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"Ethan Hunt is no James Bond"

Mission Impossible was a very entertaining movie that was quite similar to a James Bond movie. Both movies have a cool hero who is a secret spy, make use of imaginative gadgets an deliver a lot of excitement. Mission Impossible, the game is similar to the great ''Goldeneye,'' but doesn't come close in terms of quality.
You play the role of Ethan Hunt and the story follows the movie. You have to finish a variety of levels in order to get to the next one. The game overall feels a lot like Goldeneye in third person mode. Just like Goldeneye, there are a bunch of cool weapons and gadgets you can use. You can use a fire extinguisher to attack enemies, or use a face maker to disguise yourself.
Some of the levels are pretty interesting, too. One requires you to sneak into a party by disguising yourself as the enemy and getting close to a particular character. But, you have to becareful while disguising yourself, as you can't let anyone see you. Another level requires you to find the door lock code of a door by placing a video camera near it before someone unlocks it.
But, the game itself doesn't seem as exciting. Quite often levels seem to drag themselves out and you lose interest. If you are looking for another Goldeneye, you will be disappointed.

Graphics: 6.
The game has a very hazy feel to it. The character models are decent, but the surroundings always seem to be covered in fog.

Sound: 5.
The music doesn't sound good. It doesn't get you into the game. The sound effects are decent at best.

Gameplay :5.
The controls feel very loose. Also when you shoot a guy in the head, he reacts very late. Thus, you may waste a lot of bullets trying to kill an already dead guy.

Replay Value: 6.
The levels seem interesting, but they get boring. If you really love these kind of games, you might want to play again.

Overall: 6.
This game tries to be like Goldeneye, but fails.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/14/00, Updated 03/14/00

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