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    FAQ/Move List by AOlivero

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    There is know Knowledge 
    That is not Power... 
       Welcome to The unofficial Mortal Kombat Trilogy FAQ For The Nintendo 64 
    Written by : Adam Olivero (acid_vf477@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.0
    Highest Version of the FAQ can be found at: 
    or http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    "You have been chosen to represent Earth in 
    Mortal Kombat. Be warned. For although your 
    souls are safe from Shao Kahn's evil your lives 
    are not. I can no longer interfere. Your Earth is ruled 
    by Outworld Gods." 
    - These are the words of Rayden 
                               COPYRIGHT INFO!
    This document is copyrighted 1998 by Adam Olivero. This FAQ is for private 
    and personal use only.  It can only be reproduced electronically, and if 
    placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this disclaimer and 
    the above copyright notice appears in full. Any information used from this 
    document, quoted or no, should have this author's name somewhere clearly as 
    acknowledgement. Feel free to distribute between others, but this FAQ is not
    to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used 
    by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into 
    magazines, etc. in ANY way.This document may be distributed freely as long 
    as it has not been modified in any way. 
    MK, MKT, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, all character names and the 
    Dragon Logo are trademarks of Midway Manufacturing Company. N64 and 
    Nintendo 64 are trademarks of Nintendo.
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    1. What is Mortal Kombat?  
    2. How to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy  
    3. Special Moves List  
    4. Kombat Codes  
    5. Tips and Tricks  
    6. Common Questions  
    7. Credits 
    8. Copyrights 
    9. Version History
                           1. What is Mortal Kombat? 
    Mortal Kombat is a 2D generic fighter. Mortal Kombat Trilogy is like 
    Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 and Ultimate in one. All the characters and special 
    moves too! 
                     2. How to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy 
    Positions of hands on the controller: Left hand on the left, right hand on 
    the right. Unless you have a 3rd hand no hand on the middle!
    Controller buttons: (what do all those buttons do anyway!) 
    Default settings: L and down C run 
    Down and Up on the D-pad or the stick will duck and jump 
    Start pauses the game 
    Use the D-pad or the stick to move 
    R and left C block 
    Up C is high kick 
    Right C is low kick 
    B is high punch 
    A is low punch 
    Move into opponent + B for a Elbow 
    A for a throw 
    Right C for a knee 
    Down + B for a uppercut 
    Up or right C for a crouched kick 
    Left C or R for a crouched block 
    Move away from opponent + Up C for a Roundhouse kick 
    Right C for a Foot Sweep 
    Control pad (or stick) up or up and towards opponent + Up C or right C 
    for flying kicks 
    B or A for flying punches 
    Object of the game: to defeat Shao Kahn and save Earth Realm. 
                            3. Special Moves List 
    Note: To preform an Animality, Friendship, Babality or Brutality you must be
          on the 3rd round of the match and when Finsh Him/Her comes up you must
          preform a mercy. To preform a mercy Hold run and press down three 
          times then realese run. The words mercy will be printed at the top of
          the screen. Now you may preform your finsher. 
    Blade Spark: D-B-HP 
    Blade Swipe: B+HP 
    Shredder: B-B-B-LP 
    Blade Spin: F-D-F-BL (keep pressing BL to keep it going) 
    Fatality: (Close) B-B-B-HP (Decapitation) 
    Fatality: (Close) B-F-D-F-LP (Impale) 
    Animality: (close) Hold HP (F-B-D-F) Release HP (vulture) 
    Friendship: D-F-HK (gift) 
    Babality: F-F-F-HK 
    Brutality: HP-HP-HP-LP-LP-BL-HK-HK-LK-LK-BL 
    Stage: LK-RN-RN-RN-RN 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+HP-D+HP  
    Close Grenade: Hold LK (B-B-HK) 
    Far Grenade: Hold LK (F-F-HK) 
    Net: B-B-LK Teleport (can do in air): F-D-BL 
    Air Throw (while you are on ground, victim in air): D-F-BL and then LP 
    to throw 
    Fatality (anywhere): D-D-U-D-HP (helicopter) 
    Fatality (close): D-D-F-U-RN (self-destruct) 
    Animality (close): U-U-D-D (shark) 
    Friendship: RN-RN-RN-U (dance) 
    Babality: F-F-B-HP 
    Brutality: HP-HK-HP-HK-HK-HP-HK-HP-HK-LK-LP 
    Stage: RN-BL-RN 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HP-HK-B+HK 
    Fireball: D-B-LP 
    Exploding Teleport Punch (can do in air): D-B-HP 
    Telekinetic Slam: B-D-B-HK 
    Fatality (close): RN-BL-RN-RN-HK (head uppercut) 
    Fatality (sweep): D-U-D-D-D-BL (telekinetic slam) 
    Animality (one step away): B-B-F-F-LK (frog) 
    Friendship: F-F-F-HP (magic act) 
    Babality: D-D-B-B-HP 
    Brutality: HP-HP-LP-BL-HK-LK-BL-HP-LP-LK-HK 
    Stage: RN-RN-RN-RN-LK 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-HK-B+LK 
    Boomerang (high): B-F-HP 
    Boomerang (middle): B-F-LP 
    Boomerang (low): B-F-LK 
    Boomerang (returning): B-B-F-LP 
    (Will only return if your opponents is a human and they jump or duck the 
    Projectile Invincibility: B-F-HK 
    Glow Kick: D-F-LK 
    Fatality (close): U-U-D-F-HP (pole shaker) 
    Fatality (close): RN-RN-RN-BL-RN (out on a pole)
    Animality (close): F-D-F-F-LK (cat) 
    Friendship: B-D-B-B-HK (pogo stick) 
    Babality: D-D-F-D-HK 
    Brutality: HP-LK-HP-LP-HK-HK-LK-BL-BL-HP-HK 
    Stage: B-F-D+RN 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-D+LP-LK-HK-B+LK-B+HK  
    1 Missile: B-F-HP 
    2 Missiles: F-F-B-B-HP 
    Gotcha Grab: F-F-LP (tap LP to keep punching) 
    Backbreaker (must be in air): BL 
    Quad Slam: (after starting a throw): Keep tapping HP Ground Pound: 
    Hold LK release LK 
    Dashing Punch: F-F-HK 
    Fatality (close): U-D-F-U-BL (arm blades) 
    Fatality (far): RN-BL-RN-RN-LK (squish) 
    Animality (close): Hold LP (F-F-D-F) release LP (lion) 
    Friendship: LK-RN-RN-LK (jump rope) 
    Babality: D-D-D-LK 
    Brutality: HP-HP-HP-BL-LP-HP-HP-HP-BL-LP-HP 
    Stage: D-F-D-LP 
    Standard Combo: HK-HK-D+HP-HP-BL-LP-B+HP 
    Johnny Cage 
    High Fireball: F-D-B-HP 
    Low Fireball: B-D-F-LP 
    Green Shadow Kick: B-F-LK 
    Red Shadow Kick: B-B-F-HK 
    Shadow Uppercut: B-D-B-HP 
    Fatality (Close): D-D-F-F-LP (Decapitation) 
    Fatality (Over Half Screen): D-D-F-F-LK (Split Kick) 
    Friendship: D-D-D-D-LK 
    Animality (sweep): D-F-F-HK (kangaroo) 
    Babality: F-B-B-HK Stage: D-B-F-F-HK 
    Brutality: HP-LK-HK-LP-HP-HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-HP 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-D+LP 
    Top Spin: B-F-LK 
    Eye Spark (can do in air): B-B-HP 
    Ground Saw: B-B-B-RN 
    Fatality (sweep): D-D-B-F-BL (respirator) 
    Fatality (close): RN-BL-BL-BL-HK (scream) 
    Animality (close): Hold HP (F-F-D-F) release HP (rhino) 
    Friendship (anywhere except closer than sweep): RN-LK-RN-RN-U (marshmallow) 
    Babality: RN-RN-LK 
    Brutality HP -BL-LK-LK-LK-HK-LP-LP-LP-HP-LP 
    Stage: BL-BL-HK 
    Standard Combo: LK-LK-HP-HP-D+HP 
    Knife Throw: D-B-HP 
    Knife Uppercut: D-F-HP 
    Cannonball: Hold LK release LK 
    Upward Cannonball: F-D-F-HK 
    Grab and Shake: D-F-LP 
    Air Throw (must be in air): BL 
    Fatality (close): Hold LP (F-D-D-F) release LP (skeleton steal) 
    Fatality (sweep): LP-BL-BL-HK (eye laser) 
    Animality (close): Hold HP (BL-BL-BL) release HP (spider) 
    Friendship: LK-RN-RN-HK (bubblegum) 
    Babality: F-F-D-D-LK 
    Brutality: HP-LP-BL-HP-BL-HK-LK-BL-HK-LK 
    Stage: U-U-B-LK 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-LK-B+HK 
    Fan Lift: B-B-B-HP 
    Fan Throw (can do in air): F-F-HP+LP 
    Square Wave Punch: D-B-HP 
    Fatality (close): RN-RN-BL-BL-LK (kiss of stretch) 
    Fatality (close): B-D-F-F-HK (decapitation) 
    Animality (between close and sweep): D-D-D-D-RN (bunny) 
    Friendship: D-B-F-F-LP (bubbles) 
    Babality: F-F-D-F-HK 
    Brutality: HP-HP-BL-HK-BL-LK-BL-LP-BL-HP-BL 
    Stage: F-D-D-LK 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-F+HP 
    Kung Lao 
    Hat Throw: B-F-LP 
    Teleport: D-U Flying Kick (must be in air) 
    D-HK Spin: F-D-F-RN (keep tapping RN) 
    Fatality (anywhere): RN-BL-RN-BL-D (spin of death) 
    Fatality (inside sweep, but not up close): F-F-B-D-HP (hat throw) 
    Animality (close): RN-RN-RN-RN-BL (leopard) 
    Friendship (over sweep): RN-LP-R-LK (frisbee) 
    Babality: D-F-F-HP 
    Brutality: HP-LP-LK-HK-BL-HP-LP-LK-HK-BL-HP 
    Stage: D-D-F-F-LK 
    Standard Combo: HP-LP-HP-LP-LK-LK-B+HK 
    Liu Kang 
    High Fireball (can do in air): F-F-HP 
    Low Fireball: F-F-LP 
    Flying Kick: F-F-HK 
    Bicycle Kick: Hold LK release LK 
    Fatality (anywhere): F-F-D-D-LK (invisible flame) 
    Fatality (anywhere): U-D-U-U-BL+RN (mk1 machine) 
    Animality (sweep): D-D-U (dragon) 
    Friendship: RN-RN-RN-D+RN (mk puppet) 
    Babality: D-D-D-HK 
    Brutality: HP-LP-HP-BL-LK-HK-HK-LK-HK-LP-HP 
    Stage: RN-BL-BL-LK
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-BL-LK-LK-HK-LK 
    Sai Throw: Hold HP (3 Seconds) Release HP 
    Warp Kick: F-F-LK Roll: B-B-D-HK 
    Fatality (far): B-B-B-F-LK (nails) 
    Fatality (close): D-F-D-F-LP (eat'em up) 
    Animality (close): F-D-D-F-HK (skunk) 
    Friendship: D-D-B-F-HP (mirror) 
    Babality: D-D-F-F-HP 
    Brutality: HP-LP-LP-HP-BL-HK-LK-LK-HK-BL-HP 
    Stage: D-D-D-LP 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-U+LK-U+HK 
    Grab & Smack (must be close): F-F-F-HP 
    Teleport: D-B-HK 
    Fireball: Hold LK 3 Secondss then Release 
    Fatality (close): F-F-F-HK 
    Arrow: D-B-LP 
    Red Arrow: just do one arrow after another (must be done very fast) 
    Hatchet Uppercut: D-F-HP 
    Shadow Shoulder: F-F-LK 
    Red Shadow Shoulder: B-B-F-HK Glow (reflects projectiles): B-B-B-HK 
    Fatality (close): U-U-B-F-BL (death pray) 
    Fatality (must outside sweep): B-B-D-HP (shock) 
    Animality (close): F-F-D-D (wolf) 
    Friendship: (anywhere but close): RN-RN-RN-D (juggle) 
    Babality: F-B-F-B-LP 
    Brutality: HP, HP-HK-HK-BL-BL-LP-HP-HK 
    Stage: R-R-BL 
    Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP-Hatchet-Hatchet
    Noob Saibot 
    Teleport and Throw: D-U 
    Two Noob Throw: F-F-HP 
    Disable Blocking Fireball: D-F-LP 
    Fatality (sweep): B-B-F-F-HK (skull ring) 
    Fatality (close): D-D-U-RN (teleport slam) 
    Babality: F-F-F-LP 
    Friendship: F-F-B-HP (bowling) 
    Animality (outside sweep): B-F-B-F-HK (ant eater) 
    Stage: F-D-F-BL 
    Brutality: HP-LK-LP-BL-LK-HK-HP-LP-BL-LK-HK 
    Standard Combo: LK-LK-LK-LK 
    Lightning: B-B-HP 
    Levitation Ball: D-F-HP 
    Super Roundhouse: B+HK (knocks opponents through screen) 
    Fatality (close): F-F-D+HP (uppercut) 
    Fatality (a little outside sweep) D-D-B-F-HK (lightning strike) 
    Friendship D-F-F-F-LP (rain) 
    Animality: (close) BL-BL-RN-RN-BL (elephant) 
    Babality: F-B-B-HP 
    Stage: F-D-F-LP 
    Brutality: HP-HP-BL-LK-HK-BL-LK-HK-BL-HP-LP 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-HP 
    Lightning: D-F-LP 
    Reverse Lightning: D-B-LP 
    Teleport: D-U 
    Flying Torpedo (can be done in air): B-B-F 
    Fatality (close): Hold HP for 5-10 secs, then release (exploding uppercut) 
      or (close): Hold BLK (U-U-U) Release BLK and tap HP (exploding uppercut) 
      or (close): F-F-D-HP (exploding uppercut) 
    Fatality (close): Hold LK for 3 secs then release and tap BL+LK rapidly 
    Friendship: D-B-F-HK (kidd thunder) 
    Babality: D-D-U-HK 
    Animality (far): D-F-D-HK (electric eel) 
    Stage: D-D-D-HP 
    Brutality: HP-HP-LK-LK-LK-HK-LP-LP-LP-BL-BL 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-D+LP-Jump-Flying Torpedo 
    Acid Spit: F-F-HP 
    Slow Force Ball: B-B-HP+LP 
    Fast Force Ball: F-F-HP+LP 
    Slide: B+LP+BL+LK 
    Invisibility: U-D-HK Run Past and Elbow: B-F-LK 
    Fatality (jump distance): B-F-D-BL (eat) 
    Fatality (sweep): F-F-U-U-HK (acid) 
    Animality (close): D-D-D-U-HK (monkey) 
    Friendship (close: D-F-F-B-HK (snake in the box) 
    Babality: F-F-B-D-LK 
    Brutality: HP-BL-HK-HK-BL-HP-LP-LK-LK-BL-LP-HP 
    Stage: BL-R-BL-BL 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK 
    Spear: B-B-LP 
    Teleport (can do in air): D-B-HP 
    Forward Teleport (can do in air): D-F-HP 
    Air Throw (must be in air): BL 
    Fatality (just outside sweep): F-F-F-B-LP (hand of hell) 
    Fatality (jump distance): D-D-U-HK (torch) 
    Fatality (close): F-F-D-U-RN (mob) 
    Animality (close): F-U-U-HK (penguin) 
    Friendship (close): B-F-F-B-LK (skull in the box) 
    Babality: D-B-B-F-HP 
    Brutality: HP-HP-BL-HK-HK-LK-HK-HP-HP-LP-HP 
    Stage: F-U-U-LP 
    Standard Combo: HK-HK-LK-LK 
    Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK 
    Straight Missile: F-F-LP 
    Double Missile: B-B-F-LP
    Heat Seeking Missile: F-D-B-HP 
    Fatality (sweep): LP-RN-RN-BL (garbage compactor) 
    Fatality (over half screen): F-F-F-B-BL (flame thrower) 
    Animality (close): F-F-D-U (bat) 
    Friendship (half screen): RN-RN-RN-RN-D (carnival game) 
    Babality: B-D-D-D-HK 
    Brutality: HP-HP-BLK-BLK-HK-HK-LK-LK-LP-LP-HP 
    Stage: RN-RN-RN-D 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-B+HK 
    Shang Tsung 
    1 Fireball: B-B-HP 
    2 Fireballs: B-B-F-HP
    3 Fireballs: B-B-F-F-HP 
    Volcanic Eruption: F-B-B-LK 
    Fatality (close): Hold LP (D-F-F-D) release LP (nine inch nails) 
    Fatality (close): Hold LP (RN-BL-RN-BL) release LP (soul stealer) 
    Animality (sweep): Hold HP (RN-RN-RN) release HP (snake) 
    Friendship LK-LK-RN-RN-D (joust) 
    Babality: RN-RN-RN-LK 
    Brutality: HP-BL-BL-BL-LK-HP-LP-LP-BL-HK-LK 
    Stage: U-U-B-LP 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-B+HK
    Shang Tsung Morphs 
    ERMAC = D-D-U 
    JADE = F-F-D-D+BL 
    JAX = F-F-D-LP 
    JOHNNY C. = F-D-F-HP 
    KANO = B-F-BL 
    LIU KANG= F-D-B-U-F 
    RAIN = RN-BL-LK 
    Shao Kahn 
    Hammer: F-B-B-HP 
    Fireball: F-D-F-LK 
    Charge: F-F-HP 
    Upward Charge: D-D-F-HK 
    Taunt: Hold BL (U-U-RN) 
    Laugh: D-D-RN 
    Fatality (sweep): F-F-B-HP 
    Teleport Stomp: D-U 
    Ground Shake: B-D-B-HK 
    Fireball: D-F-HP 
    Fatality (close): F-D-D-F-LP (6 feet under) 
    Fatality (close): Hold HK (B-F-F) release HK (skin rip) 
    Animality (close): RN-BL-BL-BL-BL (scorpion) 
    Friendship: F-F-D-F-pause-HP (pause is to prevent fireball). 
                Or Hold HP (F-F-D-F) release HP, then hit HP.) (plates) 
    Babality: D-D-D-B-HK 
    Brutality: HP-LP-BL-LK-HK-BL-HK-LK-BL-LP-HP 
    Stage: D-F-D-F-LP 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-HK-HK-LK-B+HK 
    Fireball: F-F-LP 
    Double Fireball: B-B-F-LP 
    Air Fireball (must be in air): D-F-LK 
    Fly: B-B-F-HK (press BL to land) 
    Scream: F-F-F-HP 
    Fatality (sweep): RN-RN-BL-RN-BL (hair spin) 
    Fatality (close): RN-BL-BL-RN+BL (scream) 
    Animality (anywhere): F-F-U-HP (wasp) 
    Friendship: RN-RN-RN-RN-RN-U (football) 
    Babality: RN-RN-RN-U 
    Brutality: HP-BL-LK-BL-LK-HK-BL-HK-LK-BL-LP 
    Stage: D-D-D-LP 
    Standard Combo: HK-HP-HP-LP-HK 
    Smoke (human) 
    Spear: B-B-LP 
    Teleport Punch (can do in air): 
    D-B-HP Throw (must be in air): BL 
    Fatality (sweep): RN-BL-RN-RN-HK (head explode) 
    Fatality (outside sweep): F-F-B-RN (smoke) 
    Animality (far): F-F-F-B-HK (porcupine) 
    Friendship: D-F-F-F-RN (sign) 
    Babality: D-B-B-F-RN 
    Brutality HP-LK-LK-HK-BL-BL-LP-LP-HP-HP-BL 
    Stage: F-U-U-LP 
    Standard Combo: HK-HK-LK-B+LK-B+HK 
    Smoke (robot) 
    Harpoon: B-B-LP 
    Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK 
    Invisible: U-U-RN (do while invisible, and you will reappear) 
    Air throw (must be in air): BL 
    Fatality (across screen): U-U-F-D (blow up the world) 
    Fatality (sweep): Hold RN+BL (D-D-F-U) release RN+BL (throat bomb) 
    Animality (outside sweep): D-F-F-BL (black bull) 
    Friendship (across screen): RN-RN-RN-HK (horn) 
    Babality: D-D-B-B-HK 
    Brutality HP-LK-LK-HK-BL-BL-LP-LP-HP-HP-BL-BL 
    Stage: F-F-D-LK 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LK-HK-LP 
    Energy Rings: D-F-LP 
    Leg Grab: D+LP+BL 
    Square Wave Punch: F-B-HP 
    Bicycle Kick: B-B-D-HK 
    Fatality (more than half screen away): Hold BL+RN (U-U-B-D) 
             release BL+RN (pink thing) 
    Fatality (anywhere): B-F-D-D-RN (hot kiss) 
    Animality (close): Hold LP (B-F-D-F) release LP (hawk) 
    Friendship: B-F-B-D-RN (flowers) 
    Babality: D-D-F-LK 
    Brutality: HP-LK-BL-HP-LK-BL-HP-LP-BL-HK-LK 
    Stage: F-F-D-HP 
    Standard Combo: HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-B+HP 
    Double High Grenade: B-D-F-HP 
    Double Low Grenade: B-D-F-LP 
    Shoot Gun: B-F-HP 
    High Grenade: D-B-HP 
    Low Grenade: D-B-LP 
    Baton Trip: F-B-LP 
    Baton Throw: F-F-HK 
    Fatality (close): D-F-D-F-BL (bomb) 
    Fatality (a tiny bit closer than full screen): F-F-F-LK (taser) 
    Animality (sweep): RN-RN-RN-BL (t-rex) 
    Friendship: LP-RN-RN-LP (crossing guard) 
    Babality: D-F-F-B-HP 
    Brutality: HP-LP-HK-LK-HP-LP-LK-HK-HP-LK-LK 
    Stage: F-U-U-HK 
    Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP 
    Freeze: D-F-LP 
    Ground Freeze: D-B-LK 
    Ice Shower: D-F-HP 
    Ice Shower (in front): D-F-B-HP 
    Ice Shower (behind): D-B-F-HP 
    Ice Statue (can do in air): D-B-LP 
    Slide: B+LP+BL+LK Fatality (close): D-F-F-F-HP (ice spike) 
    Fatality (close): D-D-D-F-HP (censored) 
    Animality (close): B-B-F-D-HP (polar bear) 
    Friendship (close): D-B-B-F-LK (snowman in the box) 
    Babality: D-B-B-HK 
    Brutality: HP-LK-HK-LP-HP-HK-HK-HP-HP-LP 
    Stage: F-D-F-F-HP 
    Standard Combo: HP-HP-LK-B+HK-F+LK
                                     4. Kombat Kodes 
    4=question mark 
    8=shao kahn 
    788-322 Fast uppercut recovery 
    044-440 No power 
    300-300 Silent Kombat 
    100-100 Throwing Disabled 
    010-010 Throwing Encouraged 
    020-020 Blocking Disabled 
    205-205 Winner fights Smoke 
    769-342 Winner fights Noob 
    969-141 Winner fights Shao Kahn 
    033-564 Winner fights Motaro 
    444-444 Randper Kombat 
    282-282 No Fear 
    987-666 Flipper message 
    550-550 Wavenet UMK3 message 
    999-999 Version Number message 
    448-844 "Don't jump at me.." 
    717-313 Rain is in the Graveyard 
    122-221 "Skunky!" 
    004-400 Ed Boon message 
    987-123 No Powerbars 
    688-422 Dark fighting 
    985-125 Psycho kombat 
    642-468 Play hidden game 
    788-322 Uppercut Recovery 
    466-466 Unlimited running 
    321-789 Super Run Jumps 
    975-310 Health Recovery 
    722-722 Combos Disabled 
    555-556 Special Moves Disabled 
    024-689 Super Endurance Kombat 
    484-484 Automatic Kombos 
    109-901 Bloody Kombat 
    202-808 "Babalities Are Reversible" 
    123-321 Winner Fights Khameleon 
    246-246 Play Pong 
    ***For 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 ONLY:*** 
    022-220 - Explosive Kombat / Throwing Disable 
    227-227 - Explosive Kombat 
    ***Kombat Zones*** 
    330-033 - Jade's Desert 
    666-444 - Scorpion's Lair 
    091-190 - Bell Tower 
    666-333 - Graveyard 
    933-933 - Scislac Busorez 
    880-088 - Subway 
    050-050 - Noob's Dorfen 
    343-343 - The Roof 
    820-028 - Pit III 
    004-700 - Kahn's Kave 
    002-003 - River Kombat 
    600-040 - Kombat Temple 
    079-035 - The Street 
    123-901 - The Soul Chamber 
    077-022 - The Bridge 
    880-220 - Kahn's Tower 
    222-222 - Dead Pool 
    191-191 - The Armory 
    919-919 - The Pit 
                                 5. Tips and Tricks 
    Stage Select 
    At the character select screen go to Sonya and press Up+Start at the same 
    time. Then, after you select your character, you will get a stage select 
    Play as Shao Kahn 
    Select any character and when you are in either Pit 3 or the rooftop stage 
    (before the round starts), press and hold D+HP+LP. You'll see an explosion 
    and Shao Kahn will replace your character. If you win, however, the original
    character you picked will be your character for the rest of the game. 
    Play as Motaro 
    Select any character and when you are either Jade's desert, Kahn's Tower or
    the Wasteland (before the round starts) press and hold B+HK+LK. You'll see 
    an explosion and Motaro will replace your character. Like the Shao Kahn code,
    if you win you'll turn back into the character you originally picked. 
    Free Play 
    To get umilimited credits, press D,D,U,U,R,R,LL at the story screen. 
    Enable All Options 
    At the Story Line Screen press HK, LK, Run, LP, HP, HP, HP, LP, LP. If you 
    enter the code correctly, you'll hear a voice say, "Ah-man!" Now go to the 
    Options Screen. Here you can open up the now available red and blue question
    mark icons. You now have the ability to have free play, two secret 
    characters (Khameleon and Smoke), and many other options. 
    Special Endurance Mode 
    On the Character select screen go to Kano and press Down+Start. If done 
    correctly, the screen will shake, then when you choose a difficulty you will
    have all endurances. 
    Shao Khan's Treasures 
    Here is the entire listing of all of Shao Kahn's Treasures: 
    Top Row: (from Left to Right) 
    Ending, Galaxia, 
    Fight Ermac, 
    Fight Noob Saibot, 
    Random Prize, 
    Fatality Demo 1, 
    Brutality Demo 2, 
    Fatality Demo 7, 
    Noob+Ermac Endurance round, 
    MK2 Classic Endurance, 
    Mega Endurance, and 
    Old School Kombat. 
    Bottom Row: (from Left to Right)
    Past History (it's PONG!!), 
    Male Ninja Kombat, 
    Animality Demo 1, 
    Brutality Demo 1, 
    Friendship Demo 1, 
    Fight Khameleon, 
    Fatality Demo 4, 
    Anamality Demo 2, 
    Female Ninja Kombat, 
    Supreme Demonstration (EVERY 'Finish Him/Her' in the book!), 
    Play Space Invaders (!! And some codes after), and 
    Secrets of Trilogy. 
    Note: to get every Treasure after 'Fight Khameleon' you have to win Champion
          difficulty in 1 player mode. 
    Random Select 
    On the character selection screen, put your cursor on Noob Saibot for 
    player one or Rain for player two. Now hold up and press start. Your cursor 
    will then select a fighter for you at random. 
    Exploding Babies 
    First of all, you must do the Babality move. When the screen turns black and
    your opponent turns into a baby, hold these four buttons: HP, LP, HK & LK. 
    You must continue to hold these buttons until the baby explodes. 
    Human Smoke Code 
    Pick Cyber-Ninja Smoke. Before the round starts, or in-between rounds, 
    hold Back, HP, HK, RUN, and BLOCK. Cyber-Ninja Smoke will explode and change
    into Human Smoke. 
    Khameleon Code 
    Khameleon is on the Star Bridge stage. It's like the Smoke trick from 
    MK2: Just play a two-player game and keep upper-cutting each other until the
    Toasty guy pops out. When he does, just tap down + start. It looks just like
    what happened in MK2 also, and then you fight Khameleon in the Living Forest. 
    How to get the ? marks 
    Blue ?-wait for the storyline screen then press c button up,c button forward,
           c button back, c button down, b, a 
    Red ?-wait for the story screen then press c button up, c button forward, c 
          button down, a, b, b, b, a, a 
    Walk on the Spikes 
    In the normal Pit (not Pit II or Pit III or Pit Bottom), when it says 
    "Finish Him/Her", do the uppercut for the pit fatality, and when your 
    opponent is in the air, do a projectile attack. If you time it just right, 
    your opponent will hit the projectile and continue to fall into the pit, but
    when he hits the spikes, he will get up again and stand on them. You will 
    still get the fatality credit, but what's really cool with this is if you 
    use Sub-Zero, Scorpon, or Smoke and you freeze or harpoon your opponent, you
    can hit him again, and he still will go into the pit. 
                               6. Common Questions 
    Q: Will Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 and Ultimate codes and moves work in MKT? 
    A: Yes. The only code that does not work is the "Get to be Smoke" code in 
       If you have any codes that I don't email me at the address at the end 
       of the document. 
                                    7. Credits 
    Adam Olivero- I'd love to here your comments or questions. 
    Drop me a line at acid_vf477@hotmail.com
                                  8. Copyright 
    This document is copyrighted 1998 by Adam Olivero. This FAQ is for private 
    and personal use only.  It can only be reproduced electronically, and if 
    placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this disclaimer and 
    the above copyright notice appears in full. Any information used from this 
    document, quoted or no, should have this author's name somewhere clearly as 
    acknowledgement. Feel free to distribute between others, but this FAQ is not
    to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used 
    by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into 
    magazines, etc. in ANY way.This document may be distributed freely as long 
    as it has not been modified in any way. 
    MK, MKT, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, all character names and the 
    Dragon Logo are trademarks of Midway Manufacturing Company. N64 and 
    Nintendo 64 are trademarks of Nintendo. 
                               9. Version History
    December 29, 1998 - Hot of the press!
                                      THE END

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