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    Battle Mode Level FAQ by Mallow

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    (This guide only contains info for Battle Mode ONLY)
    By: Mallow <mallow51@hotmail.com>
    System: N64
    Type of FAQ: Level FAQ (Battle Mode only)
    Appearing at: www.GameFAQs.com
    Version 1.3
    NOTE: I just want to make it VERY clear to you and everyone else out there,
    that this is NOT a Level FAQ for EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in the game, only for those
    in Battle Mode. Sorry for any confusion caused by this. Thank you.
    This is best viewed at GameFAQs with a screen resolution of 800*600 (or higher,
    not any less though) or using Wordpad or any other text editor/word processor
    using the font "Courier New" size 10.
    |Table of Contents|
    1. Intro
    2. The levels
    3. Characters
    4. Basic Tips
    5. Revision History
    6. Copyright stuff
    7. Contact info
    8. Credits
    9. End
    This document is Copyright 2000 Mallow and may not be reproduced in any ways,
    shapes or forms without the WRITTEN (e-mail is fine) authorization from the
    author (that's me!). And you may not put it in a magazine, sell it, nor do
    ANYTHING with it without asking me first, and as long as you do not change it,
    alter it, or change it in any way whatsoever. If I let You use this on your
    web site, it is YOUR responsibility to keep it updated. The latest version can
    always be found at GameFAQs.com (where you should view it right now, if not,
    then let me know).
    Sorry for the long stuff... But I know there are A LOT of people that will more
    then happy rip off someone's work (in this case mine) so... I think it was
    I feel I should apologize for a few things. Firstly, I apologize for all the
    annoying "NOTE:"'s I've skillfully spread throughout this FAQ. Secondly, I
    apologize if there are a lot of typos and grammar mistakes, because my
    spell-checker...is NONE-EXISTENT; meaning I don't have any spell-checker. So
    feel free to report any typos (preferably more then one, because I'm not sure
    if I'm up to correcting a small typo, unless its a very important one....)
    Hope that made sense...
    1 .   I N T R O
    I made this guide, hoping to make you get to know the levels a bit more. But
    don't expect too much, though, I will only present SOME tips/info on each
    levels (only...four...). I recommend that you explore the levels for yourself
    first, to get to know the basic layouts of each level. In time, though, as I
    play and as (hopefully) one of the readers CONTRIBUTE, I hope I'll add more to
    the level tips...
    I really don't have much else to say...so go on reading!
    2 .   T H E   L E V E L S
    Since there are four different levels (doesn't sound much, does it?) this is of
    course divided in four different sections.
    Since you can be on the opposite side of the opponent at all times, it isn't
    very funny to play against a "coward", at least not if there's only two of you.
    But, fortunately there are some nice tricks here too. Here's the most important
    thing about this level: Power-sliding really rocks at this place (read the
    "tip" below)!
            The floor at the Big Donut is excellent for sharp turns and such. If
    you're being chased by someone who doesn't know how to do that "power slide"
    trick (you know that trick with the red smoke and all). You could with ease
    out-drive him and become a hard target at the same time (as long as he doesn't
    use a red shell, in which case you should seek cover immediately).
            If you have a red shell you can to the following "trick". Let an
    opponent come as close as possible, BEHIND you. Shoot away your shell and turn
    as FAST as you can, to either left or right. Now the shell will hopefully (and
    usually) go forward a bit, and stop, and go back to hit your opponent.
    NOTE: If you DON'T (for some reason) turn to either your left or right the
    shell will turn back and hit YOU unless your opponent is behind you slightly to
    the left (or right). Because if your target is RIGHT BEHIND you, then it is
    pretty obvious that YOU will get hit!!
            Bananas and false boxes should be released in groups (a lot at the same
    place) on as big area as possible. The bananas will get harder to avoid, and
    the phony boxes almost impossible to spot (unless he/she is driving slow). Just
    keep track of where you put them!
    Without any doubts the funniest (and my personal favorite) level thanks to all
    the tricks and coolness (of the level of course). This is also an excellent
    place to play a little "chicken race" at the beginning of the level. Just go
    straight ahead (preferably with two players only) and see who's the chicken!!
            As long as you're close enough and shoot with a red shell you can
    usually hit a target BELOW.
            Place TONS of bananas at the yellow areas...I think you know why... :)
    Just remember where you put them okay? :)
            Drop false boxes and bananas between the two ramps at the very bottom
    in all the forts. Not many people expects that they're "walking" RIGHT into the
    trap as they're panicking because they're being chased by *someone*...
            Same as above, but instead put the items just after the first corner at
    the next floor.
            Get to the very top of a fort. Place bananas and phony boxes (that's
    what I call them) so that they build some sort of barricade around you. Now arm
    yourself with a red shell and wait with shooting until someone shows up to get
    past your defense.
    NOTE: This little "trick" or whatever you may call it, might cause some trouble
    if the opponent is invincible. So, if anyone should use this themselves, all
    you gotta do is collect a star (which may not be the easiest thing on earth)
    and ram right through the barricade and drive right at them!
    You might start to feel a little lonely at this place. The reason for that is
    that there is a total of FOUR floors! Even though there are a lot (to say the
    least) floors at this place, many things can happen... The funniest thing (IMO)
    with this level is the chicken race at the very beginning of the level (check
    out below...).
            At the very start of the level (when you're about to begin) you and
    your opponent(s) are faced against each other... PERFECT for chicken race! It's
    even more fun if you're four and all four drives towards each other! Although,
    I recommend having ONE opponent -- just make sure YOU get Bowser and not
    him/her... I think you know why :)
    EXTRA: I've actually managed to RAM (causing him to lose a balloon)DK using
    Bowser. I don't know WHAT happened, but I think it could be due to the fact
    that I got a turbo start and he DIDN'T. Could that be the reason? Nah... :p
            A very good weapon against annoying followers. The only thing you gotta
    do to make him think otherwise, is to place some bananas right in his path...
    This trick works best (obviously) when playing against one of those
    "less-experienced" or "less-advanced" players. This is because a good player
    knows how to JUMP over or DODGE your bananas...
    NOTE: This can happen to you to! If it does, remember that it is possible to
    AVOID losing a balloon by instantly braking as soon as you hit the banana
    (doesn't always work, but most of the time it does).
            A hard, but very useful trick. Start by collecting a TON of bananas and
    then try to get to the floor BELOW your opponent (make sure he/she doesn't know
    you're there). Go RIGHT below him (check the map to make sure you're below) and
    press (at the control stick) UP and the Z-button. One of the bananas should fly
    right up the floor and hopefully hit the target. I told you it was hard!
    NOTE: This trick with throwing a banana forward can also be used for other
    things. For example, if you're chasing someone, you could place yourself right
    behind and throw a banana, hopefully your target will drive on the banana.
            You'll almost always hit an opponent if you use a red shell and shoot
    it from the very top of the level.
            If you combine this with the previous trick, you'll become almost
    invincible (as long as you do it right). Hide in one of the corners at the top
    floor and keep shooting down green shells down the big hole. Constantly keep an
    eye at your "enemies" screens (even if you're not supposed to -- just keep it
    discreet) to see if they're trying to get to you. If that's the case, there are
    three escape routs -- to the left, right or DOWN.
            Laying bananas and/or fake boxes at the "starting area" will cause
    people trying to escape from the top floor (by driving down the hole) to have a
    REAL hard time. To make this even more effective, you can chase down your
    opponent AND shoot a red shell...
    This is a big fast and extremely dangerous level. Skyscraper consists of 30%
    PITS so it is _extremely_ important that you know the level and look where you
    go. But hey, look it from the bright side, this is also a PERFECT opportunity
    to lure your foes down the holes!
            It is possible to jump over the big hole in the middle of the level by
    pressing the R-button (the jump button...), but keep in mind that you need some
    decent speed to perform this. Otherwise, you know what will happen... Every
    shell that is "hunting" you will probably go down the hole. Make sure you
    master this "skill", so that less experienced (or should I say...more
    crappy...) players will get tempted to try the trick for themselves --
    hopefully they'll fail and fall to their deaths... Also, if you're driving at
    the "outer" area of the level, you can do the same thing -- simply jump over
    the holes to avoid being knocked out by the shells. This is, though, a LOT
    easier than the one in the middle, so try mastering the one in the middle a
    little more. It makes newbies (to the game) have a more hard time copying your
    tricks :)
            When you're at the outer area of the level, keep in mind that it is
    possible to jump in those starting areas. This can also (I think) be used to
    avoid shells.
            Get some bananas and drive off to a beginning area. Drive right through
    while "releasing" all the bananas in a 45 degree barricade. You've now set up a
    nice track for followers... Just make sure you remember where it was.
    End of section! If you feel I've done anything incorrect, have any
    misinformation, or if you simply want to add/contribute something you can let
    me know at my e-mail address found at the top.
    3 .   C H A R A C T E R S
    Here I'll explain the various characters found in the game (unfortunately, I
    was going to take it from the manual, but since I didn't find the characters
    there, I'm going to have to write it by myself ;( ).
    NOTE: I borrowed the design from Scott Ong's Final Fantasy VIII FAQ because I
    think it looks so cool!
    NOTE 2: I've divided it into two sections, the heavy weights and the light
                    +-++-++-++-++-+ +-++-++-++-++-++-++-+
                    |H||e||a||v||y| |W||e||i||g||h||t||s|
                    +-++-++-++-++-+ +-++-++-++-++-++-++-+
    / B \___________________________________________________________________________
    B o w s e r
    This is the No. 1 character to use, in Battle Mode. Otherwise this guy is total
    crap. His big size makes him hard to control, and not very fast at all.
    Although, if you wanna have some fun with smaller characters (especially Peach,
    you know why...) this is your man!
    Of all the heavy weights, this guy as gotta weigh the most. He's even bigger
    then D.K! And that's why he is the best alternative for Battle Mode. If only he
    was a little big faster...
    / D \___________________________________________________________________________
    D o n k e y   K o n g   ( D . K )
    The big bad ape from Rare is here! Not that crappy Junior guy (no offense,
    junior fans). He is the 2nd best guy to use in Battle Mode. And a much better
    pick in Single player. He's a lot faster and easier to drive.
    If your friends gets Bowser before you, then this is the ape to use. He is, in
    many areas, better then Bowser. A popular choice in my house...
    / W \___________________________________________________________________________
    W a r i o
    The 3rd best character to use in Battle Mode. Although this guy is a very good
    driver (very good actually), I'd personally prefer having Koopa Troopa (like in
    on SNES) instead. Oh, remember that any rumor you may here about getting
    Koopa, it is fake. Completely fake. Unless you got any proof, other then a
    picture because those are easily faked.
    Anyway, in Single Player, if you want a heavy weight (Mario isn't REALLY a
    heavy weight) then pick this mean guy. But, the best advice would be to use
    Mario instead, though. He's the best of all the heavy guys in Single Player. I
    like ramming Toad or Yoshi with this guy. :p
    / M \___________________________________________________________________________
    M a r i o
    The main star of the game, Mario. You should all know him from his great
    adventures in his previous games, and if you haven't, well, hope you're gonna
    get out from that ROCK you're stuck under! <No offense if someone's actually
    stuck under a rock, reading this>
    Anyway, he's an averagely good driver, and probably a popular pick for his
    speed and all. Remember that he, like Wario, Bowser and D.K can ram smaller
    characters! He must've had way to much pasta... :p
                    +-++-++-++-++-+ +-++-++-++-++-++-++-+
                    |L||i||g||h||t| |W||e||i||g||h||t||s|
                    +-++-++-++-++-+ +-++-++-++-++-++-++-+
    / L \___________________________________________________________________________
    L u i g i
    Ah, the "lost brother" we all know as Luigi. This guy is about equal to Mario
    (when it comes to controlling him, and speed) but he cannot ram others, in
    fact, I think he can be rammed himself! Anyway, I THINK I might forgive you if
    you don't know who he is, as he has not starred in THAT many Mario games.
    Mostly Mario... He didn't even appear (NO, you CANNOT find him) Super Mario 64.
    Like I said, he is (just like Mario) an overall good character. I usually pick
    this guy instead of Mario (but that's mostly because I like him better).
    / P \___________________________________________________________________________
    P e a c h
    Amazingly, this princess is actually one of (if not completely) the best
    drivers in the game! Why? Well...simply because of her superior speed and
    turning abilities! I got all my best time with this here lady you know!
    The only downside is that, she is a light weight, meaning she will suffer a lot
    from Wario, Bowser (as always :p ) D.K and possibly Mario. So try avoiding
    those goons as much as possible ok? It'll make your life a lot easier...
    / T \___________________________________________________________________________
    T o a d
    This is also one of the best characters. He's very fast and maneuverable.
    Although, I'd say this guy holds the "honorable" title of being the smallest
    character in the entire game. This makes him very vulnerable to bigger
    characters, the heavy characters.
    Ohhh... I'd rather have this guy OUT of the game. You know why? Because of his
    level. I HATE his level. Especially if you play on "Extra" (where all tracks
    are backwards) because then the trucks and busses comes towards YOU! Anyway,
    Toad is also one of my more popular choices. A very good driver.
    / Y \___________________________________________________________________________
    Y o s h i
    And last, but not least, my all time favorite character Yoshi! If I play Time
    Trial, I either play with Peach or Yoshi because they've both got excellent
    speed and turning capabilities (I don't really know what else to call it).
    Yoshi is said (by many players on the Net) to be the very best driver there is,
    and he is _very_ close to... The only major setback with this guy is...
    NOTHING. Well, except the fact that he gets whacked of the road every time he
    hits a heavier character, but that's how it is with every light weights.
    Anyway, Yoshi is an excellent choice. Both for beginners and advanced players!
    If you have anything to add to any of these characters, please let me know.
    4 .   B A S I C   T I P S
    Here I will list, some basic tips...
    * Remember to power slide at ALL TIMES. Not only does it make you faster, but
    you can turn corners and avoid traps, shells etc. easier!
    * If you're up against three friends, who's all every good at the game, and you
    feel you might not have a chance you could always try to get a "secret partner"
    before the game begins. Or try suggesting to be *extra nice* to each other. Or
    of course, you could always try blackmail :)
    * If things get messy, and you only have say one balloon left and you're being
    chased by someone you could always "accidentally" hit him/her with your
    shoulder or something. "Oops! Sorry!!" :p
    * I kinda like this one. When you're chasing someone, try this: If you're
    equipped with a red shell (or a blue one, anything homing) you can always try
    screaming "HA! Now I'm gonna get ya! 3, 2, 1 KAABOOOOOMM!!!!" Hopefully (and
    usually) your friend will get nervous, causing them to make a mistake -- and
    there's your chance. I've SOMEHOW managed to get a friend to drive down the
    lava at DONUT! Now, I don't know if I were lucky, skilled or if it was simply
    the clumsiness of my friend that did it, but boy was he pissed afterwards :p
    * Learn how to get good accuracy with the shells. Through years (not really
    years...) of playing I've finally mastered every single thing in this game. One
    thing, is the green shells. It is possible to simply shoot away your green shell
    towards an opponent a bit ahead of you, and STILL HIT THE TARGET!!! That means
    good accuracy, it comes with practice.
    * Remember that, if you got one (or three) green shells stocked, and you're
    unfortunate enough to be chased by someone, try making him/her appearing RIGHT
    behind you and press Back + Z. You will now shoot your green shell BACKWARDS
    and hopefully hit your target. This, too, can be learned so that you almost
    _always_ make a perfect hit. But like I said, all it needs, is a little
    * One of the most important thing about Battle Mode is; KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS!
    The best character(s) would probably be Bowser and/or D.K because of their size
    (can ram any lighter character easily, like Toad or Yoshi). Just remember that
    Bowser is a little heavier then D.K is. Anyway, I think you should pick the
    character YOU'RE used to have. So if you're good with Yoshi (i.e. played with
    him a lot), picking him would be great :) I think you know what I mean...
    Helpful reader X1372 has this to say...:
    I liked your FAQ about the battle arenas in Mario Kart 64.  Sadly, I pretty
    much knew the information (except the things about bumping or otherwise
    annoying your opponents... I'm above that).  However, you said one thing that
    was a bit misleading.  You CAN NOT shoot a triple shell backwards.  I would
    know, I tried it once and paid dearly for it- lost my defending shells and then
    came the red one my friend had...
    |...Along with these helpful tips:|
    whenever possible, carry an item behind you.  That way, it can not only act as
    a shield for you, but also allow you to pick up another.
    Don't be afraid to shoot a projectile that's coming at you head on.  It's worth
    a red shell to avoid losing one of your balloons.
    When shooting red shells at people, try to shoot at an angle if they are
    carrying an item- you want to hit them, not it.
    remember that if a red shell doesn't go its straight distance without falling
    off an area, it dies.  Make sure you have plenty of room when firing it off the
    block fort or double deck.
    place fake items on top of regular ones.  Often, you can't see them until it's
    too late!
    if two people team up on you, try to always go between them.  Quite often,
    their red/green shells wind up hitting the wrong target!
    jumping down an area when a red shell is chasing you is generally suicide
    unless you can get under the platform it's on.  You can't protect your head
    from it when it comes down!
    Thanks a lot!
    That's all the "basic tips" for now. If you want to contribute something, you
    can e-mail me if you want.
    5 .   R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y
    Note: I didn't mean to put this so close to the bottom, so I'm sorry for any
    inconvenience (I like that word) caused due to this.
    Version 1.0, Date: God knows when
    - First version.
    Version 1.1, Date: 00-11-26
    - I added some helpful tips from X1372.
    - I changed a few things here and there...
    - I corrected a lot of errors, but I'm sure there are still a ton left... The
    first time I wrote it I forgot to carefully read it through, and I'm
    "forgetting" it now too. So why don't YOU read it?
    - I added this section :)
    - <<I know this is unnecessary to mention but I'll do it anyway>> I added the
    helpful reader to the Credits section, like I promised I would for any
    contributors :)
    - I added "Characters" section. How silly of me to forget one of the most
    important aspects of Battle Mode!
    - Since I added a "Character" section, I added another tip about how important
    the characters really are. [Thanks to my brain for reminding me of this :)]
    - It hardly needs to be mentioned, but I slightly changed the end of this FAQ.
    Nothing much...
    Version 1.2, Date: Check GameFAQs.com
    Don't be surprised if it's now a few KB's smaller, I've removed TONS of fillers
    everywhere. Just read below what's been done..
    * I've corrected TONS of typos (although I'm sure there's more).
    * I've finally fixed all the word-wrap (I think) problems. I also made the FAQ
    look generally, NICER. I hope...
    * As I mentioned earlier, I've removed some of the fillers in the FAQ. If you
    do not know what fillers are, then don't care about it either.
    * I also made some cleaning in this section too, and I made it look nicer and
    easier to read. You should thank me... :)
    * Also, last time I updated I forgot to change the version number inside the
    FAQ. Silly me!
    * I fixed all the lines so that they match the text. Before, the text was
    longer than the lines! :)
    <Text removed, teehee>
    Version 1.3, Date: Check GameFAQs
    Hell, I had forgotten about this FAQ. It occurred to me when I randomly found
    it, that the e-mail I have listed does not work. And since I made this like over
    a year ago, I suspect a lot (yeah, right) of e-mails were lost due to this =/ My
    bad, sorry. And as for actual changes/updates;
    - Removed Note thingy at the very top
    - Fixed my e-mail (only at the very top, too lazy to track down other places)
    - Corrected the Characters section. LOL I should've done that earlier, I don't
    know why I haven't. Oh well.
    - I made a few changes here and there, nothing big.
    - Oh and, I removed some stuff in this here section =)
    - I fixed the below section (Copyright Stuff)
    - I spell-checked the entire FAQ. Yeah, there were quite a few typos... but
    there may still be grammatical erros and whatnot, but no one really cares...
    6 .   C O P Y R I G H T   S T U F F
    It may not be reproduced in any ways, shapes or forms without the WRITTEN
    (e-mail is fine) authorization from the author (that's me!). And you may not
    put it in a magazine, sell it, nor do ANYTHING with it without asking me first,
    and as long as you do not change it, alter it, or change it in any way
    whatsoever. If I let You use this on your web site, it is YOUR responsibility to
    keep it updated. The latest version can always be found at GameFAQs.com (where
    you should view it right now, if not, then let me know).
    This document is Copyright Mallow 2000-2001.
    All rights reserved.
    Some "rules" if you want this FAQ on Your site:
    1. You make ABSOLUTELY SURE, that you ask for my permission first.
    2. You do not alter, nor change it in any way, shape or form.
    3. You DO NOT, and I mean _not_ SELL this to anyone!!!! This is MY work!
    4. You give me the EXACT URL!
    5. If you want to link to the FAQ, that's perfectly fine. Just as long as you
       don't link _directly_ to this FAQ. Only the actual game page. Why? Because it
       says so at GameFAQs.com. For some reason, you are not allowed to link
       to anything ending with the extension ".txt" or ".doc" or any text file (any
    6. If you want this on your site, you have to make sure you always
       take the latest version from GameFAQs. I _hate_ being asked
       questions that may already be answered in a newer version at
       GameFAQs, just because you forgot to update it.
    That's about it, have a nice day! :p
    7 .   C O N T A C T   I N F O
    Feel free to contact me, at mallow51@hotmail.com if you find any typos, errors
    or anything like that.
    You may contact me, and probably get an answer, as long as you:
    * Make sure you make it very clear what the mail is all about. In other words,
    a good subject has a better chance of being read, and answered.
    * DO NOT; under any circumstances mail me a chain letter. I will delete it
    immediately. I don't give a damn about any of those so you'd better not fill up
    my mail box with them, or I will be forced to "Block Sender". [Then you will no
    longer be able to mail me]
    * Make it readable! Write in English, proper English. I want to be able to
    UNDERSTAND what you're writing! Also, if you contribute anything try to make it
    as detailed as possible (for the sake of the viewers... Not saying I'm a
    professional myself, but that doesn't count! :p)
    * Never mail me twice....I don't like when people mail me twice.
    * If you don't get a reply within a week, you can be pretty sure that it was a
    stupid e-mail or it didn't meet up with one of these conditions. But hey,
    sometimes you might get lucky and I'll answer anyway.
    * I'll try to answer all mails with the best of my ability, so I'd greatly
    appreciate if you do NOT send me "Answer my mail!" type of mails... Thank you!!
    That's that. I know I may seem harsh (and I am), BUT THAT'S THE WAY IT IS! I
    wrote this FAQ, so I can write whatever the **** I want in here! Besides...it's
    MY mailbox we're talking about here...okay?
    7 .   C R E D I T S
    This is where I credit everyone/everything that is/has been involved with this
    FAQ and or/game. If this made any sense, only God knows...
    NINTENDO: About 45% of the world have this company to thank, because of their
    great games and consoles. This is one of THE best companies ever. And if you
    didn't know it already, it's on THEIR machine you're playing! Unless you got a
    ROM... Grrr... But lets face it, this company would never be as good if it
    weren't for this man:
    SHIGERU MIYAMOTO: This guy is the inspiration of many game developers and has
    made a lot of HIGH QUALITY GAMES. One is this one (I think). If you didn't know
    it already, this is the man behind Pokémon (partially) Mario, Zelda, DK
    (original) and all other "classic" games. He's usually involved in most "good"
    Nintendo games. Such as the popular Metroid series. Man... I can't thank this
    guy enough!
    ME: I wrote this FAQ! And although not my first one, this is the _only_ FAQ
    that appears on GameFAQs at the moment. I'm planning on sending all my others
    (only three...) to GameFAQs as well.
    YOU: For hopefully reading this!
    CJayC: For kindly accepting peoples (including mine -- this one) FAQs and
    running/operating the best and LARGEST FAQ site on the Net. Great job man!
    X1372: For contributing lots of helpful tips.
    Now I can't think of anyone else...
    [Note that anyone that contributes anything will appear here]
    8 .   E N D
    This is the end of this FAQ! But fear not my friend, whoever reads this crap
    could comfort themselves by knowing that it is far from complete. I might add
    some new stuff...correct a few errors... You know, the usual!
    As always, e-mail me if you have something to contribute... Want to know who's
    gonna be the President or found a major typo, e-mail me!
    <In case you've somehow missed all these, I might as well put it here too>
    This document is Copyright Mallow 2000-2001.
     T h a n k   Y o u   F o r   R e a d i n g   .   S i n c e r e l y
                        __  __       _ _
                       |  \/  | __ _| | | _____      __
                       | |\/| |/ _` | | |/ _ \ \ /\ / /
                       | |  | | (_| | | | (_) \ V  V /
                       |_|  |_|\__,_|_|_|\___/ \_/\_/
                                  ~End of Document~

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