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"Perfection shows 10, 15, 20 years later"


It is true, perfection does show 10 years later. That's right. In less than a year from the time I write this, The Legend of Zelda: The ocarina of time will be a decade old. It was the first 3D Zelda that created an incredibly huge hype. That is what usually kills games. But not this one. This is one of the few games that lives up to the hype surrounding it. What? No, I'm not lying! I am serious! Stop calling me a liar! Fine, play the game yourself then. But if you insist on hearing me and all my horrible lies about the greatest game ever, read ahead. Okay, maybe not the greatest game ever, but pretty darn close. I was about 7 when I got this game. Too young to realize what was going on in the gaming world. This was my fifth game for the N64. It followed Glover 64, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Brothers, and Mariokart 64. All four were great firsts for the 3D games. But in the back of a Pokemon Gold and Silver Guidebook, I saw an add showing a page from a walkthrough of Ocarina of Time. and I knew I was going to get it. Got it for Christmas. Played till the first level. Took a break for about 5 months. Then I grew a brain, and started playing it 24/7. Beat it in about 2 months. I knew now that video games were the best thing since sliced bread. Not an exageration. Well, maybe it is. Yeah, I think cars are pretty cool. And water filtering. And alternative energy sources. And alternative rock.........

Graphics 10/10

I was too young to know what the standard for gaming graphics were back then, but from what I can tell, they were pretty good. Each character had multiple expressions and their own dialogue. By far, the best face was Saria. It just seemed smoother than all the rest. They did a great job on the Kokiri forest, little bulbs of light floating around, rushing away as you walked towards them, day turning to night, night turning to day, and the effects on evil areas as opposed to good areas. Outstanding and beautifully done. And the seams could be exploited as a cheat. Really! In certain places, you can walk on the seams to get to high, dangerous, and otherwise unreachable places. This is one of the coolest glitches ever. lucky for us, there are many many places with large amounts of seams. They look kind of bad, but they add to the fun and the replay value. Great Job, Nintendo!

Glitches fun/fun

I didn't rate this, because none of the glitches are bad, game ending glitches. They won't inhibit play at all. The only thing they will do is sit there unused, or be exploited to make you have more fun. A famous glitch is Swordless Link. It's name explains it all. It leads to a series of glitches involving Epona. The main one is it lets you use all items while riding her, not just arrows. Another previously mentioned glitch is seam walking, where you walk on seams to get to high, dangerous, and unreachable places. Other glitches include controlling Epona while not on her, walking around dead, and the crooked cartridge trick/glitch. This involves slightly pulling on the left side of the cartridge. It makes Link be able to phase through people, objects, and other things. But don't blame me if you're cartridge breaks. This lets you be swordless kid Link. Also, the sword can be used underwater in anoter glitch. All these glitches, many glitches. This has been rated by many the glitchiest game of all time. But glitches are fun unless they inhibit gameplay. And none of these glitches are game ending or game inhibiting. So the glitches add to the fun of the game, adding hours of gameplay of trying out every single glitch out. Nice inadvertant job, Nintendo!

Music 10/10

Quite possibly one of the greatest video game music soundtracks of all time, Ocarina of times soundtrack is only rivaled by that of Twilight Princess, because they cheated and used a real orchestra. But seriously, how do you get such great music out of a synthesyser? I mean, they flawlessly synchronized the area and music. How can this be done? It is a mystery to this very day. Not really, but most games of the time were like "" just like that! Fantastic. Just fantastic. Amazing. Once again, good job Nintendo!

Story 10/10

The story lives on! Only this time, Nintendo decided to show you how the quest for the triforce began. Don't know what the Triforce is? It's an ancient relic that gives the holder anything they desire. Three golden triangles can do all that. Wow. Well, this kid named Link is summoned one day by a giant tree, okay, and this tree tells him to get these stones to open this door, and then when he does, he is trapped for 7 years. When he wakes up, he has to collect medallions from the sages that are trapped in these temples. He then kills Ganondorf, using the Master Sword. The end. A great story for a great RPG action/ adventure. For a third time, thank you Nintendo!

Replay Value 10/10

First Play through=insta win. But what about second, third, or even 100th? Well, I've played it all the way through about ten times, but some people get crazy with it. As with any Zelda game, first, play through to win. Next, play through to get all upgrades and stuff. Then, just play through to win again. Now you're a master, ehh? Do the whole thing with just 3 hearts. Then do that and get everything. Are you done yet? No! Ever heard of the Uber Challenge by manocheese? Well, that is the true test of Zelda abilities. Mutilating the game to the fullest extent without a gameshark, so many tricks, it's crazy. That puts you at 7 play throughs. And you can play the Uber challenge over and over. It is, by the way, insanely hard. Then, get your hands on a gameshark and check out the Beta worlds. And after all this, there are the extremely high number of glitches. Swordless Link, seam walking, using sword underwater, and much more. Extremely glitchy game= Lots more replay value and fun! I'm not sure if your getting this, but this has EXTREMELY HIGH REPLAY VALUE!!!! GREAT JOB NINTENDO!!!

Innovation 10/10

This is definitely what the gaming world needed. It boosted the 3D games popularity and abilities. It used the Ocarina system, which you hit a few buttons and BOOM! Something happens or you fly across the world. Nice. It, along with Super Mario 64, set a high standard for 3D games from then on. How does Nintendo do it? No one knows. Maybe Shigeru Myamoto from the future came back in time to tell himself what to do. Either way, great job Nintendo!

Controls 10/10

These controls were insanely easy to master! Hit B for sword, A is action, C is assign, Z is target, R is shield. Look, I remember off the top of my head. That's how easy it is. And those are all the controls in the game. How easy is that, 7 buttons. 7 buttons is all you have to use to play one of the greatest games of all time. If you think it's hard............ you won't.

Gameplay 10/10

Okay, most games did not make the 2D to 3D transition very well. You ever here of Earthworm Jim? Or Glover? Didn't think so. They died, and were buried, like they should be. Back to the review, Ocarina of time set the standard for an easy to use lock on system that would be used in places from Fable to Grand Theft Auto. Seriously. But the whole lock on thing was great, and made the game a heck of a lot easier. You couldn't get past the third dungeon if not for it. The use of the sword was great, to. Swords are great, and a classic for all Zelda titles.


This is one of my favorite games. I and I am not afraid to say it is one of the best games ever. But don't take my word for it. Buy a copy. Now. You can get it for the N64, GCN, or on the Virtual Console on the Wii, I think. Either way, it is a must for...... everyone. If you do not have a copy, I will hunt you down, and destroy all who don't have one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/07

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