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"Well, what else could this game be but fantastic?"

Well, what else could this game be but fantastic? It's Zelda, and it's 3D!Ooohh.. Zelda in 3D.. makes you shiver, doesn't it? But let's get to thereview..

Graphics: 10/10

This is the best-looking Nintendo 64 game to date, hands down. There's nopop-up whatsoever when walking around the vast world, and all of theenvironments look beautiful. Even the weather effects - rain, snow,lightning, etc. are amazing. Nintendo has also done a superb job with theirpolygons in this game - Link, in particular. He really does look like a realperson, as he is perfectly animated. Of course, all of the other people inthe game - Zelda, Saria, townspeople, etc. - are all beautifully done, butLink is the one that really shines. Nintendo has really come a long way sinceSuper Mario 64. (Remember the ugly pologons used for Mario?)

Music: 8/10

Unfortunately, where all of the other aspects of this game really rock, thegame's music suffers. That's a crying shame, since the previous Zelda games(A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening) had great music. Be warned: theoriginal Zelda theme is nowhere to be found in this game - rather, the themeis remixed, and rather badly, at that. Take heart, though: there ARE sometracks in this game that are good (Zora's Domain, Spirit Temple), but Iexpected a lot more from Nintendo. The sound effects, on the other hand, aregreat! Nintendo took cute little voice samples for Link (child and adult) andNavi the Fairy, as well as various other small samples. It actually doesn'tget annoying hear Link yelp each time he swings his sword; I don't know why,it just doesn't. The difference in footsteps for different terrain is prettycool, as is the rooster crowing as a sign of morning and the wolf howling as asign of night. I still can't get over the sounds the pissed off chickensmake..

Control: 9/10

The controls in Ocarina of Time are incredibly responsive, just as all of thecontrols in the previous Zelda games have been. The controls are hard to getused to though, and they're a bit tough to learn as well - EVERY button doessomething, from the A, B, and C Buttons to the Z, L, and R Buttons. One thingthat's nice though is that the camera adjusts itself so well in this game thatyou never have to worry about configuring your camera, unless you want to seein the direction Link is facing in. The controls are as follows: A is the"Action" Button. Depending on what the Action Icon at the top of the screensays, this button is used to make Link climb, grab, push, pull, talk, etc. Bis used to swing Link's sword. C Left, C Down, and C Right can all beprogrammed to specific items like the Hookshot, Bow & Arrow, and theBoomerang. C Up brings up a first-person view to look around the area, muchlike in Banjo-Kazooie or Mario 64. Now, we go on to the Z Button, the mostcomplicated button in the game. I'm not going to explain it here, but Zactivates "Z Targeting", which locks you on to your enemy and starts a killerbattle mode. It's one of the coolest aspects of the game. Overall, thecontrols may be a little tough at first, but you'll get use to it.

Story: 9/10

I never thought that I'd give a Zelda story such a high score, but it's true:Ocarina of Time's story rocks. It's not the basic "kill the monster, save theprincess" deal like I thought it would be - no, this story travels much deeperthan that. This game, in fact, takes place before all of the other Zeldagames, so this game deals with Link's first meeting with Zelda, and his firstepic fight against Ganondorf, the King of Thieves. In this adventure, Linkwill travel in time - to adulthood and back. You start out with Young Link,who is but a small kid when he starts the adventure, but after certain eventstake place, you gain control of Adult Link, who is now a teenager and able tohandle the legendary Master Sword. The only drawbacks to this is that YoungLink can't use items that Adult Link can, and vice versa. Additionally, someareas can only be explored as one Link. It may get frustrating warping backand forth through time, but it is a small, small complaint about this game.Anyway.. along the way, Link will meet characters such as the mysteriousSheik, a surviver of the Sheikahs, and the outgoing Darunia, leader of theGoron Tribe, among others. Believe me - no matter how much you try not to be,you WILL be sucked into the story.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Well, what were you expecting? A five? Of COURSE this game's fun! It's aZelda game! No.. seriously, you'll love exploring the massive landscapes, andthe deep, deep dungeons that you have come to know and love through the otherZelda games. You'll no doubt miss a meal or two just trying to get that onePiece of Heart or just to beat that one Boss. Speaking of Bosses, the ones inthis game are cool! Some of them are VERY innovative - for example, to defeatone Boss, you have to stun its hands with Arrows or the Hookshot, and THEN usethe Lens of Truth against the invisible Boss, so that you can see it and thenproceed to wail on it with your equipped sword. As you can see, it's Zelda in3D. Just what you've always wanted.

Overall: 10/10

Yes, if you add all my scores up and then average them, it rounds to 9, butthis game does NOT by any means deserve a 9. If you have a Nintendo 64, thenyou know what to do immediately. If you don't, at least rent one fromBlockbuster and try this game. It's definitely the best Zelda game to dateand well worth a lot of your time. Hey Mr. Miyamoto, where's Zelda 64 2?!^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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