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"Don't even make eye contact with this game!"

This is a review for the VERY BAD game Mission Impossible. Wow the title seems great the everything else is a complete disaster. The first few seconds I played this game I thought I liked it. But I must give the movie a 10. The movie is very better then the game. I was very, very wrong. Now to the review on this game that could have been a whole lot better!

Gameplay: 5/10 The gameplay in this game is...How would you put it? ok... There are lots of levels you can explore and some levels are very big and that's a good thing. It's just that in some levels you can only go one way and you don't need a walkthrough for any part of this game. There are 2 difficultys. One is Possible where the game is quite easy and one is impossible where the game gets a bit harder which is good but I thought they could make the impossible part a bit harder... Plus, you get only 3 weapons in the entire game. They could have put a lot more in!

Story: 3/10 The story in this game is also a bit bad. I can't remember it. You just have to recover a NOC list to find Max. That's it.

Audio/Video: 6/10 In case you were wonding Audio means sound and Video means graphics which means the landscape and everything. This seems to be the only actually good part in this game. When a character talks you have to read off a text box and they don't actually speak by the way. The graphics in this game I must say are ok. But for the Nintendo 64 they could have done better. Most things are not blocky but some are. The Jeeps and everything are nice and smooth and that's a good thing. Except GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, or The World Is Not Enough has much better graphics then this.

Replayibility: 4/10 There isn't much replayibility in this game and I wish the developers of this game could have put some into it. You can replay the missions like almost every shooting game on any console. It's just that Mission Impossible gets quite boring after a while. I mean I beat the entire game on both difficutlys in what? 3 days. I have to say in 2 weeks this game will make you yawn and also possibly cry if you brought it.

To Buy Or To Rent: Don't even think about renting this game nor buying this game. Alright I must say it is a good rental but not a very good buy. If you want a good shooting game for the Nintendo 64 I would suggest GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark or, The World Is Not Enough. Those were done very good and much better then this piece of nothing. I must say the box looks ok on the game but they could have done a bit of a better job.

Overall: 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/31/01, Updated 09/22/01

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