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"Mission Impossible... A game that could gave been..."

Mission Impossible for the Nintendo 64 could have been really good. Yet, it seemed rushed from my point of view. The game has some major kinks and glitches which should have been fixed early in the development.

Graphics 6/10 The Graphics in Mission Impossible seem rushed. Character faces up close look extremely fake and flat. The cinematic graphics may even be worse then the actual gameplay graphics. They fuzz up at times, stutter and even freeze. It's obvious how little time they actually spent on the graphics. The shine of water, the falling of snow, the lights on look-out posts and many other little things seem cheap and glossy and maybe even pixelated. All in all I give this game a 6 out of 10.

Gameplay 7/10 The Gameplay in Mission Impossible takes a couple of seconds to get used to, moving is easy with the N64 control stick and so is shooting, changing weapons and gadgets is the only thing that may get tricky in the beginning but soon you'll master that to, but the game doesen't seem that fun, I mean you get to use a couple of weapons like a sub-machine gun and a rocket launcher pistol looking thing but the whole thing seems faced on the fact that you do objectives after objectives without any real killing and things like that. The controls are easy but after that you are faced with hard and boring objectives with no real meaning to them. Like the words of that crazy guy in the Shining, ''More work and less violence make Jack dull.'' Bottom line, it takes your mind to play the game which isn't exactly my kinda thing. I give this a 7 out of 10.

Story 5/10 The Story in Mission Impossible is so basic I wont even make this long. Half of it is already basic knowledge not even HALF way in the game. Anyone who has seen the movie knows the ending, that's all I'm going to say. See it for yourself you'll get a kick outta how bad it is. I give it a pathetic 6 outta 10.

Audio/Music/Sound FX 5/10 The whole sound in the game is pretty sad. Anyone who has played the game and seen the movie knows that the voices are horrible. Candice who in the game sounded sort of close to the real thing but the main character Ethan Hunt's voice was horrible, it was deep and gruff unlike Tom Cruise's voice which is more smooth sounding. The voices are horrible, we got that covered now how about Sound FX? The sound of a bullet hitting is extremely pathetic, the dartgun especially with a sound of some sort of punch. The explosions sound like some guy going ''Phhhshshfffffff'' and then the loud dartgun going off tops of the whole thing. Glass breaking, please, more like falling plastic. The mortar of a car or the footsteps of a person are sadly mimiced. I give it a 5 outta 10.

Replay Value 3/10 This game is has a very small Replay Value. All you can do after you complete the game is use the codes to play levels with better weapons and try the game on the 'Impossible' mode which is not Impossible and rather easy at times. That's it, done and done. This rather sad replay value brings down my final score drastically.

Buy or Rent Rent, most definetely The thing that makes this game so-not-a-buy is that it has hardly any replay value to it, you can beat it in about a day or even less. Please, if you see this game rent it and if you absolutely like it, get it.

Final Score 6/10 I don't recommend this game to anyone, rent first then think about buying. Good for ONE go.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/25/02, Updated 07/25/02

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