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"Ok, but outdated compared to the rest of the series."

I own every single mario party game and have played each one for hours on end. This mario party was one that I played for a lot until I got three, then I rarely seemed to play it ever again. After playing through the entire series and finally getting back to Mario Party 2, I realized that a lot had changed and two seemed to be pointless to play anymore. After replaying the game througn multiple times with my friends, here are my ratings for this mario party:

Graphics: 7/10
Its a game for the N64. The graphics on the N64 are nowhere near as good as later systems. Plus that is not the most important element in the game. But the boards did have some nice coloring on them. The minigames also had good use of colors.

Sound: 8/10
This one did have some soundtracks that were good, but others were not quite as good. My favorite soundtrack was the one for platform peril.

Story: N/A
Story is not applicable to this game in later mario parties, there would be story,but not here.

Gameplay: 5.5/10
The most important element in the game, and unfortunately, this game does not compare to other entries into the series. The biggest problem in my opinion was the copy-games. Of the 60-65 mini-games in MP2, 15 of them were copies of games that were in MP1. MP2 also was weak in a few of the mini-game categories, such as 4-player and battle. MP2 had, in my opinion, the second worst mini-game set in the series, not including MPDS and MP advance.

Mini-games: 6/10:
I will divide this into all the categories:
4 Player: 6/10 Ruined by most of the copies
2 vs 2: 8/10 The best category in MP2, I think it was very good.
1 vs 3: 6/10 Better than MP1, but still not excellent.
Battle: 1/10 Worst in the series. All luck related/copies
Duel: 7/10 Fine, but there were better.

Replayability: 7/10
This mario party is replayable, and is enjoyable the more people that you have. Most mario party games are much better if yuo

Overall: 6.5/10:
This game is okay, but not as good as the later games in the series. Still, it and MP1 are the founding blocks of the series

Should I Buy?
I do recommend buying this over buying MP1 if you have neither of them. But if you have MP1, I do not recommend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/15/11

Game Release: Mario Party 2 (US, 01/24/00)

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