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"Never seen a better golf game....."

Introduction-I wanted this game from the start, I looked at it and said ''I want that game'' I bought it and have had absolutely no regrets. It is a fantastic game! The best golf game I have ever played. It reminds me of the old NES days and ''Golf'' where you stared as Mario or Luigi doing 18 holes of golf. Since then, there have been many more characters, and enemies. Now they all want to hang out together and have a couple holes of golf....

Story Line-?/10-Story line? What story line Mario and friends just want to play a few rounds of golf, is that really a story? No. But then again it wasn't meant to be. Mario is just taking a break from fighting bad guys and rescuing the princess

Graphics-9/10-There is not too much that I can say about the graphics other than, they are clean, smooth, and nice to look at. There is absolutely no loss in framerate, but then again, I haven't seen too many golf games that have. All of the characters are well done, no complaints there.

Gameplay-10/10-Excellent,Simply brilliant. Like most golf games, you must hit A, wiat for the moving bar to reach the other side, press A again, and press A again when it returns to the beginning, pretty simple, huh? The camera lets you have the view you need when you need it, so no hassles there. The one thing that could be a bit tricky is getting use to the players ''fade'' or ''draw'' This might make the ball curve to the left or right

Sound/Music-7/10-Cheerful. The classic type of mario music, doesn't really get your heart racing or anything, just peaceful music. Just when your feeling down, the music will make you happy again. Except in some spots where your mad because the ball won't go in the hole......that is when the music may make you mad, and possibly crazy!

Characters-Yes, the characters get their own section. This game includes lots of characters. You can even upload them from the gameboy version using a transfer pak (sold separately) and use them! The characters range from peach to baby mario to metal mario and some that have never been mentioned in the mario universe

Rent/Buy-If you are into Golf games at all, then you will really enjoy this game. If you don't like golf games, then chances are that you will hate this game. So in conclusion, If you like golf games-BUY, if you DON'T like golf games-at least give it a rent. It deserves at least that much

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/10/01, Updated 07/31/03

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