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    Mario Party FAQ
    Written by Jimmy Vu <laeophie@aol.com>
    Version 3.0 
    The latest revisions of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    Table of Contents
    Revision Notes
    Overview of the Game
    Mushroom Village
    How to Play
    The Items, Tiles, Blocks, etc...
    The Characters
    The Boards
    Things on the Board
    The Minigames
    Gameshark Codes
    Revision Notes
    1.0      February 13, 1999 11:00 PM      
             First release of this FAQ.  This FAQ is my second, the first being Pokemon.  This FAQ 
             lacks a lot of information, so feel free to submit anything.
    1.5      February 15, 1999 8:00 PM
             Completed most of the sections that I didn't finish yesterday.
    2.0      Finished all the mini-games, boards, and things on the boards.  I don't have any
             Gameshark Codes yet, so feel free to submit anything.
    2.5      I got the GS codes, but I still don't have a lot of info yet.
    3.0      March 4, 1999
             Added info about Bowser's Magma Mountain (sort of) and Eternal Star.  Still taking
    Overview of the Game
          Mario Party is basically a board game, with many different surprises involved.  But
    the real fun is the mini-games.  Don't get this game unless you have two or three friends
    to play it with.  This game was strictly designed for at least two players.  Though the
    game does have a single player mode, its pretty lame.  This game features fifty six mini-
    games, all of which are unique.
    Mushroom Village
          When you start up the game, there are several houses.
          You'll get to play in the boards if you select this place.
          This raft will take you to Mini-game Island, which is a series of mini-games.  When
    you beat Mini-game Island, you will get Bumper Balls 2 and 3.
    Mushroom Shop
          You can buy blocks, items, etc for coins here.  When you get the secret stages, you
    get three new items.  I'm not going to tell you what they are.  Why?  Because I don't know.
    But two of them have to do with Koopa and Boo.
    Mushroom Bank
          You can see how many stars and coins you have.  You also can withdraw and deposit
    Option House
          You can turn the sound up and down, delete your game, listen to the jukebox and
    talking parrot (you buy them at the Mushroom Shop) here.
    Mini-Game House
          You can buy mini-games and play them with your friends here.  You also can go to mini-
    game stadium or use the Shy-Guy to measure your rotating speed (you buy it at the mushroom
    How to Play
          You'll get the hang of playing in the first five minutes or so.  In the beginning,
    all the players hit the dice to see who goes first.  The players can land on blue or red
    spaces.  Blue spaces give you three coins, red spaces take away three coins.  The color
    of the tile landed on determines the type of the mini-game (3 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, or free for
    all).  After every round, a mini-game is played.  Winning or losing these games will give
    and take coins from you.  You can collect Stars from Toad by giving him twenty coins.
    After a selected number of rounds, the game is over.  Stars are given out as trophys for
    most coins collected, most question mark tiles landed on, and one more I forgot.  The stars
    and coins are counted.  Whoever ends up with the most stars and coins wins.
    The Items, Tiles, Blocks, etc...
          Blue Space: You gain three coins.
          Red Space: You lose three coins.
          Blue Mini-Game Space: You get to play a one player mini-game.
          Blue Exclamation Space: You get to play the Chance Game.
          Question Space: Different events unique to the board occur.
          Red Bowser Space: Bowser will appear and will let you play different games.
                            In most of these games, you can't win any coins.
          Blue Mushroom Space: A mushroom block appears over your head.  You can get the
                               Mushroom, which gives you an extra turn, or the Poisonous
                               Mushroom, which takes away a turn.
    The Characters
          I'm not sure if the characters are any different, I haven't confirmed it.
    Mario:  The average character.  Good for beginners.
    Luigi:  About equal to Mario, also good for beginners.
    Peach:  She is probably weak but fast, or something like that (I base that on Mariokart)
    Yoshi:  Probably same as Peach.
    Wario:  Strong and slow.
    Donkey Kong:  Stronger and slower.
    The Boards
    DK's Jungle Adventure
          Toad will change position each time someone gets his star.  There are many different
    paths to take.  The Whomps will block a few paths.  It'll cost you ten coins to get past
    them.  The ? spaces will release a boulder, which will take you down close to the beginning.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Peach's Birthday Cake
          If you have 30 coins and land on a ? space, a Goomba will appear and offer to sell you
    a strawberry seed.  The seed will grow into a piranha plant, which will steal the star of
    anyone who lands on that space.  At the junction where the two paths lead to Toad or Bowser,
    you will meet a Goomba.  He will give you one of four seeds.  Three will allow you to go to
    Toad, while one will take you to Bowser's area.  Toad will not change places.
    Difficulty: Average
    Yoshi's Tropical Island
          There are two areas in this board.  If you want to cross to the other area, you must
    pay a Thwomp a rising amount of coins.  The ? spaces will make Toad and Bowser switch places.
    Difficulty: Average
    Wario's Battle Canyon
          There are five areas in this board.  The Bob-ombs will shoot you to another area if
    you pass by them.  Toad will continually change places.  The only way to Bowser's area is
    the Fly Guy, who will charge you twenty coins.  Though Bowser will take coins from you and
    blast you away to another area, there are many star spaces.  ? spaces will change the direction
    of the cannons.  I suggest this place to anyone wanting stars and coins.  One time I got
    20 stars total here!
    Difficulty: Average
    Luigi's Engine Room
          There are many paths here.  Every turn, the Blue doors will open and the Red doors will
    close, or visa versa.  Toad will continually change places after someone buys a star from
    him.  You can pay some... things to switch the Blue doors and Red doors... openness.  ? spaces
    will burn the players and move them to another space.  If you're trying to get stars and 
    coins, don't come here.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Mario's Rainbow Castle
          This one is pretty simple.  The ? spaces will switch Toad and Bowser's places.  After
    winning a star, Toad will switch places with Bowser.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Bowser's Magma Mountain
          I haven't gotten this place yet and don't know how.  My friend got it.  All I know is
    that... well, nothing.
    Eternal Star
          My friend told me that there are seven baby bowsers in this world, which is a broken
    up star.  You pay them twenty coins to play a game: you hit a dice block and the baby
    bowser hits one.  If you get higher, you get a star.
    Things on the Board
        Koopa Troopa
          Koopa Troopa is at the start of each level.  He'll give you ten (20 in the last five
          turns) coins when you pass.
          Boo can steal other people's coins for you at no charge.  For 50 coins, he'll steal a
          star for you.
          They will block your way in DK's Jungle Adventure.  Pay them ten coins to move.
          They will block your way in Yoshi's Tropical Island.  Pay them an increasing amount
          of coins to move.
          They will put you in a cannon and send you to another part of Wario's Battle Canyon.
          They will offer to plant a strawberry seed in Peach's Birthday Cake.  One of them will
          also put you in a lottery, sending you either on the path to Toad or Bowser.
        Baby Bowser
          For twenty coins, they will play the dice game with you.  They only appear at Eternal
          He appears in every board.  He will most likely take coins from you.  If you land
          on the Red Bowser space, he will let you play a bunch of mini-games that all involve
          giving coins to him.
          He will give you a Star for twenty coins.  Sometimes he will switch places after you
          receive a Star from him.
    The Mini-games
     4-Player Mini-games
        Face Lift
          As in Super Mario 64, try to pull Bowser's face into the shown position.  You'll
          get points for doing a good job, and players with over 80 (or 90) points win ten coins.
        Crazy Cutter
          Try to perfectly cut out the figure.  As in Face Lift, you'll get points.
        Hot Bob-omb
          The four players toss the bomb to and from each other.  The loser loses fifteen coins,
          While the three winners win five coins each.
        Musical Mushroom
          This one's pretty lame.  You automatically walk around the mushrooms, and when the music
          stops, you try to hop onto the middle mushroom to get ten coins.
        Coin Block Blitz
          This one's pretty straightforward.  Just hit the blocks to get coins.
        Balloon Burst
          Tap Z and A as fast as you can to pop your Bowser balloon first.
        Skateboard Scamper
          I can never seem to win this one... Press B as fast as you can while jumping over
        Box Mountain Mayhem
          This one lasts about five seconds.  Use B and Stomp to collect coins from the boxes.
        Platform Peril
          Jump across falling platforms while picking up coin bags.  First place gets fifteen
          coins while second gets about five.
        Mushroom Mix-up
          Go to the color mushroom Toad is holding up before you fall into the water.  Try to
          avoid jumping.
        Treasure Divers
          Tap A to dive down and pick up treasures.  Try to watch out for the shark and the two
        Grab Bag
          This one's pretty fun...  Run around the area trying to grab the other player's bag
          using B to grab and take coins.  If you get grabbed, tap B as fast as you can.
        Bumper Balls
          This one is also fun, but it's hard to get people knocked off when there's only two
          players left.  Just use the control stick to move around.  If you're desperate to get
          some coins and there's only one enemy left, stay on the very edge when the enemy is
          far away.  Move away when he/she's close, and with a push, you'll win.
        Mario Bandstand
          Follow the pattern learned from the example played before.  Just press A to play and
          use the control stick to conduct.  You can't lose coins in this game.
        Cast Aways
          Lightly push the control stick forward.  Reel the item in by rotating the control
          stick.  Don't go for the coins in the back, the ones in the front are much easier
          to catch.
        Hammer Drop
          Look for the shadow of the coins it is going to drop.  Watch out for the hammers,
        Shy Guy Says
          This is a game of Simon Says.  Raise the flag Shy Guy raises.  When he raises two at
          a time, wait for him to drop one of them.
          You must work together in this one.  The person with the key must jump onto the trash
          can while the others block the spiny turtles.
        Buried Treasure
          Use the Control Stick and tap A fast to dig around the screen looking for the treasure.
        Running of the Bulb
          This one's reasonably difficult if you don't know what you're doing.  You and the other
          players must work together to get the Bulb to the end.  The players without the Bulb
          must punch the little Boos away.  Don't run too fast or you might get attacked by a
          Boo.  Avoid the Big Boo in the back or you lose.
        Hot Rope Jump
          Use A to jump the fire rope.  Everyone gets ten coins if you all make it.  If someone
          messes up, the loser loses fifteen coins and the winners gain five coins.
        Slot Car Derby
          I never really understood this one...  You use the control stick to steer.  If smoke
          comes out of the tires, you're going too fast.
     1 vs. 3 Player Games
        Pipe Maze
          The other three don't really do anything...  The one player drops the ten coin treasure
          into one of four pipes and hopes that they get it.
        Bash 'n Cash
          The one player is dressed in a Bowser suit.  His/her only defense is jumping on top of
          the other three players.  The others hit the Bowser with mallots and get coins.
        Tug 'o War
          The player dressed in the Bowser costume usually wins this one.  It's Bowser against
          the other three players.  Rotate the control stick as fast as you can (I suggest you
          use the palm of your hand).
        Bowl Over
          The single player bowls and steers the koopa shell and tries to hit the three pins
          (the other three players).  All the pins can do is jump around and try to avoid
          getting hit.
        Paddle Battle
          The single player is on the left side and the others are on the right.  Rotate the
          control stick as fast as you can.  If one side of the raft touches the side of the
          river, they will get stabbed by a Shy Guy and lose three coins.
        Coin Shower Flower 
          The single player is on the flower while the other three are on boats.  Coins come
          falling down on the flower.  The people in the boats can get the coins the single
          player misses.
        Piranha's Pursuit
          The single player controls similar to Skateboard Scamper, tapping B as fast as possible.
          The others must butt-stomp the rain cloud to make the piranha plant go faster.
        Tight Rope Treachery
          The single player slowly walks along the tight rope while the others are in boats
          shooting at him/her with cannons.
        Coin Block Bash
          The single player has the hammer.  He/she can use A for an overhead hit to break the
          blocks and B to knock away the other players.  The other players can punch and jump
          on the single player to steal the hammer.
        Crane Game
          The single player is the crane.  He/she can pick up the other players, who can struggle
          using the A button.  The crane must tap A as fast as possible to hold on.
     2 vs. 2 Player Games
        Handcar Havoc
          The two teams must press A as fast as possible to get their handcar moving.  Avoid
          falling off by using the Control Stick.
        Deep Sea Divers
          For two of the players, the game is played like Treasure Divers.  Their teammates must
          reel them in to get the treasure.
        Desert Dash
          The two teams must use the control stick to move, leaning left, right, left, etc.
          Try to avoid the Thwomp.
          This is kind of odd...  Use A to jump and while in the air press B to shoot.  Use B
          on the ground to pass to your teammate.
        Bobsled Run
          In the beginning, both teams must press A as fast as they can.  Then, they can just use
          the Control Stick to steer and speed up.
     1-Player Games
        Memory Match
          Use Butt Stomp to uncover the pictures.  You have 45 seconds to match them all for
          coins.  I don't think you can lose anything in this game.
        Knock Block Tower
          There is a tower consisting of Thwomps and Crates.  At the top is a treasure box.
          If you accidently punch a Thwomp instead of a Crate, you lose five coins and the
          mini-game ends.
        Limbo Dance
          Just keep on pressing A to hop and go under the sticks.  If you lean to much, you will
          fall.  If you hit the stick, you fall and lose.  If you don't make it to the end, you
          will lose five coins.
        Slot Machine
          Simple.  Just try to get three in a row.
        Pedal Power
          Rotate the control stick as fast as you can to avoid the Big Boo.  You win ten coins
          for beating the Boo.
          You can never lose anything in this mini-game.  Just jump on the plants that pop out
          of the pipes to get coins.
        Shell Game
          An easy game.  Keep your eye on the shell that has the coins and punch it.
        Ghost Guess
          I've never been able to beat this one... You lose five coins for losing.  Punch the
          leader of the Boos to win.  The leader will move first.
        Ground Pound
          Memorize which posts are flat and which are pointy before the butterflies land.  Stomp
          on all the flat ones.
        Teetering Towers
          This one is simple.  Just stay on a tower until it collapses, then jump on the next.
          Harder than it sounds, however.
        Chance Game
          You get to this game when you land on a ! space.  There are three blocks.  The two
          on the sides are the players, while the middle is the action (twenty coins give to the
          right, both trade stars, ten coins to the left, etc.).
        Bumper Balls 2
          This is a maze on Bumper Balls you get by beating mini-game island.
        Bumper Balls 3
          Another, more difficult maze.
    Gameshark Codes
          Thanks to Ranma for these codes.
    1     Upper Left Char. Rolls 10           800D62D3 00??
    2     Upper Right Char. Rolls 10          800D6317 00??
    3     Lower Left Char. Rolls 10           800D635B 00??
    4     Lower Right Char. Rolls 10          800D639F 00??
    5     Upper Left Char. Coins Modifier     810F32B8 00??
    6     Upper Left Char. Stars Modifier     810F32BC 00??
    7     Upper Right Char. Coins Modifier    810F32E8 00??
    8     Upper Right Char. Stars Modifier    810F32EC 00??
    9     Lower Left Char. Coins Modifier     810F3318 00??
    10    Lower Left Char. Stars Modifier     810F331C 00??
    11    Lower Right Char. Coins Modifier    810F3348 00??
    12    Lower Right Char. Stars Modifier
    For the Modifier Codes, just replace "??" with the number of Stars/Coins you want.  For 
    example, if you choose Code 6 and replace "??" with 99, the upper left character will have 99 
    Stars.  Makes it pretty easy to get the "Eternal Star" Board.
    This Document Copyright 1999 Jimmy Vu <laeophie@aol.com>

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