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    FAQ by Earthshaker

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/21/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              /\        __     __    ______   ____     _    ______
             /  \      |  \   /  |  /  _   \ |  __\   | |  /  __  \
            /    \     |   \ /   | |  / \  | | |  \\  | | |  /  \ |
       -----  22  -----|    V    | | /___\ | | |  ||  | | | |   | |
       \     2  2     /| |\   /| | | _____ | | |__/|  | | | |   | |
        \      2     / | | \_/ | | | |   | | | __  /  | | | |   | |
         \    2     /  | |     | | | |   | | | | \ \  | | |  \__/ | 
          >  2222  <   |_|     |_| |_|   |_| |_|  \_\ |_|  \______/
         /  -   -   \
        / -       -  \  _____    ______   ____    _______  ___   ___
       /-           - \|  __ \  /  _   \ |  __\  |__   __| \  \ /  /
                       | |  \| |  / \  | | |  \\    | |     \  V  /
                       | |__/| | /___\ | | |  ||    | |      \   /
                       |  ___/ | _____ | | |__/|    | |      |  |        
                       | |     | |   | | | __  /    | |      |  |       
                       | |     | |   | | | | \ \    | |      |  |     
                       |_|     |_|   |_| |_|  \_\   |_|      |__|     
    Version 2.0, 2/21/2001
    Started on 1/30/2000
    Copyright 2000-2001 by Earthshaker
    Anyone may reproduce this FAQ electronically, but do not sell it for 
    money.  Proper legal action will be taken if you attempt to make a 
    profit off of it.  If you wish to place this on your website, tough 
    noogies.  I don't accept requests anymore.  The only places this can 
    appear are www.gamefaqs.com and vgstrategies.about.com, plus any 
    affiliates of www.gamefaqs.com such as gamesages.  Proper legal action 
    will be taken if I find out this is anywhere else.  
    If you have any questions/comments/complaints/babble that is 
    INTELLIGENT.  I restress… INTELLIGENT… send to Earthq3846@aol.com.
    Mario Party 2 is copyright Nintendo and Hudson.
    Notice that the ASCII art above was created freehand, without use of a 
    program.  Don't knock it, it took me a half hour.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*TABLE OF CONTENTS*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*< 
    1. Revision History
    2. Introduction
    3. The Characters
    4. The Boards
    5. The Spaces
    6. The Items
    7. The Mini-Games (Updated)
    8. Thanks!
    9. Repeat Copyright
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>1. Revision History<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<
    2/21/2001- Version 2.0- FINISHED!  Yippee, hooray, woohoo!  A 
    walkthrough that people may actually read!  YAY!  I have to say, though… 
    I borrowed the mini-game prices from off of another FAQ.  Proper credit 
    is given in the thanks section.  I also have a slick new ASCII art that 
    I made freehand (see disclaimer below the copyright.)  Comments are 
    welcome on it :-)
    2/13/2001- Version 1.8- Ten months later, I've rented Mario Party 2 
    again.  And, with Mario Party 3 coming out in the U.S. in May, I'm 
    making an effort to finish this FAQ up (plus, I have three days off work 
    for the first time in months, as well.)  Minor changes occurred here and 
    there, and the 2 vs. 2 mini-games section is now complete.  Please note 
    while reading: my "V" key doesn't always want to work, so if you see an 
    odd word (like sae instead of save, it's because I didn't catch it while 
    4/14/2000- Version 1.5- Finished up the 2 Vs. 2 Mini-game listing.
    And I'm updating this so you all know I am on the face of the earth.
    2/1/2000- Version 1.4- Finished up the 1 VS. 3 Mini-game listing.  
    Nothing else.  Once again I beg of you... please help with mini-game 
    1/31/2000- Version 1.3- This time, I put in most of the 1 VS. 3 
    Minigames, plus a new website that this can be found on.  And I'll beg  
    again, please help with the mini-game prices!  And, I fixed an extremely 
    stupid date mistake.
    1/30/2000- Version 1.0- The first version of this FAQ.  I'll include a 
    lot of the minigames, plus the boards and spaces and items and... well.. 
    you can read the Table of Contents!  If there are any things I may have 
    missed, let me know, and I'll put you in the Thanks! section.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*2. Introduction*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    Let me state one thing right now: Mario Party 2 is a definite 
    improvement on the first Mario Party.  The Artificial Intelligence has 
    been tweaked, so now, when you set the level of computer players on 
    hard, they will ACTUALLY be hard, rather than being slightly difficult.  
    Also, all of the boards are new, as well as many of the mini-games.  
    Those mini-games that aren't new are updated for the better.  The three 
    hidden mini-games this time around aren't all the same thing with 
    different courses, but two updated OLD games and a NEW game with FIVE 
    courses!  To top things off, there are no 1-player games.  Sound good?  
    That's only the beginning!  But before I write an entire book, I'll 
    start the FAQ.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<3. The Characters>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    Mario Party is host to six playable characters and a lot of non-playable 
    ones.  They are as follows:
    Mario- The hero!  Being as fast as he is, he prefers using mushrooms 
    (which means when the computer plays as Mario, he'll normally go for 
    mushrooms in item games)
    Luigi- The eternal understudy (as quoted from Super Smash Brothers).  
    He's personally my favorite character.  Being crafty, he prefers the 
    Skeleton Key.
    Peach- The princess.  After years of being kidnapped by Bowser, she's 
    back again for revenge.  She enjoys tricking people by using the Plunder 
    Yoshi- The cute little dinosaur.  He enjoys using Warp Blocks the most.
    Wario- Mario's nemesis.  Being evil, he enjoys using Dueling Gloves in 
    order to get coins from others.
    Donkey Kong- The last playable character, he's the super strong ape.  
    Don't ask me why, but the Bowser Bomb is his item of choice.
    And the unplayable characters are...
    Toad- He'll give you a star for 20 coins, if you are lucky enough to 
    pass him.
    Baby Bowser- Most of the time, he will steal five coins when you pass 
    him, except for a lucky few times.  If someone gets a Bowser Bomb item, 
    he will turn into...
    Bowser- The evil character.  Luckily, he won't appear unless someone 
    uses a Bowser Bomb item on him.  After he transforms, he hits a dice 
    block three times, moves that number of spaces, and swipes ALL the coins 
    of any character he passes.  At the end of each board game, the Super 
    Star defeats him.
    Sushi- If you land in front of a dock on Pirate Land, Sushi the Shark 
    will surface in the water, make you pay five coins, then transport you 
    to another part of the board.  
    Thwomp- These blue blocks can only move up and down and up and down and 
    up and down and... you get the idea.  In Pirate Land, they charge coins 
    for passage around the islands.  Every time you pass one, the toll 
    increases.  In Space Land, they sometimes drive the vehicles that appear 
    with a step on the Happening Space.
    Steamer- This train moves around the track of Western Land.  You can pay 
    five coins to gain a ride, but you can never tell whether you go forward 
    or backward.  
    Wiggler- At the top of the board in Western Land, this guy heads a milk 
    shop.  If you pay him 20 coins, you can invite everyone to a Hootenanny, 
    which brings every character back to where you are.  
    Sniffit- These creatures head a police patrol in Space Land.  If you pay 
    them five coins, they will set up a speed trap, which makes the speeders 
    that appear when you step on a Happening Space move farther along the 
    Shy Guy- As well as being a host to a mini-game, Shy Guys will also cast 
    a slow curse on someone in Mystery Land.  
    Bob-Omb- As well as appearing in several mini-games, Bob-Ombs also fly 
    around in UFO's in Mystery Land.
    Mr. I- In Horror Land, passing a Mr. I circle will make him appear and, 
    for five coins at night and ten coins in the morning, will warp everyone 
    in a diagonal path to the other Mr. I circle.  Odd that he calls it 
    "Magic" when all he does is roll...
    Boo- These things appear in every board and a few mini-games, but 
    especially pop up in Horror Land.  For five coins, they will attempt to 
    steal a lot of coins from a player.  For fifty coins, they will steal a 
    star.  Boos also are used in the "Dance 'Til Dawn" in Horror Land.
    Magikoopa- In Horror Land, paying ten coins to one during the day turns 
    it to night.
    Whomp- These giant stone blocks block paths in Horror Land.  In 
    addition, they appear in a few mini-games.
    Koopa Troopa- They are host to a few things, such as the Item Mini-
    Games, the Koopa Bank, and the Item Shop.  At the end of a game, they 
    are always in trouble with Bowser. 
    Goomba- They are always the hosts of Duel Mini-Games and Battle Mini-
    Pirhana Plant- I thought these things weren't in the game until I 
    visited Mini-Game Park.  It can give you two of the secret mini-games.
    Woody- You can buy Mini-Games off of this tree. 
    Mini-Game Trees- All of the Mini-Games you buy will be placed on these 
    five trees.  Only three trees are available at first.
    The Professor- He runs the Options Laboratory.
    The Professor's Assistant- He stands next to the Trash Compactor.
    Hammer Bro- He appears in Deep Sea Salvage.  
    Chain Chomp- He appears in some mini-games.
    Fly-Guy- These things are the whole point of Mecha Marathon!  They also 
    appear on a character who has a slow curse.
    Blooper- They appear to drag people away in Water mini-games, and they 
    are also creatures in Crazy Cutter.
    Cheep Cheep- These fish jump at you in Abandon Ship, and also appear in 
    Crazy Cutters.
    Finally, I'm done that section!  Now for the boards you can play on.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*4. The Boards*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<
    PIRATE LAND  (Difficulty *)
    In this level, the characters don pirate attire and set out to find 
    Cap'n Bowser's treasure.  The happening spaces on this level are all on 
    bridges, and whenever someone lands on one, the nearby ship will fire 
    cannonballs and send everyone on the bridge back to start.  If you land 
    in front of a dock with an arrow on it, Sushi the Shark will surface and 
    force you to another part of the board, along with taking five coins.  
    In some areas, Thwomps appear to block shortcuts.  You can pay them to 
    pass, but everytime you do, the toll rises by a coin more than what you 
    paid.  You can also alter the toll.  
    WESTERN LAND  (Difficulty *)
    In this level, all of the characters become deputies in search of Bowser 
    the bank robber.  The happening spaces on this level cause Steamer the 
    train to move forward to the next station.  Up near the top of the level 
    is a milk shop, where you can pay twenty coins to throw a hootenanny, 
    which brings everyone to where you are.  If you are at the train station 
    where Steamer is at, you can pay five coins to go either forwards or 
    backwards (not your choice).  
    SPACE LAND  (Difficulty **)
    Black Hole Bowser terrorizes this board, along with some Whomp and 
    Thwomp speeders.  Stepping on a Happening space causes one of these 
    speeders to appear and follow the outside of the square board, for one 
    row (two, if the Sniffit Patrol is blocking their exit path.)  To set up 
    the Sniffit Patrol, you have to pay five coins when you pass by their 
    station.  In the center of the board is a countdown timer.  As everyone 
    passes it, it goes down by one.  When it reaches down to zero, Black 
    Hole Bowser will fire a beam in a diagonal path (/) that causes everyone 
    in its path to lose all of their coins (terrible if it happens when you 
    have over 75.) 
    MYSTERY LAND  (Difficulty **)
    The Bowser Sphinx terrorizes this land, with its Shy Guy magicians and 
    mysterious Bob-Omb aliens.  Each happening square warps you to another 
    section of the board in a clockwise fashion.  The only other ways to 
    move to another part of the board is by either using a skeleton key or 
    throwing ten coins into the relic in the top left and bottom right 
    sections of the screen.  Sometimes, when you do this, the UFO will 
    malfunction and drop you off in an area with three happening spaces and 
    four red spaces.  If you pass by a Shy Guy house and pay five coins, you 
    can cast a slow curse on anybody (including yourself) which causes
    that person to move only 1-3 spaces the next turn.
    HORROR LAND  (Difficulty ***)
    The Master Wizard Bowser haunts this land.  Most of note on this board 
    is the fact that every two turns, day turns to night and vice versa.  
    Day and Night can be switched a lot of ways, including: paying money at 
    a certain space of the board, waiting two turns, or stepping on a 
    Happening Space.  During the day, most of the boos are gone, and you can 
    pay the Whomps to move down the paths they block.  If you choose not to 
    pay them and take the other path, the Whomp will block that path you 
    just took.  During the day you can also pay ten coins for Mr. I to warp 
    you down the board in a diagonal \ fashion.  Only during the day can you 
    visit the Mystery Mansion to pay a Magikoopa to light a Darkness Lamp 
    that brings on darkness.  At night, Mr. I charges five coins for the 
    warp, and the Boos are more numerous.  The Whomps are magically held in 
    place at night, and, when you pass the spider web, you can pay to join a 
    dance with Boos and Mr. Is that causes day to appear.  
    NEW FOR 2/21- There is a Big Boo in the top right corner of the board, 
    and for 15 coins, he will steal coins from EVERYBODY on the board.  For 
    150 coins (!) everyone will have a star stolen from them.
    BOWSER LAND  (Difficulty ***)
    This board will only appear once you complete the other five boards.  
    The objective on this board is to defeat Bowser once and for all.  The 
    Happening Squares will do three things on this board, depending on which 
    one you land on.  If you land on one of the three in a row, your 
    character will jump on the Blooper Wheel.  If you jump on one of the 
    Happening Spaces on this wheel, you will jump off the wheel.  If you 
    jump on any other Happening Space, you will jump in a pipe and land on a 
    Happening Space elsewhere on the board.  Every five turns is a Bowser 
    Parade, which takes away coins from anyone in its way and sends whoever 
    gets caught in it back to start.  You can change the route everytime you 
    pass by the parade planning offices.  In the top right corner of this 
    board is Bowser's Item Shop, which FORCES you to buy an item for a few 
    coins higher than it is normally worth.  The banks around this level are 
    altered too: they give you five coins each time you pass them, but if 
    you land on the bank square, you must pay off the debt.  At the end of a 
    full play game, this can add up to over 200 coins!!
    MINI GAME STADIUM (Trial Mode) (No difficulty)
    This is a simple figure eight board.  There are no item spaces, two 
    battle spaces on the bottom of the board, and three red spaces.  The 
    blue and red spaces do not give or take any coins.  The only other 
    things of note are that every time you pass start, you gain ten coins, 
    and also, you do NOT play for stars in this game.  
    This isn't TECHNICALLY a board, but I had to fit it in somewhere.  Going 
    through this on each difficulty will gain you many coins, plus on medium 
    and hard difficulties, you will be able to gain the option to buy item 
    and battle minigames (respectively.)  
    Now for the next section.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>5. The Spaces<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    This section describes the various spaces you can land on in the boards 
    described above.  Each of the spaces has a color that determines the 
    mini-game at the end of the turn: blue, green, or red.  The format is:
    Blue Spaces (Blue)
    When you land on one of these, you gain three coins (except in Mini-Game 
    Stadium).  You gain six coins in the last five turns.  A Hidden Block 
    may be found among them, where you gain either 20 coins or a star.
    Red Spaces (Red)
    The opposite of Blue Spaces, you will LOSE three coins (except in Mini-
    Game Stadium).  You lose six coins in the last five turns.
    Bowser Spaces (Red)
    The worst space you can land on!  Bowser will appear and spin a 
    roulette.  This is fixed!  Even if you hit A at the right time, Bowser 
    will pick a predetermined thing.  The events are:
    Star Steal- Bowser leaves you alone
    Stars- Packed to Go- Bowser runs away again
    10,000 Coin Present- Bowser runs away
    100 Star Present- Bowser runs away
    ## Coins for Bowser- (there are normally two of these on the same 
    roulette) Bowser takes ## coins (I've seen this go as high as 30)
    Bowser's Coin Potluck- Bowser takes a number of coins from EVERYBODY.
    Bowser's Chance Time- A fixed Chance Time begins where the character 
    that pops up on the left block gives the spun amount of coins to Bowser.  
    Bowser's Appearing Act- It acts the same as a Bowser Bomb: Bowser 
    appears at the end of the turn.
    Bowser's Multiplying Toads- This makes Baby Bowser go away and two Toads 
    appear.  Both Toads will make the normal 20 coin offer!... However, one 
    of the Toads is Baby Bowser in disguise, and will give you a fake star 
    after you pay him.  
    Thanks to everyone who caught this next one!
    Bowser Revolution- Bowser takes EVERYBODY'S coins, throws them in a 
    giant *FIGURATIVE* pot, and distributes them to every character evenly.  
    Great if you have a low amount of coins, awful if you have the most out 
    of anybody.
    Bank Space (Green)
    Every time you pass this, you either pay five coins (in the five regular 
    levels) or gain five coins (in Bowser Land).  If you LAND on the space, 
    you either gain all the coins in the bank (in the five regular levels) 
    or pay off the debt (in Bowser Land).  
    ! Space (Green)
    Landing on this space brings up the Chance Time.  In Chance Time, there 
    are three blocks.  The first and last box have the four character faces 
    on them, and the middle box is the exchange box, that determines which 
    of the two characters will get what.  
    ? Space (a.k.a. Happening Space) (Green)
    Check the Board descriptions to check out what each of these do.
    Treasure Chest Space (Green)
    This will take you into an Item Mini-game.
    Lightning Space (Green)
    This will take all four characters into a Battle Mini-game.
    And that's it for the Spaces.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>6. The Items>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    There are ten items to be obtained in Mario Party 2, three of which can 
    only be obtained via an item mini-game.  Unlike the first Mario Party, 
    the items are NOT permanent (i.e. if you buy a warp block, you can use 
    it whenever you feel like, but it will disappear after the turn is 
    over.)  They are as follows:
    Mushroom (costs 10 coins)- Using this at the beginning of your turn 
    allows you to hit a dice block twice instead of once.  If you roll 
    doubles, you get a ten coin bonus.  
    Golden Mushroom (costs 20 coins)- Using this at the beginning of your 
    turn allows you to hit a dice block three times instead of one.  I don't 
    know if you get a bonus by rolling triples, 'cause I haven't done it 
    Skeleton Key (costs 10 coins)- I think everybody knows what keys do...
    Plunder Chest (costs 15 coins)- This is a sort of insurance for an item.  
    If another opponent has an item when you use this, you steal that item.  
    If every character has an item, you steal a random one.
    Warp Block (costs 15 coins)- Use it to switch positions with a random 
    Dueling Glove (costs 15 coins)- Waving this in the air at the beginning 
    of your turn brings down the Goomba to begin a Duel Mini-game.  Unlike 
    the Duels near the end of the game, you can choose your opponent.
    Magic Lamp (costs 30 coins)- Want to make someone really mad by cutting 
    off their path and going to Toad?  Use this and the Mushroom Genie will 
    appear to fly you right to Toad.  
    Bowser Bomb (can only be found in a Mini-game)- You can't USE this item, 
    but at the end of the turn you obtain it, Bowser will appear where Baby 
    Bowser was.  
    Boo Bell (can only be found in a Mini-game)- If you use this, you won't 
    have to worry about hunting down Boo: he'll find you.  Pay 5 coins to 
    steal coins, pay 50 coins to steal a star.
    Bowser Suit (can only be found in a Mini-game)- Put it on at the 
    beginning of your turn to become Bowser.  If you pass an opponent, you 
    steal 20 coins from him.  Pass the Koopa Bank, Store, Baby Bowser, and 
    other people for various other fun things (i.e. in Bowser Land, you can 
    change the Parade Route for free.)
    That's it for the items!  Now for the FAQ writers nightmare-   The Mini-
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<7. The Mini-Games>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    These are what make Mario Party 2 the Ultimate party game!  Some require 
    skill, some are just completely LUCK.  Others are how precise your 
    movements are, and your reaction time.  In other words, it's very 
    diverse.  The format I will do will go like this:
    GROUPING OF MINI-GAMES (i.e. 2 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3, etc.)
    NAME OF MINI-GAME (Woody's cost, someone help me with these?)
    DIFFICULTY (Simple, Easy, Medium, Tough (or Hard, I seem to have 
    forgotten my own scale- 2/21), OMIGOD!) (My opinion, DON'T WHINE ABOUT 
    IT!) (With the new update, I repeat again.  DON'T WHINE ABOUT IT!)
    ADVICE (MY advice)
    ADVANTAGES (in 2 vs. 2 and 1 vs. 3 mini-games only)
    FUN FACTOR (On this range: Worthy of a toilet; Ho-Hum; Fun!; HELP!  I've 
    started playing and I can't get off!) (MY personal opinion)
    Let's begin…
    These mini-games are the only way to get certain items during Board 
    Games.  They're also ways to get your favorite item for free.  Third 
    notice: they are also INCREDIBLY pointless to buy, since none of them 
    are too much fun.  You'll only want them if you want to own the Driver's 
    Ed game.
    Roll Out the Barrels
    This is Pirate Land's Item Mini-Game.  All the items are stuck in 
    barrels that move around the screen.
    CONTROLS- A- Jump    Control Stick- Move    Z in midair- Hip Drop     B- 
    Pick the item you want, then DON'T blink.  Keep your eyes on the barrel, 
    then when they stop moving, go ahead and blink, then attack the barrel 
    with the item in it.  If you lost sight, pick a random barrel.  Most of 
    the time, it won't be Baby Bowser.  
    Give Me a Brake!
    This is Western Land's Item Mini-Game.  The items are on a locomotive 
    that circles around you.
    CONTROLS- A- Pull the Brake
    As soon as it becomes available to buy it, do so.  Practice a few times 
    so that you can find out how both how long it takes you to pull the 
    brake and then how long it takes you to stop.  
    Worthy of a Toilet.
    Hammer Slammer
    This is Space Land's Item Mini-Game.  The items are at various points 
    along a carnival hammer/bell game.  You must use a hammer to strike the 
    platform to raise the rocket to hit the item you want (there's a tongue 
    CONTROLS- A repeatedly- Raise the hammer     B- Drop the hammer
    If you raise the hammer too far, the rocket will bounce back.  There is 
    no way of telling where the spring up top will knock it.
    This is Mystery Land's Item Mini-Game.  The items are on two platforms 
    each, and Baby Bowser is on one platform.  The platforms are whirling 
    around in a circle, and you must smack down the platforms to gain the 
    item you want.
    CONTROLS- A- Swing the mallet
    Don't be fooled: though the platforms are moving fast, the one you hit A 
    in front of will be the one you smack.  The platforms will move in the 
    opposite direction once you hit it, and move faster.  Your reaction time 
    must be fast to hit it.
    Coffin Congestion
    CONTROLS- Medium
    This is Horror Land's Item Mini-Game.  The items and Baby Bowser are in 
    six coffins, whose lids slide off and on.  Each time a lid slides off, 
    the items and Baby Bowser switch places. 
    A- Jump     B- Attack      Z in the air- Hip Drop   Control Stick- Move
    The trick is like a Magic Eye puzzle: DON'T FOCUS ON ANYTHING!  Stare 
    into space... you'll see the whole screen that way, so you can pick 
    whatever item you want.
    BOWSER Slots (980 coins)
    The items you want are all on a slot machine.  Stop three of the same 
    item in a row to win it.
    CONTROLS- A- Jump
    Pick your item, then watch the reels carefully.  Memorize the item in 
    front of the item you want, then jump when you see that item.  There is 
    no time limit, so repeat with all the reels.  If you miss even one, you 
    These are 1 on 1 mini-games.  Like the Item Mini-Games, there is one for 
    each land.  The person who challenges another person gets to pick how 
    much coins the wager is worth.  Duel Mini-Games are the only ones you 
    can't buy, which sucks, because they are extremely fun. (Note on 2/21… 
    duh, I'm naïve.  I didn't know you didn't even NEED to buy these because 
    you can play them in the Duel mode of Mini-Game Stadium!)
    Saber Swipes
    The Pirate Land duelists wield saber swords, and must press a sequence 
    of five buttons (out of A, B, and Z) quicker than the other person to 
    CONTROLS- A, B, Z- Swipe.
    This all depends on your reaction time.  Take enough time to make sure 
    you won't screw up, because if you do, you'll have to start the sequence 
    over again, which pretty much guarantees a loss.
    HELP!  I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Quick Draw Corks
    The Western Land duelists are packing cork popguns.  As soon as the 
    Goomba says Go! Hit A.  The person who hits A quickest wins the duel.  
    However, if you hit A too early, you must restart the duel.  If you hit 
    A too early again, the game ends.
    CONTROLS- A- Draw and shoot
    No help here, it depends on your reaction time.
    Worthy of a Toilet
    Time Bomb
    In Space Land, the duelists are given a set amount of time (with no 
    visible timer).  After this amount of time, they must hit the plunger.  
    The one closest to the amount of time wins. 
    CONTROLS- A- Hit plunger
    The trick that works for me is not to count forward (i.e. not 1, 2, 3, 
    4, etc.) but to count backward.  Don't start counting until after the 
    word "Start!" fades away.  
    New tip with 2/14 update: using an old fashioned, ticking alarm clock 
    works wonders for this mini-game.
    Psychic Safari
    In Mystery Land, the two duelists must alternately pound the A and B 
    buttons to psychically power up stone mushroom relics.  The one who 
    powers it up more gets to laugh as their relic knocks out the other 
    person's relic. 
    CONTROLS- Alternate A, B- Power up relic.
    Just pound the buttons as fast as possible!  Just make sure you 
    alternate, or you'll be kicking yourself.
    Mushroom Brew (And I can't believe I've been missing this thing the 
    whole time- 2/14)
    The Duel Mini-Game for Horror Land, the two duelists becoming witches 
    making a brew.  Press A, B, or Z to correspond to what the Goomba tells 
    you to insert.  The one who is closest to the given recipe has a star 
    fly out of his/her cauldron, and wins. 
    CONTROLS- A- Blue mushroom  B- Green mushroom  Z- Gray mushroom
    Fast reaction time wins the day here.
    Rock, Paper, MARIO
    In Bowser Land, the duelists pick either Peach, Mario, or Bowser.  
    Bowser beats Peach by a kidnapping, Peach beats Mario with love, Mario 
    beats Bowser with a brutal kick n' punch.
    CONTROLS- A- Pick Mario    B- Pick Peach    Z- Pick Bowser.
    This is all up to luck, but just in case you are paranoid enough to 
    think the AI tries to cheat, wait for it to pick first.
    All four people throw money into a pot, then compete for the Lion's 
    Share.  The second placer gets money too.  Beware... the price to enter 
    can be up to 50 coins!  They are probably the most fun of all mini-
    games, but also the most expensive, at 700-980 coins a pop!  Note you 
    can only buy these after completing the Hard course in Mini-Game 
    BOWSER's Big Blast (980 coins)
    There are four players, five switches, and one detonator.  Pick one, and 
    pray that it isn't the detonator.  If all four players make it through 
    without the detonator being hit, the five switches go into the ground 
    and come back out, with the detonator *maybe* switching positions.  If a 
    player sets off the bomb, he/she is out.  The amount of switches then 
    goes down by one.  While I don't like minigames relying on luck, this 
    one is an exception due to the fact that you finally get to blow up 
    Peach (by accident or not, I don't care :-)
    CONTROLS- Control Stick- Pick switch     A- Push down switch
    This is all up to luck, no advice here.  
    HELP! I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Rakin' 'em In
    This is a version of the popular children's game, Hungry Hungry Hippos.  
    Your character operates a crane, which is used to snag mushrooms along a 
    rotating tree stump.  Normal mushrooms are worth 1 point, Gold mushrooms 
    are worth 3 points, and Purple mushrooms are worth -3 points.
    CONTROLS- A- Operate the crane arm
    Timing is everything.  Grab the Gold mushrooms if you can, and avoid the 
    Purple ones.
    Bumper Balloon Cars
    It's Bumper Cars!... except the back end of your car has a balloon and 
    the front end has a spike.  All you have to do is maneuver around and 
    pop everybody's balloon.
    CONTROLS- Control stick forward/backward- Move forward/backward    
    Control stick left/right- Turn left/right
    Don't move until someone goes after you.  Whenever you see a balloon 
    open for popping, take the opportunity to do so!  And NEVER let anyone 
    behind you.
    HELP! I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Hot BOB-OMB (700 coins)
    Hot potato, explosive style!  The last person standing wins.
    CONTROLS- B- Catch bomb     A- Throw Bomb      Control stick- Pick 
    Use the control stick to pick the person in the lead, than always throw 
    to him/her.  Be sure to hit B at the correct moment to catch the Bob-Omb 
    so you won't drop it.
    Face Lift
    This should be familiar: you are supposed to stretch the character's 
    face to fit the example.
    A- Grab face      Control stick- Move hand
    As in the old game, most of the stretches are to the extremes.  However, 
    not everything is stretched to the extremes, so try to fit the example 
    as best you can.  
    Crazy Cutter
    This should be another familiar game: try to cut out the characters.  
    Follow the lines as best you can!  There are three levels.  Easy (Chain 
    Chomp), Medium (Cheep Cheep), and Hard (Blooper.)  The cleanest cut 
    Control stick- Move.
    Cut as cleanly on the lines as possible.  It is wise to cut in the 
    picture rather than outside if you slip up.  
    Grab Bag
    Yet another familiar game.  Grab as many mushrooms out of the bags as 
    possible.  One character has a gold mushroom worth three normal ones 
    placed in his bag at the beginning
    CONTROLS- B- Grab Bag    (repeatedly after grabbing) Steal (repeatedly 
    after grabbed) Shake Loose
    Once you find who has the gold mushroom, grab it, then run away from 
    everyone else, grabbing only when you can without getting snagged.
    Day at the Races
    No rating
    Each character picks either a Whomp, Thwomp, Boo, or Bob-Omb.  They then 
    race.  The person who picks the winner gets the money.  The order 
    characters pick in is determined by the place they are in on the board 
    game (i.e. First placer gets stuck with the last pick, while last placer 
    gets first choice.)
    CONTROLS- A- Confirm racer     Control stick- Pick racer
    This is all up to luck, because all four characters can come from behind 
    or slip up.  However, whenever I play, Boo seems to win the most, 
    followed by the Whomp, the Thwomp, and the Bob-Omb.
    Worthy of a Toilet.
    3 VS. 1 MINI-GAMES
    These mini-games occur when the color groupings at the end of a turn end 
    up with one red and three blue or vice versa.  In most cases, the single 
    player has the advantage.  If the single player wins, he gets 10 coins 
    plus any extras he picks up (except in Quicksand Cache, where he gets to 
    keep whatever he grabs,) and if the three-player team wins, they get 10 
    coins each, plus anything they grab.  
    Difficulty for Single Player- Easy
    Difficulty for Three Players- Tough
    The single character is an archer.  The other three are semi-mobile 
    archery targets which the single character has to pick off with arrows.  
    Hitting other targets (Boo, Toad, and Baby Bowser) gives the archer 
    coins.  For the single player to win, he/she has to pick off the three 
    player targets.  For the three players to win, at least one of them must 
    be up when the timer runs out.
    SINGLE PLAYER- A once- Set arrow      A again- Fire arrow
    THREE PLAYERS- Control stick: Left- Move left.    Right- Move right.
    Advice for the single player- If one of the three other players is 
    trapped, pick him/her off.  Unless desperate for coins, I suggest NOT 
    aiming for the other targets, because it makes it easier to trap the 
    Advice for the three players- DO NOT get yourself trapped, or you make 
    yourself easy prey.  Try not to run right into the arrows fired.
    The single player has the advantage in this game.
    Bob-Omb Barrage
    Difficulty for Single Player- Medium
    Difficulty for Three Players- Medium
    The single character is in a fragile wooden tub on a small pond.  The 
    other three characters are on the coastline throwing the bomb characters 
    at him/her.  For the single player to win, he/she must avoid getting a 
    Bob-omb thrown into his/her tub.  For the three players to win, one of 
    them must throw a Bob-omb into the tub before the time runs out. 
    SINGLE PLAYER- Control stick- Move
    THREE PLAYERS- Control stick:  Hold- Power up throw      Release- Throw
    Advice for the single player- Stay at the far end of the pond.  The 
    throwers must be extremely accurate on their throwing to throw it in 
    Advice for the three players- Find out how much pressure you much place 
    on the control stick in order to throw far enough, THEN aim.  Don't hold 
    on to the Bob-omb for too long or it will explode on you.
    The three players have the advantage in this game.
    Bowl Over
    Difficulty for Single Player- Simple
    Difficulty for Three Players- OMIGOD!
    The single player is a shell bowler, and the three players are the 
    bowling pins!  For the single player to win, he/she must knock out all 
    three of the character bowling pins with two throws.  For the three 
    players to win, they must jump out of the way of the shell for two 
    SINGLE PLAYER- (Before throw) Control Stick- Move left and right     A- 
    Throw shell    (After throw) Control Stick- Move shell
    THREE PLAYERS- Control stick- Face direction    A- Hop in direction 
    Advice for the single player- Maneuver your shell carefully along the 
    alley.  Once you get near the end, aim for the highest grouping of 
    character bowling pins.  
    Advice for the three players- Spread out!  If characters are in groups, 
    they are easy targets.  If you are the only character left in the second 
    frame, stand still, but stay in a direction.  When the shell gets near 
    you, JUMP!  You may be lucky and jump out of the way!
    The single player DEFINITELY has the advantage in this game. 
    Crane Game
    Difficulty for Single Player- Medium
    Difficulty for Three Players- OMIGOD!
    The crane game returns!  However, this time around, the single player 
    must snatch all three opponents before time runs out, and you don't LOSE 
    coins if you get grabbed, unlike before.  The three players win if any 
    of them survive by the time the timer runs out.  The single player can 
    increase the timer by grabbing clocks (this is NECESSARY!)
    SINGLE PLAYER- Control stick- Move     A- Drop crane         A 
    repeatedly- Hold on to prize.
    THREE PLAYERS- A repeatedly- Wiggle free.
    Advice for the single player- Grab the three clocks first.  Then, go 
    after each character.
    Advice for the three players- Save your trigger finger until you get 
    grabbed, then POUND THAT A BUTTON LIKE MAD!
    The single player has the advantage in this mini-game.
    Filet Relay
    Difficulty for Single Player- Medium
    Difficulty for Three Players- Medium
    The players become penguins, trying to bring a fish to a bunch of baby 
    penguins in an igloo at the end of an icy road!  The single player must 
    run the whole course, while the three players split the distance.  The 
    team who crosses the line first wins. 
    ALL PLAYERS- A repeatedly- Run      Control stick- Move left and right
    Advice for all players- If you manage to get ahead of your opponent, 
    move right in front of them.  If they bump you, they'll bump back really 
    far!  If you begin sliding, stop pounding the A button, or you'll fall 
    The single player has a slight advantage in this mini-game (because 
    every time the team hands off, they stop short) 
    Lights Out
    Difficulty for Single Player- Easy
    Difficulty for Three Players- Tough
    The three players carry light bulbs while the single player carries a 
    hammer, which he obviously tries to whack the light bulb carriers with.  
    For most of the mini-game, the lights are out, with only tiny spotlights 
    centered on the bulb carriers!  The single player wins by knocking out 
    all three of the others before time runs out
    SINGLE PLAYER- A- Vertical Swing      B- Horizontal Swing   Control 
    Stick- Move
    THREE PLAYERS- Control Stick- Move
    Advice for the single player- Remember where you are, and sneak around 
    in the dark, whacking when someone comes close.  If you forget where you 
    are, hit A: stars will appear in front of where you are.  Remember that 
    this also alerts others to where you are!  And use horizontal swings 
    most of the time, it has a wider range of thwapping.  (Note looking back 
    on 2/21… how many times did I use the phrase [where you are]?  Ugh, I 
    didn't think I was that lost for words writing this.)
    Advice for the three players- If you see stars appear anywhere or a 
    spotlight suddenly go out, run away from that space!  That's where one 
    of your partners just got knocked.  
    The single player has the definite advantage of being in the dark.
    Look Away
    Difficulty for Single Player- Tough
    Difficulty for Three Players- Tough
    The four characters' heads bob from side to side as music plays, then 
    when it stops, they have a few moments to turn their heads in four 
    directions or just choose to look forward.  If any of the three 
    characters look in the same direction as the single player once the 
    lights in the stars stop, they are out.  As Nintendo Power put it, it is 
    a reverse form of Simon Says.  The single player wins if he can get all 
    three players out in five turns.
    ALL PLAYERS- Control Stick- Face left, right, down, or up     Release- 
    Face forward.  
    Advice for the single player- Look in one direction and, at the very 
    last moment, turn in the direction of one of the characters.  Easier 
    said than done.
    Advice for the three players- Face one direction, and if the single 
    player looks that way, turn some other way.  Just try not to face the 
    same direction as one of your partners, because if the single player 
    looks that way and the faces freeze, you're both out.
    The three players have the advantage of strength in numbers.
    HELP!  I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Move to the Music
    Difficulty for Single Player- OMIGOD!
    Difficulty for Three Players- Simple
    The single player is a dance master, and the three players are the 
    students.  A line of four, five, or six music notes plays and the dance 
    master must make up moves to, which the students must then copy at the 
    proper time.  If any of the three players hit a wrong step, they are 
    out.  If all three get out, the dance master wins.  Odd bug with 
    computer players… they seem to get out before anybody even needs to 
    dance… anyone know why?
    ALL PLAYERS- A, B, Z, Left, Right, Down, Up- Different dance steps.
    Advice for single player- Pick an extremely confusing combination of 
    dance steps.  With luck, it'll be so off the wall that nobody will have 
    the mental capacity to remember it.  (Don't you wish this mini-game was 
    a little longer, so you could have a chance, you poor baby?)
    Advice for three players- Remember the whole song, and only hit the 
    right step when the bar passes over a note in your row.
    Unless they have terrible memories, the three players have an advantage 
    in this game
    HELP!  I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Quicksand Cache
    Difficulty for Single Player- Simple
    Difficulty for Three Players- Easy
    The single player dons a Bowser Suit and sits in the middle of a pool of 
    quicksand.  The three players are on the outside of the quicksand.  Many 
    coins drop from above, which the three players attempt to grab before 
    they drop into the middle of the pit with the single player.  The three 
    players can't go near the Bowser character or they'll be sucked under.
    SINGLE PLAYER- Control Stick: Left- Spin quicksand left    Right- Spin 
    quicksand right
    THREE PLAYERS- Control Stick- Move
    Advice for the single player- If a moneybag falls, rotate the quicksand 
    in such away that the three characters won't be able to get near it.  
    The same goes if a bunch of single coins fall in the same place.  If 
    anyone gets near you, rotate the quicksand back and forth so they can't 
    run out of it
    Advice for the three players- Run along with the quicksand to go near 
    the moneybags faster.  If you start getting sucked down, run towards the 
    wall in the direction of the quicksand.  
    None of the players have an advantage in this game, in my opinion, 
    because any of the characters can get 20+ coins.
    Shock, Drop, or Roll
    Difficulty for Single Player- Tough
    Difficulty for Three Players- Medium
    The single player operates a lever that spins a turbine, beneath which 
    are electric beams.  The three players are standing on that turbine, and 
    are trying not to fall into the electricity!  The single player can win 
    only by throwing all three of the others in the electricity.
    SINGLE PLAYER- Control stick: Left- Rotate turbine left     Right- 
    Rotate turbine right
    THREE PLAYERS- Control stick: Left- Run left     Right- Run right
    A- Jump
    Advice for single player- Be unpredictable.  Act like you're about to 
    turn left, then fake and turn right, then fake again.  Hope is your main 
    Advice for three players- Repeatedly jumping will keep you on the 
    turbine for a long time... only if it's going full speed will you start 
    The three players have the advantage in this game.
    Rainbow Run (This is a hidden mini-game.  You get it once you buy all of 
    the 4 Player, 2 VS. 2, 1 VS. 3, and Item Mini-games, along with one 
    Battle Mini-game.)
    Difficulty for Single Player- OMIGOD!
    Difficulty for Three Players- Easy
    This is a variety of the old Tightrope Treachery from the first Mario 
    Party, with a difference: this time, there is a timer!  The single 
    player must get to the end of the rainbow before the time is up, while 
    the three players must try to keep him/her from the finish by shooting 
    him/her with cannons.
    SINGLE PLAYER- Control stick- Move
    THREE PLAYERS- Control stick- Aim cannon     A- Fire cannon
    Advice for single player- Just keep moving forward.  If wind or a 
    cannonball knocks you too close to the edge, center yourself as quickly 
    as possible so you don't fall over with another blow.
    Advice for three players- Aim carefully, and fire only after the single 
    player stops flashing from a previous hit (or else the cannonball will 
    go right through him/her.)  
    The three players have the advantage in this game.
    2 VS. 2 MINI-GAMES
    Balloon Burst
    Difficulty for both team members- Easy
    The old Balloon Burst returns!!  This time, however, TWO team members 
    must cooperate to pump enough air into the balloon.  The first team to 
    cause the balloon explode, wins.  
    BOTH PLAYERS- A- Push pump down    B- Pull pump out   Z- Pull pump out
    Advice for every player- Push down the pump fully, and pull it OUT 
    fully!  Get into a steady pattern, and don't pound the buttons or the 
    balloon well barely get any air in it.
    Neither of the team members has an advantage.
    Bobsled Run
    Difficulty for both team members- Easy
    Another oldie.  The team members must cooperate to go down the 
    treacherous trail.  The first team to reach the finish line wins.  If 
    both fall off of the course, then the game is declared a draw.
    BOTH PLAYERS- Before Race- A repeatedly- Run    After jumping in- 
    Control Stick: Right- Steer right    Left- Steer right
    Advice for every player- First, pump the A button as hard as you can.  
    Once you hop in the bobsled, act as if you are in a race all by 
    yourself.  However, if characters steer in different directions,  you 
    won't go anywhere.
    Neither of the team members has the advantage.
    Toad Bandstand
    Difficulty for both team members- Simple.
    Yet another oldie, except now you are split into two teams.  Team 
    members are equipped with a drum and flute, and play music according to 
    the bar at the bottom.  The team that follows music most accurately 
    BOTH PLAYERS- A- Play instrument
    Advice for every player- Get in the feel for the music, and press the A 
    button whenever the box passes over your instrument.
    Once again, neither of the team members has an advantage.
    Handcar Havoc
    Difficulty for both team members- Medium
    Another oldie, but thankfully, toned down from the original.  Going fast 
    will STILL tip you over the edge, and none of the controls or objectives 
    of the game have changed.
    BOTH PLAYERS- A- Pump handcar     B- Brake     Control Stick- Lean
    Advice for every player- The track is always the same, so after you get 
    used to it, make sure you know every curve, straightaway, and jump.  I 
    DID mention there were jumps, didn't I?
    OK, after now, I won't say if there is an advantage… unless there is 
    Magnet Carta
    Difficulty for both team members- Simple
    In this game, the main objective is to collect coins, using a magnet 
    attached to a bumper car.  The car takes a little getting used to, so if 
    you have the Driver's Ed game, you can master this extremely easily.
    BOTH PLAYERS- Control stick- Turn/move in respective directions.
    Advice for every player- Heavier loads of coins weigh more, but it makes 
    no difference!  Bring it back to your goal! Coins are coins, and you'll 
    get them at the end of the game anyway…
    Destruction Duet
    Difficulty for both players- Easy
    The objective is simple: be a steenking vandal and kick the crap out of 
    the Bowser Statues.  There are three different heights, with the tallest 
    one obviously taking the most time to deface.  Heavier attacks damage 
    the thing more.
    BOTH PLAYERS- A- Jump    B- Attack   Z- Hip Drop  Control Stick- Move
    Advice- Hip Drops seem to take too long to accomplish, so settle with 
    jumping and quickly kicking the stupid thing.  If it gets too high up to 
    kick, begin finishing with normal attacks or Hip Drops.
    Torpedo Targets
    Difficulty for both players- Medium
    One of the players pilots a submarine and steers it around, while the 
    other one is in control of the torpedo deck.  Main objective here: find 
    the targets underwater, and blow them up before the other team can do 
    SUBMARINE STEERER- A- Accelerate   B- Reverse   Control Stick- Steer.
    TORPEDO LAUNCHER- A- Shoot torpedo    Control Stick- Steer torpedo
    Advice for Steerer- From the camera views, finding the target can be 
    difficult.  Once you do, close in as near as possible to the target, 
    hoping your teammate is shooting at it.
    Advice for Launcher- See target?  Make go boom.  See enemy sub shooting 
    at target?  Make go boom while wait for friend.  Unga!
    Easier for the torpedo shooter, IMHO.
    Looney Lumberjacks
    Difficulty for both players- Simple
    Saw through logs using a giant saw.  Whee.  Just make sure you and your 
    teammate push the same direction, or you'll be caught squishing or 
    stretching the saw.
    BOTH PLAYERS- A- Pull   B- Push
    Advice for both players- Get in a steady rhythm.  Irritate opponents at 
    a party by shouting "A! B! A! B! A! B! A! B!" until you finish, because 
    it may screw them up, and keep you and your teammate oriented.  Goodie.
    Worthy of a toilet.  *FLUSH*
    Sky Pilots
    Difficulty for flapper- Easy 
    Difficulty for pilot- Hard
    Be the first team to cross the finish line.  The pilot obviously steers, 
    while the flapper flaps his arms up and down to make the craft pick up 
    PILOT- Control stick- Steer
    FLAPPER- Control stick- Up- Flap up     Down- Flap down
    Advice for pilot- Steer away from obstacles (hard with the control) and 
    try to aim for rainbow rings for a speed boost.  Easier said than done.  
    Also, try to goad a cannon into firing on an opponent, if at all 
    Advice for flapper- Get in a steady rhythm, and stick to it.  See what 
    rhythm gets the best speed, though.
    Flapper has the definite advantage here.
    Fun! (But note… repetitive, it is the same course o'er and o'er again.)
    Speed Hockey
    Difficulty for both players- Simple
    Pong takes a jump into the Mario Party universe!  The characters become 
    paddles that can only move up and down, and quite obviously, have to hit 
    a puck into the other team's goal.  Three goals wins the game.
    CONTROLS FOR BOTH- Control stick- Up- Paddle up     Down- Paddle down
    Advice- Try not to get the puck stuck between your two teammates.  It 
    doesn't get very fun where it rebounds into your goal.  Otherwise, just 
    play the old-school game of Pong!
    Cake Factory
    Difficulty for cake lifter- Easy
    Difficulty for strawberry placer- Medium
    This game requires good teamwork.  One player lifts the cake and sets it 
    on a table, and the other one puts a strawberry on top.  Two cakes can 
    not go on top of one another, and a strawberry first also messes up the 
    way of things.
    Controls for both- A (hold) Pickup     A (release) Drop on table.
    Advice- This requires excellent teamwork.  If you are the cake picker, 
    make sure you HOLD a cake if there is already one on the table.  For the 
    strawberry placer, if you have a strawberry, hold it JUST until the cake 
    placer begins to drop his, than drop yours.  Saves a lot of time.  Oh, 
    ups cause your character to stay stunned as they grab at air, giving the 
    other team a chance to catch up.
    Cake placer has a slight advantage.
    HELP!  I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Dungeon Dash (This is a hidden mini-game.  I believe you have to buy all 
    the 2 vs. 2, 4 player, and 1 vs. 3 mini-games, plus 1 item mini-game.)
    Difficulty for both players- Medium
    The Desert Dash mini-game from the original returns (albeit still with 
    the name dash, when its more of a waddle.)  Make your way across the 
    dungeon on land skis, keeping in a rhythm with your partner.  First to 
    successfully exit wins.
    CONTROLS FOR BOTH- Control stick- Left- move left ski  Right- Other one
    Advice- Get in a steady, fast rhythm, and stick to it.  Pause before the 
    fireball erupts, quickly pass, and move to the Thwomp.  If he had JUST 
    fallen, barrel by as fast as you can, but if he has been in midair for a 
    while, wait for him to fall, inch up to him, and scoot under him after 
    he rises.
    This group of mini-games is the most common, and occurs whenever all 
    four characters lands on the same color space (usually blue.) 
    Mecha Marathon
    Wind up your Mecha Fly Guy, then let him go and hope he wins the race!
    CONTROLS- A and B together- Wind the crank.
    Advice- This will take some major button mashing, nothing more.  I'm 
    sure many agree that this is one of the most boring mini-games there is.
    Worthy of a toilet.
    Roll Call
    Difficulty varies.
    Count the amounts of Toad, Boo, and Bob-Ombs roaming about in a field.
    CONTROLS- A- Count one up   B- Count one down.
    Advice- Bob-Ombs are easiest: count them all, and as they blow up, 
    decrease a number.  For Boos, count them all, careful not to become 
    confused by their fading and their ability to pass through one another.  
    The most confusing one is Toad, because his head looks just like the 
    mushroom tops, so count everything first, count the amount of mushrooms 
    you see by looking at the screen for a moment to see what moves, and 
    subtract that number to get the Toad numbers.
    Abandon Ship
    Difficulty- Hard
    Objective here: climb up a ridiculously long pole of a sinking ship, 
    snagging coins and avoiding leaping Cheep Cheeps.  First to the top 
    CONTROLS- A repeatedly- Climb pole   Control stick left/right- Change 
    side of pole
    Advice- This minigame may cause blisters on your fingers, because while 
    everyone climbs about the same pace on the way up (or falls in if they 
    don't,)  once you get up top, you'll DESTROY them just trying to climb 
    on top of the pole.  To give yourself a little boost, whenever a fish is 
    about to hit you, change sides of the pole (unless a portion of mast 
    blocks your path, in which case you should take the stun.)  If performed 
    correctly, you will not lose any time because the stun wears off during 
    the pole swap… hard to explain in words, but you'll see.
    Totem Pole Pound
    Difficulty- Easy
    A totem pole rises beneath your feet, and using Hip Drops, you must 
    shove it back down into the ground.
    CONTROLS- A- Jump       Z- Hip Drop
    Advice- Jump A.Q.A.P (as quickly as possible) and at the very peak, hit 
    Z.  Rinse and repeat.  With no human players, you should win easily.  
    Toad in a Box
    Difficulty- N/A
    The four contestants jump at a box.  If Toad comes out of it, a platform 
    rises beneath them.  If the pirahna plant, chomp, or Baby Bowser icon 
    shows up, your character becomes squished (with severity shown in 
    increasing order.)
    CONTROLS- A- Jump
    Advice- While you can time the first three (or four, if you have good 
    timing) boxes, snagging box number 5 for the win is all up to luck.  
    And, as I may have already stated, I HATE RELYING ON PURE LUCK (though 
    it IS good for the newbie player.)
    Worthy of a toilet.
    Shell Shocked
    Difficulty- Medium
    The four players enter an arena as tanks with two hits each, in one of 
    three different formations.  One has one pipe, with all four players 
    facing away.  The second has four pipes, one in front of each player in 
    the corner, and the last has pipes littered all around the place.  The 
    main mission here is to shoot or lob cannonballs at the other tanks 
    while avoiding other shots at the same time.  Last to survive wins
    CONTROLS- A- Shoot straight     B- Lob a shot   Control stick- 
    Drive/Turn tank     Hold Z- Fix aim (so you can continue looking the 
    same direction while moving left and right.)
    Advice- For formation one- Take out one of the players to either side of 
    you, then use the pipe as cover while lobbing (or shooting straight) at 
    the two other players.  They'll try to do the same, so beware!  For 
    formation two- Use your pipe as cover, take the people out to your left 
    and right, and venture out in the open for the last guy.  Formation 
    three- Plenty of cover here.  Lob shots will win the day here, except 
    for close shooting at near areas.  General advice- Learn how far the lob 
    travels and how far you need to back away from a pipe to use it.  Also 
    learn how to strafe, as it may save your life (case in point: the Mini-
    Game Coaster's HARD difficulty's goal.)
    Lava Tile Isle
    Difficulty- Hard
    This is your not-so-standard king-of-the-hill game, with the characters 
    being able to punch, kick, hip drop, and jump to knock opponents into 
    the lava below.  The catch is, they are all on a VERY small island with 
    two spaces out of 9 missing on it!  As the game progresses, these spaces 
    get filled while others are created by the moving Grindel tiles (the 
    mummy tiles from Mario 64.)
    CONTROLS- A- Jump    B- Punch/Kick    Z- Hip Drop   Control Stick- Move
    Advice- As hard as it seems, STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE until two opponents 
    fall in (read as PLAYING CHICKEN.)  When the last opponent comes your 
    way, have him try to punch you, then run around behind him/her, punch, 
    and laugh as they fall in the lava.  Of course, this doesn't work 25% of 
    the time, it's just one tactic.  Just make sure you start MOVING if the 
    tile beneath you shakes.
    Honeycomb Havoc
    Difficulty- Depends on your intelligence.  If dumb, OMIGOD!  If smart, 
    Jump and hit the block above you when it is your turn.  The block will 
    say either one or two.  Grab that many fruits/coins/honeycombs off the 
    tree.  But you don't WANT the honeycombs, unless you like bees flying at 
    your butt.  The person who doesn't grab a honeycomb wins.
    CONTROLS- A- Jump at the box.
    Advice- While waiting, do simple math to see how safe you will be if you 
    snag one or two rows.  If you survive until the last two players, try to 
    force it so you have 5 fruits before the next honeycomb, and hit the 
    block so it stops on 2.  If the guy next turn hits one or two, hit the 
    opposite brick.  (S)he'll be stuck with the honeycomb.  Oh, and a last 
    point.  Coins are practically worthless to snag, because in many cases, 
    they set you up to be eliminated.
    Sneak 'n' Snore
    Difficulty- Hard
    Ahh, the standard "Red Light Green Light" game.  Waddle in a barrel 
    towards the switch, hit it, and make your way back out the door.  The 
    faster you walk, the longer it takes to hide in the barrel when Chain 
    Chomp awakens.
    CONTROLS- Control stick Down/Up- Move down/up
    Advice- Walk at FULL SPEED the whole time.  You may think this is 
    dangerous, and it is.  But here's a trick!  Every time the bubble grows 
    in size, take your hand off the control stick for the slightest moment.  
    If the snooze bubble pops, let go of it all together.  You'll see what I 
    mean if you try it.
    Dizzy Dancing
    Difficulty- Easy
    This COULD be considered a deathmatch, except it ends about three 
    seconds after everyone stands up, dizzy.  Oh, you want an objective?  
    Grab a musical note hovering above a spinning record.  This record spins 
    extremely fast before the event, knocking you over in a corner.  When 
    you stand up, and try to move, your controls are all funky!  Whoever 
    grabs the note first wins.
    CONTROLS- Control Stick- Move in a wrong direction  A- Jump  B- Attack  
    Z- Hip Drop
    Advice- Once you stand up, find which direction you have to hold the 
    control stick to move towards the center of the record.  While you may 
    have a little bit of fun trying to fight for it, it's very easy to 
    simply jump in the center and snag it.
    Worthy of a Toilet.  Help Maw, it backed up!  Sewage is spewing 
    Tile Driver
    Difficulty- Medium
    The players stand on a grid of 9 tiles (in a 3 X 3 formation) and try to 
    turn all the tiles over (using Hip Drops) to fit the picture in the 
    middle.  The one who creates the picture first, wins.
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Move  A- Jump  Z- Hip Drop
    Advice- All I can say here is to initiate your hip drops as quickly as 
    you possibly can over the tiles to save time.  With human players, this 
    runs down to a combination of luck and speed.
    Ho-hum…  Zzzzzzz
    Deep Sea Salvage
    Difficulty- Simple
    Don't assume this is the same mini-game from the original.  This bonus 
    game has all four characters acting as mini-subs which swim towards 
    coins and coin bags thrown by the Hammer Bros, and avoiding the mines he 
    CONTROLS- A repeatedly- Ascend   Control Stick Down- Descend quicker   
    Left/Right- Move left or right.
    Advice- Just go for the coins baby!  Also, don't kill yourself going 
    after coin bags on the other side of the screen, someone else will 
    probably nab it first.  Not much more to say than that.
    Hot Rope Jump
    Difficulty- Varying
    Another return, except with a variation on a rule: last player to 
    survive jumping over the flaming rope, wins.
    CONTROLS- Tap A- Hop lightly     Hold A- Jump high
    Advice- The difficulty varies depending on how fast the rope moves.  If 
    it starts going full speed, begin tapping A instead, because you might 
    jump over the thing and land right as it starts sweeping underneath you 
    again.  Timing wins the day here.
    Platform Peril
    Difficulty- Medium
    Players run and jump along the platforms in this returning game, except 
    now, there are obstacles thrown into the lifts such as moving platforms, 
    conveyer belts, and raised obstacles in the platform.  First player to 
    make it all the way across the course wins.
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Run   A- Jump.  Tap to do a hop.
    Advice- Not much different than the old version.  Ignore going after 
    coins though, it only puts you slightly behind.  Also, it may be 
    dangerous, but wait until JUST THE LAST MOMENT to jump, because you have 
    more speed running than you do jumping.
    Bumper Balls
    Difficulty- Medium
    Yet ANOTHER returning classic.  It's pretty much the same thing (bump 
    all opponents off the island/tower/mountaintop), until you play the two 
    new boards!  One of them has a patch of ice in the very center of it, 
    which makes the bumper/bumped person go skidding farther than they 
    normally should, while the other has hills and bumps to add/take away 
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Move
    Advice on all fields- Goad someone near you by hanging around the edge, 
    then move out of the way.  If they don't fall, circle behind them and 
    bump.  If they aren't dead now, run and repeat at another location.
    Advice in ice field- Try to bump someone full speed on the ice.  Sure, 
    you'll go flying, but chances are, they'll go further, hopefully off the 
    Advice in rocky field- Use the bumps to your advantage by bumping 
    someone and using the downslope to recover from the recoil quicker.
    HELP!  I've started playing and I can't get off!  Call EMS!
    Bombs Away
    Difficulty- Medium
    OK, for Mario Party 3, I propose that they don't recycle so many mini-
    games (unless you keep all these and add on new ones.)  You know the 
    drill, stay on the island until time runs out.  Of course, there is a 
    new catch… the cannons shoot bullets that will definitely strike the 
    island, and near the very end, a HUGE bomb blast will rock the island.  
    Anyone who survives the onslaught wins the game.
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Move   A- Jump
    Advice- Stay away from other players, they might stun you by jumping, 
    and if a blast rocks the island too much, you're toast.  Also, avoid 
    explosions, because if you get hit by one of them, you will be knocked 
    into the ocean in a very hilarious manner.  For the final blast, JUMP 
    AND JUMP AGAIN until the island stabilizes.  
    WEBSITES.  Only www.gamefaqs.com and vgstrategies.about.com may use this 
    Tipsy Tourney
    Difficulty- Easy
    ANOTHER STINKING RETURN!  And no twist, so nothing important needs to be 
    said, unless you're a newtimer to the Mario Party universe.  Tilt the 
    board to use the shell to knock away spaces on the 5x5 grid, becoming 
    the winner by knocking them all out (major run-on there…) first.
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Move   A- Jump
    Advice- Your preference may differ, but I like taking out the center 9 
    so I can easily take out the 16 around the edge.
    Hexagon Heat
    Difficulty- Medium
    Jeez, it appears that the vast majority of the returning mini-games are 
    in 4 Player mode.  This is Mushroom Mayhem, except the ocean has been 
    replaced by lava and the mushrooms replaced with metal hexagons.  Last 
    to stay on the rising and falling platforms wins.
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Move   A- Jump   Z- Hip Drop
    Advice- Concentrate on surviving at first, moving as quickly as possible 
    to the correctly colored hexagon (I forgot to say, Toad holds up the 
    color, and all the other ones fall into the lava) and return to the 
    center one after they rise again.  Stand near the edge of it, so anybody 
    who tries to make it on has to correctly time a jump on your head to 
    make it safely onto the platform.  When you and one other player are 
    left, wait until the rate of falling dramatically increases, and Hip 
    Drop the opponent before Toad holds up a flag.  Rush to the proper 
    Hexagon, and the opponent should die before recovering.
    HELP!  I've started playing and I can't get off!
    Skateboard Scamper
    Difficulty- Hard
    ::Bursts into tears::  It's another one.  Why, God, why!?  This 
    returning variation has the four players skating across a carpet while 
    pursued by a Big Boo.  The floor rises and falls in some areas, and also 
    has inclines and downgrades.  First player to win in this button mashing 
    event is the one who makes it to the window first.
    CONTROLS- B repeatedly- Skate   A- Jump
    Advice- A turbo controller works wonders here.  If you don't have them, 
    sacrifice your fingers by pounding on the B button, occasionally 
    striking A at the same time to grab a coin/jump over a stair or incline.
    Slot Car Derby
    Difficulty- Hard
    Yet ANOTHER classic returns… all you have to do is win the race, 
    avoiding skidmarks (on the TRACK, not your underwear, sicko!)  First to 
    finish all four laps wins.
    CONTROLS- Control stick- Drive.  Release to slow down/stop.
    Advice- Drive full speed the whole way, releasing the tilted control 
    stick only if excess smoke appears behind your tires.
    Shy Guy Says
    Difficulty- Easy
    Does anyone else other than me hate this mini-game?  You match the 
    action of the Shy Guy.  A small attempt has been made to spice it up by 
    having the Shy Guy hold TWO flags out at once, then appear to put one 
    back, then truly put the other one back.  Easy stuff, but it gets faster 
    as you go along.  If a person makes an error, the balloon they are 
    hanging from gets popped by an arrow and they fall down.  Wheee. 
    Controls- A- Raise white flag (right)    B- Raise red flag (left)
    Advice- Push the right button.  Push the button!  Push the button 
    George, push the button!  Can we go on and live off da fat of the earth 
    George?  Can we?  </Of Mice and Men>
    Worthy of a Toilet.  It's backed up, Maw!  Call the Roto Rooter man!
    This game is a secret, and you can only get it after you buy ALL the 
    mini-games off of Woody.  It's known as Driver's Ed, and has you, as a 
    car, driving (using the same controls as Bumper Balloon Cars and Magnet 
    Carta) through a group of 20 targets, and crossing the finish line.  
    There are 5 different courses, so try 'em all!  At a party, see who can 
    get the lowest time on each!
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>8. Thanks!<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    I STILL NEED WOODY'S MINIGAME PRICES!  I know a few of them now, but I 
    handed the game back to Blockbuster before writing them down!
    I thank the 50+ people that pointed out the Bowser Revolution omission.  
    You know who you are.
    <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>9. Repeat Copyright<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>
    Mario Party 2 FAQ 
    Version 2.0, 2/21/2001
    Started on 1/30/2000
    Copyright 2000-2001 by Earthshaker
    Anyone may reproduce this FAQ electronically, but do not sell it for 
    money.  Proper legal action will occur if you make a profit off of this 
    work.  If you wish to place this on your website, tough noogies.  I 
    don't accept requests anymore.  The only places this can appear are 
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    If you have any questions/comments/complaints/babble that is 
    INTELLIGENT.  I restress… INTELLIGENT… send to Earthq3846@aol.com.
    Mario Party 2 is copyright Nintendo and Hudson.
    And that ASCII art up top is  MINE.  MINEMINEMINE!  Heehee… just a 
    little random insanity out of excitement of finishing the FAQ.

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