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"Hunt. Ethan Hunt."

Well, I'm really not sure on this game, to be honest. One moment, it's grabbing my attention with me dangling 100 feet above the most high-security room in the world. The next, I'm boringly walking around an embassy, chatting it up with Sloborskians and knocking out ambassadors to foreign countries. Basically, it's fun one moment, and the next you're wondering why you spent the cash and the effort preceding it to grab the game. Some describe this game as being a total waste of space on Infogrames resume. Others describe it as a cheap James Bond. And still, others describe it as James Bond, only not. Me? I think it's somewhere in between.

See, the thing about this game is that it's hardly replayable. Once you complete it, you can be sure there's not much more to see, unless you want to do it without codes or on a harder/easier level.

Now, there's something else about this game that ticks me off. The controls. If anything really could have been improved, it'd have been the controls. The 'A' button does near everything (jumping, pushing things, selecting things). This is probably my main area of gripe.

Onto the graphics, I'll say that they aren't that bad, but they could probably be better. They aren't realistic, in essence, but they pass. The movements aren't fluid, in my opinion. Seems like if you're in first person view, Ethan wants to stutter-step everything.

The music in this game is truly great. The music comes verbatim from the movie. You must notice, I said music and not audio. Here's why: the voice effects...well...there are no voice effects, aside from Ethan occasionally ''ARRRGH''-ing at something or saying, ''Steady...''. The entire conversations are done in text. Not the voice effects, necessarily, but the lack thereof. If you shoot someone, they'll go ''Arrgh,'' in pain and start shooting back. The audio effects for guns are ridiculously repetitive,(*pop*pop*pop*pop*pop*) while on the subject.

No game of this sort of stature would be complete without a small delve into the equipment. I'll say that the guns are a bit too basic, (you have a 9mm, a silenced pistol, an Uzi, a dart gun, and a mini-rocket launcher at one stage) but the gadgets are downright superb. Gas injectors, TNT, and even NOS and a torch at one point.

Breaking it down:

-Nice music
-Okay graphics
-Interesting gadgets


Now, overall, I'll say this is a fairly good game, and I like it. I bought it. Depending on what you expect from a game of its nature, I'd rent it first, then maybe buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/28/03, Updated 01/28/03

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