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    Ganon Castle Walkthrough by SLIDERno23

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                               GANON CASTLE WALKTHROUGH
                         The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
                          Version: 1.7:  Updated: 01/09/2009
                                  Author: SLIDERno23
                               Email: <removed for now>
                                    AIM: SliderMSU 
                             WARNING TO GAMESHARK USERS:
     You will not be able to follow Zelda as you attempt to escape Ganon's Tower.
    1.  Ganon's Castle requirements
    2.  What items will I need?
    3.  Six Castle Barriers Walkthrough
        - Forest
        - Water
        - Shadow
        - Fire
        - Light
        - Spirit
    4.  Ganon's Castle Tower 
    5.  Ganondorf: King of Evil
    6.  Escape from Ganon's Castle
    7.  GANON
    8.  Revision History
    9.  Credits
    10. Legal
    You must beat every temple in the game.  Why?  Until you beat every temple, you
    won't have the necessary items.  You won't have rescued the sages.  If you
    haven't rescued the sages, you can't get the light arrows, and the sages can't
    make a bridge to Ganon's castle.
    During the barrier breaking, you should fill all but one bottle with fairies.
    The one bottle will be used for working with blue fire.  There is a fairy
    fountain inside Ganon's Castle.  When you enter the barrier room, drop down to
    the lower floor and make a 180 degree turn.  Pull out your lens of truth to
    spot a fake wall.  Go through here and you will find fairies and four business
    scrubs.  I suggest you kill the scrubs first.  Bottle the fairies here.
    But once you've beaten every danger before Ganondorf's chamber, warp to
    Kakariko Village and fill all your bottles with blue potion.  Where's that you
    say?  Find someone's FAQ that tells how to get the Biggoron's Sword.  Once
    you've given the mushroom to the old lady in the potion shop, you can buy the
    blue potion for 100 rupees.  Fill your bottles with this stuff.  To get easy
    money, go in the hole outside the hag's shop.  Bottle a fish and sell it to the
    guy in the village that's slapping his knees.  He'll buy it for 100...which is
    ironically the price for a blue potion.  And stock up on arrows.  Now save.
    But here's the way to get more than four bottles of potion.  You probably don't
    have the fourth bottle anyway.  But, you can turn all your items into bottles.
    BUT DON'T SAVE IF YOU DO THIS.  Go in the grotto with the fish.  Swing the
    bottle at the fish. But, you should do this by pressing the C then immediately
    pressing start before the fish is caught.  Now replace the bottle with any item
    besides your light arrows, longshot, and maybe Nayru's Love.  Press start and
    Link will finish bottling fish.  "But, wait, didn't you just put an item
    besides a bottle there?"  Press start and you'll see a bottled fish in the
    place of that item.  Saving makes this permanent though.  So don't save.  Now
    you can get a bunch of bottles and put blue potion in them. 
    ========  F O R E S T  ========================================================
    First, the forest barrier.  Use Din's Flame to ignite four torches.  Then use a
    fire arrow to light the fifth.  In the next room you must get silver rupees.
    Slip into your hover boots and wait for the fan to your left to start blowing
    hard.  Then run off the ledge to the left and let the fan blow you onto a
    ledge.  Hover down to the ledge with the switch after blowing up the Beamos.
    The switch will cause a hookshot target to pop put on the ledge you were just
    on.  Play around with the hookshot and whatever boots you need until you've
    collected all the rupees.  Destroy the barrier in the next room by shooting the
    ball in the barrier with a light arrow.
    ========  W A T E R  ==========================================================
    Second, the water barrier.  Break the ring of icicles and bottle some blue
    fire.  Melt the red ice in front of the exit.  Kill the Freezzards to open up
    the barred exit.  Before leaving the room, refill a bottle with blue ice.  The
    next room should definitely remind you of the Ice Cavern.  According to the
    view when you first enter the room, you should push the farther block to the
    right.  When it hits a rock, go around and push it into the hole.  Now, give
    the other block a push so that it passes directly over the filled in hole.
    Then push it against a rock.  Then push it into the nook.  Now, climb up to the
    red ice, melt it, and hammer the switch.  Now climb up to the unbarred door,
    enter, and destroy the barrier with another light arrow.
    ========  S H A D O W  ========================================================
    Third, the shadow barrier.  Light the torch on the island to the right with a
    fire arrow.  Jump across the islands to the main island with the Like Like.
    Kill the like like.  Shoot the torch again.  The islands will appear.  Follow
    the steps to a permanent island with a switch on it.  Hit the switch to make a
    chest appear on the main island that the steps connected to.  Use your longshot
    to hook on to the chest and pull yourself back up.  The Golden Gauntlets are
    inside.  Now, pull out the lens of truth to see a path to a switch platform.
    Hammer the switch.  Retrace your steps and find another path, with the lens,
    to the exit.  Light ---->  +  barrier.
    Tip: Once you obtain the Golden Gauntlets.  Go outside Ganon's castle where the
    Great Fairy once gave you Din's flame.  Now, there's a giant pillar, similar to
    the one in the fire barrier, that's black and gray with the crescent moon
    symbol.  The Golden Gauntlets will allow you to move the pillar.  Behind it is
    the Great Fairy.  She will cast a spell on you (permanently) that causes you to
    take only half the normal damage.
    ========  F I R E  ============================================================
    Fourth, the fire barrier.  This one was a little tricky at first.  Either this
    one or the light barrier is blocked by a pillar that you need the golden
    gauntlets to remove.  Before you enter, don the Goron Tunic and the hover
    boots, and keep them on during the whole fire barrier with one exception.  You
    can collect the first rupee by hovering to the sinking platform to the left and
    then hovering back to the main platform.  Make your way to the sinking platform
    by the large pillar.  Hover your way from the sinking platform to the ledge.
    Then go pick up the giant pillar.  Now go back to the main platform.  Position
    yourself so that you can longshot to the target next the exit.  From here, you
    should notice the target on that seemingly unreachable platform with a torch
    slug.  Wait for the torch slug to move out of the way of the target, then
    longshot across.  Kill the torch slug.  Then hover to the giant pillar you
    threw.  Now change into your Kokiri Boots.  Jump to the sinking platform with
    the rupee, then jump back on the pillar.  Don the hover boots, and make your
    way back to the main platform.  The rupee on the platform with the spinning,
    fire shooting thing is easy to collect if you don't worry too much about
    getting hurt.  Longshot to the exit.  Light ---->  + barrier.
    ========  L I G H T  ==========================================================
    Fifth, the light barrier.  Upon entering, get your lens of truth. (By the way,
    you can put on the Kokiri boots now.)  The lens will reveal Keese hovering
    above some treasure chests.  Kill them to reveal a treasure chest with a small
    key.  Exit.  In the next room, there's a triforce symbol.  Stand on it, and
    play the annoying, Royal Bedtime Song (if you're confused about what song that
    is, how did you make it to Ganon's castle?).  A chest with a small key appears.
    Either the next room or the one after that has a wall master that will grab you
    like in the forest temple.  Anyways, the next room has easy to collect rupees.
    The one in the middle can be reached by longshotting to the target directly
    above it.  The next room will have a fake wall that the lens of truth will
    reveal.  Light ---->  + barrier.
    ========  S P I R I T  ========================================================
    Sixth, and last, the spirit barrier.  Bomb the Beamos first.  Then, pull the
    Armos statues further from the wall so the razor traps are safer to pass by to
    collect the rupees.  In the next room, use the sword spin attack to hit the
    nearer switch.  Get a bombchu from the chest and send it over the wall to hit
    the other switch.  In the next, room, shoot the web overhead with a fire arrow.
    Use the Mirror shield to wake up the sun switches.  Warning: waking the wrong
    sun switch may trigger a wall master.  Light ---->  + barrier.
    Suggestion: you really should get the Biggoron's sword as soon as possible.
    Especially before the ascent through the tower after you've destroyed the
    barriers.  You should also visit the Great Fairy right outside Ganon's Castle.
    When you enter the central tower, run up the stairs to the left.  You can run
    past the Keese if you choose.  In each chamber, there are basically just
    Stalfos and Iron Knuckles that are pretty easy to beat.  Tip: there's one room
    with two Iron Knuckles; awaken them one at a time.  Nayru's Love is helpful,
    too.  When you reach a room with a pillar resembling the one in the boss battle
    against twinrova that you can climb, don't climb it.  There are jars in the
    corners.  Don't touch them.  Use them later if you need them.  Go through the
    large shutter door and begin the long ascent to Ganondorf's chamber.  Ganondorf
    mentions the triforce is all in one place now.  That is why your magic and
    health refill.  Get ready for the 1st big battle.
    First of all, stick to the corners.  These can not be destroyed.  Ganondorf's
    spells ARE capable of destroying the platforms, save, his platform and the four
    corners.  And make sure you have you longshot and light arrows equipped.  To
    start the battle, Ganondorf will release his earthquake attack.  This is when
    you bone out to a corner.  Now, face Ganondorf, and don't stand so far back in
    the corner that you can't see Link.  Ganondorf will raise his hand and summon
    bolts of lightning.  This your warning to get ready.  Ganondorf will release
    his spell and send a ball of lightning at you (remember Forest Temple?).  When
    the spell is about 1 foot in front of you, tap either B or C, depending on what
    item you using to deflect Ganondorf's spells.  Either sword, or an empty bottle
    will work fine.  Ganondorf is not an idiot, though.  He'll reflect his spell
    back again with his cape.  So reflect it back.  If you're persistent, Ganondorf
    will be hit by his spell, which will stun him momentarily.
    This is you prime chance to start your own attacking.  Quickly bust out your
    light arrows.  Fire one at Ganondorf's BODY.  If done quickly and correctly,
    Ganondorf will groan very loudly, and you'll noticed a yellow lock-on icon
    appear above his head.  Well, duh, lock on.  Press the long-shot button once.
    When Ganondorf lands on his platform, press the button again to stick your
    longshot in his cape.  Or you can attempt to jump to the platform.  I'd suggest
    using your Biggoron's Sword now if you have it.  Just try to get two or three
    hits on Ganondorf.  But when he begins to recover, turn around and stick your
    longshot into the wall in a corner to escape the central platform.  Now
    Ganondorf will fire another lightning spell.  You know what to do.
    But, eventually, Ganondorf will begin to look ragged.  This is when he starts
    rotating spells.  His knew spell will start differently.  Instead of summoning
    lightning bolts, he will summon a black ball over his head.  You've got two
    options: (a) wait for him to fire this devastating spell and haul butt from one
    corner to the next, in an attempt to dodge the spell. Or you can be smart and
    stop his attack before it starts, while stunning the King of Evil at the same
    time.  When you see the black ball forming, shoot Ganondorf's body with a light
    arrow.  He will be stunned and you can attack him as if you just stunned him
    after a lightning spell.  When Ganondorf's had enough, he'll spit up some blood
    and supposedly die...
    Stay behind Zelda the whole way out and don't worry too much about the rocks
    hitting you.  Zelda will constantly turn around and wait for you before she
    keeps going.  You should have 45 seconds to a minute to spare.  In one room you
    have to defeat two Stalfos.  Zelda will leave a few hearts after you beat them.
    Or, if you have perfect health, she'll leave green rupees.  And on the way out
    across a bridge, there's a ReDead.  Stay to the right so you don't get caught
    now.  The castle collapses and the cut scene goes by...
      7.  GANON
    Ganondorf comes and turns into Ganon.  To start the 2nd battle, Ganon knocks
    the master sword out of your hand.  So equip the hammer if you don't have the
    Biggoron's sword.  When Ganon raises his swords run between his legs and lock
    onto his tail.  Hit his tail with the hammer or sword a while.  Finally you'll
    be able to reach the Master Sword.  Go back into the ring again.  Lock on.  If
    you're locked onto the tail your lockon will automatically switch to the head
    after a short time.  Whenever Ganon has his swords lowered hit his head with a
    light arrow.  If he freezes with his hands spread apart from each other, run
    around back and slice his tail.  It should take about nine attacks after you've
    retrieved your sword.  I'm not sure if the Biggoron's Sword deals more damage
    in this case.  But I do know that if it's about time for Zelda to freeze
    Ganondorf, you have to use the Master Sword before she'll freeze him.  Then
    you'll have to go and take another stab after she freezes him.  The sages will
    imprison Ganon in the void.
    Version 1.7 -- 01/09/2009
    It's been nearly ten years; I was mortified to see this product of my younger
    self.  I wanted to clean it up a bit.  Here are some of the changes:
    1.  Cut a lot of old clutter.  No real edits to the main walkthrough content,
        although I admit it could certainly use it..
    2.  Slightly reformatted section headings and layout.
    3.  Edited the revision history entries in the interest of space.
    4.  Massaged everything (line-by-line) to fit well with the 79-character limit.
    Version 1.6 -- 04/03/1999
    No facts added, really.  Just aesthetic updates.  I'm never happy with the way
    this looks so I changed the look again.  I think it's finally good now.  There
    will probably no updates soon.
    Version 1.5 -- 03/12/1999
    1.  Separated and renamed the sections.
    2.  Redid the section on Ganondorf.
    3.  Minor aesthetic edits.
    Version 1.4 -- 03/10/1999
    1.  Reformatted FAQ to eliminate the need to side-scroll to read it.
    Version 1.3 -- 02/21/1999
    1.  Added a warning for Gameshark users.
    Version 1.2 -- 02/12/1999
    1.  Added cool bottle glitch from marshmallow's walkthrough.
    2.  Updated the part about how to reflect Ganondorf's spell.
    3.  Added a fairy fountain note.
    Version 1.1 -- ??/??/1999
    1.  E-mail address at top updated.  Old one no good.
      9.  CREDITS
    I have Nintendo Power, Prima, and marshmallow (who posted the bottle glitch;
    see his excellent FAQs) to thank.
      10. LEGAL
    This FAQ is Copyright 2009 SLIDERno23.  Copying, linking to, or selling this
    FAQ, is strictly prohibited without consent from the author.
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