Review by Psycho Penguin

"The best racing game you could buy on Nintendo 64"

The Nintendo 64 is a weird system. Most of the genres have not been used enough for the system, mainly them RPGs. But one genre has a lot of games represented: the racing genre. The Nintendo 64 has as much racing games as Nintendo themselves have Pokemon games. And out of all the racing games, it should be a surprise that one of the first is still the best. But not so, especialy when that game just happens to be an update to one of the classic Super Nintendo games, Mario Kart, it may no longer seem like such a huge surprise. While I still prefer the classic Super Nintendo version, there is no doubt in my mind that the Nintendo 64 version is still a very fun arcade racer that belongs in the home of every Nintendo 64 owner.

Graphics (8.9/10): These graphics are pretty darn good. The charcater designs are very well done and the backgrounds look very well designed. This game, along with Mario 64, helped put Nintendo 64 on the map as being the games that showed the power of the Nintendo 64.

music/Sound (9.2/10): The music is very cool, and the sound effects are great. I especially enjoy the sound that occurs when you hit an enemy with a weapon! Sweet!

Gameplay/Control (9.4/10): Take eveything you've ever known about a nintendo 64 racer, and throw it out the window, because this game rules over all other of its kind for Nintendo 64. The classic Super Mario Kart gameplay has been faitfully recreated, with exciting new innovations and additions.

Replay Value (8.9/10): Great replay value, especially for a Nintendo 64 racing game.

Challenge (6.3/10): The only problem with an otherwise outstanding game

Overall (9.2/10): The best racing game ever on a system filled with them. I give this game a reccomendation of purchase

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/00, Updated 07/16/01

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