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"Zelda 64, one of the best games ever!"

INTRODUCTION: I found this game to be fun for all ages. It also has great set up and plot line. Full of Mini-games, puzzles, quests, secrets, and so many enemies, this game packs a powerful punch in the RPG/Action game section of the N64 games.

GAMEPLAY 9/10: I thought the gameplay was good overall. You start as a young boy and go on a seven year(well kind of) adventure. As in previuos Zelda games, you have to rescue a princess and the land you live in(explained later in the story section). The rolling feature was one of the better features of the game because it helped you get around faster as a kid. You could save time traveling around the land by simply pressing A. This really halped save time if you were in a hurry to get somewhere, or you just wanted to hear your character shout his attack noises. Either way this was one of the better features in the game. Although that rolling around by pressing A was a great feature, something that really let me down was the inabillity to jump on command. It would have been much more convienient if you could jump whenever you wanted to instead of only jumping when you ran off a cliff. The only thing I thought was good about not being able to jump on command was the fact that if you were running and had to make a few quick jumps in a row, and your button was sticking, you wouldn't be able to make it acroos and would most likely have to start over again. This does help that you automatically jump when you run off a cliff. Other than the fact that you can't jump on command, the gameplay rocked.

CONTROLS 10/10: The controls were pretty easy to master. The only thing that I did not use that often was the L-Button. All this button did was either turnt he little map on the bottom right hand side of the screen on or off. I did not feel this feature needed to be used that often because of the fact that you need a map to get through certain areas. So, this button did not appeal to me. I did like the way you coul lock-on to an enemy by pressing the Z-Button. On the option screen, you could choose either the Switch or Hold option. If you chose the Switch option, all you had to do was simply hit the Z-Button and that was all. You were locked on. However, the Hold feature, as it says, you have to hold the Z-Button down as you fight. I found the Switch option tho be easier, and I would recommend this option to beginners and younger Zelda players. However, experts would most likely use the Hold option for more of a challenge. This wouls be a great option for those who have played this game many times, and know each dungeon fron to back. Another important button is the R-Button. This brings up the shield. The shield is an important piece of equipment because it shields you from attacks. The C-Button set is another important set of controls because they enable you to play the ocarina, and use weapons not on the equipment screen. The A Button, as stated before, enables you to roll around. It is also known as the Action Icon. This tells you when to open doors, dive, pick stuff up, etc. Last, but certainly not least is the B Button. This button has the swords on it. With out a sword, you cannot win. Well, that's about it for the controls, and I gave them a ten because they are easy to learn, and without easy controls, the game would be too hard.

STORY 10/10: As I stated earlier in the gameplay section, you are a young boy/teen who has to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule from Ganondorf...AGAIN. However, this time you have the privilage of watching it all in 3-D. Here, you start in your house when a fairy flies in and tells you some guy wants to talk to you. As you travel towards him, you are required to find a weapon. You have to save this guy from dying, and after you are done, you go meet the Princess, who gives you and important task to do for her. She tells you that this task will help save Hyrule from the evil guy. As you travel through dungeons, you make new friends and enemies. Then when your task is done, you go back to the castle, only to find out that something terrible has happened, and because of this you have to travel forward in time. Here, you meet even more friends, one who is very mysterious, and, of course, more enemies. When you think you've finally beaten the bad guy you find out it was all a trick, and have to travel to places you couldn't enter as a kid. Finally, you manage to rescue everyone you need to, only to find out that the mysterious person is someone you know. Then he/she gets captured and its up to you to save him/her. You travel to a place where someone sends you a telepathic message that its finally time for the showdown! Being the brave person that you are, you go through the dungeon and fight the evil guy. When you think everything is over, you have to flee for you life. Then one more battle is started, and if you win, The evil person is banished from Hyrule. But will he ever return? I thought the storyline was great and was extremely detailed. If any of this was missing from the game, it would not have been as exciting as it is, and less people would have bought it.

GRAPHICS 9/10: The 3-D graphics were good, but some of the characters were poorly designed. The problems with most of the characters were the hands. The hands were too big on most of them. For example, the forest girl has hands that bulge out from her arms rather than flow like regular humans. Besides the hand design, the graphics were good. I enjoyed Hyrule Field, and Lake Hylia very much. I thought those two areas were greatly designed. The way Hyrule Castle looks from the field is spectacular. The details for the castle are magnificent. Whoever designed the buildins and scenery did a splendid job. If I had a chance to change any scenery or building, I wouldn't change a thing. That's how good the graphics are out in the field. Overall, the graphics were the best i have ever seen in my whole life of playing video games.

SOUND 10/10: All I have to say about the sound is spectacular! The music director really understood what tunes would fit where in the different areas. For example Hyrule Castle Town music is livelt, just like the town itself, while the Shodow Temple's music is erie, spooky, and spine tingling just like the temple. The ocarina songs also are figured out well. They are so soothing and pretty. I especially like the songs that go up then down one note, like the Serenade of Water. That last note makes me calm when I'm angry or upset. Others, like Saria's Song, give you a tune to dance to if you want to. The sounds deserve a ten beacause of how wonderfull constructed they are.

DIFFICULTY: This section couldn't really receive a rating, because it really depends on how good that person is. The game isn't too hard if you know what you are doing, but at some times it can be challenging. If you are looking for a challenge, this is the game for you. It can be easy at times, and hard at others, which is why it could not receive an overall rating.

PLAY TIME/REPLAY VALUE 10/10: If you are a beginner, like I am, it should take you around three to four weeks at the least, and one to two months at the most. It is a pretty easy game if you know how to control Link and everything he does. An expert player should be able to clear this game within a week or less. This game is definately worth playing again after it is beaten, because there are many new and interesting surprises to find each time played. That is basically all I can say about the replay value and the play time.

FINAL RECOMMONDATION: If you enjoy action and adventure, this game is definately a suggestion. However, it may be smart to rent this game first so you are certain that this is the game you want. Also, if you really want this game, you can find some on E-bay. This game is great for all ages and I'm sure everyone who tries playing it will enjoy it.

OVERALL 10/10: This was a great game and I enjoyed play a Zelda game in 3-D rather than 2-D. I've said it befor, and i'll say it again, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a great game!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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