Review by Dave 008 Bond

"It is a cross of Goldeneye, Zelda and Mario."

This game is an average shooter meets an average puzzle game. This is not as fun as it sounds, though. The play control is messed up and the replay value is One of those ''Beat the game game and you will never even think about the game again.'' Well enough of the Introduction and on to the graphics.

Graphics 6/10
Very average graphics. The charactors look a little to tall and they have a strange look on there faces. The reason why this is a six and not a seven is because the graphics are BORING. When you look at them you just want to fall asleep for a long time. On to the Story.

Story ?/10
You have to stop a Submarine, or something like that, I forgot to read the story.

Sound 6/10
Average sound. It sounds quiet and it can get annoying. It is also boring, like the graphics.

Gameplay 7/10
Average. You have to complete a variety of objectives to complete, most of which are quite challenging.
Some are kind of easy, and others may take you hours to complete. You also have team mates who take a big role in the missions too. Fighting is fun and the highlight of the game. You always laugh whenyou shoot a enemy and he backflips. Some times when you shoot an enemy he pauses a second and then he falls over and dies. Well onto Controls.

Controls 6/10
The system that the game uses is unusual. You press ''B'' to slect the weapons menu and then you keep pressing ''B'' until you highlighted the weapon you want to take out and then you press ''A'' to take it out. Aiming a weapon takes time to do, so an enemy can shoot you several times before you get the crosshairs on him.

Replay Value 4/10
This goes on the shelf and collects dust after you have beaten both Impossible and Possible dificultys.

Challenge 7/10
The objectives are some what easy at times and there are not enough missions. What is featured is a fair challenge though.

Buy or Rent?
Rent. This is an exellent rental but it is not long enough to buy.

Overall 7/10
Good game but I expected it to be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/31/00, Updated 10/31/00

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