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Reviewed: 05/09/01 | Updated: 05/09/01

Quite a fun game, actually! (But definitely not impossible.)

Mission: Impossible, then. A carbon-copy of Goldeneye? No, actually. In fact, this game is very different from Goldeneye, in my opinion. Sure, there's guns, but that's just about where the similarity ends. And here's why...

The graphics in this game are okay, but certainly nothing outstanding. One thing I noticed in this game that I thought was really good though was the ANIMATION! For example, in one level you are in an expensive looking hotel. As you wander around, you will see people sitting down, looking at paintings on the walls and so on. That in itself is pretty impressive but what's even better is that people sitting down will adjust their sitting position, take a drink, and it really does add to the atmosphere. The bad part here is that there is a lot of fogging in the game, but hey, you can't have everything, can you? Anyway, the graphics get an 8.

Well, the Mission: Impossible theme sounds as good as it ever did, but the tunes in the background of the level you are playing in is actually quite quiet. The speech used in the cut-scenes is good, too (although not up to Perfect Dark standards!). Still, the music takes a back-seat to the action, and I figure that it's far better that way than being the other way around! The sound gets a 7.

This is where a bit of a fault comes into Mission: Impossible. Put simply, whoever invented the controls for Mission: Impossible WAS a delinquent. The revolutionary control stick has been programmed so poorly that it often feels like this game was meant for the Playstation's annoying D-pad rotate-and-run system. It just doesn't work.
Still, at least the controls for swapping the guns is good.
The gameplay gets a 5.5.

Some of the missions in Mission: Impossible will have you grinning from ear to ear at the sheer inventiveness and overall fun that that particular mission involves. Others, however, will have you biting/throwing/stomping on the controller in frustration. Still, for the most part, the missions are good fun, with only a few that require cheats to spice them up a little. And yes, there are quite a few cheats, which when used wisely, can have you in fits of laughter. The 'fun factor' gets an 8!

So, then. While it's not perfect by any means, Mission: Impossible is definitely worth a hire, and although not up to the enormously high standards of Bond, I still think this is a game that should be tried by all.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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