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    Mini-Game Guide by ComoStark

    Updated: 02/06/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: ComoStark@aol.com
    Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 21:43:01 EST
    Mario Party
    This is my Mario Party Mini Game Guide
    2 vs. 2 Minigames
    Deep Sea Divers
        1 person is in the boat and the other in the blue.  The one in the water
    dives for the chest while the other moves the boat so the swim back is shorter
    leaving more time to grab more.
    Desert Dash
        What this game is, is cross contry skiing in the desert.  You work togeth
    with you're teammate by moving your feet.
        All this minigame is is basketball.  If you start with the bomb  --er
    ball, allow your teammate to run interference while you shoot the easy jump
    Handcar Havoc
        Tear down the track at top speed.  When the car comes up on two wheels,
    push the control stick the opposite way so you don't fall into the lava.
    Bobsled Run
        Work together to be the first on the track for an advantage.  To get ahead
    watch for the zip pads.
    1 vs. 3 Minigames
    Bash n' Crash
        One player is in a Bowser suit and the others whack you with hammers to
    get coins.  Be very fast on your feet to win.
    Tug o' War
        One player is dressed up like Bowser and is against the other three.
    Rotate your control stick quickly to pull on the rope.
    Bowl Over
        One player has the shell and the others are mixed in with the pins.  Knock
    em' down and win.
    Piranha's Pursuit
        You run from a plant while the others feed it rain.  Stupid to me, but
    Coin Shower Flower
        You are on a flower on a pedistal while the others circle around it on a
    river.  Coins rain down but to win them you must stay on the flower.
    Coin Block Blast
       You have a hammer and you use it to stop the others from breaking the boxes
    and getting coins.
    Pipe Maze
       You pick which pipe the coins will come from and the others set up.  If you
    don't pick the right one just say Bye-Bye money.
    Paddle Battle
        Your on one side of a raft and the others are on the other.  Paddle
    quickly or get bonked by Shy Guys and lose coins.
    Tight Rope Treachery
        You're on a tight rope.  Get to the other side to get coins while the
    others try to knock you off with connonballs.
    4-Player Minigames
    Face Lift
        Like at the beginning of Super Mario 64, change Bowser's face to look like
    the one in the middle of the screen.
    Skateboard Scamper
        While dashing to the other side you'll be jumping over blocks, watching
    for hanging coins, and not falling off.  Whew!
    Crazy Cutter
        Use you're jackhammer to trace over the picture on the floor.
    Balloon Burst
        Blow up and pop Bowser's balloon first
    Hot Bob'omb
        Just like Hot Potato.  Pass around the bomb and don't be the holding it.
    Box Mountain Mayhem
        There's a hill of boxes and you have to break the to try to find coins,
    but some will bounce you away from the hills.
    Platform Peril
        Climb up the stairs before the blocks fall out from under you and watch
    out for the sliding pyramids.
    Mushroom Mix-up
        Jump on the color mushroom when Toad says it befor the other one falls out
    from under you.
    Treasure Divers
        Find as many chest as you can while dodging the shark and jelly fish.
    Grab Bag
        You have a money bag, they have a money bag.  Steal their money by
    watching yours
    Bumper Balls
        Bump your opponints off of the small platforms.
    Tipsy Tourney
        Move along the platform and uncover the hidden picture.
    Bombs Away
        Stay on the platform while dodging Shy Guy bombs.
    Mario Bandstand
        If you conduct, make up the notes.  If not, play only when you're told to.
    Cast Aways
        Cast at three rows of coins and try to collects lot's of money.
    Hammer Drop
        Collect coins from the hammer brother while watching out for hammers flung
    down at you.
    Shy Guy Says
        Follow the Shy Guys flag signals by pressing the A and B buttons.
        Pass the key around and get to the lock while looking out for the baddies.
    Work Together!
    Buried Treasure
        Bury around the ground while uncovering underground signs looking for the
    Running Of The Bulb
        Pass around the bulb to plug it in so it scares away Big Boo.
    Hot Rope Jump
        Clear the fiery rope 20 times to win the coins.
    Slot Car Derby
        Win the race by going around the course three times.
    1 Player Minigames
    Memory Match
        9 squares, 4 matches.  You have thirty seconds to find those matches.
    Knock Block Tower
        Knock out all of the wooden boxes while watching out for the Thwomps to
    get the coin chest.
    Limbo Dance
        Make it through the limbo dance to win the coins.
    Slot Machine
        Have fun at the casino!
    Petal Power
        Petal quick to start the light to scare off Big Boo.
        Whack the Pirahna Plants to win coins
    Shell Game
        Should be called the Don't Blink Game, you find the shell with the chest
    under it.  Too bad you only get one chance.
    Ghost Guess
        Guess which ghost is real by watching their shadows.
    Ground Pound
         Pound the poles.  But, butterfleis cover them.  So, you say, some are
    sharp poles that make you lose coins.
    Teetering Towers
        Jump across the ten towers to get the coins
    Chance Game
        Stomp underneath the block to get the faces to stop.  This minigame could
    change every score of every player.

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