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    Walkthrough by Nugget

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    From: <nuggethead21@hotmail.com>
    Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 15:23:03 PDT
    Author: Nugget
    2)Ice Hit
    2.1)Lundkwist Base
    3)Recover Noc List
    3.1)Embassy Function
    3.2)Embassy Warehouse
    3.3)KGB HQ
    3.4)Security Hallway
    3.5)Sewage Control
    3.7)Fire Alarm
    4)CIA Escape
    4.1)Interrogation Room
    4.2)CIA Rooftop
    4.3)Termanal Room
    4.4)Rooftop Escape
    5)Mole Hunt
    5.1)Train Station
    5.2)Train Car
    5.3)Train Roof
    6)Ice Storm
    1) IntroDuction
    	Hello, I am Nugget this is my first Walkthough so if you see any errors 
    or have comments, questions , secrets or whatever just e-mail me 
    nuggethead21@hotmail.com . I hope you like my walkthrough and I hope it 
    helps you . this is probly the best Mission: Impossible Walkthrough 
    becuase there isnt any others.
    2.1)Lundkwist Base
    Mission Code Name: Ice Hit
    Lundkwist Base
    Mission Checklist
    - Get to subpen with Clutter
    - Change identity
    - Find excuse for errand
    - Cut electric power 
    A fairly small base right now. From the start you will want to hop up 
    the crates to the right and over the fence. Head over to point A, which 
    is a small bunker. 
    1) You will have to catch this guy while he is in the building. You can 
    either shoot him or punch him out. You must do either quickly, or he 
    will call the guards. 
    2) Once you take his identity with the facemaker, go over to the desk in 
    the bunker and collect the envelope on top of these lockers. 
    3) To cut the power you must sneak over there before you change your 
    face with the facemaker. 
    4) After giving the letter to the driver you will want to hop onto the 
    back of the truck. 
    Mission Checklist
    - Find magnetic bomb
    - Give bomb to Clutter
    - Join Dowey for getaway 
    Keep to the extreme sides of this area to avoid the bulk of the guards. 
    1) Follow the red dot on your radar to find the magnetic bomb. 
    2) After picking up the bomb you will want to take the left side (facing 
    out of the building) to meet up with Clutter. He is hiding close to the 
    docks behind some boxes. You can follow the green dot on the radar to 
    get to him. 
    3) Before you can leave the area, you will want to run over and place a 
    mine on this gunboat. Just go to the side and use the mine in your 
    3.1)Embassy Function
    Mission Code Name: Recover NOC List
    Embassy Function 
    Mission Checklist
    - Find facemaker
    - Find score
    - Find nausea powder
    - Find drink
    - Place smoke generators
    - Assume ambassador's aide's ID
    - Access restricted area 
    Right at the start you will have a challenge. 
    1) Talk to this gentleman twice to get him to walk away. When he does, 
    you can talk to Sarah and get the facemaker from her. Around this time 
    you should learn about a killer who is stalking you. The killer is a 
    woman in a red dress, and you will first see her in the main room with 
    the piano. Once she starts following you, head into the bathroom and 
    equip your blowgun. You will need to be quick and hit her with the 
    blowgun before she gets you. 
    2) Head back and talk to the bartender, and he will give you the drink 
    and nausea powder. To find the score you will need to talk to the people 
    right outside of the main hall when they are sitting down. Give the 
    score to the pianist. Give the tainted wine to the aide and then knock 
    him out in the bathroom. Take his face and head upstairs.
    3) Be sure to use all the smoke generators on these grates. Make sure 
    there are no guards around when you do it or you will be arrested. 
    3.2)Embassy Warehouse
    Embassy Warehouse 
    Mission Checklist
    - Find exit key
    - Access to embassy HQ 
    This area can be close to impossible until you find the chemical 
    protection suit. This suit is in a box blocking one of the hallways. 
    It's on the right just past the hallway with the two large explosion 
    boxes. You will now be shot at but won't be affected by the gas in the 
    3.3)KGB HQ
    KGB HQ
    Mission Checklist
    - Talk to Barnes
    - Find video freezer
    - Find facemaker cartridge
    - Find dart gun
    - Sabotage video link
    - Find exit passcard
    - Get transfer order
    - Escape with Candice 
    This area may seem big when you first get into it, but there are only a 
    couple areas that you spend any long amount of time in. 
    1) This should be one of the first areas you check. Talk to Barnes to 
    fulfill one of your objectives. To find some of the other pieces of 
    equipment that you'll need you will have to go to the broom closet for 
    the facemaker cartridge and the prison cell for the video freezer. The 
    rest should be found as you go. 
    2) Knock out the chief and get the gun from his desk. Check the 
    bookshelf on the right to open up the security area. 
    3) Once you freeze the video you will need to come to this communication 
    area and get the transfer order. With that in hand you can walk into the 
    cell and hand the guard the transfer order. Then walk out to the big 
    metal doors to escape.
    3.4)Security Hallway
    Security Hallway
    Mission Checklist
    - Secure passage for Candice
    - Activate master switch 
    This part is not that hard but does require some precision jumps. There 
    isn't a time limit though, so get your route set before you try to go 
    through. You can stop on the blue tiles and shoot the guard who may come 
    out of the door at the end. Be sure to take out the guards or Candice 
    will be arrested. 
    3.5)Sewage Control
    Sewage Control
    Mission Checklist
    - Find super-computer
    - Protect Candice
    - Get NOC list
    - Escape 
    To start off in the right direction, go to the left at the first chance. 
    Shoot the guard who is on the far side of the room and activate the 
    panel that he was guarding. Shoot the guards who will race after Candice 
    and head to the other passageway. There will be a couple more guards 
    here and a few panels. Once you activate the final panel a counter will 
    start and many guards will be released. You will need to move fast, but 
    not so fast that you lose Candice. Take her to the computer and then 
    backtrack out. 
    Mission Checklist
    - Secure passage for Candice
    - Find mask of Golystine 
    Shoot the guns to send them spinning for a short time. The mask is in 
    the wall box, and you must shoot the panel to open the door. If you are 
    quick enough, you can shoot the guard who has the NOC list before he can 
    get back to his group. 
    3.7)Fire Alarm
    Fire Alarm 
    Mission Checklist
    - Secure access to the lift
    - Find Jack
    - Dress as fireman
    - Give Candice fireman outfit
    - Escape the embassy 
    To get through this area you have to be quick with the fire extinguisher 
    or fist. There are a lot of guards in this area and you will have to 
    sneak around a little bit to avoid getting overwhelmed. Jack should be 
    close to the stairway. You need to talk to him and then make your way to 
    the restrooms. One strategy to use is to just run past the guards and 
    then take care of them when they follow you into the bathroom. Talk to 
    Jack and you will be able to pass for a fireman. Once you are dressed 
    like that, run back and talk to Candice. You will then need to be fast 
    and run out the entrance. 
    4.1)Interrogation Room
    Mission Code Name: CIA Escape
    Interrogation Room 
    Mission Checklist
    - Escape from interrogation
    - Pick up equipment
    - Get into hallway
    - Get out of interrogation sector
    - Take free access print
    - Find sergeant for SAS access
    - Reach elevator to infirmary 
    1) To get out of here you will need to first push the button on the 
    right side of the room. With the window now open talk to Candice through 
    the speaker. Place the gum on the window and hop through. Collect all 
    your gear and head out the door. 
    2) You must run through the gate before the marine outside it can close 
    it. Once you do, copy his fingerprint and open the door. Run down and 
    around the hall, collect the spray paint, and use it on the cameras. 
    3) Activate the switch on the wall to get to another area, be sure to 
    click it twice so you can get the empty gun. Use the dart gun on the 
    desk jockey, then equip the empty gun. Enter the office and point the 
    gun at the sergeant. Follow him to the door, clear the hall if 
    necessary, and go straight to the left and for the elevator. Once in, 
    knock out the sergeant. 
    4) When you reach the infirmary be sure to unequip your weapons. Head 
    through the door and talk to the lady on the left side of the room; she 
    will cure you. Go by the man on the bike and press the button, then run 
    over to the window and climb out. 
    4.2)CIA Rooftop
    CIA Rooftop 
    Mission Checklist
    - Sabotage heliport lights
    - Find bag of equipment
    - Find zone digitcards
    - Fix lights
    - Install EMS near heliport
    - Enter security level
    - Find security level code
    - Meet Candice 
    The trick to getting through this area is to realize that you can climb 
    up the boxes next to the guard houses. Once you start doing that you 
    will start to complete a couple of the beginning objectives. 
    1) Go up this first box to be able to shut off the electric floor and 
    take a major shortcut across the first part. From the switch for the 
    electric floor you can also run across and sabotage the helipad lights. 
    Hop over the railing by the light switch and then around the guardhouse 
    and back up to collect the equipment bag. Once you collect the bag use 
    it to empty its contents. click here for screenshot 
    With the repairman outfit you can run right past the guards and can get 
    into the restricted area by the helipad. 
    2) Head over to the left-side stairs first and turn the helipad lights 
    back on, then run back up and use the EMS on this switch box. click here 
    for screenshot From there head down the opposite stairway and go over by 
    the guard. You will need to drop your cover here and knock this guy out 
    for his card. Once you get it, head farther down the stairs and through 
    the tunnel. Knock out the next guard you come to and gethis card. Head 
    the security gate then and over to the stack of boxes. 
    3) You will need to use the infrared goggles and the deflector here to 
    get past the beams. To get the door code you will need to go up on the 
    boxes and place the camera facing the door on the top box. Hide behind 
    the guard house and let him do his rounds. You will then get the code 
    and be able to go through the door. 
    4.3)Termanal Room
    Terminal Room 
    Mission Checklist
    - Switch on the computer
    - Get the NOC list
    - Escape 
    One of the easiest ways to get through this area is to get in the 
    "diving forward" position. Like that you can dive through most of the 
    beams. You can afford to take the hits from the other stationary beams 
    and be sure to avoid the yellow beams. When you get toward the bottom 
    stop, wait until the operator comes back and leaves, then continue on 
    with the mission. 
    4.4)Rooftop Escape
    Rooftop Escape 
    Mission Checklist
    - Avoid all guards
    - Reach helicopter landing pad
    - Escape 
    1) Your first challenge is getting past the laser beams. In order to do 
    that you must backtrack to these boxes and make a jump off of them . Try 
    to jump a little diagonally to avoid getting hit by the beams. When you 
    pick yourself up you will need to create a diversion. 
    2) Head over to these ducts and put the explosive gum on them, then 
    backtrack to the tunnel and back to the heliport. When you get back to 
    the heliport, grab the EMS device from its hiding spot and then use it 
    to break it. Once you do that you will need to head over to the 
    helicopter and grab the gear once it starts to take off. 
    5.1)Train Station
    Mission Code Name: Mole Hunt
    Train Station Mission Checklist
    - Protect Ethan
    - Take the train 
    The hardest part of this area can be keeping track of Ethan when he 
    starts running. To easily find him, switch your snipers with the B 
    button, then switch back, and you will be centered on Ethan. Be very 
    careful when you are targeting one of the people in the station. Some of 
    the civilians will make very suspicious movements but will not draw a 
    weapon. If you shoot them,then the mission will be over. Remember, it is 
    better to let Ethan take one hit than risk the whole mission for one 
    misfire on a civilian. Always be ready to hop to the other sniper fast. 
    If Ethan gets out of your sight and comes under attack, you can lose him 
    really fast. Try to always keep him in your crosshairs. 
    5.2)Train Car
    Train Car 
    Mission Checklist
    - Neutralize Max's henchmen
    - Meet Candice
    - Find switch to block exits
    - Knock out Max's bodyguards
    - Stop Max and seize NOC list
    - Defuse Max's back-up plan 
    1) Your first obstacle will be all the henchmen in the main passenger 
    compartments. Shooting them down is not the problem; avoiding the 
    civilians is. Once you start shooting they usually get up and start 
    running toward the back and all around. When this happens your best bet 
    would be to duck back behind a wall and listen until you hear the back 
    door open then close. Once this happens at least one civilian will be 
    out of harm's way and you can hop back out and finish off the henchmen. 
    2) Situations like this are unique but can cause some problems. The main 
    problem is to kill the
    henchman without hurting the civilian. To do this you will either have 
    to be quick or take a few
    shots and line up for a perfect head shot. After you kill the henchman 
    the civilian will run free. 
    3) To take out the first set of henchmen who hide in these compartments 
    simply hit them with a
    head shot or a couple quick hits. Later, to take out Max's henchmen, you 
    will want to get as
    close as possible and duck down, then start hitting with your fists as 
    quickly as you can. 
    4) To save a little life and even more time, enter this room and take 
    aim on all the people in it. They are all enemy agents, and if you shoot 
    them in the head they will start to attack now instead of later. After 
    you kill them, simply walk to the back. 
    5) To break open the safe you will need to collect the liquid nitrogen 
    and the blowtorch from the crates in the compartment. Use the blowtorch 
    on the hinges first, then when they are red, use the liquid nitrogen on 
    them until they shatter. Open the safe and use the remote control that 
    you got from Max on the bomb. To get the remote control from Max you 
    willneed to use the gas grenade in front of her compartment. 
    5.3)Train Roof
    Train Roof 
    Mission Checklist
    - Catch Phelps 
    1) In addition to the henchmen on the train roof itself you will also be 
    attacked from the street. To easily take out these threats, shoot the 
    driver in the head. They will fire off a couple more shots, and then the 
    car will spin out of control. 
    2) The next threat that will become an obvious annoyance will be the 
    helicopters. To easily take them out you need to use the rocket 
    launching gun. One hit, one kill. You can use the pistol instead, but it 
    takes several shots to knock one out of the sky, and they will almost 
    certainly get a hit off on you. 
    3) The final obstacle in this level is no harder than any of the other 
    challenges in this stage.
    When he jumps onto the helicopter, fire off a rocket at it, and that 
    will end the mission.
    Mission Code Name: Ice Storm
    Mission Checklist
    - Get the AF scrambler
    - Get the mine
    - Bring Clutter the AFS and mine
    - Get the gas injector
    - Get the RC detonator
    - Get the explosives
    - Sabotage the pump house
    - Regroup on comm. building 
    1) This is the first item you will need to collect for Clutter. The 
    other item is a little farther away but still pretty close. 
    2) If you choose to stay out a little longer to collect more of the 
    mission items at the start than
    the ones Clutter needs, you run the risk of having them discovered. 
    Although this doesn't end the mission right away, you must be able to 
    get back to the team and take out the soldier quick enough to rescue the 
    3) The pump house is where you will find the replacement wire cutters. 
    You will also have todrop the explosives near the main boiler tanks. Do 
    not detonate the explosives until you are
    away from the building 4) This guard house has three of the elite 
    soldiers in it. 
    Unfortunately it also has the night-vision goggles, and if you were too 
    slow, it will also have the
    remote-control detonator. You can rush in and kill off the soldiers, or 
    you can use the gas
    injector on the door. This will knock out all of them, and then you can 
    just walk in and gather all of your equipment. 
    5) Once you have collected the night-vision goggles and rescued the rest 
    of your team on the
    roof of the comm. building, you will have to jump on one of the inbound 
    trucks. Be sure to set off the explosives in the pump house first.
    Mission Checklist
    - Find explosives
    - Sabotage anchor bolts 
    1) This will be the hardest part of the mission. Timing your jumps is 
    critical to making it through
    the tunnel. The good news is that if you can get over the truck, the 
    game will cut off the momentum and let you fall onto the top. To see 
    when you need to jump, watch the tunnel, and when you see the front of 
    the truck coming through, turn to face diagonally, then jump when you 
    see the front. 
    2) These are the bolts you must sabotage. There will be one on each 
    side. This is definitely the easiest objective to accomplish. 
    Mission Checklist
    - Find explosives and plastic
    - Sabotage power plant
    - Cut off camera power
    - Take on accountant's ID
    - Get briefcase from bunker
    - Sabotage briefcase
    - Bring briefcase to deal
    - Blow away helicopter
    - Escape on gunboat with Clutter 
    1) As soon as Dowey gets into his position you should use his view to 
    take out the two guards
    around the power plant. You can use him again at the end to kill the 
    soldiers close to the gunboat. 
    2) Use the plastic on the circuit breaker to set up the shot for Dowey 
    to disable the base's power
    . Also be sure to drop the explosives by the main power plant's base. 
    3) Once the power is out, you can come into this bunker and knock out 
    the accountant. Once you use the facemaker, be sure to grab his ID off 
    the desk. 
    4) After the deal is made, run back to the door you entered and shoot 
    the terrorist on the
    right-hand side. Let the one on the left get back to the helicopter. 
    After that, head to the back and escape on the gunboat. 
    Mission Checklist
    - Escape enemy base
    - Destroy gas factory 
    1) Always try to shoot everything that gets in your path. Take out the 
    turrets and bunkers
    especially, as they will get some free pot shots at you once you pass 
    them if they are not
    destroyed. Also watch the water in front of you for mines, and be sure 
    to clear them out. There
    are some soldiers on the banks, but they are usually guarding a 
    building. Destroy the building and they will die. 
    2) When you get to the gas factory, try destroying the walls first 
    instead of the turrets. When you flatten the walls the guns will go with 
    Secret Weapons
    In three of the five missions in the game there is the possibility of 
    getting a secret weapon. To get this weapon you must finish the entire 
    mission on one life. If you can do that, you will get a
    special gun from the second mission, a gun with a silencer from the 
    third, and the Uzi from the fourth. You may not be able to use the gun 
    in the next mission, but you will eventually have theoption. 
    To start a level with any of the weapons below already in hand simply 
    follow the directions to
    Mini-rocket launcher with 30 rounds: At level select screen highlight 
    one of the levels, then press
    R, L, C-left, C-right, C-down. If entered correctly you should here 
    Ethan say "Ah, that's better". 
    Uzi with 30 rounds: At level select screen highlight one of the levels, 
    then press C-right, C-left,
    C-right, C-down, R. If entered correctly you should here Ethan say "Ah, 
    that's better". 
    9mm with 30 rounds: At the level selection screen highlight one of the 
    levels, then press R, L,
    C-down, C-up, C-up. If entered correctly you should here Ethan say "Ah, 
    that's better". 
    Silenced handgun with 30 rounds: At the level selection screen highlight 
    one of the levels, then
    press C-up, C-right, C-left C-up. If entered correctly you should here 
    Ethan say "Ah, that's
    Turbo mode: At the level selection screen highlight one of the levels, 
    then press C-up, Z, C-up,
    Z, C-up.If entered correctly you should here Ethan say "Ah, that's 
    Kid mode: At the level selection screen highlight one of the levels, 
    then press C-down, C-up, R,
    L, Z. If entered correctly you should here Ethan say "Ah, that's 
    Big feet: : At the level selection screen highlight one of the levels, 
    then press C-down, R, Z,
    C-right, C-left.
    (Note: some of these codes won't work on a few levels.) 
    	After you beat the game your in the Embassy. Talk to all of the 
    programmers that are in groups, then Candice and Ethan will come from 
    the Security Elevater by the piano player they will hug and a huge party 
    will begin.
    	Also at the Embassy (in Recover NOC List) use the mini-rocket launcher 
    code andtake out all of the gaurds the go to the Piano player and punch 
    him . He will be lying down knocked out in mid air!

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