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"The Legend Live's On"


The Legend Of Zelda is one series that will most likely never die. Ever since the first game, people were flattered by how big the games are, and most likely also flattered by how difficult they were. Ask anyone on the Legacy boards to describe the game to you. They would mention how hard it was, and how they would sit for hours with friends to beat dungeons and such. They also would tell you how much fun they had. So, the community of Zelda was speechless when A Link To The Past came out (soon to be reviewed by me). The reactions were the same, with a little more direction in the game. So, take me back around nine years ago when Ocarina Of Time was released. If you have not played the game and are still wondering if this can stand up to Twilight Princess and Wind Waker (I know it can beat WW) then continue reading.

Storyline: 10/10

I played OOT later than most people. I also took longer than most people. But one of the main things that drove me to continue and beat it was the story. It starts off with Link, a child, the only one with no fairy. The Great Deku Tree, needing help, sends Navi off to Link. Soon, you will see the terror that needs to be stopped, and the air is mysterious after you gain control of the character. This is one of the best video game plot I have ever seen, because of all the plot twists and creativity. It is lacking in some areas, but trust me; whoever wrote this could be a best selling author if they never were in the video game industry. And that's saying a lot.

Game Play: 9.5/10

When N64 was released, many children of the 90's were getting into gaming. So, would you believe me if I told you that the game play is simple enough for a child to figure out, but harder than most games out at the time? And that the controls flowed together, not having your hands in weird positions? The game play is simple; you have a sword, shield, and three other items you assign via menu to Link. Using those items, you fight, solve puzzles, and go on errands for townsfolk. That is only in a nutshell, though, because the game uses variety to make the game more enjoyable. You don't go straight from dungeon to dungeon, there are optional side quests, and there are many diversions (like fishing). The controls can differ, so I will try my best to describe it. If you are purchasing the Collector's Edition disc or the Master Quest Disc (to be explained later) the controls on the Game Cube controller are a little weird if you are used to the N64 version. But improved on the Wii, controlling with the Game Cube controller is a lot more responsive and simple. Using the Classic Controller is even simpler and the one that I enjoy using most. Bosses were nicely done, and are always fun to fight (until you die). I took points off because the camera can glitch up sometimes, but isn't a hard problem to fix. Dungeons have a simple formula to beating it: get keys to open rooms, find a new item, get boss key, and use the item to beat the boss. There are many puzzles and enemies to stop you, though. There are many fun puzzles (infamous twisting room) and many annoying puzzles (well, the entire Water Temple). Some of the items you can find during the quest are things like slingshot, bow and arrows, and bombs. There are also other items, but I think you would like it if I don't spoil them. The Ocarina is also an item that can aid you. You can play many tunes you learn to trigger effects (like night to day, or to warp to a temple). Also, you can collect golden skullata to unlock various prizes. And finally, about halfway through the game (MINOR SPOILER) you can go from young Link, to Adult Link and back, seven years into the future. With differences between each age, it's fun to find out the little differences on what happened. Even telling you all this, I have not even scratched the surface of this game.

Graphics: 9/10

I'm reviewing this from the N64 point of view; these graphics rock. You can see how each dungeon and area has an atmosphere unlike the next. The towns are merry and colorful, while the Water Temple is deep and dark. The enemies are also nicely done. The graphics give the game a great feel to it, and they add a lot of emotion and other things. I took points off because some area's of the game are from a fixed point of view, and because some of the textures are a little glitched. Nevertheless, it's a nice looking game that has graphics that works for it.

Music/Sound: 10/10

I need to flat out say that I love this music. I hum these tunes for hours after I play. Another note, I am kind of sad that the Fire Temple music was changed because of religion complaints. The music was scary before, but lacks now. The sound effects are also magnificently done, because the sword (get this) really sounds like a sword. Arrows, sound like arrows. All of the sounds add to this game greatly. From the happy upbeat town's tune to the dark melody of the castle, it captures and intensity's the mood. But a small quick useless trivia blurb: you know the music played on the original LOZ's over world? It isn't present at all in this game. Who knows why they took it out. D

Replay Value: 7/10

When you beat this, you may want to have another go at it. All the collector's will want to find all of the heart pieces and skullatas. And all of the glitch finders, rejoice, there are plenty to keep you busy. The only reason I took points off is because if you play it again, the dungeons don't surprise you. That is why if you are lucky enough to had pre-ordered Wind Waker (or lucky enough to find it being sold anywhere) you can play the Master Quest edition, with all new dungeon layouts. It is a really nice find if you can find it (I personally own it, and it's comparable to the difficulty of Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Level's. It's really hard).
Final Impact: 9./10

Okay, admit it, you saw the score coming. I never saw the hype before I bought this game (I was pretty young at the time, and I still am young :P), so I'm not one of those that rates all Zelda and hyped up games 10's. If you have never played this, get it. I guarantee you that you will love it. Do yourself a favor. Buy it.
But no matter how many times you have played this game, I also can guarantee you something else. For all the years to come, in every play through, no matter what system...

...Navi will always be a idiot. Enough said. ;D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/07

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (US, 02/26/07)

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