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    Ocarina Tunes by FunkyLizard

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    More Ocarina Tunes
    Zelda 64 on N64
    February 11, 1999
      Ok. First off I definately need to say the only special thanks I
    need to put is Willow/Hoops for encouraging me to write this, and for
    supplying about 70% of these songs. Their E-mail is
    lilshrimp3@aol.com, but still E-mail me for all the problems on my page.
      Of course, I only picked out some of the songs from theirs, and some
    of these songs are supplied by me. If you have anything to E-mail me,
    (complaints, new songs, etc) email them to me, FunkyLizard, at
    flizard64@yahoo.com. Anyway, if you want more songs, check out their
    faq at Gamefaqs.com. Also a big special thanks to
    Fuzzy(mr7@rocketmail.com) There are some songs by him down there.
       Now on with the FAQ! 
       These songs are optianal. No need for them on your game. Their
    really just to wow your friends.
       This guide will tell you how to play many cool songs. Now, if it
    says R-Cl you need to hold R and press C Left. If it says U-R-Cr your
    going to hold up, hold R, and press C Right. If it says 5-Cu you must
    press C Up 5 times. Assuming you have a reasonable amount of brain
    power, an ocarina, and an N64 w/ a controller, you can play most of
    these songs. They are rated (like I rate just about everything...
    you're about an 8 ) :) with 1 star for easy, to five stars for hard.
    Rememeber, I'm assuming you have a bit of brains. 
    __Songs from Willow/ Hoops 
    1.Simpsons theme:**
            Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A
    2.Titanic theme:*
            4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, U-Cd,
            Cr, U-Cd, 4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, D-A
    3.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:**
            2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A
            2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A
            2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A 
    4.Men in Black theme:**
            A, Cd, A, 3-Cr, D-Cr, Cr, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, U-Cd, Cr
    5.Overworld theme from Zelda:****
            Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu,
            U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, 2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl,
            Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, Cu,
            D-Cu, then D-A many many times
    5.Good Riddance (Green Day):****
            2-A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, U-A, A, Z-D-A, A, Z-D-A,
            A, U-A, R-Cd, 2-A, Z-D-A, 2-A, Z-Cd, A, 2-Z-A, A
    6.Closing Time (Semisonic):***
            Cu, Cl, D-Cl, Cl, 2-D-Cl, 2-D-Cr, 2-Z-Cd,
            D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cl, Cr, Cl, D-Cr
    __The following songs were submitted by John J(j-jasmin@nwu.edu)
    7.Star Wars theme:**
            3-D-A, Cd, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr,
            D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, Z-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr
    8.Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back:
            3-U-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr,
            3-Cu, R-Cu, R-Cr, R-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr
    __These songs were sent in by Noobster1(noobster1@aol.com)I added to
    the Mary had a little lamb
    9.Mary Had a Little Lamb:
            Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl, 3-Cr, Cl, 2-Cu, Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr,
    3-Cl,                 D-Cr, 2-Cr, Cl, Cr, D-Cr 
    10.Kakariko Village Theme:
            A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, Cu, A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, 2-Cu,
            U-Cu, R-Cd, U-Cu, Cu, 3-Cl, Cr, 3-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
            A, D-A, D-Z-A, D-A, A, D-Z-A, 2-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
            A, Cu, D-Cu, Cl, Cr, D-Cr
    __By Willow/ Hoops
    11.One Week By Barenaked Ladies
    *NOTE* Due to the many harmonies of Barenaked Ladies, and a battle of
    melodies ensuing between the authors, which ended in a draw, there are
    two versions of the second part of the song.
           A, Cd, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, 2-Cd, 6-Cr, 3-Cd, U-Cd, Cd
           Willow: 6-Rcl, 4-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
           Hoops: 4-R-Cl, 2-Cr, 2-R-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
    12.Mission Impossible Theme
    2-R-A, R-Cd, Z-Cr, 2-D-Cd, Z-A, A R-A, R-Cd, Cl, A, Cd, R-Cr, Z-A,
    Z-Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, D-C
    __These 2 songs are by Fuzzy Lemur (mr7@rocketmail.com)
    13.Pink Panther***
            Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, R-Cr, Cr, A, Cd, Cr, Z-Cr,
            U-Cd, Cd, A, D-A, A, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, R-Cr,
            Cr, Cd, Cr, Cu, Z-Cr
    14.X-Files Theme*
            A,Cl,Cr,Cl,Cu,2-Cl Cu,Cl,Cr,Cd,Cl,A
    __Songs by me (FunkyLizard) Most of them are kid songs, I'll get a few
    themes in there!
    15.Three Blind Mice*
            Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, R-Cl, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, Cl
    16.Jingle Bells**
            7-Cl, Cu, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, 5-R-Cl, 4-Cl, 3-D-Cl, Cl, D-Cl, Cu
    17.Ode to Joy*
            2-Cl, R-Cl, 2-Cu, R-Cl, D-Cl, 2-U-Cd, D-Cl, 2-Cl
    18.Yankee Doodle***
            2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, Cd, Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr, Cr, Cd, Z-Cd
    19.When the Saints Go Marching In**
             Cd, D-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cu, Cd, D-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cu, Cd, D-Cl,
             Z-Cl, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, D-Cl, U-Cd
    20.James Bond Theme***
             A, Z-4-Cd, 4-A, 4-Cd, 3-Z-Cd, Cu, R-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr
    21.Wolfpac** (they may be joined with Hollywood, but they still have
    this cool song)
             3-A, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-Cd, 3-A, Z-Cd (drum cymbals)
    then                                     repeat over and over and...
         There will be so many more in the future, as soon as you send
    them! Here is a chart that will help you big time on finding out
    songs. Its one and a half octaves high, and obviosly you need some
    musical experiance to know what this all means. If not, find out, or
    your on you own learning songs.
    These are from low to high
    B= Z-D-A
    C= D-A
    D= A
    E= U-A
    F= Cd
    G= U-Cd
    A= Cr
    B= Cl
    C= D-Cu
    D= Cu
    E= U-Cu
    F= U-R-Cu
         Those are the notes. Try to get tabs from a web site for a cool
    song or just mess around until get something, and write it up, and
    send it to me. I really need 'em!
    End & Legal Stuff
        Zelda: Ocarina of Time is trademark of Nintindo of America
        This faq is copyright by federal law Tony Emerson, 1999, and 
        cannot be reproduced, copied, or used on any web site or faq 
        without written permission from me. 
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