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    Sub-Zero by KasketDarkfyre

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/27/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: KasketDarkfyre@aol.com
    Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 01:12:32 EDT
    Sub Zero Character FAQ: Version 1.1
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Classic Sub-Zero
     -Finishing Moves
     -Ending Movie
    Section 3: Sub-Zero
     -Finishing Moves
     -Ending Movie
    Section 4: Credits
    -=Section 1: Introduction=-
      This FAQ is intended to be an informational guide for Sub-Zero, possibly 
    one of the most played Mortal Kombat characters in the series. This FAQ will 
    cover both the Masked and Un-Masked Sub-Zero's, covering their moves, 
    finishing moves, and endings.
    -=Section 2: Classic Sub-Zero=-
      Thought to have been vanquished in the Shaolin tournament, Sub-Zero 
    mysteriously returns. It's believed this secretive member of the Lin Kuei, a 
    legendary clan of Chinese "ninjas", has returned to again attempt an 
    assassination of Shang Tsung. To do so, he must fight his way through Shao 
    Kahn's tournament.
    -=Classic Sub-Zero's Moves=-
    Ice Ball: Quarter Circle Forward + High Punch
    *Sub-Zero throws a ball of ice across the screen, freezing his opponent* 
    Ice Puddle: Quarter Circle Backward + Low Kick
    *Sub-Zero throws a ball of ice into the ground, creating a puddle which an 
    advancing opponent slips on*
    Slide: Back + Low Kick + Low Punch + Block
    *Sub-Zero slide across the ground, knocking his opponent off their feet*
    -=Classic Sub-Zero's Finishing Moves=-
    Finishing Move 1: (Close Range)Down + Down + Down + Forward + High Punch
    *Sub-Zero reverts back to his classic finishing move, gripping the opponents 
    head, and tearing backward, although the screen fades before seperation ,you 
    still hear the scream and rip*
    Finishing Move 2: (Close Range) Down + Forward + Forward + Forward + High 
    *Sub-Zero uppercuts the opponent, and rains ice down onto the ground, 
    creating a spike into the air, soon after, the opponent comes crashing down 
    atop of it*
    Animality: (Stand Close) Back + Back + Down + Forward + Low Punch
    Brutality:  High Punch - Low Punch - High Punch - Block - Low Kick - Low Kick 
    - High Kick - High Kick - Low Punch - High Punch - Low Punch
    *Sub-Zero gets brutal with several two-fisted uppercuts a few  roundhouse 
    kicks exploding the opponent into a thousand pieces*
    Friendship: (Close) Down - Back - Back - Forward - Low Kick
    *Turns a jack in the box until a giant snowman head pops out, scaring the 
    opponent away*
    Pit Fatality: Forward - Down - Forward - Forward - High Punch
    -=Sub-Zero's Combo's=-
    First Combo: High Punch - High Punch - Back + Low Kick - Back + High Kick - 
    Forward + Low Kick (26%)
    Second Combo: High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch - Down + High Punch 
    - Jump Kick - Slide (33%)
      I've found that with Classic Sub-Zero, you can do major damage against just 
    about anyone, either on this game, or in the Arcade. If you range both your 
    Ice Ball and your Ice Puddle, no one can jump in, or jump out. 
      Playing against him at higher levels, will net you a headache. He is quick 
    to counter punch a jump kick, and even quicker to drop an Ice Puddle when you 
    land, and smash you with an uppercut. 
    -=Classic Sub-Zero's Ending Movie=-
      Having been killed in the first tournament, Sub-Zero somehow seems to have 
    emerged to win the third tournament.  However, upon removing his mask both 
    the Outworld and the Earth-born warriors are shocked to discover the true 
    identity of this warrior.  A warrior who has long been missing from a 
    previous Mortal Kombat, and one who will return in the fourth tournament.
    -=Section 3: Sub-Zero=-
       The ninja returns unmasked.  He was betrayed by his own clan, the Lin 
    Kuei.  He broke sacred codes of honor by leaving his clan and is marked for 
    death.  But, unlike the ninja, his persurors come as machines.  He must not 
    only defend from the Outworld, but he must elude his souless assassins.
    -=Sub-Zero's Moves=-
    Ice Ball: Quarter Circle Forward + High Punch
    *Sub-Zero throws ice in the direction of his opponent, freezing them in place*
    Ice Rain: (Three Ranges)
              On Opponent: Quarter Circle Forward + Low Punch
              In Front of: Down + Forward + Back + Low Punch
              Behind Oppn: Down + Back + Forward + Low Punch
    *Sub-Zero unleashes a rain of ice from the air down atop of his opponent*
    Ice Clone: Quarter Circle Back + Low Punch
               (Can be done in Mid-Air)
    *Sub-Zero ducks from harms way with a clone of himself. Once the opponent 
    hits the clone, it freezes*
    Slide: Back + Low Punch + Block + Low Kick
    *Slide forward as if sliding on ice, knocking the opponent off their feet*
    -=Sub-Zero's Finishing Moves=-
    Fatality 1: (Close) Block - Block - Run - Block - Run
    *Sub-Zero gets physcial, grabbing up his opponent, and freezing them, takes a 
    second, and then snaps them over his head, raining blood and body parts 
    across the ground*
    Fatality 2: (Sweep Range) Back - Back - Down - Back - Run
    *Sub-Zero opens his hand, and blows a frozen mist into his opponent, turning 
    them to a statue of ice, which topples and shatters across the ground*
    Animality: Forward - Up - Up 
    *Turns into a giant Polar Bear, and maus the opponent viciously*
    Brutality: High Punch - Low Kick - High Kick - Low Punch - High Punch - High 
    Kick - High Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch
    *The Iceman Cometh in this wicked combo that reduces the opponent to bloody 
    Friendship:  (Hold Block) Low Kick - Run - Run - Up
    *Sub-Zero turns himself into a giant snowman*
    Pit Fatality: Back - Down - Forward - Forward - High Kick
    -=Sub-Zero's Combo's=-
    First Combo: High Kick - High Kick - Back + High Kick (18%)
    Second Combo: High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Low Kick - Back + High 
    Kick - Back + High Kick (23%)
    Third Combo:  High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick - Back + High Kick - Back + 
    High Kick( 26%)
    Fourth Combo: High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Back + High Kick (22%)
      Sub-Zero in his unmasked form, is a powerhouse. If you can master the 
    timing of the Ice Showers, and the various combos that can be performed after 
    a freeze, you'll rule the PSX and an arcade machine.
      Playing against him is a bit hard. He can counter anything that you have 
    with a well timed Ice Shower. Not to be underestimated, he can cost you a few 
    -=Sub-Zero's Ending Movie=-
      In vicious battle, Sub-Zero faces Cyrax and Sektor:  but not alone. He 
    finds his third Lin Kuei assassin - the elusive Smoke.  Before automation, 
    Smoke and Sub-Zero were allies.  Sub-Zero helps Smoke recall his past and 
    regains him as an ally once again. Sub-Zero defeats his cyborg assassins with 
    the help of Smoke and finds it takes all of his own inner strengths to defeat 
    Kahn and his Outworld minions. The former ninja once again disappears into 
    the shadows, his legacy known only by a select few.
    Section 4: Credits
    Mary, my girlfriend, who is still keeping with me and my late nights. "It's 
    for notarity Princess!"
    Gamefaqs.com, the best site on the Net.
    Arcade and Mortal Kombat players everywhere.
    Copyrighted to Kasket Darkfyre 1999

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