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    FAQ Part 1/2 by Jdude84

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    * Mario Kart FAQ Part 1 *
    Author: Jdude84
    E-Mail Jdude84@Hotmail.com
    Version: 5.0
    ==========Version History==========
    1.0 The first version of this FAQ, so far only the course 
    ghosts and credits are included, more will be added frequently
    though, next update i will have the mushroom cup and more!
    2.0 Well, ok i slacked off a bit, and only added the Mushroom Cup Section,
    I'll add something new tommorow, probably the flower cup. Anything
    you'd like to see in this FAQ? email me:  Jdude84@Hotmail.com See ya next 
    3.0 Added the flower cup Section. Took me a while however, who knows why.
    4.0 Added Special Cup section, Extra Mode.....how exciting
    4.1 Darn, forgot Legal section, ending section last update, it is now added.
    4.5 Bigger update, added 2 new sections - Game Info, and Tips And Tricks! Maybe 
    one more update to this FAQ will follow.
    5.0 August 15, 1999 - Probably last update to this FAQ, LOTS more Info added.
    1. Course Ghosts
    2. Mushroom Cup
    3. Flower Cup
    4. Star Cup
    5. Special Cup
    6. Extra Mode
    7. Game Info
    8. Tips And Tricks
    9. Gameshark Codes
    1. Course Ghosts
    There are a total of 3 Course Ghosts in the game, Mario, Luigi, And Peach. 
    Accessing them is quite easy, beating them is a whole different story! 
    To race the course ghost of Lugi, go to time trials and beat Luigi's Raceway 
    under 1 Minute, 52 Seconds. To race him, simply re-race Luigi's Raceway. You 
    will now see a course ghost of Luigi. I am unsure of what time you need to BEAT 
    him, but i can give you these tips:
    At every moment possible, power slide, the individual boosts you get may not 
    seem like much, but if you can get around 20 power slides done in this race(like 
    i can) it will add up to a lot.
    Also, use your mushrooms wisely, you only get 3, so find the best spot to use 
    them and use them there and only there!
    Lastly, stay on the track, if you hit the wall once, or barely go in the sand, 
    or grass, there is very little chance of you beating him.
    This has to be the hardest course ghost of all, to access mario beat mario's 
    raceway in under 1 minute, 30 seconds. To race him, simply re-race Mario's 
    Raceway. You will now see a course ghost of Mario. I am unsure of what time you 
    need to BEAT him, but i can give you these tips:
    At every moment possible, power slide, the individual boosts you get may not 
    seem like much, 
    but it is possible to get around 30 power slides in on this course! that adds up 
    to a lot of time saved!
    also use your mushrooms to cut accross the sand in the 2nd to last turn, this 
    will cut off at least 3 seconds if you do it right. 
    Follow these tips, and you should get a time of around 1 minute, 22 seconds! 
    good luck!
    Ok, beat Royal Raceway under 2 minutes, 40 seconds to be able to race Peach, as 
    always simply re-race Royal Raceway. You will now see a course ghost of Peach.
    Beating peach isn't that difficult, just power slide on every turn and use your 
    mushrooms to cut through the grass at the end of the course. That's all there is 
    to it!
    2. Mushroom Cup
    Luigi's Raceway
    The first course in the game, Luigi's raceway would probably be the most boring 
    track in the game if not for the course ghost feature. This one is pretty simple 
    to beat in GP mode, just stay on the track, and power slide every once in a 
    while. The hot air balloon contains a spiked shell if you can reach it, but i 
    wouldn't go for it. There aren't any real shortcuts on this level, just make 
    sure you use your items wisely. The best racer for this course is Yoshi because 
    he is fast, and can corner extremly well.
    Moo Moo Farm
    Beef Anyone? This course is really short and really fun, there are a lot of 
    bumps which make it awesome. To beat this course just get ahead ASAP, and 
    whatever you do, don't hit any of those moles that pop out of the ground. and 
    try not to get hypnotized by the mooing of the cows. Once again use Yoshi, he is 
    fast, and gets fast starts, turns well, handles the bumps well, and is small so 
    he can easily fit through the posts at the end!
    Koopa Troopa Beach
    Finally, a nice relaxing day at the beach! Plus, we finally have a track with a 
    shortcut in it! This is a medium-sized course, an with the right tecniques can 
    be mastered quickly! First of all, stay as close to the land as possible, the 
    tide can sweep you away! and at the end watch out for crabs! OK, if you don't 
    get a mushroom, go to the right of the archway, it's a shortcut, there are crabs 
    there, watch out! if you DO get a mushroom, go left through the archway and up 
    the last crap, fire your mushroom and you will shoot into the cave, giving you a 
    10 second advantage! This course should be a piece of cake now! For this race, 
    the best racer is either Toad or Yoshi!
    Kalimari Desert
    This course is well...boring! anyway here are my tips for this so-called 
    If you are in any place other than 1rst, and you have a red shell. fire it eevn 
    if no one is around you! it will hit someone...eventully! as always power slide 
    when possible, and at all costs avoid that train! that's about all there is to 
    this course, not very fun, not too challenging. piece of cake! oh yah and you 
    should use Toad or Yoshi on this course, they both do well here!
    3. Flower Cup
    Toad's Turnpike
    This course is a pain! cars everywhere, small racing area. To beat this course 
    you need luck, skill, and good items! the best items for this course are stars 
    and ghosts, anything else is pretty useless. So ditch any item except for those 
    2. If you get one of them, use it when you are about to crash into a car, you 
    will be invincible! You must use toad on this course, otherwise this is hard to 
    Frappe Snowland
    This course is simple, use mushroom boosts on straight areas, or you can shave 
    time off by cutting corners. And watch out for those snowmen! also at the end do 
    not fall into the icy lake. Use Mario on this course, he seems to have good 
    Choco Mountain
    This course is one big, winding, curve of a course. Slide on all the corners, 
    use boosts on the 2 straightaways, and watch for falling rocks!  Oh yah, on the 
    switchback, DONT fall off, for 2 reasons: 1. you will lose if you fall. 2. if 
    you fall you suck bad! the rider i use on this course is Yoshi. Maybe cause he's 
    the best at this course or maybe because i usally only use Yoshi...
    Mario Raceway
    This course is awesome! Power slide on EVERY turn, just like with the course 
    also use your mushrooms to cut accross the sand in the 2nd to last turn, this 
    will cut off at least 3 seconds if you do it right. use yoshi on this race as 
    4.Star Cup
    This is my favorite Cup, i love these levels!
    Wario Stadium
    This level is fun, a dirtbike type track, drivers spin out alot here, especilly 
    the novice drivers, so use someone who you can control without making too many 
    frequent turns. The lightweights are for experts, and the heavyweights are 
    generally for the less-experienced drivers. The lightweights are the best, but 
    it is possible to win with a heaveyweight. To beat this course, just don't spin 
    out, power slide ALOT, and use your items wisely. Here is a great trick also to 
    win: Whoever is either ahead of you the most or behind you the least is about to 
    go off the big jump, if you have lightning, use it! they will lose about 15 
    seconds and if they are a human opponent they will get mad as well, heh-heh 
    added bonus. oh yah if you really wanna dust everyone take one or all of the 3 
    shortcuts(see shortcut section)For Beginners use bowser, experts use yoshi.
    Sherbert Land
    Beware the penguins! ohh they are annoying, but they are great obstacles, i hate 
    them still though! no real advice just avoid the penguins, don't fall into the 
    water, and go fast! use bowser or luigi on this course.
    Royal Raceway
    Call me lazy but for tips i'm just gonna copy what i put for beating the course 
    ghost, hay..if you can beat the ghost with these tips you can beat a simple race 
    against normal racers! 
    Beating peach isn't that difficult, just power slide on every turn and use your 
    mushrooms to cut through the grass at the end of the course. That's all there is 
    to it!
    OK i'll add a bit, make sure you use yoshi and try not to fall into the water on 
    the first turn, ok that's it, onto Bowser's Castle...
    Bowser's Castle
    Power slide on the turns, watch out for the thwomps, don't fall into the lava, 
    don't hit trees. repeat 3 times, easy enough right? wrong...good luck with this 
    hellish course, use Luigi or Yoshi or you won't stand a chance...
    5. Special Cup
    DK's Jungle Parkway
    Not much to say for this course, and it's not because it's an easy level, it's 
    because i'm lazy! Basically all you need to do is avoid the big steamboat in the 
    water, don't fall INTO the water, and make good turns. Otherwise you will have 
    crashed into a steam boat, be soaking wet, get hit by the natives, and oh yes, 
    you will be in last place as well! So just follow those 3 key tips and this 
    level will be a cinch. Oh yes, i forgot one other thing. In the tunnel, use a 
    star, mushroom, or pure tapping of the "R" button to cut across the hill, which 
    will save you about 3-4 seconds!
    Yoshi's Valley
    The things programmers do to annoy us...as if the fact that you don't know WHERE 
    you are on the radar isn't enough, there's also the fact that there are NO rails 
    on this course, MULTIPLE paths, and oh yes, little critters everywhere! without 
    me, you'd be lost on this course! Anyways, drive until you come to the valley, 
    go left, right, left. This is the quickest path. after that there is only one 
    way to go...so keep driving until you hit the big yoshi egg. Avoid it at all 
    costs, go over the bridge...into the grassy area, repeat 3 times, you win! easy 
    Banshee Boardwalk
    As if the previous level wasn't bad enough...this one is worse. just go along 
    the track until you come to the ghost house, and don't fall off please! once in 
    the ghost house, after the first turn HOP accross the short gap to the left of 
    the post, then power slide to your right, then to the left, then exit! do this 
    AFAYK as there are bats that will get in your way if you are slow. then proceed 
    to the finish line...repeat 3 times to win...hopefully...
    Rainbow Road
    Oh wow, what a treat for the last course in the game! you get to race on a 
    rainbow track, with pictures in the sky, guard rails EVERYWHERE, and there's 
    only 5 chomps that stand in your way between you and the finish. all this course 
    is, is a LONG track with no enimies, and guard rails. if you can't beat this 
    level on your first try...boy you suck. No need for any of my advice here, it's 
    that simple!
    6. Extra Mode
    Just follow the same advice i gave for the normal levels, except left is right, 
    and right is left now! oh and in toad's turnpike, the cars drive TOARDS 
    7. Game Info
    Platform: N64
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Origin: Japan
    Genre: Racing
    Number Of Players: 1-4
    Memory Pack Compatible
    8. Tips And Tricks
    Always a Blue Shell 
    In the stage "Koopa Beach" the item on top of the rock is a BLUE shell every 
    time. To get it you do NOT need a mushroom or a star but they help quite a bit. 
    If you don't have a mushroom or a star you may get it but you will probably hit 
    the box and fall but if you have enough speed you will grab it and be able to 
    continually drive on to romp home for a first place.
    Note: If you have a super mushroom from the last batch of items it will not have 
    run out in time to maintain the blue shell. 
    Submitted by David G (N.Grose@mailbox.uq.edu.au)
    Banana Trick 
    Hit the brakes as soon as you hit a banana peel. Hold the brakes for 1 second, 
    then release and hit the gas. This will prevent you from skidding or losing a 
    balloon in Battle Mode. 
    If you can't pass an opponent, try drafting him. Line your kart up behind 
    another racer. You'll see wisps of air come off your kart and you'll speed up 
    slightly. Not much, but enough to pass whomever you're following. 
    Item Shield 
    You can hold a single weapon item (shells, explosive box or bananas) behind your 
    Kart by Z. This can allow you to obtain other items or be used as a shield 
    against attacks from behind. 
    Submitted by Thomas E. Gill (teg@geocities.com)
    Mario 64 Castle 
    On the Royal Raceway after the big jump there will be a yellow road to the 
    right. If you follow it, it will bring you to the Mario 64 castle. 
    Submitted by Wayne Koelling
    Mega Jump 
    If you're using a mushroom or a turbo boost, jump when another driver is 
    immediately in front of you. If your timing is right, you'll sail over their 
    Submitted by BiGMan6416@aol.com
    Mirror Mode and New Title Screen 
    For a new title screen and access to Mirror Mode you must win a gold cup in all 
    150cc events. Good luck! 
    Submitted by cash@erols.com
    Prevent Skidding 
    If you skid or blow up, rapidly tap the GAS button until you recover (usually 3 
    to 5 times.) If you see a music sign then you did the trick right. 
    Submitted by Andrew Holt and Chris Iturrioz
    Quick Lap On Frappe Snowland 
    When you start, do a U-turn and drive backwards. (Don't worry about Liukitu's 
    REVERSE sign) Keep driving until you get to the end of a bridge. At the end, 
    jump off the RIGHT side of the bridge and onto the snow. Keep driving, and 
    Likitu will pick you up and place you completely on the bridge. (If you are 
    placed back on the snow, then it didn't work.) If you executed this correctly, 
    you will have advanced the entire lap. Repeat this trick (after crossing the 
    finish line) and you should be able to finish the track in 45 seconds or less! 
    Submitted by YoDaKs@aol.com
    Bowser's Castle: You can gain a little speed by jumping over the stairs.
    Koopa Troopa Beach: Many people believe this is only accessible with a mushroom 
    power-up, but this is false. Gamers can make the jump off the ramp without a 
    power-up. Just aim straight into the cave, use jump (the right shoulder button) 
    make sure not to hit the walls, and jump right out from under the waterfall.
    Just before you get to the first rock arch, instead of going under the arch go 
    to the right of arch. After making the turn, head slightly to the right and the 
    water parts giving you land to ride on cutting off some of the route. Be careful 
    as you finish this part; there are a lot of crabs to slip on.
    Toad's Turnpike: At the beginning by the first crossover, start a mini turbo 
    slide before you reach the place where the roads cross, then jump the rail to 
    the right. Lakitu will pick you up. Hold A + B one second before he puts you 
    down. When you hit the ground, immediately go right and jump the rail again. 
    This time you will go through the ground. You may land on the road or you may 
    land in the water. Or sometimes you don't make it. If you land in the water you 
    will be put on the road where the short cut comes out.
    This trick is extremely difficult but you'll skip about half the track if done 
    Wario Stadium: This is one of the longest tracks in the game, but it has a super 
    shortcut that can cut tons of time off your lap. It's possible to jump over the 
    wall to the left of the Starting Line using any one of the four small jumps 
    there. Although you can make it over the wall without the assistance of any 
    speed boosting item, a Mushroom or Mini-Turbo assist is helpful. Approach the 
    wall at high speed so that you are driving directly at it as you reach the peak 
    of the small hill. Jump just before you hit the wall and you'll sail over. The 
    timing takes some practice but once you master it, it's not too difficult. It is 
    also possible to jump back over the wall on the other side of the Starting Line, 
    but the return jump is much more difficult and takes precise jump timing and 
    Hydro Pond -- After driving through about half the course, your driver will 
    enter the ghost house. Upon entering, take a right, but not as sharp as normal, 
    and you'll pass by a wall on your left. Instead of aiming toward the bats, 
    you'll aim slightly left and pass on the left side of the wooden pole. This 
    might look like suicide, but jump over the edge of the star-shaped pool and 
    you'll pass up that first-place player.
    Rainbow Road -- At the beginning of the race press the gas just before the third 
    light beeps to get a turbo then just as you crest the steep part of the first 
    hill turn to the left and hit jump you fly off the road and if you get the angle 
    right you will land about 1/3 of the around the track! THis can also be done 
    with mushrooms on the following laps. A lap time 1'27"00 is easily possible!
    Yoshi's Valley -- This course is a tangle, as shown in the introductory map, but 
    here are a few short cuts that will enable you to beat just about anybody. 
    Follow the course until you hit the mazey part. Immediately go left and stay 
    left. The first part of the short-cut is to stay left and on the narrow part of 
    the course. 
    After managing to do that, you'll hit a little checkered ledge, and you'll see a 
    big red and white sign on the left pointing right. This is the hard part. 
    Accelerate as fast as possible and stay to the far right. As soon as the rail on 
    the left side ends pull a hard left powerslide off the road. You'll continue the 
    powerslide onto the upcoming road after you land, and if you do it right, you'll 
    have shaved off at least 10 seconds or lead the pack. Of course, this one takes 
    a lot of practice, but once mastered, it can't be beat.
    DK Jungle Park -- You can advance the lap counter a lap without going around the 
    track in DK Jungle Parkway. Try to jump into the wall to the left of the exit 
    from the tunnel just before the Starting Line. Your angle of approach is 
    important. If you angle too far to the left, you will fall back into the tunnel. 
    If you angle too far to the right, the trick won't work. You want to fall into 
    the "dark space" behind the wall. Lakitu will pick you up. If he puts you back 
    on the track, inside the tunnel, the trick worked. When you go across the finish 
    line from there, the lap counter will advance one lap. If Lakitu puts you back 
    on the track outside of the tunnel, the trick didn't work. The best way to use 
    this trick is to turn around and go into the tunnel right from the start. If you 
    pull it off, you can get a 20-30 second lap on this course.
    More tips: Near the beginning of the race is a self-propelling ramp which sends 
    your racer across a giant river. This one is quite simple. Instead of jumping 
    straight off it, aim to the far left and you'll be ahead of the crowd by a few 
    seconds. It works.
    Second, this course is full of sharp turns. Use the mushroom power-ups as you 
    pass across the jungle terrain and though you'll be hit by coconuts, you'll 
    still end up farther ahead than if you didn't.
    Third, there is one cave on this course that disrupts many players because of 
    its weird angles and hard-to-follow path. But look at the ground and there is a 
    light-colored path, which makes it far easier to follow.
    Fourth, upon entering the cave, accelerate to the maximum and aim toward the 
    steep slope. If your racer is going fast enough then pull a hard left powerslide 
    and you'll slide right up the slope, thereby shaving a few seconds.
    Mario Raceway -- One of the best, and most difficult to accomplish, shortcuts in 
    Mario Kart 64 is jumping over the central wall on Mario Raceway. To take this 
    shortcut, you will need a Mushroom. The point where you will need to jump to get 
    over the wall is just before the fourth turn (the hairpin turn around the giant 
    mushroom). After the third turn, veer slightly to the left, and go slightly up 
    the hill on the left. Turn sharply back towards the wall and hit your Mushroom 
    boost just before you leave the road, jumping at the same time. You'll want to 
    aim just to the right of where the sections of wall intersect. If you make the 
    jump, you will come down near the giant green pipe. If you manage to take this 
    shortcut every lap in Time Trial mode, and do the rest of the course perfectly, 
    you will be able to complete the track in under one minute. This trick is 
    extremely difficult to perform.
    Royal Raceway -- On Royal Raceway, after the first hairpin turn, go off-road to 
    the left about halfway between the hairpin and the next turn. Aim for the dark 
    spot on the opposite shore and use a Mushroom to boost you over the water as you 
    jump. If you make it to the other side, Lakitu will pick you up and put you back 
    on the course just before the monster jump over the pond! You can save about 15 
    seconds per lap with this shortcut.
    To save even more time, use a Super Mushroom just before you hit the second pair 
    of arrows on the super jump across the pond. Once you jump, turn as far left as 
    you can (try to land on the flat part of the mountain.) If you make it, Lukitu 
    will pick you up and put you right in front of the finish line!
    Kalimari Desert -- In Mario GP, if you have a Super Star, you can take a 
    shortcut through the train tunnel and gain a lap on your first and second lap. 
    To do the shortcut, you will need a Super Star. From the second crossing, turn 
    left and follow the tracks to the entrance to the train tunnel. Activate the 
    Super Star just before you enter the tunnel, and your lap counter will advance 
    by one around the min-point of the tunnel. This shortcut doesn't save as much 
    time as you would think, because following the train tracks will slow you down. 
    Also, because you need a Super Star to pull it off, it isn't a practical 
    shortcut for Time Trials.
    Choco Mountain -- Right before the big loop there is a road to the left. Do a 
    powerslide and you can jump the wall. If done correctly you can save about 10 
    seconds. You have to be in 150cc or extra. Otherwise there is a fence there. 
    Submitted by Brodie Christensen, Eric Leb, Glen Wabasca and others
    9. Gameshark Codes
    Always Have 46 Pts Bowser
    Always Have 46 Pts D.K.
    Always Have 46 Pts Luigi
    Always Have 46 Pts Mario
    Always Have 46 Pts Peach
    Always Have 46 Pts Toad
    Always Have 46 Pts Wario
    Always Have 46 Pts Yoshi
    No Laps for Player 1
    81164390 0000  81164392 0002
    No Laps for Player 2
    81164394 0000  81164396 0002
    No Laps for Player 3
    81164398 0000  8116439A 0002
    No Laps for Player 4
    8116439C 0000  8116439E 0002
    Player 1 last place
    81164390 FFFF  81164392 FFFF
    Player 2 last place
    81164394 FFFF  81164396 FFFF
    Player 3 last place
    81164398 FFFF  8116439A FFFF
    Player 4 last place
    8116439C FFFF  8116439E FFFF
    Infinite Balloons Player 1
    8118D8C0 0002
    Infinite Balloons Player 2
    8118D8C2 0002
    Infinite Balloons Player 3
    8118D8C4 0002
    Infinite Balloons Player 4
    8118D8C6 0002
    * * * End Of Faq, please see part 2 of this FAQ for the rest of my faq! * * *
    1999 Jdude84

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