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    FAQ/Walkthrough by peach freak

    Version: 1.75 | Updated: 08/03/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Party 2 FAQ
    For the Nintendo 64 System.
    Written by peach freak or peachfreak90@hotmail.com.
    Copyright 2005-2014 Tim Brastow. All Rights Reserved.
    Version 1.75
    Welcome! This FAQ is for Mario Party 2. This will cover everything in the game. 
    But if you still have any help, questions, comments, or if I make a mistake, 
    email me at peachfreak90@hotmail.com. Once questions are asked, I will put up 
    an Asked Questions section.
    Also, this guide is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this on 
    your site without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law. You 
    can however, save this onto something like My Documents or print it out for 
    LEGAL use.
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Story
    3. Characters
    4. Items 
    5. Spaces
    6. Rules
    7. Boards 
    8. Mini Game Land
    9. Mini Games
    10. Unlockables
    11. Credits
    1. Version History
    Version 1.00, January 23, 2005: Finished the first version of my FAQ and 
    uploaded it.
    Version 1.35, January 25, 2005: Added a Rules section to this guide, added 
    Driver's Ed to the mini game list at the bottom, and added the Option Lab to 
    the boards section (I had nowhere else to put it).
    Version 1.50, August 17, 2007: Fixed up some things in this guide, as well as 
    being more descriptive in some of my sections, such as Spaces and Boards.
    Version 1.75, August 2, 2014: Re-wrote my descriptions for the boards so that 
    they would be much more informative.
    2. Story
    One day, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, DK, and Yoshi all find a new land. They 
    decided to name it Mario Land. Everybody agreed on it except for one person: 
    Wario. He decided to come down and change the name into Wario Land. Only he 
    agreed on the name. So, 5 of the 6 character decided to argue while 1 person 
    stayed out of the fight: Peach. She thought up with a name and called it Peach 
    Land. Nobody agreed on it, and they went back to fighting (that's why they all 
    Until a terrible thing happened. Bowser came in and started attacking Marion 
    Land. A Koopa Troopa saw Bowser and decided to tell Mario and the whole group. 
    He tried to tell them but nobody would listen. After rambling and rambling Toad 
    decided to break up the fight. He said whoever defeats Bowser will become the 
    Super Star and can name the land (you never do that, it's still called Mario 
    Land). So the whole gang went out after Bowser.
    3. Characters
    Mario = The main character of the game, and the hero of Mushroom Kingdom. His 
    item of choice is the Mushroom, the item he frequently buys in the item shop.
    Luigi = Mario's younger brother. In most other games, he runs slower and jumps 
    higher, but not in this one. This guy always annoys me in the game, and his 
    item of choice from the item shop is the Skeleton Key. 
    Princess Peach = The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, kidnapped by Bowser 
    several times. Many people see her as annoying for two reasons. One is because 
    of her high pitched annoying voice, and the other is because her item of choice 
    is a Plunder Chest, really annoying people when she uses it. That is, if she is 
    a computer character. 
    Yoshi = Possibly the most popular character in the game, I don't know why. 
    Maybe because of his big, round eyes, or the cool help he's given Mario in the 
    past. The only thing to watch out is that his item of choice is a Warp Block, 
    so if he warps with you, he could mess up your careful plans. His other 
    favorite item of choice is a Boo Bell, he commonly wins this as a computer 
    Wario = Mario's rival. He loves being greedy with coins and loves dueling, so 
    his favorite item is obviously a Dueling Glove. This could be an advantage or 
    disadvantage on you, if you are a good dueler or not, and if he tends to duel 
    for many coins.
    DK = An ape back from when Mario first started. He thinks he's so tough he 
    could kick the crap out of Bowser any day. So, this means he loves getting a 
    Bowser Bomb, which can get very annoying. 
    Other Characters
    These are character you cannot play as, but they serve important roles in the 
    game, both in the board and out of the board.
    Toad = A mushroom who guides you throughout the game. In Mini Game Land, in the 
    boards, you name it. He gives out all of the stars and the bonus stars in each 
    of the game (except Bowser Land).
    Bowser = The villain of the game. He has his own space on each of the boards 
    and does lots of bad things in the boards, some may be good at few times. He 
    always gets beaten by the superstar at the end of each board.
    Baby Bowser = Bowser's little troops of Baby Bowsers. They are on each of the 
    boards and they appear where the star used to be. If you pass one, they will 
    take 5 coins from you, or give you 5 coins on very rare occasions. He is also 
    the host of Bowser Land.
    Koopa Troopa = These turtles have a big role in the boards too. They predict 
    the winner in the final 5 turns, and give them a 10 coin present (a Whomp may 
    do it on different times, although they will always choose Mario to win, no 
    matter what rank he is at). They are also at Koopa Banks and Item Shops, both 
    are useful places.
    Boo = He is on every board too. If you pay him 5 coins he will steal coins from 
    a selected character and give them to you. You can also pay him 50 coins and he 
    will steal a star from a character and give it to you. A very nice character in 
    the game.
    Goomba = The host of Battling and Duel Mini Games. He will give away all of the 
    coins at the end of a Battle Mini Game and tell you the rules of the Duel and 
    Battle Mini Games. He collects coins before a Battle Mini Game and tells you 
    how many are up for grabs. 
    Woody = A tree in Mini Game Land. He sells you mini games that you have played 
    at least once while playing any board during the game. He will also unlock 
    secret mini games for you when you have completed certain taks.
    Board Exclusive Characters
    Mr. Shark = found only on Pirate Land, Mr. Shark will give you a ride for 5 
    coins to a different part of the map when you land on a blue space that is 
    located next to a dock. And this isn't optional either. Even if you have less 
    than 5 coins, he'll give you a ride anyway for however many coins you have.
    Thwomp = These blue cubes block alternate paths in Pirate Land. You can pay 
    them 1 coin to take their shortcuts. Each time you pay, the price increases by 
    one coin. You can also use the control stick to increase the price when paying.
    Whomp = These guard alternate paths in Horror Land. You can pay them 5 coins to 
    move out of the way and let you take the path. If you choose the opposite field 
    when running into one of these characters, they will move over and block the 
    path you just took. During the nighttime, Whomps are unable to move and you 
    must take the opposite path.
    Snifit = These are found in Space Land. If you pay them 5 coins, they will be 
    on duty. Upon stepping on a happening space, a car will chase you, but the 
    Snifit will chase the car down and you will end up in a totally different part 
    of the map. Useful for when you need to get to one other place quickly.
    4. Items 
    These are all of the items in the game. You can either buy them from the item 
    shop or win certain ones from Item Mini Games. You can also hold one item at a 
    time, so be quick using them if you want another. 
    Mushroom = You can buy these at the Item Shop for 10 coins, or win them in an 
    Item Mini Game. When you use one of these, you will roll two dice blocks, 
    allowing you to get a total of 20. If you get doubles, Toad will give you a 10 
    coin present. If you get double 7s, Toad will give you a 20 coin present.
    Skeleton Key = You can buy these for 10 coins at the item shop, or win them an 
    in Item Mini Game. These can be used to open locked doors in a board to get to 
    secret areas or shortcuts, and to get to useful things like Big Boo in Horror 
    Land. If you unlock a door, you can still take the other path if you want to go 
    the other way.
    Plunder Chest = This is why many of the people hate Princess Peach. You can buy 
    these at an Item Shop for 15 coins, or win one from an Item Mini Game. If you 
    use one of these, it will steal another player's item and give it to you, and 
    you can still use it on the same turn. If more than one player has an item, it 
    will randomly steal one item. If you use it when nobody else has an item, it 
    will get nothing and be discarded. Can be useful at many times.
    Warp Block = You can buy this at an Item Shop for 15 coins or win it in an item 
    Mini Game. These item can be both useful and useless. If you use it, you will 
    switch locations with someone random on a map. This can be good or bad, as it 
    could stop someone from getting a star, getting you closer to where you want to 
    be, etc. Or it could be bad, warping with someone 1 or on the same space as 
    you, being on the worst part of the map, etc.
    Dueling Glove = You cans but this at an Item Shop for 15 coins or win it in an 
    Item Mini Game. When you use this, the Battle/Duel Goomba will come and take 
    you to a duel. You pick who you want to duel and for how many coins (you can go 
    up to how many coins you or he has). The mini game you play is based on the 
    board you are playing in. If you win, you get your coins and the dueler's 
    coins, and if you lose, you lost the coins you dueled for to the other player.
    Golden Mushroom = You can buy this at an Item Shop for 20 coins or win it in an 
    Item Mini Game. Better than a Mushroom, but more expensive. When you use this, 
    you will be able to roll three dice blocks, and you could get you up to a 30 
    when being added up. If you role triples, Toad will give you a 20 coin present. 
    If you get triple 7s (my little brother pulled this off once), Toad will give 
    you a 50 coin gift! Very nice, but very hard to do. 
    Magic Lamp = You can buy these at an Item Shop for 30 coins or win it in an 
    Item Mini Game. Either way it's still a pretty rare item. When you use this, 
    the Genie of Mushroom World comes out of the lamp and takes you to Toad. If you 
    have 20 coins you can buy the star from Toad, otherwise tough luck.
    Item Mini Game Items
    These are items you can only get at Item Mini Games. 
    Bowser Bomb = The worst item in the whole game. If you get this, it is 
    automatically used when the last player of the turn rolls. Baby Bowser will 
    take the Bowser Bomb and turn into Bowser. Bowser will roll three dice blocks 
    and that is how many steps he advances ahead. If he gets to you, he will take 
    all of your coins. Just hopes he gets a low number and doesn't get to you.
    Boo Bell = A pretty neat item you can only win in an Item Mini Game. If you win 
    this, you can use the item to signal over Boo. From where you are, pay him 5 
    coins to take coins from somebody else, or pay 50 coins to take a star from 
    somebody else and to give it to you. 
    Bowser Suit = Don't worry, it's completely different from the Bowser Bomb. If 
    you use it, you will wear a Bowser Suit, but only roll one dice block still. If 
    you get to a player, you can steal 20 coins from them! If you get to Baby 
    Bowser on the map, he will think you are Bowser and give you all of the coins 
    he took from other players during the whole game, which can be pretty cool. 
    Useful if you can use it correctly. This item has extra effects in Bowser Land. 
    For example, passing by a parade office will allow you to change the parade 
    routes for free and passing by a Bowser bank will cause the bank to give you 20 
    5. Spaces
    These are the spaces you can land on during any of the boards. If you land on 
    the same space as somebody else in the last 5 turns, you will duel them 
    Blue Space = If you land on this, you will get 3 coins (6 in the last 5 turns).
    Red Space = If you land on this, you will lose 3 coins (6 in the last 5 turns).
    Happening Space = This is basically a "?" space on the boards. If you land on 
    this, something random will happen, and it depends on what board you are 
    Pirate Land: The ships near the bridge will fire cannon balls to all players on 
    the corresponding bridges and knock them back to start.
    Western Land: Steamer the train will move up to the next station and if he hits 
    any players, they will go back to start.
    Space Land: Causes the Whomp/Thwomp speeders to chase you and any other players 
    in their path to a different part of the map. If a Snifit is out on patrol, 
    they will chase the speeders down and you'll end up in a different part of the 
    Mystery Land: You will warp to the next part of the map, in clockwise order.
    Horror Land: Changes from day to night or vice versa.
    Bowser Land: If you are next to a warp pipe, you will take the warp pipe to a 
    different part of the map. If you are in the middle of the map, you will enter 
    a wheel of spaces. Stepping on a happening space inside the wheel will let you 
    go back outside.
    Treasure Chest = Landing on this lets you play the Item Mini Game. The mini 
    game you play depends on what board you are at. Refer to my Mini Games section 
    for the 6 Item Mini Games you can play.
    Lightning Space = If you land on this, Goomba will come down and call for a 
    Battle Mini Game. He will tell you the entrance fee which will be either 10, 
    20, 30, or 50 coins, the amount everybody needs to pay (if they don't have 
    enough they are still in the mini game). You will play a battle mini game and 
    you must finish in at least second place to earn coins. If you finish in first 
    place, you get 70% of all the coins pitched in. If you finish in second place, 
    you will get 30% of the coins. If the amount of coins multiplied by .70 do not 
    go in evenly, 1 coin will go to any random player.
    Bowser Space = One of the worst spaces you can land on. You will meet Bowser 
    and you will spin his roulette. Press A to stop it. It will land on one of 
    these events.
    xx Coins for Bowser: The xx is the number. You will pay Bowser 10, 15, 20, or 
    30 coins. If you do not have any coins on you, Bowser will feel sorry for you 
    and give you 10 coins.
    Bowser's Chance Time: You play Chance Time (Bowser's edition). Same as the 
    original, except Bowser is always the one receiving coins and the blocks spin 
    ridiculously fast. The player will pay Bowser 3, 10, 20, 30, or 40 coins.
    Bowser's Coin Potluck: Each player will pay Bowser 10, 15, 20, or 30 coins. The 
    farther you get into the game, the more coins he will take from all players.
    Bowser Revolution: Bowser will equalize all of your coins, and every player 
    will have the same amount of coins. This can be good or bad if you have a lot 
    or little coins. This is done so by adding all of the player's coins and then 
    dividing by four.
    Bowser's Appearing Act: Just like the Bowser Bomb effect. Bowser will appear at 
    the end of the turn, roll 3 dice blocks, and if he comes across anybody, he 
    will take all of their coins. The space Bowser starts at is the same space Baby 
    Bowser is located.
    Bowser's Multiplying Toads: Bowser will put two Toads on the map. One is real 
    Toad and the other Toad is fake. If you buy a star from the fake Toad, you'll 
    get the message "Here's your shining star!" and Baby Bowser will reveal 
    Note that if it lands on any writing in Gold (like 100 star present, 10,000 
    coin present, etc), Bowser will run away and not do anything).
    Chance Time = This is basically the "!" space on the boards. If you land on 
    this, you will play a game called Chance Time. There are 3 blocks. Each will 
    make an event happen after all 3 are hit. The middle block has an arrow 
    pointing either right or left with a drawing on it (players trade stars, give x 
    amount of coins, trade coins + stars, etc). This can be good or bad. Each time 
    you hit a block the other 2 spin faster.
    Koopa Bank: Two things happen with these. If you come across one, you must 
    deposit 5 coins into the Koopa Bank (or if you have less than 5), and he will 
    tell you how many coins are in the reserves after each deposit. If you land on 
    it, you will receive all the coins in the bank! There's almost no limit on how 
    many coins can be held in.
    Item Shop: Getting to one doesn't count as a space though. If you get to one, 
    you can choose to buy an item. They will have random items available at times, 
    but the Mushroom and Skeleton Key will always be sold there.
    6. Rules
    Here are the main rules of Mario Party 2.
    First, you select a board in the main lobby, or go to the Mini Game Land or 
    Option Lab. If you select a board, you will go into a pipe. First, you will 
    pick how many players there will be (1 player, 3 computers, 2 players, 2 
    computers, 3 player, 1 computer or 4 players). Then you select your character. 
    After that you set the computer character's skill level, or you can set them 
    separately. Then, you will choose how many turns you want to play on the board. 
    You can select 20, 35, or 50. A full turn is played when all 4 players roll and 
    the Mini Game is done. Then, you select if you want a bonus or no bonus. This 
    means if you want Toad to give out 3 bonus stars at the end of the game.
    In the boards, you will start by rolling a dice. Whoever gets the highest 
    number goes first and whoever gets the lowest goes last. The lowest number is 1 
    and the highest is 10. Each character goes and lands on a random space (there 
    are all sorts of spaces, see my spaces section for more info). Mini Games are 
    determined by this: Every time someone lands on a space, their color on the 
    screen (where it shows their coins, stars, and rank) will go either blue (for 
    blue spaces), red (for red or Bowser spaces), or green (for item game, battle 
    mini game, bank, happening space). If you are green, your color will randomly 
    change to blue or red after all four players go. 
    There are 3 types of mini games, 4 player, 1 on 3, or 2 on 2. A 4 player is 
    played if all 4 players have a red or a blue, and it's every man for 
    themselves. A 1 on 3 is played if 1 player has a blue and the rest have reds, 
    or if 1 has red and the rest have blues. This is a team of 3 against a single 
    player. A 2 on 2 is played when 2 players have a red and 2 have a blue. This is 
    when 2 players verse another two. The mini game is selected at random and the 
    roulette stops on its own.
    When you pause the game, you will have a lot of options you can do. Change 
    someone's controller settings (or adjust the computer's difficulty level and 
    switch a computer to a play and vice versa), change how fast the computer talk 
    to people, save your game (you can either save after every turn or one turn), 
    and you can load it up in the main lobby any time, and it can be used without 
    it going away. You can quit the game, set if you want a mini game description 
    or not before you play, or resume. 
    For the last 5 turns, Toad will announce the ranks and a Koopa or Whomp will 
    come and predict the winner. Whoever they predict will receive 10 coins. Also, 
    red and blue spaces will be doubled (you gain/lose 6 instead of 3), and if a 
    player lands on the same space on another player, they will duel. On the last 
    turn, Item Shop and Item Mini Game will be closed. At the end of the last turn, 
    Toad will hand out 3 stars. The Mini Game star, the Coin Star, and the 
    Happening Star. The Mini Game star goes to the player who won the most coins 
    out of Mini Games. The Coin star goes to the player who had the highest amount 
    of coins at one time, NOT the most coins they had at the end of the game. The 
    happening star goes to the player who landed on the "?" space more times. Up to 
    3 players can win this if there is a tie, and if it's a 4-way tie, Toad will 
    not give out the star. If there is a tie for a rank (having the same amount of 
    coins and stars), Toad will issue a tiebreaker by dice rolling. Whoever gets 
    the higher number gets the higher rank. 
    At the end of the ending movie, all of the players coins and stars will be 
    added into the bank. Each star is worth 50 more coins into your bank, so you 
    can get a lot of coins like this. 
    7. Boards
    In Mario Party 2, there are 6 boards you can play in, and one as being an 
    unlockable. Each board has its own events, designs, difficulties, strategies, 
    and so on.
    Rules Land = Not a board, but this is where you go if you want to know the 
    rules of the game. They will explain each space and how mini game teams are set 
    up. If you are extremely new to the Mario Party series, I recommend going here 
    Pirate Land  
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Despite the difficulty of this board being one star, this can be a rather 
    difficult board to navigate around. The goal of this board is to get to the 
    buried treasure before Captain Bowser can steal it.
    There are three separate islands in this board. Islands 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 are 
    connected by bridges that you must cross. However, it can be difficult to cross 
    these bridges, as they have several Happening Spaces on them. Landing on a 
    Happening Space will cause a pirate ship just off the bridge to fire 
    cannonballs, which will hit everybody on the bridge (even if they didn't step 
    on a Happening Space) and send them back to start.
    Island 1 is the level's starting area. There is a Bank and an Item Shop right 
    after the Start, followed by the first bridge. There is also a door that you 
    can open with a Skeleton Key to get to the other side of Island 1, just BEFORE 
    the Starting area. This area has a Boo.
    There isn't much to do on Island 2, as there are no banks or Item Shops. There 
    is a bridge to get to Island 3, and a bridge to get to the other side of Island 
    1. To get to the other side of Island 2, you must cross a bridge into Island 3, 
    walk around Island 3, and use the opposite bridge. 
    However, on Island 2, there are two Thwomps that act as tolls. You can use them 
    as shortcuts. After crossing the southern bridge from Island 1, you can go past 
    the Thwomp to quickly get on the northern bridge back to Island 1. There is 
    also a Thwomp right before the east bridge leading to Island 3. You can use 
    this Thwomp to get to the other side of Island 2 without needing to cross the 
    bridge. You can initially pay these Thwomps just one coin to get past them, but 
    each time you pay them, the minimum amount of coins needed to pass them 
    increases by one (so the second time around, you would need two coins, then 
    three, and so on). However, you can up the ante a bit because you yourself can 
    INCREASE the minimum payment to whatever you want it to be (for example, if you 
    only need to pay one coin, you can instead pay five, and make it more difficult 
    for other people to pay the Thwomp).
    There is also a Skeleton Key door on Island 2, which you can use to get to the 
    other side of that Island WITHOUT needing to cross the bridges to and from 
    Island 3 OR paying either Thwomp.
    Island 3 has several Item Mini-Game spaces as well as a bank. There's nothing 
    too special to note about this island.
    Finally, each island has a blue space with a dock. If you land on this dock, a 
    shark will pop up from the water and will automatically transport you from one 
    island to another, for five coins (this is mandatory, you can't decline it). 
    Even if you have less than five coins, he'll take whatever coins you have left. 
    Stepping on the dock in Island 1 will take you to Island 2, the Island 2 dock 
    will take you to Island 3, and the Island 3 Dock will take you to Island 1.
    Some advice that I can give to you here is that I'd recommend buying a Mushroom 
    or a Golden Mushroom before crossing a bridge, that way you have a better 
    chance of rolling a high enough number that you can completely cross the bridge 
    without the risk of stepping on a Happening Space.
    Western Land
    Difficulty: 1/3
    You are out in a western town. You must stop Bowser the Brash from causing 
    trouble here.
    The entire perimeter of this board is a railroad track. There are spaces on the 
    train tracks as well. There are two Boos that are easy to access here. One is 
    in the southwest corner of the map and the other is in the northeast corner. At 
    the beginning of the board, after a couple of steps, you will have two paths to 
    take. One will take you on the railroad where you will go around the perimeter 
    of the board, and the other will take you to the interior section of this 
    board, away from the train tracks.
    In the interior, there is an Item Shop and a bank. There is also a Skeleton Key 
    door that you can use to get to the northern part of this map as a shortcut. 
    There are two ways to get out of the interior, one will lead you to the western 
    part of this board and the other the northwestern part.
    On the northwest corner of this board is a Wiggler, where you can pay her 20 
    coins for a Hootenanny. What this does is that it gathers all four players to 
    this space. You can use this is somebody for example, is close to a star or a 
    Boo and you want to pull them away from it.
    There are three train stations on the railroad. If you happen to be at a 
    station where the train is, you can pay the train 5 coins for a ride. 
    Afterwards, you will jump and hit a block. If you get a Toad, you will advance 
    forward to the next station. Getting a Goomba will send you backward towards 
    the previous station. If anybody on the tracks is hit during the train ride, 
    they are sent back to start.
    Speaking of the train, landing on a Happening Space will automatically advance 
    the train to the next station. And just like with the train rides, anyone hit 
    by the train is sent back to start.
    One of the stars, by the way, sometimes is beyond a door that requires a 
    Skeleton Key in the eastern part of the board.
    Space Land
    Difficulty: 2/3 
    The object of this board is to prevent Black Hole Bowser from attacking the 
    Space City.
    This can be a fairly annoying board to navigate. In the northern and southern 
    parts of this board, there are Happening Spaces. Stepping on a Happening Space 
    will cause a speeder (a Whomp in a car) to come driving down the board. Anyone 
    in the way will be chased. In the southern half of the board, where the start 
    is, you are sent nearly back to start. In the northern half (where you are 
    going from west to east), you are sent back to the northwest area of the board.
    However, near these parts of the board are Snifits. You can pay them 5 coins 
    and they will set up a speed trap. After setting up a speed trap, the next time 
    someone lands on a Happening Space, the Snifit, camping at the spot where the 
    speeder usually exits, will pursue the speeder up the board, and send you to a 
    different place. You can use this to your advantage if you are having problems 
    getting past these parts of the board.
    There are two Boos in this board. One of them is in the northeast corner of 
    this board, and is easily accessible. The other is beyond a Skeleton Key door 
    in the northeast area of this board. An item shop is found on the western side, 
    while Koopa Banks can be found on the northern and southern parts of the board.
    Another major part of this board is in the center. There are multiple paths 
    leading in and out of the central part of the board. In the center is a number 
    that starts at five. Every time a player leaves the center of the board 
    (regardless of which path they take), that number decreases by one. When the 
    number reaches zero, Bowser will fire his coin beam. Anybody in the path of the 
    coin beam will lose all of their coins, so try to stay out of the path if you 
    know the countdown number is low. However, Bowser will NOT fire the coin beam 
    if nobody is in the path. Whether or not Bowser fires the coin beam, the 
    countdown timer in the middle does reset to five.
    One recommendation for this board is to try to get a Mushroom or Golden 
    Mushroom before navigating the northern and southern parts of this board. 
    Getting a higher number can help avoid stepping on a Happening Space and then 
    having to go backwards because of a speeder.
    Mystery Land
    Difficulty: 2/3
    The object of this board is to solve the 2,000 year old riddle of the Bowser 
    Sphinx at the end of the game.
    Mystery Land can either be a fun board or one that is very irritating. There 
    are four different sections of this board, but they are all separated. The main 
    way to get from one section of the board to another is by using a Happening 
    Space to warp to the next area. The Happening Spaces warp you from area to area 
    in a clockwise direction.
    We will call the first part of the board Area 1, where the board's starting 
    point here. There is a Koopa Bank, and a Shy Guy House. At the Shy Guy House, 
    you can pay the Shy Guy five coins to cast a slow curse on any player. You can 
    even cast a slow curse on yourself. What this curse does is only allows you to 
    roll a number between 1 and 3 on the next turn. Use this if you think it can 
    severely hinder another player. If you think rolling a low number would work to 
    your advantage, you could cast a slow curse on yourself to guarantee rolling a 
    low number. Area 1 also has a "distant relic". If you pay 10 coins on this 
    relic, you will be transported to Area 3. However, sometimes, this ship will 
    malfunction, and you will be taken to an area with several Red Spaces and 
    Happening Spaces, and the only way to get out of this area is to step on a 
    Happening Space.
    Area 2 is a desert-like area with a pyramid. There is an Item Shop in this area 
    and also a Skeleton Key door. The Skeleton Key door leads to the middle of the 
    map. If you go beyond this door, you can get to Area 1 or Area 3 without 
    warping. If you are having trouble getting out of Area 2, then the next best 
    way to get out would be to buy a Skeleton Key and to use that path to escape.
    Area 3 contains a Boo, a Koopa Bank, and the other distant relic. Like Area 1, 
    paying 10 coins at this relic will summon a ship, which will often transport 
    you to Area 1. Other times, the ship malfunctions and brings you to the Red 
    Space/Happening Space area.
    In Area 4, there is a Skeleton Key door that you can use to get to either Area 
    1 or Area 3. There is also a Shy Guy House that you can visit here to cast a 
    slow curse on anybody. There are also several Item Spaces, Happening Spaces, 
    and even a Chance Time space on this part of the board.
    Horror Land
    Difficulty: 3/3
    In Horror Land, we must stop Bowser the Wizard from using his magic to wreak 
    havoc everywhere.
    The first thing you should notice in Horror Land is the sun icon on the top 
    part of the screen. There is day and night in this board, which causes 
    different events to happen. Day turns to night after two turns and vice versa. 
    A sun icon represents day and a sun icon with a cloud represents the second 
    turn of day. A moon icon represents night while a moon icon represents the 
    second turn of night. There are two ways to alter day and night on this board. 
    One is to step on a Happening Space, which will cause day to turn to night and 
    vice versa. Now, at the top of the board, there is a castle. There is a 
    Magikoopa within the castle. Paying this Magikoopa 10 coins will activate the 
    darkness lamp, which will turn the board from day to night.
    In the middle of this board, near the graveyard, you will find several Boos 
    dancing at night. You can pay 10 coins to dance with them. This will cause you 
    to dance with the Boos all night and turn night into day.
    Another part of this board affected by daytime and nighttime is the paths that 
    you can take. There are a couple of paths that are being blocked by Whomps. In 
    the daytime, you can pay the Whomp 5 coins to go through the path he is 
    blocking. If you take the opposite path of Whomp, he will then move over and 
    block the path that you just took. Also, be aware that if you do pay a Whomp to 
    pass him, he will immediately block the path that you paid him to pass. Now, 
    during the nighttime, Whomp is unable to move due to magic, so you can only 
    take the opposite, unblocked path.
    Being Horror Land, there are several Boos across the board. There are 
    essentially two consecutive Boos near the western part of this map. However, 
    both of these Boos only come out during the night, so plan accordingly. Across 
    from the dancing Boos near the graveyard is a Boo that only comes out during 
    the day. In the southern part of the map, there is a Boo beyond the Skeleton 
    Key door (which, by the way, the eye on the Skeleton Key doors here remind me 
    of the Monsters, Inc. logo) that only comes out during the day.
    There is also a Big Boo in the northeast part of this board. Getting to Big Boo 
    requires two things, a Skeleton Key and nighttime. If you are lucky to get to 
    Big Boo, you can pay him 15 coins to steal coins from everybody or pay him 150 
    coins to steal a Star from everybody!
    There are two banks here. One is right at the start of the board in the 
    southeast corner, while the other is in the northeast part of the board. Also, 
    near the beginning of the board is the Item Shop.
    Finally, there is an eyeball here called Mr. I. You can pay him to transport 
    you from the southeast part of the board to the northwest and vice versa. The 
    amount of coins that you pay him depends on whether it is day or night. It 
    costs 10 coins to have him transport you during the day and 5 coins at night. 
    Keep in mind that he transports you by chasing you from one corner to the 
    other. Anybody caught in this path will also be transported to the destination 
    Bowser Land
    Difficulty: 3/3
    In Bowser Land, it is time to defeat Bowser once and for all! 
    You can only get to Bowser Land after completing all five other boards at least 
    once. When this happens, Toad will be kidnapped and you will be forced to go to 
    Bowser Land and beat it.
    In Bowser Land, you have Bowser Banks, not Koopa Banks. One is located in the 
    southeast part of the board, right after the starting area, another is in the 
    northwest part of the board, and the other is in the northeastern area. Bowser 
    Banks work differently than Koopa Banks. Instead of depositing five coins into 
    the bank every time you pass it, you will be given five coins (a loan) instead. 
    However, when you land directly on the bank space, you must pay back all of the 
    coins that were lent out (so if the banks were passed four times, you would 
    need to pay back 20 coins). Now, if you land on a bank and don't have any 
    coins, a STAR (yes, a Star) will be taken from you instead. Landing on a bank 
    without any Stars OR coins will cause the amount of money owed to the bank to 
    reset to zero. The money owed to the bank also resets to zero if it is not paid 
    back in full either.
    There are two Skeleton Key doors in this board. One of them is in the southwest 
    corner of the map, and sometimes there may be a Star beyond this door. The 
    other is in the northeast part of the board, and you can use it to get to a 
    Boo. The other Boo, by the way, is accessible in the southwest part of the 
    There are two Item Shops on this board as well, however, one of them is a bit 
    different. Your standard Item Shop can be found in the southwest part of the 
    board, while there is a special Item Shop in the northeast area. When you pass 
    by this Item Shop, you will be forced into buying an item of their choosing, 
    and it often costs more than what you can normally buy it for. However, you can 
    sometimes get items, like a Bowser Suit, that you cannot get on other Item 
    Happening Spaces can cause one of two things to happen in this board. Around 
    the perimeter, stepping on a Happening Space will cause the player to jump into 
    the warp pipe next to the Happening Space, and they will then be taken to a 
    different part of the board. In the interior section in the west, you will find 
    three Happening Spaces in a row. Stepping on any of these Happening Spaces will 
    force you to step into a circular area. Sometimes, this area has a Star, and is 
    one of the most difficult Stars to get to in the entire game. You will keep 
    going endlessly around this circle until you finally step on a Happening Space 
    to exit the area.
    Every five turns, there is a Bowser Parade. The Bowser Parade follows a set 
    path. Any player caught in the parade will be chased back to the start of the 
    board, and they will lose two coins for every space they step on en route to 
    the start. If nobody is in the path of the parade, then the parade will be 
    cancelled and will not run. Before the start of the parade, you can alter the 
    direction of the parade by changing the routes. These routes can be changed for 
    five coins. There is an office in the north central part of the board (where 
    the parade originates from), the east central area, and the west central area.
    The Bowser Suit does have some special effects in Bowser Land. Passing a bank 
    in Bowser Land will cause the bank to give the player 20 coins. If you pass by 
    a parade office in a Bowser Suit, you can change the Parade routes for free!
    And finally, when the last five turns are announced, Bowser will come on screen 
    and predict the winner. He will always predict the person in last place to be 
    the winner, just so you know.
    Option Lab
    Not a board, but you can also come here from the main lobby. In here, you can 
    do many things. You can view Professor Fungi's computer for all of your 
    records. This means how many times you've played each board, how many times 
    each character has won total. Add all of those up and you get how many total 
    times you've played this game. You can also view your records for certain mini 
    games with this too. Next to the professor's assistant is a garbage can. You 
    can use this to erase all of your saved data if you wish. 
    There is also a credits machine for when you beat Bowser Land. With this, you 
    can view the ending and the credits. On the other side of the Option Lab is a 
    player. Use this to switch your sound settings between Stereo and Mono, for 
    those with different speaker systems. To the right of that is also a blue and 
    an orange album. The blue album contains all the sounds in the game that you 
    can play. The orange album contains songs in the game that you can play 
    anytime. However, there are many songs that you need to unlock by doing certain 
    7. Mini Game Land
    On the Mini Game selection screen you can also choose to go to Mini Game Land. 
    Here, you can purchase Mini Games, play purchased Mini Games, unlock stuff, 
    view your records and coin storage, and a lot more.
    First, in one island you have Woody. You can buy Mini Games off of him using 
    the coins you collected from the boards. But in order to buy a Mini Game, you 
    must play the game in the boards at least once. Once you buy a Mini Game, you 
    will be able to play that Mini Game in Mini Game Park, the pipe in the center 
    Second, you have the Mini Game Park. You can play any purchased Mini Games 
    here, just buy selecting it on its tree (4 Player, 1 on 3, and 2 on 2). There 
    is also a Piranha Plant here chasing a butterfly which will give you extra Mini 
    Games when you unlock them. 
    Then, on the furthermost island to the right, is your coin bank. Here you can 
    view how many coins you have in your bank. That's ll. You don't need to 
    deposit, withdraw, or anything.
    In the water is a bottle. Open it to see all of your records for certain Mini 
    Games that save them, like Slot Car Derby, Handcar Havoc, and Bobsled Run.
    The island next to Woody is Mini Game Stadium. You can access this place if you 
    buy 3 of each Mini Games from Woody. You can do trial mode (where you go 
    through this figure 8 board for fun), battle, where you can compete up to 7 
    wins and you get to pick which Mini Game type you want to do. There is duel 
    where you and another player can battle in duel Mini Games, and you can select 
    which ones you can do.
    The island next to the bottle is the Mini Game Coaster. You go through a 
    rollercoaster ride on an Easy, Normal, or Hard Course. The Easy Course has 3, 
    Normal has 6, and Hard has 9. At the end of each course you get coin bonuses 
    and you get to unlock more stuff. Here are the Mini Games in each world:
    World 1 (4 Player Mini-Games):
    World 1-1: Bumper Balls
    World 1-2: Roll Call
    World 1-3: Tile Driver
    World 1-4: Slot Car Derby
    World 2 (2 vs. 2 Mini-Games):
    World 2-1: Cake Factory
    World 2-2: Destruction Duet
    World 2-3: Balloon Burst
    World 2-4: Looney Lumberjacks
    World 2-5: Speed Hockey
    World 3 (1 vs. 3 Mini-Games, all as single player):
    World 3-1: Crane Game 
    World 3-2: Look Away
    World 3-3: Archer-ival
    World 3-4: Bowl Over
    End of Easy Course, Normal and Hard Course players continue reading on.
    World 4 (4 Player Mini-Games):
    World 4-1: TOAD in the Box
    World 4-2: Tipsy Tourney
    World 4-3: Totem Pole Pound 
    World 4-4: Dizzy Dancing
    World 4-5: Shell Shocked
    World 5 (2 vs. 2 Mini Games):
    World 5-1: Magnet Carta (10 coins in normal course, 15 in hard course)
    World 5-2: Bobsled Run 
    World 5-3: Handcar Havoc
    World 5-4: Sky Pilots (navigating)
    World 5-5: Torpedo Targets (firing torpedoes)
    World 5-6: TOAD Bandstand (drum on Normal Course, flute on hard)
    World 6 (1 vs. 3 Mini Games):
    World 6-1: Quicksand Cache (in the Team of 3)
    World 6-2: Lights Out (solo player in normal course, team of 3 in hard course)
    World 6-3: Shock Drop or Roll (in the team of three)
    World 6-4: Move to the Music (in the team of three)
    World 6-5: Filet Relay (single player)
    World 6-6: Bob-Omb Barrage (single player)
    End of Normal Course, Hard Course players continue reading.
    World 7 (4 Player Mini Games)
    World 7-1: Honeycomb Havoc
    World 7-2: Mecha-Marathon 
    World 7-3: Abandon Ship
    World 7-4: Hot Rope Jump (must clear 50 jumps to win)
    World 7-5: Skateboard Scamper
    World 7-6: Platform Peril
    World 8 (4 Player Mini Games)
    World 8-1: Deep Sea Salvage (collect 15 coins to win)
    World 8-2: Shy Guy Says
    World 8-3: Sneak 'n' Snore
    World 8-4: Hexagon Heat
    World 8-5: Lava Tile Isle
    World 8-6: Bombs Away
    World 9 (1 Player Mini Game)
    World 9-1: Shell Shocked vs. 3 Baby Bowsers
    8. Mini Games
    Here are the list of the Mini Games you get to play:
    4 Player
    Abandon Ship
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: A (While tapping): Climb Ship
    Control Stick: Switch sides of the ship pole
    While the ship is sinking, you must be the first to climb to the top first to 
    win. Keep tapping A to climb the ship, and if there's a piece of wood sticking 
    out and you're on that side, switch directions, and don't try going for the 
    coins, it wastes time, and increases you chance of losing or sinking.
    Bombs Away
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A Jump
    Control Stick: Move
    If there is more than 1 player left, you can still win. Jump when the bombs are 
    about to hit the island. When time is low the Bowser ship will release a huge 
    bomb and when it reaches the island, jump to clear it, and if you survive, you 
    win (and any other survivors will get their coins too).
    Bumper Balls
    Difficulty: Varies
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    There are 3 courses you can play on. A tower, the top of a mountain, or a rocky 
    island. Either way, the last person remaining is the winner. You must bump into 
    the other player and knock them off the tower/mountain/island. Watch out in the 
    mountain course, the large sheet of ice in the center is slippery, but you can 
    use that to bump into people and have them slip off. On the island, the rocks 
    can slow you down, and they can be tricky to get around. A trick for any course 
    is to get to the edge and then the computer should follow you onto the edge. 
    Then when they are on the edge you can bump them off.
    Deep Sea Salvage
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A (While tapping): Surface
    Control Stick: Steer
    A really fun mini game where you can win plenty of coin. Keep tapping A to 
    surface higher in the water. The Hammer Bros. ship will through coins into the 
    water. A coin is worth 1 coin and the bags are worth 5 coins. Collect whatever 
    you can and watch out for when they throw hammers. Be quick, collect as many 
    coins as possible, and you can have over 20 coins possibly.
    Dizzy Dancing
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    At the beginning, a little scene shows you getting dizzy, and the controls to 
    move in directions are messed up. So before you try to get to the musical note 
    in the middle, rotate your control stick a few times so you can get the 
    directions right. Once you have, jump on the CD and get to the middle, jump, 
    and touch the musical note. Quite annoying mini game if you are not used to it. 
    Hexagon Heat
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A Jump
    Control Stick: Move
    Z (While in the air): Ground Pound
    Watch the color flag Toad raises. Go to the hexagon that matches his flag 
    color. You must be the last standing to win, and there's no time limit, but as 
    the game goes on, the hexagons rise faster. There are two ways of getting the 
    computer out: if you're already on a hexagon and they jump onto it, move so 
    they jump on top of you and they may bounce back into the lava. Or, when the 
    hexagon drops, ground pound a player and head to the hexagon you need to go to. 
    They may not be able to get to the hexagon in time. Another trick (that's kind 
    of cheating), is to pause the game when Toad raises the flag. Then unpause it 
    and head to the Hexagon. Really fun mini game.
    Honeycomb Havoc
    Diffulity: It's all on your IQ
    Controls: A: Jump
    There are 3 honeycombs in the tree, and you must not be a honeycomb victim. You 
    can hit a 1 or a 2 on the block. Now, count how many objects are in front of 
    the honeycomb before you hit the block. If there is an odd amount left, hit an 
    even number. If there is an even amount left, hit an odd number, it works for 
    me. Whoever gets a honeycomb will be chased away by the bees. If you and 1 
    player are left, try and get it so there are 3 fruits left. Whatever the other 
    player rolls, roll the opposite, and he will have no choice but to hit the 
    Hot Rope Jump
    Difficulty: Varies 
    Controls: A: Jump
    Fun mini game. Jump when the rope comes down at you or you'll be burned. 
    first 25 jumps are easy (if you are playing with Hard computers or an expert 
    player), if it does start moving faster, tap A at a steady rate and you should 
    land it (or once your character bends, press A and your character should jump). 
    Easy and Normal computers should be no problem, they will just not jump 
    Lava Tile Isle
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A Jump
    Control Stick: Move
    B: Punch, Kick while in the air
    Z: Ground Pound while in the air
    This got hard at first, but this is a little easier for me now. On Hard 
    computers, they will punch, so watch out. Punch the players if you get to them 
    and punch them again to knock them off. You need to have them fall in the lava. 
    Each time, 2 blocks will slide up/down or left/right. Unlike Bombs Away, there 
    can only be one person remaining to win. If you can't move off a sliding 
    platform, jump to get off of it.
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A+B together: Wind up Fly Guy
    This is a pain in the neck for most people, but I have two tips: Mash A+B as 
    hard as you can, and pray for the best. The second way, is to take a coin, put 
    it over A+B, and tap it. I give the credit to Nicholas Harvey 
    (Nick14578@aol.com), because he told me that trick. If you try tip#2, it will 
    take practice, and after a while, expect a 30-yarder. My method is to tap A+B 
    with your index and middle finger, and I usually get at least 30 yards. This 
    can be really hard if you are a slow button masher and if the computer are on 
    hard skill levels.
    Platform Peril
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    Something that's a little bit related to Skateboard Scamper, but we jump from 
    platform to platform. Like Skateboard Scamper, don't jump for the coins, just 
    run along and jump to the next platform when needed, and when you come to the 
    two separate platforms (the one two that aren't complete rectangles), make sure 
    you are on the left or right of the previous platform before jumping. If you 
    are fast enough, you should make it to the goal first. Be quick on the conveyor 
    belts that are moving towards you, they can slow you down so jump as quick as 
    you can.  
    Roll Call
    Difficulty: Vaires
    Controls: A: Up one number.
    B: Down one number.
    A land where you and the computer sit behind a log, counting Bob-Ombs, Boos, or 
    Toads (. The main goal is to get the exact count of whatever is above (getting 
    up to the T.V. screen and pointing to all of them works). If you're right, but 
    the computer is too, you still get credit for the win. There's no point of a 
    tip for the Bob-Ombs, for when 1 blows up, subtract 1 from your total. Boos 
    aren't too hard, but remember they still count if they go invisible, but they 
    go back visible soon enough. Toads are a real pain, at the beginning, press 
    start, and look at the 3 mushrooms and remember not to count those in, or you 
    can try getting your total counting the mushrooms and subtract 3 at the end. If 
    more than 1 player gets the right count, they will still win coins.
    Shell Shocked
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A; Fire 
    B: Lob Shot
    Z: Fix AIM
    A really fun Mini Game. If you or someone else gets hit twice, you're/they're 
    out. There are 3 courses: one with only 1 pipe, one with 4 pipe, and an are 
    scattered with pipes. Use the pipes for protection. On the course with 4 pipes, 
    a hint is to fire once the game starts and you should hit the person across 
    from them. If someone is behind a pipe, you can press B to fire over the pipe 
    and try to hit that player with having protection and without have to go 
    around. You can also use Z to strafe to dodge fires. 
    Shy Guy Says
    Difficulty: Varies
    Controls: A: Raise White Flag
    B: Raise Red Flag
    This game requires a bit of skill. Just like Simon Says, raise the same flag he 
    does (A for white, B for red). As the game progresses, the Shy Guy raises the 
    flag(s) faster, and you can be out if you don't raise it in time. Sometimes 
    he'll raise two flags, so watch carefully which one he keeps up. Eventually the 
    computer will make their mistake, so try to hang in there! If you are playing a 
    really great player, just tap A or B as quickly and one of you will make a 
    Skateboard Scamper
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: B (While tapping): Skate
    A: Jump
    You are racing on skateboards being pursued by Boo. You will see coins along 
    the way, but don't jump for them, it makes you fall behind. Only jump where the 
    moving platforms are, but when the last straightaway comes, tap B as fast as 
    you can and jump when necessary. At the end there are plenty of moving 
    platforms, so try to time your jumps right there. If you make a wrong timing, 
    you could very well end up falling behind.
    Slot Car Derby
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    Fox racing in the air! You are racing, and there are 3 courses. A small one, a 
    medium sized one, and a large one. The large one has a big straightaway where 
    you can gun your control stick down it and catch up to someone. Remember that 
    if you speed too fast around the curves, you spin out, so release the stick at 
    the beginning of the curve and move it slowly until you reach the end, and zoom 
    the stick until you get to the next curve. Thanks to M14 REAL 
    (Smagoo7010@aol.com), for this. 
    Sneak 'n' Snore
    Difficulty: *****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    Release: Hide in Barrel
    This takes a lot of skill. When you start, go down to get to the button. When 
    Chain Chomp wakes up, release the control stick to hide in your barrel. If you 
    don't release it in time, you lose. Once you get to the button, hit it, then go 
    back to the opening to win. If you keep losing, watch carefully at when he 
    usually wakes up (he usually makes 1 or 2 snoring sounds before he wakes up). 
    You'll also be lucky if he gets another player or two out. 
    Tile Driver
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    Z (While in the air): Ground Pound
    You are on a 3x3 board, and your goal is to have your board match the middle. 
    It is a Goomba, Koopa, or Boo. There's no point for all of the difficulties, 
    just don't hit the ones that are already done for you at the start. If you are 
    quick enough, you are victorious. When you jump, ground pound ASAP so you don't 
    waste time jumping high, giving the computer an advantage.
    Tipsy Tourney
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    You are on a 5x5 board, and you have to use your Koopa Shell to hit all of the 
    tiles once first to win the game. What I do is I go along the outside first, 
    then I go for the inside, and there is your tip. Jumping is also pointless, and 
    there's no need to in a lot of cases. 
    TOAD in the Box
    Difficulty: Gets harder is at progresses.
    Controls: A: Jump
    First one to get five Toad Faces wins! The tip for the first 3 boxes is easy, 
    jump when you see the Toad face. On number 4, the block moves fast that you 
    have to time your jump just right to get a toad. On box 5, it goes very fast 
    and you'll have to jump and get lucky. If you don't get a Toad, a Piranha 
    Plant, Chomp, or Baby Bowser will come and stun you for a second. When you're 
    on your final box and no one else is either, you may have plenty of time to get 
    a Toad before the computer catch up.
    Totem Pole Pound
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: A: Jump
    Z (While in the air): Ground Pound
    At the beginning, you are raised by a totem pole, and you ground pound your way 
    down. Once you jump your highest, ground pound so you have a harder drop and it 
    should take 5 ground pounds minimum. No basic plan here!
    1 on 3 Mini Games
    Difficulty for Archer: **
    Difficulty for Team of 3: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move (for Team of 3 also)
    A: Prepare Arrow, A again to shoot it
    The single player is an archer, and you must knock down the three targets of 
    the players to win. The team of 3 must avoid being knocked down to win for 30 
    seconds. For the archer, there are 2 additional targets that may be of Boo, 
    Baby Bowser, or Toad. Toad is worth 2 coins hitting, Baby Bowser is worth 3, 
    and Boo is worth 1. For the team of three, try dodging the arrows when they are 
    coming right at you instead of moving around, and try not to have the 2 
    additional targets crowd you. If you are the archer, I recommend not going for 
    the extra targets, it gives the team of three an advantage and more dodging 
    Bob-Omb Barrage
    Difficulty for single player: ***
    Difficulty for team of 3: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move, flick Bob-ombs for Team of three (hold down and 
    let go for a longer throw, let go of it slowly for a smaller throw)
    You are in the tub, and must avoid all of the Bob-Ombs being thrown at you from 
    the team of three. Move around and stay in the back for the better chance of 
    winning, and obviously move if the Bob-Ombs are heading directly at you. If 
    that doesn't work, stay where you are, and move out of the way when a bob-omb 
    is coming right at you. Works for me all the time. After 30 seconds you'll win. 
    For the team of three, throw the Bob-ombs really far if the single player is in 
    the back, and throw them at a short distance when the single player is up 
    close. You can also turn with the control stick for better throwing.
    Bowl Over
    Difficulty for bowler: *
    Difficulty for Team of 3: ***
    Controls: A: Bowl Shell, jump in Team of 3
    Control Stick: Control Shell while it's been bowled, move in Team of Three
    You are the bowler, and will need to knock your 3 moving pins to win. The 
    extras don't waste time; they're there even if you mess up. There are 3 
    courses, and there are small differences in each of them. Once you bowl the 
    shell, use the control stick to move it and get it to the shells. You have 2 
    chances to knock all 3 moving pins to win. For the Team of 3, separate as far 
    as you can. This will give the bowler a lot less room to knock out multiple 
    Crane Game
    Difficulty for single player: **
    Difficulty for Team of 3: Impossible
    Controls: A pick up item, tapping A while a computer is grabbed keeps that 
    character from being dropped.
    You are the person on the crane, and must get all people in the pipe to win. 
    Grab them by pressing A while above them, and once they're grabbed, keep 
    tapping A until that character is dropped in the pipe. If you don't tap A fast 
    enough, the computer has a better chance of escaping, then you drop the 
    character and waste time. If you are low on time, grab a +15, +20, or +30 
    timer, but you don't need to tap A to the pipe while holding onto one. If you 
    are in the Team of 3 and you get grabbed, tap A is hard as you can and that 
    will be your only escape of breaking free. I say good luck if you are in the 
    Team of 3. 
    Filet Relay
    Difficulty for all players: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A (While tapping): Race
    You are the single player, and will need to beat the last filet relay racer 
    from the team of three. Tapping A speeds you up, but if you go too fast, you 
    will slip. If you're extremely lucky, the computer will make a helpful mistake 
    before he hands the fish to the next character. At the end where all of the 
    hills are, slow down, since the computer might slip and fall, giving you a 
    chance to win. In the team of 3, be quick racing because the single player can 
    catch up pretty quick when you are tossing the fish to the next player. At the 
    end try to avoid the snowballs that can trap you, and you should be fine no 
    matter what team you're on.
    Lights Out
    Difficulty for single player: **
    Difficulty for team of 3: ***
    Controls: Move 
    A: Swing Hammer Vertically
    B: Swing Hammer Horizontally
    Hammer people should press B for a wider attack range to increase your chance 
    of knocking someone out. If you are the single player, press A to do a vertical 
    swing to find where you are (stars will appear where you are), and then get the 
    computer with horizontal swings. If you are in the team of 3, stay where you 
    are and if the single is near you, run away from him. Should be fairly simple 
    for both teams.
    Look Away
    Difficulty for all players: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move head in direction you move it.
    This is tricky playing against harder computers because they move in multiple 
    directions, and when the music stops, try looking in multiple directions (move 
    the control stick fast) to have a better chance of catching the computer, and 
    this takes skill. If you don't want to move your head, don't move the control 
    stick. You have 5 chances to get all three of them out. In the team of three, 
    just don't look in the same direction as the single player and you should be 
    Move to the Music
    Difficulty for single player: ****
    Difficulty for team of 3: ***
    Controls: A, B, All directions on the control stick, Z: Dance
    If you are in the team of three, the trick is to memorize the dance master's 
    move, and when the sliding bar comes to your music note, press the appropriate 
    button that was in the order of the dance steps. If the dance master doesn't 
    make a move, the no move part comes to you, you need to do any of the dance 
    moves in the controls section, not press anything. The music tone depends on 
    what course you took also. If you are the single player, try to make a dance 
    hard to remember and confusing, like Up, Left, A, Right, B, Up and you could 
    stump someone. Should be no problem for Team of 3. 
    Quicksand Cache
    Difficulty for all players: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move, control quicksand if single player
    The single player is in a Bowser suit in the middle of the quicksand, and the 
    team of three are on the outer edges of it. Coins are falling to the single 
    player, and the team of three can collect them so the single player can't get 
    them. There are bags two which are worth 5 coins, and they stop appearing after 
    a while. If you are the single player, you can slow down the team of three by 
    using left and right to spin the quicksand around, slowing them down. Try to 
    collect as many coins as you can in 30 seconds.
    Rainbow Run
    Difficulty for single player: ***
    Difficulty for Team of 3: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Fire cannon (Team of 3)
    This is a secret Mini Game you need to unlock. If you are the single player, 
    you must get across a long rainbow without being knocked off. If you are in the 
    team of 3, you need to try and knock the single player off. A hint for the 
    single player is try to walk straight and try not to turn left or right. Be 
    careful for the winds and if the cannonball knocks you down, just recover and 
    don't hesitate. For the team of 3, get positioned right and try to fire. If you 
    hit the single player, stay where you are and fire again. You may hit him 
    again. Also, the wind may help you too.
    Shock Drop or Roll
    Difficulty for all players: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    You are in the team of three, and must stay on the cylinder for the whole time 
    to win. The trick is to stay in the middle and keep jumping for the whole time, 
    moving right or left if needed. If you are the single player, getting harder 
    computers out can be really tricky. One trick I do to get everybody out is to 
    pull the level right and 1 or 2 seconds later pull it left. This can fool other 
    players and knock other people off the cylinder. 
    2 on 2 Mini Games
    Balloon Burst
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: A: Push Pump Down
    B or Z: Pull up Pump
    This is an easy one. You go in a pattern A, B, A, B, at a steady rate (so the 
    tank meter goes to full), and your partner is fast too, beatable in 9 seconds 
    if you have a good partner, so no major tips here.
    Bobsled Run
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A (At the beginning of the game before you race): Push sled.
    Up: Speed up
    Down: Slow down
    From the start, keep tapping A as hard as you can until the race starts, and 
    then hold up and turn if needed. Holding up speeds you up, and down makes you 
    slow down. Hit the zippers as the computer do, and you should win. If your 
    partner is not a computer character, make sure your partner steers in the same 
    direction you do or the sled will not turn correctly. 
    Cake Factory
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Pick up Item; Let go: Drop it.
    A race in a cake factory, the team with the most cakes made wins. If you are 
    placing the cakes, grab one and place it, and if your partner didn't grab a 
    strawberry yet and you have a cake, hold A when you pick it up so you don't 
    mess up. If you are placing strawberries and your partner didn't grab a cake 
    yet, just hold A and wait for him to drop a cake. Messing up means placing 2 
    cakes on top of each other or putting a strawberry first. As time goes by, the 
    conveyor belt holding the cakes and strawberries goes faster so be quick and 
    don't mess up.
    Destruction Duet
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump 
    B: Punch, Kick while in air
    Z (While in air): Ground Pound
    Ok, so you need to destroy a Bowser statue to win, you will get either a small, 
    medium, or large statue. No matter how big the statue is, this mini-game is 
    easy, but if you are beating up the large statue, kick the statue more than 
    punching, and your partner is very useful here if he his at a high skill 
    level/good player. If you are fighting the small statue, a quick way to get rid 
    of it is to get on top of it and to keep ground pounding it. As long as your 
    partner helps, you will have it done in no time. 
    Dungeon Dash
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: Right and Left: Move skies
    This is another mini game you will need to unlock, and it is just the same as 
    Mario Party's Desert Dash. You and your partner must get across the dungeon on 
    your skies, dodging the Thwomps and watching for fire coming out of the lava. 
    To move, use Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left on your control stick at a 
    steady rate to move. If you have a partner that is not a computer character, 
    this mini game is much harder, he/she and you must hit Right or Left at the 
    same time, making it tricky, so have someone go "Right! Left!" for you or do it 
    for yourself.
    Handcar Havoc
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Lean
    A (Tapping): Speed up
    B: Breaks
    This is easy if you are a fast button masher, and this mini game is a lot more 
    hard if you are playing against a harder computers, because they go way too 
    fast and it's hard to keep up with them. A tip is to mash A as hard as you can 
    along with your partner, and when you get to the curves, lean your handcar in 
    the direction the track curves and you should get a speed boost. If you are 
    playing against a harder computer, good luck.
    Looney Lumberjacks
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Pull
    B: Push
    The gang is making a clubhouse out of wood, and the goal is to cut off a piece 
    of a tree first. Tap A, B, A, B at a steady rate to the saw will budge 
    completely, and once you see sweat above your character, you'll know you're 
    almost done. This game is more harder if your partner is not a computer 
    character. If you need to press A your partner needs to press B and vice versa, 
    and you must press your button at the same time too. If you are next to the 
    log, you need to pull the saw, and if you are not next to the log, you need to 
    push the saw. A good trick to remember when you start the mini game.
    Magnet Carta
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Steer Cart
    A really fun mini game where you have a chance to get a lot of coins. Big 
    yellow coins gives you one, the bags give you 5 and the treasure chest gives 
    you 10. But carrying a bag or the chest slows down your cart, so be quick. You 
    must use the magnet in front of your cart to crab a coin/chest and bring it to 
    your hole at the start. The game will end when there are no more coins left or 
    when your 30 seconds are up. Be quick, and try to get a lot of coins.
    Sky Pilots
    Difficulty for Navigator: **
    Difficulty for Flapper: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Steer, use Up and Down to flap as flapper
    You are either navigating your bird or flapping it in the back. If you are 
    flapping, use Up, Down, Up, Down at a steady rate to help make your bird go 
    faster. If you are navigating, hold Down to steer up and Up to steer downward. 
    Try to keep as low as you can if you are navigating to dodge all of the 
    cannonballs firing at you. When you get to speed boosters (the rainbow circles) 
    go through them to get more speed. Computer characters can be very bad at 
    steering, so hope for the best. At the end, keep upward as you can to get 
    through faster.
    Speed Hockey
    Controls: Control Stick: Move up or down
    It's air hockey on Mario Party 2! Anyway, the first team to score 3 goals is 
    the winner, and you move up or down to defend the puck (or shell) into scoring. 
    As the game gets longer, and the puck is hit more often, it goes faster. So 
    look where the gaps are on the other team and aim for their net. If you are the 
    goalie, just keep your eyes on the puck and don't hit it when it's behind you 
    or you'll get it into your own net. 
    TOAD Bandstand
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Play Instrument
    You are either playing a flute or drum, and there are two different songs 
    (Toad's Waltz or Flower's Waltz). The team on the left plays the first half of 
    the song and the team o the right plays the second half of the song. When the 
    sliding bar on the bottom of the screen comes to your instrument, press A each 
    time it does. If you miss one or play your instrument at the wrong time, an 
    acorn will fall on your head. At the end of the song, the winning team will be 
    the one who had the least amount of acorns fall on their heads. 
    Torpedo Targets
    Difficulty for navigator: *****
    Difficulty for torpedo launcher: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Control Torpedo, steer sub (as navigator)
    A: Fire Torpedo, accelerate sub (as navigator)
    B: Reverse Submarine (as navigator)
    You are in a submarine. One player steers it and the other one fires torpedoes. 
    You must hit the yellow and red targets in the water. The person with the most 
    torpedoes scored wins. If you are the navigator, looking for the torpedo is 
    almost impossible, and the computer steer directly to it no matter what skill 
    level (so you're in luck if your navigator is a computer character). So, just 
    follow the computer for the best luck if you can't find the target. Torpedo 
    launchers can also hit the other submarine, sending them back. Also, once you 
    see the target, you can use the control stick to control the submarine.
    Battle Mini Games
    BOWSER'S Big Blast
    Difficulty: It's all on probability
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Press Plunger
    Winning or not all depends on probability. At the start, there are 5 plungers. 
    One of them blows up Bowser's head, so there is a 20% chance you'll get it. If 
    you get it, you're out, if not, you're safe. Once someone is out, the red 
    plunger will be removed, and there will be 4 plungers left, and then there is a 
    25% chance you'll get the detonator. Once someone is out the gray plunger will 
    be removed, and there are 3 plungers left. Once someone gets the detonator, the 
    remaining person wins. And just because a plunger was the detonator doesn't 
    mean it won't be the next time.
    Bumper Balloon Cars
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    This is a really easy mini game. All you have to do is use the spikes in the 
    front of your car to pop the balloons in the back of other cars. One thing I 
    like to do is stay where you are and let the other people fight. If someone 
    comes towards you, attack them. The remaining person wins.
    Crazy Cutters
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    This is really easy. You will randomly cut out one of three characters: Chomp, 
    Cheep Cheep (a fish) or a Blooper. This is like using scissors to cut out the 
    outlines of paper. Use your jackhammer to cut around the edges of the 
    character. Some are easy, some are hard. Once you make it around the character, 
    move your jackhammer to touch the point where you started. The best one cut out 
    wins and it will be scored.
    Day at the Races
    Difficulty: N/A
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Select racer
    I hate this game, I hate this game, I hate this game. The order players pick is 
    by rank on the boards. So people in first place pick last and people in last 
    place pick first. There are 4 characters you can pick: Whomp, Thwomp, Bob-omb, 
    and Boo. Each has their own good and bad points. Each of them will run faster 
    but trip most of the time. They race on their own so you don't have to do 
    anything. At the end they will show an instant replay, and the person that 
    comes in first is the winner.
    Face Lift
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Grab onto face and use Control stick to move it
    B: Reset face to normal
    Fun mini game. You will randomly do one of the six main characters. You must 
    make your face match closest to the one in the middle. Hold A to grab onto 
    something and control stick to move it around. If you mess up something, use B 
    to undo that part. Now if your character's hand is blinking, you cannot move 
    that part. Your face depends on what turn you go on the boards (first player is 
    top left, 2nd is top right, 3rd is bottom left, and 4th is bottom right). After 
    30 seconds, the face that matches the middle one closest wins, and the highest 
    score is the winner. I think the easiest one is Wario and the hardest is Peach.
    Grab Bag
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Grab onto someone's bag/break free if grabbed
    A really fun battle mini game. The person with the most mushrooms at the end 
    wins. Each character starts out with 5 mushrooms in their bag, but one has a 
    Golden Mushroom, worth 3 mushrooms. To steal mushrooms from somebody else, get 
    to their bag and keep tapping B to steal a mushroom from it. If you get 
    grabbed, keep tapping B to break free without losing a mushroom. If someone has 
    a Golden Mushroom and gets grabbed, the Golden Mushroom will be stolen. If 
    everybody is after you, try jumping around. 
    Hot Bob Omb:
    Difficulty: Varies
    Controls: Control Stick: Throw Bob-omb to different player
    A: Throw Bob-omb (to direction in control stick)
    B: Catch Bob-omb
    A really fun mini game. If it explodes on you, you lose. Throw the bob-omb 
    around to other players and get rid of it quickly. When someone throws a Bob-
    omb at you, press B to catch it or you'll drop it, wasting time. To throw it to 
    a different player, use the control stick and press A to throw it in that 
    direction. Once three players are out, the remaining person will win.
    Rakin' Em In
    Difficulty: *** 
    Controls: A: Use rake
    A really fun mini game, but a bit tough. Each player has a rake in front of a 
    spinning tree. On the spinning tree are different types of mushrooms. The 
    normal ones are worth 1, Golden Mushrooms are worth 3, and Poisonous Mushrooms 
    subtract 3. The player with the most mushrooms at the end is the winner. Use A 
    to rake in mushrooms into your basket when they come to you, but not the 
    Poisonous Mushrooms. After you learn how to time your raking right, you should 
    get the hang of this mini game.
    Duel Mini Games
    Saber Slashes
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A, B, and Z: Swing sword
    This is Pirate Land's duel mini game. This is fairly easy when you get the hang 
    of it. At the start of the duel, you will see a random button combination at 
    the top part of the screen. Both players use the same combination, so don't 
    worry. You must hit those buttons in that order before the other player does. 
    Whoever does it first is the winner. 
    Quick Draw Corks
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: A: Fire Gun
    This is Western Land's Duel Mini Game. This is really hard but a bit more easy 
    once you get used to it. Now, Goomba counts down 3, 2, 1, and then says "GO!" 
    Whoever fires their cork gun first wins. Remember, you can only fire your gun 
    after the Goomba says go. If you do it too early, you get 1 miss. Do it again 
    and you lose, giving the other player a win. So be quick firing.
    Time Bomb
    Difficulty: **
    A: Press Plunger
    This is Space Land's Duel Mini Game, and it's quite simple. Goomba will give 
    you a number between 2-5. This number tells you how many seconds you need to 
    wait before hitting your plunger. Let's say he says the number 4. Once you 
    think 4 seconds have gone by, press A to hit your plunger. The dueler who was 
    closer to the time will win, and the losers will blow up. So don't wait too 
    early or too late. Now, let's say the time is 4 seconds and one player gets 
    3.50 seconds, while the other gets 4.50. If differences between the original 
    time are the same, it will end in a draw and you will get your coins back.
    Psychic Safari
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A, B: Power up relic
    This is Mystery Land's Duel Mini Game. The point of the game is to power up 
    your relic in 5 seconds. To do this, keep pressing A, B, A, B, A, B, as fast as 
    you can. After 5 seconds, the relics will battle, and whoever had the stronger 
    relic will win. This Mini Game is tough for people who aren't fast at hitting 
    Mushroom Brew
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A, B, or Z: Blast Mushroom
    This is Horror Land's Duel Mini Game. You must make the least amount of 
    mistakes to win. Use A to make a blue mushroom, B to make a green mushroom, and 
    Z to make a gray mushroom into your pot. At the top of the screen A, B, or Z 
    will appear. That is the button you need to press, so be quick. Keep your eyes 
    on the top of the screen and be careful of what you press. At the end, a star 
    will come out of the pot of the winner. No, you do not win the star.
    Rock, Paper, Mario
    Difficulty: N/A
    Controls: A: Mario
    B: Peach
    Z: Bowser
    This is Bowser's Duel Mini Game. Quite hard and scary if you tend to duel for a 
    lot of coins. This is just like rock, paper scissors. Mario beats Bowser, 
    Bowser beats Peach, and Peach beats Mario. Use A for Mario, B for Peach, and Z 
    for Bowser. Then, when both people are ready, their selected character will 
    come out of the pipe. Whoever had the stronger one will win. This is all based 
    on luck. Also, if both players pick identical characters, you will keep playing 
    until somebody wins.
    Item Mini Games
    Roll out the Barrels
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Punch
    Z (while in the air): Ground Pound
    This is Pirate Land's Item Mini Game. This is really good if you are bad at 
    following fast stuff with your eyes. At the beginning, the items will be 
    covered by barrels, and move around. Follow the barrel with the item you want, 
    and do not blink and take your eyes off the screen. Once they stop rolling, go 
    to the barrel you want to hit, and you will win your item/lose with Baby 
    Give me a Brake!
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: A: Pull Break
    This is Western Land's Item Mini Game. Getting your item is hard to pull off, 
    even I can't do it, so you'll have to stop the train when you feel like it. 
    Once you do, press A to pull the break and the train will stop. You will win 
    the item that appears in front of you.
    Hammer Slammer
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A (tapping): Raise Hammer
    B: Drop Hammer
    This is Space Land's Item Mini Game. Now, at the beginning, keep tapping A fast 
    to raise your hammer, and then press B to drop it. You will launch a rocket up 
    and you will get what it stops at. So raise your hammer low to have the rocket 
    go low, and raise it high to make the rocket go up high. Be careful, if you 
    raise it too high, it could hit the spring at the top, sending the rocket down 
    to Baby Bowser.
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Swing Hammer
    This is Mystery Land's Item Mini Game. This is quite simple if you can time 
    your swings right. Baby Bowser is on one spinning platforms and all of the 
    items are on two. To get the item you want, swing your hammer when the item 
    comes towards you. This will break one platform, then break the next one to get 
    the item. The second time it spins faster, so be quick.
    Coffin Congestion
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Punch
    This is Horror Land's Mini Game, and it's the easiest out of all of them. At 
    first, you will see the items inside the coffins, and then the coffins will 
    close. Each time they open, the items will have been warped to a different 
    coffin, so keep your eyes on the item you want, but this quite easy anyway. 
    Once the items stop warping, go to the item you want, and punch the coffin to 
    get the item.
    Bowser Slots
    Difficulty: Impossible 
    Controls: A: Jump
    This is Bowser Land's Mini Game, and it's near impossible. If you want an item, 
    you must line up 3 of the item on the slot machine. First, memorize the order 
    of the islands on the slots, and then hit them when they come to you. Or, if 
    you are this bad with slots like me, use the pause trick and hit the slots when 
    the items come around. 
    Other Mini Games
    Driver's Ed
    Difficulty: Varies
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    This is a mini game to unlock, and it's kind of there to test your skill. It's 
    a 1 player mini game, so only you can play it. The point of the game is to pop 
    all 20 balloons in order and cross the finish line. Each balloon is labeled 
    with a number, so you pop them 1-20, and each balloon is in between two combs. 
    But you have to steer through the cones in the direction the arrow is pointing 
    to pop the balloon, otherwise you miss. After all 20 are popped, quickly drive 
    to the finish line. If you mess up popping balloons or if 1 minute passes, you 
    lose. There are 5 courses, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. 
    Each course is tricky in it's own way.
    9. Unlockables
    These are neat things you can unlock in the game:
    To unlock the Mini Game Coaster, you need to buy all current mini-games off 
    Woody. He will let you play the mini-game coaster. To also play the Hard 
    Course, you must defeat the Normal Course first.
    Unlock Item Mini-Games:
    Beat the Normal Course and Woody will let you buy Item Mini Games off him.
    Unlock Battle Mini Games:
    Beat the Hard Course and Woody will let you buy Battle Mini Games off him.
    Unlock Rainbow Run:
    Beat the Hard Course and buy all of the Item Mini Games. I tried this without 
    buying all the Battle Mini Games and it worked. After you get all the Item Mini 
    Games, go to Mini Game Park and the Piranha Plant will give it to you.
    Unlock Dungeon Dash:
    Buy all of the 4 Player Mini Games off Woody and go to Mini Game Park. The 
    Piranha Plant will give you this mini game.
    Unlock Driver's Ed:
    Buy all of the mini games off Woody and he will let you play Driver's Ed.
    Unlock Mini Game Stadium: 
    Even though this had nothing to do with the Mini Game Coaster, buy three Mini 
    Games of each of the normal type (4 player, 1 on 3, and 2 on 2), and Woody will 
    let you to go the Mini Game Stadium. 
    Unlock Bowser Land:
    Play all the boards at least once and Toad will be kidnapped. You will be able 
    to play Bowser Land but you need to beat it before you can play any other board 
    Unlock Credits Machine
    Beat Bowser Land and watch the credits. At the end, go into the Option Lab and 
    the Credits Machine will have been finished.
    Unlock Songs in Music Album (Option Lab)
    To unlock music like the Mini Game Coaster, beat it on hard. For Bowser Land, 
    beat Bowser Land. There are also a few other stuff you can unlock.
    10. Credits
    Hudson: For making this game.
    Nintendo: For making the Nintendo 64.
    CJayC: The administrator of the best site in the world (GameFAQs) posted this 
    Myself: I wrote the guide.
    My Older Brother: He got the Nintendo 64.
    My Older Brother's ex-girlfriend: She gave me Mario Party 2 out of the blue. 
    Thanks for this awesome game!
    Earthshaker: His FAQ contained moves in the mini-games I forgot about.
    Nicholas Harvey: Giving me the coin trick in Mecha Marathon.
    M14 REAL: He gave me the tip for winning in Slot Car Derby.
    You: You read the guide, and liked it (hopefully).

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