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    Board FAQ by Mark R

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    ----------- Mario Party FAQ -----------
        Author: hyrule_hero64@hotmail.com
                   Mark R
    1. The Boards Themselves
    2. Other Stuff
    3. Copyright Junk
    1. The Boards Themselves
    Obviously, this is the main part of the game. So when your mates come round 
    you'll want to cane them to oblivion, and it'll be easier with a little help 
    from this guide.
    Difficulty Rating: >1<
    This is the easiest board in the whole game. It's quite a short board, and 
    stars come thick and fast. It shouldn't pose much of a problem.
     --If you have enough money, try and always pay the Thwomps to let you go 
    through, rather than take the longer route. You may waster 10 coins but it'll 
    be worth it in the long run.
     --The Thowmps move after you pay them, so remember that.
     --There are two Boo's on this board, one before Bowser, and one right near 
    the edge of the board on the far side. This comes in very handy when a star's 
    in the middle of the board.
     --Whatever you do, don't land on a ? square. A massive boulder will chase you 
    back to the start!
     --Bowser only takes 10 coins in this board, so don't worry if you are forced 
    to pass him to get the star.
    What happens when you complete the board?
    You find the hidden treasure, golden bananas. Despite the fact that they're in 
    an obvious stone box, no-one found them before you.(?)
    Difficulty Rating: >1<
    A nice little castle in the clouds, and this time, Toad stays in one place. 
    That's both bad and good, depending on your luck, because...
     --Every time someone gets a star, Toad dissapears and Bowser takes his place. 
    By landing on a ? square, they will swap around again. So use your map to plan 
    ahead, as Bowser takes a whopping 40 coins if you meet him. And you don't want 
    that to be you. However, with planning, every time you pass Koopa you may get 
    a star, which is handy.
     --When you get to the first junction, go left if you have 50 or more coins to 
    go to Boo, otherwise save time and go right.
     --If you are still stuck due to the Bowser/Toad swapping, when an opponent is 
    close behind or in front of you, go down the right path near the end and 
    hopefully, seeing you take the long path, they will take the other path. Also, 
    down the right path there is a ? square aswell as one player mini-game.
    What happens when you complete the board?
    A rainbow bridge appears.
    Difficulty Rating: >2<
    I hate this board. There is no fixed pattern of moving about the board, and it 
    possible to get round the whole board seeing Boo, getting a star and passing 
    Koopa. Therefore, a lot of it is really random, and it just gets tedious in 
    the end. Avoid this board as a multiplayer one.
     --Try not to land on a ? square. It'll just change the cannon co-ordinates 
    and mess the everything up again. Groan.
     --Only go to Bowser if you are very good at one player games and are confident
    that you will continue to get low numbers.
     --The Fly Guy is pretty useless, only use if an opponent is very near to Toad.
     -- Don't play this board more than once. 
    What happens when you complete the board?
    You stop a civil war in Wario's Canyon. Who cares?
    Diffiuculty Rating: >2<
    This board is nice and short, and generally good fun for two players. The only 
    bit you'll need to worry about is the Seed Lottery, but you have a three in 
    four chance of getting to see Toad, so that's okay. A fairly fun board and 
    leads you into to 2 difficulty nicely.
     --After all the seeds have been used up on the lottery, every time you land 
    on a ? square, the little mushroom geezer will try and sell you a Pirhana 
    plant. Buy at least one, the nearer the beginning the better. 
     --Toad stays in the same place all the time, so as long as you have thirty 
    coins by the time you get to the flower lottery, you should get one. 
     --There are very few actual difficulties in this board, as once you pass the 
    seed lottery successfully, there's just a simple loop round back again.
     --At the seed lottery, the computer generally picks the seed colour nearest 
    to that of their character eg. Luigi - green, DK - yellow(nearest to light 
    brown) It usually works and is a good tactic to folow, as the COM rarely goes 
    to see Bowser. 
    What happens when you complete the board?
    Errm, the cake gets finished.
    Difficulty Rating: >2<
    In this board there are two 'loops' which you can go round. One leads to 
    Bowser, one to Toad. The one for Toad is across the bridge, so remember to 
     --I've already said about the loop, and to cross the bridge you need to pay 
    the Thwomps. Every time someone crosses, they charge an extra coin. So, if you 
    have lots of money and your opponents are behind you and have little money, 
    pay them more than they ask and your opponent will not be able to follow you 
    to the star loop.
     --Avoid stepping on the ? squares at all costs. When you do, Bowser and Toad 
    swap places, and you don't want to be stuck in the loop with Bowser.
     --One last thing, Toad stays in the same place all the time. So as long as 
    no-one steps on a ? square it is possibly that every two or three goes you can 
    get another star.
    What happens when you complete the board?
    The two Yoshis are reunited by a bridge of stars you collected.
    Difficulty Rating: >3<
    The first board that has three star difficulty is not as diffcult as it 
    really seems. Even though the stars may be very spread about, they aren't 
    very difficult to get, really. 
     --Avoid Bowser. He is well away from you and takes 19 coins.(Well, he takes 
    20 and pays you 1)
     --Remember that all the pipes take you to the same exit pipe, near Boo.
     --Every go, the doors close. This is useful and use it to you advantage.
     --When you get to the little door changing things, pay ask to Check Map, and 
    if an opponent is near to a star, close or open the door, still remembering 
    that the doors open and close every go.
    What happend when you complete the board?
    The engine starts again.
    Difficulty Rating: >3<
    "What? I don't have that board! Has my copy gone wrong?"
    No, it's not you. This is the first secret board, and to get it, just finish 
    every other board, and then the key appears in the shop, and it costs 980 
    And that shouldn't be to difficult with this FAQ.
     --Arrgh! Keep the hell away from Bowser, as every time you pass him he takes 
    a star. Boo!
     --This board is pretty big. Keep looking at your map to see where Toad is.
     --It's always worth taking the roulette if you want ot get ahead of the 
    compettion, or you want to get the star first.
     --Do not step on the ? squares. It changes all the blue squares to red ones 
    for two goes. Very annoying!
    What happens when you complete the board?
    The volcano erupts and Bowser is shot into the air and lands on his back. The 
    winner gets to jump on him!
    Difficulty Rating: >3<
    To get this board, get Magma Mountain, then get 100 stars. Go to the bank and 
    there'll be a surprise waitng for you...
     --Don't go near Bowser, as he changes the co-ordinates of the transporters.
     --Stars are fairly easy to get on this borad, as you only have to get more 
    than the 'co-horts'.
     --Always, always check your map.
     --The only other help I can offer here is to not land on ? squares unless 
    your opponent is near to a star, and you are well ahead on coins and stars, 
    because if you do, Bowser sends you all back to the beginning of the board.
    2. Other Stuff
    Bumper Ball Maze 1: 
    Everyone loves the mini-game Bumper Balls. To get the Bumper Ball Maze, just 
    get to the Goal on Mini-Game Island and beat Toad at Slot Car Derby 2.
    Bumper Ball Maze 2: 
    To get the second in the series, beat all 50 games on Mini-Game Island, then 
    go speak to Toad.
    Bumper Ball Maze 3: 
    o get the third and final one in the Bumper Ball Maze series, set records on 
    the other two.
    Easy Wins: 
    Whether you want coins or stars, an easier way to get them is this :-
    Well, you know that at the end of a game, only the player stars or coins go 
    into the bank. So plug in four pads and on the last turn, hit start, go into 
    Controller Settings, and set everyone to a number, not COM. Everything will go 
    into your bank. And if you have the Lucky Box, you can get intrest of upwards 
    of 50 coins. Once, me and my brother got 99 coins intrest.
    Or, set all opponents to Hard, and leave them to it, and one the final turn, 
    switch em back to pads. This works on boards or the Mini Game Stadum.
    3. Copyright Junk
    As usual, this FAQ is automatically protected by International Copyright Law. 
    But, feel free to use this on your page as long as it is not altered in any 
    way, and you don't call in your own. I get around and will catch you.
    If you do use it on your site, please email me so I can check out your site! 
    If I like it I could link to you from my page.
    Anyway, I will write some more FAQ's later so watch out for MarkR on other FAQ 
    Mark R

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