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    Secrets FAQ by SBAllen

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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Secrets FAQ v.3.1415926535.. [Final Version] (12/4/98)
    By Sailor Bacon (sailor_bacon@hotmail.com)
    (Note: No it's not a game page, it's an anime song lyrics page)
    This FAQ assumes that you have a basic understanding of how stuff in the 
    game works.  If not, you should look at another FAQ because I don't plan 
    to make a section on the basics of movement and stuff that's in the 
    instruction book anyway. So if you know what you're doing but you need a 
    little help, this is for you.
    Disclaimer: If you want to display this FAQ on your page, please email me 
    first so that I am aware of it. Do not alter this FAQ in any way under 
    punishment of death and/or dismemberment. FAQ copyright, trademark, 
    registered trademark, etc. of Sailor Bacon. You get the idea. 
    Note: A lot of web pages have added my FAQ to their page without my permission.
    A do not appreciate this especially since it only takes 5 seconds to write an
    email asking for permission to use my FAQ. If you are one of those webpages,
    make sure you add this version of the FAQ to your page so I don't get emails 
    about submitting secrets from people viewing my FAQ on your page.
    What's new in this version:
    v.3.1415926535... Finished up and added a few things. This FAQ is done.
    v.3.0 Added info about the fisherman's hat, cheating in the treasure
    chest game.
    v.2.5 Added stuff for gossip stones, great fairies, masks usage, sign
    thing, mini-FAQ of ?'s I'm tired of answering, etc.
    v.2.0 Added info for gossip stones, windows, scarecrows.
    v.1.5 Added info for finding Epona, your own cow, Mario, Great Fairies, 
    easy money, angering gossip stones, and more Skulltula info.
    v.1.0 Ummmm... everything.
    Free Lon Lon Milk:
    If you have an empty bottle, stand in front of any cow and play "Epona's 
    Song".  The cow will feel energetic and fill your bottle up with Lon Lon 
    Milk for free!
    Getting Your Very Own Free Cow:
    After Getting Epona (see below), ride her into Lon Lon Ranch (as older Link).
    Talk to Marin and she will comment about you and Epona. Talk to her again to
    challenge her obstacle course. If you finish in under 50 seconds, Marin 
    delivers a cow to your house!
    Finding Gold Skulltulas:
    Before planting a Magic Bean in a mound of soft dirt, empty a jar of bugs 
    (you can buy them for 50 rupees at Hyrule Market or just find them under 
    rocks) on top of the mound. Catch one of the bugs immediately afterwards 
    so you don't have to find or buy more of them. After one of the bugs goes 
    into the mound of dirt, a Gold Skulltula will jump out, except for the 
    mound right next to the bean selling guy.
    Skulltula Family:
    After finding a certain number of Skulltula Tokens, part of the curse on 
    the Skulltula family will be broken. When this happens, you receive a 
    reward. The rewards are as follows:
    10 Skulltula Tokens: Adult Wallet (holds up to 200 rupees)
    20 Skulltula Tokens: Stone of Agony (causes Rumble Pak to shake near 
    hidden areas)
    30 Skulltula Tokens: Giant's Wallet (holds up to 500 rupees)
    40 Skulltula Tokens: 5 Bombchus
    50 Skulltula Tokens: Piece of Heart
    100 Skulltula Tokens: 200 rupees
    Happy Mask Trading:
    Here is the location of the people where you should trade Masks to...
    1. Keaton Mask: You should take this mask to the guard in front of the 
    path to Death Mountain.
    2. Skull Mask: Enter the Lost Woods and go left. Wear the mask then jump 
    onto the stump and the thing that appears buys your mask.
    3. Spooky Mask: Sell this mask to the kid in the graveyard, who thinks 
    that the mask will make him look more like his idol Dampe.
    4. Rabbit Mask: When roaming around the Hyrule Field, you might run into 
    a jogger. Follow him around and in the middle of the night, he will stop 
    jogging long enough for you to talk to him. He will buy the mask for more 
    money than you can hold!
    After selling the rabbit mask, you will be able to get four new masks, the 
    Zora mask, the Goron mask, the Gerudo mask, and the Mask of Truth.
    Easy Money:
    As young Link, enter the first door you pass in Hyrule town. It is full of
    pots. Smash them with your sword to get about 30 rupees. Leave, reenter, 
    and repeat. As older Link, it's even easier! enter the same room, which is
    now a ghost shop place. As soon as you enter, go up the steps to your right
    and smash the pot for a red 20 rupee. Leave, reenter, repeat.
    Fisherman's Hat:
    (Submitted by John H Owen <jhowen@gte.net>)
    If you go fishing as adult link, you can hook the hat off the guy at the 
    counter.  He'll start yelling and ask for it back.  
    Great Fairies:
    The locations of the great fairies are as follows:
    1. Death Mountain Peak. Near entrance of Goron Village there is a red flag.
    Follow the path near the flag up until you reach three boulders. Hop up past
    the first one and bomb the second one. Throw a bomb right before it explodes 
    to blow up the third one. Continue up the path until you see the owl, go past
    him and bomb the wall for the fairy. You learn a neato spin attack.
    2. Hyrule Castle. Climb the ivy and climb down the ladder past the gate of the
    castle. Go right until you see a sign that says "Dead End" and there is a rock
    there. Blow it up and fall down to the fairy. You learn Din's Fire here.
    3. Zora's Domain. Go past the King and enter the room where Jabu-Jabu sleeps.
    Go to the left of Jabu-Jabu and swim until you see a little island with an
    errant rock on it. Guess what? Blow up the rock and fall down. You get Farore's
    Wind here.
    (4-6 submitted by Corey Alan Ross Bachomp Bacheweychomp <effix@hotmail.com>)
    4. Death Mountain. Inside the crater by the Fire Temple, there is a rock that 
    must be smashed by the Hammer. Inside you get a double magic meter.
    5. Desert. By the spirit temple you bomb the wall between two palm trees. Inside
    you get Naryu's Love, which protects you from enemy attacks temporarily.
    (Mini-note: Near the empty oasis, stand on a rock that you can Z Target and play
    the Song of Storms to make a fairy fountain.)
    6. Ganon's Castle. Exact same spot as 2nd Fairy was in past. You need Gold Gloves
    to get to it. Inside your defense power doubles.
    Finding Epona:
    When you become older Link, return to the Lon Lon Ranch. You find out that 
    Ingo has taken over the ranch and is really full of himself. He will let 
    you ride a horse for 10 rupees. Agree to that and when your time to ride 
    begins, play "Epona's Song" on your ocarina. When Epona comes to you, mount 
    her and ride her around until the time limit expires. After that, pay him 10 
    more rupees and once again play the melody to summon Epona. Mount Epona and 
    talk to Ingo. He will comment that you are getting better and bet you 50 
    rupees that he can beat you in a race. If you win, his ego is crushed and he 
    offers Epona if you can defeat him again. If you manage to win the 2nd time 
    then he holds his word and gives you Epona, but says that you can never leave 
    the ranch and bars you in. Just run towards the barrier at top speed and leap 
    over it. Epona is all yours! As long as you are older Link, you can then 
    summon Epona by playing "Epona's Song" in the field.
    Scarecrow Song:
    (Submitted by Robert Kokiri <link@jewishmail.com>)
    If you go to lake hylia as young link and explore the beach, you will see two
    scarecrows in a patch of plants.  Talk to the one closest to the water, and then 
    make up your own tune on the ocarina.  He will 'remember' this song, and if you
    talk to him as older link, he will offer his friend's assistance whenever you
    play 'the scarecrow's song' (what you made up).  So far the only use I found for
    this is to call upon the other scarecrow to keep the birds busy when I went for
    the heart container on top of the lab, let me know if you can find any other
    uses for it.
    (Ed. note: Whenever Navi turns green near a high platform or for no real reason
    at all, try the scarecrow song)
    Cheating in the Treasure Game:
    (Submitted by the Gossip Stone by the Temple of Time <gossipstone@templeoftime.com>)
    In the Treasure Game in the Market, you can use the Lens of Truth to see what is
    inside the treasure chests!
    Circle of Stones:
    Place a bomb in a circle of stones. If nothing happens, play the Song of Storms.
    the odds are very high that a hole will appear from one of the two.
    Fun with Masks:
    Equip any mask of your choice (I recommend the Mask of Truth, Skull Mask, and Keaton
    Mask), and go to the Lost Woods. In one room, there are two rock-shooting guys and
    a bunch of bushes. In the bushes, there are some butterflies. Walk slowly around them
    and you will fall into a hidden hole. Inside, you can have your mask ranked! It is
    possible to get a Deku nut capacity upgrade (with the Mask of Truth) and Deku stick
    capacity upgrade (with the Skull Mask) in here among other interesting reactions.
    Fun with Signs:
    (submitted by Merc248 <Merc248@aol.com>)
    If you slash a sign, and then play Zelda's Lullaby right next to it, it will come 
    back together!
    Fun with Windows:
    Mario in Zelda: OOT
    (Submitted by Leon <NIEH@uthscsa.edu>)
    If you go to Zelda's Palace Courtyard and look at the window to your right when 
    you first walk in, you can see portraits of Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach in 
    the hallway!
    Angry People:
    (Submitted by John W. Spradlin <fsjws4@aurora.alaska.edu>)
    The window next to the Mario one has a potted plant. If you shoot the plant with 
    your slingshot, someone will yell at you and throw a bomb at you.
    Fun with Gossip Stones...
    Talking to Gossip Stones:
    If you are wearing the Mask of Truth, examine a gossip stone and it will
    talk to you.
    Free Fairy:
    Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of a gossip stone to get a free fairy.
    Angry Gossip Stones:
    (Submitted by Steve <StephenTy@aol.com>)
    If you detonate a bomb next to a Gossip Stone, it will flash blue a few 
    times, then flash red and blast off!
    More Fun with Gossip Stones:
    (Submitted by Corey Alan Ross Bachomp Bacheweychomp <effix@hotmail.com>)
    For more excitement, you can flatten the stones with your hammer and 
    stretch 'em out with Din's Fire.
    Mini-FAQ (aka Questions I don't want to answer in email anymore):
    Q: What's up with the running man?
    A: To find the running man, I am almost positive that you must become
    older Link then go back in time before he will appear in Hyrule Field.
    Q: How do I get "Epona's Song"?
    A: Go to Lon Lon Ranch and talk to Malon 3 times. Then whip your ocarina.
    Q: How do I become young Link again?
    A: After beating the first temple, go back to the Temple of Time. Sheik will
    tell you everything you need to know.
    Q: Could you send me all the information you have on Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
    A: No. 
    Note: Before sending an email, read the following to see if your email will 
    receive a reply or not. I am too busy to deal with emails that break one of the
    following criteria. If you submit something dealing with one of the following 
    criteria, your email will be deleted:
    1. Sending a message telling another way to get easy money. Yes, I know about the
    money on the drawbridge but the way listed above is much more convenient and
    located at a central place.
    2. Questions asking how to beat a Dungeon. Read a non-secret FAQ for this information.
    3. Please, PLEASE don't send info about places where you can bomb holes in the ground!
    I know about these and so does the Stone of Agony. I'm not going to list every single
    place where you can bomb and create a hole or play the Song of Storms to create a hole.
    4. Do not send emails telling me where to find X Heart Container.
    5. If your secret is already on the FAQ. Please check and make sure it isn't...
    6. If your question is answered in the mini-FAQ above.
    I am no longer going to update this FAQ anymore because I'm too busy with school to 
    answer all of the emails I get about it and I'm tired of my FAQ being misused by others
    and not being given any credit. So any emails about secrets in Zelda will be deleted.

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