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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Crazyreyn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                M A R I O  K A R T  6 4
                                      Nintendo 64
                             FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.0
                               Last Updated - 14/04/2006
                        By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                 Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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    Hello and welcome to the Mario Kart 64 FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide will give
    you the lowdown on the game basics, how to use the various items in both
    offense and attack and a walkthrough for each course in the game. This is
    perhaps the best multiplayer game that I've played, bringing around a multitude
    of emotions in a single match.
    This guide is dedicated to my university friends and multiplayer opponents
    Pete, Ben and Rachael - when she can be arsed to play ;). Hope you enjoy using
    the guide,
    - Matt
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Game Overview
      2.01. Basics and Game Modes
      2.02. Controls, Karts, Driving Techniques and Tips
      2.03. Items
    3. Courses
      3.01. Mushroom Cup
      3.02. Flower Cup
      3.03. Star Cup
      3.04. Special Cup
    4. Secrets
    5. FAQ's
    6. Conclusion and Special Thanks
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                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    | Version 1.0 - 14/04/2006 |
    The first version of the FAQ, everything is complete!
                                   2. GAME OVERVIEW
    This section provides you with an overview to playing the game, with tips,
    kart and character data and how to use the items more efficiently.
     2.01. Basics and Game Modes
    This is just a quick lowdown of the game basics and general main menu that
    you are presented with. If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation of
    the Game Menus, then refer to the relevant section not too far down from here.
    Game Screen
    This is the standard game screen in Grand Prix mode. This may vary according
    the Mode being played.
          | X  3          4             5 |
          | X                             |
          | X                             |
          | X2                            |
          |                               |
          |               1               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          | 6                           7 |
    1 - Racing Screen
    2 - Top Four Position
    3 - Lap
    4 - Item Held
    5 - Lap Time
    6 - Character Position
    8 - Map
    Menu and Game Modes
    From the Main Menu, you are shown a series of options. This section will
    inform you of what each part contains and a quick explanation of that mode.
    Grand Prix
    Located in the Single Player menu, this is the main mode of the game. Here
    you race in cups in differing CC classes, where you can unlock more characters
    and carts, and generally have a good go at the courses. There are four CC
    classes - 50CC, 100CC, 150CC and Extra (you have to unlock this) and
    within these are 4 Cups, each with four courses to race in. With these four
    courses you are awarded points according to the position you come in. After the
    four races your points are totted up and if you get the most points
    you win.
    Time Trials
    Here you can just race on the course of your choice, practice up and set a
    best time. You get just three mushrooms as far as items go, so use it wisely.
    You save ghosts here so you can race yourself again later, and even compete
    against a few Staff Ghosts on certain courses (see the Secrets section toward
    the end of the guide to see more on this). Also note that this mode is for
    one player only.
    This is where you race against the chosen amount of user controlled players.
    You each select a character (each one can only be chosen once, so you'll have
    to fight over who gets what character) and then you select the course. You
    get a score after each race as well, which is reset when you turn off the
    console if you need to wipe them again. When playing, the C buttons allow you
    to toggle the position in the middle of the screen (showing how far you are
    away from each other), the music and the map. If you are playing three player
    vs then the map will appear in the bottom right corner as no one is using that
    segment of the screen. Also note that bombs appear on the courses and they
    sometimes are double or even at triple speeds to spice things up, and although
    they cannot be turned off they add a lot of variety and fun to multiplayer
    Here you face off against other karts in a battle like arena, playing one or
    two games. You can only play with two to four user controlled players, and not
    on your own. Use Items to pop your opponents balloons until they are all
    gone! Each kart has three balloons and once they are all gone, you are out!
    Pressing L on the Main Menu brings you to the Options Screen. This allows you
    to toggle between Mono, Stereo and Headphone sounds, and to copy or erase
    the data on the game pak.
    Pressing R on the Main Menu brings you to the Data screen. This allows you
    to see various tadbits about each course in the game, including distance
    and your best records. You can erase records and ghost data also.
     2.02. Controls, Karts, Driving Techniques and Tips
    Here are the controls for the game.
    Analog Stick  -  Move kart
    A             -  Accelerate
    B             -  Brake / Reverse
    Z             -  Use Item
    R             -  Jump / Drift
    C-Buttons     - Adjust various options in Vs. (see mode above)
    SELECT        -  N/A
    START         -  Pause Game
    Each of the characters is configured into a different weight class. They are
    set into the following -
    Lightweight - Yoshi, Peach, Toad
    Middleweight - Mario, Luigi
    Heavyweight - Bowser, DK, Wario
    For new players, middleweight is recommended as it has the best all-round
    stats. Then I would advise choosing one of the others according to your player
    style - lightweight karts have high acceleration and easier turning but get
    knocked off the road easier, while heavy weight has low acceleration yet a
    high top speed, rubbish turning but can knock other characters out of the way
    easier. Play around with the different characters and see who suits you best.
    Driving Techniques
    Rocket Start
    This performs a boost as the race starts, very handy for getting the
    advantage straight away. To do it, at the opening count down (red, red,
    blue) press and hold A between the second red and blue. If done right, you'll
    boost away. Takes a bit of practice but once you've got it it's an invaluable
    You can drift by holding down the R button when going around corners. It
    allows you to take sharper corners without loss of speed, so is good for
    many of the game's course. To start it, turn and press R to set the direction,
    and you can also adjust the direction of the drift slightly by using the analog
    stick as you go anyway.
    This gives you a boost after drifting. To do it, get into a drift and
    tap left and right on the analog stick to change the colour of the dust clouds
    from your kart. They are originally white arrows (<) which turn into white
    sideways M's, then with further turning into orange and finally red M's.
    Once it goes red releasing R will give you a mini-turbo. It does give you a
    worth while boost, so mastering this will give you the advantage. This takes a
    while to get used to and may start to hurt after a few races, but it enables
    you to pull off mini-turbo again and again.
    This is a very advanced technique, where you perform mini-turbo over and over
    again in a snake like fashion. So say you are on a straight, and you are on
    the left; drift to the right, and boost ahead so you're on the right. Now
    drift to the left and boost so you end up on the left. Keep repeating this to
    create a snake like movement down the track, giving you a huge advantage if
    done correctly. As said it is very advanced and so takes a lot of practice
    to pull off, especially as you got to pull off mini-turbos very fast. Use Time
    Trial as a place of practice, and use it to separate you from your mates!
    Throwing Items
    When you are using certain items, such as shells and bananas, you can throw
    them in front or behind you by pressing up and down respectively. You can
    launch green and red shells behind you and throw Fake Item Boxes and Bananas
    ahead of you.
    Dangling Items
    You can drag certain items behind you, by holding the L button. This enables
    you to block attacks from behind, such as those pesky red shells, and to
    time your item drops more effectively. You can drag bananas, green shells,
    red shells and Fake Item Boxes.
    Turning on the spot
    You can turn on the spot by holding accelerate and brake together (A and B)
    and turning left and right. This is very handy if you are driving the wrong
    Recovering after falling off the track
    If you just fell off the track and are being lifted back on, you can recover
    quicker by pressing accelerate JUST AS you touch the ground again to receive
    a boost. Takes some practice, but worth it even if you are an experienced
    racer; you never know when some heavier kart is gonna knock you off the
    Rescuing yourself after driving over a banana
    Sometimes when you drive through a banana you won't spin straight away. If
    this happens brake straight away for a split second and if a note appears,
    then you've successfully stopped spinning out.
    Driving and Item Tips and Tactics
    Here are some additional item and driving tips that might come in handy. Feel
    free to submit any of your own!
    • Coming off the track or hitting a wall slows you down to a literal crawl. So
      don't do it.
    • If you are gonna cut out some of the track, subsidize the slowdown with a
      drifting mini-boost or better yet, a mushroom.
    • Placing fake item boxes or bananas by real item boxes should block them from
      view of your opponents, meaning there's a chance they could drive in to them.
      Although the CPU might spot this against people in multiplayer it'll work
      better. It's also good if you want to 'replace' you current item with another
      by dropping it by the item box so you'll collect those in front.
    • If you are in first place, then it's a good idea to drag an item behind you
      (or have a draggable item with you) in case you need to defend against
      shells and what not. It's a pain to have you lead wiped away by a cheap
      item at the last minute so try and get used to doing this.
    • If you are neck and neck with an opponent and coming up to item boxes,
      drop back slightly so you are a position behind them and grab an item. As
      in first place you cannot pick up red shells, doing this method could bag
      you one so you can take them out and take a substantial lead. Although this
      is incredibly annoying and cheap its a sure fire winner especially if you are
      on the final lap.
    • Again like the above, if you are in a very close race then drop back a few
      positions and grab an item box. As items are based on position and not
      proximity, you could get something like Thunder, a Star or Three Red Shells.
      And who wouldn't want that, eh?
    • Unlike other Mario Kart games, red shells just go straight toward the
      racer in front, and don't follow the track. Ensure that you can see your
      opponent, and is in your line of sight, before you fire.
    • If you are gonna use a red or blue shell then wait for them to get a slight
      lead, otherwise the red shell will just fly straight past them and the
      blue shell likewise and even worse take you out in the impending explosion
      (if they are in first anyway).
    • If you have several (hopefully red) shells, then you can incapacitate a
      kart ahead. Fire one to spin them out, and then fire another as you go past
      them (where they've hardly had time to recover). By the time they have
      started going again proper, you'll have speeded ahead.
     2.03. Items
    Pick up an item box in a race and you'll get an item. But do you know how to
    use it properly and to it's full advantages? If not, read on... Note that I
    have put How to Use and Defending Against. The How to use part is tips on
    how you can use it, while the other is what precautions you can take in order
    to avoid or minimize the impacts of the said item if others have it.
    Remember than you can often see what item an opponent has either visually
    and by their character icon on the bottom screen. There is also a position
    received section, which will tell you what approximate position(s) you have to
    be in to get that item.
    Position Received - 1st
    How to use - Press Z to drop this banana skin on to the track. When a
                 kart slips on to it they will slide out of control for a second
                 or two. It will remain on the track until someone slips on it or
                 until it is destroyed (by a shell for example). Try and place
                 bananas on parts of the track where most racers will go on to them
                 such as thin ledges, the insides of tracks, in front of boosters
                 and item boxes. You can also use them for defending by holding
                 down Z to dangle it behind you, so it's probably more handy in
                 that respect.
    Defending Against - If you see a banana on the track, common sense tells you
                        to avoid it (well at least I hope it does ;D) so try and
                        drive around it if you can - you can also blast them away
                        with a shell. If you see another racer with a banana
                        dragging behind keep out of the way incase they drop it.
                        You can also prevent spinning out sometimes when you hit
                        one - if you don't immediately spin then brake quickly and
                        if a musical note appears then you've succeeded.
    Triple Banana
    Position Received - 1st
    How to use - This is basically the same as a single banana (see above) but
                 with three. However unlike triple shells they don't spin around
                 you but instead just dangle behind rather pointlessly. Use them
                 to strategically place on the track and defend with if needed.
    Defending Against - Again like normal bananas, avoid driving over them. If
                        you see another player with them (it's visible) then avoid
                        hanging around behind them as chances are they'll drop
                        them straight on to your lap. The CPU tends to drop them
                        about three seconds after one another, so remember this
                        if you are playing the GP modes.
    Green Shell
    Position Received - 1st
    How to use - Press Z to fire this forward in a rather linear fashion to hit
                 other karts and cause them to spin out of control. Rather handy,
                 but it's quite hard to hit other karts with. Better still is that
                 you can fire them behind you by holding down on the stick, and if
                 they are close enough then chances are they'll have little chance
                 of getting out of the way in time. Green shells can bounce  
                 off walls a few times before behind destroyed, so if you in a 
                 narrow tunnel or area firing one off and escaping could do a spot
                 of damage. Like bananas, you can dangle these behind by holding
                 down the Z button which is ideal for defending against other
                 shells. Also shells can destroy bananas on the track if you need
                 them disposed of, as well as enemies on the track.
    Defending Against - Avoid shells hitting you as you'll spin out of control.
                        Rivals too can fire shells behind them so if you are
                        tailing them remember this also.
    Red Shell
    Position Received - 2nd-6th
    How to use - Press Z to fire it ahead of you, where it will home in on the 
                 nearest kart and cause them to spin out. Sadly unlike the other
                 counterparts these don't home down the track, they just go
                 straight toward the next kart, so if they are around the corner
                 they'll just smash in to the wall. Make sure they are in your
                 direct line of the sight before hitting the Z button. Some extra
                 points to be said though; don't fire when they are too close
                 as it'll just whizz by them, and the shell can hit corners so
                 fire it in a reasonably open area. It can also hit bananas and
                 other shells and get destroyed, but if that occurs then you're
                 unlucky. Like green shells, you can fire it backwards (L+Down)
                 and dangle it behind you. It WILL NOT home in if you fire it
                 backward, but rather go in a straight line like a green shell
                 would. I advise that you keep a red shell handy at all times for
                 defense and for regaining a position if you've just been taken.
    Defending Against - If one is coming your way (you can hear it) then simply
                        dangle an item behind you and it should counter it. However
                        sometimes it can hit you from the side (just after a corner
                        for example) so try and get on a straight before it hits
                        you. If you don't have an item, then just try and race on
                        and hopefully it'll hit a corner of the track, but
                        otherwise you are gonna get hit and in that situation,
                        there isn't a lot you can do about it.
    Triple Red / Green Shells
    Position Received - 2nd-8th
    How to use - These are three red or green shells that rotate around you. The
                 shells themselves act like normal shells respectively, but the
                 rotating aspect is very handy for several reasons. For one, it
                 acts as an ever acting defense against other items. You can
                 use it as a weapon by just ramming other karts and make them spin
                 you (you'll lose a shell in the process mind) and it's great in
                 case you drive into items like bananas as they are automatically
                 taken care of. It's also great as having three shells is pretty
                 sweet anyway. Remember just because you have three shells doesn't
                 mean you have to waste them in one go. A good tip is when you take
                 someone out with a shell from a reasonable distance, as you go
                 by just before fire another to incapacitate them further. Very
                 annoying for them, but great for you.
    Defending Against - For general shell defense see the red and green shell
                        tips above. When you notice another kart having three,
                        avoid touching them for a start or you will naturally
                        spin out. Don't try and take all their shells out with
                        shells of your own as that's pretty pointless, you may
                        as well let them fire them off so their defense is down
                        for attacking.
    Spiny Blue Shell
    Position Received - 4th-8th
    How to use - Fire it with the Z button and it'll zoom off to first place and
                 take them out. Pretty sweet. If there are other karts between you
                 and the first placed kart then it may hit the others on the way,
                 which is pretty great.  Oh, did I mention it'll also take out
                 the items they are carrying as well? Pretty cool!
    Defending Against - If one if coming your way, there is little you can do but
                        bite the bullet. Dispose of your items just before as it'll
                        destroy them anyway. You can also avoid getting hit by
                        using a Star or a Boo Ghost, but otherwise as said most of
                        the time you'll have to get hit, so don't get too annoyed
                        if this happens a fair amount.
    Fake Item Box
    Position Received - 1st
    How to use - Press Z to drop a fake item on the track. When rival karts drive
                 in to it they'll spin out. So basically, this is just like a
                 banana but it looks different, and like a banana you can dangle
                 it behind you as well for defending. I advise that you pop this
                 by real item boxes to confuse other players, as well as in
                 front of boosters and on areas of the track that are thin / where
                 most karts race over.
    Defending Against - You can spot a fake item box via several ways. Firstly,
                        the ? is upside down and the box doesn't rotate. As you're
                        not bound to notice this in a hurry, you can usually tell
                        if they are fake or not as other players especially the CPU
                        will just place them anywhere on the track, so if you see
                        a box on its own away from normal item box placements then
                        chances are it'll be a fake one.
    Position Received - 2nd-4th
    How to use - Press Z to boost your karts speed for a second or two. This is
                 really handy for gaining a few places, and most of all for
                 skipping sections of the track like corners or tacking advantage
                 or certain shortcuts better. Just remember that you can't really
                 stop once you've used the boost (say if suddenly realised you
                 were going to go into a banana or off a cliff) so keep an eye out
                 of where you are going to boost into.
    Defending Against - Not a lot you can do here. I guess you could time a ghost
                        to steal their mushroom, but others you'll have to let
                        'em be.
    Triple Mushroom
    Position Received - 2nd-4th
    How to use - This is the same as a normal Mushroom, expect you have three.
                 Predictable, eh? Remember to use them to cut corners of the 
                 track and to take full advantages of shortcuts. I would say
                 a very important point is to make them last; on certain tracks
                 there is a great shortcut you can take but only when using a
                 mushroom, so it makes far more sense to save a mushroom for this
                 every lap than to use them on one.
    Defending Against - Once again you can't really defend or stop other karts from
                        using mushrooms.
    Super Gold Mushroom
    Position Received - 4th-8th
    How to use - Tap the Z button while the Gold Mushroom is active to gain
                 several boosts - so it's basically like an extended mushroom.
                 It's based off time and not the amount of boosts you create, so
                 once you've started using it use it to it's full advantage.
                 Like normal mushrooms use them on corners and shortcuts, and not
                 on thin ledges so you boost into a bottomless pit. Unless you
                 want to.
    Defending Against - Again, you can't really defend or stop other karts from
                        using gold mushrooms.
    Boo Hoo Ghost
    Position Received - 4th-8th
    How to use - Press Z to send the Boo to steal items from other characters.
                 Your kart will also turn invisible and impermeable to damage as
                 well. When using the Boo, think what you need it for. For example
                 if you are using it to steal an item, check your opponents screens
                 (in multiplayer only I'm afraid) to see what items each opponent
                 has so you know what possible items are up for grabs. Wait until
                 you get a decent item then use it, and with some luck you should
                 get it. Otherwise using it to stop damage is very helpful as well
                 - such as avoiding red shells, lightning, or if you want to drive
                 through cars on Toad's Turnpike.
    Defending Against - You should hear when a ghost is being used, so if you do
                        you *might* not get your stuff taken, but then again you
                        might so decide if you want to use your item in case of
                        the latter.
    Position Received - 6th-8th
    How to use - Press Z to make all other karts shrink in size, causing them to
                 slow down. Not only this you can run over the other karts to
                 squash them and delay them for a few seconds, so if you see any
                 then go out of your way to run them over. Shrinked karts won't
                 make big jumps, even boost ones, so if you can time it around them
                 that's an advantage to you.
    Defending Against - If you get shrunk, then avoid jumps, even boost ones, as
                        you won't make it. Instead just wait around before them
                        until you regain your size. Remember that you can still
                        perform mini-boosts when you're small which is a great
                        advantage in the GP modes, as CPU players won't do this
                        when shrunk. You can prevent being shrunk by using a
                        star, ghost, or if you happen to fall off the track at
                        that time. Also if you are shrunk don't touch any other
                        tiny karts as you'll both get crushed. Strange and tragic.
    Position Received - 6th-8th
    How to use - Press Z to use the star, making you invincible, giving you
                 extra speed and removing terrain slowdown. So when you have it,
                 run in to other karts and through any obstacles in your way and
                 take advantage of shortcuts and cutting corners as you won't
                 slowdown. A star lasts about eight seconds.
    Defending Against - If you see someone using a star then they'll be brightly
                        multi-coloured. Avoid touching them otherwise you'll get
                        spun out and lose a good few seconds. You cannot use shells
                        or other items against them in this state, so just wait
                        until it's over and let 'er rip.
                                     3. COURSES
    These are walkthroughs to each of the game's courses. It'll detail shortcuts
    and other tips that will help you out in multiplayer and time trial.
    - The Course Distance information is taken from the data screen, accessible by
      pressing R on the main menu.
    - When I say 'Use a mushroom' for shortcuts, most of the time a star will do
      too... unless it's a jump.
    - You can't pause before the race officially begins. Remember this in multi
      player games, like if someone is getting a toasted waffle or something...
     3.01. Mushroom Cup
    Luigi Raceway
    Course Distance - 717M
    Walkthrough - Drift and boost-drift as many times as you can around this long
                  left corner to a tunnel. It turns sharply right as you enter,
                  and again once you leave. Then you are left with another long
                  left back around to the checkpoint straight.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - You can use mushrooms (gold or normal) or special stars around
                 those long left corners to cut out plenty of time.
               - The best time to use shells is on the start and finish straight,
                 unless the opponent is right ahead of course.
    Moo Moo Farm
    Course Distance - 527M
    Walkthrough - Progress onward and over the bump and drift right. Toward the
                  end of this turn are some holes containing moles on the right
                  side, followed by an s-bend and yet another through a bridge.
                  There is a long and very tame right turn (with more holes on the
                  right side) ending with columns and the check point.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - Watch out for the columns toward the end.
    Koopa Troopa Beach
    Course Distance - 691M
    Walkthrough - Drive onward straight to the corner regardless of the water on
                  the right and drift the corner. You are offered two routes;
                  always take the right one as the left is just pointless. There
                  are several jagged left turns now until you reach a ramp and
                  some ? boxes. You now come to a lake area, where if you want to
                  take the shortcut (make sure you have a mushroom) take the left
                  side with the ramps otherwise go right where there is a path
                  through the water to the far side. It's littered with crabs too,
                  so avoid them as best you can. Around a sharp and tame left
                  dodge the palm trees, round a final left where the start finish
                  is ahead after a few ramps.
    Shortcuts - Although covered in the main walkthrough, when you reach the first
                ramp there is a lake after. Going right will take you to an
                underwater path straight to the other side, albeit it covered with
                crabby crabs.
              - When you reach the first ramp there is a lake after. If you go
                left and use a mushroom on the last ramp you can enter a tunnel
                that exists out by the waterfall later on.
    Other Tips - After the lake and the two left turns is a long tall ramp with
                 a waterfall. If you make it up the ramp and mushroom off the top
                 you'll get an item box - a blue shell!
               - If you have mushrooms or a star you can cut across the water
                 right at the end to take you from the last turn straight to the
                 start finish line.
               - Hitting the palm trees at high speeds will spin you out.
    Kalimari Desert
    Course Distance - 753M
    Walkthrough - Drift the first corner and progress over the crossing when
                  the train isn't gonna run you over. After a short straight is
                  a driftable right, and a straight with another crossing at the 
                  end. Again, slow down and wait if a train comes. After the
                  second crossing is a slow left turn to a straight along side
                  the track, with some item boxes, finishing in an S bend and the
                  start finish line.
    Shortcuts - You can use a mushroom to cut out the first corner by using it
                early left.
              - You can use the track on the first crossing right and exit out
                at the second crossing, although I don't think you save that much
                time, especially with the shortcut on offer below.
              - If you have a mushroom, then after the first crossing you can use
                it to cut right straight across the sand to the second crossing.
                You may have to drive a bit a slow but it's a damn sight quicker.
              - You can use mushroom or star on the long left after the second
                crossing, along the track to the end of the bend.
              - Using a mushroom or star at the final S bend works a treat and
                shaves off a few seconds.
    Other Tips - As seen above, there are loads of shortcuts above that involve
                 mushrooms or stars. Remember to use them when you can!
               - There are two trains operating on the tracks.
     3.02. Flower Cup
    Toad's Turnpike
    Course Distance - 1036M
    Walkthrough - Drive onward, collect an item box from the left and head round
                  these two long left turns avoiding the traffic. After is an item
                  box layby on the left with a straight that dips under the
                  overhead bridge. There is another item layby on the left and
                  a long right turn, where the road turns into two lanes. There
                  is one last item layby on the left before the final corner that
                  brings you straight to the start finish line.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - The item boxes always appear in laybys to the left side of the
                 road. If you see one on the main road, it's a fake.
               - Hitting the vehicles on the road spin you out, so only overtake
                 when you are certain you won't make contact.
               - When you get a star or ghost, make sure you use them to go through
                 the traffic as you cannot be touched!
               - Place fake item boxes in the laybys so your opponents drive into
               - When you come to the laybys, try and collect all the boxes so that
                 other drivers close behind you cannot get any items.
    Frappe Snowland
    Course Distance - 734M
    Walkthrough - Drift the first right and left corners and stick to the left to
                  avoid the snowman in the middle of the track. Drift close to the
                  inside of the next turn to avoid another snowman, which is
                  followed by a soft long right and a drift-worthy left. Drive
                  over the jump and collect an item box, and turn left into the
                  snow man area. You have two choices here; go all the way around
                  the area by going to the right of the ice statue, or drive
                  through the snowmen (there is a path just to the left of the
                  statue). This is followed by a tricky s-bend section (with
                  snowmen on the right at the exit) and then on to a walled area.
                  Collect an item box and drift along two left turns, then a final
                  right on to a bridge and the check point.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - If you are small (from a Lightning bolt) then do not attempt to
                 go over the jump before the snowmen area. You'll just fall down
                 in to the stream below. You can turn this trap to your advantage
                 if you time a Lightning bolt correctly of course.
               - The end walled section is very snakable if you can do it.
    Choco Mountain
    Course Distance - 687M.
    Walkthrough - Drift right, turn right, left and then a long drift right to a
                  straight with a tunnel at the end. Go round the long left,
                  drive (don't drift) through this tight s-bend, and drift through
                  the item boxes, left and over the jump. Onward, and where abouts
                  the orange sign post is start drifting around this turn. Don't
                  worry about the falling boulders; most of the time they won't hit
                  you and if they do you've been quite unlucky. Anyway, drift right
                  and grab an item box, right again and over three mounds to the
                  check point.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - From the boulder section up to the three end mounds, DO NOT fall
                 of the edge, as you'll have to race back up again. It's a
                 serious pain if that happens.
               - Do not get crushed by a boulder or you'll waste several seconds
                 trying to recover. It's even worse when you get flattened two or
                 three times in a row when you can't move out of the way.
               - Planting items behind the last three mounds works a treat,
                 especially the third and final one.
               - This is probably my favourite track in the game. :)
    Mario Raceway
    Course Distance - 567M
    Walkthrough - Drift right twice and watch out for the two sharp lefts, other
                  wise you'll fly out on to the grass. Following this is a U turn
                  right which can be drifted if you are very early, otherwise
                  slowdown and turn normally. After is a quick left and right to
                  a straight, a tricky right right left to a straight through a
                  pipe, leaving the final right turn and the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - Mushroom left straight after the U bend to cut out a small section
                of track - just watch out for the trees!
              - On the straight soon after the U bend, you can turn right early
                before the actual turn and use a mushroom to cut out the two
                right turns to the left before the pipe tunnel.
    Other Tips - None.
     3.03. Star Cup
    Wario Stadium
    Course Distance - 1591M
    Walkthrough - Drive straight on over the bumps, drift right and over the
                  jump. Drift left and this is a square S-bend section ahead; 
                  if you stay around the middle you can drive straight through
                  the middle to the corner after, with is driftable to the bumps
                  on the short straight after. There is a sharp left, right right
                  combination of corners, two big bumps and a driftable right onto
                  a bumpy wide straight. Stick to the right side and drift around
                  the U bend as close as you can to the corner. Another few bumps,
                  a left U bend and loads of small bumps follow. Drive onward down
                  the ditch and back up, drift right a few times to a jump over
                  that previous ditch section (do not attempt this while tiny).
                  Land on the other side there is a sharp right turn that lengthens
                  out and a really sharp left (drift here) to a tame long left that
                  leads to the home straight.
    Shortcuts - None, apart from the 'glitch' shortcut below.
    Other Tips - You do a crazy shortcut by using the first bump at the start
                 as a way to increase your jump over the left wall.
               - If you get a lightning KEEP IT until an opponent reaches the
                 jump over the ditch towards the end of the course. Wait until
                 they are just over it, activate and watch them fall and go back
                 a few corners. If you're mates are smart enough they'll wait at
                 the jump until you use it, which could mean they'll wait there
                 long enough so you overtake them. So when you get a lightning,
                 use it to your advantage. 
    Sherbet Land
    Course Distance - 756M
    Walkthrough - Turn right and drift left. Go onward and jump over the crack
                  in the middle of the road and slow down at the corner and drive
                  around to avoid falling in to the drink. Drive straight on to
                  the tunnel, driving around the iceberg and the two penguins.
                  After the tunneled section you are in a cavern, so turn left
                  sharply where there are several columns on the way to the exit.
                  Take the far left wall to avoid the first column, go right around
                  the next one, left and finally right around them to avoid hitting
                  the penguins, as that's the direction they ware running around   
                  in. As you exit, there are item boxes on the left side if you
                  want them, otherwise go straight on to the corner, round then
                  to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - Touching a penguin causes you to spin out.
               - You can jump the cracks at the corners if you time it right,
                 but I wouldn't do it unless you are in time trial as it's tough
                 to pull off.
               - The mother of the penguins is located on an island on the left
                 of the checkpoint.
    Royal Raceway
    Course Distance - 1025M
    Walkthrough - After the straight just turn left and then on to the driftable
                  left turn. Next is a tight U bend right which is driftable,
                  but if you mess up you'll drive in to the water so it might be
                  better if you just brake early and drive slow around. Drift
                  around the remaining turns until you reach a long straight
                  with booster panels on. At the end this will shoot you off over
                  the lake to the road below; when taking off be sure to be in
                  the middle of the road so you don't hit the sides on landing.
                  Drift left, around the corner and instead of going left with the
                  road drop down the bank and skip the corner to the item boxes,
                  round the final corner to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - On the long jump with the boosters, when you leave if you bank
                 left really hard and land near the checkpoint you can start
                 there, skipping some of the track. I've only seen this once, and
                 it's a glitch, but a pretty cool one at that.
               - After the long jump over the lake, you can turn right to visit
                 the Castle from Super Mario 64! Pretty cool.
    Bowser's Castle
    Course Distance - 777M
    Walkthrough - One of the tougher courses in the game. Drive into the castle
                  and round the right, drive on then drift early and left. Drift
                  right and stay on the right side of the carpet, ready to
                  dodge the Thwomps that come from behind and to drift around
                  right at the end. Turn right, dodge the moving Twomps and turn
                  left - don't drift as you might fall on the bridge just after.
                  Go down the steps and into the courtyard below, ready the drift
                  round the tight U bend left. Turn right at the end but stay
                  central so you don't fall off the bridge on the way round, up
                  the spiral road on to the roof, straight on dropping down and
                  sticking to the left, round the final right corner to the
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - If you have a mushroom, you can cut out the first right corner
                 (over the grass when you enter the castle).
     3.04. Special Cup
    D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
    Course Distance - 893M
    Walkthrough - Turn right, onward a short distance then drift right up the
                  spiral to the jump across the river. When you land correct
                  yourself and continue. The next few corners are sharp and so are
                  hard to drift, so turn right, left, left, try and drift the
                  right U bend by the river, left and down to the bridge. Make
                  sure you are central when you try and board the bridge or you'll
                  knock yourself back. After the bridge is a cave, so turn right
                  but don't bother going all the way right to go round, go a
                  short distance then just drive up the bank and onward to the
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - If you become small, don't attempt the jump over the river.
               - If you are small then do not go off the track. If you do you'll
                 get hit by the projectiles that aim to get you back on, which
                 also happen to crush you as well.
               - Before you jump you can aim to the left a little if you like,
                 although it might do you more harm than good.
               - Plant item boxes on the bridge before the cave, or better yet
                 just before it, as your opponents will have a tough time getting
                 past them.
               - If you have a mushroom, use it in the cave at the end to get up
                 the bank.
    Yoshi Valley
    Course Distance - 772M
    Walkthrough - This course has no map and offers several routes to the
                  checkpoint, but I believe that the following is the fastest
                  route. I have created a map that is hosted at GameFAQs if it
                  helps you out -
                  Anyway, drive onward and drift round the corner to the bridge,
                  and take a left and a right. There are loads of porcupines
                  littered around, but do you best to avoid them. Turn left and
                  drop down through the tunnel, past most porcupines and round
                  the corner on to a straight. You can take a shortcut here (see
                  blow) otherwise the path onward is linear, go around the road
                  and drift only when you have enough practice (it's easy to fall)
                  and you'll reach an area with a Yoshi egg. Drive around it
                  and over the long bridge back to the starting grassy area.
                  Follow the road to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - After the porcupined area and before the hoop turn, you can jump
                left missing out the said turn (see the map link above). You have
                to drift round, jump and land so you don't fall off either. It's
                really hard to pull off and requires shed loads of practice,
                but well worth doing in the long run.
    Other Tips - Don't touch the Yoshi egg or you'll get flattened.
               - Leaving fake item boxes and the like on bridges is a great idea
                 as your opponents will have trouble avoiding them.
    Banshee Boardwalk
    Course Distance - 747M
    Walkthrough - Drift left then right, and go onward and collect an Item box.
                  Drift left and follow the track. When the barrier disappears,
                  DRIVE through this s-bend, drop down and drift left in to the
                  building. Drive right around the wall and go left out of the
                  way of the bats, then drift right around the wall and through
                  the item boxes, where ahead and to the left slightly is the
                  building exit. Drift right here, then race down the straight
                  take the last two turns and head straight down towards the check
    Shortcuts - When you enter the building, instead of going right head left
                and head around the wall to more or less cut out the bats. It's
                the slightest of shortcuts, I know.
              - A more useful shortcut in the building however is this. When you
                enter turn right as normal but as you meet the bats, turn left
                and jump across the gap to the left of the wooden beam. It does
                shave a second or so off your time, so is somewhat handy.
    Other Tips - This isn't the easiest of tracks to navigate, so walk before you
                 can run here (ie. practice before you start drifting).
    Rainbow Road
    Course Distance - 2000M
    Walkthrough - Drive onward and fly down the straight, up and drift right. 
                  Keep driving then drift left up the long spiral, watching out
                  for any Chomps that come your way. Turn right, drift left around
                  the long corner, turn right, down and up the road, then drift
                  right and left all the way up until you reach the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - The most boring Rainbow Road ever. Zzzzzz.
               - There are a lot of long tame corners here, so drifting here helps
                 a lot and learning to drift boost will net you a further
                 advantage when racing.
                                       4. SECRETS
    Most of the following secrets are at the Mario Kart 64 Cheats page on 
    Time Trial Course Ghosts
    Beat the times below on the following tracks to unlock a staff ghost that you
    can race again.
    Luigi Raceway - 1'52''00
    Mario Raceway - 1'30''00
    Royal Raceway - 2'40''00
    Extra Mode
    Come first in 50CC, 100CC and 150CC in Grand Prix mode to unlock Extra, which
    is each track mirrored.
    New Title Screen
    Fully complete the GP mode, ie. 50-150CC and Extra to change the title screen.
    Hidden Ending
    Coming 4th in a Grand Prix gives you a different ending than to the rest of
    the other positions.
                                        5. FAQ'S
    Q. What is the best character to play with?
    A. It all depends on your style of play - check the Karts section to see the
       difference in weight categories.
    Q. What kart and character do you race as?
    A. I race with Yoshi, as lightweight fits my playing style and is one of the
       better Mario characters anyway. :)
    Q. I cannot drift boost, help!
    A. Read the Controls and Techniques section to find out how to do this, and
       then practice over and over on Luigi's Raceway in Time Trial as that has
       a load of long corners to try it on.
    Any other questions, feel free to give me an email.
                            6. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
    one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
    either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
    crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I could get some 
    feedback. Thank you for reading.
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    CJayC (Gamefaqs) -      For accepting this guide and for creating the best site
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                            The site also supplied most of the cheats and
                            unlockables, so thanks to them and their contributors.
    IGN -                   For accepting this guide and for creating an awesome
                            video games site. Thanks! http://www.ign.com
    Nintendo  -             For creating the best Mario Kart multiplayer game!
    ASCII Generator -       For producing the text ASCII for my Crazyreyn sig.
                            Thanks, and is a great site if you need any ASCII text.
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    And everyone else at the FAQ Contributors board! Also a nod to the GameFAQs
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    If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!
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