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"Nintendo shakes the industry to its core with the release of Zelda in 3D."

The name simply stuns the people that have actually come to know and play the game. Simply imagine this, one day a commercial comes on and the game known as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time comes on and not only has great music, but tells in short scenes how it is up to Link to save the land of Hyrule from the evil that is on the land. OoT (Ocarina of Time) is one of those games that will forever remain a gem in the hearts of every gamer in the world. The game was simply the biggest, largest, game ever known in its time. The game just seems to shine in that way that makes it simply amazing. I prefer to be as unbiased as possible and so I can honestly say that anyone who picks up OoT will not be disappointed in any way, shape, or form.

There is no one greatest factor in this game like there are others, OoT seems to have good parts to it. The gameplay is beyond ingenious and Shigeru Miyamoto deserves so much credit for this work of art that it isn't even funny. The graphics have been slightly upgraded so that the picture is sharper, definitely better than the Nintendo 64 but not a lot. The sound/music is beyond great and really fits the different parts of the game. Even for a game like this the replay value is so very high because you want to go back and collect every single secret that there is to find. Also for pre-ordering the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker you receive Ura Zelda as it is known in Japan (Master Quest here in America), which basically is a slightly redone game from the first one that allows you to play through slightly harder dungeons.

The gameplay in Ocarina of Time is just, awesome! I mean I'm almost speechless on how great the gameplay is. It is such a great, innovative step forward that I don't see how this game could be compared to any other Zelda game that was made. This game has the potential to be the best game of all-time, while there are better games this one is definitely up there in the top 3 for greatest games ever made. You play as the main character named, Link. Link who is foretold in the Hylian Scripts to be the sacred hero who would save Hyrule from a certain evil that would soon wretch the land. When you start off Link will be having nightmares about an evil man on a horse, a young girl, and a magical Ocarina.

The storyline from just this alone is simply intriguing. From here on you play as Link who is an excellent swordsman, speaking of which you will have a sword and shield throughout the entire game no matter what. You also pick up additional weapons along the way, but your main two offensive and defensive items are the sword and shield. While the game revolves around your swordsman skills it also takes you into what the Zelda series is known for, puzzles. Throughout the many dungeons and temples you will find yourself trying to figure out hard puzzles that require you to solve a number of different things to simply solve one puzzle and get access into another room. Beyond that you will have tons of fun and difficulty solving these puzzles so you can get throughout the many dungeons/temples of the game. These puzzles not only add depth to the game, but also add a great amount of fun.

One thing that the Zelda series is very known for is its amazingly hard difficulty when it comes to collecting items, finding secrets, and ''clearing'' a game. This game is very, very difficult in that sense, because throughout the game you will be asked to find items, get heart pieces to increase your health, and run all over Hyrule completing different tasks for different people all to receive a nice little reward worthy of this large task you completed. Throughout the game you'll run into many people who will talk to you, giving you hints, tips, and sometimes just plain to talk. This is such an awesome feature to the game! Because while many of the people you talk to will give you hints about where to go next or what to find, some people will just talk about the local happenings or the ''hottest'' mini-game out in that town right then. All of it is very cool and fun.

One great thing about this game though is its tremendous amount of replay value for a game like this. You would think that once you finish a long and challenging game like this one that once you finished it would be over with right? Wrong. The guys at Nintendo were very smart in adding lots of secrets for people to find and cool additions that you get when you find these secrets. You will go through the game collecting items and stuff, but when you're done you will find that you definitely have to go back and search once you have completed the game just too simply have the joy of saving you cleared The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Overall the gameplay in OoT is simply amazing, innovative, and awesome all at the same time. The only problem with the GCN version is yes, the bad load times but we can all get over that one.

The graphics in OoT are still yet again something amazing. While they do not use the Expansion Pack that lets you play certain High-Res games, this game is still a very high-resolution game. The graphics are definitely less ''polygonal''. The best thing about them though is instead of taking a bad, scratchy appearance that you normally see when polygons are used at a low count. The Link character model is awesome! I mean it does have polygons showing, but it has such a nice smoothed affect that you see on many of the characters in the game, not just Link. The biggest step forward with OoT was the great 3-D capabilities, unlike the SNES days where you had an overview of Link; you can finally see everything around him in 3-D, which so rules! Throughout the game you will be thanking that the game doesn't have an overview, because the 3-D animations are so well done that it doesn't seem to ''slow'' or ''run down'' the gameplay at all.

The graphics still have yet another great thing about them, the environments/backgrounds. I mean from the sky to the different backgrounds in the dungeons is awesome and done with such detail. For example looking at the sky you would expect to see a blue sky with a few clouds right? Well it's similar to that except of the great day and night feature this game has. Instead of going from day to a darkness, which would signify night, it goes from dusk, midday, afternoon, and then finally to sunset. The clouds, sky, and even sun change a color as the sun begins to set and as the sun slowly goes away you see the moon coming up shining brightly with the rest of the stars. This is such a great little addition that the Pros at Nintendo did. So overall the graphics in OoT are simply astonishing and nothing at that time had been seen before. The graphics are nothing short of perfect.

The sound/music of this game is just like the gameplay and graphics. Simply amazing. The music in this game will definitely give you that Zelda feeling you get when you hear the music from one of the many Zelda games released. OoT's music is what we call a masterpiece, unlike from past games the music seems to run smoother and have less ''scratchy'' feeling that you might sort of hear with other old Zelda games, not that it is bad or anything. Many of themes you hear in OoT you will have heard in previous games, except totally revamped and done very well. This game uses what we call ''MP3's'' which are advanced music files that have very high quality instead of a lower quality ''MIDI'' that the old NES use to run on.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the music though is the ability to pick it up rather quickly instead of never being able to hum it like some games have. This is one good thing about the music, but the best thing about it is its great quality and nice sounding tunes that you hear throughout the game. Now the sound isn't much different, the sound of Link's voice when he is hitting something or if an enemy is attacking you sounds so good. The sounds do sometimes get repetitive if you're constantly hitting with Link's sword over and over because he tends to repeat himself after a while, but other than the sound is simply amazing as well as the music. So overall the sound/music category is very, very good and deserves the, yet again, perfect 10.

Overall this game is nothing short of perfect, if it has any flaws it is very little, non-annoying ones. This game definitely has the gameplay to keep you busy for a long time, and to get every secret in the game is asking for a long lasting game that will not go wrong. The graphics are amazing and look awesome on the Nintendo 64, so if you're a graphic person you're not going to have to worry about the graphics looking bad. And finally the sound and music is just as good as anything else, nothing to worry about just things to look forward too.

Final Score: 10.0

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/17/02, Updated 05/30/06

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