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    FAQ by Outkast

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/07/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Kart 64
    Nintendo 64
    Version 1.3
    Written By:
    1/7/99 - Version 1.3 just lists my new alias and e-mail address.
    7/16/99 - Version 1.2 has an update for every section in
    the FAQ (no joke).
    6/18/99 - Finally, an update. Version 1.1 is here. I
    updated the intro with a review.
    2/19/99 - Version 1.0 arrives with, obviously,
    everything added.
    1. Short Intro
    2. Game Modes
    3. Courses
    4. Shortcuts
    5. Tips / Hints
    6. Players
    7. Glitches
    8. Thanks
    9. Copyright Info
    1. Short Intro
    This game is a great racing game based on Super
    Mario 64 and mostly its characters. I've assembled
    this FAQ to help you along with it. Any questions
    or comments are welcome, my e-mail address is at
    the top of the page.
    Mario Kart is a different kind of racing game. Not
    only is it a fun comptetitive game, but it adds a
    flavor to racing. Throwing banana peels on the track
    and shooting turtle shells at opponent's is
    definetely what I would condsider fun.
    The graphics are good and clear, with each characters
    looking as good as I've seen along with their own
    color coordinated kart. Also, the sound is crisp, and
    although the music isn't all that great, the sounds
    are clear and the midi background music will do.
    The multiplayer is probably the best thing about
    this game. It's available for up to 4 players
    where you can do a grand prix versus 4 other computer
    players, or do time trials and battle. It's a real
    blast if you have 4 friend over.
    The game play is also good. It has 4 different
    difficulty levels that equals out to 16 different
    courses. You can even unlock secrets in the game,
    believe it or not, and you can play by yourself
    versus 7 computer players with 3 different motor
    Overall Rating: 9/10
    * - This FAQ should help you with every aspect of the game.
    2. Game Modes
    - Available for up to 4 players
    - Battle: You play someone in this mode where you
    choose from a new set of  courses. The object is
    to hit your opponent three times with items you
    pick up and to avoid being hit. Pretty cool.
    - Mario Grand Prix: You choose you player here and
    choose between a set of  courses that vary in
    - Versus: Pop in a few more controllers and play one
    on one, or with two or three extra people where you
    choose your track.
    3. Courses
    All courses come with a set of asteriks (*) that indicate how
    hard it is. 1 is easy, 5 is hard, etc.
    Big Donut   **
    Block Fort  *
    Double Deck *
    Skyscraper  *****
    Regular Courses:
    Mushroom Cup
    Luigi Raceway      *
    Moo Moo Farm       *
    Koopa Troopa Beach **
    Kalimari Desert    **
    Flower Cup
    Toad's Turnpike **
    Frappe Snowland **
    Choco Mountain  ***
    Mario Raceway   ***
    Star Cup
    Wario Stadium   ****
    Sherbet Land    ****
    Royal Raceway   ****
    Bowser's Castle ****
       Special Cup
    D.K.'s Jungle Parkway ****
    Yoshi Valley          *****
    Banshee Boardwalk     ****
    Rainbow Road          ***
    4. Shortcuts
    If a course isn't listed here, no shortcuts have
    been found.
    Koopa Troopa Beach:
    1.) Mid way through, you'll see a ramp leading
    into a hole. Go up the ramp, and turbo up with
    a star or mushroom, and ride through, and you'll
    come out of the waterfall on the other side of the
    2.) Don't use the big ramp at the end! All it has
    is an item, and if you mess up you'll be in serious
    Kalimari Desert:
    1.) Using a star or super mushroom, go onto the
    railroad track and through the tunnel for a shortcut.
    If you are not using a star, be sure to stay on
    the side when in the tunnel so you don't get run over.
    Frappe Snowland:
    1.) When you get to the area of little snowmen,
    take the path through the  second row of guys,
    and you'll ride directly through without having
    to turn and spin around.
    Mario Raceway:
    1.) Drive along the wall until you come to the
    last turn before the big turn with the mushroom.
    Drive up the hill, drive down, use mushrooms as
    you hit the road, then turn a little to the right,
    and jump over the wall.
    Wario Raceway:
    1.) Use the bumps and hills to hop over walls to
    take you to various places farther in the course.
    DK's Jungle Parkway
    1.) When you hop over the water, don't steer over
    so you're farther when you land. If you go straight
    and land right in the circle, you'll have plenty of
    room to make a nice turn while the person that went
    ahead is in the water or struggling to turn off the
    2.) After the bridge at the end, go into the
    tunnel, and stay a bit off the path to the left.
    By the end, you'll hit a hill and bounce up a bit.
    Yoshi Valley
    1.) Get onto the mountain and go left, then
    right onto the bridge and off the hill, then left.
    Then follow the path to the end.
    Rainbow Road
    1.) At the beginning on the huge hill, use a mushroom
    and jump right off the hill. While in the air, hold
    down the brakes, and you'll land halfway through
    the course without bouncing off.
    5. Tips / Hints
    -Turbo Blast: The split second the light turns green,
    go! You should get a turbo boost to start off the
    -Special Mode: Get gold cups in every grand prix for
    every motor size. You'll get a new startup screen and
    a new option called the mirror track where all the
    turns in the course are backwards.
    -Ghosts: You can race ghosts without a memory pack
    for accomplishing these times in these courses:
    Luigi Raceway: 1 minute, 52 seconds (Luigi)
    Mario Raceway: 1 minute, 30 seconds (Mario)
    Royal Raceway: 2 minutes, 40 seconds (Peach)
    -Banana Resistant: If you hit a banana, quickly hit
    the brakes. An exclamation point should come out of
    your player and you won't slip and slide like usual.
    -Loser: If you're last in the race, don't get
    discouraged! You'll start getting lightning and
    stars to get you back in the race, while the
    top 3 or 4 players will continuosly get bananas.
    -Game Shark Codes:
    No Laps for Player 1: 81164390 0000  81164392 0002
    No Laps for Player 2: 81164394 0000  81164396 0002
    No Laps for Player 3: 81164398 0000  8116439A 0002
    No Laps for Player 4: 8116439C 0000  8116439E 0002
    GS Button for 1 Lap Player 1: 89164390 0000  89164392 0001  *
    GS Button for 1 Lap Player 2: 89164394 0000  89164396 0001  *
    GS Button for 1 Lap Player 3: 89164398 0000  8916439A 0001  *
    GS Button for 1 Lap Player 4: 8916439C 0000  8916439E 0001  *
    Player 1 last place: 81164390 FFFF  81164392 FFFF
    Player 2 last place: 81164394 FFFF  81164396 FFFF
    Player 3 last place: 81164398 FFFF  8116439A FFFF
    Player 4 last place: 8116439C FFFF  8116439E FFFF
    *: Press GS Button after passing finish line
    -BALLOONS-  **
    Infinite Balloons Player 1: 8118D8C0 0002
    Infinite Balloons Player 2: 8118D8C2 0002
    Infinite Balloons Player 3: 8118D8C4 0002
    Infinite Balloons Player 4: 8118D8C6 0002
    GS Button for # of Balloons P1: 8918D8C1 00??
    GS Button for # of Balloons P2: 8918D8C3 00??
    GS Button for # of Balloons P3: 8918D8C5 00??
    GS Button for # of Balloons P4: 8918D8C7 00??
    **: Amount of Balloons not shown on screen
    ??: Adjust amount: 0-F (0 least, F greatest)
    Player 1: 8118D8C0 FFFF
    Player 2: 8118D8C2 FFFF
    Player 3: 8118D8C4 FFFF
    Player 4: 8118D8C6 FFFF
    Player 1: 8018EDE4 00??
    Player 2: 8018EDE5 00??
    Player 3: 8018EDE6 00??
    Player 4: 8018EDE7 00??
    ??: Mario- 01, Luigi- 02, Peach- 03, Toad- 04, Yoshi- 05, D.K.- 06,
    Wario- 07, Bowser- 08
    -WEAPONS (1 ON 1 ONLY)-
    Player 1: 80165F5D 00??  80165F5D 00??
    Player 2: 8016603D 00??  8016606A 00??
    ??: Nothing: 00, Banana: 01, Multi Bananas: 02, Green shell: 03, 3 Green
    shells: 04, Red shell: 05, 3 Red shells: 06, Blue shell: 07, Lightning Bolt:
    08, Fake item box: 0, Star: 0A, Ghost: 0B, Mushroom: 0C, 2 Mushrooms: 0D, 3
    Mushrooms: 0E, Gold Mushroom: 0F
    Player 1: 8016611D 00??  8016614A 00??
    Player 2: 801661FD 00??  8016622A 00??
    Player 3: 801662DD 00??  8016630A 00??
    Player 4: 801663BD 00??  801663EA 00??
    ??: See Last ?'s
    Mario: 8118D9C8 002D
    Luigi: 8118D9C9 002D
    Yoshi: 8118D9CA 002D
    Toad: 8118D9CB 002D
    D.K.: 8118D9CC 002D
    Wario: 8118D9CD 002D
    Peach: 8118D9CE 002D
    Bowser: 8118D9CF 002D
    Press GS Button for Debug Menu: 8818EDEF 0002
    Always Race Mode Modifier: 800E86B0 00??
    ??: 50 cc: 00, 100 cc:01, 150 cc: 02, Extra: 03
    Mirrored courses
    Win the gold cup in the 150cc class. Then, reset the Nintendo 64
    system. If done correctly, the title screen will change to confirm that
    mirrored courses are enabled. Enter the 150cc option under GP mode to
    access the courses. Note: When racing the mirrored Toads' Turnpike,
    you will be going against the traffic.
      Mario 64 castle
    On the Royal Raceway course, follow the yellow road to the right of the
    big jump to reach the castle from Mario 64.
      View Mario Raceway record
    At the title screen, press R to see the best time trial record for Mario
      Course ghost racers
    Enter time trial mode and complete a course, beating the time indicated
    below. Then, choose "Retry" to race the course again. The phrase "Now
    Meet the Course Ghost" will appear. The course ghosts are automatically
    saved to the cartridge for future replay without beating the course time
    Mario Raceway
    Luigi Raceway
    Royal Raceway
         Air increase
         Line your kart up directly behind another next racer. Wisps of air
         will appear from the sides of your kart. The small speed increase
         that your kart will gain should be enough to pass the racer that is
         being followed.
         Turbo start
         At the instant between the dimming of the second light and the
         flashing of the blue light at the start of the race, press A to
         accelerate. If done correctly, your kart will rapidly accelerate
         ahead of the other racers. Note: Accelerating too soon will result
         in a spin out.
         Turbo boost slide
         To slide around a corner, hold R and press the Analog-stick to
         steer in the direction of the turn, then to the opposite direction. If
         done correctly, the smoke from your kart will change from white
         to yellow. Continue to hold R and repeat the steering motion with
         the Analog-stick to change the smoke from yellow to red. Release
         R once the smoke becomes red. Now the speed of your kart
         should increase for a few seconds.
         Banana peel recovery
         When a banana peel is run over, immediately hold the brake for
         one second, then accelerate to avoid skidding or losing a balloon
         in battle mode.
         Quick restart
         After falling off a course, watch as Lukita places your kart back
         on the track. When your kart is two or three tire widths from the
         track, press A to immediately resume the race.
    6. Players
    Description: The small ones that get pushed
    around the most but are the fastest. The worst
    thing about them is that they're extremely hard
    to control.
    Players: Toad, Peach, Yoshi
    Description: Right in the middle, decent speed,
    and good for knocking around the lightweights.
    Players: Mario, Luigi
    Description: Not the fastest guys around, but they
    are the bullies that can knock lightweights and
    middleweights all over the place.
    Players: Wario, Bowser, Donkey Kong
    7. Glitches
    Special thanks to ItsaMePete for these. Check out the
    credits for more on that.
    1) Luigi Raceway
    You can use the Spiny Shell Trick here, just park
    him at the place where the gray wall in the middle
    of the course meets the round brick wall, after
    making him do one lap to get the balloon down.  You
    can also use the technique that will be described later.
    2) Moo Moo Farm
    Only the technique that will be later told of in
    detail can be utilized here.
    3) Koopa Beach
    A) The spiny shell trick works here, just park the guy in the tunnel.  (I
    find it easier to drive him in the wrong way; the waterfall.  You can use
    the green rock to get spinies, which brings us to
    B) You can hop the back of the green rock to grab a spiny shell.  Works
    well in conjunction with the Spiny Shell Trick.
    C) You can hop up the walls into the middle of the course in at least 2
    different places.  You'll land in water and Lakitu will pull you out.
    c1)  In between the last two ramps, there's a spot where you can hop up
    the rocks.
    c2)  The other one that I know of is behind the Koopa Rock's behind.  At
    the top there's a little moss where to show where you can go up, but it
    actually spreads out a bit so you'll have to look carefully.
    D) I'm not sure how to do this, as it happened by accident, but you can
    get stuck in between two trees near the waterfall.  Yoshi just kinda drove
    thru and got trapped, constantly bumping and rotating until he got knocked
    out.  We've tried to recreate this trick, but haven't succeeded.
    4) Kalimari Desert
    A) You can do the Spiny Shell Trick here, just put the guy in the train
    B) There are actually 2 trains.  The manual, Nintendo Power, and others
    say there's only one, but there are two!  We found this out by having
    Peach tail one train, and Yoshi sit at the crossing, watching the trains
    go by.
    5) Toad's Turpike
    A) Only the Technique described later works here.  With it, you can fly
    thru the walls, anywhere.
    6) Frappe Snowland
    There's only a few here, but they have so many variations it's almost like
    having many more.
    A) At the first jump, (the only one) if you jump over to the left without
    touching any snow on the way and landing in the said object, then you can
    continue the drive ‘til Lakitu picks you up.  He'll then try to put you
    back on the track, but get stuck and eventually drop you behind the
    starting line.  By driving to different places in the snow on the left of
    the rack, possibly even getting to the other side of the river, you can
    adjust how high Lakitu takes you before dropping you.  You can even get
    him to take you up so high that you can see to the end of the track's
    world.   This is a back cut, not a shortcut.
    B) At the first jump, (the only one) if you jump over to the right without
    touching any snow on the way there and driving until you reach the tree,
    Lakitu will pick you up and try to put you back on the track, but will get
    stuck.  He will then (if correctly executed) will drop you in the river.
    But not in the ordinary way.  You'll fall into a void, and the only way to
    get out is to have someone else jump in on you.  You can get a variation
    on this by going to the left with the difference of not being able to get
    out.  Ever.  Note: when you are in the void, you are actually underneath
    the finish line, so shells will do some fancy stuff to try to get you.  In
    fact, they'll stay there.
    C) This trick has only worked in a 4P game with 2P.  If you drive to just
    past (I'm thinking like a scale inch) the end of the bridge, into the
    snow, and then the water, Lakitu will put you down ina spot on the bridge
    that isn't really there; you'll fall back in to the water.  You can always
    leave, but it's interesting.  Especially if you try to start up before
    you're down and spin out.  With all the other players, we just couldn't
    get in, except for one weird part; the bridge has a spot, where, if you're
    driving at the right time, will drop you into the water.  It may have
    something to do with our trying ti fall thru the bridge repeatedly, but. .
    D) You can hop up to the top of the walls of the canyon by going first to
    where the walls start to form.  Hop repeatedly and don't stray to far from
    the edge.
    E) Because you can drive so far without touching the road in this track,
    you can get really far away from where you started and get picked up by
    Lakitu, to be put down far away again.
    F) You can also drive around the Yoshi snowman, but can't climb it.
    7) Choco Mountain
    A) At the place along the long curve, where the wall on the left turns
    dark, after the items, where the Mts.  on the right are striped, you can
    climb up them to the top, where you fall in.  You can do this all along
    ‘Caramel Mt.' after the first spot.
    B) At the ‘falling rocks' sign, if you turn left, you can hop up the Mt.
    after the part that juts out.  You can even see a part of the track that
    lies ahead.
    C) At the next ‘falling rocks' sign, there's a tiny spot in the wall which
    is just unsteep enough to climb.  You can go pretty far horizontally
    before your fingers tire out and you drop, or you can just go up and fall
    D) At the place where the track crosses over itself, after the big yellow
    signs, you can hop down to the track below.  This is not a shortcut.  You
    can get there by climbing the hills on the left of the track with the big
    humps.  You'll have to go horizontally a bit before you're over the track
    below, but it's possible.
    E) At the place just after the item boxes, you can climb up on the right
    to a plateau where you'll spin around and flip over until Lakitu pulls you
    off.  You can even rotate up there if you go up at an angle.
    F) Right after the tunnel, if you turn around, you'll see the Mario Kart
    banner that's above the finish line.  But if you go up to the finish line,
    you won't be able to see down there, or even how you could see up to where
    you are.  There's a wall there!
    G) I've never seen him do it, but my bro says he can get up to the track
    at the place before Boulder Curve, right after the big bump, with a
    mushroom.  This would be a good shortcut, and you may want to look in to
    8) Mario Raceway
    A) The shortcut.  If you drive along the road until you come to the last
    turn before the hairpin with the big mushroom, you can drive up the hill a
    bit, drive down, use a mushroom as you hit the road, turn a little to the
    right and jump.  This can send you over the wall, into the field on the
    other side.  What a shortcut!
    B) You can do the Spiny Shell Trick here, just park the guy at the first
    corner, off to the left.  This causes the shells to take a strange, wavy
    C) I haven't done it, but many say they can get eaten by a Pirahna plant.
    D) You can also use the technique described below.
    9) Wario Stadium
    A) At the first set of humps, you can leap over the wall to left and a
    part of the track ahead.  This is a shortcut.
    B) After taking the first shortcut, or driving this far, you can jump up
    the arrow wall at the next turn, and Lakitu will put you down on the other
    side, farther ahead.  This is a shortcut.
    C) After the item depression, and at the arrow wall, you jump over the
    arrow wall itself, skipping the big jump entirely.  This is a shortcut.
    D) If you cant get C, after the big jump, drive strait into and over the
    wall to the finish line.  If you take the first three shortcuts every time
    in Time Trial, your time will be under 2'30"00.  Or it should be.
    E) You can take every one of the aforementioned shortcuts backwards.  You
    can actually jump
    over almost any wall there is in Wario Stadium.
    F) At the big jump, you can turn left (or even right) and jump over one of
    those walls.  If you do it right, you'll land almost half a lap backwards.
    G) At the big jump, after you land you can turn around and jump over the
    wall and take the big jump again.  This has a strange side effect;
    everything goes dark, except for the sprites.
    H) The technique described later is also effectual here.
    10) Sherbet Land
    A) You can climb up the wall just before the finish line, but I have only
    done it with a lighweigtht in 1P mode, tho.
    B) Same thing, but this one is just after Penguin Cave's exit.  You can
    even land in the cave, if you see a penguin when you hit.
    C) The Spiny Shell Trick works here if you park the guy on the right of
    the big blueish rock.
    D) You can even throw bananas onto the big island if you get a running
    start, and when Lakitu picks you up, throw them at the island.  You'll be
    higher when he's lifting you so the bananas can make it.
    E) In Penguin Cave, if you hit a penguin hard enough, or with a starman,
    he'll spin out!!  Well, actually not out, but he'll start spinning!
    F) The technique which will be described later, can be used to reach the
    island in the middle!  It's hard to stop once you land, tough.
    11) Royal Raceway
    A) The Spiny Shell Trick could work here if you park the guy next to the
    big ramp leading to the jump, on either the left or right, but all the way
    on the far side of it.  In any case, you can put the guy in the Castle
    B) At the big jump, if you hop and turn right, you can land back on the
    track far behind.  Or you can repeatedly ram the rail on the right as you
    hit the Dash Zone, so you'll hit the brown part of the ground around
    C) At the big jump, if you hit the railing on the last Dash, you can fall
    straight down into the water.
    D) I've heard say that you can turn left on the big jump and land on the
    track up ahead, but I've never done this.  You supposedly use a mushroom
    somehow, I'm not sure how.
    E) At the big jump, if you hop and turn slightly right in the middle of
    the last dash zone, you can land on the right mountainside, and, with well
    timed hops, reach a little plateau where you can actually drive around a
    little.  You can also get here by driving around the bottom of the
    mountain and hopping around the steeper part, but this is nearly
    impossible without a lightweight.
    F) The trees around the castle are not actually there.
    G) After the castle bridge, you can climb up the lighter green hills a
    bit, before crashing back down to the ground.
    H) If you use a mushroom on the castle's stone walkway, you can launch off
    and thru the castle wall and into another void.  The windows are all
    floating in place, as are all the other things, except for the walls.
    I) The technique described later works well on the long, final, dash zone
    jump.  You can even land back on the track a ways backwards.
    12) Bowser's Castle
    A) The technique that's described below can put into use to get back up a
    step, launch into the lava, jump over the small fire breathing statues,
    and also the big guy,  or land back on the bridge that leads to the
    B) After the big spiral, use a mushroom and rocket back into the spiral.
    You can land back on it if you go to the left, or just land in lava on the
    right.  Lakitu will place you on the spiral if you miss.  You actually can
    land back on the spiral on the right if you turn just right before jumping
    off the edge of the . . . um, castle part.
    C) You might be able to do the Spiny Shell Trick by placing him behind the
    big Bowser statue that breathes fire.
    13) D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
    A) A semi-shortcut is at the 4th turn after the pit.  When you come from
    the items, you can drive around the jungle plant wall, to a ledge that
    leads to the bridge.  You don't need a mushroom, although it makes it
    easier.   You need to drive towards the water, but turn so you have
    turning momentum to fly around the plant wall.  You actually leave the
    ground, only to land back on the grass on the other side.  It's tough and
    might not be worth it, as you have to fall a long way to make it down
    either onto the bridge (which is impossible without a mushroom) or into
    the water, where Lakitu will pick you up and deposit you on the bridge.  I
    have yet to try it in GP, so you can experiment with it.
    B) In the tunnel, you can slide or hop up the wall, cutting off precious
    seconds.  I find it's easiest to try and aim for an item box while sliding
    C) There's a wall that doesn't exist at the 4th item group.  Turn left,
    and drive up to the place where the wall sticks out.  Now drive behind it,
    from Lakitu's point of view, and drive backwards into it and you'll go
    right through!  But just try it the other way!
    D) In the pit area, if you turn around, you can rocket backwards with a
    mushroom and fall through the water, island, and everything, into a green
    void.  I'm not sure exactly how to do this, except that you need a
    mushroom, and to rocket into the water on the side of the island.  It
    seems kinda erratic, though.
    E) If you drive up into the grass right before the big turn that leads to
    the dash zone, you can leap up onto the turn, actually going over the
    railing.  It's tough, but gets you ahead of anyone else, if only briefly.
    F) At the dash zone, if you turn left a bit, you can land pretty far up
    ahead the track.  But you should only try to reach the items; otherwise
    you'll fall in to the drink.  There's a tree that you can aim for, so
    there is a reference point.
    G) At the 4th turn, if you don't take the semi-shortcut, you should power
    slide early, so as to cut the grass.  It doesn't seem like much, but it's
    actually a great shortcut.  Much bigger than you expect, especially
    against the computer.
    14) Yoshi Valley
    A) You can go backwards, even though it seems like there's no way to.
    There are actually 2 ways, but one requires you to use the technique
    mentioned frequently above.  The easier one only requires a mushroom, and
    a jump.  That's it, you don't even need a running start.  You just have to
    position yourself right behind the last fence on the right after the big
    mountain, and aim for the bridge landing.  You just hit mushroom and then
    jump and voila!  You're back on the track.  If you miss, though, you'll
    have to get another one and try again.
    B) After you land from A, there's a little nook or cranny on the left,
    unless you're going the right way, in which case it's on the right.
    Anyway, it's around the items which are before the bridge.  You can hop up
    there, and if you time it right, can hop up onto the track above.  It's a
    shortcut, of sorts, if you discount the time it takes to get up there.
    C) If you get blown up while on the egg plateau, and hit the egg, you'll
    get squashed in mid-air.  This is amusing, unless you're trying to race.
    It takes a long time to get back down.
    D) Around the starting line, if you get a mushroom and jump to the left,
    you can fly over the railing and into the side of a mountain.
    E) You can climb the side of the shorter mountain at the highest point of
    the curve.  Once up there, though you have a good view of the track,
    you'll be picked up by Lakitu.  You can also climb the side of the other
    mountain horizontally and around to . . .  places.
    G) I don't know if you can use the Spiny Shell trick here, but you might
    be able to move the guy far enough away from the track to get it to work
    at the grassy place.
    H) The technique which you are getting so desperate to know about also
    works here, almost anywhere.
    19) Banshee Boardwalk
    A) You can drive behind the bat box.
    B) You may have noticed that red and spiny shells fly around in weird
    patterns in front of the ghost house.  And if you haven't, I think this is
    a way to get them to do it.  Get a shell of said color, and put it out
    behind you.  Jump into the water.  When Lakitu is picking you up, fire it.
    If it ‘locks on' before it hits the water, it will fly back up to the
    track.  When it reaches the front of the house, it will begin to circle
    the track in front.  Eventually, it will enter the house, and go on it's
    merry way.
    C) The lamp posts will kill your shells.  But only if they're circling
    you, and you drive into the water, brushing the post with your shells.
    They'll just up and down, into the water.
    D) In the ghost house, you can jump the corner of the star shaped hole in
    the floor.  Do this at the left of the post, and don't try to jump too
    much, or you'll fall in.
    E) The Spiny Shell Trick works here, if you park the guy on the left side
    of the star shaped hole in the house.  You'll have to make him go
    backwards a bit, though.
    20) Rainbow Road
    A) At the first, big, huge, downhill slope, if you jump to the left, you
    can land on the track below.  But be careful, as it's very hard to do.
    And you can't do it with a 50cc kart.
    B) The soon to be explained technique can be used to launch over huge
    sections of track at the top of the big hill.  Or anywhere where the track
    crosses over another part of track.
    C) Just jumping straight down the hill is faster than just driving.
    D) I have no idea of what use the big rainbow ring is.  It seems to move
    to get you through the center.  It doesn't make you go faster, or slower,
    or anything.  It's weird.
    21) Big Donut
    A) You may be able to blow up, fly forward, and fall into the big blocks,
    but I haven't done it.
    22) Block Fort
    A) Get a turbo boost and push the guy ahead of you into the wall, being
    careful not to spin him out.  Keep going till he's in the wall and you can
    let go of the gas without the stars stopping.  Now move the guy who's
    getting bumped with the gas.  Pop!  Into the water he goes!
    23) Double Deck
    A) If you get blown up in just the right direction, you can fall into the
    water, missing the track completely.  It's hard, but possible.
    24) Skyscraper
    A) The Skyscraper is actually floating.  Take a trip down a hole with some
    shells and fire them at the bottom.  You'll see what I mean.  Actually,
    there's a weird wall that kills all shells that touch it, but it's black
    and therefore invisible.  And you can't reach it because it's underneath
    the regular concrete.
    B) You can drive through the walls that are at the top by going from the
    side.  You know, the walls that have green stripes and are at your sides
    when you start?  Those ones can be penetrated by getting a running start
    and jumping from the fencing.  This is a quick escape, if you wanted to
    know what use it is.
    C) You can also drive straight over the holes if you've got enough speed.
    But not the edge ones.
    25) Jump Techniques
    Throughout this list, I've mentioned climbing and jumping.  You can make a
    little hop by hitting the R button.  This hop an be used to do many
    things, among them, climb and jump walls.
    A) Climbing Technique
    Just go up to a wall that looks good, hold the gas, and start hitting
    jump.  You should begin to climb.  Unless either the wall is unclimbable,
    or you have heavyweight and he's too heavy for that wall.  But most walls
    that can be climbed can be climbed by anyone.  In certain places, you'll
    need to time your jumps to climb higher, but mostly it's just "hit the
    buttons ‘til your fingers scream".
    B) Jump Technique
    This works best in Wario Stadium, but you might find other places to use
    it.  Right when you hit a wall, jump.  This should send you up and over.
    You have to hit, bounce, and use your momentum to keep going over the
    wall.  This is easiest for Bowser, as he gains a lot of momentum.  The
    lightweights often need to bounce on the wall once, to get their speed
    down, because if they don't, they'll go head over heels and land on the
    ground again, without getting over.  Practice, and you should be able to
    get it right, every time.
    26) The Spiny Shell Trick
    This trick will let the spinies circuit the track, not blowing up, or
    anything.  You need to park the guy in first so far off the track, or in
    such a strange place, that the shells don't know where he is and continue
    going around the track.  You can do this almost anywhere where you can
    drive off the track, such as Mario Raceway, but not like Rainbow Road.
    Sometimes the spinies will go around in strange, crooked paths along the
    course, like in Banshee Boardwalk.
    8. Thanks
    ItsaMePete@aol.com) For the glitches.
    Cheat Code Central
    For some of the hints / tips.
    William Sigler Jr.
    For one shortcut and the GameShark Stuff.
    (gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com, http://www.gamefaqs.com).
    For posting this FAQ.
    9. Copyright Info
    Mario Kart was made for Nintendo and by Nintendo, I have no
    association with them. I gave credit where credit is due for
    some sections in the FAQ. Please read section 8 (Thanks / Credits)
    for more on that. You may not use this on your site without my
    permission, nor re-produce it, sell it, or alter it in anyway.
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