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    FAQ/Move List by CGrey

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    =MACE - The N64 FAQ=
    =by ICEOUT MKT<ICE>=
    Revision 2.15
    What's New:
    *"Out of bounds" Deimos glitch!(incredible!)
    *Follow-up to Dregan's Low Kick
    *Price change info added
    3)Basic Moves
    4)Stage Information
    5)Practice Mode
    8)Combo System
    9)Character Moves
    10)Glitches/Fun Stuff
    MACE is the third in the series of N64 conversions of their quality arcade
    fighting games(cough cough Wargods cough) MACE is the first one that really
    takes advantage of the N64's 3-D abilities. It was released onto the N64
    in October 1997.
    It was converted to the N64 by EUROCOM(who also did Wargods).
    In March 1998 it was reduced to $39.95 US along with other 1996/97 Midway
    2)SECRETS(from CurtMac@aol.com and N64.COM)
    Highlight character and[Start-Start-Start-Start]to pick his/her stage.
    To access 5 extra colors for any character, hold down any of the
    following buttons while selecting your player:
    [L or R] Color#2
    [C-Up]   Color#3
    [C-Down] Color#4
    [C-Left] Color#5
    Highlight PRACTICE and press START on both controllers at the same time
    to practice on someone other than "Spanky".
    To do the following, highlight each character and tap START afterwards.
    Midget Characters      [Takeshi-AlRashid-Ragnar-Xiao Long]
    Hidden Golf Stage      [Koyasha-MordosKull-Takeshi]
    Boss Stage             [MordosKull-Taria-Ragnar]or[Namira-Koyasha-Taria]
    Big Heads              [Koyasha-AlRashid-Takeshi]
    Random Opponents       [HellKnight-Xiao Long-Dregan-Namira]
    Fighters Exchange Heads[AlRashid-Takeshi-Kull-Xiao- Namira]
    Bunny Shoes            [Ragnar-Dregan-Koyasha]
    Play as NED            [Koyasha-Executioner-Diemos]then select Xiao.
    NED fights exactly like Xiao and is his "2nd Outfit".
    Can be done in 1-player game as well.
    It is confirmed that the following stages from the original arcade version
    were left out of the N64 copy for memory reasons:
    San Francisco Rush, Machu Picchu, Castle, Super Grid.
    Play as "POJO!":
    After performing Taria's execution where she turns them into a chicken:
    Start a 2-player game, highlight Taria, and hold Start while pressing
    A or B.(Continue to hold down Start until round begins)
    Play as Grendal:
    Get 3 WINS, start a 2-player game, highlight Executioner, hold Start
    while pressing A or B.(Continue to hold it until match begins)
    Play as Ichiro and Warmech(from N64.COM):
    Turn the game on. During the legal screen, rotate through the following
    directions on the joypad[Right-Up-Left-Down]
    (just do counter-clockwise circles).
    You should hear a noise. WarMech and Ichiro will be located above the
    Executioner and Lord Diemos until the game is turned off.
    "Unlimited" Credits:
    When you get KO'ed in a 1-player game, press START on the other contoller,
    finish off the dummy match, and fight the computer again. This can be
    done forever. The WINS record for your side is retained so Grendal can be
    used with this too. Believe me, you don't know what cheap is until you've
    fought some of these!
    UB U UF
    B  * F - joypad
    DB D DF
    Default layout:
    E  E
       Q S K
       Q S K
    Q= quick
    S= strong
    K= kick
    E= evade
    Tapping versus holding:
    If it says "B,Q", tap(don't hold) B before pressing the button.
    If it says "B+Q", then you should press both the direction and the button
    at the same time.
    BASIC MANUEVERS: For all chracters unless indicated(*)
    [Q]quick slash
    [S]strong slash
    [K]hard kick
    [D+Q]crouching slash
    [D+S]hard crouching slash
    [D+K]crouching kick
    [B+K]foot sweep*
    *Executioner/Lord Diemos/Ragnar/WarMech/Grendal/POJO! cannot do this.
    [Evade+Q]dodge slash*
    *Executioner/Lord Dirmos/Ragnar/WarMech/HellKnight/Grendal/POJO!/Namira
    cannot do this.
    [Evade+S]dodge slash*
    *Executioner/Lord Diemos/Ragnar/WarMech/HellKnight/Grendal/POJO!
    cannot do this.
    [F+Q+S]overhead strike
    [Jump+Q]Air slash(can start combos)
    [Jump+S]Pounce slash
    [Jump+K]Jump kick(can start combos)
    [U or UF+K]launcher kick(can start juggles!)
    [F, Q or S in close]Throw
    [D+S near object]throw object
    [D-F+Evade then Q or S]counter
    [S when knocked down]surprise attack
    [D+Q or S close when being attacked with special]Reversal Hold
    [B]walk back
    [F]walk forward
    [UB]jump back
    [U]jump up
    [UF]jump forward
    [DB]crouch-block position
    [B,B]back dash
    [F,F]forward dash
    [B+Evade]back dash(except for Koyasha and Xiao Long)
    [Evade]sidestep away from screen
    [D+Evade]sidestep towards screen
    [U when knocked down]side roll away from screen
    [D when knocked down]side roll towards screen
    [B,B when knocked down]roll away
    [F when knocked down]roll towards
    [UF when back is turned]evasion jump
    [UB when back is turned]far evasion jump
    FOOT SWEEP: Um, well a sweep that knocks down.
    AIR SLASH: A quick hit it midair that can start combos.
    POUNCE SLASH: A fiercer slash that strikes upon landing.
    JUMP KICK: A standard jump kick which can start combos.
    OVERHEAD STRIKE: This is a hard attack that will break crouch-blocks.
    DODGE SLASH: This is at attack that starts with an evasion.
    These can finish combos after basic combo strings.
    LAUNCHER KICK: This will knock your opponent into the air, giving you one
    brief split-second to follow up with another attack. If you hit them
    before they land it counts as a combo! (You can do this with certain
    specials like Ragnar's Running Headbutt but it won't be recorded as
    a combo.) Remember to hit Up and Kick at the same time!
    THROW: A basic throw done in close.
    THROW OBJECT: Some objects have "objects" that can be picked up and thrown.
    It's automatically thrown at your opponent upon being picked up.
    COUNTER: The first part (D-F+Evade), your character will block with their
    weapons for about 1 second. If it blocks an attack successfully, hit Q or S
    to strike them and you will get a "COUNTER ATTACK!" message.
    CROUCH-BLOCK POSITION: Your character will guard with their weapons.
    BACK/FORWARD DASH: This is quick lateral movement.
    You can follow this up with a attack or a throw.
    SIDESTEP EVADE: This produces a move towards or away from the axis. Near
    inclines, this will produce a jump instead that will jump onto the incline.
    SURPRISE ATTACK: When knocked down, you can do a special retaliation which
    is a backward roll followed by a lunging low strike.
    REVERSAL HOLD: When about to be hit with an oncoming attack, [D+Q or S]
    will grab your opponent out of hit grab them. For example, Ragnar's
    Rolling Upper can be reversed with the right timing.
    EVASION JUMP: In certain sitatuations, when your back is turned for a
    split-second, you can perform a jumping sidestep.
    In MACE it is possible to fully travel the stage area.
    Stages may have inclines/declines that you can knock your opponent off of,
    objects you can pick up and throw, or certain areas like water, fire,
    spikes, or a swinging axe in one stage. Getting hit by certain stage
    objects or staying in certain hazardous areas like deep pools of water will 
    cause damage to your character. In that case, jump and/or evade to get out! Of
    course, your opponent can keep hitting you into the hazard area for a "cheap" 
    On Takeshi/HellKnight/Deimos stages, the battle randomly starts on either
    of two spots.
    Select PRACTICE and you can practice the moves and combos of any character
    execpt the secret ones against a training dummy "Spanky".
    Stage select codes will NOT work in practice mode.
    Finishing moves in this game are called "Executions." To perform one, win
    the match with a move that does not knock down and quickly perform the
    code at the right distance.
    In a 1-player game, after each winning match you get points based on your
    time, health bar left, and whether you did the execution.
    Each PERFECT is 100 pts.
    EXECUTION is 100 pts.
    "Basic" Combos are 3-hit button sequences, and each fighter except for
    Grendal has 2 of these.
    A basic combo can be followed up with a one or more specials if you know
    which ones work.
    You can go into a basic combo from a jumping Q or K, and certain hits like
    Taria's B+Q.
    "Juggle" Combos are short combos that involve hitting a falling opponent
    after a Launcher Kick[U+K]
    More complex strings involve linking two or more special attacks that
    "flow" together. This means that any attack sequence can never be used
    twice in any combo. For example, Namira can go [B+Q,Q] then [B+S,S] or
    [B+S,S][B+Q,Q] but not [B+Q,Q] and then another [B+Q,Q].
    To do the biggie combos, learn the timing and sequence on the hits. Don't
    mash!! Go calmly from one sequence to another.
    After an impressive combo is over, you will hear the announcer say the
    something like: "Beautiful"  "Exquisite"  "Savage"  "Brutal"
    "Satisfactory"  "Admirable" etc...
    Downward Chop[Q+S]
    Upper Chop[B,S]
    Strike and Throw[B-D-F+S]
    High/Low Swing[B-F+Q]
    Axe Sweep and Overhead[D-B+S]
    Face Punch[B+Q]
    Nuclear Bomb[B-D-F+Q]
    Home Run[Q+S]
    Sword Spin[B-D-F+S]
    Stab and Throw[B+Q+S then Q]
    Shoulder Slam[F,F+S]
    Quick Sword Upper[B,F+S]
    Double Swing[B,F+S right after Quick Upper or HomeRun]*NEW*
    Kick Down[B,F+K]
    Execution[F-B-D-F+S](1/2 screen)
    Rush Chop[Q+S]
    Running Headbutt[B+Q+S]
    Spinning Chops[F+Q rapidly]
    Thunder Blast[B,F+Q]
    Axe Dive[Q+S+K]
    Rolling Upper[B,F+K]
    Double Upper[B-D-F+S]
    Fake Roll[F,F+K]
    (2)[Q+S+K][S](juggle combo)
    Double Backflip[B+Evade]
    Lunging Knife[Q+S]
    Fire Blast[D-F+Q]
    Double Fire Blast[D-F+Q,Q]
    Rolling Slash[Evade+S]
    Leg Cutter[F-D-B+S]
    Slide Kick[B,F+K]
    Downward Kick[F-D-B+K]
    Leaping Kicks[D-F+K then D-F+K,D-F+K]
    Air Flip Throw[UF+Q+S]or[Jump UF then Q+S]
    Low Slash and Upper[F-D-F+S]
    Crossover Kick[S+K when jumping over them]
    (7)[Jump+K or Q+S][Q,K,K][D-F+K][D-F+K][D-F+K]
    Dagger Stab[B+Q]
    Fire Blast[D-F+Q]
    Air Fireball[Jump then D-F+Q]
    Spinning Low Slices[F-D-B+S]
    Running Slash[B-F+S]
    Reaching Slash[Q+S]
    Low Reaching Slash[S+K]
    Flash Kick[D-F+K]
    Execution[Hold S then release](1 step away)
    (2)[U+K][D-F+K](juggle combo)
    (3)[UF+K][K][D-F+K](expert juggle)
    FC followup[D-F+Q after hitting with flashcut]
    Air Dive[Jump then B,F+Q]
    Sand Devil[Hold S then release]
    Double Chop[Q+S]
    Sword Upper[F-D-F+S]
    Block and Chop[B+S]
    Side Kick[B,F+K]
    SK follow-up[F+S after hitting with Side Kick]
    Execution[B-D-F-B+S](1/3 screen)
    (9)[B+S][S,S+hold S,Q][release S]
    (11)[B+S][S,S,Q][D-F+S(hold S)][D-F+Q][release S]
    Sword Flurry[F+Q rapidly]
    Flame Slash[D-B+S]
    Uppercut Slash[B-D-F+S]
    Sword Sweep[D+Q+S]
    Energy Ball[B-F+S then S if it connects]
    Side Kick[B-F+K]
    High Sword[Q+S]
    Low Sword[S+K]
    (3)[U+K][Q,Q](juggle combo)
    Double High Slash[B,Q,Q]
    Double Low Slash[B,S,S]
    "Iwa" Slash[Q+S]
    Sword Sweep[S+K]
    Sword Spin[Q+S+K]
    Advancing Slash[F-D+Q]
    Splits Kick[B,F+K]
    Chop Kick[D-F+K]
    Punt Kick[F,F+K]
    (2-3)[U+K][B,Q,Q](juggle combo!)
    (3)[UF+K][S][F,F+K](expert juggle)
    Double Backflip[B+Evade]
    Low Staff Hit[B,Q]
    Staff Sweep[D-F+Q]
    Spinning Smash[Q+S]
    Sweep/Stomp Combo[F-D-B+S]
    Staff Uppercut[B-D-F+S]
    1000 Staff Combo[Hold S then release]
    Flying Kick[B-D-F+K]
    Block and Kick[F-D-B+K]
    Mystic Orb[Hold B then F+S]
    Advancing Strike[B,F+Q]
    Crossover Kick[S+K when jumping over them]
    (4)[Hold S][U+K][release S](juggle combo)
    (11)[B,Q][S+hold S,Q,K][release S][F-D-B+S]
    Block/Low Swing[F-D-B+Q]
    Stunning Mace[Q+S]
    Power Swing[B+Q+S]
    Double Mace Swing[B-D-F+S]
    Shield Blast[B,F+S]
    Block and High Swing[F-D-B+S]
    Uppercut Swing[F-D-F+S]
    Side Kick Combo[B,F+K then B-F+K,B-F+K *FAST*]
    (3)[Q+S][UF+K][S](juggle combo, very hard)
    Block/Low Strike[F-D-B+Q]
    Evil Strike[Q+S]
    Skull Ball[D-F+Q]
    Spin Kicks[Hold S then release]
    Block/High Strike[F-D-B+S]
    Sword Uppercut[F-D-F+S]
    Body Lunge[B,F+S]
    Low Kick Combo[B-D-F+K then K,K]*UPDATED*
    Leg Drop[B-F+K]
    Kick and Pounce[S+K]
    (9)[Hold S][Q,Q][release S][F-D-F+S]
    (10)[S,S+hold S,Q][release S][F-D-F+S]
    Double Chop[B+Q+S]
    Flame Columns[B,F+Q]
    Big Upper[Q+S]
    Block/Low Strike[F-D-B+Q]
    Tail Blast[D-F+Q]
    Tail Strike Combo[D-F+S then S if it connects]
    Block and High Strike[F-D-B+S]
    Double Axe Ram[B,F+S]
    Axe Grab[B-D-F+S]
    Kick Down[B-F+K]
    Egg Launch[Jump then Q+S]
    Jumping Back Attack[F-D-B+S]
    Running Charge[B,F+Q]
    Flying Scratch[B,F+K]
    Atomic Blast[Q+S+K]
    Execution[Hold F+K](close)
    Elbow Smash[B,F+Q]
    Running Attack[B+Q+S]
    Uppercut Smash[B-F+S]
    Triple Overhead[F+Q+S,Q+S,Q+S]
    Fist Sweep[F-D-B+S then S if it connects]
    Shoulder Ram[F,F+S]
    Power Stomp[Q+S+K]
    Execution[D,D,B,F+K](close)(F+K should be simultaneous)
    *WAR MECH*
    Uppercut Mace[B-F+Q]
    Spinning Mace[Q+S]
    Ground Pound[F-D+Q]
    Low Cannonball[D-F+Q]
    Mid Cannonball[D-F+S]
    Arm Poke[B-F+S] "Have some of this!"
    Triple Swing[Hold S then release]
    Hyper Hammer[F+S rapidly]
    Flip Kick[B-D-F+K]
    (6)[Hold S][Jump+Q][Q,Q][release S]
    (6-11)[F+S rapidly and keep tapping S]
    NOTE: WarMech cannot be thrown.
    Spinning Double Slash[B,F+Q]
    Slash Combo[B,Q then S]
    Sword Sweep[F-D-B+Q]
    Sword Thrust[Q+S]
    Leaping Slash[B,S]
    Flame Jump[B-D-F+S]
    Low Slash[F-D-B+S]
    Gut Punch Combo[B-F+S then B-F+S,B-F+S *FAST!*]
    Sword Sweep[D+Q+S]
    Flash Kick[B-D-F+K]
    Kick Out[K after his throw]
    Power Slash[S+K]
    (3)[UF+K][S,S](expert juggle combo)
    (9)[B+S][S,S,Q][B,F+Q][B,F+S][B,F+S][B,F+S or B-D-F+S]
    Begin with his staff sweep[B-D-F+Q] and immediately start tapping S
    repeatedly. This will strike them when they're getting up and keep raising
    the combo meter(even though it is blockable). If you use this to win the
    round, you can get about 9 S smacks and they ALL get replayed during the
    "REPLAY". Cool!
    *NEW* OUT OF BOUNDS GLITCH WITH DEIMOS(from ladderman88@hotmail.com)
    As you may know Asmodeus' stage has no boundaries, and you lose if you fall
    off. Now here's a very very AWESOME glitch that makes L.Deimos "cross"
    the boundary of certain practice stages and fall to his doom!
    During Deimos/Takeshi/Koyasha/Xiao Long/Kull stages in PRACTICE MODE,
    go to the outer boundary and have Deimos face a either a corner where
    two walls meet or a wall meets a pillar/bridge(you may have to fiddle with
    the Evade function.) Now have him do his Shoulder[F,F+S]. If you hit at
    the right point, Deimos will either fly up and fall backwards out of the
    stage or be standing on an invisible border in midair(Xiao/Takeshi stages).
    If he fell out of the stage, Evading will give you some very bizarre
    camera angles(I got upside down in Tak's stage!)
    If he landed in air, you can jump back in the arena and he will just lay
    there until you exit practice mode!
    Be at the very edge of the platform in Taria's stage and you may get
    "electrified" after doing a special move.
    When near the corner as Taria, do a B+K sweep followed by repeated S hits
    and the combo counter will mess up after 58 hits.
    Select "HIGH SCORES" during the OPTIONS screen and watch the game crash
    Awesome trick with Lord Diemos!
    Select 2-player PRACTICE, with Diemos and Al-Rashid.
    (Try to get the desert!). Every time Diemos does his [B-D-F+Q] move, he
    leaves "marks" on the stage! For the ultimate challenge, try writing your
    initals on the desert sand!
    GamePro's October 1997 Issue for most of the hidden/boss character moves.
    CurtMac(CurtMac@aol.com) for the select screen cheats.
    N64.COM- more codes!
    Other Mace FAQS including Elusive696's MACE FAQ.
    bnoel@chat.carleton.ca- Ichiro combo finishers
    ICEMAN- let me know Bunny Shoes code was left out
    ladderman88@hotmail.com:Deimos' 7 hit combo and the out-of-bounds glitch.
    MACE:The Dark Age (c)1997 Atari Games
    Distributed for the N64 by MIDWAY N64(c)Nintendo of America
    ICEOUT MKT<ICE>(me)for testing everything and putting this together.
    Find this at- http://pages.prodigy.com/ycjy54c/n64mace.txt
    === = = ===  === ==  ==
     =  = = =    =   = = = =
     -  --- --   --  - - - -
     =  = = =    =   = = = =
     =  = = ===  === = = ==

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