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                            -= M A R I O   P A R T Y =-
    |                  FAQ || Version 1.13 || June 18, 2004                |
    |          by Michael Gonzalez (Coffee) <mpgonzalez@gmail.com>         |
    |                  http://www.geocities.com/coffeefaqs                 |
       1) Introduction
       2) Story
       3) How to play
       4) Mushroom Village
       5) Boards
       6) Mini-games
             - 4 player games
             - 1 vs 3 games
             - 2 vs 2 games
             - 1 player games
       7) Characters
       8) Items
       9) Secrets
       10) Mini-game Island
       11) Prices
            - Mini-games
            - Items
       12) Frequently Asked Questions
       13) Credits & Info
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    | 1) INTRODUCTION                                                      |
                                 - Mario Party -
    Take a second to count the number of controller ports found in your N64.
    When Nintendo was designing the system, they knew that 4 players were
    better than 2. In my eyes, this decision paid off well, as I now fondly
    look back at the N64 as the multiplayer heaven. Mario Party is the game
    that sums up my love for the system. It’s simple, frantic fun. This game
    is a first for the entire gaming world, as it’s one of the first to be
    designed with multiplayer mayhem specifically in mind. And multiplayer
    mayhem it is. Simple, frantic fun.
    | 2) STORY                                                             |
    [NOTE: As usual, I took this story straight from the instruction
    booklet. Nothing edited, nothing added, nothing removed. This story
    strangely doesn't match the story shown to us in the game's
    introduction... but the story isn't that important anyway.]
    Mario looked around and smiled. Throwing a party had been an excellent
    idea. It had been a long time since they had all gotten together. All
    his friends were there: Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi - even Wario and
    Donkey Kong. They laughed and talked about all the adventures they had
    shared together in the past. But what was there to do now?
    The conversation turned to their dreams for the future. Amazingly, they
    all envisioned the same thing... To become a Super star upon whom
    everyone in the world could rely.
    Then Wario asked, "Which one of us is the biggest Super star?"
    "I am!" "It's me!" they all shouted. The gang couldn't come to an
    agreement because they each wanted to be the best. They needed to prove
    once and for all who truly was number one.
    Suddenly, Toad had an idea. "Isn't a Super star someone who helps others
    when they're in trouble?"
    Everyone realized he was right. Then Toad told them about a Warp Pipe in
    Mushroom Village that could take you anywhere you wanted to go. Surely
    there were people on the other side of that Pipe who needed their help.
    They all ran as fast as they could to Mushroom Village and jumped into
    the Warp Pipe. But none of them knew what exciting adventures awaited
    them on the other side...
    | 3) HOW TO PLAY                                                       |
                                   -= OVERVIEW =-
    As you probably know, Mario Party is a board game. But there is no
    set beginning and end. Rather, each board is designed like an endless
    loop which you must go around collecting coins and stars. Actually, it
    plays very much like Monopoly. You decide the number of turns you will
    play. And at the end of those turns, the player with the most stars and
    coins is the winner.
                               -= BEFORE YOU BEGIN =-
    The first thing to do is pick how many *humans* will participate in the
    game. A game in Mario Party absolutely must have 4 players. If there is
    only 1 human player, there are 3 computer players. If there are four
    human players, there are no computer players. You get to pick which
    character you would like to be: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Yoshi, or
    Donkey Kong. All these characters have the same abilities so it doesn't
    matter which one you pick.
    If there are computer-controlled characters, you must set their level of
    skill. They can either be "Easy", "Normal", or "Hard". You can set them
    all to the same skill level or set their skills individually. When they
    are set at EASY, their skill level is low. When they are set at HARD,
    their skill level is high.
    The next thing to do is select which board map you will play on.
    The different boards have different features. You can choose from either
    DK's Jungle Adventure, Peach's Birthday Cake, Yoshi's Tropical Island,
    Wario's Battle Canyon, Luigi's Engine Room, or Mario's Rainbow Castle.
    There are also secret boards that can only be used when you meet certain
    requirements. The secret boards are Bowser's Magma Mountain and Eternal
    Star, For more information about the boards, see the BOARDS section.
    Now you need to choose how many turns you will play. You can pick either
    20, 35, or 50 turns. A 20 turn game is called "Lite Play" and lasts for
    about 1 hour. A 35 turn game is called "Standard Play" and last for
    about 1 hour and 45 minutes. A 50 turn game is called "Full Play" and
    lasts for over 2 hours. I usually play 20 or 35 turns. I have only
    played a 50 turn game twice...
    Now you arrive at the board map and Toad gives you a little overview of
    the board. He also gives you 10 coins to start off with. The last thing
    to do before playing is to determine turn order. All four players hit
    a dice block. To hit the dice block, press the "A" button to jump up and
    hit it. The player with the highest number goes first, second highest
    goes second, third highest goes third, and the lowest goes last.
                                 -= IN THE BOARD =-
    You are now actually playing the game. Each player hits the dice blocks
    and moves that number of turns. Then player will land on a space.
    Different things happen depending on what kind of space that player
    lands on. There are seven different kinds of spaces:
    1. Blue Space - This is the most common space in the board. A player
          that lands here gets 3 coins (6 during the last 5 turns).
    2. Red Space - This is not as common as the blue space. A player that
          lands here loses 3 coins (6 during the last 5 turns).
    3. Star Space - This is also called a "mini-game space". A player that
          lands here gets to play a 1-player mini game.
    4. "!" Space - These kinds of spaces are very rare. A player that lands
          here gets to do a chance game.
    5. "?" Space - Different things happen depending on what board you are
          playing on. See the "boards" section for details.
    6. Bowser Space - When a player lands here, Bowser appears and a Bowser
          event begins.
    7. Mushroom Space - When a player lands here, a block appear above that
          player's head. The player hits the block like a dice. If a red
          mushroom appears on that block, the player gets another turn. If a
          purple mushroom appears on the block, the player is poisoned and
          loses a turn (but can still participate in the mini-games).
    There are also some characters you may pass by and an event will occur.
    If you pass by Toad, you can buy a star from him for 20 coins. If you
    pass by Bowser, he will sell you a worthless item for high prices. If
    you pass by Boo, you can steal coins or stars from your opponents.
    After all the players have moved, a mini-game begins. It can be a 4
    player mini-game, a 1 vs. 3 mini-game, or a 2 vs 2 mini-game. If all
    players are on the same colored space then a 4 player game begins (this
    is the most common). If all players are on the same colored space except
    one, then a 1 vs. 3 game begins. If two players are on blue, and two
    players are on red, then a 2 vs. 2 game begins. [NOTE: The star spaces,
    "!" spaces, and mushroom spaces are considered blue. The Bowser space is
    considered red. When a player is on a green "?" space, that player is
    randomly chosen to be blue or red.]
    To choose which mini-game you will play, there is a quick roulette
    screen. Then there is a "mini-game introduction screen". This screen
    will tell you the objectives of the mini-game and what controls to use.
    Press C-left or C-right to see the messages. If you are all set, press
    start to play the mini-game. <see mini-game section for details on the
    individual games>. When the game is done, you may either gain or lose
    coins. Now all the players hit the dice blocks again and the cycle
    continues until all the turns are done. Then...
                                  -= IN THE END =-
    After the last turn has been played, three awards are given to the
    players. The GAME STAR award is given to the player than won the most
    coins in the mini-games. The COIN STAR award is given to the player that
    had the most coins at any time during the game. The HAPPENING AWARD is
    given to the player that landed on the "?" spaces the most.
    The winner of the game, or the "superstar", is the person with the most
    stars. If two or more players have the same number of stars, then the
    winner is the player with the most stars and coins. In the rare event
    that two players have EXACTLY the same number of stars and coins, then
    the winner is decided by hitting a dice block.
    | 4) MUSHROOM VILLAGE                                                  |
    The Mushroom Village is like Mario Party's menu. Here you can choose
    what you would like to do or see. You can go to the main game, the one
    player game, buy items, or choose your settings for play. 
    The Warp Pipe is the entrance to the different boards of Mario Party.
    It is the big green pipe at the center of the Village. You will most
    likely access the Warp Pipe more than any other area of the Mushroom
    The Raft leads to Mario Party's one player mode, the mini-game island.
    In the mini-game island you get to play all of Mario Party's mini-games
    in order, similar to the old school Mario Bros. games. See the mini-game
    island section for more details.
    In the Mushroom Shop you can buy different items for use in the game
    boards. Not all the items are available for you to buy at once, though.
    To select which items to use, go to the Mushroom Bank. See the items
    section for more details.
    This is the building in the top-left Mushroom Village that says "Bank"
    on it. Here you can talk to the person on the right to choose what items
    you would like to use in the boards. Talk to the person at the right to
    know what is your total balance of stars and coins. It stops counting
    after you get 100 stars.
    There are many things to do in the Mini-Game House. You can talk to the
    person here to buy mini-games with tour coins, or you can look into the
    crystal ball to play the mini-games you have bought. Looking into the
    pot in the back brings you to the mini-game stadium, a scaled down
    version of the main game. If you bought the mecha fly-guy from the shop,
    you can use it here to test your analog spinning skills.
    The option house is where you can choose some of the settings in Mario
    Party. Talking to the person here erases all of the saved data. If you
    bought the parrot from the mushroom shop, you can se it here to listen
    to some sound samples. If you bought the record, you can use it here to
    check out the game's music. You can also change the sound settings from
    stereo or mono.
    See the start menu by pressing the start button (duh). Here you will see
    how many stars you got in each of the different boards, or check which
    items you have bought from the mushroom shop and which ones you are
    currently using. Switch between the 2 screens by pressing left or right.
    | 5) BOARDS                                                            |
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< DK'S JUNGLE ADVENTURE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       57                 Red spaces:         7
          "!" spaces:         1                 "?" spaces:         9
          Mini-game spaces:   5                 Bowser spaces:      3
          Mushroom spaces:    3                 Difficulty:         *
                             Bowser cost: 10 coins
    Go exploring through the ancient jungle ruins and look for the
    mysterious hidden treasure. Use your star power to open the treasure
    chest and gain the treasure: Some golden bananas. It may not look like
    much, but it IS made of solid gold :)
    This board has 3 Whomps that occasionally block certain paths. These
    Whomps demand that you pay them 10 coins to enter the path that they're
    blocking. You don't NEED to pass their way at all since there's always
    an alternative path. After confronting a Whomp, he will shift position
    and block the path that used to be the alternative path. Only pay them
    if you really want to go that way, and you have money to spare.
    Another special feature of the board is the giant boulder that rolls
    across the board when a player lands on a question mark space. When
    this happens, all the players in the way of the boulder are forced to
    run away to a space near the bottom of the board. It's a good idea to
    avoid standing in the area where the boulder passes.
    The Koopa stands at the bottom right corner of the board. If you're
    looking for lots of coins, you can simply go around and around in the
    loop at the bottom right. You will keep getting the 10 bonus coins from
    Koopa! Of course, you should also remember to get the stars...
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< PEACH'S BIRTHDAY CAKE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       28                 Red spaces:         4
          "!" spaces:         1                 "?" spaces:        14
          Mini-game spaces:   2                 Bowser spaces:      2
          Mushroom spaces:    6                 Difficulty:        **
    It's Peach's birthday party, and she has a beautiful cake! But one thing
    is still missing: The cake doesn't have any strawberry decorations. Use
    your star power to plant strawberry seeds and decorate Peach's birthday
    cake! Geez, what a crappy story...
    This entire board revolves around the old concept in Monopoly of buying
    property and collecting rent when other players land on your property.
    But instead of property, you plant piranha seeds. And instead of rent,
    you collect 1 star (ouch!). You can plant a piranha seed when you land
    on a question mark space with more that 30 coins. Don't get one if
    there's only a few turns left in the game (just like Monopoly).
    When you reach the Goomba at the top right, he will ask you to pay 10
    coins to play the "flower lottery". Pick one of the four colored seeds.
    3 of them lead you to Toad and 1 of them brings you to Bowser. The bad
    seed is random, so just pick one and hope for the best. When the lotto
    has been played 4 times and no seeds are left, they all come back. Going
    to Bowser is a horrible punishment. You first paid 10 coins to play the
    lotto (and lost). Then you go to Bowser and pay him your coins for a
    worthless turtle shell cake (that you can't eat). Then you return to the
    lotto and pay another 10 coins.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< YOSHI'S TROPICAL ISLAND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       34                 Red spaces:         3
          "!" spaces:         2                 "?" spaces:         7
          Mini-game spaces:   4                 Bowser spaces:      2
          Mushroom spaces:    3                 Difficulty:        **
    On Yoshi's Tropical Island, all is not well. The Blue Yoshi can't get to
    his Pink Yoshi friend in the center island. How sad :(   Use your star
    power to build a bridge going to the center island and reunite the two
    Yoshi's Tropical Island is composed to two large islands: Watermelon
    Island and Cantaloupe Island. Koopa can be found on the left island and
    Boo can be found at the right island. To travel between the two islands,
    you must use the two bridges that are guarded by Thwomps. To cross the
    bridge, you must pay the fee. At first, the fee is only 1 coin. When you
    cross the bridge, the fee increases by 1 coin. So the next person that
    crosses will have to pay 2 coins, then 3 coins... until it's 50 coins.
    The tricky feature of this stage is the swapping of the places of Bowser
    and Toad. When a player lands on a question mark space, a giant fish
    named Bubba will exchange the places of Toad and Bowser. This can have
    good or bad effects, depending on where you are. There's no defined
    strategy to where you should stay. Just go with your instincts and hope
    for the best. If you're lucky, someone will land on a question mark and
    put Toad right in front of you.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< WARIO'S BATTLE CANYON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       41                 Red spaces:         7
          "!" spaces:         2                 "?" spaces:         2
          Mini-game spaces:  10                 Bowser spaces:      2
          Mushroom spaces:    5                 Difficulty:        **
    Wario's Battle Canyon is set on a battlefield...and it's an all out war
    between the red Bob-ombs and the black Bob-ombs! Use your star power to
    make a symbol of friendship and restore peace to the land!
    The first, and most obvious feature of Wario's Battle Canyon is the
    cannon system of travelling around the board. On each island there is
    a cannon. When you reach the cannon, you will be put in it and fired to
    another island. The cannons on the left islands fire to the right
    islands, while the cannons on the right islands fire to the left
    islands. When you are about to land on the island, a cursor will flash
    around wildly on the different spaces. Press "A" to stop the cursor and
    land on the space it was on. When a player lands on a question mark
    space the direction of the cannons will change.
    On the top-right island, there is a Fly Guy. When you meet him you can
    either (1) tell him to bring you to Bowser, (2) tell him to bring
    someone else to him, or (3) don't do anything. There's no point in going
    to Bowser unless there's a star there (and you'll be lucky to land on a
    space where you can actually get to Toad). You can bring someone to the
    top-right island if they're about to get a star, and prevent him from
    getting it.
    By travelling through the different islands through the cannons, you can
    quickly transport yourself to any point in the board in just one turn
    (with some luck). When you land on an island from a cannon, you can land
    on the space right behind the next cannon and directly move on to the
    next island! If you're incredibly lucky, you can travel around the whole
    board in just one move.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LUIGI'S ENGINE ROOM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       57                 Red spaces:         4
          "!" spaces:         0                 "?" spaces:         5
          Mini-game spaces:   4                 Bowser spaces:      3
          Mushroom spaces:    3                 Difficulty:       ***
                             Bowser cost: 19 coins
    Welcome to Luigi's Engine Room... set in a room with a giant engine.
    What happens if you turn it on? Nobody knows... Use your star power to
    turn on this mysterious engine and find out what the hell it does!
    Luigi's Engine Room is filled with red and blue doors that are either
    down or up. When they are up, you cannot go in that path. When the red
    doors are up, the blue doors are down. When the blue doors are up, the
    red doors are down. After each mini-game, the "up" doors go down and the
    "down" doors go up. You should try to get the right timing to go where
    you want to go. In addition, there's some little robot things that you
    can ask to change the doors (they remind me of R2-D2). It'll cost you 20
    coins though. Stepping on the question mark spaces also changes the
    position of the doors.
    In this board, no matter what path you take, you'll always eventually
    come to a warp pipe that transports you back to the top right corner
    pipe. This isn't really special at all... since it just makes everything
    a big loop (like all the other boards are). Anyway, it's unique to this
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< MARIO'S RAINBOW CASTLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       34                 Red spaces:         5
          "!" spaces:         2                 "?" spaces:         5
          Mini-game spaces:   4                 Bowser spaces:      2
          Mushroom spaces:    2                 Difficulty:         *
    Mario's Rainbow Castle. There SHOULD be a rainbow in this castle, but
    unfortunately, it disappeared. Use your star power to put the rainbow
    back in Mario's Rainbow Castle!
    Mario's Rainbow castle is just one huge loop going around the board,0
    with two smaller loops at the left and right. The only surprise in this
    board is the switching of Toad and Bowser. When one player gets to Toad
    at the top of the castle, the castle switches around to replace Toad
    with Bowser (even if you didn't get a star from Toad). Then when
    somebody reaches Bowser, the castle switches around to replace him with
    Toad. When Bowser is in the castle, try to take the longer path (or try
    to him a question mark. When Toad is in the castle, try to reach him
    before someone else does!
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< BOWSER'S MAGMA MOUNTAIN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       45                 Red spaces:         4
          "!" spaces:         0                 "?" spaces:         4
          Mini-game spaces:   3                 Bowser spaces:      2
          Mushroom spaces:    3                 Difficulty:       ***
    Bowser's making hell inside the volcano, and he's challenged you to beat
    him! Use your star power to kick Bowser's ass in this special secret
    Bowser's Magma Mountain is a secret board, meaning you need to earn it
    before you can use it. In order to get it, you first need to play all 50
    regular mini-games in the other "regular" boards. Then Magma Mountain
    will be available for you to buy in the shop. It costs 980 coins, so you
    need to save up some money. This board makes it difficult for you to
    get coins and stars, the difficulty is 3 stars but it really deserves 5!
    When somebody lands on a question mark space on this board, Bowser gets
    angry and makes the volcano erupt. This causes all of the blue spaces to
    become red (and all red spaces stay red). The board stays like this for
    two turns (of all four players). Then it returns to normal. Nothing
    happens if a player lands on a question mark space while all spaces are
    Another feature of this board is the shortcuts. Shortcuts can be taken
    if you pay 10 coins to the monster standing beside it... then you still
    have to play a little chance game to decide if you really take a
    shortcut or not! You also need to do a little chance game to decide at
    the top weather to go to Bowser or Boo. AND when you get to Bowser, you
    take another change game to decide if he takes some coins from you or a
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ETERNAL STAR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
          Blue spaces:       36                 Red spaces:         4
          "!" spaces:         0                 "?" spaces:         4
          Mini-game spaces:   3                 Bowser spaces:      3
          Mushroom spaces:    3                 Difficulty:       ***
    It looks like Bowser has taken all your stars and brought them to a
    secret board called Eternal Star. Not only that, but he also vandalized
    all over the star and shattered it into pieces. Then he hired his Baby
    Bowsers to guard the stars he stole. Use your star power to defeat
    Bowser and his cohorts and reunite the star!
    Eternal Star, like Bowser's Magma Mountain, is a secret board. To get it
    you must collect 100 stars from the other boards. You can check how many
    stars you have in the Mushroom Bank. Then Bowser will take all 100 stars
    to Eternal Star. Jump into the warp pipe and play! [NOTE: If Bowser just
    stole your 100 stars, you cannot play any other boards until you're done
    with Eternal Star].
    Eternal Star has a teleport system that you must use to travel between
    the different areas of the star. Bowser probably set it up when he
    smashed the star into pieces. When a player lands on a question mark
    space, ALL players are sent back to the start and the teleport pattern
    changes. This is fun when someone is *just* about to reach a Baby
    Bowser. There are only a few teleport patterns in here, and Bowser
    announces it when it changes. Just memorize the patterns and you'll have
    the advantage of where you're going.
    This board DOES NOT have a Toad in it to conveniently hand you a star
    in exchange for 20 coins. This board has 7 Baby Bowsers who collect 20
    coins from you, then make you play a change game to decide if you get
    the star. The chance game is very easy to win since your dice has only
    8-10 while his dice has 1-10. After you get a star from all 7 cohorts,
    they all come back again for more.
    | 6) M I N I - G A M E S                                               |
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< TYPES OF MINI-GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Bonus Games - Games in which you can get more than the normal 10 coins
    for winning. Even if you miss, you don't lose coins (the most you can
    get for Memory Match is 10 coins).
    Success Games - Games in which you get 10 coins for clearing. If you
    miss, you lose five coins (in Pipe Maze, you don't lose any coins for a
    Chance Games - When you win, you get coins from the losers. When you
    lose, your coins get stolen.
    2-on-2 Games - 2 vs. 2 games in which the winning team members get 10
    coins each. Members of the losing team lose 10 coins each.
    Racing Games - Games in which the character who finishes first wins 10
    coins. Even if you lose, you don't lose coins.
    Point Games - Games in which the player with the highest score gets 10
    coins. If several players have the same score, they all win coins.
    Survival Games - The last player standing in these games wins 10 coins.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 4 PLAYER GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    #1 - FACE LIFT
    Price: 400 coins
    Type:  Point game
    The screen is divided into four quarters, one for each player. An
    example Bowser face is shown to you and placed in the center of the
    screen. Your task is to stretch your Bowser face to match (as close as
    possible) the example Bowser face in the center. Use the A button to
    grab the different areas of his face and stretch. You can only grab his
    chin, eyebrows, nose, and cheeks. At the end of the time limit, each
    player's Bowser face will be given a score. The person with the highest
    score is the winner.
    Price: 150 coins
    Type:  Point game
    Just like in Face Lift, each player gets his/her own area of the screen
    to work on. You are riding a jackhammer, and there is a pattern on the
    floor. You need to ride the jackhammer around and try to trace the
    outline of the pattern. There are only three patterns that appear:
    Goomba, Bob-omb, or Boo. Use the analog control stick to move. There is
    a time limit but you have more than enough time to move carefully. At
    the end, each player is given a score as to how close you followed the
    pattern. ALL players with a score of 80 or above are the winners.
    #3 - HOT BOB-OMB
    Price: 300 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    This is a very simple game. All the players are in a circle, and there
    is a Bob-omb ready to explode. Toss the Bob-omb around until it
    explodes! Use the A button to pass it to another player, and the control
    stick to pick which player to pass it to. There is no special technique
    here except to be prepared to throw the Bob-omb as soon as it comes to
    you. DO NOT keep the Bob-omb with you and wait until it almost blows
    up... it's very hard to tell when it's about to explode. You can also
    tell your friends to pass it all to the same person to try to screw him
    up :)
    Price: 100 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    This mini-game is modeled after Musical Chairs. All four players go
    around in a circle...around the center mushroom which has the treasure.
    When the music stops, rush to the top of the center mushroom and get the
    treasure. The best technique is to *always* have your control stick
    pointing towards to center mushroom so you will quickly go there as soon
    as the music stops. The little blue mushrooms can act as springs to
    bounce you onto the center mushroom, but it's better to just go directly
    to the treasure. The player who gets the treasure first is the winner of
    10 coins.
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    In Coin Block Blitz, there are nine yellow "?" blocks (like the ones in
    the old Mario Bros. games). You try to get as many coins as possible
    from the blocks by standing under them and jumping to hit the block with
    your head. At the beginning, try to get coins from the block *closest*
    to you so you won't waste time. Forget trying to push the other players
    and fighting over the blocks, that won't get you so much. Use the
    control stick to move and the A button to jump.
    Price: 400 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    In Balloon Burst, all four players have a pump attached to a big Bowser
    balloon. But that Bowser balloon doesn't have any air! Your task is to
    use the pump to inflate the Bowser balloon... until it pops. The first
    player to make their balloon explode is the winner of 10 coins. To use
    the pump, press A and Z (or A and B) alternately. The "A" button to pump
    up, and the "Z" (or "B") button to push the pump down. I prefer to use
    the A and B buttons... rocking my right thumb back and forth with a
    steady rhythm. Whatever you do, DO NOT tap the A and B/Z buttons
    wildly, that gets you nowhere at all. Just keep a steady beat to your
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    All four characters are skateboarding on a strip of land...and this
    strip of land is quickly collapsing behind you! To move your skateboard
    forward, tap the "B" button like mad. Along the way you will encounter
    obstacles, push the "A" button to jump over them. At the beginning, the
    camera is facing you so you can't see too much of what's ahead. Be wary
    of the block at the beginning. When you get to the bag of coins floating
    in the air, jump to get it for 5 coins. When you are near the end, the
    camera will slowly shift behind you... now tap the "B" button with all
    your might! The player to reach the end first is the winner of 10 coins.
    Price: 300 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    In Box Mountain Mayhem, there is a mountain on boxes piled up at the
    corner of a room. All four players attack the boxes (with the "B"
    button) to get the coins inside. You can also jump with the "A" button.
    Most boxes contain a single coins, other boxes contain bags (5 coins),
    and some other boxes are like enemies that bounce you away. There is one
    "enemy" box in here that contains not one, but THREE bags of coins!
    Since it's an enemy box, all the bags are brought away from the
    mountain...so you can easily get the bags if you just wait patiently at
    the side :)
    Price: 450 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    In Platform Peril, there are several rectangular platforms forming a
    path in the sky. The four players race on these platforms jumping from
    one to another in a race to the end. As usual, use the control stick to
    move and the "A" button to jump. Along the path you may find some bags
    of coins. You can jump up and grab these bags for 5 coins. Also, some
    platforms have walls blocking some areas. Be careful of those walls and
    go around them. The first player to the finish gets 10 coins. The
    spacing between the last few platforms is a little wider that usual, so
    be careful to jump far enough at that point.
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Survival game
    This is one of my favorite games. There are 7 differently colored
    mushrooms in the middle of the sea. All four characters are on top of
    these mushrooms. And at the side is Toad with his colored flags. When
    Toad raises a colored flag, you should rush to the mushroom of the same
    color (ex: Toad raises pink flag, you go to pink mushroom). A few
    seconds after Toad raises his flag, all the other mushrooms (besides the
    one with the color of the flag) will sink down into the sea. Anyone that
    touches the water is out of the game. Then all the mushrooms come back
    up and it starts over again. The game gets a bit faster and more
    challenging after a while. As soon as the mushrooms come back up, you
    should try to stay at the center mushroom (the black one) so you can
    easily access the other mushrooms. Also, try not to jump on other
    characters because they'll bounce you away into the sea. It's possible
    to stand at the edge of the mushroom and block the players that are
    trying to get there. The last player left is the winner of 10 coins.
    Price: 250 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    This is the first mini-game I ever played. All four players are set in
    the sea. There are a bunch of treasure chests of different sizes at the
    bottom of the sea. So obviously, your objective is to swim to the
    bottom, get the treasure chests, and bring them back up to the surface.
    To complicate matters, there is a shark and two squids patrolling the
    area. If they touch you, you drop the treasure chest. And if you stay in
    the water too long, you drown (and drop the chest). Tap the "A" button
    quickly to swim and the control stick to navigate. Be careful only to
    move when the squids and the shark won't get you. Bigger treasure chests
    have more coins than little ones, so go for the big ones first. When
    there's only one chest left with another player, tell everyone else to
    crowd around him and try to drown him. This is incredibly frustrating for
    the person with the last chest...and really fun for everyone else :D
    #12 - GRAB BAG
    Price: 400 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    This is another one of my favorite games. All players have a bag at
    their back with all that player's coins inside. You should try to get to
    someone's back and grab their bag by rapidly pressing the "B" button. At
    the same time, the person that is being grabbed will also press the "B"
    button rapidly. If the *grabbers* button pressing is stronger than the
    button pressing of the one being *grabbed*, then the grabber gets coins
    from the bag. It can be either a bag of coins or a single coin depending
    on the power of the button pressing. If you are good enough at this
    game, you could win TONS of coins! Try to focus on the person with the
    most coins and keep on getting from him. Just keep getting from the same
    person instead of running around like crazy chasing someone.
    #13 - BUMPER BALLS
    Price: 250 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    This is a fun mini-game with a funny name :). In Bumper Balls, all four
    players are set on an island... and each player is riding on a large
    ball. The objective is to bump your opponents off the island while
    riding on the ball. Simply use the control stick to move around on the
    ball. At the start you should just try bumping everyone like crazy and
    try to stay in the center of the island. When there are only 2 players
    left, try staying at the edge of the land to lure someone to you. But
    before that person could bump you, quickly move away and let the
    momentum of the other player carry him into the water. Two players
    repeatedly bumping each other in the middle of the island will get you
    nowhere. The last person remaining on the island is the winner. In case
    there is more than one player remaining when time runs out, nobody will
    win any coins.
    Price: 300 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    Like in Face Lift and Crazy Cutter, the screen is split into 4. Each
    player has his own little "platform" with a turtle shell on it. This
    platform is unstable and can be tipped around by standing on one edge of
    it. When the platform is tipped, the turtle shell will slide to the
    lower side of the platform. This platform also has "tiles" on it. When
    the turtle shell passes over the tiles, they disappear. Your goal is to
    tip the platform to make the shell move...and make all the tiles
    disappear. The winner is the first person to clear all the tiles on the
    #15 - BOMBS AWAY
    Price: 250 coins
    Type:  Survival game
    In this mini-game, all four players are on an island in the middle of
    the sea... and there's a pirate ship firing cannon balls at the island!
    The island sways to the left and right each time the water around the
    island is hit. You need to try and stay on the island avoiding falling
    into the water. If you fall in the water, you are considered "out" of
    the mini-game. If a cannonball manages to hit the island *directly*,
    then everyone standing on the island will be stunned and cannot move for
    a few seconds. To avoid getting stunned, jump in the air when the island
    is hit. If YOU are hit by the cannonball, you will surely go flying into
    the water. Watch the shadows to know where the cannonball will hit.
    Price: 350 coins
    Type:  Point game
    I remember one magazine called this mini-game "A super simple clone of
    Parappa the Rappa"... and so it is. The four players are part of a mini-
    orchestra. Each one has their own part to play: Violin, drum, horn, or
    conductor. The conductor has the hardest part (in my opinion). He has to
    move his analog stick to match the position of the box at the upper left
    of the screen. As for the remaining three players... they need to listen
    first to an example, then follow the example with their own individual
    instrument. Watch closely the box at the bottom, play your instrument
    (with A) when the box passes over your instrument. The music of the bad
    players will only distract you. Try to ignore them and consternate on
    following the example. If you see something thrown at a player, then
    that player made a mistake (and therefore lost). Here's a tip: If you
    KNOW that you're going to lose, try screwing up your opponents with
    horrible music. But that won't work against the computer. All players
    who played *perfectly* will win 10 coins.
    #17 - CAST AWAYS
    Price: 250 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    The four players are set on the beach with fishing rods. There are coins
    floating in the water (chests, bags, and coins). Your objective is to
    cast your line and try to catch the money. To cast the line, pull back
    on the analog stick and let go. The line will go depending on how far
    back you pulled the stick. After that, rotate the control stick the reel
    it in. Continue doing this until the time runs out. I usually go for the
    back row of coins by pulling the stick as far back as possible. This is
    because I find it hard to position correctly to get the close rows. And
    because there are more chests at the back. Here's a tip: Never get
    anything but the chests. Chests are worth 10, bags worth 5, and coins
    worth 1. So the chest is worth 2x more than the bags, and 10x more than
    the coins! Position correctly and anticipate where the object will be
    when you cast your line. This is one of my favorite mini-games because
    all my friends suck at it except me. I have gotten 50 coins in this
    #18 - HAMMER DROP
    Price: 450 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    All four players are on a small platform. There is a hammer brother
    riding on a small cloud above you (like Lakitu usually does). This
    hammer brother drops down coins, coin bags, and hammers. You need to run
    around trying to collect the coins, but avoiding the hammers. Be careful
    not to accidentally fall of the platform and into the water below. If
    you DO fall off the platform, you can no longer participate in
    collecting coins (but you still keep the coins that you already got).
    Don't jump too much, you might bounce on the heads of other players and
    go flying into the water. Also be sure of what the hammer brother is
    throwing. Work extra hard at getting the coin bags... that's where the
    real money is.
    #19 - SHY GUY SAYS
    Price: 250 coins
    Type:  Survival game
    This is a fun game. The four players are on small individual boats that
    are tied to a bigger boat. On the bigger boat there is a shy guy with
    two flags: One red and one white. Likewise, each of the four players
    also have a red flag and a white flag. The shy guy will raise one flag,
    and the other players should raise the same colored flag as him. Press
    the "A" button to raise the white flag and the "B" button to raise the
    red flag. If a player raises the wrong flag or takes too long to raise
    a flag, then the shy guy will release that players boat and he will be
    out of the game. This process gradually become faster and harder. The
    last player remaining is the winner of 10 coins. You must have presence
    of mind while you do this game. Clear you mind and concentrate well on
    the flag that is raised. When BOTH flags are raised, don't immediately
    raise a flag! Wait patiently for one of the flags to be lowered before
    you make your move.
    #20 - KEY-PA WAY
    Price: 400 coins
    Type:  Success game
    This game is different from other 4-player games because you all need to
    work together to earn coins. One random player has the key at the
    beginning. The objective of this game is to bring the key to the keyhole
    at the other side of the room. This would be easy is it weren't for the
    spiky monsters all around the room trying to get the key from you. You
    can jump with the "A" button and pass the key with the "B" button. When
    you pass the key, it is thrown straight forward whether another player
    will catch it or not. When passing the key, be sure that you're throwing
    it to another player! You can easily lose if you blindly throw the key
    without thinking and a spiky Koopa takes it. Another thing: Don't stand
    on the platform where the key is if you don't have the key or else the
    person with the key won't be able to put the key in the hole.
    Price: 150 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    In Buried Treasure, the four players are underground digging their way
    through the dirt. Why are they digging through dirt? Because they're
    looking for treasure! To dig, rapidly tap the "A" button and use the
    analog stick to control your directing. As you go through the dirt,
    you'll uncover signs with arrows that point towards the direction of the
    treasure. The arrows are not EXACTLY pointing directly at the treasure,
    it only the approximate direction. Peek at the other players to check if
    they found the arrows or the treasure. The real secret to winning this
    game is tapping the "A" button REALLY fast. Since I am a fast button
    tapper, I can easily get to the other side of the screen before the
    other characters get to the middle. It is much harder to dig through the
    rock then to dig through dirt, so you should avoid the rock area as much
    as possible (the treasure usually isn't there anyway). The first person
    to find the chest gets to keep the treasure: 10 coins.
    Price: 400 coins
    Type:  Success game
    This is another 4-player "cooperation" game (like Key-pa-way). One
    random player holds the bulb, while the other three guard the bulb from
    ghosts. You need to successfully bring the bulb to the socket at the end
    of the hallway. As you go down this hallway, there is a GIANT ghost
    behind you... so he will get you if you go too slowly. There are also
    smaller ghosts. If someone gets touched by a ghost, there are possessed
    and walk towards the giant ghost. To make a player "uppossessed", punch
    him with the "B" button. Yes, punch him. The three players should punch
    the small ghosts to make sure that the bulb-holder makes it to the end.
    At the end of the hallway, there is a socket for the bulb to go into.
    Put the bulb in the socket to turn on the light and get rid of the
    ghosts. Successfully reaching the socket will get each player 10 coins.
    Nobody gets coins if the ghosts capture the bulb.
    #23 - HOT ROPE JUMP
    Price: 300 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    I love this mini-game. The four players are in a line, and there is a
    jump rope. This jump rope is on fire. The flaming jump rope turns around
    and the players must try to jump over it to avoid getting hit. The jump
    rope gradually speeds up until its turning around *really* fast. If all
    four players are still after 20 turns of the jump rope, then everyone
    wins 10 coins. If someone gets hit by the jump rope, then that player
    loses 15 coins while the other players gain 5.
    #24 - SLOT CAR DURBY 1
    Price: 450 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    This is like a game of old fashion slot cars. Each player has a little
    slot car on the track. By pushing the control stick away from the
    center, the slot car goes faster. This is a common mistake: It DOESN'T
    MATTER which way you are pushing the control stick. You don't control the
    directing of the car, you just determine its speed. If you are going too
    fast at the curves, your tires will start smoking and you will spin out
    of control. If you are on the outer part of the track, go at full speed
    all the way! At the beginning, don't push forward on the control stick
    unless the announcer says "GO" or else you'll spin. The track is not
    made of four separate loops, as it looks. Instead, the track is one big
    loop that's designed like a spiral. The first person to completely go
    around this loop is the winner.
    #25 - SLOT CAR DURBY 2
    Price: 500 coins
    Type:  Racing game
    This mini-game is unlocked when you reach the end of mini-game island.
    You need to beat Toad here. It's just like Slot Car Derby 1, except with
    a slightly different track. Slightly different, but much harder. There
    is an extra curve down at the bottom. You need to be careful about the
    sharp turns here -- it's easy to spin out of control. Just follow the
    same techniques that you use for Slot Car Derby 1. In order to beat Toad
    you must finish this mini-game almost *perfectly*. The first person to
    go completely around the loop is the winner of 10 coins. This mini-game
    is available in the boards after you beat it in mini-game island.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1 VS 3 GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    #26 - PIPE MAZE
    Price: 350 coins
    Type:  Success game
    In Pipe Maze, there is one person that controls the treasure chest. This
    person chooses which of the four pipes the chest should be dropped into.
    As it goes down, the chest will go through any horizontal pipes it
    encounters. At the end, the chest will drop on one of the four players
    at the bottom. The person who gets the chest is the winner of 10 coins.
    If you're eyes and mind are fast enough, you might be able to see the
    path going to your character from looking at the pipes at the beginning.
    Yes, it's very hard to recognize which pipe is the correct one, but I
    have been able to pick the correct pipe 50% of the time. If you have no
    idea which pipe to pick, just pick the one directly above your character.
    Hopefully it will reach him. If you don't control the chest and you know
    where you want it to go, just say to the player "The first one" and he
    will usually be quick to drop it in the first pipe without thinking :)
    #27 - BASH 'N CASH
    Price: 400 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    This game is fun, but simply cruel for the one being bashed. One player
    is dressed up in a Bowser costume, the other three players have big
    squeaky hammers. The three players try to hit the "Bowser player" with
    their hammers. When the Bowser player is hit, a bag of money comes out
    and a player can get it. The Bowser player can go around and jump to try
    to escape from getting hit my the hammers. When trying to escape from
    the hammers, wait from the players to get close to you... then jump over
    them just before you get hit. You can't jump for the few seconds after
    you just jumped. Because of this, the bashers should use this
    opportunity to bash!
    #28 - TUG-O-WAR
    Price: 150 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    This mini-game is modeled after tug-o-war. One player is dressed in a
    Bowser costume (which I presume gives him super strength) and stands on
    the left side of a pit. The remaining three players stand together at
    the right side of the pit. The "Bowser player" pulls one end of the rope
    while the other three players pull the other side of the rope. Pull on
    the rope by rotating the control stick. The player(s) who fall into the
    pit are the losers. If the Bowser player, he loses 15 coins while the
    others gain 5 coins each. If the three players lose, the Bowser player
    gains 15 coins while the others lose 5 coins each. There's not much
    strategy for winning this game besides rotating the control stick really
    really fast. If you are one of the three players, make sure that your
    other teammates are also working as hard as you. I don't think it
    matters which way you rotate the control stick.
    #29 - BOWL OVER
    Price: 350 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    In this mini-game, one player is the bowler and the other three players
    are the pins. The bowler is given a shell to use as a bowling ball. He
    must use this to hit as many pins as possible. As for the pins, they are
    practically helpless. The pins can jump around with the "A" button to
    try escaping from getting hit. When the bowler bowls the ball, he can
    control it to make it move left or right. The bowler gets 5 coins for
    each "player pin" that is hit and 1 coin for each "normal pin" he hits.
    If the shell touches the sides, the bowler loses 15 coins while the
    others gain 5 each. It's important not for the bowler to move the shell
    too much to the sides, try to keep it at the enter area. Try to go for
    the player pins to get the most coins out of them. As for the pins,
    there's not much you can do. It may be good to go near the left or right
    side... this way the bowler might accidentally hit the sides and lose.
    Whatever you do, DON'T stay near the rest of the players. This make you
    all an easy target for him to hit you all.
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    In Paddle Battle, all four players are in a little boat. 1 player is on
    the left side, 3 players are on the right side. You must all start
    paddling to try and make the boat go to the side of your opponents. When
    the boat gets close to the land, a shy guys comes and pokes the players
    at the side close to him with a stick. Of example: If the boat is at the
    right side, the players at the right side of the boat get hit. Each time
    a player is hit, he loses 3 coins. These 3 coins go to the player(s) on
    the other side. For the 3 players on the right, this game a chance for
    you to screw the person on the left. The game ends when you reach the
    end of the river. There's not much technique here except for spinning
    the analog stick well.
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    The one player stands on the giant flower, the three players ride in
    boats in the water around the flower. There are coins falling down from
    the sky and onto the flower. The player on the flower gets to collect
    as much coins as he can! The players in the boats below get to take
    anything that the flower player misses. If the player on the flower
    falls into the water, then the game is over and all players keep
    whatever they already got. The game also ends when the time runs out.
    The flower player can get over 30 coins if he does this game right. As
    for the boat players, you won't get too much... you just have to watch
    as your opponent drowns himself in his "shower of coins". The boat
    players should just go around and anticipate where the coins will land,
    judging by the tilt of the flower. You can't see anything behind the
    flower. The flower player should try to get everything and let nothing
    fall down to the water. You can see where the coins will land by
    looking at their shadows. If you are about to fall off of the flower,
    remember to *jump* back to the center.
    Price: 100 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    In this 3 vs. 1 game, the 3 player team rides on top of a cloud and the
    1 player is on a skateboard. There is a cute little piranha plant
    chasing the player on the skateboard. The objective for the 3 players is
    to do butt-stomps (A + Z) on the cloud to make it rain down on the
    piranha plant. The objective for the 1 player is to use to skateboard to
    skate away from that piranha plant! That's not all... the player also
    has to avoid other obstacles along the way, such as rocks and falling
    logs. To skate, rapidly tap the "B" button. To jump (to avoid the rocks
    and logs), press the "A" button. As the 3 player team makes rain for the
    piranha plant, the plant gradually becomes bigger and bigger... until it
    is 3 times the size of the player! This supposedly makes the plant
    stronger and faster, but I don't really notice any difference besides
    the size. For the 1 player, be sure not to stop tapping the "B" button!
    Just continue tapping it at a fast pace and you will stay at a safe
    distance away from the piranha plant. Also look ahead for obstacles.
    Jump when you come to a rock or a log. Sometimes, a log will drop down
    from the background and right in front of the player. You should
    anticipate this and have quick reflexes.
    Price: 250 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    In Tight Rope Treachery, there is a big tight rope stretching over the
    ocean. The 1 player is on this tightrope and must cross it going to the
    finish line. Meanwhile, the other 3 players are in little boats in the
    ocean beneath the tightrope. The objective for the 3 players is to shoot
    the 1 player with cannon balls to make that player fall down. To shoot
    cannon balls, press the "A" button. When the 1 player gets hit by a
    cannon ball, he will lose balance and stumble to the side. If that
    player is too close to the side when he gets hit, he will fall
    completely off of the rope and lose the game. In addition to the 3
    players shooting at him, the 1 player will also have to worry about the
    wind blowing him off of the rope. You can detect the wind by observing
    the direction of the leaves blowing by. If the 1 player falls into the
    sea, he loses 15 coins and the other players gain 5 coins each. If the
    1 player reaches the finish line, he gets 15 coins while the others lose
    5 coins each.
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    This Mini-game is very similar to Coin Block Blitz (see mini-game #5).
    This time, there are 9 blocks made of bricks that must be hit several
    times before they break. To hit a block, a player must stay under the
    block and jump up, hitting it with their head. Coins come out when the
    block is broken. There is also one player that has a big hammer. This
    player can swing the hammer either vertically (with the "A" button) or
    horizontally (with the "B" button). Swinging vertically can break the
    blocks with only one shot and squish other players. Swinging
    horizontally can hit other players and send them flying away from you.
    Anyone without a hammer can get the hammer by punching the player who
    has the hammer (with the "B" button) and taking the hammer. When you
    have the hammer, you move much slower than the other players... so other
    players can easily outrun you and take any coins from the blocks that
    you break. Another great strategy is to follow the hammer player around
    and get the coins from the blocks that he breaks (don't follow too
    closely or else you might get hit by the hammer). If you have the
    hammer, make sure that the coins don't go to other players when you
    break the block. Face the wall so that the coins don't go to others. The
    game ends when the time runs out and the players get to keep the coins
    they get. Be sure to hit the other players as much as possible :)
    #35 - CRANE GAME
    Price: 350 coins
    Type:  Chance game
    In this game, one player is the "crane" and the other three players act
    as little helpless toys. The crane moves around and grabs one of the
    other players (rapidly press the "A" button to grab and hold the
    player). Then the player must attempt to wiggle free by also rapidly
    tapping the "A" button. If the crane's tapping overpowers to tapping of
    the toy player, then the crane wins and gets 1/3 of all the toy
    player's coins. But if the toy player's tapping overpowers the tapping
    of the crane, the toy player brakes free and nobody gains or loses
    coins. The crane player can also chose to get a coin, coin bag, or
    treasure chest... but grabbing a player would get you more money. Go for
    the player with the most coins. But if that player has less than 30
    coins, you will be better off just getting a treasure chest. If you are
    grabbed by the crane, press the "A" button like crazy! You can really
    lose a lot of coins if you are taken by the crane. It might also help to
    scare the crane player away by tapping hard before he even tries to grab
    you... but that probably won't work.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 2 VS 2 GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  2 on 2 game
    In this mini-game, the screen is split in half vertically. The first
    team is at the left and the second team is at the right. Each team
    controls a handcar across a train track. To make this handcar go, the
    players must press the "A" button rapidly. The faster you press, the
    faster you go. Along the way there are many turns in the track. You AND
    your partner must use the control stick to turn the handcar left or
    right. The first team to reach the end is the winner. This mini-game
    really drains the energy out of your hand after a while so you'll get
    tired of tapping halfway through the race. Don't slow down! If you go
    too slowly you might not have enough power to get up a slope and you
    will roll down. Also make sure that you're partner is tapping fast too,
    you can't win this race with a lazy partner. When you come to a turn,
    be sure to let go of the controls stick after turning. Over-turning can
    cause you to fall off the track. You can see your position on the track
    by looking at the little icons at the center of the screen.
    Price: 300 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    There are two teams in this mini-game with two people in each team. One
    person gets to ride the boat and the other gets to be the diver. The
    diver's task is to dive underwater, get a treasure chest, and bring it
    back up to the surface (tap the "A" button to swim). This diver is
    connected to the boat above through a fishing line. The task of the
    person in the boat is to pull the diver up to the surface once he has
    a chest. The diver cannot get back up to the surface without the help of
    the "fisherman". Rotate the control stick to pull the diver back up. The
    game ends when the time runs out and each team gets to keep the coins
    they collected. The first thing you should do is to race for the huge
    chest at the bottom of the sea. This chest has 10 coins. It's pretty
    heavy so the team should work extra hard to bring it up to the
    surface... because you can drown if you take too long. If you're the
    diver, you might need to remind your partner when to pull you up. He
    might forget to do his job or pull you up at the wrong time.
    #38 - DESERT DASH
    Price: 150 coins
    Type:  2 on 2 game
    The screen is split in half vertically (like in Handcar Havoc). Each
    team has their own side of the screen. The 2 players in a team have
    their feet connected. Naturally, the two players must move their feet
    together to progress forward. And that's what you should do. During the
    race, there is a small symbol above the team's head. This symbol tells
    you to push the analog stick either left or right. Both players must
    follow this symbol in order to move their feet together and move
    forward. If the players do not move together, then they will both fall
    down and be delayed for a few seconds. The first team to reach the
    finish line is the winner. There is also a thwomp in the middle of the
    track. This thwomp can squash you if you stay under him for too long. To
    move faster, you can actually tilt the stick a split second before the
    symbol even changes. If you and you're partner move like this, you can
    easily reach is finish line in only a few seconds.
    Price: 300 coins
    Type:  2 on 2 game
    You can probably tell from the name that this is a little version of
    basketball. When you have the ball, move towards the goal with the
    analog stick and shoot with the "B" button. When you don't have the
    ball, get to the player that has the ball and steal it from him with the
    "B" button. The first team to make a basket is the winner. You should
    jump up *really* close to the basket when you try to shoot the ball.
    I have NEVER missed when I jumped up at the basket to shoot. Don't pass
    the ball to another player when you're far from him. Just be greedy and
    go for the basket yourself. Passing the ball just increases the chance
    of the other team stealing the ball. Also forget about trying to block
    the basket, this is ineffective. It's better to simply try stealing the
    ball directly from the player that has it. [NOTE: I know I referred to
    the bomb as the "ball". It just sounds more natural that way.]
    #40 - BOBSLED RUN
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  2 on 2 game
    In this 2 vs 2 mini-game, the screen is split in half horizontally and
    each team has their own half of the screen. In this game, you and your
    partner race to the finish line in a bobsled. At the start, you must push
    the bobsled forward by rapidly tapping the "A" button. When the bobsled
    is already sliding down the track, you stop pushing and hop into the
    bobsled. Now you should navigate the bobsled through the track without
    falling off. At some points there are red arrow marks on the ground.
    This is a zipper which makes you go faster when you cross over them. The
    first team to reach the finish line is the winner. The most important
    factor in winning the race is the push at the start. It can decide who
    gets a headstart and will greatly affect the outcome of the game. Try to
    hit the zippers as much as possible. When you are behind the other team
    trying to overtake them, be sure to GO AROUND them instead of just
    bumping into the back of their sled.
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 1 PLAYER GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    #41 - MEMORY MATCH
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    In this 1-player game, there are nine blocks arranged on the floor. Your
    task is to open up the blocks to form pairs. Do a hip jump (A + Z) to
    uncover the picture of a block. It goes like this: You uncover the first
    picture, then you uncover the second picture. If the pictures match,
    they stay open. If they don't match, then they are covered up again.
    Then the process starts over. If you find the Bowser picture, you will
    be stunned for a moment. When you uncover all 4 pairs (not the Bowser
    one), you win the game and gain 10 coins. If the time runs out before
    you match all the pairs, then you get 2 coins for each pair you made.
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  Success game
    There is a tower of blocks and thwomps in front of you. At the top of
    this tower there is the treasure chest! The thwomps of the tower move up
    and down, just like they do in normal Mario games. What you need to do
    is get the treasure chest at the top... but the tower is too high! So
    you need to make the tower shorter by breaking the *wooden boxes*. Break
    a wooden box by punching it with the "B" button. You'll need to jump to
    reach these boxes (jump with the "A" button, of course). If you touch a
    thwomp, you will bounce off of the tower and the game is finished. You
    win the game when you get the treasure chest. The time limit here is
    terribly short. You need to move quickly, but not too quickly! Trying to
    rush just makes you careless. Have good presence of mind here. When you
    are right in front of the block, punch it! Keep on practicing and you'll
    be able to clear this game easily.
    #43 - LIMBO DANCE
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Success game
    You know this, it's the limbo dance! There are some limbo poles in front
    of you. By pressing the "A" button, your character will make a little
    hop forward and lean back a bit. If you don't touch anything, the
    character will slowly return to standing position. What you need to do
    is tap the "A" button with a correct rhythm so that you will lean far
    back enough so that you can go under the poles but not completely far
    down backwards. This requires you to feel the correct beat of your
    hopping. If you're leaning too far back, you will start to wobble
    around. Pause for a split second to regain control. You win the game
    when you reach the goal without falling. At the beginning of the game,
    you should tap faster so that you will be leaning back far enough when
    you reach the first bar.
    #44 - SLOT MACHINE
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    Wow! A slot machine! There are three rotating things (I don't really
    know what they're called). You need to match 3 of the same picture in
    order to win. To stop the rotation, hit the block above you with your
    head (jump to it with the "A" button). If you match up 3 of the same
    picture you get some coins. Although it may seem impossible to some
    stupid people, you *can* actually see the individual pictures moving by
    and you can recognize their pattern. You might need good eyesight to see
    the picture when it goes by. Follow your target and get the rhythm of
    when you should press the button. The secret is all in the timing. The
    best pictures for you to go for are the chest and the hat (which give
    you 10 and 20 coins respectively).
    #45 - PEDAL POWER
    Price: 150 coins
    Type:  Success game
    In this mini-game, you are on a bicycle that is attached to a light
    bulb. As you pedal on the bike, the bulb starts to light up. If you
    pedal hard enough, the light bulb will be fully lit. While you pedal,
    there is a boo slowly heading towards you. Your job is to pedal hard
    enough and fast enough to light up the bulb before the boo gets to you.
    The boo will disappear when the bulb is fully lit. Rotate the control
    stick to pedal. This game relies your pure skill of rotating the control
    stick. Simply use your best analog spinning skills to win this game. You
    get 10 coins if you win. [NOTE: I don't think it matters which way you
    spin the stick, as long as you spin it.]
    #46 - WHACK A PLANT
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  Bonus game
    This game can really get you a lot of coins if played well. There are
    nine warp pipes in the room. Piranha Plants pop out of these pipes. What
    you need to do is jump on these Piranha Plants. You'll gain 1 coin for
    each plant you kill. At first, only 1 plant comes out of the pipes...
    then 2... then 3... and this continues until 8. There are a total of 36
    piranha plants, so you can get 36 coins if you kill them all! The best
    technique for getting them all is to bounce from one plant to another
    without even touching the ground. This method can kill many plants in
    just a short time. There are also some orange bumpers at the sides that
    you can use for bouncing to the other side... but there's really no need
    to use them at all.
    #47 - SHELL GAME
    Price: 200 coins
    Type:  Success game
    In this easy game, there are four Koopa shells. The treasure chest is
    placed in one of the shells. Then the shells are moved around really
    fast. You need to watch the shell with the treasure in it. When the
    shells are done being mixed up, you need to pick which shell has the
    treasure in it. You win 10 coins if you pick the correct shell. There
    are actually only two ways that the shells move. The first way the move
    is by spinning around really fast. The second way is when the shells
    switch places with the shell at the opposite side. Don't blink while the
    shells are moving! A single blink at the wrong time could cause you to
    lose the shell you were watching.
    #48 - GHOST GUESS
    Price: 100 coins
    Type:  Success game
    This game is a *little* similar to the Shell Game, but much harder. You
    are in the center of a ring of ghosts. These ghosts are slowly spinning
    around you and slowly getting closer to you. One of these ghosts is the
    leader... he moves ahead of the others (he does the action first). You
    need to pick which one of these ghosts is the leader. To pick, simply
    walk up to the ghost whom you think is the leader and touch him. The
    difference is pretty hard to spot between these ghosts, it's might help
    to look at the shadows instead of looking directly at the ghosts. If you
    take too long to pick, the ghosts will close in on you and you lose. But
    don't be impatient because that leads to carelessness. Also be sure of
    your movements when you touch the ghost. One time, I really *knew* which
    ghost was the leader but I touched the wrong ghost by accident >;(
    #49 - GROUND POUND
    Price: 50 coins
    Type:  Success game
    This is the easiest mini-game of all. There are 12 wooden stumps
    arranged in a field. Some of them have a flat top, the other stumps have
    a spiked top. For a few seconds at the start, you get to see which ones
    are flat and which ones are spiked. Then after a few seconds, some
    butterflies come and land on the stumps. Your objective now is to stomp
    on all of the flat topped stumps and avoid the spiked ones. Stomp on
    them by pressing A + Z. You have a rather long time limit here. Stomp on
    all of the flat-topped stumps to win 10 coins. If you stomp on a spiked
    stump, you will be temporarily stunned (you won't be out of the game).
    To make things even easier, you can even see some of the tops of the
    stumps under the butterflies! In fact, you can stomp on almost every
    stump and still win the game. The computer goes veeerrryyy slowly in
    this game and still wins!!!
    Price: 100 coins
    Type:  Success game
    In this game, there are a whole bunch of platforms (or towers) in front
    of you. When you stand at the edge of a tower, that tower will begin to
    lean in that direction. Before it falls down, you should jump to the
    next tower! You lose the game if you fall off of a tower into the dark
    abyss below. You win the game if you make it to the end without falling
    off. When jumping from one tower to the next, try to be as close to the
    edge of the tower as possible. This way there is a smaller gap that you
    need to jump over. Some of the towers have coin bags or coins on them...
    try to get to these towers to earn additional coins. You get 10 coins
    (plus any coins you may have picked up along the way) if you win the
    game. [NOTE: The first jump that you make in this game is a sort of
    "example" jump where you are jump automatically].
    #51 - BUMPER BALL MAZE 1
    Price: --
    Type:  --
    This is a "secret" mini-game. It can only be played in the mini-game
    house after you complete all of the mini-games in the mini-game island.
    Although it's called bumper ball maze, there is no bumping involved
    here. It's not even a maze! You are on a ball similar to the one used in
    the bumper balls mini-game. You need to reach the goal by following a
    very narrow path (using the analog stick to move). If you fall off the
    path, you lose. If you reach the goal, you win. It's pretty hard
    (especially at the *insanely* narrow path at the end). There is a
    shortcut at the lower right area, you may take it to get a better
    finishing time... but it might be better not to take the shortcut
    because it is very narrow and you can easily fall off. Be very sensitive
    with your analog stick movements, a slight wrong move could cause you to
    fall off! Take advantage of the thick paths by going fast at them, but
    be more careful at narrow paths and turns. My record for this game: 48
    #52 - BUMPER BALL MAZE 2
    Price: --
    Type:  --
    This is another secret mini-game that can only be played in the
    mini-game house after you finish all the games in the mini-game island.
    It's basically the same game as Bumper Ball Maze 1 except with a
    different course. Just continue using your best techniques that you use
    for Bumper Ball Maze 1. This course is quite long, so you might run out
    of time if you go too slow. There are THREE shortcuts this time, the
    first one is thick and easy to take, the other two are much narrower.
    The path at the top isn't too narrow, but it's very crooked. Be
    especially careful at that area. I often fall off at the very end part!
    My record for this game: 53 seconds.
    #53 - BUMPER BALL MAZE 3
    Price: --
    Type:  --
    This is yet another version of the Bumper Ball Mazes. Like the others,
    it can only be played in the mini-game house. To unlock this game, you
    must have first beaten the first 2 Bumper Ball Mazes with a record time
    (any time below 1:00). The maze is the longest and hardest of all! There
    are many turns that are a potential danger area. As always, be very very
    careful when going around a corner and during the end path. The path at
    the end of this maze is a *real* challenge. It is very narrow, it is
    very crooked, and you have the time limit to face. Anyway, good luck! My
    record for this game: 50 seconds.
    | 7) CHARACTERS                                                        |
    All of the characters in Mario Party are the same. They have no special
    abilities or advantages over each other... so you can pick any character
    you want and not worry about him being weaker. The character
    descriptions below are just based on people's general idea...
    Mario is obviously the most popular guy in the video game universe, but
    does he have what it takes to be the superstar of Mario Party? He isn't
    as strong as Wario or Donkey Kong, he isn't as tall as Luigi or Peach.
    But can he stand as the champion in this game?
    Luigi is Mario's ignored younger brother. He's spent his entire life
    hiding in Mario's shadow. The instruction booklet says he's smarter than
    Mario... is he really? Although he's always behind Mario, he still has
    his loyal fans who wait patiently for his rise to stardom. Can he be the
    superstar in this contest?
    Princess Peach is a player that only little girls would use. She looks
    like the weakest player. Wearing a pink dress and make-up, she
    definitely doesn't look very strong. Princess Peach has a burning hate
    for Bowser in her heart. Could her anger be turned into strength to win
    in this game?
    Donkey Kong is my personal favorite player. He looks very big and
    strong, making him look more powerful against the other characters. He
    isn't as popular as the other characters however. DK started out as
    Mario's enemy in the 1980's. Is he destined to be the superstar?
    Wario also started out as Mario's enemy...and it looks like he still is.
    He's certainly more cunning and sneaky than the other players. Even
    though he is a "bad guy" in many games, he has fans who await his return
    in a video game. Wario is my personal favorite character to use.
    Last but not the least, we have Yoshi. He has been Mario's friend from
    his beginning in Super Mario World (SNES). He's traveled with Mario in
    adventures ever since he was a baby. Yoshi is full of energy and rich
    with experience. Could he be the superstar?
    | 8) ITEMS                                                             |
    This section covers the items that can be bought in the mushroom shop.
    The "secret items" are hidden and must be unlocked before they are
    bought (see the secrets section for more details). So, here are the
    items as they are listed in the instruction booklet...
                          -= FOR USE IN BOARD GAMES =-
    PLUS BLOCK (200 coins):
    This is a dice block that appears randomly. When it appears, you receive
    the number of coins shown on the block. Obviously useful if you want
    more coins.
    MINUS BLOCK (100 coins):
    This is a dice block that appears randomly. When it appears, you LOSE
    the number of coins shown on the block. I have no idea why anyone would
    want to use this item.
    SPEED BLOCK (200 coins):
    This is a dice block that appears randomly. It only has the numbers 8
    through 10. Good to use if you want to travel far in a single turn.
    SLOW BLOCK (100 coins):
    This is a dice block that appears randomly. It only has the numbers 1
    through 3. I guess it's good to use if you don't want to move so far.
    Actually, nobody would want to use this item :P
    WARP BLOCK (200 coins):
    This is a dice block that appears randomly. When it appears, you trade
    places with another player. I've never really used this item, so I can't
    say much about it...
    EVENT BLOCK (200 coins):
    This is another dice block that appears randomly. When it appears,
    either Boo, Koopa Troopa, or Bowser will do something their event to you
    (Boo lets you steal, Koopa gives you 20 coins, Bowser takes 20 coins
    from you). A fun item to use for surprises (unless you get Bowser :).
                       -= FOR USE THE MINI-GAME HOUSE =-
    MECHA FLY-GUY (100 coins):
    You can only play this game in the mini-game house. You have only 10
    seconds to wind up a toy "fly guy" by rotating the control stick. When
    10 seconds are up, the fly guy starts to fly. The more times you rotated
    the stick, the further it will fly. If you rotate enough, the fly guy
    will land on the table and you win.
                       -= FOR USE IN THE OPTION HOUSE =-
    RECORD (50 coins):
    This items lets you listen to the music of Mario Party. To use it,
    select the jukebox in the option house and pick your song. It's a good
    item since Mario Party has pretty good music :)
    TALKING PARROT (50 coins):
    This cute parrot lets you listen to some random character voice samples.
    It's found in the option house. There's no way to pick which voice it
                                -= COIN BOXES =-
    You don't have to buy this item, you have it already when you begin the
    game. It holds you coins and doesn't have any special effect on your
    LUCKY BOX (400 coins):
    This is an upgrade to your original coin box. Instead of simply storing
    your coins, it gives you 10% interest! For example: If you earn 320
    coins in a game, then you get 32 extra coins for a total of 352 coins!
    CASINO BOX (300 coins):
    This is another upgrade to your original coin box. At the end of a game,
    you play the casino game to determine if you get double of half of the
    coins you earn. If you get "x2" then your coins are doubled. If you get
    "1/2" then your coins are halved. There's no effect if you get "-". I
    don't use it because my coins always get halved >:(
                               -= SPECIAL ITEM =-
    GAMEBALLS (300 coins):
    This item lets you play a random  mini-game in the mini-game house...
    even if you haven't discovered them in the regular Board Game play yet.
                               -= SECRET ITEMS =-
    MAGMA MOUNTAIN (980 coins):
    This is Bowser's "secret board". To make this board available in the
    shop, you must have played on all six of the regular adventure boards.
    Then you can buy Magma Mountain in the shop for 980 coins! It's the most
    expensive item. See the boards section for information.
    CREDITS (100 coins):
    This item allows you to see the ending credits as much as you want. It
    sucks because the ending is pretty stupid. I've only used it once out of
    my boredom.
    NO KOOPA (500 coins):
    When this item is used, Koopa will not appear on the game board to give
    you any coins for passing him. It doesn't work on some boards. I like
    Koopa and never used this item.
    NO BOO (500 coins):
    When this item is used, Boo will not appear on the board and you can't
    steal coins or stars from the other players. It doesn't work on some
    boards. I also like Boo and never used this item. Good if you want the
    game to be more "fair".
    | 9) SECRETS                                                           |
    - There is a secret adventure board in Mario Party called "Bowser's
    Magma Mountain". To get this board, you must have played on all six of
    the regular adventure boards (DK's Jungle Adventure, Peach's Birthday
    Cake, Yoshi's Tropical Island, Wario's Battle Canyon, Luigi's Engine
    Room, Mario's Rainbow Castle). Then Magma Mountain will be available for
    you to buy in the Mushroom Shop. It costs 980 coins. See the boards
    section for information about Magma Mountain.
    - Another secret board is "Eternal Star". To get this board, you must
    have gotten at least 100 stars from the other adventure boards. This
    does not include star that the computer gets. When you finally get 100
    stars, Bowser will come and steal them all! Bwa ha ha ha! Then you must
    go to Eternal Star to get them back from Bowser. See the boars section
    for more information about Eternal Star.
    - The Bumper Ball Mazes are secret mini-games that can only be played in
    the mini-game house. To get this, you must have completed all of the
    other mini-games in the mini-game island (including the goal). Then
    Bumper Ball Maze 1 & 2 will be available for you to play in the
    mini-game house (no need to buy them).
    - The third Bumper Ball Maze! To get this one you must have already
    gotten Bumper Ball Maze 1 & 2. Then you should complete both of them
    with a time under 1:00. Now you can play Bumper Ball Maze 3 in the mini-
    game house.
    - The "No Boo" and "No Koopa" are secret items that can be bought from
    the Mushroom Shop. These items allow you to play in the boards without
    Boo or Koopa. Who would want to do that?! Anyway... to get them, you
    must have completed the Eternal Star Board. Then you can buy it from the
    shop for 500 coins each.
    - This is another secret item that can be bought from the Mushroom Shop.
    It is available in the shop after you have completed the Eternal Star
    board. It costs you 100 coins. Use it in the Mushroom Bank. It can be
    used as much as you want (but the ending sucks... who would want this
    - This is actually a glitch that allows you to get loads of coins and
    stars without even playing. First, start a 1-player game in the mini-
    game stadium, and set the computer difficulty to the "hard" setting.
    Also give everyone a handicap of 50 coins at the start. Set the game to
    as many turns as possible. When the game starts, press start and turn
    yourself into a computer player. Now sit back and wait for the VERY LAST
    TURN. Just before the final mini-game, turn all 4 characters into human
    players. When the game ends, you will collect the coins and starts from
    all 4 players!!! That's A LOT of money!
    | 10) MINI-GAME ISLAND                                                 |
    In addition to the regular boards, Mario Party also features a mode of
    play called the "Mini-game Island". This is a 1-player game where the
    player goes through all 50+ mini-games in order, like the stages in the
    old Mario games. To progress to the next mini-game, you must accomplish
    the goal of the previous mini-game. Each time you beat a new mini-game,
    you earn one life. You lose a life when you lose a mini-game. You can
    also get an extra life when you get 100 coins. Here's a listing of the
    mini-games with their goals:
    1-1    Coin Block Blitz      Get 10 or more coins
    1-2    Coin Block Bash       Get 10 or more coins
    1-3    Coin Shower Flower    Get 20 or more coins
    1-4    Paddle Battle         Get 15 or more coins
    2-1    Memory Match          Match all of the pictures in the time limit
    2-2    Ground Pound          Pound all the flat-topped posts
    2-3    Limbo Dance           Reach the goal
    2-4    Musical Mushroom      Get the treasure chest
    2-5    Piranha's Pursuit     Reach the goal
    3-1    Crazy Cutter          Get 80 or more points
    3-2    Buried Treasure       Get the treasure chest
    3-3    Desert Dash           Win the race
    3-4    Tug 'o War            Pull the other team off the cliff
    3-5    Teetering Towers      Reach the goal
    4-1    Bobsled Run           Be the first team across the finish line
    4-2    Skateboard Scamper    Be the first to cross the finish line
    4-3    Handcar Havoc         Win the race
    4-4    Ghost Guess           Find the leader
    5-1    Cast Aways            Get 30 or more coins
    5-2    Shy Guy Says          Be the last one standing
    5-3    Bumper Balls          Be the last one alive
    5-4    Treasure Divers       Get 10 or more coins
    5-5    Bombs Away            Stay on the island until time runs out
    5-6    Deep Sea Divers       Get 15 or more coins
    5-7    Mushroom Mix-Up       Be the last one standing
    5-8    Tightrope Treachery   Cross the finish line
    6-1    Box Mountain Mayhem   Get 10 or more coins
    6-2    Pedal Power           Beat Boo
    6-3    Tipsy Tourney         Be the first to reveal the whole picture
    6-4    Hot Bob-omb           Don't hold the bomb when it explodes
    6-5    Bombsketball          Be the first team to score
    6-6    Hot Rope Jump         Jump 40 times
    7-1    Slot Machine          Get three of the same marks
    7-2    Crane Game            Grab one person and drop them in the pipe
    7-3    Pipe Maze             Get the chest
    7-4    Bowl Over             Knock down three bowling pin characters
    7-5    Whack-a-Plant         Get 25 or more coins
    7-6    Mario Bandstand       Be bathed in the spot light
    8-1    Running of the Bulb   Put the bulb in the socket
    8-2    Grab Bag              Get 15 or more coins
    8-3    Key-pa-Way            Open the door
    8-4    Balloon Burst         Be the first to burst your balloon
    8-5    Face Lift             Get 90 or more points
    8-6    Bash 'n Cash          Have at least 1 coin left
    9-1    Hammer Drop           Get 10 or more coins
    9-2    Slot Car Derby 1      Win the race
    9-3    Shell Game            Find the Koopa Troopa that has the treasure
    9-4    Knock Block Tower     Get the treasure chest
    9-5    Platform Peril        Cross the finish line first
    GOAL   Slot Car Derby 2      Win the race
    | 11) PRICES                                                           |
    Here's a list of the prices of the mini-games and items in Mario Party.
    This information is also included in other areas of the FAQ, but it's
    nice to have them all in one place for easy reference. Anyway, here it
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< MINI-GAME PRICES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Face Lift.....................400       Pipe Maze....................350
    Crazy Cutter..................150       Bash 'n Cash.................400
    Hot Bob-omb...................300       Tug-o-War....................150
    Musical Mushroom..............100       Bowl Over....................350
    Coin Block Blitz.............. 50       Paddle Battle................ 50
    Balloon Burst.................400       Coin Shower Flower........... 50
    Skateboard Skamper............200       Piranha's Persuit............100
    Box Mountain Mayhem...........300       Tight Rope Treachery.........250
    Platform Peril................450       Coin Block Bash.............. 50
    Mushroom Mix-up............... 50       Crane Game...................350
    Treasure Divers...............250       Handcar Havoc................200
    Grab Bag......................400       Deep Sea Divers..............300
    Bumper Balls..................250       Desert Dash..................150
    Tipsy Tourney.................300       Bombsketball.................300
    Bombs Away....................250       Bobsled Run..................200
    Mario Bandstand...............350       Memory Match................. 50
    Cast Aways....................250       Knock Block Tower............200
    Hammer Drop...................450       Limbo Dance.................. 50
    Shy Guy Says..................250       Slot Machine.................200
    Key-Pa-Way....................400       Pedal Power..................150
    Buried Treasure...............150       Whack a Plant................200
    Running of the Bulb...........400       Shell Game...................200
    Hot Rope Jump.................300       Ghost Guess..................100
    Slot Car Derby 1..............450       Ground Pound................. 50
    Slot Car Derby 2..............500       Teetering Towers.............100
            <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ITEM PRICES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                       Plus Block....................200
                       Minus Block...................100
                       Speed Block...................200
                       Slow Block....................100
                       Warp Block....................200
                       Event Block...................200
                       Mecha Fly Guy.................100
                       Record........................ 50
                       Talking Parrot................ 50
                       Lucky Box.....................400
                       Casino Box....................300
                       Magma Mountain................980
                       No Boo........................500
                       No Koopa......................500
    | 12) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                       |
    Q: Who's the best character to use?
    A: All of the characters have equal abilities. Nobody has an advantage
    or disadvantage over the other players. Even though it says some things
    in the instruction booklet that suggests some special abilities. DK and
    Wario look bigger, but they're really not. I prefer to use Wario
    because he looks cool :)
    Q: Where are the secret characters?
    A: Sadly, there are no secret characters in Mario Party. Just Mario,
    Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi. All of the characters have
    equal abilities anyway, so there's really no use of having secret
    characters in the first place! But Mario Party 2 (coming in 2000) will
    reportedly have some new characters. Next question...
    Q: Are there any secret mini-games?
    A: Actually, yes. There are three secret mini-games that can only be
    played in the mini-game house. These are the "Bumper Ball Maze" games.
    In order to access them, you must have beaten all of the spaces on the
    mini-game island, then you can play Bumper Ball Maze 1 and 2 in the
    mini-game house. You can access Bumper Ball Maze 3 after you beat the
    first two mazes.
    Q: Are there any cheat codes in the game for getting coins?
    A: Knowing Nintendo's ways, I'm pretty sure there are no cheat codes to
    skip through the game without doing anything! Nintendo encourages
    players to make it through the game themselves, instead of cheating
    through a game and saying that you beat it. But there is a sort of
    glitch to get lots of money... see the secrets section for that.
    Q: What's the use of the talking parrot?
    A: After you buy it from the mushroom shop, the talking parrot can be
    found at the option house. When you select him, he will mimic one of
    the character's sayings in the game. What this parrot says is
    completely random and you don't have any control over what he says.
    He's just there for fun... although he doesn't really provide much of
    it :P
    Q: What's the best way of rotating the control stick?
    A: There are different ways that work well for different people.
    Personally, I prefer to put the palm of my right hand on the control
    stick and rotate my whole hand counter-clockwise. But this makes my
    whole are get tired, especially during Pedal Power and Paddle Battle
    and Tug-o-War!!!
    Q: What's the best way to rapidly tap a button?
    A: Again, different methods work well for different people. For REALLY
    fast tapping, I rest the control in my lap and hold it in place with my
    left hand. Then put my right index finger over the button and strain my
    hand muscles to make me shake really fast. This works very well for
    Buried Treasure and Crane Game. You'll need to hold the controller
    normally for games where you must use the other buttons as well (like
    in Skateboard Scamper and Piranha's Persuit).
    Q: What's new in Mario Party 2?
    A: Mario Party 2 is obviously the sequel to Mario Party. Amazingly,
    Mario Party 2 was released only a year after the original...that's
    pretty fast considering that most N64 games take 2 years to complete.
    There are a few new mini-games, a few updated mini-games, and some mini-
    games were erased. There are a lot of new adventure boards. Bumper Balls
    is even more fun in Mario Party 2! This isn't an MP2 FAQ, so look
    elsewhere for more information...
    | 13) CREDITS & INFO                                                   |
    Special thanks to...
       - Nintendo for making this game
       - Gamefaqs.com for posting all my FAQs. This is my 4th so far.
       - Mr. Face for telling me to buy this game. Mr. Face never wrong!
       - My parents for buying the game for me
    You may freely place this document on non-profit websites without
    explicit permission from the author as long as (1) it is not modified at
    all and (2) I recieve full credit. Take note that any future
    updates will be sent only to gamefaqs.com.
    Before coming to me with questions, please make sure that it's not
    already answered in this guide. And make sure you're looking at the most
    recent version of the guide (always available at www.gamefaqs.com). All
    feedback goes to mpgonzalez@gmail.com.
    For news about the progress of my FAQs, and announcements of future
    projects, visit my site at http://www.geocities.com/coffeefaqs.
    Copyright (c) Michael Gonzalez 2004

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