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"This games destiny lies with me. Obi-Wan knew this to be true!"

Mission: Impossible is a very fun game. It has a few noticable glitches but not bad. When I first bought this game I was hooked to it. Now I play this game occasionally, but it's not a game I would keep coming back to for more. Read below to find out why I gave Mission: Impossible 6/10.

Graphics: 2/5 Not very good graphics. Compared to other N64 shooters such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and The World Is Not Enough, this games graphics stink. The detail on the characters is very limited and the weapons look terrible. The biggest example is a so-called ' mini-rocket launcher'. The mission areas look okay, but could be drastically improved. Overall, this is Mission: Impossibles biggest weakness.

Sound: 3/5 Nothing special here either. The music is average and the sound effects are no screaming heck. The music is a bit repititive and once you have heard a theme, the music is very boring. Actually, when I'm playing this game, I don't pay much attention to the average music and sound.

Control: 4/5 Very clever control. Who ever designed the controls are very smart. The system of getting out weapons, items and gadgets are clever. Ethan Hunt moves around without too much trouble either. The sniper level, terminal room and gunboat all have easy-to-catch-on-to controls. This makes the game easy to get into, even for beginners!

Storyline: 4/5 I actually really like the storyline. Unlike some other N64 games with a lame storyline, you actually feel like you are playing for something. Ethan Hunt, part of the United States' Impossible Mission Force (IMF) is working with his fellow teammates to sabotage Terrorist outposts, Recover the NOC List (you'll know what it is if you have seen the first movie), rescue fellow teammates and go undercover to find out who the real MAX and the 'Mole' are. If you are wondering who the mole is, I won't tell.

Replayability: 3/5 Average replayability. This game you will come back and play once and a while but it is not a game like Smash Bros. or Melee where you feel you can't play enough of this game. This game is incredibly easy to beat (It took me a week) and for Impossible it took me two weeks. I have seen games with awesome replayability and terrible replayability and this game fits the average category in my opinion.

Overall: 16/25= 64% An average game. It has categories that soar and categories that fall in the mud. There are some that don't get dirty. Read below to find out what I liked, thought was okay and what sucked.

What I liked:

What was okay:

What really sucked:


- An Excellent storyline.
- Very innovative controls.
- Is a cross between a shooter and an adventure game

- The worst graphics I've seen on N64.
- Dosen't stack up well against Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and The World Is Not Enough.
- Overshadowed by the three shooters mentioned above.

Buy or Rent: This really depends. If you are like me and can put up with a few bad categories then buy this game. If your a shooter fan and looking to add one more to your collection: Don't buy Mission: Impossible.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/19/02, Updated 03/19/02

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