Review by Turtle boy

"This is a great rental, but not a good buy"

GAMEPLAY: 1/10 (8)

Mission impossible is a really great game to play. The creators of this game have jam-packed it with great levels, creative missions and a lot of bad guys to shoot up. Unlike in Doom 64, where you just walk around and mindlessly shoot monster and Demons, you actually have to use your brain in this game. Each level has a series of objectives or goals. Some of them include killing certain people, sabotaging computers and rondavoing with secret service agents.

The thing I love most about this game is the gadgets. Although there are only a few guns in the game there are many cool items that do awesome things. My personal favorite is the face-maker; when you need to barrow someone's face (for sneaking into secret areas) just knock him or her out and use the face maker to make a mask that looks just like them. Some other weapons are mines, 9mm's, Uzi's and tazer guns!!!The missions add to the games fun factor. In one level your mission consists of finding a general, in a party luring him to the bathroom and using the face-maker to assume his identity, then sneaking into a highly secured area that only he can get in to!!!

Play the game and you'll be a believer.

SOUND/MUSIC: 1/10 (7)

The music to this game is kind of slow and mellow and it makes want to sneak around a silently kill pesky guards. Sound affects include: gun shots, screams, tanks, grunts and human voices. The sound to mission impossible rocks!!!.

Story: 1/10 (9)

The story to mission impossible is great!! Many detailed cinema scenes tell that someone has stolen the N.O.C. files, these files house the names of all the secret agents in your organization. If the person who stole the N.O.C. files sells it to a criminal it is possible that you and everyone on your team can get killed. Your character (Ethan Hunt) will have to search many areas to find these files and have them destroyed. During your quest you will need to ask favors from old enemies, and friends in order to recover the N.O.C. files. My advice is to go see the motion picture, starring Tom Cruise, to better understand the story.


The only flaw in this game is when you beat it that's about it. There are not many secrets to discover and the fun kind of fades away after you beat it.


I suggest you just rent this game. I rented it from blockbuster, for five nights, and beat it on the third then after that I got bored of it and started playing another game. I advise you pay 5 dollars for this game not 50.


Mission impossible is an awesome game but after a short while you will get boarded of it and put it away for a while. The graphics are great and it was pretty fun but don't buy it, it's just to short of a game!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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