand and the Triforce of Wisdom shinses. 
    Ganondorf will stop playing the organ to speak to you. 
    Ganondorf : " The Triforce parts are resonating... They are combining into one 
    again... The two Triforce parts that I could not capture on that day seven years 
    ago... I didn't expect they would be hidden within you two! "
    :: Ganondorf laughs ::
    Ganondorf : " And now, finally, all the Triforce parts have gathered here! "
    :: Ganondorf turns around and throws back his cape ::
    Ganondorf : " These toys are too much for you! " 
    :: Ganondorf clenches his fist and the Triforce of Power shines ::
    Ganondorf : " I command you to return them to me! "
    Ganondorf then creates a vortex of pure evil. 
    Navi : " Link! I can't help you! Because of the waves of darkness. I can't get 
    close. I'm sorry Link! "
    Ganondorf gets rid of the organ and Zelda in the room. He starts floatingin the 
    air. You now come face-to-face with....
    Great King Of Evil : GANONDORF
    Run to a wall because Ganondorf will do a quake punch and cause the blocks in 
    the center to fall down. Remember the room with the pots? Thats what is below 
    you if you fall. Now then unto how to defeat him. Turn around and have a good 
    camera and choose a spot so you can easily jump across or hover across. 
    Ganondorf will then create an energy sphere from the lightning he collects. He 
    will then toss it at you. Swing it back to him with your Master Sword. If you 
    can do it with the Biggorn Sword... thats cool,too. The Master Sword is more 
    reliable. When you swing back the sphere at Ganondorf he will reflect it back at 
    you with his cape. Keep swinging it back and forth, until it finally connects 
    and hits him. Now! As fast as you can take out your Light Arrow, aim and FIRE! 
    The shot has to be just right or else he will break the Light Arrow's hold and 
    start attacking again. Ganondorf will be stunned and fall onto the center 
    platform. Here's your chance. Pause and go to the equipment screen. Change to 
    the Biggorn Sword. Link will still have the Bow in his grasp. Press Z, this will 
    target him and press Z again to get rid of it. Make your way across the gap to 
    the center platform. Press Z to target him and start hacking away. After a few 
    hits, he will then float back into the air. Run to a platform and switch back to 
    the Master Sword. You can also use the Hover Boots to make it safely back to a 
    platform. Repeat process until dead. You can tell how much damage Ganondorf has 
    accumulated by looking at his cape. It starts to deteoriate. Oh yea, almost 
    forgot you have to beat him quickly otherwise he will make more floor pieces 
    fall. Plus, he will create a black vortex surrounded with green energy and throw 
    4 green lightning spheres at you. :) Its not a very pretty sight. You can do 
    either one of 3 things : 1.) Escape it by anticipating Ganondorf's yell and run 
    away and roll to avoid the 4 blasts. 2.) You can charge up your sword with B and 
    then release at the right moment to reflect Ganondorf's 4 spheres right back at 
    him. 3.) Shoot him with a Light Arrow while he is creating the Black Vortex. 
    Couple of things here. Take off your Hover Boots they will just slow you down! 
    Don't even think about using the Mirror Shield, you will still get hit by the 
    blasts. Hrm... I think you can use your Long Shot to drag yourself unto 
    Ganondorf after he's been stunned.
    After you defeat him he will then drop down on his knees breathing heavily. 
    Ganondorf : " The Great Evil Ganondorf.. beaten by this kid?! "
    :: Ganondorf coughs up some blood ::
    Ganondorf : " Link....! "
    He goes into a real pissy fit and destroys the whole top of the castle. He then 
    falls face first on the floor. Princess Zelda floats down and the pink diamond 
    confinment disappears. 
    Zelda : " Ganondorf..pitiful man... Without a strong, righteous mind, he could 
    not control the power of the gods...and... 
    :: Zelda screams ::
    Soon the place starts quaking.
    Zelda : " Link listen to me! This tower will collapse soon! With his last 
    breath, Ganondorf is trying to crush us in the ruins of the tower! We need to 
    hurry and escape!  Please follow me! " 
    Do as what the princess tells you and follow her. You have 3 minutes to get out 
    of the castle. It would be wise to put on your Hover Boots. She can float 
    across.. you can't w/o the boots. :) Don't try to beat her on the staircase. 
    Ladies first! Also because she can knock you off the staircase by accident. Heh. 
    Keep in mind, if you get hit by the rocks Zelda will gasp and just stand there. 
    So avoid getting hit! Soon you will come to a room in which Link looks. Follow 
    Zelda. She will then be trapped by this column of fire. Two Stalfos appear kill 
    them off quickly. Zelda will now be freed from the fire. 
    Zelda : " Thank you Link. Please hurry! "
    She drops a few hearts for you to collect. Follow that Princess! You will soon 
    run down a staircase full of falling debris and rocks covered with fire on the 
    staircase. Stay clear of them! You will just make her gasp. ;) You will then 
    appear on a bridge. Kill off the zombie and follow her to the staircase which 
    leads to the exit. The castle will start to explode and crumble. Very nicely 
    done I might add. :D
    They both look upon the remains of the castle.
    Zelda : " Its over...it's finally over... Link... I'm sorry I couldn't help you 
    in the battle before! "
    Suddenly, a loud thud is heard. Zelda gasps. Talk to Zelda she will say...
    Zelda : " What is that sound? "
    You have to go and check it out. It goes into cut scene. Fire starts surround 
    the platform you are on. Zelda is blocked out. Ganondorf breaks out of the 
    rubble. He is very pissed and breathing heavily. His eyes gleaming with anger. 
    He clenches his fist and the Triforce of Power section shines. He calls upon all 
    the power of the Triforce to change into....
    He knocks away your Master Sword towards Zelda. He is a very cool looking boss! 
    This game is sure to make game of the year, no doubt about it. Perfect blend of 
    secrets, graphics, and replay value. Music could've been better though in some 
    places. But the Final Boss Theme is very well done, so is the song played during 
    the credits. I hated the crappy camera angles when fighting Ganondorf!!! Oh.. 
    sorry.. where was I?  Oh yea.. GANON turns into a very cool looking monsterous 
    form. Pretty huge boss.. he looks as if he's a hybrid of a bull, a wild boar, 
    and  a minotaur. He holds in one hand a long spear and a sword in the other. 
    Navi : " There's no way he's going to hold me back again! This time, we fight 
    together! "
    Let the battle of good vs evil begin!
    Take off the Hover Boots because they will just slow you down. Now, make sure 
    you have the Light Arrows ready. Also equip the Biggorn Sword. Z-target him and 
    fire one of your arrows when his guard is down. This means that none of his 
    weapons are close to his face. The Light Arrows will stun him for awhile this is 
    your chance to run towards his back and hit his tail with the Biggoron 
    Sword(Aren't you glad you finished Adult Link's trading? ;) or just use the 
    Megaton Hammer. That is his weak point. Repeat this process until he drops to 
    the ground and the fire dies down.
    Zelda : " Link! The Master Sword is here. Hurry up!! "
    Run to where Zelda is and pick up your Master Sword otherwise GANON will regain 
    his senses and make the fire start again. You can use Fire or Ice Arrows as well 
    but not as effective. Deku nuts blind him for a very short second. If you run 
    out of arrows no problem. Let GANON destroy one of the columns with his weapons. 
    The columns will reveal goodies. Two of the columns include magic jars. Trust me 
    you'll need'em. One contains arrows, the other fairies, and finally bombs. If 
    you do run out use your potions. You did remember to buy ultimate potion from 
    the old woman in Kakariko Village didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!? Also that stone 
    pillar outside of Ganon's Castle had a cave behind it. The fairy there made your 
    defense greater. Reducing every hit to half. If you run out of magic no problem 
    again. Just wait until GANON strikes with one of his weapons and block it with 
    your shield and roll under him and hit his tail. Or just roll under while he is 
    about to attack. Here's a neat trick. You can do weapon cancelling. You know 
    that when you have the Biggoron Sword you can't shield,right? Well that's 
    partially right. Press any of the C buttons and activate the Long Shot, don't 
    shoot it! Just take the weapon out with the C button and then press R, instant 
    shield. Comes in handy. :) After awhile GANON will fall to his knees again. 
    Zelda will use the last bit of her magic to hold down GANON.
    Zelda : " I'm using my power to hold down the Evil King! You use your sword and 
    deliver the final blow! "
    :: Link's Master Sword starts to gleam with power ::
    Go near GANON and press B to land the attack. That's it! Enjoy the ending! Until 
    next game.
    Credits and Shout Outs :
    Thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto, and programmers. They did a good job on this game. I 
    seriously doubt they will make a sequel to this. Its the Nintendo way. They will 
    probably wait until they come out with a new system to make a sequel or another 
    Thanks to Nick Rox(Nick Des Barres, who wrote the VS Books Zelda Strategy Guide 
    and used to write for Gamefan)for telling me about who did Link's Voice and 
    about what you get when you kill all 100 skulltulas. :PPP Thanks a lot. :P Maybe 
    I'll read the VS Books Strategy Guide one day... maybe.. heh
    Thanks to Buraishere@aol.com for the charging your sword attack against 
    Ganondorf's black vortex attack.
    I'd like to give a few shout outs to the people at #capcom : al` thor, tragic, 
    Scrubboy, UthNAzuh, Gunter, Omni, SirMaX, Fuson..etc. If I lett a few people out 
    my bad.. heh  Shout outs to ioicyrus, VX Gene, Hadesblade, WFROSE, ZeroOtaku and 
    others. I'm outta here. Peace!
    You can freely distribute this Walk Through anywhere. But give credit where 
    credit is due. The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time is registered trademark of 
    Nintendo of America, Inc. 1998ting Ganondorf!!! Oh.. sorry.. where was I?  Oh 
    yea.. GANON turns into €

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