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"Zelda 64 is without a doubt the Best game for any platform to date!"

The best game of all time? Maybe. The game of the year? Maybe. The N64 game of the year? Bingo! You can't go wrong this holiday season with deciding to buy Zelda 64. Zelda 64 has some of the best graphics to date and features all of the classic Zelda stuff that everyone loves. The game is challenging, fun, and to top it off it's not targeted for the younger audiences. The story, music, and gameplay make Zelda a sure winner for any Miyamoto fan.

The Graphics are amazing and show off the true power of the N64. I rarely come across any glitches and the cinemas are a treat to watch! The sound is okay, flows with the story line easy and let's you feel the mood. The cool part is when it turns from night to day that is a treat. For a cart game Zelda is LONG. It will take you an average of about 40 hours to beat it, but that's not including getting all weapons, gold skulltulas, etc. The story is great and the Z-targeting feature is perfect! The Z-targeting lets you lock on to an enemies then strike him/her when it's weak or not protected.

The thing that makes Zelda stick out is the great storyline. I have always enjoyed the long running Zelda series but this one just has one of the coolest storys ever. The ocarina of time plays a major role in the game which is also very useful in certain parts of the Game.

The puzzles and Areas of Z64 are wonderful. The game certainly has a challenge something that may seem new to Nintendo 64 owners. This isn't one of those games in which you play once and then throw in it the corner. Zelda keeps you coming back for more and more and more. The temples and dungeons are well mapped and large. The average temple will take about 1hour and a half to 2 hours to complete, although some can be finished quickly. The game features no shortage of bosses. Ranging from some of the old-school baddies (e.g. Gohama) and some of the newer baddies (e.g. Phantom Ganon).

The control in the game is perfect. The battle system is flawless, although it can be a bit cluttered when the camera angle goes crazy. The Z-targeting is an outstanding feature and really helps the game flow. The camera angles are the only downside of the game. For example when you fight your shadow in the Water Temple. If you can't see behind you your out of luck because he just jump on you and chop you.

The items in the game make this an adventure! Ranging from the classic boomarang and booms to the hook shot and long shot. Some of the newer items include the hammer, deku stick, and the lens of truth. One of the toughest parts in the game is when you are in a temple and you think you have the item to solve the puzzle...Wrong! Getting adapted to the item switch can be hard. Young Link and Old Link use different items. Some items can be used when you are both young and old, but some items have the same use such as that slingshot (young link) and the bow and arrow (old link).

Zelda 64 is without a doubt the Best Nintendo 64 game to date. It should be in any collector's libaray and if you got the Gold Cart congrats to you. You may be lucky and stumple across a used one. Zelda has many things to do including some fun side quests and activities. The story is one of the best in the series and for once in a N64 it has a challenge. By all means have Zelda.

The music is good, i still like the classic Zelda Music better

It makes great use of the analog stick and can be mastered easily. What would the game be without Z-targeting it's so useful

OVERALL: 10/10
If your reading this you probably already have Zelda. If you don't have it Yet what are you doing on the Internet Rush towards the nearest store and grab it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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