"Not worth buying."

I gave this game a 5/10 because of the bad graphics, the poor controls, and the horrendous re playability. The audio is quite good, saving the game from a horrible rating. I mean, if the audio failed, I might've given the game a 4, or even a 3. This game is not worth buying, and not really worth renting. Goldeneye is most definitely better. Now I'll move on to the aspects of the game.

Controls: 4/10

The A Button does almost everything, including jumping. The item menu is confusing to navigate, and the controls are downright bad. I might've given this game a 7/10 if the controls were better. For example, make the jump button, say, Down C. Then, the A Button would just be the action button, making it better. However, they didn't do that.

Graphics: 6/10

Ouch. The movements are fairly bad, and they could've made the places look more realistic. Some of the graphics are good, but not enough to be good overall. The jump movements are not fluid at all. The controls are wacked out, pretty much. I don't like the controls.

Audio: 10/10

W00t! The music is top-notch, because it comes straight from the movie, and the sound effects are extremely realistic. I can't think of anything wrong with the audio. It's amazing. It's truly amazing.

Game Play: 6/10

This is decent, but, the harder levels can get extremely frustrating. You do pretty much the same thing for the entire level. Run through, shooting. There is variety in the levels, but not within the levels. Let me explain. There is variety throughout the game. However, there is not variety in just one level. For example, in the last level, all you do is shoot from a gunboat. That's it. They needed to make it more interesting.

Re Playability: 2/10

The only reason to play the game again is to do some of the glitches. Once you've beat the game on both difficulties, there practically isn't anything left. And with commitment, those levels can get done pretty fast, leaving you with a cartridge that you may never want to use again. The re playability is horrible.

Overall: 5/10

The audio is excellent, but everything else is either decent, bad, or horrible. This game is definitely not worth buying. Rent it if you want to play it. Any Goldeneye game is much better then this game, and James Bond's guns are easier to select. Much easier.

Thank you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/16/02, Updated 09/16/02

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