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"A good game based off a movie...."

This game is a great adventure game. Its one of my favorite N64 game. Well ill start off by saying gameplay.

Gameplay- The gameplay in this game is pretty good. But I thought it wasn't perfect. First off the weapons. There really aren't that many. Such as The machine gun, a pistol, a silenced pistol, a mini rocket launcher. Though those are pretty cool weapons I thought they could have had better like a flamethrower or something. Then theres the levels. There big, but they could have had extra missions to them. But theres enough in it already. Theres also secrets in it like when you beat a whole thing of levels without getting caught. It gives you a code for like invincibility. Well that's most of the gameplay. I give the gameplay a 7/10.

Story- Well the story is the same as the movie. Well there is added stuff like other levels or places that wasn't in the movie. So the story is pretty original. I give the story an 5/10

Graphics- The graphics are really good for the N64. But there are jaggies. And they arent that clear. And there is also invisble walls. But nothings perfect, anyway graphics aren't everything are they. Well i give this part of my review a 8/10.

Sound- The sound is great in this game. Like when you shoot the guys you hear the go ''ah''. lol. But really the sound in this game is good, like I said they go ah if you hit them. But anyway like when you shoot a gun it make a sound like a gun will make. But not as good. Though i give the credit for this. And then theres the music in the game. Of course there is the original theme from the movie. And then theres other cool music like in one level theres a piano player who starts playing this cool music when you give him the music notes. But anyway i give the sound a 9/10.

Re playability- The games ok on re playability. But it's not like you get a second ending beating it again. I wish they could have put something like that but o well. But its still fun beating it for a second time. So i give this a 6/10.

To buy or rent- I would have to say if your a fan of the movie then you will like this game. But if you don't like the movie or haven't seen the movie (shame on you) Then you will probably be better off just renting it. So I would say both.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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